CPhI & P-MEC China 2018

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1 CPhI & P-MEC China June 2018 Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China 2018 Visitor Registration is Now OPEN! Scan the QR code to SIGN UP FOR Free or visit: Co-located with : /

2 Contents Part I Exhibitor List CPhI China China Animal Health&Feed Zone PharmaExcipients China FDF China NEX China ICSE China BioPh China Part II Onsite Activity Agenda... 44

3 CPhI China 2018 Hall E1-E2,W1-W4&T1-T5 Exhibition Profile Vitamin Hormone Sulfonamides Antipyretic Analgesic Anesthetics etracycline Amino Acids and Derivatives Chloramphenicols Digestive System Drugs Other Anti-Infective Drug Penicillin Aminoglycoside Lincomycin Cardiovascular System Drugs Antiparasitic Cefazolin Macrolides Antibiotic Respiratory System Drugs Central Nervous System Drugs Other Western ingredient Branding Wall

4 CPhI A A.H.A International Aarti Drugs Limited *Abiochem Biotechnology Abydos Scientific Agno Pharma Albemarle Corporation Alchem International Pvt Ltd W2P02 E1C25 E2D70a W4E06 E1B32 E1G51 E1B21 Anhui Qingyun Pharmaceutical and Chemical Anhui Royal Chemical Anhui Twisun Hi-tech Pharmaceutical Co., Anhui Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd Anhui YongAn Pharmaceutical Co., *Anhui DingXin Pharma Technology W4C37 W4F72a W4A02 T1D56 W4D20 T2C55 Alkaloids Corporation E1K35 Anqiu Lu an Pharmaceutical W2G30 Allychem W4C22 Anuh Pharma E1A31 ALP Pharm Beijing T1D33 APC Pharmaceutical & Chemical Ltd E1J37 Alpha Hawk Chemicals Industries Limited T4D33 Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., E1H20 ALT Laboratory Limited W1A38b APEX HEALTHCARE LIMITED E1B51 Amano Enzyme China Ltd E1H38 Archer (Ningbo) Biopharm T4B30 Amarantine Pharmaceutical LLC E1N38 Argosi International W2G12 Amicogen (China) Biopharm Co., Ltd E2B08 Argus Pharmaceuticals, T3A07 AMINO LIFE (WUXI) BIOTECH.. W3P06 ARROMAX PHARMATECH T2C25 Amphaster Nanjin Pharmaceuticals Inc E2P16 Arshine Pharmaceutical W1C22 AMRI *Analytica Chemie Inc Angelini A.C.R.A.F SPA Anhui Yellen Pharmaceutical Anhui (Shanghai)Eastmark International Trading Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) E1C21 E2G51 E1M36 T1B56 W3H26 W3C20 Arz-Greensyn AstaTech (Chengdu) Biopharmaceutical Corp. Aurisco Pharmaceutical Avery Chemical (Nantong) AVF Chemical Industrial B W2B20a W3B10 W2C02 T5C52 W1A22 Anhui Bayi Chemical Industry T1B50 Bachem AG E1F35 Anhui BBCA Pharmaceutical Anhui Biochem United Pharmaceutical Co., T1C50 E1H28 *BaiYin Yunxin Biological Technology Co., Baoding Jiahe Bio-Chemical T5A29 W1B20f Anhui Chengshi Pharmaceutical W1D40 Beijing Canny Consulting Inc. W3D18 Anhui Dexinjia Biopharm W4F50 Beijing Century Richap Chemistry W1A20 *Anhui Haikang Pharmaceutical T4A05 Beijing Chemdow T4D18 Anhui Heryi Pharmaceutical Co., T3A56 BEIJING GOLDEN OLIVE COMPANY T5B20 Anhui HuaHeng Biotechnology W4C06 Beijing Greenchem Technology W4B88 ANHUI JINBANG MEDICINE CHEMICAL ANHUI JINDING PHARMACEUTICAL W4B65 T3A06 Beijing Hope Pharmaceutical Beijing Huikang Boyuan Chemical Tech W3E18 W3F10 ANHUI JINQUAN BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY. W2G21a Beijing Lianben Pharm-Chemicals Tech. W3G32b ANHUI LIGHT INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL. Anhui Lixing Chemical ANHUI PROVINCE YIFAN SPICE CO.LTD T5A38 W4C88 T2C33 Beijing Lunarsun Pharmaceutical Beijing Merson Pharma Co., Beijing Mesochem Technology Beijing odyssey chemicals W3H02 T3D01 W4A01 W3G30E 3

5 Exhibitor List of CPhI China Beijing Pure Chem. Beijing Ribio Biotech *Beijing Scrianen Pharmaceutical *Beijing Shangzhihegui Technology Co., Beijing THTD Pharmaceutical Technology Co., *Beijing Wisdom Chemicals Co.,LTD *Beijing Yanhua Jilian Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Beijing Cangzhou Bohai New Area Biomedical Industrial Park BEILITE CHEMICAL BE-LONG Corporation W3G30C T3B58 W3G30D W1H30 W4C96 W3G30A T4A09 W3G30G W4E31 T5A50 Changzhou Anchor Biological Technology Co., Changzhou Apex-Biopharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Changzhou Baokang Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Changzhou Chemical Research Institute Changzhou Chontech-Baocheng Chemical Changzhou Comwin Fine Chemicals Co., Changzhou Ditong Chemical Co., *Changzhou Fangzheng Chemical Co., T4B21 T4D16 W4E80 T2B02 W4C50a W3A26 W4A96 T1C06 CPhI Binhai Golden Hilen Medicine Chemistry Biocompounds Pharmaceutical Inc. Bioiberica S.A.U. W3E30a E2D70b E1Q18 Changzhou Feima Jinshu Zhipin Co., *Changzhou Fourman Biotech *Changzhou Golden Bright Pharmaceutical Factory W4A62 T2D20 T5B10 Biophore Pharma Inc Bio-sugars Technology Biosyn Healthy Pharma BLOOMAGE FREDA BIOPHARM CO., LTD. Boeing Import & Export Bolon Pharmachem BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co., BRILLIANT PHARMACEUTICAL. CHENGDU Brother Enterprises Holding E1B57 T4A07 W4C91 W1A02 T3A17 E1D26 W2P08 T1A19 W3E16 Changzhou Huadong Chemical Research Institute Changzhou Huanling Chemical Changzhou Huaren Chemical Co., CHANGZHOU HUBIN MEDICINE RAW MATERI- ALS Changzhou Hunter Biotech Reserch Co., Changzhou Jintan maosheng fine chemical plant Changzhou Lanming Science and Technology Co., Ltd W4F37 E2D80 T5A09 T3A10 T5B15 T1C49 T1A51 BTC Pharmaceuticals Technology CO. LTD. T1D01 Changzhou litong chem co., W4Q12 BTP Pharmaceutical Co.,Limited W2D28 Changzhou LonGo Chemical W4D62 BYN Chemical W4D36 Changzhou Pharmaceutical Factory W1B12 C C&EN Media Group Canan Technique Material (Hangzhou) Inc. *Cangzhou Dafeng Chemical *CARBOGEN AMCIS AG *Carborine Technologies LTD. E2G24 W4D80 T4C58 E1Q08 T4B16 Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma Changzhou Ruiming Pharmaceuticals Changzhou Sinly Pharmchem Co., Changzhou Sinowa Chemical Changzhou Siyao Pharmaceuticals Co., W2C42 W2Q02b W4G58 T2B16 E2A06 Carbosynth Ltd CAS-SH BIOTECH SHUNHUI CBC (Shanghai) Trading CEC LIMITED CGene Tech (Suzhou) Co., Changshu Huagang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd E1A01 W4Q30 W3F25 T5C29 T4C17 T3C21 Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceutical Co., Changzhou Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co., Changzhou United Chemical CHANGZHOU WELTON CHEMICAL CO., LTD Changzhou Xiaqing Chemical W1G22 W4D96 W4D02 T1B06 T2A43 4

6 CPhI Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Changzhou Yabang-Qh Pharmachem W3B23a W3A20 CHIFENG ADDISUN PHARMACEUTICAL CO,LTD Chifeng Arker Pharmaceutical Technology W1Q08 T3D28 Changzhou Yuanda Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., *CheerFine Pharmaceutical Co., Chemclone Industries *Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Private Limited Chemical Daily Chemical Weekly W3B26a T5A15 E1A51 E1M51 E2G28 E2G26 China Animal Husbandry Group China Chemical mall magazine China Chinopharma *China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group China Meheco Corporation China National Chemical Information Center W3C26 T3D40 E1K20 W3B40 W1D22 T2D53 CHEMINDUSTRY.COM Chempro Pharma PVT LTD Chemsphere Technology Inc. Chem-Stone(Guangzhou)Co., Ltd Chemsynlab Co., Ltd *Chemtour Biotech (Suzhou) T1C26 E1A19 E1F57a T3C51 T3D36 T5C40 China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation China Resources Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., China Sinopharm International Corporation China Union Chempharma (Suzhou) Co., W1D12b W2G41 W1D12a W3Q12 Chemvon E2A20 Chiral Quest (Suzhou) Co., Ltd E1H32 Chemwerth Inc. E1B01 Chirogate International Inc. E1H37b Cheng Yi Pharmaceutical Co., Chengda Pharmaceuticals Chengde Yingke Fine Chemical Chengdu Aslee Biopharmceuticals, Inc Chengdu Baishixing Science and Technology Industry Chengdu Better Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Chengdu Chengnuo New Tech W3D10 W2G19 T5B12 T2B33 T4D12 T3D02 T2D33 Chizhou Dongsheng Pharmceutical Co., CHONGQING BEISHENG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD Chongqing Carelife Pharmaceutical Co., Chongqing Chinabase Import & Export CHONGQING CHUNRUI MEDICINE CHEMICAL CO. LTD. T1A06 E2E08 E1H18b T4A57 E2E08 Chengdu Climb Pharmaceutical Technology T1A01 *Chongqing Daxin Pharmaceutical Co., W4B30 Chengdu D-Innovation Pharmaceutical Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Chengdu Firster Pharmaceutical T1C28 T1C56 T2C11 CHONGQING ENSKY CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Chongqing Huapont Pharmaceutical Co., Chongqing Kangle Pharmaceutical Co., E2D23a W2C22b W3E28b Chengdu Kelong Chemical Chengdu Miracle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Chengdu Sino-strong Pharmaceutical CHENGDU TIANTAISHAN PHARMACEUTICAL.H Chengdu TongChuangYuan Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd Chengzhi Life Science Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group W4F59 W4A71 W3G42a T1D02 W4E30 T1B25 W3E12 CHONGQING KERUI NANHAI PHARMACEUTI- CAL CO., LTD. Chongqing Land Tower Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd CHONGQING MINFENG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Chongqing Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd *Chongqing Sansheng Industrial Co., Chongqing Shenghuaxi Pharmaceutical E2D23c T3A25 W3B36 E1H18e E2E08 W4B79 5

7 Exhibitor List of CPhI China Chongqing Southwest No.2 Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Chongqing Taihao Pharmaceutical Co., Chongqing World Haorui Pharm-chem. Co., CHONGQING ZEIN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. *Chu Xiong Yun Zhi Phytopharmaceutical E2D23b E2D16a W4C59 W4A51 T1C16 E Easybuyer ECCO Roller ECHEM(Nanjing)Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd Emeishan Hongsheng Pharmaceutical Enantiotech Corporation Limited ENKI BIOTECHNOLOGY(SHANGHAI)LIMITED T4A01 E1E25 W4A80 T3C06 W3H10 W4Q06 CPhI Chukai PharmaTech. Chuming Pharmaceutical Limited Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech T1C40 T1B01 E1H37a Enzymaster (Ningbo) Bio-engineering Co., EOS MEDCHEM Espee Group Innovators W4A20 W4E82 E1C31 CIDIC, W3G30F Esteve Huayi Pharmaceutical E2D22 CIP Global W3P16 EVER PHARM LIMITED W3B26b *CJ INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO,.LTD E2E32 *Everest Organics Ltd IP-06 CNSG Anhui Hong Si Fang T2C19 Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation E1E27 Concord Biotech Limited E1B10 Evervictory Pharm Co., W3F08 Corel Pharma Chem Council of Euope - EDQM CSPC PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP LIMITED E1Q07 E1N32 W1B08 Export promotion Council of India(Pharmexcil) F E1D32 *C-squared Pharma S.A.R.L E1B31 F.I.S. Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici SpA E1M35 D *Farmak a.s. E1Q03 Dalian Richon Chem Dalian Toyounger Chemical Co., Dalian Wista Pharma Danyang Wanlong Chemical DCS Pharma AG Depew Fine Chemical Dipharma Francis S.r.l Divi's Laboratories Limited Dongkook Pharmaceutical Dongtai Xinyuan Chemical W3G32a T5C39 W4F88 W4C20 E1B31 W2D18 E1M53 W1H22 E1B19 T2C02 FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals (Jiangsu) Co., Feihe Chemical Fipharm Co., Ltd Fischer Chemicals AG FMC Corporation Foodchem International Corporation *FOREST-PHARM. Formosa Laboratories, Inc. Fu xin Feng Cheng chemical Technology Development Co. E2P02 W3C40 W1G36 E1E01 E1D02 W3G06 T3A50 W2B20b W4G86 Dongying Luning Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD T4D46 Fuan Pharmaceutical ( Group) E2E80 Dongying Rich Chemical T3A26 FUHSUN SHUNTE CHEMICAL. T2A25 Doosan Corporation E1D22 Fujian Fukang Pharmaceutical Co., E2E75 *Dr.JCR BIO SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED IP-09 *FUJIAN JINSHAN ZHUNDIAN PHARMACY LTD. T4A51 Dragonfarm Co., W1C30 Fujian South Pharmaceutical E1N12 DSL CHEMICALS W4G20 Fujian Wanke Pharmaceutical T1C33 *DSM China W3D32 *Fujian Welike Pharma T5B52 DSP BU China W1G30b *Fujian Yongjing Technology T4C33 Dudley Chem Corp W4A16 Furtherpharm Pharmaceutical T4C05 *DuPont Nutrition & Health (formerly FMC H&N and Dow Food & Pharma) E1P03 Fuxin Jintelai Fluoro Chemical Fuxin Xin Kaida Fluorine Chemistry W4D72 W4E65 6

