The Inotruction of the President of the H.1. Numbe i- 2 Year 1904 R E

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1 Considering with viewed from In view of THE PfL~SIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF Il-illOlTESIA The Inotruction of the President of the H.1. Numbe i- 2 Year 1904 R E THE PROLIOTIOH OF -dater USZR FJillL~R ASSOCIN.rION TI-ITi: FilliSIDENT OF THE REFUBLIC OF IlTDONESIA, : e,~ that in the framework of effor..'gs to utilize irrigation Wa1j8r in an effective and efficient way, it is necessary to endeavcur- tb.e existence of an irrigation \vater manr.gemerrt at t~lc level of farm opcr-a'b.i.oris in a pl\:.per W':iy'; b. that based on Government Re8u1ation Number 23 Year 1902 re Irrige:l:iion, the manago morrt of irrie;ation in tho level of farm operatieno shall become the responsibility of the V'latGr using farmer relating to the Viater User Par-mea: Assoc:;",;::C:,_,,::,:1. as a foruml the organiz2.tion8.1, -tiecl,-l~ical? 3:.1.d financial aspect is able to receive the ~~:l,sl;: and obligation of cxp'loi,tation and mad.ntanancc o.f water and irrigatlon networ-k to(s8tl' with t'r1eir complementary buildings at said level of f'arm opcratnons ; c. that in order tho rel8.tive irricatior- Vic,ter manae;ement C2n achf.cvo the "li::-lj.'get it is necossary to eridoavour- a conc.lnual r:..~omc'ti0n to ca:'d water User Fm"mer Association~ d. that j.n r-e s pect vvith the aoove merrtloned matter, for the ach.icvemerrt of an Lrrte C,l"'S+:8U promotion it is considered 11GCGSSO..l'Y to i11s-ctlwt the Minister of Horne Affairs, Hinisto::.' of Public Works and T~linistor of AG::'icl,'.J.ture ~":1. 2.JC 01- ::1a11oe with their r-e apectlve t.nsl{s and f'unc t i.ona ; : 1. PytiJclo 4 :P~~l"2,.Cl':J.1Jh (1) of t~e '1:;1:5 Constitution; 2. Law IiL'..:",lUe.:." 5 Yoar' ls(;'l:- r-: ~.r.c P:r ~.;:.c.:inles of Ac1 "1-;11J.. c<+,~a" J.. on 1L...,... v_. lj in _ Dr:::."o] O '1C',;.t-.J:,. J._o (~t o':-' t.,.i1c...j\j t~ _'zc I ~;'e -... \..0'....,JLJ Yeai.. 'C"'CJ..o,I.. 197LL.. Numbor- 3o, Supplew:;::'lt to Solia-:.. o Cu.ze-c"lie Number 3037): 3. Law Number- 11 Year "0 ~L:cr:LG2,tion (state Gazette Year 1974 Ilumber 65, S'.lPlll::,c.G:i.1.t to state Gazette Number 3046) ~ 4. JJ8.W Number 5 Yc ar 1979 re tl:'g 'i:i.i] age Administration (State Gaze -eto Year ,1l,1..! 'lber 56, Supplement -Go state Gazette Ir,1..i11cer 3153) 7 5. Govcz-nmcrrt Re(',ulatioll Numt,cl' 22 Ye:3X' 1982 re the Water Arr8.11.t3CmOl11; P:;: '-.!cedu.:::.'e (S-i:;ato Gazette Year 19U 2 Number 37, SUPlJ18m211t to St2.te Gazette Number 3225) ; 6. Government Regulation Humber 23 Yem" 1982 r-o Irri Gation (State G8.zette Yoar: 1]U 2 l'tl1..l~lb2 ' 38 $ Supplement to State Gazette Number 322G); ER/09/02 7. Presidentialeooo

