Ref Doc. Catering Equipment Utilities That Will Make Your Kitchen Tasks Much Easier

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1 Ref Doc Catering Equipment Utilities That Will Make Your Kitchen Tasks Much Easier Managing the kitchen is a crucial task for any foodservice business. How well your kitchen works can determine the success of your business. At the same time, the kitchen tasks are one of the most cumbersome processes in the back of the house operations. So, the objective is always to streamline the processes in a way that makes the tasks more manageable. The primary purpose of any utility is to improve work efficiency and reduce the time taken to complete a specific task. With the right commercial kitchen equipment, you can be more efficient, the results will be as desired, and above all, you will be able to achieve your business goals much quicker. Here are the catering utilities that can make your tasks simpler. Cooktops Cooktops are one of the essential utilities in any kitchen. The right cooktops are always helpful to make the job at hand straightforward. It would help if you spent on cooktops according to the dishes you will prepare. If you are going to make grilled foods, a char grill is always the best, but nothing can replace an oven with burners. So, you might need to get a verity of cooktops as per your needs to facilitate the processes. In cooktops, you can pick a gas or induction appliance, but the gas cooktops are often preferred in restaurants and catering services because of their high power and precise heat control. Refrigeration Refrigeration solutions make the backbone of every foodservice business. Proper refrigeration systems in different forms and styles not only facilitates processes but also ensure that the best quality of the food is maintained. Refrigeration systems are available in different sizes and styles. If you are selling speciality items like pizzas and sandwiches, apart from a powerful refrigerator or freezer for storage, a specialized refrigerated solution like pizza prep table or sandwich table can be most helpful to make the task quick. Exhaust system The exhaust system is another utility that can make your job easier by ensuring the right environment within the room. The importance of an efficient exhaust system is often overlooked in making your cooking unit efficient as it does not take part in the cooking or preparations directly. However, this system plays a key role in the overall efficiency of any restaurant kitchen. There are different types of exhaust systems ducted and ductless steel hoods are the typical types. For the best outcome, the hood should be picked depending on the type and volume of the food to be prepared daily in the unit. Mixers Mixers are an essential utility for every high or small volume cooking units. The mixers can perform different types of tasks, starting from blending to chopping and kneading, they are quintessential equipment for any commercial cooking unit. Commercial mixers are available in the spiral and planetary varieties. While a planetary mixer can be used with different accessories to serve multiple purposes, the spiral mixers are often preferred for dough

2 kneading, as they produce less heat. Commercial kitchens might get both the types of mixers to balance their varying needs. Sinks Sinks are the other utilities that heavily add to the efficiency of the kitchen. A sink has multiple uses in a cooking unit. The stainless steel sinks serve a great job for washing the raw vegetables and other items, or for cleaning the dishes. These are available in the single bowl and double bowl variants as well as in different bowl sizes and shapes. Pick one according to your needs for the best functionality. Keep in mind a deep sink bowl will be helpful to hold more utensils, but it will need you to bend more while washing the dishes, pots, and pans, which may lead to backache. So, consider all the factors before you pick the right one. Benches and shelves An organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen. Organizing all the equipment as well as the stocks following a proper layout can not only save space but also help in finishing the jobs faster. Benches can be used for several purposes, starting from creating a perfect workstation for your chef to drying the washed dishes. Get multipurpose stainless steel benches for your cooking unit. The shelves are the other utility that can make your cooking area more organized. Shelves are available in different style, size, and shape. You can get an under-bench rack for using the space underneath the bench or a wall mount shelving for keeping the ingredients, spices, or prep tools. Gastronorm pans and lids Just like the bigger appliances, small utilities are also essential. The gastronorm pans are the best example of that. The gastronorm pans come in specific sizes to fit all the equipment, which means if you are buying gn trays, they will fit in the fridge as well as in the oven that supports the gn specification. GN containers and lids are one of the essential benchtop catering equipment that can improve the overall speed of the food preparation unit and make the kitchen processes more straightforward. The knives and utensils You cannot complete a single task in the kitchen without the knives, cooking tools and other cookware. Starting from measuring cups, bowls and spoons to masher, whisk, skillets, saucepan, stockpot, spatula, tongs, ladle and spoons of every size and shape, you need all these utilities to make the processes quick, easy and efficient. The right catering utilities can always make your tasks easier, but you must buy the utilities according to your exact requirements. Even a great appliance might not add much to your kitchen efficiency if it is not suitable for the specific type of delicacies you prepare. So, before you get the utilities, first, consider your requirements minutely. Once you are clear about your requirements, get the equipment that fits best into those needs. Your commercial kitchen equipment supplier might also be able to help you in choosing the best utilities according to your particular needs. While buying the equipment, always make sure that you spend on a quality product with a superior design that can provide you with the best service for minimum maintenance.