MapTASTIC! Animation and Style Comes to our Graphical Reporting Package. Go beyond static maps!

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2 Charts & Graphs MapTastic! Animation and Style Comes to our Graphical Reporting Package MapTASTIC Not your grandmother s charts and graphs! Our graphics engine brings dazzling motion and stunning 3dimensional images to your favorite reports. More than just a pretty face, these clear, easytointerpret reports present your data with substance and style! Go beyond static maps! With MAPTASTIC s animated report displays, you are just a click or hover away from detailed shop data in geographic regions. You can interactively drill through countries and states/provinces, viewing their data from a brand new perspective. MapTASTIC! Bad Bad 0% Good Good 25% 50% 62% 75% 100%

3 Custom Dashboards Who s Hot Who s Not / Universal Data Reporting Instant Analysis through Dashboards! Don t have time to dig through daily reports? Custom dashboards present the data to you at login! Imagine a customized visual analysis of the data you need, when you need it! Four Quadrant Dashboard: Just want the nuts and bolts? The Four Quadrant dashboard delivers four nononsense reports focused on your choice of the critical data you need most often trending, rankings, score distribution, sectional comparison and more! Region E Region G Region H Region B Region I Animated Dashboard: Want the bells and whistles? Animated dashboards break down performance on specific surveys with sizzle and style! 30 47% % 7% 6% Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Overall S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 Region H Region C Region B Mar Feb S1 Exterior S2 Ambience S3 Floor Staff S4 Checkout S5 Expenses InDepth Reports Receive indepth insights into performance with our flexible graphical reports Top 3 Avg rs 1 CA Los Angeles 2 MA Boston Bottom 3 Avg rs 52 NY New York 53 CA San Fran 54 CA Nandorf Top 3 Movers 15 CA Los Angeles 28 CA San Diego 57 CO Denver Universal Data Reporting Ever wonder how your numbers rank within your industry? This unique data reporting feature embeds universal questions such as Would you recommend this location to a friend? into shop surveys throughout an industry. The resulting database can generate global averages and comparative data for virtually any industry to provide a crucial view of how you rank against your competition. 100% 100% 3 PA Philadelphia Avg (63.95%) 36% 36% 33% 33% 31.5% 31.5% Avg (63.95%) Bottom 3 Movers 34 IL Chicago 51 MA Osterville 55 ME Bangor 62.33% 64% 65.25% 64% 70% 70% Who s Hot Who s Not Who s Hot Who s Not delivers new perspectives on data performance with exciting interactive graphic features to spotlight the strongest and weakest performers in your organization. Instantly identify high and low scorers by location, region, district, etc. Track your biggest movers by comparing who had the largest positive or negative change compared to previous periods. Aug 05 Sep 05 Oct 05 Nov 05 Dec 05 Universal Data Question 1: Rate your overall experience: Aug05 Sep05 Oct05 Nov05 Dec05 Your 74% 73% 76% 71% 69% Industry 91% 89% 85% 83% 81% Question 2: Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Aug05 Sep05 Oct05 Nov05 Dec05 Your 81% 79% 76% 75% 74% Industry 89% 87% 85% 82% 80%

4 Chameleon Chameleon Chameleon Instant Impact with Chameleon Shops Chameleon visually integrates key data points so all levels of your company can see at a glance the information they care about most how the customer experience matches corporate expectations. Your choice of charts and industryspecific graphics illustrates how each shop fits into the global customer experience. BUYIN: Empower your staff to take quick action! Chameleon s bold, clear graphics communicates corporate priorities directly to location employees and managers. RANKING: Individual scores don t tell the whole story! See how each shop ranks on overall and sectional scores regionally or against the entire company. TRENDING: Trends made obvious! Instantly see if scores are rising, falling, holding steady over time and how they compare companywide. CORPORATE STANDARDS: No camouflage here! Immediately detect acceptable, neutral, or unacceptable scores. It will be obvious how shop and sectional scores match up with corporate goals. All the right data in one right place we have declared cumbersome crossreferencing of reports extinct! AMAZINGLY ADAPTABLE: Chameleon s shops can be shared online, ed, or printed! An amazing customer experience will never become an endangered species with the communicative power of Chameleon s designs.

