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2 FRANCE ROLLS OUT THE RED CARPET FOR ENTREPRENEURS ACROSS THE WORLD In an era driven by innovation, where creativity and disruption are changing the rules of the game, France with its natural penchant for tech innovation combined with its new generation of entrepreneurs has created an aspiring and thriving startup ecosystem that fully embraces cultural diversity. Over recent years, La French Tech has been building what has home to vibrant tech hubs and a hotbed of talent. A startup nation that has opened its doors, rewritten its laws, reinvented its processes to welcome a diversity of entrepreneurial talents from around the world to create a powerful international dimension for future growth. 2 2

3 FRENCH TECH TICKET WE RE WELCOMING TALENT FROM ACROSS THE WORLD WITH THE FRENCH TECH TICKET, A 12-MONTH ACCELERATOR PROGRAM TO SET UP INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURS WHO WANT TO BUILD A START UP IN FRANCE. A fast-track procedure to obtain a residence permit. A Welcome Guide and special offers to help entrepreneurs relocate to France. 45,000 per team over the course of a year, with no loss of equity. An English-speaking help desk to provide. administrative assistance. A tailored program of events to support the startup s growth. 12 months in one of the 41 selected partner incubators. FRENCH TECH VISA WE RE BUILDING A STARTUP NATION WITH THE FRENCH TECH VISA, A SIMPLIFIED, FAST-TRACK PROCEDURE TO OBTAIN A RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR STARTUP FOUNDERS AND EMPLOYEES, INVESTORS AND BUSINESS ANGELS. Startup Founders Found your startup in France in one of our partner incubators. Employees Join one of the 70 companies eligible to recruit French Tech Visa holders. Investors Invest in French Startups by opening investing directly as a business angel or being recruited as an investor at a French venture 3

4 BUSINESS FRANCE, THE GOVERNMENT AGENCY FOR THE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE FRENCH ECONOMY CONNECT - FAST-TRACK - SUCCEED Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 64 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. OUR ANNUAL RESULTS PROMOTION 3 in 4 foreign business leaders think France is attractive -7 points between 2016 and 2017: French bashing is in significant decline (EY survey) EXPORTS 1 in 2 companies supported by Business France entered into new trading agreements in one or several export markets, or will do so in the next two years 10,000 SMEs and mid-size companies used Business France s export services 94% key opinion leaders consider France to be creative 10,000 VIE interns 643 investment decisions supported by Business France INVESTMENTS 17,608 jobs created or maintained RECRUITMENTS

5 BUSINESS FRANCE S FRANCE Eric MORAND Director of New Technologies Innovation & Services Division Ph.: +33 (0) Stéphanie MORLEY Head of Tech & Services Department Ph.: +33 (0) Fayssal MAJID Head of Tech Operations Ph.: +33 (0) Mariel PIOT IT Project Coordinator Ph.: +33 (0) Léa DOMINICI IT Project Coordinator Ph.: +33 (0) GERMANY Violaine TERREAUX Senior Trade Advisor BENELUX Naila KAOUACHE Trade Advisor BRAZIL Roberta LARA FERNANDES Senior Trade Advisor CHINA Juan LUO Trade Advisor SOUTH COREA Ji-Huyn LEE Trade Advisor IVORY COAST Innocent NDRY Trade Advisor SPAIN / PORTUGAL Laure MARCHAND Senior Trade Advisor INDIA Jean François AMBROSIO Senior Trade Advisor ITALY Lucie PELISSIER Trade Advisor JAPAN Kyoko SAKAMOTO Trade Advisor MALAISIA Julia SPECK Trade Advisor MEXICO Claire MANZANO Trade Advisor POLAND Marta PATER Trade Advisor MIDDLE EAST Christelle PEYRAN Senior Trade Advisor UNITED KINGDOM Teresa MARSHALL Trade Advisor RUSSIA Foued KEFIF Senior Trade Advisor SINGAPOR Géraldine PELISSIER Trade Advisor TUNISIA Zohra SADOK Trade Advisor VIETNAM Danh BUI Trade Advisor 5