8 *FUZHOU CONTAY BIOTECHNOLOGY. T1D40 Handan Huajun Chemicals T2B36 CPhI G Gangzhou Toray Fine Chemicals *Gansu Jinling Pharmacy Group co.,ltd Gaoyou Gaoyuan Auxiliary Genchem & Genpharm (Changzhou) Co., *GfM mbh GL Biochem (Shanghai) *Glacier Coolant Technology (Chaoyang) Co., T1B55 T3B55 T4C22 W3B23b E1B25 W2B38 W4C98 HANDAN ZHAODU FINE CHEMICAL CO., LTD Hangzhou Brother Bio-Technology (Zhejiang Wantai Pharmaceutical Co., ) Hangzhou Celor Chemical Hangzhou CIRS Hangzhou Coben Pharmaceutical Co., Hangzhou Deli Chemical Co., Hangzhou Dingyan Chem Co., Hangzhou Fenghe Bio-technology Co.,ltd T5B33 E2E60 W2G38 T4D05 W1H38 W4D68 T4B37 T4D08 *Golder Associates Consulting Limited T5A27 Hangzhou FST Pharmaceutical Co., W2D32 Granules India Ltd E1H57 *HANGZHOU HEXO CHEMTECH CO., LTD. T5C37 GRUPO INDUKERN E1M57 Hangzhou Ich Biofarm W2G20 *Guangdong Aglaia Optoelectronic Materials Guangdong Blue Treasure Pharmaceuticals Co. *Guangdong Cocan Bio-Pharmaceutical Guangdong Raffles Pharma Tech Co., Ltd GUANGDONG VTR BIO-TECH CO., LTD. Guangxi Guanghong Pharmaceutical T5A31 T1A31 W3F36 E2E20c E2A02 T1C15 Hangzhou Jasui Technology HANGZHOU JIUYUAN GENE ENGINEERING. Hangzhou Kaipeng Biotechnology Hangzhou Kexing Biochem *HANGZHOU KINSOCHEM PHARMA Hangzhou Lead Biotech Co., Ltd Hangzhou Longshine Bio-Tech Hangzhou Maytime Bio-Tech W4B50 E2D22 W4A88 W4E56 T4B32 T1D26 W4A06a W3Q02b *Guangxi Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory Guangzhou Hanfang Pharmaceutical Guangzhou Hanpu Pharmaceutical Co., W3B06 W2C26b W2C26a E2G67 Hangzhou Minko Chemical Hangzhou Minsheng Binjiang Pharmaceutical Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Hangzhou Panyu Chemical Hangzhou Proserre Chemical Co., Hangzhou Qichuang Chemical W4P02a W3C36b W4E96 T4C01 W2C08 W2A18 Guangzhou Person Pharmaceutical T3B42 Hangzhou Read Chemical Co., T3B08 *Guangzhou Pharma-Orange Biotechnology CO.,Ltd T1D11 HANGZHOU ROYALL IMPORT & EXPORT T1D28 GUANGZHOU TOSUN PHARMACEUTICAL LTD T1A26 Hangzhou Simbos Pharm W3H42 Guidechem Guilin Pharceutical Co., H Haicheng Liqi Carbon Co.,LTD Haihang Industry Haimen Best Fine Chemical Co., Hainan Haiyao W5A77 E1H18a T4C48 W4D10a E2E21 W3C06 Hangzhou Starshine Pharmaceutical Co., Hangzhou Think Chemical Hangzhou Utanpharma Biology Hangzhou Volant Technology Hangzhou Wenlee Chemical Hangzhou Xinfu Science & Technology W3A30 W3Q08a W3G12 T2C50 W4E76a W3D20 Hainan Poly Pharm Co., Ltd *Hainan Shatingning Pharmaceutical Co., E1K16 E2G30 Hangzhou Zhongmei Huadong Phamaceutical Co., *Harbin Medisan Pharmaceutical W1B20d E2E38 7

9 Exhibitor List of CPhI China *HARMAN FINOCHEM Hebei Amino Bio Technology HEBEI AOGE CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Hebei Changhao Biotechnology Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Hebei Chengxin Co., *Hebei Chuncheng Biological Technology E1E28 T2C36 T3C01 W4F22 W2B28 W1A08 W4F76 Hefei Home Sunshine Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Hefei Lifeon Pharmaceutical Heibei DaoHui chemical Co., Ltd Heibei Liwellso Biotech cp., limited *Henan Kangtai Pharmaceutical Group Corp *Henan Allgreen Chemical Henan Dongtai Pharmaceutical T4C45 W3C28 W4F85 W4D22 W3E38b T4C50 W3B12 CPhI HEBEI DAPENG PHARM & CHEM T2B50 Henan Houyi Pharmaceutical W2C27 Hebei Darui Biotech Co., Hebei Fude Chemical Technology Co., *Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Hebei Harmony Amino Acid Hebei Hejia Pharmatech Group Hebei Huachen Pharmaceutical Co., Hebei Huaheng Biological Technology T5A20 W4F82 T5A23 W3D08 W4G69 T4C38 W3E32 Henan Julong Biological Engineering Co., Henan Life Pharmaceutical Henan Newland Pharmaceutical Henan PURUI Pharmaceutical Henan Sheng Hongfeng Chemical Co., henan tianfu chemical Henan Violet Technology Co.,LTD W4F98 T5A35 W4G72 T1B40 W4D65 T2B15 T3C02 Hebei Huaqing Optoelectronics Material Co., Ltd Hebei Huaxu Chemical W4G02 T1C36 Henan Weiyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd Henan Xinyi Medicine Group Fine Chemical Industry Company Ltd T5B13 T4C32 Hebei Huayang Biological Technology HEBEI JIANMIN STARCH GLUCOSE CO., LTD. Hebei Jihai Biological Technology W3F06 W2A28 W4A35 Henan Yuchen Pharmaceutical Hengshui Henglin Biotech. Heraeus Materials Technology Shanghai W2A31 T3B15 E1F26 Hebei Jiheng (Group) Pharmaceutical W2D06 *Herbon International Polysaccharide Biotechnology (Heyuan) Co. T4C52 Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Corp., LTD. Hebei Jiupeng Pharmaceutical Hebei Maison Chemical HEBEI MEIHE PHARMACEUTICAL T4D01 W3D30 W4E02 W4C36d *Herd Chemicals Hetero Labs Limited *Heze Raven Pharmaceutical High Hope Int'l Group Jiangsu Medicines & Health Products Imp.&Exp.CORP.LTD. W4A18 E1B09 T1A15 W2D15 Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical Hebei Worldstar Chemical W2C12 T3D18 High Science Co Ltd Highchem(Shanghai) International Trade E1F55 W4E15 Hebei Xiecheng Biotechnology W4F56 Highpharm Medchem T2A33 HEBEI XINGANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD W4C36C Hi-Tech Chemistry Corp. W4E50 Hebei Xingtai Metallurgy Magnesium Co.,LTD. Hebei Yanuo Bioscience Hebei Yuemin Bio-Technology T1D51 W3G10 W4A56 Huaian Depon Chemical Industry HUAIAN MDC PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. *Huaibei Sinomark Biological Technology T2D50 T3A19 T4B52 Hebei Yuxing Bio-Engineering Co., Hebei Zeshuo Pharmaceutical Technology HEC W4B22 W4A21 E1K28 Huanggang Huayang Pharmaceutical Huanggang Luban Pharmaceutical Co., W3H06 W2B25 8

10 CPhI Huanggang Saikang Pharmaceutical Huanggang Wellman Biosciences W3A38 E2E66b HUNAN FURUI BIOPHARMA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Hunan HLSY Sodium Bicarbonate W4G70 T4B39 Huanggang Yinhe Aarti Pharmaceutical Huangshi Fuertai Pharmaceutical Tech Huangshi Shixing Pharmaceutical Co., Huarong Industrial Group Huazhong Pharmaceutical Huazhong Pharmaceutical Hubei Danjiangkou Kaitai Hormone E2E66a E2G75 W3G38b W4E76b E1N10 W3P08 T3B23 Hunan HongJiang Bei Ya Biotech Co., Hunan HuaTeng Pharmaceutical Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co., HuNan Kerey Pharmaceutical Hunan Ouya Pharmaceutical *Hunan Yunbang Biomedical Hunan Yuxin Pharmaceutical Huzhou Hengyuan Biochem Tech Huzhou Sunflower Pharmaceutical T4B58 W4P16 E2G36 W2G18 W2G36 T4C55 W3F18 T4B50 E2E20a Hubei Fangtong Pharmaceutical W3E42b Hwasun Biotechnoogy W2C37 HUBEI GEDIAN HUMANWELL PHARMACEUTI- CAL. *Hubei Golden Prosperity Pharma Co., Ltd Hubei Grand Fuchi Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Co., LTD W1C36 T4A38 W1B20h I Indena SpA *Infinium Pharmachem Pvt Ltd INFOARK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LIMITED E1A17 IP-14 W2D36 Hubei Grand Lifescience & Technology Co., W1B20b Inner Mongolia Glint Pharmaceutical Co., W1B40 Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., W2D42 E2A15 *INNER MONGOLIA LANTAI SODIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Innosyn Biotech Co., Ltd T4B19 W2C38b *HUBEI HUANGGANG YONGAN PHARMACEU- TICAL Hubei Jinghong Chemical Hubei Lansun Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Hubei Lingsheng Pharmaceutical HUBEI LONGXIANG PHARMACEUTICAL TECH.. T3D08 W3D36 W4G79 T2B51 W2C30 Insight High Technology (Jiangsu) IQVIA IVC NUTRITION CORPORATION J W3C30 E2G22 E2P10 *J P N Pharma Pvt Ltd IP-02 Jangxi Keyuan Biopharm Jewim Pharmaceutical(Shandong) T2A55 E2B19 Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology W3E42a Jiangsu Allyrise Pharmaceutical W4A50 *Hubei Shengling Technology Co., T2D28 Jiangsu Alpha Pharmaceutical W3E23 Hubei Shunhui Bio-Technology HUBEI SIBO TECHNOLOGYCO.LTD *Hubei Xiansheng Biotechnolgy Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Hubei Xinjing New Material T3A16 W4A06b T5C60 W2G15 E2A21 Jiangsu Baosheng Longcheng Pharmaceutical Jiangsu Baozong & Baoda Pharmachem Jiangsu Bluestar Green Technology Co., W3E28a W1H02 T2B28 Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical W3D42 Jiangsu BVCO Chemical Co., T4A35 Hubei Yitai Pharmaceutical E2E67 Jiangsu Chengxin Pharmaceutical W2C18 Hubei Zhenhua Chemical Co., Ltd W4G10 JIANGSU DINGYE PHARMACEUTICAL. T5C22 HULUDAO TIANQI SHENGYE CHEMICAL CO., LTD. T4D37 *Jiangsu Grand Xianle Pharmaceutical W1B20g Hunan Dongting Pharmaceutical Co., Hunan Flag Bio-technology Co., E1H18c T3C26 Jiangsu Grand Xinyi Pharmaceutical JIANGSU GTIG HUATAI CO., LTD. W1B20i W2A08 9

11 Exhibitor List of CPhI China Jiangsu Guotai Intl Group Winsun Imp. & Exp. Co., Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group W2C20 E1K08 Jiangxi Guoyao pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company Jiangxi Hengxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., W4A58 E2G25 CPhI Jiangsu Hansyn Pharmaceutical E2D12a JIANGXI IMP & EXP CO., LTD. T1A08 Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine E1K08 Jiangxi Jinfeng Pharmaceutical W3Q20 *JIANGSU HONGZI NEW ENERGY TECHNOL- OGY CO., LTD. Jiangsu Huaxu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd T5B17 T3C08 Jiangxi Kingnord Industrial Limited *Jiangxi Province Han's Precious Metals W4F66 W4C16 Jiangsu Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Group Corp., Jiangsu Jingye Pharmaceutical W2A20 W4A26a Jiangxi Rongxing Pharmaceutical Jiangxi Run Quan Kang Biotechnology T3B20 T4A50 *JIANGSU KOLOD FOOD INGREDIENTS. Jiangsu Nhwa Pharma. JIANGSU PROVINCE QINFEN PHARMACEUTI- CAL Jiangsu Qingquan Chemical Co., LTD. JiangSu Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Jiangsu TianYin Chemical Industry Jiangsu Tohope Pharmaceutical Co., Jiangsu United-Value International Trading Jiangsu Vcare PharmaTech Co., Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical Co., Jiangsu WNC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd *JIANGSU XINRUI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.LTD T5A17 W2B22 T1D49 W2B10 T3D33 T3A28 W3G23 W4E26a W3B16 T2B01 W1G08b W4A68 Jiangxi Sanyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Jiangxi Sentai Pharmaceutical Jiangxi Shengdian S&T Jiangxi Sunway Chemical Jiangxi Synergy Pharmaceutical Co., Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Jiangxi Time Chemical *Jiangxi Weikang Bio Technology Co., Jiangxi Xinganjiang Pharmaceutical JIANGXI YONGTONG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD JIANGXI YUEHUA PHARMACEUTICAL Jiangyin Amber Biopharmaceutical Co., T3B26 W3H18 W4A30 W3E08 E2E02 W1F22 W2G01 E2B28 T3A51 T5A22 T4B60 W4C18 Jiangsu Yongda Pharmaceutical Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Limited Company W2G17a T4B29 Jiaozuo Zhongwei Special Products Pharmaceutical *Jiashan jianqiao Biochemical Co., W2A01 T4A43 Jiangsu Yutian Pharmaceutical W4D50 Jiaxing Jlight Chemicals W4C85 Jiangsu Zenji Pharmaceuticals W3G18 Jiayi Pharmaceutical T1C08 Jiangsu Zhongbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd E2E12 Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical (Nanhai Beisha Pharmaceutical Co.,) W1F40 Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology Jiangxi Aifeimu Technology T2C28 W4C76 *Jilin Huikang Pharmaceutical *Jilin province fidelity pharmaceutical co., LTD W3A10 T5A52 JiangXi Benniu Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD T4B42 Jinan Asia Pharma Tech W4G57 JiangXi Boya Seehot Pharmaceutical Jiangxi Chenyang Pharmaceutical Co. T2A18 T4B08 Jinan Asia Pharmaceutical Jinan Chenghuishuangda Chemical Co., W3B28b W4B72 JIANGXI DADI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD E2B16 Jinan Jianfeng Chemical W4E68 Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Jiangxi Fushine Pharmaceutical Jiangxi Ganliang Pharmaceutical Material W1D20 W1G40 W2G03 Jinan Jinda Pharmaceutical Chemistry Jinan Kehui Pharmaceutical Sci.& Res. Co.Ltd Jinan Lead Pharm-chemical W4E36 T2A06 W4A19 10

