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1 PROFESSIONS PRODUCTIVITY PACKAGE This core Productivity Package has been developed to enable Professional Firms to gain access to Electronic Services / Applications and the training necessary at special prices, to enable them to increase their productivity and profitability on existing and future Projects. This is essential under mounting economic challenges. The focus of the package is to assist the planning of Professional services, and the procurement of Consultants and Contractors / Sub-contractors etc. using Electronic Services and Applications that save time and prevent errors, thus maximising profitability. Additional add-ons to the core package can be taken as optional extras to grow the package organically. By taking this opportunity, your business will gain new energy and become responsive to the ever increasing demands of the industry. Elements of the core Package: 1. JBCC Electronic Service (e-jbcc) for one office 2. PROCSA Electronic Service (e-procsa) for one office 3. Contractual Claims Management System (e-ccms) for one workstation 4. Building Cost Estimating Application (Kwik-est) for one workstation 5. 5 one day training workshops on the following (for one person): Optimal use of the e-services in the Package JBCC Agreements Edition 6 (e jbcc) Payment & Completion (e-jbcc) Contractual Claims Management (e-ccms) PROCSA Client / Consultant Agreements ( e-procsa) The above will give your company the electronic tools and training to enhance your Professional, Principal Agency and Principal Consultancy capability. Substitution of the Application The Application included in the Core package, may be substituted for one of the Add-on Applications listed below; however the Package price will change if this option is taken. Annual Subscription The above core Package of services and the add-ons will be provided on an annual subscription basis per office, and charged for monthly. Training Workshops Training will be provided by recognised experts in their field. Workshops qualify for CPD Points from the Professional Institutes and Associations.

2 The Electronic Services & Applications Core Package constituents 1. JBCC Electronic Service (e-jbcc) Convenient electronic access to the latest edition of JBCC Contract Agreements and Forms. Complete Contracts, Agreement Schedules, Forms and Contract Data Documents on-line and disseminate these documents electronically. Pre-paid printing once Agreements are complete. Automation of the calculation and production of Payment Certificates, Recovery, Notification and Advice Statements for main and subcontractors. Production of Cost vs Budget Reports and QS Valuation Statements. 2. PROCSA Electronic Service (e-procsa) Convenient electronic access to the latest PROCSA agreements. Complete Agreement Schedules and Forms on-line and disseminate these documents electronically. Pre paid printing once Agreements are completed. 3. Contractual Claims Management System (e-ccms) This system assists with the processing of Contractual Claims, Notification and Assessment. For use by Principal Agents, Contractors and Sub-contractors. Used specifically for claims for Delays, Expense & Loss and Adjustment of Preliminaries. It deals only with Claims relating to JBCC Contracts. 4. Building Cost Estimating Application (Kwik-est) This is a powerful and comprehensive estimating pricing and valuing application that facilitates the preparation of building cost estimates incorporating elemental cost analysis, bill of quantities, rate build-ups, construction cash flows, material breakdowns and progress payments. It is a user-friendly application designed for Quantity Surveyors, Engineering Consultants, Building Contractors and Project Managers and is suitable for Projects of all sizes. It facilitates the preparation of estimates for consulting purposes, quotations for Tendering and Valuation Certificates. The Electronic Services & Applications Additional optional add-ons to the Core Package 5. Professions Cost Control Application (Projectlog 2000) An easy to use resource management system which records time sheets for various activities or tasks undertaken on projects. Professional fees and disbursements can be projected and monitored against the actual project cost to company. It also tracks the receipt of fee income and can also be used to track and monitor billable time for an activity. 6.1 Development Project Feasibility Application (Kwik-feas) An application that facilitates the preparation of financial feasibility studies for property developments. The application dramatically reduces the time required in preparing, assessing or fine-tuning the feasibility of a new development and offers a professional presentation incorporating cash flows, graphs and reports presented in a format which can be modified to suit your image and needs. This product is an invaluable tool for property developers, financial institutions, quantity surveyors, architects, project managers, property administrators and agents. 6.2 Professional Fee Management Application (Kwik-tariff) ( An integral part of Kwikfeas) An application which manages professional fees on a per Project basis. It calculates and sets out the professional fees for the various types and categories of services, for each type of Consultant. It also monitors actual fees paid automatically forecasts the outstanding amounts to completion. The system caters for various levels of discount. The system complements the e-procsa service. 7. Property Valuation & Asset Management Application (Kwik-vue) An application for the valuation of income producing properties using various valuing methods and investment criteria. It has been developed for the property owner, consultant, broker, valuer, portfolio manager and investment analyst. It incorporates monthly and annual inflows and outflows and has a graphical interface in a format that is flexible to suit the user's requirements. A powerful tool for those who are required to make an investment decision either in the timing of an acquisition, or disposal of a property. 8. Automated Take-off of Quantities Application (Kwik-qts) A powerful and interactive electronic measuring tool designed for Quantity Surveyors and Contractors to dramatically reduce time allocated to taking off quantities.