10 BUSINESS FRANCE ORANGE AWARDS WINNERS MWC 2018 Business France rewards cutting edge innovative companies of the French Tech Pavilion at MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS TELCO INNOVATION BTOB SOLUTION START-UP COUP DE CŒUR Hall 5 - Booth 5B41 Hall 5 - Booth 5B41 Hall Booth 8.1E49 Hall 5 - Booth 5B61 Workstation : 10 Workstation : 2 Workstation : 4 Workstation : 30 Innovation is contagious IN PARTNERSHIP WITH


12 LIST IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER A2ia...17 Accengage...38 Acklio...45 Adveez SAS...17 Alchimie...41 Amplement...27 Apizee...41 Art-fi...17 Atdi...27 Athenasys...27 Backinapp...38 Biggerpan...41 Blacknut...18 Boostedge - Activnetworks...45 Bretagne Commerce International...33 Broadpeak...45 Centile Telecom Applications...18 Chambre de Commerce et D industrie de Région Paris Ile de France...33 Cirpack...45 Cynapsys Technologies...27 Cysalys...46 Danew...41 Data2b...18 Dejamobile...18 Dotscreen...19 Dreamin...38 Dxo Labs...19 Edevice...28 Ela Innovation...46 Enensys Technologies...46 Ercom...19 Evina...38 Expandium...46 Expway...47 Famoco...36 Fime...28 Fraudbuster...28 Globaltel...47 Goodbarber...19 Greenspector...28 Invest, Trade & Innovate In Occitanie / Pyrenees-mediterranee...33 In Webo Technologies...42 Ip-label...20 Ipm France...29 Iqsim...47 It-development SAS...20 Kapptivate...47 Keolabs

13 LIST IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Kiwatch...20 Ledger...36 Lillybelle...29 Linagora...42 Louvre Lens Vallee...33 Madgic...39 Mashup Web...20 Matchupbox...21 Matooma...48 Mobiyo...36 Monument Tracker...21 Neotion...42 Opencell...21 Ovalie Tech...21 Pandasuite...22 Planet Network International...29 Plussh...22 Pradeo...22 Pragma...30 Qowisio...48 Qwant...42 Rakuten Aquafadas...22 Reachfive...23 Recommerce Group...43 Recoveo Mobile...48 Red Alert Labs...30 Redmint...23 Sagemcom...48 Satt Aquitaine...49 SCS Cluster/ Pôle SCS...34 Secure-ic...30 Selecom...49 Sikiwis...23 Siradel...30 Smartcom...23 Smartviser...24 Sublime Skinz...39 Summview...24 Synertic...24 Systematic Paris Region Cluster...34 Tempow...43 Ticatag...43 Trustinsoft...49 Wassa...31 Wazapp...24 Wizway Solutions...31 Wyplay...25 Xee...43 Yanacom



16 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT Exhibitors list A2ia...17 Adveez SAS...17 Art-fi...17 Blacknut...18 Centile Telecom Applications...18 Data2b...18 Dejamobile...18 Dotscreen...19 Dxo Labs...19 Ercom...19 Goodbarber...19 Ip-label...20 It-development SAS...20 Kiwatch...20 Mashup Web...20 Matchupbox...21 Monument Tracker...21 Opencell...21 Ovalie Tech...21 Pandasuite...22 Plussh...22 Pradeo...22 Rakuten Aquafadas...22 Reachfive...23 Redmint...23 Sikiwis...23 Smartcom...23 Smartviser...24 Summview...24 Synertic...24 Wazapp...24 Wyplay...25 Yanacom