12 Jinan Mingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd W4A67 *Kuraray Trading (shanghai) Co., T4A41 CPhI Jinan New Coordinates Technology Development Co., Ltd JINAN PENGBO BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. T4D38 T1B19 L L.Y.G. Goldensome Pharmaceutical Co., T3D22 *Jinan Samuel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd T3C19 *Laite(Yibin) fine chemical T4A53 *Jinan wanxiang chemical products Co., T4D45 Langfang Hawk Technology & Development W4D85 Jinan Wanxingda Chemical W4A87 Langfang Longyu Chemical Co., T5B21 Jinan Welt Chem. *Jinan Xinke Pharmaceutical Sci. and Tech. T2A17 T1B15 Lanzhou University Institute of Technology Engineering Laohekou GuangLian Technology Co., W4D98 T4C06 Jinan Yufeng Bioengineering T3D39 *Laohekou Ruixiang Chemical Co., T3C25 JINDIAN CHEMICAL T4C09 Launch-Pharma Technologies T3D25 Jingjing Pharmaceutical W3F40b *Laviana Pharma W3G30B Jinhe Biotechnology W3C10 Leading Hero Global Holdings Ltd E1K51 *Jinlong Technology Group T3D07 Leawell International Ltd E1B28 Jinon Pharma (WuHan) T5B05 Leping Safely Pharmaceutical Co., W3A32 Jiodine chemical (Qingdao) Co., LTD T3A33 Levachem Co., Limited W3B20 *Jiujiang Academy of Sciences Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd *Jiujiang HUIRONG New Materials Jiujiang Zhongxing Medicine & Chemical *Jiyuan Hengshun New Materials Johnson Matthey (Shanghai) Catalyst Co., Johnson Matthey Research & Development (Yantai) Jostrong (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd T5B18 T4D59 W4C80 T5B31 E1F30 E1F30 T2A15 Lianhe Chemical Technology Co.,, Lianyungang Deyang Chemical Lianyungang Guike Pharmaceutical Co., Lianyungang Haideli Chemistry Lianyungang Hengfei Pharmaceutial Co., *Lianyungang Jari Pharmaceutical Co., Lianyungang Jinkang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., W1F30 T4D23 T1B16 T2A16 W4D15 W2A36 W4C68 Joyochem JQC (HUAYIN) PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. K Kaifeng Mingren Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD. Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Kaili Catalyst & New Materials Kaiping Genuine Biochemical Pharmaceutical Kaiyuan Hengtai Chemical Kangya of Ningxia Pharmaceutical Co., Kelun Pharmaceutical Kente Catalysts Inc. T1B02 W4B26a T1A43 W1B32 W3C23 W3A01a W2A22 T4C59 E1Q16 W4B62 Lianyungang Kaimeike Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals LianYunGang Ningkang Chemical Co., Lianyungang Rifeng Calcium&Magensium Lianyungang Shenghe Biotechnology *Lianyungang Xuanyuan chemical co.,ltd Lianyungang Ziyan Chemical Liaoning Benyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Liaoning Bomei Pharmaceutical Technology *Liaoning Honghu Pharmaceutical&Chemical Co., Ltd T2C18 T5B37 T5A16 W4B58 W4C26 T2D26 T4B57 T3A49 W4G37 Kingchem (Liaoning) Chemical Co., Ltd E1D10 Liaoning KoncepNutra W1Q02 KOA Shoji Co Ltd kunshan microchem Specialities Co.,ltd. Kunshan Yalong Trading E1F22 W4B68 W3H12 Liaoning Shixing Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Liaoyang Tengyuan Food Additive Factory T4C15 T4D42 11

13 Exhibitor List of CPhI China LIAOYUAN CITY BAIKANG PHARMACEUTICAL. Liaoyuan Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., Lifecome Biochemistry E2E08 T1D15 E2D15 MFCI. Mianyang Vanetta Chemical Industrial Midas Pharma GmbH Shanghai Representativ T4D60 W3C08 E1F03 CPhI Linnea SA Linshu Huasheng Chemical Linyi Connect Chemical Technology LINYI TIANLI BIOCHEMICAL COM.,LTD. LinYi Zhenfeng Chemical Co.,LTD Lipoid Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. LIYE CHEMICAL PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. Longhui Qunfeng Chemical Co., Lonzeal Pharmaceuticals Lookchem Louston International Inc. Luna Chemicals E1E26 T2B21 T5B28 T5C28 T4D02 E1K32 E1P01 T1D25 E2E70b W4E16 W4A72 E1F51 W3G02 Minsheng Group Shaoxing Pharmaceutical *Moehs Iberica S.L Morepen Laboratories Ltd *Murli Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd MYJ CHEMCIAL. N Nanjin Cynthia Chemicals Technology NANJING CO-MOREWAY ENVIRO-TECH CO., LTD. Nanjing Baijingyu Pharmaceutical Nanjing Balance Trade Holdings Nanjing Chemlin Chemical Industry Co., W3C36a E1A32 E1J55 IP-04 W4C62 T3A20 T4D20 W1E40 T3C07 W4C02 Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Corporation W2G11 Nanjing Core Tech Biomedical W4E91 Luohe Nanjiecun Pharmaceutical Group Pharmacy Co., Ltd W3D40a Nanjing Dorra Pharmaceutical Technology Co., W3E26 *Luojiang Chenming Biological Products Luoyang Creator Chemical Science and Technology Co., *Luoyang Desheng Bio-Tech Luoyang Longmen Pharmaceutical T3D56 T5A21 E2G38 T4C18 Nanjing F&S Pharmatech Nanjing Foreign Economic & Trade Development Nanjing Golden Chemical Nanjing Habo Medical Technology Co., W2G17b W2A26 W4A73 W4Q36 Luoyang Zhengmu Bio-Tech W3E38a Nanjing Hakko Pharma-Tech W4E20b Lusochimica S.P.A. E1M40 Nanjing Haolv Biotechnology T5C30 Luye Pharma Group Luzhou Dazhou Chemical Co., M Manac (Shanghai) Masteam Bio-tech Co., MBS Logistics (Shanghai) MedicalChem (Yancheng) Manuf Medieye Holding Co., Limited E2A11 W4D69 W4E20a W2D22 W4Q28 W4F68 E1H29 Nanjing Heron Pharmaceutical Science And Technology Nanjing Hipower International Nanjing Hoverchem *Nanjing Jinhao Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Nanjing Kinglion Pharmachem Nanjing Legend Pharmaceutical &Chemical E2G21 W4G63 T5C41 T4C10 E2G55 T5C25 Mediking Pharmaceutical Group Ltd E1C57 Nanjing Lifenergy R&D Co., W1G02 *MEHTA API PVT LTD / PMV LIFESCIENCE PVT LTD E1A35 Nanjing Longyuan Natural Polyphenol Synthesis Factory T1D55 Meihua Holdings Group Merck Chemicals (Shanghai) Metrochem API Pvt Ltd W1D36 E1C51 IP-12 Nanjing Odyssey Chemical Industry Co., Nanjing Pharmacare Nanjing Redwood Fine Chemical T2D40 W3H23 W3G25 12

14 CPhI NANJING SHUNXIANG PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY. *Nanjing SPC Scientific Co., *NANJING SUDELI BIOMEDICINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Nanjing Winsome Chemical Limited NANJING WISDOMPHARM CO., LTD. Nanjing Xinbell Pharmaceutical Technology Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical Nantong Baokai Chemical Co., Nantong Changhai Food Additive Nantong Chem-Land NANTONG HAIERS PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. Nantong Jinghua Pharmaceutical Co., Nantong Sane Biological W4C69 T2A40 W4B26b T4D13 T2C16 T4D55 E2E27 T3D11 E2A01 W4C58 T3B11 W1G08c W3G36 Ningbo Sinova I/E Corp. Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical *NINGBO SUBO KENENG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Ningbo Taikang chemical Ningbo Wusheng Chemical Co,. NINGBO YUANFA BIOENGINEERING Ningxia Best Pharmaceutical Chemical NINGXIA JIAFENG CHEMICALS CO., LTD. Ningxia Qiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ningxia Taiyixin Biotech Co., Ltd NINGXIA TIANCHENG BIOCHEM SCITECH Ningxiadamo pharmaceutical Ninigxia Jinxiang Pharmaceutical Chemical Co.,LTD. T4D09 W3D26 T3D20 T3A59 T4D17 T4D10 W3H40 T5A02 E2D08 W2G09 T4A52 T3D50 T2A01 Nantong Senxuan Pharmaceutical W1G08a NOF Corporation E1F24 NANTONG ZILANG BIOPHARMA TECH CO., LTD Nanyang Pukang Pharmaceutical T4C27 T5B36 North China Pharmaceutical Co., NORTHEAST PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP. W1B02 W1D08 Nanyang Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co., T1A33 Nosch Labs Pvt Ltd IP-01 *Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co., T4A48 Novacyl Asia Pacific Ltd E1F28 *Natco Pharma Ltd IP-19&20 O Nenter & Co.,Inc. Neostar United (Changzhou) Industrial W1H32 E2A18 OLON SPA.-P&R (Shanghai) International- Trading OLYMPIC STAR PHARMACEUTICAL. E2D06 E2D16b Newchem Spa E1B35 Orthodox Union E1Q20 Newpharm Chemical Science & Technology NFTZ Alchem International NGL Fine Chem Limited Ningbo Chemgoo Pharma Tech Ningbo Create-Bio Engineering Ningbo Double Sun Pharmaceutical Co., Ningbo Fengrui Fine Chemical Ningbo Haishuo Biotechnology Co., NINGBO HI-TECH BIOCHEMICALS CO., LTD Ningbo Lyn Chemical Ningbo Menovo Pharmaceutical Co., NINGBO NUOBAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. W3D12 W2Q02a E1E24 E2E22 E2D09 T4D15 E1F22 T5A01 T2A39 E2G12 W2A12 W2B02a P *PAN ASIA INNOFAR PHARMACEUTICAL LIMITED Panexcell Clinical Lab Private Limited *Patel Chem Specialities Pvt Ltd *Pharma Planning Pharmacodia *PharmaCore Biotech Pharmaster (NingBo) Int'l Pharmax Limited *PHARMEXCIL *PharmSol Europe Limited PI & PI TECHNOLOGY INC. *Polish Investment and Trade Agency T3D12 E1N22 IP-15 E1P02 T3A42 E1F57b W2B08b W2D30 IP-07 E1F32 T1B33 E1D57 Ningbo Renjian Pharmaceutical Group W2A38 Polpharma PQE Consulting (Shanghai) E1N28 E1N18 13

15 Exhibitor List of CPhI China PRIMY OCEAN AIR LOGISTICS(H.K)CO.,LIM- ITED Prosper Pharmachem Co., Limited W4G66 W3H16 RUDONG LIANFENG CHEMICAL INDUSTRY *Rugao Zhongchang Chemical T5A10 T2B55 CPhI Pucheng Chia Tai Biochemistry W2A16 Ruland Chemical E1C32 Purification Equipment Research Institute of CSIC Puyang Huicheng Electronic Material Co., Puyang Shenghuade Chemical Q QIDONG A&P CHEMICAL FACTORY Qidong RuiFeng Chemical Qilu Pharmaceutical *QINGDAO DONGCHEM YUFENG IMPORT&- EXPORT Qingdao Frontierchem Qingdao Hecheng Pharmaceutical Co., Qingdao Kingway Pharmtech Qingdao Kingwish Int'l Trading *Qingdao Nuocheng Chemical Safety Technology Co., Ltd Qingdao Union Fine Chemical *Qingdao Xinnuo Pharmaceutical Chemical T3B21 W4E58 W4E79 W4Q20 T3C10 W1D02 T4D30 W4D58 W4C15 T1B36 E2D19 T4A31 W4D59 T2C06 *Rumit Lifecare Runtai Chemical Nan Tong Runze pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., S SA TOURNAIRE Sainor Pharma Pvt Ltd *Sandoo Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Sanfang Pharmaceutical Sanmenxia Aoke Chemical Industry Co., Sanofi(China)Investment Shanghai Sansheng Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Sarv Bio Labs Pvt Ltd Savior Lifetec Corporation SCI Pharmtech, Inc ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd Seco Second Pharma IP-05 T3C11 T1A39 E1A11 IP-16 E2Q16 W4F31 T2A19 E1H22 T3B19 E1G57 E1D27 E1J38 E1B11 W2G23 T4D06 Qingdao Xuejie Chemicals QR Pharmaceuticals Co., QUZHOU JIUZHOU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY. Quzhou Weirong Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd R *R.L.Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd RAFICHEM *RAKSHIT DRUGS PVT LTD *Raptim Research RCA KG T2D25 W4D76 T3D51 W4A79 IP-17&18 E1N53 E1N37 IP-08 E1M56 SHAANXI DASHENG PHARMACEUTICAL TECH Shaanxi Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Group Shaanxi Lighte Optoelectronics Material Shaanxi Rock New Materials Co., Shandong Holly Pharmaceutical SHANDONG AOCTER CHEMICAL *Shandong Bolode Bio-Technology Co., Shandong Boyuan Pharmaceutical & Chemical T2D15 W2C22a W4P06 W2A32b W4E27 W4F36 T4A13 W4G22 REACH24H Consulting Group China T3B07 Shandong Boyuan Pharmaceutical T4B20 Rensin Chemicals Limited Research Pharmaceutical Limited Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co. Ringier Trade Media Rivocean Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Co., Rochem International Inc. W2A29 W3C12 W2C28 T2C51 W1F36 W2B30 *Shandong Chengwu Zhongyuan Chemical Co,. Shandong Dongchen Biochem Industrial SHANDONG E.FINE PHARMACY Shandong Efirm Biochemistry And Environmental Protection T5B09 E2D01 T2C53 W4D79 Shandong Exceris Chemical W4E85 14

