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1 Personal Data Name: Ole Madsen Address: Duevej Viby Sj. Mobil phone: Mail: Birth: Nationality: Danish Wife: Julia Madsen Child: Katja Madsen 2006 Sasha Madsen 2012 MBTI profile: Skype: Linked in profile: ESTJ (Myers Briggs Type Indikator) olevikk Summary I have an education as BA in mechanical engineering, but I have always mixed science and development making numerical models, so I m more a SW person than an Engineer. I have a career that switch between development and management and have received good feedback in both areas. This also means that I m a hand on guy that doesn t build ivory towers. With a very broad development background I have the overview from Micro controller to cloud based systems and I can code it too. SW Developer, Project leader, Architect, Concept design, Protocol, Database, Cloud. Programming in C/C++/C#, Qt, QML, SQL/SQLite On platforms Linux, Windows, Windows phone, Web server & TI chipset & embedded devices. Experience with Telecom, video surveillance, database, medico and GIS industries. Multimedia protocols: 3GPP streaming RTP, RTCP, RTSP, Video call CSD, HW/SW interface Debugging I believe: - That a UML diagram and a sequence chart for achieving common understanding. - That test driven development always ensure a mature code base - Architecture by design pattern is used actively to minimize occurrence of errors Education Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Danmarks Ingeniør Akademi) Bachelor of science in Engineering: Mechanical Engineer

2 Key competences Known track record of high quality work delivered on time. Always mature state SW through test driven development. Collaboration: Document with UML as the mean to common understanding. Manage virtual teams. I have covered all positions and all phases of a phone product creation I have a complete overview of phone SW and protocol architecture Agile: I have in one year been involved in 6 projects on 5 platforms Technical competences Programming: C/C++/C#, Qt, Symbian, QML, SQL/SQLite Developement in Linux, Windows, Windows phone, Web server & OMAP environment Micro controller development with timer, interrupt, I2C Telecom: GSM, WCDMA, TCP/IP, SMS, MMS, WAP, CSD, GPRS and 3GPP certification Multimedia protocols: 3GPP streaming RTP, RTCP, RTSP, Video call CSD Development of embedded software and resource congestion HW/SW interface Debugging Integration of Flashlite engine in S40 phones SW Architecture using UML State machines Management competences Software project lead Managing virtual teams Partnering: Incorporating 3rd party HW/SW delivery into platform SW Architecture used actively Customer acceptance test Requirement management Test & Error management Language Engilsh: Fluent written and spoken Danish: Fluent written and spoken German: Tourist level References Engineering manager Milestone: Brian Salling " " / Engineering manager Nokia: Christian Hjersing " " / CTO at Leikr: Lars Møller " " /

3 Work history IT Architect TDC Senior SW Engineer Senior SW developer Solutiont architect for projects, System architect for OTT and Enterprice architecture for Digital Content Management Supporting the project model, making solution draft and grose estimation to projects so they can be evalute which benefit the most. Creating design principle for scalable solution for OTT and enterprise architecture for digital content management (CMS, Recommendation, OTT, EPG, CatchUp TV) 4+1 Architecture, PHP, Java, Couchbase, Memcache, Kibana, Grafana, Varnish, SQL, CDN, HLS, SS, Recommendation and EPG. Danish Engineering Service Work as consultant in SW development for customer projects Worked twice at my old company Milestone where I implemented motion API for Arcus. Made medical device for video on imx6 platform and P2P wifi transport of video to remote storage. Code for a MSP430 with GPIO, timer and I2C with a DSP and a power control chip. Freescale, Linux, Wifi p2p, MSP430, I2C, Micro controller, C/C++ Milestone Systems Develop adaptation to new cameras so we can control them through the platform interface and get the video feeds into the platform storage. Document the code with UML improving cross site coorporation. Save space by moving frequently linked code to dll Developed a simulated camera to identify PTZ latency MFC, C++, Windows, Linux, PowerPC, H.264, MPEG4, JPEG, UPnP, SOAP, RTSP, RTP, TCP/IP, XML, ONVIF, Doxygen, UML Freelance Leikr Runmaster sportscomputer. Udvikling af embedded Application på linux / TI OMAP platofrm Developed the whole sports app with GPS filter, SQLite model for user and tracking data + Sync with cloud. Defined Web interface with json objekts and the SQL database in Cloud Qt, Sqlite, GPS, Mapnik, Open street maps, wifi Symbian SW Nokia

