Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Boot Camp

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1 Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Boot Camp *** LIMITED TIME OFFER: FREE $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD! *** REGISTER TODAY! Course Overview Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Boot Camp provides hands-on, how-to education focusing on billing for Medicare Part A and B, the ins and outs of consolidated billing, and accurately completing the UB-04, plus, guidance on understanding the SNF coverage criteria and a breakdown of the different beneficiary notices. Attendees will be able to return to their facility with the tools they need to understand the latest billing and reimbursement regulations, including how to navigate the many billing processes to ensure their SNF is receiving appropriate reimbursement for services provided. Learning Objectives Locate key Medicare sources of authority to find answers to Medicare questions Identify the eligibility criteria for a SNF Part A admission List the technical criteria for a SNF Part A admission Determine best practices for SNF Part A admissions Understand the required coding for Part B therapy claims Understand how to resolve discrepancies between documentation and claims Accurately complete the UB-04 Describe the scenarios for the appropriate use of beneficiary notices Identify potential items and services subject to consolidated billing Understand the political landscape and the evolution of payment reform Understand the differences between the PDPM and RUG-IV classification systems, and how reimbursement rates are assigned under PDPM Course Outline/Agenda DAY 1 Module 1: Intro to SNF Medicare Medicare A, B, C, and D Medicare administrative agencies Spell of illness/benefit periods SNF eligibility criteria Module 2: Medicare Coverage Coverage basics Physician certification and recertification Documentation requirement basics Beneficiary notices Module 3: Part A Billing Completing the UB-04 for Part A The relationship between claim and documentation Linking the MDS to reimbursement Module 4: Special Part A Billing Scenarios

2 No-pay claims Benefits-exhaust claims LOA claims Medicare C agreements, preadmission screening, and billing Medicare as a secondary payer DAY 2 Module 5: Part B Billing Completing the UB-04 for Part B Therapy caps Applying codes and modifiers appropriately Ancillary billing Module 6: Consolidated Billing Five major categories of consolidated billing Medicare allowable amounts Tools and resources Module 7: Triple Check and Medical Review Conducting the triple check meeting Compliance issues Additional Development Requests (ADRs) Medical review (audit) agencies Module 8: Payment Reform Patient-Driven Payment Model overview Alternative payment models Accountable care organizations Volume- to value-based pay *Please Note: Agenda is subject to change. Please contact the event manager Marilyn ) below for: - Multiple participant discounts - Price quotations or visa invitation letters - Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc) - Event sponsorships NO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS Service fees included in this listing BUSINESS & LEGAL RESOURCES-BLR - New York Events List JOA190506CEV