17 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT A2IA Workstation: 2 A2iA is a software company utilizing the principles of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks. Our software toolkits (SDK) deliver the ability to capture high-quality, clean mobile images and to extract the data from within - including checks, ID cards, proof of residency forms, receipts, bills and handwritten or printed notes. Available for integration into mobile apps and mobile operating systems, A2iA s footprint spans 9 languages and more than 42 countries around the world. Enhance applications focused around complex mobile onboarding, check deposits, ID recognition and credentialing, bill and receipt recognition and mobile note processing. ADVEEZ SAS NON EXHIBITOR AREA ADVEEZ, created in late 2011 in Toulouse, is a company of 40+ people including 2 sales people in the USA. The startup, whose purpose is the identification and securing of goods and people, adapted a technological component from the automotive market to the field of the Internet of Things, access control and e-health (Silver Economy: wander and fall) as well as the security of airport vehicles using a SaaS business model. Wendi KLEIN - Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Mobile Partner Development Ph.: Ph.: +33 (0) Guillaume LAVERGNE - R&D Manager Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) APPALOOSA.IO Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 1 APPALOOSA deploys your private apps to employees and beta testers with speed, elegance and security. ART-FI BOOTH 5B75 Founded in 2010, ART-FI devises innovative testing solutions for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and Over-The-Air (OTA) measurements to accelerate the development of wireless and IoT devices. ART-MAN, its flagship product, allows mobile & IoT manufacturers including antenna designers to quickly and cost-effectively optimize equipment performance. ART-Fi is a world leader in the assessment of Human exposure to electromagnetic waves and has vast expertise in antenna design and 3D-EM simulation. As a customercentric and health-conscious company, ART-Fi aims to reduce RF exposure in daily life by improving EMF calculation methods. Julien OTT - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Stéphane PANNETRAT - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

18 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT BLACKNUT Workstation: 47 BLACKNUT unleashes the video game experience, offering simple and immediate access to a handpicked selection of games available across all devices for a monthly subscription. Blacknut s cloud gaming service allows users to instantly discover new games, play in real time, and share their experiences with a global community. Our large and curated game catalog means there s a game for every life moment, for all genders and generations and for the tastes and preferences of everyone. CENTILE TELECOM APPLICATIONS BOOTH 5B81 CENTILE TELECOM APPLICATIONS is the European leading developer of Cloud PBX and UCC platforms for operators and integrators. Centile supports 100 service providers in 20 countries with one million worldwide people make voice calls independent of any service, device or network. Centile has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan «Cloud Communication-Value Price/ Performance Leadership and the 2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award. Olivier AVARO - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) Pierre VIDALENC - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) DATA2B Workstation: 8 DATA2B is a software editor. We help our clients to get the most of their data. Our solutions enable companies from traditional sectors to operate in the same way as web giants do. It can be achieved by transforming data into assets. Data2B was founded in 2015 and operates throughout all Europe (with offices in Paris, Barcelona and Rennes) and in the Americas (thanks to its subsidiary in Mexico City). The success of our projects is guaranteed by the combination of skills and profiles of our team: Engineer and Big Data architect, Geomatician, Data Scientists, Network Scientist. DEJAMOBILE Workstation: 12 DEJAMOBILE is a Fintech and software solution provider specialised in Mobile Transaction Services. Our solutions help businesses and organisations to develop interactive and secure mobile services using contactless and proximity technologies (NFC, QR Code and Bluetooth Smart) in the areas of payment, retail and transport. Our headquarters and R&D teams are based in France; and we have offices in the UK and Ireland. Dejamobile s teams own a large range of skills and expertise: software development, software and hardware security, smartcards, biometrics, contactless and proximity technologies, mobile payments, agile project management, R&D and innovation. Romain VALLEE - Sales Executive Cel.: +33 (0) Houssem ASSADI - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

