14th European Academic Research Conference Dear & Esteemed Colleagues,

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1 14th European Academic Research Conference Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, It s, indeed, a matter of great pleasure and honor to extend a warm welcome to you and your colleagues to be part of the 14th European Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Social Sciences (EAR19France Conference) which will be held in Mercure Paris Porte de Versailles Expo Hotel, Paris-France from July 5-7, The conference in the beautiful international city of Paris-France will facilitate a closer interaction among academicians, scholars, economists, bankers and industry experts from various fields of research interest in social sciences research and offer them an ideal platform to present their research papers and share their knowledge and experience on contemporary issues affecting the global economy. We do, in addition to paper presentations, organize invited lectures/panel discussion on selected topics closely synchronized with the conference theme and topics related to Global Business, Economics, Finance, Banking and Social Sciences. Panel Discussion! We are also planning to organize a panel discussion on the following topic on day one of the conference. We are pretty confident that the discussion would greatly help academicians and scholars to hone their teaching and research skills in a significant way. Topic: Global Best Practices in Higher Education! Some Interesting Experiences! Conference Objectives! Global Economy! The Next Decade!! Solid economic growth is a very important phenomenon which every nation is aspiring for in order to provide full employment, high per capita income and improved standard of living to her subjects. Sustainable economic growth, undoubtedly, has innumerable benefits. It helps a nation to keep the literacy rate at a very high level in addition to offering improved health-care. Poverty levels are kept at the lowest possible levels owing to economic growth, developmental activities and generation of income to the households. All these phenomenon bring about longer life-term for the citizens of a welfare state. Political stability is yet another important benefit of improving economic conditions and growth of a country, academic literature has proved. Pollution and Urban Congestions! Although focusing on economic development and growth is good, nations have to tackle two important monsters in order to ensure a healthier lifestyle to people. When a country is overly focused on growth, pollutions and urban congestion pose a serious threat & health hazards to people and they should be confronted, meticulously. Otherwise, citizens, more particularly, children and the elderly would face serious health issues including respiratory diseases and problems. The role of technology, research and innovation! The role of technology, research and innovation needs a special mention, here. Investments in research and human capital certainly add greater value to a country. USA, UK, Germany and a host of other developed nations have always accorded toppriority to research and have made significant break-through in ensuring growth in many

2 aspects. The Past Decade! The decade that went behind had many historical landmarks, taught hard-lessons and left many legacies, as well global financial turmoil, sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone, oil price volatility since 2014 etc., have caused serious problems and negative impact on the economic growth and job prospects of nations. Quite unfortunately, many countries have not recovered totally from the shocks such economic mishaps had left behind. The Future! Is it Promising? According to research reports released, more particularly, from the World Bank, year 2018 and beyond show signs of promising growth as moderate growth have been witnessed, in the recent past. However, a major concern pertaining to it is the fact that the wealth generated has not been shared uniformly. Secondly, sovereign debt levels have started increasing, of course, causing concerns to the governments. With the result, the divide between the rich and poor widens over the years causing social problems and crimes. Economists argue that governments have to focus on environmental sustainability, improved fiscal conditions and reduction in geo-political issues and threats. To achieve this, a clear focus on economic growth is the answer. In a nutshell, economists strongly advocate in favor of greater financial stability, stronger institutional framework, political stability and stronger policy measures as they support long-term growth and development. Coordinated efforts among various departments and stakeholders is absolutely necessary, here. Conference Objectives Against this backdrop, this upcoming conference in Paris, France aims at achieving the following objectives: a) Identify and examine the major factors that contribute to economic growth and development, in the long run; b) Encourage active and socially relevant research works on the above crucial issues and come up with meaningful solutions to help economic activities to accelerate and create sustainable economic growth and employment opportunities, in the long run; c) Provide an ideal platform for researchers, economists, bankers and practitioners to network and share their research and practical experiences to develop models and systems for addressing growth and development-related issues; d) Offer suitable solutions so that the world becomes a better place for the humanity to lead a cohesive and normal life. OUR PRINCIPAL ACADEMIC PARTNER Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD)