3 The Training Core Package constituents The following Workshops are designed to be complementary to the Core Package Electronic Services described above: 1. e-electronic Services & Applications teach-in Learn how to optimise the use of the e-services & Applications 2. JBCC Agreements & Tender Procedure Understand how to use and apply the new JBCC Edition 6 Building Agreements 3. Training on Payment & Completion relative to the JBCC Contracts Learn in detail how to handle contract payment and understand the stages of completion 4. PROCSA Client / Consultant Agreements Understand more about the application of the PROCSA Terms & Conditions & Addenda Documents Become more knowledgeable regarding the PROCSA Scope of Services Documents Receive invaluable advice relative to Stages of Work as detailed in the PROCSA Matrix Document Learn how to define the Roles and Responsibilities on particular Projects 5. Contractual Claims Procedures relative to the JBCC Contracts Learn how to process, mitigate or avoid Contractual Claims Please Note that the Training Workshops component of the package, can be structured as follows: Package - Participation as Delegates in our series of open one-day workshops. (Please note that these are only available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.) Option In-house training Workshops for 10 or more people. (Price quoted separately) For further information and pricing please contact Mari Burger on or our Call Centre on

4 THE ELECTRONIC SERVICES / APPLICATIONS & TRAINING BENEFITS OF TAKING THE PACKAGE APPENDIX 1 ELECTRONIC SERVICES / APPLICATIONS - BENEFITS JBCC & PROCSA Electronic Services (e-jbcc) & (e-procsa) Convenient Electronic access to the latest JBCC and PROCSA Agreements, Schedules, Forms & Guides saving time on collecting documents Complete agreements in electronic format, to members of the project team for easy collaboration and incorporation of amendments Customize the forms with your own Corporate Logo and Electronic Signature Store forms and Schedules electronically for future reference Keep up-to-date with your CPAP Valuations Save time on manual calculation of CPAP Print Agreements, Schedules, Forms & Guides once finalised Review complete printing records and manage printing costs JBCC Project Cost Control Application (part of e-jbcc) Reduces time taken to prepare Certificates Improves the efficiency of contract administration Provides automated monthly Cost and Budget reporting to Client Eliminates the possibility of incorrect calculations and errors Enables delegation by Senior staff to administration personnel, of the preparation work Enables the multi-use of information across Projects Enables ease of data exchange between members of the Project Team Enables control of the Master Database by the Principal Agent Enables full management of the Contract Value, by managing adjustments to the Provision Sums, Prime Costs, Budgetary and Contingency Amounts Provides adjustment and valuation of Preliminaries in full accordance with the JBCC Preliminaries Saves time on manual calculation of CPAP by use of the Automated CPAP indices importer Fully integrates CPAP Work Group allocations and calculations into certificate valuations. (only to users subscribing independently to JBCC for CPAP) Enables draft printing of documents for checking and authorisation Provides an unlimited supply of certificates, statements and notifications all to JBCC format and standards Provides a complete database of past and current contract documentation that can be quickly retrieved Enables all contract variables to be registered within the system for later referral. JBCC Contractual Claims Management System (e-ccms) Can be used by Contractors or Sub-contractors to record and make Contractual Claims Can be used by Principal Agents to verify Claims Project Estimating System (Kwik-est) Substantially reduces the time required in preparing estimates and valuations Easy measurement Save time asking what if questions Obtain easy access to rate libraries Easily control costs and monitor cash flows. TRAINING WORKSHOPS - BENEFITS These Workshops are designed to be complementary to the Electronic Services provided with the Core Package. They form an essential part of the package, as, without the knowledge imparted at the workshops, the electronic services cannot be applied effectively and the productivity targets are unlikely to be achieved.

5 THE ELECTRONIC SERVICES / APPLICATIONS & TRAINING BENEFITS OF TAKING THE ADD-ONS TO THE PACKAGE APPENDIX 2 Timesheet & Fee Projections (Project-log 2000) Save time producing timesheets for staff Monitor Project tasks, activities and costs Track billable and non-billable activities on Projects Easily monitor the receipt of fee income Evaluate and monitor staff productivity Maintain and easily access Client, Project and Employee details via your office network Project Feasibility Application (Kwik-feas) Quickly prepare applications for Project funding Predict Project cash-flows and maximum cash-flow exposure Access building cost rates and save time Find out construction costs and cost escalations Ascertain the best use of the property Ask what if questions Property Valuation Application (Kwik-vue) Reduce the time required for property valuations Assists in the timing of the acquisition or disposal of a property Assists in the budgeting of rentals and operating expenditure Analyse cash flow and yields and cash flow exposure Assess risk by asking what if questions Analyse tax implications Standardize the format of property valuations within your company Automated Take-off of Quantities Application (kwik-qts) Substantially reduce time in preparing and calculating area schedules and building cost estimates.