19 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT DOTSCREEN NON EXHIBITOR AREA DOTSCREEN is a leading multi-screen app developer and a UI specialized agency. With offices in France, UK, Germany, Spain, Nordic, USA, Latam & Singapore, DOTSCREEN has completed over 300 applications (TV Everywhere, VOD/ SVOD, replay, EPG...) available for mobile (ios, Android, W10), smart TV (Samsung, LG...), OTT boxes (Roku, Apple TV, Android TV), set-top box, game consoles, connected watches and fridges. Our customers include Vodafone, Orange, Freenet, HBO, Fox, Turner, ESPN, Beinsports to name a few. Our apps have been integrated with numerous back-ends (Neulion, VO, Comcast, Kaltura, Arkena, CGI, Alpha Networks, Conax, Nagra. DXO LABS Workstation: 14 DXO changed the shape of photography with the DxO ONE camera, established the world s largest database of camera and lens reviews, DxOMark, and brought intelligent image correction software to photographers everywhere. DxO technologies are also embedded into 400M+ cameras and devices, thanks to clients in the smartphone, drone, action camera, etc. spaces. Stan LERIDON - Chairman Cel.: +33 (0) Etienne KNAUER - VP Sales & Marketing Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) ERCOM Workstation: 20 & 21 ERCOM has been developing its leadership in the communications, data and devices security industry for 30 years. This position is based on complementary technological expertise in telecom/cloud, cryptography and software infrastructures, shared values: innovation, expertise, commitment and privacy. Our cybersecurity products and expertise are recognized in France and abroad by major players, customers, partners and certification organizations. Ercom, also an historical player in simulation & performance measurement in telecommunication networks, has developed competencies in the management of thousands of events per second. Based on those competencies, Ercom now offers anti-fraud solutions combining the advantages of artificial intelligence and big data. Nicolas MOSTACCHI - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) GOODBARBER Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 10 GOODBARBER is an App Builder developed by DuoApps. Leader in Europe and among the top 3 app builders in the world, GoodBarber is a renowned software to create beautiful mobile experiences. It s the perfect alternative to long and expensive bespoke mobile development projects. Dominique SIACCI - Co-Founder & CTO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

20 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT IP-LABEL Workstation: 23 Since 2001, IP-LABEL has been a leading provider of APM (Application Performance Management) solutions which measure the quality of experience for all digital services (web, business applications, mobile apps, voice, telephony, etc.). Our Mobile APM offer is the market s only full-spectrum mobile monitoring solution combining synthetic (robots for 24/7 testing) and embedded real-user monitoring. Over 1000 worldwide customers rely on our solutions to audit and optimize availability and performance of their critical applications. Our local teams, in addition to a network of certified partners, provide assistance and expertise to accompany customers in their digital transformation. IT-DEVELOPMENT SAS Workstation: 13 ITD provides Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Towercos an innovative end-to-end solution (ClickOnSite) to efficiently manage cell tower sites, assets and operations. We have 12,000 daily users across 20 countries. #MakeTheEverydayBetter summarizes our philosophy to keep ITD products easy to use. ITD aims to be the #1 provider of software for managing sites and operations in Europe, Africa, Middle East and SE Asia. ITD s founders bring over 50 years of experience in the telecoms industry and network deployments. We are telecoms and tower industry experts making software services for the telecoms and tower industries. Christophe DEPEUX - VP Global Sales & MarCom Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Jérôme PERRET - Managing Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) KIWATCH Workstation: 3 KIWATCH provides to the market a unique cloud videomonitoring service for mass market (plug &play, good value for money) and small business. This service can be project by ISP in all countries in the world with a very affordable price. Olivier BLANCHARD - General Manager Cel.: +33 (0) MASHUP WEB Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 NON EXHIBITOR AREA MASHUP WEB provides a powerful suite of tools based on content aggregation. Our main mission is to create vertical communities around passions (sports club, celebrities, sports players...) and to monetize them. We propose our technology directly to the fans through different services: websites, mobile apps and social networks. Example of services:,,, We also provide B2B services. We can propose white or grey label content features on any specific topic. These features can be widgets, auto-posts on social networks, xml feeds for apps or websites... Matthieu GUDEFIN - President Cel.: +33 (0)

21 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT MatchUpBox smart technology for your personal data MATCHUPBOX Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 14 Digital identity and personal data are the internet s currency but as opposed to regular currencies, they do not benefit from a reliable ecosystem. Companies spend billion of dollars every year to collect, authenticate and protect their customers data. It results in an increase of processing costs and time, a poor customer satisfaction and a poor ROI. MATCHUPBOX addresses these three challenges by proposing services around its innovative vision of the Blockchain i.e. PikcioChain. MONUMENT TRACKER enter history MONUMENT TRACKER Workstation: 37 MONUMENT TRACKER offers a mobile solution to enhance the territories. Your personal e-concierge: Guide, Hotels, Restaurants, Flights, Shows, Deals, Museums Didier COLLIN DE CASAUBON - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Jean-jacques LOTTERMOSER - President - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) opencell OPENCELL Workstation: 27 OPENCELL publishes and supports the Opencell open source convergent billing solution. Software Engineering 4.0 Smart Industry transition OVALIE TECH Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 4 OVALIE TECH is a software engineering company designing and integrating software solutions for the industry. We help our customers in the transition of their facilities to the industry 4.0 technologies. As part of ours missions, we developped a software suite called DOMMS including CMMS, EDM and commissionning management features. David MEYER - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) Philippe ERGAUD - CEO Ph.: +33 (0)