4 architect Design solutions that satisfy the concept and lead the development of code and make sure quality is maintained Introducing test driven development in Symbian Differentiation SW Copenhagen New Visualization of data with Sqlite relation and tagged based model Software update notification SMS plugin TDD, Symbian, Qt, SMS plugin, SQLite, JPEG, UML, Doxygen Concept SW Chef Nokia To provide technical solutions to support the programs under development and to ensure that technology that can support the product story is conveyed to the program in the form of offerings. To establish whether features are feasible and how many resources they will cost Product Concept And Planning (PCAP) award for bringing innovation to premium S60 product BTLE, Capacitive touch, OVI Files, DLNA, Mosaic UI, Symbian 4 & 5, Remote access SW Design specialist Nokia Maintaining and developing interface between Adobe Flash lite and Nokia mobile phones SW. Became lead engineer and project leader for Flash lite related projects. Starting in Flashlite Adaptation, group went from 8 to 1 in the two months after I started. I managed to maintain the lot and lead a project at the same time Project leader: SAPI - Service Architecture Protocol Interface Architect: Audiopolicy C, Flashlite, Linux, Windows, Multithreading Error manager Nokia Customer test accept manager Concept & requirement manager I was keeping track of more than 50 new errors each day. Prioritize them and track that the error correction capacity of each component is aligned with the amount of errors. Identify components that need redesign based on error history. Made my own error management tool that handled more than 50 new errors daily + tracked entity error capacity to detect bottlenecks. Lotus Notes, ODBC, MS Access Nokia On the pre sales side to make sure that we would pass the test before we submitted the phone for operator testing. On the post sales side, to make sure that the errors reported by the operator were treated with urgency and corrected before next test Nokia

5 Ressource congestion analysis To provide technical solutions to support the programs under development and to ensure that technology that can support the product story is conveyed to the program in the form of offerings. Negotiate with the delivery organizations to deliver required features to product. Concepted a 3G Video in mobile phones although their platform at the time did not have the performance resources Created processes fro delivereis at each milestone and templates thus defining the role 3GPP, H.263, ARM, Planning & Risk management Nokia Investigate whether the platform was able to support the feature set for the next phone in respect to performance and to suggest what alterations could be made to either requirements or platform to meet the target. Created process ao all product sites used same methods and hared results Performance beregning, RAP Platform OMAP platform GPRS Expert Nokia Lead on analyzing GPRS related errors and make sure the needed traces were in the report to component owners. In charge of making sure the configuration and certification documentation was in place for certification testing. Was at the right time at the right place with the right knowledge and made DKK in 4 hours work Founded and organisation and process in Nokia to ensure correctness and quality of the certification documentation Implemented BT Power control to reduce SAR values Teamleader: Streaming video in S40 phones GRPS, C, Cm Synergy, Configuration management HW/SW debug Senior SW design Nokia I was integrating all protocol software in product programs. Handling of reported errors (tracing, analyzing logs). Routing errors to suppliers of SW and maturing the error reports. I corrected half the errors myself. Test specification writing for new features (Integration test) Regression test specification and conduct Corrected half the errors myself Lead S40 integration of protocol SW in Nokia S40 GRPS, C, Cm Synergy, Configuration management HW/SW debug SW designer Nokia Analyze WAP/WSP Specifications, write analysis document, design document, implement the code, build test setup for module testing and test implementation for 100 % code coverage and dirty testing Build test setup of module test. The scriptgenerated testserver gave 100% testcoverage Design and implementation of WSP layer together with andeveloper from

