Benefits & Features of Stainless Steel Sinks, Benches & Shelves

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1 Benefits & Features of Stainless Steel Sinks, Benches & Shelves Stainless Steel Sinks Sinks are a crucial part of a restaurant or cooking setup and are equally helpful in a commercial or an average family kitchen. They can be utilised for doing multiple things, such as washing dishes, cleaning vegetables, and chopping meat. These are generally situated near the dishwasher for the chef's comfort. There are various sizes of commercial sinks available with Simco. Features of Stainless Steel Sinks Wet bench with fabricated sink bowl Top 1.2mm thick Round tube legs 41mm diameter, 1.2mm thick Adjustable feet equipped as standard (2100 & 2400) models supplied with six legs as standard) Bowl size 450mm x 450mm x300mm available Left, Right,or Centre For the appropriateness of fitting a dishwasher underneath the tables supplied with leg braces, contact your representative dealer Pre-punched waste hole for 90mm waste Supplied flat packed & ready for assembly Splashback height 150mm bench

2 Benefits Very Durable It is widely agreed that stainless steel sinks are among the most durable materials available for commercial restaurants/establishments. They don't chip, crack or peel like enamel or porcelain sinks. Besides, they are resistant to stains. Although this material prevents corrosion, make sure not to have long-term contact with chlorine bleach, solvents, muriatic acid, and other harsh or acidic cleaners, as they can damage its finishes and leave them vulnerable to rust. In addition, its thickness also goes a long way in the sink's resistance to scratches and dents. Your sink will be more durable if the steel is relatively thicker. Variety of Options There are a variety of options when you decide to buy a sink. These are available in undermount and drop-in designs, and you can find many types of configurations & shapes, as well as double, single, or corner sink styles. You will also get a varied range of thicknesses, which is known as gauges.

3 No Effort in Cleaning Making a stainless steel sink spotless is not a hard job & anyone can do it with a little bit of dedication. You can make your sink look spotless just by spending a few minutes per day. However, if you are using a sink made of any other material, you might have to allot a lot of time for cleaning, as it is an unending task if the kitchen sink is made of any other material. Considerably Less Cost Stainless steel cost is considerably less than other materials, such as porcelain, granite, or cast iron. Irrespective of the thickness of its gauge and the configuration of the bowl, its cost is much lesser than other materials. apart from being cheap, it is pretty durable. It saves you money in the long term as well, unlike some other materials. Stainless Steel Benches If you feel uncomfortable in your kitchen due to cramped space, then these benches are the way forward for you. This equipment can be used as an additional space to store goods, prepare dough for the bread and chop meat pieces.

4 Features of Commercial Kitchen Benches Usable with most of the popular commercial dishwashers leading brands Available in 600 and 700mm depth 304 grade, 1.2mm thick top 150 mm splashback Available as left or right-handed exit Supplied flat packed ready for self-assembly Splashback height 150mm Benefits Aesthetically Pleasing & Versatile Functioning While this may not be the primary characteristic while looking for benches, aesthetic superiority is a positive attribute, and therefore this material undoubtedly looks excellent. Its spotless, metallic surface provides a high-maintenance, sleek, and professional look to any kitchen. Besides, the benches look good anywhere they are placed in the space and fit in well at any location. It is an excellent combination of beauty & performance.

5 Ease of Cleaning & Hygienic Surface Arguably the most crucial aspect of catering is striving to maintain food-related hygiene. If a catering business doesn't abide by the stringent food hygiene standards, then the company won't flourish for long. Merely passing legal guidelines to run your business is not enough, and you must ensure that you are following utmost cleanliness practices. Therefore, these benches are perfect as they have very few kitchen germs and can be cleaned relatively easily. Sturdy and Long-Lasting There is a solid reason why stainless steel is preferred as the primary material in the catering industry, which is that it is sturdy and long-lasting. The benches made of this material won't crack, chip or break, and even minor damage like scratches and dent are far less likely to occur. As the kitchen is the hub of fast-paced work, you need to trust your appliance, and there is nothing more trustworthy than these benches. Requirement of Negligible Maintenance Required Any material requires heavy maintenance from time to time. For example, High-quality wood provides many advantages. However, it's prone to all sorts of issues as well, such as water damage, and adequate maintenance is required. Fortunately, no such care is required for stainless steel. It is easy to clean and very sturdy & can handle the rough treatment in the kitchen.

6 Stainless Steel Shelves These shelves are handy when you are vying for extra space to store some necessary items. You can mount the brackets at any location you desire. You can also keep it in an appropriate place. The shelves will provide you with more than enough space in the kitchen and help you litter it less. Features of Commercial Kitchen Shelf Single & double tier shelves for top mounting on benches Top 1.2 mm thick 3 mm zincalume coated steel reinforced backing Flanged feet for fixing benchtops with covers Supplied flat packed & ready for assembly Benefits High-Quality Durability It is a fact that expenditure on kitchen shelves is the most when remodeling is done. Therefore always make sure that you use only stainless steel shelves, as these are one of the most durable & long-lasting materials. Their built and material make the chances of rusting almost nil. Besides, this material can easily bear the most challenging temperature and still maintain its shape, size & strength. Stain No Worry Due to High Resistance

7 Steel has the feature of high resistance. Therefore you need not worry about any stains on your kitchen shelf. If you are worried about stains of any juice or discoloration or any other coloring agent ruining the look of your cabinet, you need to calm down. This material is non-absorptive, and therefore, no material can pass or go through it. A Boon to Nature If you also happen to love nature, then this point will completely delight you. You'd be stoked to know that this material is fully and completely recyclable. Therefore, everyone should certainly do the needful by using metals such as steel in commercial kitchens. Where Can You Use this Equipment? While you can use the sinks, shelves, and other appliance in any commercial kitchen, the following establishments are best suited for this type of equipment: Restaurants & Cafes Clubs, Pubs & Bars Quick Service Restaurants & Convenience stores Hospitality Venues Establishments with accommodation Schools Medical & Elderly Care Bakery & Pastry Shops & many more.