3 Mysore, Karnataka Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD), ranked among the top Business Schools in India, is located at the foot of Chamundi Hills in the heritage city of Mysore, Karnataka. The campus has won many architectural and landscape awards and provides a great environment for learning and germination of managerial intellect. The institute has been conferred A** Rating at National Level by CRISIL. The institute is promoted by the Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Educational Trust - a premier non-profit educational organisation functioning under the aegis of Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala, which is known for its unique embodiment of Dharma. Today, SDME Trust has more than 40 recognised educational institutions under its wings, imparting quality education from the primary level to the postgraduate level. Trust is known for the professional institutions in Medical, Dental, Engineering, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Law, Business Management and Physiotherapy. The trust and all the associate institutions benefit from the visionary leadership of our Chairman, Padma Bhushan Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala. SDMIMD s AICTE approved PGDM programme, accredited by NBA, runs for six terms over two years with an impeccable track record of academic rigor. SDMIMD also has Student Exchange Programs with the MAYS School of Business, Texas A&M University, USA; Global Management Institute of Shanghai University, China; and British University in Dubai, Dubai. These student exchange programmes enable students to understand each other s cultures, business practices and traditions. This gives students an edge when it comes to international opportunities. The SDMIMD s research unit - SDM Research Centre for Management Studies (SDM RCSM), publications Cases in Management, Contemporary Research in Management, Excerpts of Select Summer Internship Reports, have come in for praise from the world of academics. The institute s journal SDMIMD Journal of Management indexed in EBSCO and ischolar has evolved as a prestigious publication well known for the quality of the papers, therein. To know more about SDMIMD please visit: Recessions Hinder Growth! Program Schedule EAR19France Conference Program Outline Friday, July 5, 2019 Timeline Description of Events Registration Inaugural Session/Keynote address Coffee Break Technical sessions - Paper Presentations Lunch Break & Networking Panel Discussion Technical Sessions Paper Presentations

4 Coffee Break Technical sessions Paper Presentations Presentation Room Meeting Room Saturday, July 6, 2019 Timeline Description of Events Technical sessions Paper Presentations Coffee Break Invited Lecture Sessions All Delegates Technical Sessions Paper Presentations Lunch Break Invited Lecture Session All Delegates Coffee break Technical Sessions Paper Presentations Presentation Room Meeting Room Sunday, July 7, 2019 A free day for delegates! Delegates are requested to make their own arrangements for shopping, local tour, sightseeing, meeting with friends & relatives and departure to home country. Advisory Board Scientific Advisory & Review Board. Dr. Angela Stagliano, University of South Florida, USA. Dr. Bob Travica, University of Manitoba, Canada. Prof. Budsaba Kanoksilapatham, Silpakorn University, Thailand. Dr. Dana Corina Deselnicu, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania. Dr. David E. Morris, University of North Georgia, USA. Prof. Diana Patricia Gutiérrez Mejia, Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana, Colombia. Dr. Elena Chatzopoulou, Newcastle University, UK. Dr. Franklin Nakpodia, Northumbria University, UK. Dr. Garrison Song, Farmingdale State College, SUNY, USA. Dr. Iten Elrouby, Alexandria University, Egypt. Dr. Katalin Liptak, University of Miskolc, Hungary. Asst. Prof. LEE Kuan-Huei, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore. Prof. Michael Hood, Nihon University, Japan. Prof. Assot. Dr. Narcisa Roxana Mosteanu, American University in the Emirates, UAE. Dr. Safiye İpek Kuru Gönen, Anadolu University, Turkey. Dr. Takalani Ramukumba, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. Prof. Yan Zhang, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan. Please contact the event manager Marilyn (marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.com ) below for: - Multiple participant discounts - Price quotations or visa invitation letters - Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc)

5 - Event sponsorships NO REFUNDS/TRANSFERS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS Prices may go up any time. Service fees included in pricing This event is brought to you by: Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars Organizing - NewYorkEventsList JOA190516CEV