6 Finland Redesign and implementation of WTP layer C, WAP, TCP/IP, OOD, Realtidsprogrammering, HW/SW debug Logistics engineer Scan Logi Developing database solutions and using database for data mining and optimization of especially work flow and warehouse optimization Created my own job by making a database analysis tool database, Logisitk, Client/Server ODBC, MS SqlServer Who I am Very extrovert person who can both ask for help / opinions and work selfcontained developing a parser over the weekend. I have a deep interest in history and enjoy nature especially with what it can provide for my stomach. I enjoy gardening and picking mushrooms and herbs in the Forrest. I like to scuba dive and ride bicycle. I have rebuilt a 144 sqm. House single handed

7 Courses Time Course 2014 Prince 2 Project leadership 2011 Windows phone programming 2011 Connecting People through Innovation Dialects 2011 Innovation workshop Basic UI/Code interaction XAML/C# Data binding Model Microsoft blend Converted my Sheep game and datacollector to C# To create a solution to a problem and a create a solution which is presented to both common man and a group of venture capitalists with the objective to gain both parties approval. Mature an idea by implementing a business model which is presented to a group of investors 2010 Qt Advanced Multi thread programming Network programming Wrapping Qt to Symbian 2010 Qt Basics Qt UI markup and code interaction Signal slot Forms Graphics scene Animation 2010 BT Low energy (BT 4.0) 2009 Applying UML 2 with magic draw Protocol architecture Advertising channels Data channels Link layer L2CAP Security manager GATT OOA & OOD with UML Requirement analysis Architectual decomposition Modelling domain 2006 Bluetooth Open Menu BT Radio, addr, Packet access, header, typer Hop selection SCO Link ACL Link 2005 Coaching Goal, Reality, Options and initiation 2003 Negotiation technique G Systems in mobile terminals Enable participants to be aware, effective and result oriented in a negitiation situation. 3G standard Terminal and network view protocol stack L1 & L2 WCDMA control

8 3G terminal measurement 2G/3G RAT 2001 GSM Signaling GSM Signalling protokol. Um, Abis, A-interface, Location update, CAll setup, SMS transfer, Cell broadcast, Handover, SS services 2001 GPRS protocol & procedures GPRS Architecture Mobility state management Transmission plane Signalling plane Um (LLC, RLC/MAC) Um Physical layer Gb Interface GPRS Backbone Gs Interface GPRS Attach PDP context RA/LA EGPRS 2001 Data over GSM Data encoding over GSM Rate adaptation Radio link protocol Channel encoding and interleaving 2000 Datacom platform Route of PSTN and PDN call MODEMS K56, X2, V.34 DTE/DCE interface Data compression ADSL OSI model 2000 OOA / OOD - struktureret analyse og design af tidstro systemer Structured analysis and design of real time systems Developement model Processor model Task model

9 Skills Language Danish Expert English German Expert Good Knowledge Roles Analysis Very Design patterns Very Development Expert Multisite Certification & congestion process Project management Test Very Business Knowledge Mobile/telecommunication Expert Project types Delivery project Very Development projects Very Project Management Disciplines International project management Multi-site project management Planning, follow-up and reporting Requirement specification/control Sub-contractor management Time and resource estimation Expert Expert Very Project Models Agile Scrum Project Management Tools Microsoft Project CAD and Enginering Tools Autocad (2D) Good Knowledge Dimensioning, calculations, Made my own 2D&3D Heat transfer & Good Knowledge approvals, standadards and Interfaces Stress models in C++ Ethernet Very I2C Good Knowledge SPI Telecommunication Good Knowledge Expert Wireless Bluetooth RFID WLAN Good Knowledge Processor systems ARM11 Very ARM9 PowerPC TI OMAP Very Digital electronics ASIC Knowledge Target SW platform Android Good Knowledge Linux Very