16 CPhI Shandong Fangxing Technology Development Shandong Fengcang Chemical Shandong Focuschem Biotech Co., Ltd Shandong Fumeile Animal Pharmacy Shandong Gede Bio Technology Co., LTD Shandong Green Bio-pharmaceutical Shandong Haiyou Freda Pharmaceutical Shandong Haohong Biotechnology Co., Shandong IFT Science & Technology Co., T1D17 T2B19 E2G02 T1A17 T1A18 T3C42 T4D22 T2A36 W3F38a Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., SHANDONG XISACE NEW MATERIALS TECH- NOLOGY (SHANDONG LANGHENG CHEMICAL) Shandong Yangcheng Biotechnology *Shandong Yino Biologic Materials Co., *Shandong Yucheng Yiao Technoiogy Shandong Yuexing Chemical *SHANDONG ZHANHUA HOPE PHARMACEU- TICAL Shandong Zhongke Taidou Chemical Co., Shandong Zhongze Chemical Co, W1B22 W3F38b W4F16 T4B06 T4A42 T2C40 E2B20 W4A36a T3C39 Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Shandong Jinyang Pharmaceutical Co., Shandong Jiulong Hisince Pharmaceutical W1B30 W3F42 W4F69 Shandong Kunda Biotechnology Shandong Taihua Biotech. Corporation *SHANG FLUORO Shanghai AQBioPharma Co., Shanghai B&C Chemic E2E16 T1B11 T3A08 T4A23 W4B56 Shandong Juneng Pharmaceutical Co., Shandong Kangnuo Bioengineering Co., Shandong Keyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Shandong Lianmeng International Trade SHANDONG LUKANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Shandong Minji Chemical Co., Ltd Shandong Minqiang Biotechnology SHANDONG RUIHUA FLUORIDE INDUSTRY CO., LTD Shandong Sheelian Pharmaceutical W3A28 W3C32a E2G10 W4Q02 W1E30 W2A30 W4A98 W3A12 T5B02 W4E62 Shanghai Bayue Chemicals Co., Shanghai Better-In Pharmaceutical Technology Shanghai Chematis SHANGHAI CHEMROLE CO., LTD Shanghai China Lithium Industrial Co., Ltd Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Shanghai Di Long International Trade Co., Shanghai Dongyue Biochem Shanghai ECUST Biomedicine Co., *Shanghai Famo Biotechnology Shanghai ForeFront Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Shanghai Forxine Pharmaceutical.Co., T3D30 T4C51 W2A39 T3B16 T5A36 E1H01 W4C72 W2B08a T4A15 W4A26b T4C42 W4D03 Shandong Shenghua New Material Technology Shandong Shengli Bioengineering Shandong Sihuan Pharmaceutical Shandong Sito Bio-technology Co., Ltd SHANDONG S-SAILING CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Shandong Synmiway Supply Chain Management Shandong Tongcheng Medicine W4D06 W1E36 T1B26 W1H15 W4B85 W2A11 T4C60 Shanghai Freemen LifeScience Shanghai Fulland Pharmaceuticals Ltd Shanghai Gainworld Chemical Co., Shanghai Hanhong Scientific Co., *SHANGHAI HANTING CHEMICAL CO,LTD. Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Shanghai Hohance Chemical Co., Ltd Shanghai Incat Chemtech W3P10 W3A23 W4F80 W4D91 T2A31 W4F06 T4A20 T3B40 Shandong Xinhong Pharmaceutical Co., T1C02 15

17 Exhibitor List of CPhI China Shanghai interwell int'l Freight Forwarding Co., Shanghai Jindi Jiuzhou(Anyang) Pharmaceutical *Shanghai Jingrui Biotechnology Shanghai Jinli Bio-tech Shanghai JiuLing Chemical Co., Shanghai Lianlu Industrial Co., T4A32 T3D19 T3D55 W4G38 T2B06 E2Q40 Shanghai Wintide Bio Technology Shanghai Wonder Pharmaceutical Shanghai Worldyang Chemical Co., Shanghai Xiandai Hasen(Shangqiu)Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD Shanghai Xinko Corporation *Shanghai Xupon Medical Technology W3H36 W4A39 T4D07 E1K18 T4C39 E2D18 CPhI Shanghai Licheng Chemical Co., *Shanghai Lifeng Logistics *Shanghai Massive Chemical Technology T2C08 W5C86 T5B29 SHANGHAI YINGRUI BIOPHARMA & SENOVA TECHNOLOGY Shanghai Yiyao Meticulous Chemical Plant Shanghai Yst Pharma T2C01 T3C56 W3G42b Shanghai Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Shanghai Micro-mega Industry E1N01 T4B12 Shanghai Yuan Peptide Biotech Shanghai Yuking Water Soluble Material Tech T4C13 W1A30 *Shanghai Muse Health Tech T5C50 *Shanghai Yunshi Industrial E2G18 Shanghai Nanxiang Reagent Shanghai Neopharm *Shanghai Neutrump Pharmatech Co.,ltd Shanghai Nuocheng Pharmaceutical Co., T2B26 W3A01b W3B32b T4C12 Shanghai Changgen Chemical Technology Co., Shangyu Zhongchang Chemical Shanxi Hengqiang Chemical Shanxi Jinjin Chemical T3A18 T2A50 T3B10 W4D07 Shanghai Pansopharm Technology T5A26 Shanxi Tongji Pharmaceutical CO., T5A28 Shanghai Pharmaceutical W1A12 Shanxi Xinbaoyuan Pharmaceutical T1A40 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., W1B12 SHANXI XINTIANYUAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. T3A02 Shanghai Pharmtech Co., Ltd W1E32 Shaoxing Hantai Pharmaceutical Co., W1C40 Shanghai Pinewood Fine Chemical Co., W4C50b Shaoxing Shangyu Hualun Chemical Industry Co. Ltd T2A56 Shanghai Qiao Chemical W4C79 ShaoXing Xingxin Chemicals W4A76 Shanghai RC Chemicals Shanghai Record Pharmaceuticals Shanghai Rich Chemicals Shanghai Rochi Pharmaceutical Shanghai Ruizheng Chemical Tech Co.,LTD Shanghai SE Pharm Co., Ltd W4C17 E2E50 W4G78 W4G52 T3C41 E2G32 Shenyang Chengtai Fine Chemicals Factory Shenyang Mole Pharmaceutical Technology Development Shenyang Yumu Industrial Co., SHENZHEN ZHIJUN MEDICAL AND PHARMA- CEUTICAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED W4E37 T4A59 T1B49 W1D12c Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical (Haimen) *Shanghai Sinochemtech Shanghai Sunwise Chemical Shanghai Tdv Pharmaceutical Consulting Shanghai Techwell Biopharmaceutical *Shanghai Tube Pharmaceutical Co., SHANGHAI TUOSI CHEMICAL E1K18 W4E26b W4E88 T1A28 W1A32 T5A58 W4D26 Shenzhen Haibin Pharmaceutical Shenzhen Haorui Industrial Dev. Shenzhen Happy Pharmaceuticals Shenzhen JYMed Technology Shenzhen Oriental Pharmaceutical *SHENZHEN READLINE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd Shenzhen Sungening Bio-Tech Co., E1P01 W1H20 W2C38a W2G29c W2C38a T4A18 E1B22 T3D52 16

18 CPhI Shenzhen Xinyan biological technology co.,ltd Shenzhou Biology & Technology Co., Ltd Shijiazhuang Baokang Biological Engineer ShiJiaZhuang Chirals Chemical Co., Shijiazhuang Haitian Amino Acid SHIJIAZHUANG HUAXU PHARMACEUTICAL *Shijiazhuang Old Bridge Chemicals Co., Shijiazhuang Polee Pharmaceutical Co., Shijiazhuang Zexing Amino Acid Co., Shin Nippon Yakugyo Co., Ltd Shine Star (Hubei)Biological Engineering Co., ShiZuiShan Pengsheng Chemical Industry SHOKA (Dalian) Trade Co., LTD Shouguang Fukang Pharmaceutical Co., *Shouguang Luyuan Salt Chemical Shouguang Nuomeng Chemical T4A27 W3D40b T4B45 T3B02 W4F20 T1B18 W4C36b W4C36a T2D17 E1P02 E1H18d T4D52 T1B39 E2E28 T4D51 W4B80 *Shree Chemicals IP 11 SHULAN CITY JINMA CHEMICAL. *Sibram Pharmaceutical Sichuan Beisheng Technology Co., *Sichuan CheCo Pharmaceutical Technology C0.,Ltd Sichuan Hengkang Tech. Sichuan Shifang Sangao Biochemical Industrial Sichuan Xieli Pharmaceutical Siflon Drugs Sigachi Industries Pvt SiliCycle Inc SINO PHARMACEUTICAL DEVELOPMENT (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. SINOBRIGHT PHARMA. SINOBRIGHT PHARMA. Sinochem Jiangsu Sinochem Lantian Trading Co., SINOGAIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO LTD SINO-HIGH(CHINA)CO., LTD. W4P02b E1N35 T1D50 W2B23 W3F02 T3B33 E2P26 IP-13 E1G53 E1A10 W3H32 E2G01 W3G20 W1P16 W1G30a T5B26 T3C20 SinoHighGoal Chemical Technology Co., Sinolite Industrial Sinopharm Jiangsu Sinopharm Weiqida Pharmaceutical Co., Sino-Platinum Metals *Sinotrans & CSC Sinoway Industrial Co., South China Pharmaceutical Company Limited Star Lake Bioscience Co., Inc. Zhaoqing Guangdong Starway Pharm SUANFARMA Group Sunasia Sunji & Sunny Biochem Sunresin New Materials Xi'an Sunrise Chemical Co., *Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore Pvt Ltd Supriya Lifescience Ltd Suqian Chenyang Pharmaceutical Sci&Tech Co., SUQIAN RUIXING CHEMICAL. Suqian Zhongzhu Pharmchem Co., T3A31 W1D32 W3C37 E1K18 T1D36 T5C27 E1E01 W3A36 W3P12 W1D30 E1N24 E1D25 W2G29b W3E02 E2B12 W2B36 IP-03 E1F10 T4D36 T2A08 T3A40 *Surya Kala Laboratories Pvt Ltd IP 21 *Surya Remedies Pvt Ltd Suzhou Ausun Chemical Co., suzhou BEC biological technology co.,ltd Suzhou Chemwe Inc. Suzhou Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co., Suzhou Erye Pharmaceutical Co., Suzhou Fushilai Pharmaceutical Suzhou Hengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Suzhou Jingye Medicine & Chemical Co., Suzhou Kaiyuan Minsheng Sci & Tech Corp., Suzhou Leader Imp & Exp. Suzhou Lixin Pharmaceutical SUZHOU NMT BIOTECH CO., LTD. Suzhou Organic Bio-Tech Suzhou Qh Bio-Tech IP-10 T3D15 T3A36 T3B01 W3D16 E1H18g W3G08 T1D16 W4Q26 W3C16 W3C42a W3C42b T4D39 T1A25 W4A36b 17

19 Exhibitor List of CPhI China Suzhou Sunray Pharmaceutical T1D19 Tianjin Jingye Fine Chemicals T2B39 Suzhou Tailida Technology Suzhou Tianlu Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemicals Co., T4B33 T4B51 W2D38 Tianjin Jinhui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Tianjin Jinjin Pharmaceutical Co., Tianjin Minxiang Biomedical Inc. T3A55 W1B12 W4D56 CPhI Suzhou Time-chem Technologies Co., SyncoZymes (Shanghai) T Tai Heng Industry TAICANG PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY Taicang Puyuan Pharmaceutical Taicang Qianjing Chemical Taixing Foreign Trade Nanjing *Taixing Joxin Bio-Tec Taixing Yangzi Pharm Chemical Industry Co. *Taizhou Bona Chemical T5B06 W3D38 W3G16 T4C07 T1C01 T2A26 T4A17 T4A58 T2D36 T1B08 Tianjin Pacific Chemical & Pharmaceutical Tianjin Pharmaceutical Innovation Tianjin Pharmacn Medical Technology Tianjin Tianfa Pharmaceuticals Imp. & Exp. Corp. Tianjin Tianmao Technology Development Corp., TIANJIN TOPWORK FINE CHEMICAL CO.LTD. Tianjin Weijie Pharmaceutical Tianjin Zhongrui Pharmaceutical Tianjin Zhongsheng Group T1B28 T3B50 W4D21 E1H16 E2G20 T4B10 W2C23 T1D18 T3C58 Taizhou creating chemical co.,ltd T3A11 *Tongliao Desheng Bio-Tech E2G38 TAIZHOU DACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL *Taizhou Elitechemie MediPharma Technology Taizhou Hisound Pharmaceutical Co., TAIZHOU JIEDA PHARMACEUTICAL TAIZHOU KEDE CHEMICAL CO., LTD. TAIZHOU OVERSEAS INTL LTD. Taizhou Shengyu Chemical *Taizhou Taifa Pharmaceutical TaiZhou Tianhong Biochemistry Technology Co., Ltd Taizhou Tianrui Pharmaceutical TAIZHOU VOLSEN CHEMICAL. Taizhou Xingming Pharmaceautical Co., Taizhou Yongfeng Chemical Industry Co., W2G37 T3B56 W2B32 T4B38 T3A01 W3B18 W1Q06 T5B30 W4E69 W2G29a T1D12 W3H28 W2B16 Tongxiang Hengda Chemical Tonichem Pharmaceutical Technology *TOPSTAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING (CHEMATEK GROUP) Toronto Research Chemicals Inc TOYUAN CO.,LIMITED Trifarma U UIV CHEM Umicore Marketing Service(Shanghai) Co., Ltd *UNIBROM CORP. United Pharma Industries Co., United States Pharmacopeia Standard R&D and Technical Unival Group W3Q08b T3A58 W4G40 E1A08 W3G38a E1A21 W4P12 W2A32a T5B50 W3B42 E1N26 W3D23 Tateyama Kasei W4A09 Upkind Technologies T2D56 The United Laboratories International Holdings Tiande Chemical Holdings Limited Tianjin Bofa Pharmaceutical Co., E1D01 W4D88 T4C20 Utopharm(Shanghai) Company Limited. V VEGA PHARMA LIMITED (HANGZHOU VEGA CO., LTD) W4F96 W3D28 *Tianjin Daofu Chemical New-Tech. Development Tianjin GreenPine Pharma W4B91 W1Q20 Velpharma (Bright Way Group) Veterinary Pharmaceutical Factory of Guangxi Medicine Research Institute E1A25 W4A91 Tianjin Harmony Technology Development T4C21 VIRCHOW GROUP Viwit Pharmaceuticals Limited E1M32 W2A09 18

