Features & Advantages of Stainless Steel Benches with Splashback

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1 Features & Advantages of Stainless Steel Benches with Splashback Stainless steel benches with splashback are one of the integral components of the commercial workplace. Commercial and business catering places must invest in high-quality machines for their kitchen, and these devices need to be one of those appliances. The splashback feature refers to those components that are used on the surface of benches. These machines make your workplace more pretty, provide a stylish and lovely look to your kitchen and are also beneficial in areas surrounded by water. This equipment also offers effortless & better maintenance than other surface tilings and protectors, making it a notable addition to your workplace equipment. Let us discuss some of the features and advantages of these benches. Features of Stainless Steel Benches with Splashback Zincalume coated steel of 3 mm thickness is added to the worktop. The thickness of the round stainless steel tube legs is approximately 1.2mm with a 41mm diameter. The stainless steel top has an actual thickness of 1.2mm. The top height is around 150mm & it is available with an adjustable feet feature. The rear part depth is approximately 600mm 700mm. Six legs are supplied for the unit, and its length is 2100mm and 2400mm. The undershelf also has a top hat stiffening in it and is available with 1.2mm thickness.

2 Stainless Steel Splashbacks - Advantages Economical & Looks Beautiful One of the advantages of the stainless steel splashback is that it looks beautiful, and its design looks pretty polished, which is a feature that every commercial kitchen desires. The stainless steel item also has a modern look. It can be bought in multiple finishes, including mirror, matte, satin, and a unique brushed finish that looks fascinating & attractive. It seems like an extravagant product due to its glittering body & ultra-modern design, but it is not that expensive. In addition, these appliances are more economical & cost-effective as compared to backsplashes made of other components. For more product details, you can check out the website of Simco, which supply stainless steel benches with splashback all over Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

3 Minimum Required Maintenance Benches made of other materials such as wood look beautiful and also provides many other benefits. However, it is vulnerable to many types of issues, such as water damage. It leads to rotting of the device commencing with bacteria generation and the structural bonding being compromised. The maintenance required for such a material is expensive and cumbersome. However, the excellent splashback bench has no such issues, and it can be easily cleaned & maintained. It also can survive the harsh treatment in the kitchen.

4 Hassle-Free Installation The most common problem faced by most workplaces is installing the equipment. The problem behind installation can be the weight of the appliance component. In some rare cases, the incapability and inefficiency of the technicians play a significant role in installation problems. However, stainless steel is a light material, and due to its effective heat resistance, it is easy to put up anywhere in the kitchen. Therefore installing this equipment is very easy. Another benefit is that the easy installation process and the non-requirement of a technician help the company reduce its costs and spend it elsewhere. You can take help from Simco for equipment purchasing and installation, as they are the leading stainless steel benches with splashback supplier.

5 Strong, Long-Lasting & Rust-Resistant The splashback items are the perfect equipment for your business if you look for something that can last long for an extended period and provide distinguished services. Most commercial food preparation outlets prefer steel over other products, which is a wise decision as the material is long-lasting and there is no competition for its strength and durability. These items can also prevent the growing problem of rust in commercial equipment, a facet that makes them go on for a long time in the kitchen. In addition, it is also capable of decreasing the high risk of mould, which makes it survive for long.

6 Easy-to-Use Design & Value for Money There are many reasons through which the beautiful yet straightforward design of the splashback products & their total value for money can be explained material. The first reason, as described before, is that this component can be easily cleaned. In addition, the material is immune to damage from high temperatures or water from the tap, as it is both heat and water-resistant. It also does not allow the bacteria from soiled pots & pans to spread and is very hygienic. As the product material does not need frequent re-polishing, it is total value for your money. There are many varieties of these appliances on Simco, which supply stainless steel benches with splashback to Perth.

7 Effortless Cleaning You can easily clean the machine surface by finding blotches and spots of dirt as the surface is glistening and clear. In addition, you can effortlessly remove the smear & other stains from materials like grease and any highly pigmented sauce from its surface. Another reason why you can clean it quickly because the material on offer has an outer part that would not allow any specks of dirt to stick for a long time. You will only need a clean piece of cloth and a pan of warm water to clean it, and you will see the spots disappearing in an instant. You can also clean the surface using baking soda or vinegar.

8 Easily Recyclable One of the fantastic advantages of stainless steel benches with splashback is they can be easily recycled. A lot of heat and energy is required for the appliances in a commercial kitchen. Therefore, any element that helps make the kitchen space more environment-friendly is a worthy addition to the kitchen. Unlike the splashbacks made of plastic or glass, benches provide the benefit of being fully recycled. These devices are so beneficial that even when they are not in a position to be utilised for work, they enable you to decrease the carbon footprints of the kitchen.

9 Transforms the Kitchen Into a Spacious Hub If you are struggling with tiny kitchen space, the splashback bench is a must-have equipment. These benches transform the kitchen area & make it more extensive than its actual size. The reason for this deception is that the durable component reflects & absorbs light, resulting in the encompassing location looking more pronounced than usual. The resultant effect gives you the illusion of a larger kitchen and provides a classy & elite atmosphere to it. It is a beautiful addition to your food preparation space.