Must Visited Pilgrimage Sites of Turkey

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1 Must Visited Pilgrimage Sites of Turkey Turkey is a geographically perfect country with many European, African, and Asian elements in its architecture. In the shape of temples, churches, mosques, Grecian, Christian, and Muslim styles can be found throughout Turkey. Below is the list of some pilgrimage sites of Turkey, The House of the Virgin: Both Muslims and Christians are afraid of this place, which is said to have healing powers. It is situated in a nature park between Ephesus and Seljuk and is operated by Lazarist Fathers. The house is decorated with an altar, Mary pictures, and candles. You will attend the widespread Assumption of Mary into Heaven mass on August 15th if you visit in August.

2 Saint Polycarp Church: was restored in 1620 and is one of Izmir's oldest churches. According to legend, Bishop Polycarp survived the Romans' attempt to burn him at stake. They had no choice but to stab him to death. This is also known as one of Revelation's Seven Churches.

3 The Church of the Holy Cross: is a destroyed Armenian cathedral in East Anatolia, constructed in red tufa stone and encircled by stunning Biblical friezes on the exterior and the inside. King Gagik founded it between 915 and 921 and established a complex that included a monastery, palace, gardens, and streets. In 2005, the Turkish government rebuilt the cathedral, which is the only remaining structure. Altar of Zeus: While only the foundations of this altar survive at Bergama, they suffice to convey the magnitude of this great homage to the Greek Gods' Leader. The Turkish

4 government is attempting to reclaim the coveted altar from the Pergamum Museum in Berlin to complete the foundation. Blue Mosque: The most striking characteristic of Sultan Ahmet I's Blue Mosque, built from 1609 to 1616, is its six minarets, which are the most prominent in Istanbul's skyline. The stepped domes that descend one after the other from the central dome are also noteworthy. The mosque's high ceiling is adorned with 20,000 blue tiles, which gave the mosque its name.

5 Eyup Sultan Mosque: Founded by Mehmut the Conqueror in memory of Halid bin Zeyd Ebu Eyup, revered as Eyup Sultan, it is one of the holiest sites in the Islamic World and one of Istanbul's holiest mosques. To preserve cohesion within the empire, the Ottomans performed the Girding of the Sword ceremony here. Apply turkey e visa or turkey visa to see these pilgrimage sites in turkey. Get more information on applying for a turkey visa online. Connect with our experts 24/7 via WhatsApp, , Phone call and Social Media.