2 In order to : 70 Presidential Decree Number 44 Year 1974 re the PrinciJles of r~l~sterial Organization; 8. Presiclcntial Dc cz-e e Nwnber 45 Year re the Composition of riinistcrie.l Organization as already several times amended, lastly by Presidential Decree Number 24 Year 1983; HAS DECIDED : 1. The Hinister of Home Affairs; 2. 'I'hc minister of Public Works; 3.. The rhnister of Agriculture. FIRSTLY SECONDLY THIRDLY FOURTHLY FIFTHLY SIXTHLY : The riinister of Homo Affairs to c;ive clirectives to the Governor He ad of 1st Grado Re giol1 in the endeavour to pr-omo-so and stimulate; tile i\j:~ei.3.';~ion cf the Water User Farmcl'" Association ill. the 1'8 f:::pective Regions. : The Minister of Publjc Works shall conduct a guidance in tho oxploitation of irrigation arid maf.rrboriance of irric,ation no twork in the level of tortiary plot of Land, for the Lmp Lemerrb a't Lcn of wa.-gor management in an effoothre and e f'f'lc i.errt way~ : The l'tinister of Agriculture s ha.i.l ccndu.cb a guidance in the utilization 0::' water in a i:;;..ll' and effective way in tihe level of a ("::.narte~(' plot of land by observing the factor of the ef water in accordance with thg f EU"111 c:per9..ticyl ne eel ani local community aspiration. The Lmp Lemcrrtatzl.on in the pre-mati an of the Water User Farmer Association shall bo l...eo,lizod l'y observing the pr-ovdoi cns as inserted. ill. the A-':;-cacI::1ent to this Presic1Gntial Instruction as its Impler!lentation Guidolino.. : The provisions ~;0ll(' C~:'(J a11"o[,c':.:1 t water uoer :C8,1'"'E1C~ 5..-3i3 O~~- 2-,-L~i 'J~"1 sl'lc..:!..~. 1:1~ [}l ~l.:. :~~Gc", to the lirovisions as l'efe:-."'recl to in 'GhiiJ Iros:i.clen-c. _::ll Instr'uctioll.o : This Pr-e s Lderrti.a'L I:i.x:trllc-cio': come into force on the d atic of stip1.j_18;~ioll and.;:\ be LmpLemerrtcd il~proper and full respo~sible w~y. La sti:nulatoq in Jakarta On,.JC::}lU3.J:] 26, 1ge4 TI-G PdESIDBHT oi,' T~I2 llgpublic OF IFJ)OlT~2IA,., SlQ.1.CC>. S 0 E II J~ R T 0 ER/09/02 499

3 ATTACm!~ENT TO THE IIJSIJ:rn:!C~.lION OF THE PP~0IDENT OF THE HEP1JBLIC OF INJ)On~~SIA NUr:lBER 2 YE1\l~ 1984 DATED J.rlHU.L~nY 26, )'384. n E THE IFO?LHriENTATION eui:o:gl:r?r;.:; n~';,,:~,: f: "2'.', ~.;-'"'Y:'ION 01.1' YiATER CONSlE'ING T:'.;;1tJViEFl 1, > ''>~''~~,.i.l:... ~is GENEEAL I EHCEPTION Article 1. In this Presidential Instruc'~ion meant b oj " a. lrrigntion shall be [1S referred co in Gov0.rrunent Regulation Number 23'Year 1982 r o Irrigation (S ~a-:;8 G,.~zotto Year :~J2 Number' 38 1 Supplcment to ste.te Gazette Number 3226) t be Pump irrigation shall be the irriggtion of VLlich the water souroes originate f'r-om soil water or the \le,ter surface hus been risen by :using pumps togejchor ' t~:cir accessories ar...d movor pcwer; Co Irrigation region sh:'111 be a s referred to in Government ROogulation Number 23 Yell.r 1982 r e Irrigation (stnte Ga':0etto Year 1982 Nurnber 38, Supploment to state G2.zctt:e Number 3226) ; d. Irrigation netwcr-k 8!1;'..11 be as referred to in Government He gulation Number 23 YonI' 1982 ro Irrigatiol"l (state Gazette Year 1932 Number 38~ SJ..t:pleme.r_'G to ctato G~\~jotte Number 3226) ~ e. TertinT'iJ nctwork f~b~11 b.o jt':;. i...,:~:ti.n:'1. Y:'f')-';w;,,):~k hr -."ing tho function as an!'2s-crncture of w~.te:' sr;:;:'vir:o. ithin the tertiary plot of Land coris.i.atlng of cupply C~w.E'lels mention ed [1S te:ctia~y chr.nnol, clistrl1jutio:'.1 channol merrtdonad a's quartor channel and a..ruinnge channel i:;ogc)'tl.wr with all supp lc.plcll-t~-rt t \li~ r:12. r..