20 W Wuxi Jinghai Amino Acid W3B28a CPhI Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals Waterstone Pharmaceuticals (Hubei) Co., Weifang Hishine Pharmaceutical Weifang Runzhong Fine Chemical Weifang Shengtai Medicine Co., Ltd E1H18f W1B36 W3E30b T5A37 W4G91 Wuxi Yangshan Biochemical Wuxi ZeHui Chemical Magazine Business X W3H20 T2C15 T3A43 T2D19 Weifang Yingsheng Chemical T3C33 X.T.Y ENVIRON-TECH CO., LTD. T1C39 WEIHAI NEW ERA CHEMICAL.(WEI HAI NEWERA CHEMSENSE NEW METERIAL CO., LTD.) Weihai Disu Pharmaceutical WELL HOPE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Wellable Group Marine Biological & Chemical Co., WISDOM DRUGS Wisdom Pharmaceutical Co., Wudi Reaction Pharma & Chemical Co., Wudi Rongchuan Pharmaceutical Chemical Technology T2C56 W2P10 W4B69 W3P02 T4C31 W3B02 T2D51 T1C19 Xi An Caijing Opto-Electrical Science & Technology *Xi an QinKai Biotech Xi an Reyphon Pharmaceutical Xiamen Fine Chemical Import & Export Co., Xiamen Kingdomway Group Company Xiamen Runcheng Pharma Group Xi'an Manareco New Materials Xi'an Yutai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Xiangtan Kaiyuan Chemicals Xianju Longking Trading Co., W4E22 T3D21 W3F40a W1G32 W2A10 E2B02 E2E42 T4B48 T2B40 T3B06 Wugan Pharmaceutical(Suzhou) W2B42 XIN XIANG KEXIN CHEMICAL. T4C37 *Wuhan Benjamin Pharmaceutical Chemical Wuhan Biocar Bio-Pharm Co., Ltd *Wuhan Dico Chemical Co., Wuhan Grand Hoyo Wuhan Hust Life Science & Technology Wuhan Immortal Pharmaceuticals,Inc. Wuhan Lipharma Chemicals Wuhan Pengo Technology.,Ltd Wuhan Shiji Pharmaceutical Wuhan SINOCON New Chemical Materials *Wuhan Vanz Pharm Inc Wuhan Wuyao Pharmaceutical Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Wuhu Foman Biopharma Wujiang Bolin Industry Wuxi Southward Chemical Auxiliary Co., Wuxi Fortune International Trading W4F30a T4A60 T2C39 W1B20c T1A50 T2B08 W2A21 T3C16 T1C18 T3B41 W4F30b W1B20a W4B59 T3D41 T1C25 T2A02 W1H08 Xinfa Pharmaceutical XINHE YUANSHENG MEDICINE CO., LTD. Xinjiang Fufeng Biotechnologies Co., Xintai Jiahe Biotech Xinxiang Andersonpharm Co., XINXIANG GOLDSUN BIOTECH. Xinxiang Juyuan Bio-technology CO.,Ltd *XINXIANG RUNYU MATERIAL CO., LTD. Xinxiang Tianfeng Fine Chemicals Co., Xinxiang Tuoxin Biochemical Technology & Science Xinxiang Weide Chemical Xinxiang Yonghe Chemical Xinyi Huili Fine Chemical Co., XUZHOU JIANPING CHEMICAL. Y *Y&M International Logistics Yabao Pharmaceutical Group Yacht Bio-Technology (Chengdu) (Sichuan Novals Pharmaceuticals Co., ) W3F20 T4C57 W2C10 W3E40 T5A06 T4C36 T4B59 W4F26 T5B01 W2B12 T2D39 T4D31 T5C33 T3C55 W4F79 W2C15 W3F32 Wuxi Hexia Chemical Company WUXI JIDA PHARMACEUTICAL W3E06 T4D56 Yancheng City Donggang Pharmaceutical Development T1A56 19

21 Exhibitor List of CPhI China YANCHENG CITY SHENGDA CHEMICAL. Yancheng Dafeng Area Tiansheng Joint Pharmaceutical Co., *Yancheng FineChem Co., *YANCHENG HUAHONG CHEMICAL YANCHENG JINBIAO CHEMICAL. Yancheng Kaili Pharmaceutical Yancheng Longsheng Chemical T3B39 W1A38a T3B51 T3C50 W4C26 W3E36 W4E72 Yufeng International Group *Yulchon Noterram Yunnan Luliang Peace Technology Z Zaozhuang Tairui Fine Chemical Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Yudong International Trade Co. Ltd Zhangjiagang Huachang Pharmaceutical Co., T2A28 E2G33 W2A19 W4B96 T4B02 E2D12b CPhI Yancheng Mingyuan Pharmaceutical W3B32a Zhangjiagang Shuguang Biochemical Factory T4A30 Yancheng Youhua Pharmaceutical & Chemical Technology Co., T1A16 Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co., W3A42 Yangtze River Pharmaceutical (Group) Yangzhou Xinhua Chemical Industry Yangzhou Chemical Yangzhou Liberty Pharmaceutical Yangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., YangZhou QinYuan Pharmatech Yangzhou Rixing Bio-Tech Yangzhou Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co., Yantai Aodong Chemical Materials Co., Yantai Gem Chemical YANTAI HENGYUAN BIOENGINEERING W1E02 T4B31 E2B18 W2C41b W2C41a T4D21 W4B98 W2C32 T3B18 W4P08 T3C28 Zhangjiakou Gerui High-Tech Zhaocounty Granray Bioproducts ZHECHEM CHEMICALS CO., LTD Zhechem Co Ltd Zhejiang Anglikang Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Ausun Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Better Pharmaceuticals Zhejiang Biok Biology Technology Co., Zhejiang Boju New Material Zhejiang Changming Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Charioteer Pharmaceutical Co., T3C59 W4F65 W2C16 E1F01 W2C31 W1Q12 W3Q02a W3C02 W4D17 W2G28 E2A08 YanTai ShunKang Biotechnology CO., Ltd W4B36 Zhejiang ChemPacific Chemical Co., W4F91 Yantai Valiant Pharmaceutical W4D30 Zhejiang Chemsyn Pharm. Co., Ltd W2Q10 Yantai Widepharmtech Co., T2C26 ZHEJIANG CHEMTRUE BIO-PHARM CO., LTD. T4A36 YANTAI XIANHUA CHEM-TECH. Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Yichang Sanxia Pharmaceutical Co., YICHANG TIANREN PHARMACETICAL Yicheng Goto Pharmaceuticals *YICHUN JIASHENG PHARMACEUTICAL (Formerly JIASHAN JIASHENG PHARMACEUTICAL ) E2P12 W1D16 E2D20 T1D39 W2G31 T5A30 Zhejiang Chiral Medicine Chemicals Zhejiang Dongjian Pharmaceutical Co., ZHEJIANG DRAGON CHEMICAL GROUP COMPANY Zhejiang East-Asia Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Eazy Pharmchem Zhejiang Esigma Biotechnology W1E08 W4F02 T2D22 W1C32 W2P16 W3F12 YIDU JOVIAN INDUSTRY, T3C15 Zhejiang Excel Pharmaceutical W2Q20 Yingkou Sanzheng New Technology Chemical Industry W4F72b Zhejiang Garden Biochemical High-tech W3B30 Yino Pharma Limited Yixing City Xingyu Pharmaceutical Co., Yizheng East Chemical YUEYANG YETOP FINE CHEMICAL. T3B59 T3C36 W4F62 T3A39 Zhejiang Genebest Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Golden-Sheel Pharmaceutical T1C55 W3D02 20

22 CPhI Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Haisen Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Haizhou Pharmaceutical, Zhejiang Hichi Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Hisoar Pharmaceutical sales Co., Zhejiang Hisun Pharma. Zhejiang Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., E1P18 W2A42 E2E20b W2G32 E1K01 E1P16 E2P08 Zhejiang Shenzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Shinfuda Marine Biotechnology Corp., Zhejiang Shou& Fu Chemtrade Zhejiang Starry Pharmaceutical ZHEJIANG SUICHANG LIMIN TECHNOLOGY. Zhejiang Supor Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd Zhejiang Synose Tech W2G02 W4E98 W4A22 W1G12 T4D57 W3B08 T1A55 Zhejiang Huafang Pharma Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical *Zhejiang Huaji Biotechnology Co.,LTD. Zhejiang Huazhou Pharmaceutical Zhejiang HuTu Pharmchem Zhejiang Jiangbei Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Jinhua CONBA Bio-pharm. Co., ZHEJIANG JINHUA SENTIAN SENTIAN BIOTECH- NOLOGY Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical ZHEJIANG KANGLE PHARMACEUTICAL. Zhejiang Kinglyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Langhua Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Linjiang Chemical Zhejiang Medicine Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Zhejiang Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Neo-Dankong Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang New Huadee Chemical Co., Ltd Zhejiang NHU Company Zhejiang Pure Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Realsun Chemical W3E10 W1E12 T4B55 W2G21b T2A51 E2A16 E2D02 W3E20 T2D55 W2A02 E1K26 T1A02 W2B02b W4P10 E1K12 W1P02 T1D08 W1E22 T4B36 W1P18 W2G10 W2A37 Zhejiang Taizhou Hisyn Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Tiantai Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Tianyu Pharmaceutical ZHEJIANG TOP MEDICINE CO.,ltd Zhejiang Warrant Pharmaceutical *ZHEJIANG WEILI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Zhejiang Xianfeng Technologies Zhejiang Xianju Junye Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Xianju Xianle Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Xieshi New Materials zhejiang Xinmingzhu pharmaceutical co.,ltd. Zhejiang Yongning Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Zhejiang Youchuang Material Technology CO.,Ltd Zhejiang Yuntao Biotechnology Zhejiang Zhenyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Zhejiang Zhongxin Fluoride Materials Co., Zhengzhou HQ Material Co. ZHENGZHOU MINZHONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. W3D06 W1F32b W1G20 T4B18 W4B76 T4D58 W2B26 W1G16 W1F32a W1B20e W3C32b T3C18 W2C36 W1E08 W4G92 T2B56 W4C56 E2A12 W4F26 T3B36 Zhejiang Regen Chemical Zhejiang Ruibang Laboratories Zhejiang Runkang Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Sanhe Pharmachem Zhejiang Share Bio-Pharm Zhejiang Shaxing Technology Co., W4G85 W3F23 W3A16 W3H30 W2G35 E2A28 Zhengzhou Ruipu Biological Engineering ZHENGZHOU TUOYANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. *Zhengzhou Yuanli Biological Technology Zhenjiang Gaopeng Pharmaceutical T1A36 T3D58 T2B11 T1C11 Zhejiang Shengda Bio-Pharm W2G22 ZHENJIANG HIGHTIDE BIOPHARM LTD W3G40 21

23 Exhibitor List of CPhI China ZHIYU BIOTECHNOLOGY Zhongfu Pharmaceutical Zhonglan Industry Co., Zhongshan Haihong Medicine Co. Ltd *Zhongtao New Materials Co., Zhuhai Rundu Pharmaceutical Co., *Zhuhai Yourun Zibo Linzi Wantong Fine Chemical Co., Zibo Xusheng Chemical Co., Ltd *Zouping Qili Additives Co..LTO T2B18 T4C16 W4D10b T5B27 T3C40 W2C35 T3D59 T3B28 T4A21 T4C08 CPhI The above exhibitor list is updated as of 20 Apr

24 Animal Health & Feed Zone Hall W5 Exhibition Profile Feed ingredients and additives Feed Animal health Concentrated feed Animal breeding Veterinary biologics Veterinary preparation Skin disinfectant, etc. Branding Wall

25 Exhibitor List of Animal Health & Feed Zone A *abram(jiangsu)animal health Co. *Anhui Cuiniao Biotechnology B *Beijing Centre Biology C W5B91 W5A83 W5C93 Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine Share Shandong Shining Pharm Co., Ltd Shanghai Finetech Pharm Shanghai Gongyi Pharmaceutical Shijiazhuang Shimu Animal Pharmaceutical W5C60 W5Q21 W5B92 W5A96 W5D79 C&J INTERNATIONAL CHEMPHARM CO.LTD. Cangzhou Xindewei Animal Drug CHANGLI LIMITED E EHFIELD. G W5B80 W5B96 W5C78 W5A88 Shijiazhuang Yuming Bio-Chemical Sichuan Long March Pharmaceutical Sunwin Biotech Shandong T TAIYUAN CITY KANGRUIBAO HUSBANDRY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD W5B81 W5C80 W5C76 W5C91 Animal Health Guangxi Nanning Taoyuan Veterinary Drugs Factory Guangzhou Haicheng Pharmaceutical W5B79 W5B98 X Xiamen Goodhealth Pharmchem Y W5A71 Guidechem W5A77 Yixing Jiangshan Bio-Tech W5C85 H Z Healthy (Hangzhou) Husbandry Sci-tech Hebei New Century Pharmaceutical Co., Hebei Veyong Animal Pharmaceutical W5C68 W5Q01 W5A76 Zhejiang Kangmu Pharmaceutical *Zhejiang Minsheng Bio-tech Zhejiang Sorbo Chemical ZHENGZHOU FUYUAN ANIMAL PHARMACEUTI- CAL CO., LTD W5C62 W5C90 W5C95 W5B95 *Hebei Vistar Bio-Technology Hebei Xingbai Pharmaceutical Group W5B90 W5C79 The above exhibitor list is updated as of 20 Apr *HeNan JinBaiHe Biotechnology W5B78 Hubei Honch Pharmaceutical W5A78 J Jiangsu Lingyun Pharmaceutical W5C72 *Jiangsu HFQ Bio-technology W5A90 K Kunshan Chemical & Pharmaceutical W5C87 N Nanjing Chico Pharmaceutical W5A80 Ningbo Distant Chemicals W5B76 *NINGBO HENIS BIO-TECH W5B93 P Pioneers International Trading W5C96 S *Shaanxi Honghai Rongtong Pharmaceutical Company Ltd W5D85 24

26 PharmaExcipients China 2018 Hall W5 Exhibition Profile Excipient Gildant Enteric Material Antioxidant Sweetening Agents Penetration Enhancers Preservative Disintegrants Coating material Surfactant Opacifier Essence Filtering Aid Stabilizing Agent Lubricants Plasticizer Menstruum Flavoring agent Coating agents Fining Agent Ph Control Agents Branding Wall