5 Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Go Beyond Typical Mystery Shopping! Exponentially increase the value of your mystery shopping data by comparing it to actual customer satisfaction polling! Capture IVR and ICR data directly in your application and use the HeadtoHead report to compare the results for each program. It s a low maintenance and costeffective method to measure customer satisfaction. ICR Deluxe Our ICR (Interactive Computer Response) services allows your actual consumers to register their opinions instantly over the internet. These web surveys capture information of greater depth and detail than IVR phone survey data. Narrative, short text and many other types of answers are easily entered from computers, PDAs and cell phones (including the iphone!). IVR Highlights Data Integration: IVR results can be automatically displayed side by side with all other data (such as mystery shopping). Question Branching (Skip Patterns): IVR surveys can intelligently ask questions based on the caller s responses. Multiple Languages: the IVR system allows your surveys to be conducted in multiple languages simultaneously. High Volume, Low Cost: IVR is a highly cost effective method to collect data from a large number of customers. Easy Customer Access: IVR makes it easy for your customers to share that crucial feedback you re looking for. Complete NoHassle Automation: Once your IVR program handles every step from data collection to report delivery. Head to Head Report Our Head to Head report provides a side by side comparison of two or more surveys. This can be exceptionally useful in comparing mystery shopping results to customer satisfaction results (ICR and IVR). At a glance, you can answer the crucial question: how do our company standards correlate to actual customer satisfaction? Overall Survey Mystery Shopping Store Visit Online ICR Survey Store Appearance Survey Head to Head Report Allmart wide Report This Month: 8/1/2008 8/31/2008 Last Month: 7/1/2008 7/31/2008 Store Visit: Store Appearance Online ICR Survey: Store Appearance Shop Count = This Month = Last Month ICR DELUXE OPTIONS 1 Custom web address: Specify the web address for the survey (e.g. 2 colors & logo: Brand your survey with the primary elements of your corporate identity 3 Verification code (optional): Prevent survey fraud by requiring a unique verification code (printed on receipts or mailings) 4 Branching and skip patterns: Customer answers determine which questions are shown later in the survey 5 Prizes & incentives: Offer coupons or drawings to increase survey response Mystery Shopping Store Visit Online ICR Survey = This Month = Last Month 5

6 Reporting & Distribution Reporting & Distribution Options Standard Suite Our suite of more than 20 standard reports were carefully selected to anticipate your most essential data analysis needs: Location Reports Survey Reports Trending and Graph Reports Multiple Survey Reports Manager Reports Demographic Reports Monthly and Annual Reports Custom Reports Reporterator: This clever report generator s drag & drop tools make it easy to build your own custom reports. A custom layout without the programming! Shop Shop Sectional Section 2 Section 1 Reporterator s drag & drop tools make report layout easy Distribution Options When you get your reports is as important as what is in them. An interactive reporting suite offers many timesaving methods for distributing your results as well as opportunities to zero in on areas of interest. Automated Report Triggers By score: When a shop receives a score in a specified range, key personnel receive an instant notification. By manager: When a shop is published, selected managers receive an instant notification. Batch Reports Report library: Make a virtual library of shop reports available to your staff. Manager batch reports: Send every manager a monthly list of links to all shops. Survey Drill Down Our interactive reporting suite allows your clients to zero in on areas of interest: Trending and Graph Reports Premium Suite Data Mining/Cross Tab Reports: SPSSstyle data analysis made easy! Use filters to generate subsets of data (e.g. show results for only male shoppers ) on any report or generate full crosstab reports. Universal Industry Report: Compare your performance against your competitors industrywide. Custom Built Reports: Our team of project managers and programmers are available to consult and develop reports to your specifications. Viewing Control Report Level: You choose which reports are available to which managers Manager Level: Restrict managers to viewing only the results for their location. Question Level Specific questions are visible to specific managers. Report Format Our reports are available in a variety of formats: Web PDF individual report PDF book of shops Excel spread sheet View the results for all questions on your survey in one easy to view summary. Exterior 1. Was the exterior sign visible from 50 feet? 14% Yes, 86% No View Did the greeter open the door for you? 84% Yes, 4% No, 12% N/A View Pick of the week display 85% Yes, 15 % No View Top 10 Sellers display 86% Yes, 14 % No View Ambiance Describe your first impression upon entering the building 84% Impressed View 4% Excited 13% Intimidated Which lighting scheme was being used? 84% Bright View 4% Cozy 13% Random Rate the ambiance from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) 5.49 View You ll see a sortable list of answers to that question and a pie chart summary Exterior 69% (11/16) 1. Was the exterior sign visible from 50 feet? No Did the greeter open the door for you? 0/5 No Pick of the week display 5/5 Yes Top 10 Sellers display 5/5 Yes Interested in a specific result? Click the view link. Did the greeter open the door for you? Answer Date Location No 7/15/09 South Ridge Mall, Cambridge, MA View Yes 6/12/09 MegaMall, Omaha NE View Yes 7/12/09 Squirel Hollow, Chicago IL View No 6/30/09 Square Two, Boston, MA View From there, your client can view the entire shop that includes that answer.

7 Unparalleled Flexibility To keep pace in the mystery shopping industry, your system must be fast, easy to use, and above all, flexible. Since 1998, SASSIE has met this challenge for over 4000 clients, from the smallest local chain to the largest corporations in the world. Your SASSIE system can be modified to meet your needs: Branding: brand the appearance your reporting environment with the SASSIE Skins feature. Before SASSIE skin After SASSIE skin Worldwide coverage via automated collaboration and multilingual tools: SASSIE s automated collaboration feature makes it easy for multinational corporations to autoexport all the results to one system for easy viewing. Custom survey design and scoring Custom Shop Display Custom Reports structure: Define districts, regions, areas, etc. New York Location Groups: Organize locations to compare New vs. Old, Franchise vs. Corporate, etc. Receive results in your preferred format: Web reports, PDF, or Excel London Rome Rio Worldwide coverage via Collaboration and MultiLingual Tools SurfMerchants LLC 41 West Street, 5th floor Boston MA For sales, contact Tony Felos x