Technical Aspects of a Leased Asset 2019

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1 Technical Aspects of a Leased Asset 2019 This one day seminar will discuss the growing role of aircraft and engine leasing to worldwide airline s fleets with an in-depth look at the maintenance issues and trends in technical aspects of aircraft leases. It will provide a practical look at the difficulties and challenges of maintenance issues including how to estimate the right reserve rates for airframes, engines, property defining Overhaul and Shop Visit. The seminar will encourage interactive debate and will include the various perspectives of those key personnel involved in the industry who have an in depth hands-on knowledge and experience to enable the participant to gain a better grasp of the Technical Aspects of a leased asset. Highlights to be discussed will include: Technical maintenance issues Trends in technical development in aircraft leases Reserve draw-down & re-delivery The growing role of aircraft leasing Managing technical aspects of aircraft and engine leases Engine overhaul cycle AGENDA


3 Please contact the event manager Marilyn ) below for: - Multiple participant discounts - Price quotations or visa invitation letters - Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc) - Event sponsorships NO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS Service fees included in this listing Everest Events Ltd - New York Events List JOA190521CEV