~:2 s ~&.~cl ~t.s c.;::~ -=-~:.'. ~"'.:. ~:~ --: ~~g,~so;= i!:_~1:r2':':_ e d tho pump irrigation notwork 'lnith- a "vir,o :::orvice area, equalized with the tertiary nren~ f o Villago irrigation s.:lall bo tho i:!:'rigation of which the developments efficiency and maint0uanc3 cf tho network thereof shall be implemented by the farn:e:::'3 ~.~:':CL~;r tho guidance of the Villngo Administr<1tion with c r wi Th0U.t t)lo Gover-nmerrtr.L aid from both the Centro.l a s well as Regioni..1.l Administl'atio:C1; go Irrig2.tion water m2.1:a0clilont shall be all irrigation water efficiency efforts LncLudod the mai.rrtenc.acc of the nctwor'k thereof; SW/10/02 h. Water 500

4 P3A hit Water management in 'ell0 farm operation level shall be all \"~ltgr efficiency o :('orts at the tertiary plots of land. an village irri~;ation ne-twork throl,lc.;h the irrigg tion network utiliza'cion which directly connect s witli the farmers and their agricultural areas in order to fulfill the agr-i.cultlu'<..ll optimum needs included the maintenance of their netwo.rkj i o Tertiary ploof:; of InnCl/block shall be the part of the land of an irrigation area vm~ch ~eoeives water from a tertiary tapping do or- and o:otains service from the tertiary network concerned; j. QuartoI' plot of lana/bloc}: aha'l.'l be tl:e p,1rt of the land in a tertiary plot/block o";:tani'l:_nts irri r'ation water- serv:ice from quar-ter- charmels; k, Water Consuming Far, :er Ae ao c.i atdon hereinaftc~r c8:.1ed P3A shall be a f'or-u.u of farmer or farmer (ji'oup aer.o c i.a tion which manaees irri'3ation water in a tertia:ry plot or village irrigation area, CHAe~nH II PRINCIPLE~ OBJECTIVE, ~ND T~3X Article 2" shall be based on mutual coop8raticno.article 30 P 3.A has tho ob j cct i.v e to l!l<:.'.ke eff0~ti ve the irrigation water potential available wi,tlin tho ter-tiary plot 02' village irrigation area for the wc Lf'ar-e 0 f the f'ar-mar- coronurri,ty. The objective of P3A 8h8l1 be as followg~ a. to manage Ws.t3r and :~rri;38.t:iol1 notwo.rk v:ithin t118 teriary plot or "'lij.lag8 i:r'l::.gat:: en [""'nn in order that the irrigation watm:' cun be ondcavour-er' to be utilized by their memocrs ir:. Em e1'::'ec\':~ Ire r..:-:,q ('i':::'~ c,?~1t way in fulfill:ln3: t~~_c' i~:'ll'(;urgl nccdn ~.;,y o->-)gut',l1.g the equity among -c.ho fello"" f2y'!n:'2s; b, to conduct a tericu'y network mrd.rrtcnanco or -, irrigation network 80 that sui d notwork ccn still hold its f'unc td.ona'l, co n t i.nui ty ; co to deterl1ine and rc(:;ulate the' cont.rl bu'tious of the membors in the 1'01'1113 of moncy, yield of J"~e:t:rvcst or man power for the irrigation water eff t.o i e:icy and tertiary network mai rrtonanoo or vi11qge ~.~:rl;zl'-i...~00. notwor-k and the association developmont effcrts as an orbanization; d. to guido and suporvise tl18 mcrab c.r s ther~')f in order to fulfill all regulatiorj.d rolating to tho water- usage issued by the Central Government as well as the Regional Administration and asgociation~ SW/10/02 501

