7 Best Things To Do In Fethiye

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1 7 Best Things To Do In Fethiye Fethiye, often known as Turkey's Turquoise Coast, is located in the southwestern part of this lovely country. With time, the country's unrivalled visual beauty has only grown in appeal among travellers, owing to its stunning rock tombs, turquoise seas, and natural harbour. Continue reading! Do you have a turkey e visa and it's on your bucket list as well, then reading this article is a must - simply because it gives you a list of the top 7 activities to do while you're here. 1. Kayakoy Ghost Town The Fethiye Tuesday market is a tourist attraction. As a result, make sure you're going with a local guide and travel around the same area. A visit to the Kayakoy Ghost Town might be a once-in-alifetime event. Just make sure you practise your bargaining abilities whenever you go to the market for anything from olives to clothing.

2 2. Fethiye Museum This little gem trove serves as your "ticket to Lycian history." If you're planning a vacation to Tios or Letoon, it's a good idea to brush up on your Lycian history first! Of indeed, a visit to this museum will be beneficial.

3 3. Roman Theatre Remember to see Rome's only largely underground theatre, which dates from the 2nd century B.C. A glance into its history reveals that after the Romans attacked Turkey, the Lycians were still allowed to rule independently. Even the Romans were active enough to leave the path for their own "history" in this area. When Rome conquered Telmessos during its rule over Asia Minor, this theatre was built.

4 4. Downtown Book a tour of downtown Fethiye to see the city's many attractions, including shops, market restaurants, and nightclubs (of course, if you are going out at night). While on a tour of downtown, don't forget to taste the local food and seafood.

5 5. Oludeniz Lagoon That, of course, is how you get to the picture-perfect natural marvel. If those gorgeous photos of lagoons on Google have managed to provoke the "happiest sighs" all this time, it's time for you to visit one. You're only 15 kilometres from Fethiye, and you're on Turkey's most famous beach. The oceans are divided adequately from the turquoise water. Your highly developed photographic sense is a beautiful white beach surrounded by lush green pine trees. One of the most extraordinary qualities of this location is that it has not been exposed to any building that has hampered photographic enjoyment. Surprisingly, it has been permitted to keep its beauty even after the growth of packaged tourism.

6 6. Pinara Antique City The ancient ruins are an essential component of the country's socio-cultural structure. These ruins are intimately linked to the city's past. To come up close with Rome's history, take a peaceful journey from Fethiye's main road to the Pinanra Antique City. The lovely city has a lot going for it, including its off-the-beaten-path location, hiking possibilities, an amphitheatre, and, of course, historical structures. Pinara, on its whole, is one of the most sought-after travel destinations.

7 7. The Lycian Way Beyond its history, nightclubs, market, and restaurants, Fethiye may be considered as a different city in Turkey with access to very exciting hiking paths. The Lycian Way, bordered by pine trees and presenting a difficult curve or two, is one of the world's longest and most popular walking paths.

8 Before you go to Fethiye this year, make sure first you have a turkey visa and second your checklist ready. May you always be filled with the joy to travel.