27 Exhibitor List of PharmaExcipients China A L Anhui Ante Food Co., W5A05 LiaoNing Oxiranphex Inc. W5C27 *Anhui Hailan Bio-technology Co., W5A59 Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) W5A31 *Anhui Liangchen Silicon Material W5C63 M Anhui Sunhere Pharmaceutical Excipients Co., *Aug. Hedinger GmbH & Co.KG Avic(Tieling)Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd B W5C30 W5C49 W5C59 MEGGLE Mengzhou Hongji Biology Co., MENGZHOU HUAXING BIOCHEMISTRY CO., LTD Mingtai Chemical W5B02 W5B62 W5A65 W5A30b BASF(China) W5B40 N *Beijing Fengli Jingqiu Pharmaceutical BOAI NKY MEDICAL HOLDINGS LTD. Brenntag C *Colorcon China D *Dah Feng Capsule Industry Co., Ltd F *Finar Limited G *GenCloud Pharmaceutical Technology (Shanghai) Guangdong Runhua Chemistry H W5D17b W5D03 W5B50 W5P02 W5C32 W5B48 W5C49 W5A72 *Nanjing Well Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD Nanping Yuanli Active Carbon Company Q QINGDAO BANGKAI HITECHMATERIALS. Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Qingdao Haiyang Chemical Qingdao Kangyexin Medical silica gel desiccant company Limited QingDao Makall Group Co., R Rettenmaier (Shanghai) Fiber Trading Co., *RON PHARM(SHANGHAI)CO.,LIMITED Rushan Sanpont New Materials Co., W5A43 W5A51 W5D51 W5A01 T5C20 W5A55 W5A62 W5D27 W5C45 W5B66 Excipients HANGZHOU REGIN BIO-TECH CO., LTD. Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Huangshan Bonsun Pharmaceutical Co., *Hubei Humanwell Pharmaceutical Excipients Huzhou City Linghu Xinwang Chemical Huzhou Zhanwang Pharmaceutical Co., J JH Nanhang Life Sciences *Jiangsu Maxim biological Polytron Technologies Inc. Jiangxi Dexing PARCHN Sodium Isovitamin C K Kerry Inc. *Koel Colours Private Limited W5A70 W5A25 W5A10 W5C17 W5D17a W5A26a W5P10 W5C42 W5A68 W5D49 W5C40 S Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology Shandong Head Co., Shandong Healsee capsule co., LTD *Shandong Kang Naxin Biotechnology Co., Shandong Liaocheng E Hua Pharmaceutical SHANDONG XINDA BIOTECHNOLOGY SHANGHAI ACTIVATED CARBON Shanghai Advanced Vehicle Technology Pharmaceutical *Shanghai Chineway Pharmaceutical Technology Shanghai Dexiang Medicine Tech. Co., Ltd Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute Co., W5B60 W5A02a W5A02b W5C69 W5A18 T5C21 W5B63 W5A37 W5D09 W5A69 W5B71 26

28 Shanghai Shen Mei Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd SHANGHAI WELLTONE MATERIAL TECHNOLO- GY CO LTD SHANGHAI XINGCHANG ACTIVATED CARBON W5A30a W5B68 W5A11 Animal Excipients Health Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co., Shaoxing Zhongya Capsules Industry Co., Shenyang Tianfeng Bio-pharm Co., Spectrum China Star-Tech & JRS Specialty Products *Suzhou Bogen Bioseparation Technology Company *Suzhou Capsugel T Taian Ruitai Cellulose Co., *Tianjin Kermel Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd *TianJin YongKang Pharma Ceutical X Xi an DELI Biochemical Industry Y Yantai Oriental Pharmacap Co., Yantai Taroke Bio-engineering Co., Ltd Z *Zhejiang Huaguang Capsule Co., Zhejiang Joinway Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Lujian Capsule Co., ZHEJIANG SHENGXIAO CHEMICALS. Zhejiang Yalida Capsules *Zhejiang Yili Capsule Co., *Zhejiang Zhenxiong Fiber Technology Zhongbao Chemicals Zibo Qianhui Biological Technology Co.,LTD W5B67 W5A50 T5C16 W5A36 W5C26 W5C65 W5C56 W5P08 T5C17 W5B70 W5A67 W5B72 W5B59 W5A46 W5B46 W5C09 W5A49 W5A56 W5C10 W5B56 W5A26b W5A58 The above exhibitor list is updated as of 20 Apr

29 FDF China 2018 Hall W5 Exhibition Profile Chemical Drugs Chinese Herbal Medicine OEM Health Care Product Biopharmaceutical OTC Chinese Patent Medicine Biological Product CRO & CMO Branding Wall

30 A J A&Z Pharmaceutical Inc. Aasenbo Pharma Co., Ltd, Beijing *Abiquifi *Anhui Blue Pharm Imp.&Exp. Trading Co., LTD. ANHUI MEDIPHARM *Anhui Pioneer Pharmaceutical Co., Asia Talent Chemical Limited. B *Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd C CF PharmTech,Inc. *Chengdu Baiyu Pharmaceutical E3A30 E3B18 E3C38 E3A38 E3C37 E3B11 E3B32 E3D38 E3C21 E3D29 *Jiangsu Simcere Pharmaceutical Co., Jiangsu Shenhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd JIANGSU TASLY DIYI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD JIANGXI MEDICINE IMP & EXP CO LTD Jinzhou Jiutai Pharmaceutical JOINTOWN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP K Kivipharm Co., L Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation E3A05 E3E27 E3B40 E3A36 E3D28 E3C07 E3B26 E3C18 CISEN PHARMACEUTICAL E3A02 Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. E3B22b D M *Dongguan Puji Pharmaceutical E3E41 Mecechem(Wuxi) E3A22 E *ELBI Pharmaceuticals Wholesale E3C36 Microspectrum Technology Co., N E3D40 Animal FDF Health ETERNALMARK PVT LTD G *GUANGDONG YANGCHENG HEALTH PHAR- MACEUTICAL CO., LTD. E3A40 E3C26 *Nanjing Canaan Pishon Technology Nanjing Chemical Material Corp NANJING SINO PHARMACEUTICAL LTD. E3D35 E3A41 E3A26 Guangzhou Bairui Medicine E3A42 Newlystar (Ningbo) Medtech Co., E3C35 H *Hainan Hailing Chenipharma Corporation Limited *Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals E3C12 E3A18 Ningbo Dahongying Pharmaceutical Co., NINGBO NUOBAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. P E3A06 E3A12 Hainan Yew Pharmaceutical co E3A07 *Phil Interpharma E3D37 Hangzhou NoroBio Pharmaceutical Co., HANGZHOU PROST IMP AND EXP Hebei keming medicines imp.& exp.trade co.,ltd. *HEBEI LIHUA PHARMACEUTICAL Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., *Heilongjiang Taxus Pharmaceutical Co., Huangshan Shengji Pharmaceutical Co., I Inner Mongolia Huatian Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd. E3A01 E3C41 E3B21 E3D21 E3P02 E3E43 E3D32 E3B33 *Pronova Laboratories BV Q QINGDAO GUOHAI BIOLOGICAL PHARMA- CEUTICAL. S SAINTSUN PHARMA *Shandong Confucian biologics Co.ltd Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical *Shandong Sino Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Shandong Unovet Pharmaceutical SHANGAHI HESN IMP&EXP *Shanghai Realmus Industrial E3C34 E3B36 E3B29 E3E31 E3D26 E3B37 E3A27 E3B38 E3B41 29

31 Exhibitor List of FDF China SHANGHAI RUILI IMP.&EXP.. Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Shanghai Xudong Haipu Pharmaceutical Co., SHANXI HUAWEI PHARMA. CO., LTD. *Shanxi Zhendong Pharmaceutical Co., *SHEDIRPHARMA *Shen Zhen Wanhe Pharmaceutial Co., LTD. Shenzhen Longer Pharmaceutical Group Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical Co., Shineway Pharmaceutical Group SJ Pharmaceutical Co., T TAIZHOU SUNZONE INT'L LTD Techpool Bio-Pharma *The Foreign Trade Featured Biopharma Industrial Cluster in Zhuhai The Stationery Office Ltd Tianjin Sinomed Pharmaceutical U Unither Pharmaceutical Technologies (Wuhan) W WUHU KANGQI PHARMACEUTICAL. X Xi an Libang Pharmaceutical Xi'an Medi-Health Co., Xiangbei Welman Pharmaceutical Y Yiling Pharmaceutical YUNPENG PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP Z Zhejiang Chemicals Import And Export Corporation ZHEJIANG CHIMIN PHARMACEUTICAL. Zhejiang Davi Pharmaceutical *Zhejiang Ruixin Pharmaceutical Co., *Zhuhai Guojia New Material Co., Ltd E3B35 E3B30 E3B22a E3A03 E3P06 E3C32 E3C43 E3C30 E3C02 E3D11 E3C39 E3A23 E3C11 E3C22 E3A33 E3B07 E3C31 E3A32 E3B06 E3A21 E3A35 E3P08 E3C28a E3B02 E3B12 E3C28b E3B39 E3D36 FDF The above exhibitor list is updated as of 20 Apr

32 NEX China 2018 Hall E3-E4&T0 Exhibition Profile Plant Extracts Food & Beverage Ingredients Supplements of Functional Raw Materials Dietary Fiber Animal Extracts Herbal Teas Cosmetics & Beauty Raw Materials Additional Agents Health & Nutrition Foods Medicinal Plants Branding Wall 创新健康生活

33 Exhibitor List of NEX China A ACE Biotechnology Acetar Bio-Tech Inc. AEVER *AlgaNovo International ALPS PHARMACEUTICAL IND.. Angel Yeast Co., E3B98 E4P27 E3A57 E3B50 E4F90 E4C38 Chengdu Yazhong Bio-pharmaceutical Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Chongqing Joywin Natural Products Co. Chongqing Wanwu Chunsheng Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd D E3B68 E3D02 E3P16 E3D22 *ANHUI CAPA BIO-TECH. E4E42 Da Li Hou De Biotech Ltd E3G66 Anhui Chem-Bright Bioengineering Co., ANHUI HEGENG BIOTECH ENGINEERING Anhui Redstar Pharmaceutical Corp., Ltd ANHUI TIANYANG PHARMACEUTICAL. ANHUI XINZHOU MARINE BIOLOGICAL PROD- UCTS CO., LTD. *Animate Bio-Tech *Arcadia Biotechnology Ltd B BannerBio Nutraceuticals inc BAODING FAITHFUL INDUSTRY. Beijing Gingko-Group Biological Technology *Bengbu Huadong Bio-tech Co., Ltd Biolotus Technology Lasa Inc. Boshuai Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd C *Catch Bio-science & technology Co., Ltd CHANG CHUN PEOPLE PHARMACOUTICAL GROUP BIO-TECH Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Changsha Staherb Natural Ingredients Changsha Zhongren Biotechnology Co., E3C57 E3E81 E4A59 E3A51 E3E82 E4C65 E3C50 E4F25 E3C72 E4D22 E4E82 E4A08 E3A67 E4G86 E4A69 E3Q06 E3G55 E3D71 *Dalian HolyOne Bio-Technology Co.,Limited DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Boreal Biotech Derun Silymarin Co., Dongcheng Biotech Co., DONGMING GROWTH BIOTECHNOLOGY Dongming Huiren Biological products Co., E *Echemi B2B Platform Emeishan Longteng Biotechnology Co., *Erdos Mengjian Spirulina F FUJIAN HIGH FORTUNE BIO-TECH CORP. Fujian Keren Biotechnology CO.,ltd Fuqing King Dnarmsa Spirulina Fushun Haoyuan Biological Technology Co., G GANSU FANZHI BIOTECH. *Gansu Province Medical Alkaloids Factory Geneham Pharmaceutical Co., Gongan Lijing Biochemical Co., T0A18 E3F62 E3B75 E4D56 E4C30 E3E57 T0B18 E3E18 T0B26 E4D20 E4F76 E3G53 E4F75 E3D72 E3D89 E3B60 E4D60 NEX Chengdu Hawk Bio-Engineering Co., E4A90 *Goodex Mushroom Biotech Co., Ltd E3A72a Chengdu Junyikang biological technology *Chengdu King-tiger Bio. Tech. E3A53 E4C71 Great Forest Biomedical Guangdong Qinyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd E3F81 E4A22 Chengdu Okay Pharmaceutical Chengdu Runde Pharmaceutical Chengdu Shuxi Pharmaceutical Co.,/ Chengdu Pujiang Shuxi Plant Biochemical E3C46 E4G36 E4F02 Guangxi Chan Fang Pharmaceutical GUANGXI XIANCAOTANG PHARMACEUTICAL *Guangzhou Endless Biotech Co.,ltd T0A26 E3A61 E3E65 Chengdu Wagott Bio-tech Co., Ltd E4F08 *GUANGZHOU HONSEA INDUSTRY E4A38 32