10 Private / Freelance projects Year Platform Project 1991 C++ Wind mill simulator (Blade element theory) 1993 C++ FEM model for 2D og 3D-structures with import from Autocad FEM model for heat i 2D with import from Autocad 2010 Qt/ Symbian 2011 Java / J2ME Squeeze remote. A remote control app for Logitech Squeeze box on N8. Sheep game A sheep controlled by accelerometer running on a canvas chasing vegetables and avoiding other animals WP7/XNA Sheep game: Ported to WP7 platform XNA framework. Top 20 in more than a year 2011 Java / J2ME 2011 WP7 / Silverlight GeoCollector: App collecting GPS position along with user selection. Sync data to Apache server / PHP / MySQL database GeoCollector ported from J2ME 2012 Qt Leikr sports computer. Made the Application and web interface Qml, Apache, PHP 2013 PHP, JQuery 2014 C - Micro controller MSP430 Made a full report defects to the municipality web soluiton arker.php?area=4 Online HR monitor for Cortrium Made the CPU code in Audientes hearing aid. Hearing test and fitting program and controlling DSP and power control chips over I2C. Audientes got 2 nd place at Danish Tech challenge 2014 Development projects Work Year Platform Project 2015 C++ / i.mx6 Freescale C++ Windows & Linux C, Sqlite, Linux 2010 C++ / Symbian 2010 C++ / Symbian Capture video and make digital Zoom using GPU, Rotate using opengl and transport raw video to remote unit using wifi P2P. On remote unit encode video using VPU and store locally Motion detection API i Milestone video platform + Make control source for 50 camera series and video servers Phonebook server in S40 phoens using SQLite. SW update for Symbian phones Concept projects in Symbian phones 2008 C / Linux Adaptation layer between Flashlite and Noka OS 2006 Basic / Database tool for errormanagement / ODBC interface to Lotus

11 Access Notes 2003 C BlueTooth Power control i Nokia Mobile-phones C Basic / Access Wireless Session protokol WAP in Mobile phones Database tool for ware house optimization of flow and content. Data mining invoice data Integration projects work Wireless Session protokol WAP in Mobile phones 2010 Concept SW chief: Atmel touch og Symbian phones with special needs for touch screens 2008 Project leader: SAPI - Service Architecture Protocol Interface 2008 Architect: Audiopolicy 2004 Comcepting manager: Video call in mobile phones, which did not have the necessary resources Teamleader: Streaming video in S40-phones 2001 SW developer: GPRS in S40-phones Projects with me as Project leader or Architect Year Phone 2002 S & 7600 Integration of Streaming video in S40 phones 2003 S Concept & Analysis: Use of old platform and backport features from new platform 2003 S40 XXXX Concept & Analysis: 360 Fold phone (Discontinued) 2004 S Concept & Analysis: Integrate Dm290 Video ASIC in mobile RAP3G platform 2005 S Requirement manager: Coordinate activitites for TI, Camera platform and Core software 2008 S60 Concept & Analysis BT LE keyfob, Find my phone, Mosaic UI, Backup content to cloud, micro motor control, Atmel capacitive touch Firmware update plugin framework

12 References & Evaluations Evaluation as Architect Line manager Christian Hjersing / 2010 I have been really happy with your attitude during the second half, you have been pushed from task to task and been stuck with tasks from before DSW. But you have kept the focus even though the support from the program to move on hasn t really been there. Also your participation in our Quality work group has been super; you have many good opinions and a clear focus on ensuring that we make quality SW. I really appreciate your involvement here, as this work really has helped in defining the foundation of the team Evaluation as SW Line manager Thomas Hjelm / 2009 Ole got up to speed very quickly on his role in PCAP and contributed to studies and product programs almost immediately. Was awarded with the PCAP rock n roller award for bringing innovation to the product program. Evaluation as SW Design Line manager Severin Bredahl-Banovic / 2008 Ole has been able to run SAPI phase 1 project on a level of very experienced PL. Ole managed to create full transparency to SPR management, Asset Planning management and to me as a feature owner while making good decisions under difficult circumstances. Ole is well structured but also very flexible. He can adjust to a new situation in a very short time. Ole is committed to his delivery (both, as a SW designer and as a Project Leader) The quality of final product is never an issue. Ole delivers excellent quality. Transparency of Ole's efforts is well maintained. Works in very independent mode. Ole has ability to recognize opportunities and use them.