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2 SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION TO WORKSHOP Punjab Cities Governance Improvement Project is focused at strengthening of systems and governance improvement for enhanced service delivery and is being implemented in five large cities.i.e. City District Governments (CDGs) of the Punjab which include Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi. The disbursement decision is based on achievement of pre-specified results, referred to as Disbursement linked Indicators (DLIs), determined in partnership with the Government of Punjab. Under DLI 1: Resource Planning of PCGIP, the target of year 3 is to develop a mechanism for preparation of Integrated Development and Asset Management Plan (IDAMP) and to prepare a complete GIS based inventory of assets. In order to discuss in detail about how the target of year 3 will be achieved, a half day workshop was planned by the Urban Unit on requirement of asset management and further IBM team was also invited to present asset management system. The agenda of workshop is attached as Annexure A. The participants of the workshop included representatives from the following entities / departments: City District Governments (CDGs), Water and Sanitation Agencies (WASAs), Local Government and Community Development Department (LG&CDD) Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department (HUD&PHED) Planning & Development (P & D) Department City Program Units (CPUs) Urban Unit Asset Management System Page 1

3 SECTION 2: PROCEEDINGS OF THE WORKSHOP Punjab Cities Governance Improvement Project s (PCGIP s) workshop on Asset Management System under DLI 1: Resource Planning was organized on August 28, 2014 in the Iris Auditorium of Planning & Development Department. In the workshop there were 38 participants from CDGs and WASAs of Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Departments, Consultants working on Asset Management Plan, IBM team, CPU staff and Urban Unit team. The detailed list of participants is attached as Annexure B. The proceedings of the workshop are as following: Mr. Abdul Razaq, Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist welcomed the participants of the workshop. The workshop was formally started with the recitation from Holy Quran. The participants were requested for a quick round of introduction. Mr. Abid Hussaini, Senior Capacity Development Specialist, delivered the presentation on requirements of Asset Management System. He explained the current scenario, categories of assets, salient features of assets, and the operational efficiencies envisaged by the development of system. The presentation was mainly focused on assets of CDGs and WASAs and was supplemented by detailed work plans and timelines for the development of the software. The officials of CDGs and WASAs were also informed of their respective responsibilities for the successful completion of the software. The presentation was much appreciated by the delegates who endorsed the idea of a comprehensive asset management tool to strengthen their internal control environment and performance review mechanisms. The presentation is attached as Annexure C. The IBM team was then asked to present the salient features of their Asset Management System and the software Maximo. The IBM team explained the purpose of developing asset management software and the benefits, in terms of improved reporting, visibility and effective decision making. The presentation was mainly hinged around the utilities and efficiencies introduced by the Maximo asset management software. The IBM team explained the linkages between the different aspects of asset management covered by Maximo, these included asset specifications, costs, work plans, procurement and accounting of the asset inventory. WASA officials stressed the need for thorough training and orientation with the software to enable them to develop hands on approach. Keeping such reservations into perspective, the IBM team decided to make a demo presentation on the usage of the asset management software. The presentation focused on a practical real time example showing the different aspects of recording, presenting and reporting on the asset information and its relevant key performance indicators. The presentation included snapshots, slides and templates giving an insight into real time asset management software. Following the presentation, the IBM team allowed for an interactive session to address the reservations of the WASA officials. The workshop was concluded by Urban Unit team with the vote of thanks. Asset Management System Page 2

4 Following is the list of annexure: SECTION 3: ANNEXURES Annexure A: Annexure B: Annexure C: Annexure D: Agenda of the Workshop List of Participants Presentation Picture Gallery Asset Management System Page 3

5 Annexure A PUNJAB CITIES GOVERNANCE IMPROVEMENT PROJECT WORKSHOP ON ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Date: August 28, 2014 Venue: Iris Auditorium, P&D Department, Lahore Time: 10:00am 02:00pm Agenda Time Title Facilitator Day 1: August 8, :00-10:05 Recitation from the Holy Quran Mr. Tariq Mahmood 10:05-11:30 Presentation on Requirements of Asset Management System Abdul Razaq Mr. Abid Hussaini 11:30 01:30 Presentation on Asset Management System of IBM Mr. Saif Choudary 01:30 Lunch Asset Management System Page 4

6 Annexure B Sr. No. Name Designation LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Department /Organization Contact No./ 1. Abdul Qayyum Tahir EDO (Works and services) CDGG Gujranwala 2. Mr. Fida Hussain Director Engg WASA, WASA, Gujranwala Gujranwala 3. Abdul Qayyum Khan DO LHQ/EDO (WOS) CDGL Lahore 4. Mr. Tahir Hussain Estate officer WASA, WASA Lahore Lahore 5. Mr. Muhammad Rehman Assistant Director WASA, WASA, Lhr Lahore 6. Mr. Bilal Shah Assistant Director GIS, WASA, LDA WASA, LDA 7. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal EDO (W&S) CDG, Faisalabad Mr. Adnan Nisar Director (I&C) WASA, Faisalabad Mr. Imtiaz Arif Deputy Director (Admin) LGTCD Dept (Director General) 10. Mr. Naseem Khalid Director works WASA, Multan Mr. Azizullah Khan Director (P&D) WASA, Rawalpindi Mr. Tahir Bashir Mirza Deputy Director (Finance) WASA, Rawalpindi Mr. Waqas Kareem Manager GIS PMDFC Mr. Talal Ahmed Khan Planning Consultant PMDFC Ms. Erum Ashfaq Manager Planning PMDFC Mr. Osama Ashfaq Brand Leader, CSI, IBM IBM 17. Mr. Saif Chowdhury Smarter Infrastructure IBM Consultant IPM 18. Mr. Ajmal Baig CEO /Consultant Semiotics Consultants Mr. M. Umar PFM Consultant Semiotics Ms. Sumaira Atta Project Manager PCGIP- UU 21. Mr. Navid Khalid Senior Specialist The Urban Unit 22. Mr. Abdul Razzaq Senior SRME Specialist The Urban Unit Mr. Tariq Mehmood Senior Specialist The Urban Unit Mr. Ahmed Naeem Communication Specialist PCGIP- UU Mr. Khalid Hameed Business development The Urban Unit Specialist 26. Mr. Waqas Iqbal Internal Auditor PCGIP- UU Mr. Haris Nadeem Internal Auditor The Urban Unit Mr. Arslan Shahid Senior Analyst Finance The Urban Unit Mr. Gul Hafeez SIDS CPU, WASA Mr. M. Haseeb Raza IDS, Urban Unit Urban Unit CPU-Multan Mr. Farukh Iqbal Khan FMS CPU- Multan CPU-Multan Mr. Waseem Asghar FMS CPU- Rawalpindi CPU-Rawalpindi Mr. Hafiz Hussain Tanveer FMS CPU-Lahore Mr. Muhammad Islam FMS CPU-Faisalabad Mr. Muhammad Rafique FMS CPU-Gujranwala Asset Management System Page 5

7 Sr. No. Name Designation Department /Organization Contact No./ 36. Mr. Haider Ali Research Associate The Urban Unit Mr. Syed Muhammad Usman Ali 38. Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Tariq Research Associate The Urban Unit Environment Division Research Assistant The Urban Unit Asset Management System Page 6

8 Annexure C PRESENTATION Asset Management System Page 7

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13 Annexure D PICTURE S GALLERY Asset Management System Page 12

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