5 C~lL:'J?Tr;;n III YiORKING ImCHO::i1IL BOUNDARIES Article 5. (1) The P3A working regional boudaries shall be : 80 tertiary plots; b. pump irrigation aro8.s of which the service areas are equalized with tertiary plots; c. village irrigation ure2s; which rospectively Call be elivided into several quarter blocks and if possi.blo til.oir CC'.l:!. be adjusted to the village territorial boundaries.. (2) Small moasuring tertials plots or villago irrigation areas Locat in a villago arid obtaining wat or' from the same sourcecan be comb d in a P3.1\ working regio~!. (3) If 1 (orio ) tertiary plot or 1 (one) village irrigation area Locat e s in moro tll-c.n 1 (one) village, then only 1 (ono ) P 3~ shall be :Corii1.ed. for the whole tortiary plots or irrigation areas concornode CH-~RACTm~IS~I:IC AND FOR~1 iirticlo 6. P3A constitutes an aaeo c i a'b i.c n whic1:l is so c l a'l in char-act er-t o tic with tho purpo 80 to Cj_~oct t owar-d an offcctivo wnte~ management arid irrigation llotworkj.t tho lovol of farm op er-a tion for tho upgrading 0:::' the welfare of the mornb ar-s, - Jlrticle 70.'.' n (1) P3A shall bo establishou by and for the water farmers at the tertiary plots or village irrigatign areas based on the consciousness of joint intor3tq (2) The estnblishment of J?3.\ :Jhall be co::'lclljc1-:e:,r), by obsorving the trao.itionaj. waver rianugemcrrt il1.3t.i'ju ::.ion oxisting in the area concerned. (3) P3A shall bo c qt.lpp od wit)" t i.c stat~l.~,cc e.!1ct. ::-'~(')S legali~eo. by the Regont/MajT.)r lieno. of Llnd G.:'rl.'::'.<=.' RO';lon after obtained approval from tho looa: Vill~~8 Gn~ District He~d_ COMPOSITIon 01: 1 ORGANIZATION 4~rticlo 3. ( 1) The c sition of P 3":l orc;zrni zat i c n col:..sistf> of a. Mooting of membcr-o; b. Execu'tLve s ; c. Members.. SW/iO/02 (2) The 8 502

6 (2) The meeting of members consists of the higl.1.est authority within P 3,A. (3) The exeoutives concist of : a. Chairman; b. Vice Chairman; Ceo do Secretary; Treasurer; e. Technical Executor (P3,A Ulu-ulu); f'o Chairmen of plot/(luc.:::....-ccr block, (4) In case v the P3,A V'lorkin:,; rc(,:ion covers more than 1 (one) village, then'the member-s of the execu'ti.ves, except the vice chairman? shall be elected from the P3,A members hav ing their domicile at the village of which the P3,A working region is the largest. The Vice Chairman shall be elected from members having their domicile at the village or villages of which the P3h working region is smaller. (5) The Ohui r-nan of the quarter' block shall be -the leader of the quar-tcr blocle concerned, elected and e.ppointed by the members of his block. (6) P3,A members shall be all farmers who obta~n enjoyment and benefit in a direct wo.y from the: tertiary irrj -.:ation water service or village irrigation regj.on cov~ring : a. RicefieJ.d ownor-; b.. RiecfielcJ. agricultu.ral wo.r-kcr- owner; c.,agricultural worker; d. Fish-pond OWDer obtaining w3ter from irrigation; e. Village Head end other Village,Administrs.tion members obtia' "b e!:glcok fl (land t cnuro j ] f. Undertaking Body cultivating ricefigds or fishponds; g. Other irrie;ation vinter users coneumcz-s, Article 90 (1) The mcocang of memb ere EeW the tasks arid cornpet ency as follows : a. to draw up the Statl:..tes and Rules of J? 3.~; b. to ~orm and dismiss the executives; c, to appoint and dismiss the mcmb cr-s of the executives; d. to stil)ulate the J?3A wor-k rrocl'et:p..o (2) The executives implement the pr-ovi sf.ons of the statutbs and r-uf.o s and the decisioll.s e t i.pu'la t ed bt the ~Tc.:'lbers Meet ing and other policies included the settlement of disputes among memo ors, SW/10/ (3) The 0