34 Guangzhou Honsea Sunshine Biotech Co., Ltd Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp. *Guilin Sanleng Biotech *GuiLin XianYuan Biotechnology E4A38 E4A02 E4D82 T0A28 Hubei Tianxin Biotech Co., HubeiEnoray Biopharmaceutical Huisong Pharmaceuticals HUIZHOU SHENG RONG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. E3C85 E4A28 E4A20 E4F15 NEX Guizhou Miaoyao Biotech Co., H HAINAN NICEPAL INDUSTRY *Haiyang Sanfeng Biochemical Hangzhou Boda Biological Tech. *HANGZHOU D&A BIO-TECH Hangzhou Greensky Biological Tech HangZhou Johncan mushroom Bio-Technology Co., Hangzhou Twin-Horse Biotechnology Hanzhong TRG Biotech HARBIN AOLIN PHARMACEUTICAL Harbin HIT-ZHONGAO Biological Engineering Co,. Healthwise *HEBEI KANGDU PHARMACEUTTICAL *HEBEI HUANWEI BIOTECH. Hebei Tianxu Biotech Co., Ltd Hebei Xinqidian Biotechnology Hebei Yuwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd HeiLongJiang Province ShangZhi Lvye Berry Henan fumei biological technology co.,ltd Henan Weikang Bee Industry. *HERBLINK BIOTECH CORPORATION Heze Zonghoo Jianyuan Biotech Co., Hill Pharmaceutical E3G22a E4G22 E4F26 E3F88 E4B71 E4A60 E3B63 E4D32 E4B38 E3G79 E4F33 E3F61 T0A05 E3F36 E3E58 E3Q10 E4F36 E4G52 E4F82 E3G72 E4C76 E4D42 E3A45 *Hunan Amazing Grace Biotechnology Co., Hunan Blue Ocean Resemary Biotech Co,,Ltd Hunan Delore Natural Products Hunan Huacheng Biotech,lnc. Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc., *Hunan Jome Pharmaceutical Hunan Nuoze Biological Technology co.,ltd HUNAN NUTRAMAX INC *Hunan Shineway Enterprise (Shineway) Hunan Sunfull Bio-tech Co., Ltd Hunan Vigor Bio-Tech Hunan Warrant Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd *Hunan XinLi Biological Technology Co., HUNAN YUANTONG PHARMACEUTICAL HunanKingti Bio-Tech Co., Ltd *HUZHOU LIUYIN BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. *Huzhou Xintiansi Bio-tech I Ingredientsonline.com Inner MongoIia Rejuve Biotech Inner Mongolia Ever Brilliance Biotechnology Inner Mongolia Yuhangren Hi-tech Industrial T0A25 E3B57 E4A62 E4P23 E3D98 E4G28 E4A21 E4F22 E4E90 E3G38 E3G70 E3G32 E3F72 E3F22 T0B16 E4B76 E3G60 E4B36 E4F48 E4D48 T0A13 Himega Biopharm E4A68 INNOBIO Corporation Limited E3A46 Hongjiu Biotech Co., E3D66 J *Hoycome Bio-tech T0A07 JF-NATURAL E3Q16 *Huaian brothers Biological Science and Technology Huatai Biopharm Inc HUBEI HIYEE Biotechnology Co., E4F47 E4G07 E4E56 JI AN HAIRUI NATURAL PLANT CO., LTD Ji'An Jiayuan Biotechnology JiangSu DongTai KangNing Vegetable Extraction T0A31 T0B21 T0B01 Hubei Nokete Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd E4A56 JIANGSU HUAIREN BIOTECHNOLOGY E4D76 Hubei Sanxin Biological Technology Co., E4A72 Jiangsu Jianjia Pharmaceutical Industry Co. E3D78 Jiangsu TianSheng Pharmaceutical Co., E3E32 33

35 Exhibitor List of NEX China Jiangsu Yew Pharmaceutical E3D06 M Jiangsu Yizhenghe Biotechnology E3A72b Main Camp Natural Extracts Pty T0A32 JIANGSU DEHE BIOTECHNOLOGY E3F17 Mianyang Di ao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd E4C62 Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical JIANGXI FUZHIYUAN BIOLOGICAL TECHNOL- OGY CO. LTD. Jiangxi JuJie Pharmaceutical Co., LTD Jiangxi Linke Borneol Science and Technology Co., *Jiangxi Origin Aromatics Co,.Ltd *Jiangxi Planty Manor Health Industry Co., Ltd E3G46 E4E62 T0B28 E3F29 T0B15 T0B02 N Nanjing Hup Chemical *Nanjing Spring & Autumn Biological Engineering *Nanyang Plant Essence Extraction Co., Naturalin Bio-Resources Ningbo Dekang Biochem Co., Ltd Ningbo Gianon Biotech E3A88 T0A17 E4B47 E4G76 E3C88 E4B90 Jiangxi Qinchun Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co.,Xinyu high tech branch E3G81 Ningbo Green-Health Pharmaceutical E3E02 *JiangXi SenHai Natural Plant Oil E4B66 Ningbo Honor Chemtech E3E89 Jiangxi Yisenyuan Plant Spices E4A48 Ningbo J&S Botanics Inc. E4F60 Jiashi Nutritional Oils E3F71 *Ningbo Kangyi Biotechnology E3G08 JIAXING HENGJIE BIOPHARMACEUTICAL Jilin Baili Biotechnology Co., Ltd Jilin Changqing Ginseng Co., Ltd E4A36 E4F29 E4C90 Ningbo Liwah Pharmaceutical Ningbo Osaki Biotech Ningbo Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Corp. E4D02 E4B42 E4B22 JILIN CITY SHENGJI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. E3C81 *Ningjin Mic-Energy Technology Co., LTD E3B73 JILIN LONGZE BIOTECHNOLOGY E3E06 NSF Shanghai E4F42 *Jilin Painuo Biological Technology E3E52 O JILIN ZIXIN GINSENG SALES JINAN YINGHUA YONGYE IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADE. E4C48 E4B82 *OCTOGONE (GUANGZHOU) TRADING CO.,LIMITED OK Kosher Certification E3F31 E3D82 Jing Brand Bio-medicine Co., E4B62 Organic Herb Inc. E4G35 JINGZHOU HONGDA BIOTECHNOLOGY Jiurui Biology & Chemistry *Joryherb *JU YUAN TANG NATURAL PERFUME K T0B10 E3D50 E3C58 E3G69 P PANJIN FENGRUI BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.LTD., Panjin Huacheng Pharmaceutical Panjin Shengbo Silymarin Extracting Co., PANJIN TIANYUAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. E3B70 E3F08 E3C93 E3C68 NEX KinOmega Biopharm Inc KOF-K Kosher Supervision Kunming Biogenic L Laiyang Chondropharm Biochemical Co Ltd Liaoyu Antarctic Krill Technology Development Limited Company E3Q12 E3D65 E3B69 E3F82 E4D62 *PANJIN XIANGYU MILK THISTLE PRODUCT CO., LTD Penglai Marine(Shandong) PENGZHOU MAOYUAN BIOCHEMICAL TECH- NOLOGY Pioneer Herb Industrial Co., PIZHOU FUTONG BIOCHEMICALS Plusone Co Ltd E3B93 E3A68 T0A01 E3F35 E4A63 E3E71 LIVERD PHARMA CO., LTD E3E98 PROCELYS E4C66 Luotian Xinpusheng Pharmaceutical Co., E3A78 Puredia Corporation Limited E4G02 34

36 Q QINGDAO AUHAI BIOTECH CO., LTD Qingdao BNP BioScience QINGDAO BRIGHT MOON SEAWEED GROUP E3A66 E3G90 E3C63 Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering Co., Shaanxi Kepler Biotech Shaanxi Kingsci Biotechnology Co., Ltd SHAANXI LANSHEN SPECIAL RESIN. E4Q10 E3B78 E4E60 E4D66 Qingdao Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., QINGDAO ORIENTAL TONGXIANG INTERNA- TIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. QingDao RongSheng Mircoalgea Biotech co., E3C66 E3F26 E3A52 SHAANXI M.R NATURAL PRODUCT Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co., Shaanxi pure-source Bio-Tech Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co., Ltd Shaanxi The River Pharmaceutical E4A51 E3G29 E4F62 E4C02 E3F78 *QINGDAO SUNRISE HEALTH QINGDAO TAITONG PHARMACEUTICAL E4C36 E4F90 *Shaanxi Wen Yue Biological Technology Co., SHAANXI YOUBIO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. E4A31 E3G02 QINGDAO WANTUMING BIOLOGICAL PROD- UCTS E4D30 *SHAN XI NATURAL FLOWER BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.LTD T0B11 Qinghai Lake Pharmaceutical E4A30 Shandong AWA Biopharm Co., Ltd E3E66 *Quanzhou Fortune Trade E3G75 SHANDONG BIO SUNKEEN E4D26 QUFU HAIGEN STEVIA PRODUCTS. R Refine Biology E3F28 E3B66 Shandong Guanghao Biological Products Co.,ltd Shandong Guangtongbao Pharmaceuticals Co., E3E62 E4E66 *RFI LLC Ritan Biotech Company Limited Run Shaanxi days of Biological Technology S E4G98 E3G37 E4G20 Shandong Haigen Biotechnogy (Haigen Bio-tech) *Shandong Haiyu Biological Shandong Hanxing Biotech Co., SHANDONG JIEJING GROUP CORPORATION E4E76 E4G81 E4G68 E4E38 Sanmark Corporation E4F07 *Shandong tangle biotechnology co. LTD. E3B62 Sanyuan Jinrui Natural Ingrendients Co., E4G75 Shandong Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co., E4A42 NEX Sanyuan Longsheng Biological Technology SDART INTERNATIONAL INC *Seawit (Qingdao) Bioscience Co., E4A37 E3E68 E3A62 Shandong Tianyin Biotechnology Co., Shandong Topscience Biotech Co., SHANDONG YUWANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. E4G58 E3B46 E4D16 SHAANXI BERRIES BIOCHEMICAL. Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-Tech Shaanxi Fuheng(FH) Biotechnology SHAANXI FUJIE PHARMACEUTICAL Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering E3C92 E4A67 E4C60 E3C62 E3G89 Shandong Shengxiangyuan Biotechnology *SHANGHAI CHANG HONG HEALTH TECH. Shanghai Lianshui Quimdis Biotechnology Co., Limited E3E26 E3F50 E3A82 Shaanxi GuanJie Technology SHAANXI HONGDA PHYTOCHEMISTRY Shaanxi Honghao Bio-Tech Co., Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co., E4F30 E4C82 E3E38 E4C20 SHANGHAI PASSIONO INTERNATIONAL. Shanghai Star Pharm SHANGHAI WASETA INT' L TRADING Shanghai.Brightol International. Co.,LTD E3A98 E3A79 E3B51 E3E51 Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem Co., E4C22 *Shanxi Jinzisu Biological and Technology Co., E4A25 35

37 Exhibitor List of NEX China Shanxi WuTai mountain hippophae goods LTD, *SiChan Cypress Biological Technology Co.Ltd SICHUAN GENCORN BIOENGINEERING CO., LTD. Sichuan Guanghan Weikangzhihua Co., LTD T0A16 E4F66 E3F32 T0B09 WUFENG CHICHENG BIOTECH CO., LTD Wuhan Jiacheng Biotechnology Wuhu Acegem Biological Technology WUYI ZHENWEI BIO-SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY X E3G36 E3D62 E4F38 E3B87 Sichuan Guangsong Pharmaceutical Co., SICHUAN MEDICINES AND HEALTH PRODUCTS IMPORT AND EXPORT CORPORATION SICHUAN NEIJIANG HUIXIN PHARMACEUTICAL Sichuan Province Yuxin Pharmaceutical Co., E3F68 E3F68 T0A10 T0B06 XI 'AN APP-CHEM BIO(TECH) Xi`an Gaoyuan Bio Chem Xi an Changyue Biological Technology Xi an DN Biology Co., Ltd Xi an FineSky Technological Co., XI AN GREEN-LIFE CO., LTD E3P12 E4A43 E3G28 E4Q16 E3E78 E3G80 SICHUAN XINGJIEXIANG Pharmaceutical CO., LTD E3A58 *Xi an Natural Source Bio-Engineering E4F72 *Sichuan Xingong BIO Group E3F42 Xi an Rainbow Biotech co.,ltd E4G90 SINOCHEM QINGDAO CO LTD E3D46 Xi an SaiNa Biological Technology Co., Ltd E3C82 SINOMEGA Biotech Engineering Co., Ltd SINPHAR TIAN-LI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LT- D(HANGZHOU) *StarHealth Botanical Technology Corporation Sungen Bioscience Company Limited T Taizhou City Fengrun Biochemical Co., Tangshan Top Bio-Technology Tanhoy Pharmaceutical *The Sun Tree( xiamen) Biological Engineering co.,ltd E3G11 E4F56 E3G16 E4D08 E3A89 E4B56 E3F41 E4E75 Xi an Sost Biological Science & Technology Xi an Xiaocao Botanical Development Co, Xiamen Forever Green Source Biochem Tech. Xi'an Day Natural Inc XI'AN GREEN SPRING TECHNOLOGY. Xi'an Hao-Xuan Bio-Tech Xi'an Healthful Biotechnology Xi'an Lucky Clover Biotech Co., Ltd Xian Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd E4G62 E3E07 E3F12 E4B30 E4C42 E4A75 E3F46 E4C56 E3F02 NEX Tiancheng Group E4D38 Xian Natural Field Bio-Technique Co., Ltd E3E46 Tianjin Chasesun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd E4A28 XI'AN SANJIANG BIO-ENGINEERING. E4A76 Tianjin Norland Biotech Co., LTD E4F06 Xian Tianben Bio-Engineering. E4A82 Tianjin NWS Biotechnology and Medicine Co., E3F57 Xi'an Tianxingjian Natural Bio-products Co., Ltd E4D90 *Tianjin Shijitianlong Biotech Co., E3D85 Xian Tonking Biotech Co., Ltd E4G29 V Xi'an Xuhuang Bio-Tech E4B60 *Valley Foods Holdings (Guangzhou) Co., E3E28 Xian Yuensun Biological Technology Co., E4A01 W Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co., Weihai NutraWay Pharmaceuticals Co., Wellgreen Technology Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH E4P15 E3F98 E3F58 E3D57 *XINGTAI HONGRI BIOTECH Xinjiang Alar Xinnong Licorice Industry Co., Xinjiang Longhuiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Xuancheng Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., E3F37 E3F75 T0B32 E3F66 36

38 Xuchang Yuanhua Biotechnology xuzhou Lvyuan Bio-technology Y Ya an Times Bio-Tech Co., Ltd *Yan'an Changsheng Heiweiwei Food Yanbian Changbaishan Medicine Industry Yangling Daily Health Bioengineering Technology Yangzhou Koen Biological Technology Co., Yantai Penghua Biochemical Products YANTAI RUIKANGDA BIOCHEMICAL PRODUCTS. YDJ BIOTECHNOLOGY *Yichun Wujiashen Pharma. YIGEDA BIO-TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Yongzhou Xingchen Biotechnology Co. Yunnan Alphy Biotech YUNNAN BOXIN BIOTECH CO., LTD *YUNNAN EMERALD ESSENCE LTD Yunnan Hande Bio-Tech Yunnan TBH Biotech&Natural Resources Exploitation E3G63 E3F51 E4A15 E3B58 E4B72 E4D02 E3D18 E3D68 E3C51 E3D81 E4A27 E3F89 E3G52 E4B08 E3A47 E4A35 E3E42 E4C08 Zhejiang Shengshi Bio-technology Zhejiang Skyherb Biotechnology Inc. Zhejiang Wuyangtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Zhejiang Xianju Asia Inositol Factory *ZHEJIANG YALIN BIOTECH CO., LTD. Zhejiang Yixin Pharmaceutical Co., ZHEJIANG ZHOUSHAN PUTUO XINXING PHAR- MAS CO., LTD ZHT Sci-Tech Zhucheng Haotian Pharm *Zolanbio *ZUNYI CITY BEIYUAN CHEMICAL CO., LTD E4E48 E4F20 E3E88 E3B81 T0A23 E3D88 E3F47 T0A02 E4P01 T0B31 E3G22b The above exhibitor list is updated as of 20 Apr NEX *Yunnan Tonghai Yang Natural Products Z Zhangjiagang Vinsce Bio-pharm Limited. Zhejiang Aoxing Biotechnology Co., E4B65 E3C98 E4Q01 *Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co., *Zhejiang Biosan Biotech. Co., Ltd ZHEJIANG CONBA PHARMACEUTICAL ZHEJIANG DELEKANG FOOD ZHEJIANG FANGGE PHARMACUTICAL Zhejiang Haining Fengming Chlorophyll co.,ltd Zhejiang Jianfeng Health Technology ZHEJIANG JOLLY PHARMCEUTICAL Zhejiang Sanhe Bio-tech ZHEJIANG SENYO BIOTECH Zhejiang Shaoxing Dongling Health Food Co., E4F21 E4Q28 E4G25 E3E72 E4B48 E3E75 E4G15 E3C71 E3E22 T0B13 E3D51 37

