5 Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Turkey This Summer

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1 5 Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Turkey This Summer One or more lakes are seldom enough to sustain a Turkish country. Even if it is a seasonal lake, a state that does not pass by or by a river has naturally compensated by a sea retreat or a miniature course that gives it running water and completes its beauty. The Turkey Lakes have a story to tell as well as names. Ankara contains several lakes, including the Black Lake and Gul Bashi Lake in Kara Gul. With a significant number of lakes, even the "lakes city" is nicknamed Ankara and Bordeaux.

2 If you want to visit those lakes once in life, so apply for a turkey visa with turkeyvisaonline.com and enjoy the natural wonders of turkey. 1. Lake Sapanca This lovely lake in Istanbul is a fantastic place to relax after a long day in the city. It's a traditional family vacation destination with a tranquil natural setting ideal for beautiful picnics. Aside from picnics, the lake provides various leisure activities such as skiing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing to its guests. Though camping by the lake is an experience, there are lodging options, including luxury spa resorts.

3 2. Golbasi Lake This is another holiday destination for bird lovers and those who want to test their fishing abilities. It is located in Hatay. This lovely lake is home to 193 bird varieties, some of which are rare, making it a wildlife destination. Visitors may rest by the lake, see the various species that inhabit the area or try fishing on wooden boats in the clean, clear waters. It has a lot of natural plant life, which helps to keep the air clean and fresh. 3. Van Lake

4 Ancient cultures referred to Lake Van as the "higher sea." By area, it is the biggest of all Turkey's lakes. The outbreak of the Nimrod volcano height resulted in the formation of Lake Van, a volcanic lake. The famed Lake Van is located five kilometres east of Van, the capital of eastern Anatolia, and is bordered on all sides by volcanic mountains. According to studies done in the lake, the water kills germs and aids in treating a variety of skin and chest disorders. 4. Lake Bafa It is situated on the southeast bank of the Menderes River, on the boundary of the states of Moglia. It is claimed to be an old stream facing the Aegean Sea. Still, it was shut off from the sea by the deposits of the massive Menderes River, which retreated from the shore to the interior for many kilometres and formed a lake with an area of approximately 7,000 hectares and a length of about 50 kilometres. The islands inside Bafa Lake have an old history, as indicated by stone-age buildings like the temple, theatre, fortifications, and ruins of Byzantine-era churches.

5 There are around 261 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, 19 species of mammals, 325 kinds of natural plants, and 13 species of orchids in the forest near Bafa. 5. Lake Abant Last but not least, there's a lake with some spectacular sights. This tranquil freshwater lake in Bolu province will immerse you totally in nature. A thick forest of hazels, oaks, pine, European black pine and hornbeams surrounds this popular weekend getaway. The lake provides hikers with a genuine nature experience, from savouring the tranquil atmosphere produced by these trees to getting views of adorable creatures like deer, rabbits, red foxes, and brown bears. Horses, with or without a guide, are also available for a brief ride around the lakeshore. As a result, you may ride your horse through this flora and wildlife wonderland. The lake is home to several different types of trout, making it a great fishing site.

6 So, pack your luggage and apply for a turkish e visa because summer is the perfect season to see all of Turkey's beautiful lakes. None of the nearby lakes, towns, or villages is crowded, and the mild summer weather makes swimming more attractive where allowed. The first three lakes are easily accessible by public transportation; the rest need the hire a car. Remember to be biologically aware on all of your lake trips. Take care not to litter and tread carefully.