7 (3) The technicrl executor shall id~lement the daily activities in case of irrigation water efficiency and their tertiary network maintenance; (4) The Chairman of the plot/quarter block shall implement daily 8.C tivities in case of irrigation water efficiency and its quarter network maintenance. CI-IA:?TU{ VII RIGHT Mm OBLIGl1TION Arti~lG 100 (1) Each member shall be entitleo. to ob t a i n irrigation water service in accor'dance with 'i:;he provisions 0:: vv.j.t~r distribution stipule.t: ed ; (2) Each member shall be obliged to p ar-ti.clpat e in preserving the irrigation network g paying contributions and adhering to other provisions stipulated by the t'iembers Me8tingo CI-IM?'l'ER VIII Article 11. (1) 1111 works performed by P3A both for the necessity of water efficiency, J~aintenance and irrig~tion network improvement as well as other activities :i'ir-::mced by?3-~ conccr-ned, (2) The P3A finance source shall con3ist of : a. contribution of members ; b o gifts or aids; c. other efforts which cro lawful ao cor-ddng to the Law, l.'nm:i)'l'ioh l\rticle 12, The Governor Bee d. of I;:;t Re,9'~.o~l sh~;."l.,;;ive idlpleme:'ltation directives in~he f zamewcc-lc of pr-no t.ion I::l.ill!. uevo.lopmenf of P311; The Regent/mayer Head of 1111(1 Grade Rsg.: 01~ s:,).::~j.l b e re81')on~1ib;le fer the implementation of.proi'lo-l:iion and develo})f!1.cl1.t of P3A; ~['he District Haad shall ii!lplg.iile~:lt the coori''ti.ori and supervision on the imp:ementation and development of P3A; The Village Hend sha'll, imple,nent the p r omot i.c n a11<1 development of P3A in ac co r'dance with hi? responsibil:'.ty and competency. }i'rom the technical vi ewpo i.rrt 1 the f'unc t;i(-'~~8.ri88 as referred to in paragraph (1), p aragr-aph (2), p":' (3) arid paragraph (4) shall be assisted by the technical ggval~~ent agencies as follows : a, the irrigation technicd.i field by~he :Public.":'c..'l::J Service or Public Works/Irrigation Cevernmon"t l\gcwy wi. tl1 the task to give directives and a88ist~llce to P3A in cnses connecting wi th survey and design, co netr'uc bd ori as well a s exploitation and tertiary network ma.i.rrucnanc e and other notworlc of farm operation level; b. -:,he SY1/10/02 504

8 b. the field of agricultural tejchnique by the Agricultural Service or Agricultural Government Agency by rendering guidance and extension to P3A in cases connocting with the irrigation water utilization covering the r-ecommendatdone on water need, applica tion of pattern and t echnd.quo of water utilization and planting in accordance with the local conditions and the upgrading of ~ knowledge and skill of the farmers in said casos. ~CH'~ I'RESIDENT Oii' TEE f(iti'ublic OF IND0r(T~SIA signed SOEHllRTO _ ~ _==ooo==--- SU/10/02 505