39 ICSE China 2018 Hall E2&T2 Exhibition Profile Contract Research Custom Synthesis Biotechnology Clinical Research Medicinal Chemistry Regulatory Services Other Related Services Contract Manufacturing Process R&D Process Scale-up / Optimization API Synthesis Intermediate Synthesis Preparation Production Branding Wall

40 A Long Sheng Pharmatechnology,Beijing E2A41 ABA CHEMICALS CORPORATION E2A50 M Accela ChemBio Co., Ltd E2B50 MOLBASE (Shanghai) Biotechnology E2C46 Afine Chemicals Limited E2C78 N Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd B E2B32 Nanjing King-Pharm *Nikko Chemical Shanghai Corporation T2D06 E2B79b Beijing Comparison Pharmaceutical Tech. E2Q06 NINGBO EASUN BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY E2D71 Beijing InnoChem Science & Technology Co., Ltd Bellen Chemistry Bontac Bio-engineering (Shenzhen) C E2E35 E2C62 E2B49 NINGBO UNICHEMIST E-COMMERCE. P PharmaBlock Sciences(Nanjing),Inc. *PLUS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) CO., E2B68 E2D50 E2B63 *CAPOT CHEMICAL CO., LTD. T2D18 Porton Pharma Solutions E2A32 Changzhou Harvechem E2D32b Q CHEDOM PHARMACEUTICAL E2C79 Qi-Chem Co., Ltd E2B80 ChemFuture PharmaTech (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Chengdu Feibo Pharm Technology CO., China Synchem Technology Co., Chongqing Nutrachem Biochemical *Cool Pharm, Crystal Pharmatech F T2D05 E2D61 E2B35 E2C61 E2D77 E2A68a S Shanghai Chemspec Corporation Shanghai Daishang Chemical *Shanghai doly chemical Shanghai Rainbow Chemistry Shanghai Sinofluoro Chemicals *Shanghai Standard Technology Co., E2A25 E2C76 E2B62 E2E63 E2B78 E2E55 *Fuyang Dongchen Bioengineering G General Material Company H Haimen Ruiyi Medical Tech (Shanghai Ruiyi Medical Tech ) T2D08 E2C71 E2B60 Shanghai Synchem Pharma Shanghai SynFarm Pharmaceutical Technology Shanghai T&W Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Shanghai Yuli Biotechnology Co., *Shenzhen ChemStrong Scientific E2A62 E2B38 E2E37 E2A35 T2D16 *Hangzhou Brown Bio&Pharm Co., Ltd E2D75 *ShenZhen Phystandard Bio-Tech Co., T2D02 ICSE Hangzhou Rongda Pharm and Chem Co.,ltd Hebei Maison Chemical Hebei Teamtop Pharmceutical CO.,Ltd Henan Lvyuan Pharmaceutical T2D09 E2A31 E2Q02 E2C36 Shijiazhuang CREADY Pharmaceutical R&D Inc. Sichuan Benepure Pharmaceutical Sichuan Jisheng Biopharmaceutical Co., E2B72 E2Q12 E2B56 Hongene Biotechnology Limited E2A78 SICHUAN TONGSHENG E2B56 Hubei Granules- Biocause Pharmaceutical J E2A38 Sinocompound Catalysts Sphinx Scientific Laboratory (Tian Jin) CO., LTD. E2G63 E2D42 Jiangxi Innovating Science & Technology Co., Ltd E2A80 Suli Pharmaceutical Technology jiangyin T2D01 L Summit Pharmaceuticals China E2B79a *LinkChem Co., E2D60 Sundia MediTech Company E2A72 39

41 Exhibitor List of ICSE China Suzhou Highfine Biotech Co., SuZhou PengXu PharmaTech T Tianjin Chempharmatech Co., Topharman Shanghai W Well-bridge Biological Technology Wuhan Sunrise Pharmaceutical Technology WUHU HUAREN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY X XIAMEN SINOPEG BIOTECH CO., LTD. Y Yantai Dongcheng Biochemicals Co., YWK Chemicals (Taicang) Co., Z Zhejiang Tianrui Chemical CO.,Ltd Zhejiang Tianshun Biotechnology E2D32a E2A68b E2B69 E2C40 E2C72 E2C67 T2D10 E2A60 E2D38 E2C80 E2C60a E2C60b The above exhibitor list is updated as of 20 Apr ICSE 40

42 BioPh China 2018 Hall W5 Exhibition Profile Protein Antigen Polypeptide Enzyme Bioprocessing Antibodies Biologics Bio-manufacturing Cell Biology Clinical Trials Drug Discovery & Development Genomic / Genetics Personalized Medicine Stem Cell Research Therapeutics Vaccines Biofuels Nanotechnology Bioinformatics Bio-IT Platform Technologies Branding Wall

43 Exhibitor List of BioPh China 3SBIO INC. W5D02 GUANGXI NANNING ZHENDONG FOOD CO., LTD. W5G82 A H AJINOMOTO (CHINA). W5D22 Hangzhou Huadi Group Co., Ltd W5D68 Alabiochem Anhui GSH Bio-Technology Co.,LTD. B BEIJING EAGLE SKY PHARMATECH Beijing Four Rings Bio-pharmaceutical Beijing Geyuantianrun Bio-Tech.,Ltd BEIJING HONGRUN BAOSHUN TECHNOLOGY *BEIJING PERCANS ONCOLOGY CO. LTD. Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Bestchrom(Shanghai)Biosciences Co. Biodiscover W5F70 W5F56 W5F72 W5E78 W5F73 W5F69 W5G72 W5G86 W5D70 W5G98 Hangzhou HuiSheng Biotech Pharmaceutical *Hangzhou Viablife Biotech Co., *HANGZHOU ZHIJU BIOTECHNOLOGY. Henan Liwei Biological Pharmaceutical Co., HTBT Development Hualan Biological Bacterin Hubei Provincial Bafeng Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Share Co., *Hubei Ruihaoanke Pharmaceutical Technology Development CO.,Ltd HUZHOU R&D CENTER FOR NUTRITION AND HEALTH,SIBS,CAS W5D78 W5G06 W5E67 W5G78 W5F23 W5G58 W5G27 W5G63 W5E65 *Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals GmbH C Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co. Changchun Beyel Pharmaceutical Co., Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences *Chengdu Greenpure Biopharma Chengdu Pukang Biotechnology Chengdu Shengnuo Biopharm Co., Ltd Chinese Peptide Company Chongqing Aoli BioPharmaceutical Chongqing Quanxinxiangsheng Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., *CIMC Cold Cloud(Beijing)Supply Chain Management limited Company D Dongbao Enterprise Group Co., W5P28 W5D76a W5D76b W5F53 W5G40 W5G30 W5D08 W5F37 W5G88 W5E79 W5G75 W5P18 Hybio pharmaceutical Co., J J&W PharmLab JenKem Technology Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Inc. Jiaxing TriView Biochemical Products JILIN QIJIAN BIO-PHARMACEUTICAL. Jiuquan Dadeli Pharmaceutical K KYOWA HAKKO BIO N *Nanjing Search Biotech Co., Ltd NCPC GeneTech Biotechnology Co., Ningbo Linzyme Biosciences Q *QIYUN HARBIN MEDICAL W5F49 W5G59 W5G26 W5D86 W5G70 W5F59 W5D82 W5F45 W5G60 W5D50 W5D52 W5E99 Dongying Tiandong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd E Enzymeking Biotechnology EnzymeWorks, Inc. G Gan&Lee Pharmacenticals GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd *GenScript Inc. Global Biologicals. W5F08 W5D16b W5G73 W5G18 W5F02 W5F22 W5F60 W5G90 R *Reali Tide Biological Technology (Weihai) S shandong kexing bioproducts co.ltd *Shandong Moresafen Biological Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd SHANG HAI MOXI BIOTECHNOLOGY. SHANGHAI FENGHUA PHARMACEUTICAL *Shanghai blue season science and Technology Development W5E85 W5F27 W5E82 W5F28 W5F66 W5G96 BioPh *Shanghai Lan Tong Biotechnology W5E95 42

44 Shanghai Nucleosides Bio-Technology SHANGHAI SUNWAY PHARMCEUTICAL TECHNOL- OGY W5D38 W5D80 BioPh ShangHai YaXin Biotechnology Co., Shenzhen Mellow Hope Pharm Industrial Co., Ltd *SHENZHEN SYNLED TECH. Shenzhen Techdow Pharmaceutical Sichuan Deebio Pharmaceutical *SICHUAN YUANDA SHUYANG PHARMACEUTI- CAL. Sinobioway Biomedicine Co., SINOPEP-ALLSINO BIOPHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD smart-lifesciences *Suzhou Collietech Information Technolony Co., Suzhou Lead biotechnology Company Limited *SUZHOU TIANMA PHARMA GROUP TIANJI BIO-PHARMACEUTICAL. Suzhou Yacoo Science Co. Ltd T *Taicang Newage Biotechnology W *Winkey Bio Wis group corp *Wuhan Amino Acid Bio-Chemical Co. Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology Corp. *Wuhan Huiyan Biotechnology Wuhan Jetide Biotech X Xiamen Amoytop Biotech Xiamen Halosyntech Co.Ltd XZL BIO-TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Y *YeLi Biotech(shanghai) Z Zhejiang Feng'an Bio-pharmaceutical Co., *Zhejiang IPS Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd Zhejiang Peptites Biotech W5F63 W5D16a W5G69 W5F38 W5D28 W5G20 W5G56 W5G15 W5G80 W5E91 W5E72 W5G16 W5D72 W5D88 W5G66 W5G50 W5E83 W5P22 W5E87 W5D62 W5G21 W5G55 W5E89 W5E61 W5G68 W5E77 W5F16 The above exhibitor list is updated as of 20 Apr

45 Onsite Activity Agenda Industry Activity Name Date Venue The 9th China-World CEO Summit: invited only) June 20 Hall W2 M9 Meeting Room 8th Buyer Sourcing Event June Hall T4 Booth No.T4B01 Plant Visit June TBD The 2018 Award for Top 100 Internationalized Companies June Shanghai International Convention Center Women in Leadership Forum June 19 TBD General China-World Innovation and Development Forum June Hall E1 M16 Meeting Room The Cooperation-Competition of China-India Pharma Industry June 20 Hall E3 M24 Meeting Room CPhI China International Business Programme 2018 June 21 Hall E2 M17 Meeting Room Pharmaceutical Internet Marketing Seminar June 21 Hall E1 M13 Meeting Room Gold Pen Award Award Ceremony of Pharmaceutical Contributor Originality Contest June 20 Hall W3 M10 Meeting Room Cocktail and Dinner Reception at the Bund June 20 TBD Pharmaceutical Excipients CPhI Excipients Forum June 21 Hall W3 M10 Meeting Room FDF - Finished Dosage Formulation BioPh - Biopharmaceutical ICSE - CRO&CMO NEX - Natural Extracts P-MEC - Pharmaceutical Machinery InnoPack - Packaging Materical & Drug Delivery Systerm LABWorld - Laboratory Equipment EP & Clean - Clean Tech P-Logi - Pharmaceutical Logistics Others ChP-JP Joint Forum June 21 Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai International Agencies Updates and Q&A June 20 Hall E2 M19 Meeting Room CPhI Formulation Companies Salon June 22 Hall E3 M24 Meeting Room 5th China BioPh Outlook Summit June 21 Hall W5 Meeting Room A EMA/FDA/CFDA Regular Affairs in Biosimilar June 20 Hall W5 Meeting Room B 5th China BioPh Outlook Summit & Paralell Session-Antibody Drugs June 21 Hall W5 Meeting Room B 5th China BioPh Outlook Summit & Paralell Session-Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy June 21 Hall W5 Meeting Room B 2018 CPhI CDMO Forum: Innovation: Quality and Speed June20 Hall W5 Meeting Room A China-World Natural Ingredient Conference June 21 Hall T0 Meeting Room NEX High Quality Suppliers Gallery June Hall E4 Booth No.E4A02 P-MEC China Summit June Hall N7 Meeting Room 2018 P-MEC China Intelligent Manufacturing Summit: Information Technology Forum June 20 Hall N4 M46 Meeting Room 2018 P-MEC China Intelligent Manufacturing Summit: Automatic Production Session June 21 Hall N4 M46 Meeting Room API Engineering Technology Development Forum June 21 Hall N2 M42 Meeting Room The International Summit for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Drug Delivery System 2018 June Hall N8 Meeting Room InnoPack Innovation Tour June Hall N8 & N5 InnoPack Innovation Gallery June Hall N8 Booth No. N8B Drug Safety and Quality Management Forum June 20 Hall N6 Meeting Room A Hot Topic Discussion on Pharm Lab and Supply Chain June 21 Hall N6 Meeting Room A 2018 InnoLAB Salon June Hall N1 Booth No. N1B80 Pharma Cleanroom Technology Forum 2018 June 21 Hall N5 M47 Meeting Room Clean Tech Innovation Tour June 20 Hall N4 China Pharma Environmental Forum June 20 Hall N5 M47 Meeting Room Cold Chain Pharma 2018 June 21 Hall N5 M50 Meeting Room CPhI & P-MEC Showcase June Hall E1 M12 Meeting Room CPhI Seminar June Shanghai New International Expo Center P-MEC & InnoPack Seminar June Shanghai New International Expo Center

46 CPhI, NEX, ICSE, BioPh China 2018 P-MEC, InnoPack & LABWorld China June, 2018 SNIEC Ilona van den Berg Sharon Wu Chris Mao / Iris Feng /2255