22 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT PANDASUITE Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 9 PANDASUITE is an innovative French company that built a revolutionary tool to create apps without coding (ios/ Android/HTML5). It provides the greatest freedom of creation in the market (3D, virtual reality, Beacon sensors..) to create interactive and engaging content: there is no app like another. It helps you from content creation to app distribution to provide the best user experience on mobile/tablet/web. PLUSSH Workstation: 49 & 50 Leader in the French market, with key accounts customers such as Société Générale, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole or Orange, PLUSSH, startup specialized in live stream video from a smartphone, is developing customized HD video direct applications for the B2B market. Internal communication, commercial coordination, assisted maintenance, broadcast, whatever your need, Plussh has the appropriate solution, secure and privatized, to improve the transmission of information, involve teams, bring together employees and facilitate digital transformation. Aude PILLERON - Marketing / Co-Founder Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Dimitri MOULINS - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) PRADEO Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 8 PRADEO is a global mobile security company, leader in the mobile device security field, offering innovative services to protect smartphones, tablets and connected objects (IoT). Pradeo solves security issues introduced by the advent of the «apps model» and the booming use of new mobile devices in finance, health, defense, Telco, government, utilities... Thanks to its unique patented technology, Pradeo is able to reveal and qualify hidden behaviors of mobile applications and suspicious activities performed on mobile devices. PRADEO SECURITY solution is the only one to provide companies with a full 360 security approach for their strategic mobile initiatives. RAKUTEN AQUAFADAS Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 8 RAKUTEN AQUAFADAS part of the Rakuten Group, is a software creator providing digital content and apps platform for enterprise. We specialise in scalable next generation content apps enriched with audience engagement, gamification, loyalty systems and monetisation elements. Our tools are designed to increase ROI & teams productivity by offering an always-on and secure mobile access to interactive documents inside cross-platform apps.created without a single line of code, easy to maintain with automation workflows and intelligent thanks to in-app analytics and possibility to optimise in real time. Clément SAAD - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Olivier ALLUIS - CEO Ph.: +33 (0)

23 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT REACHFIVE Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 3 REACHFIVE S Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) helps organizations connect and recognize customers across all devices, anywhere, anytime. By offering state of the art of authentication and advanced identity management, ReachFive enables consumers to connect in a seamless and secured way. ReachFive collects and centralises customers profiles and consent in accordance with data privacy regulation. Through a unified and accurate customer vision, ReachFive allows companies to analyse and leverage valuable insights to facilitate personalized marketing, driving revenue and customer engagement. Major brands such as Etam, Lacoste, Boulanger, Intersport, Engie, SFR analyse and manage customer identity thanks to ReachFive. Jérémy DALLOIS - Founder & CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) REDMINT Workstation: 46 RED MINT enables OEMs and Service Providers to rapidly integrate machine learning capabilities for key use cases such as fraud detection, customer churn prediction and user-centric behaviour analysis. Our authentic experiences and convictions drive us to be the new core artificial intelligence (AI) technology embedded into network edge services. RED MINT delivers the artificial intelligence brain and analytics platform that will empower your teams to deliver and monetise smart services at the network edge. We are singularly focused on the ability to autonomously learn and evolve as new data is introduced without explicitly programming to do so. Sebastien LEGER - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) SIKIWIS Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 NON EXHIBITOR AREA SIKIWIS is the creator of DIGITALIZR: the first Zero Code Mobile Apps Platform-Factory. Building on ten years of R&D, SIKIWIS is a french deep tech company disrupting digital software delivery. The DIGITALIZR platform-factory leverages 250 modules which enable the delivery of any business process mobile app in two hours. When DIGITALIZR existing modules do not cover a requirement, SIKIWIS guarantees the delivery of the new feature within 5 days. DIGITALIZR operates in 23 languages and allows every operating structure in a Corporation to create their tailor-made digital systems in zero code, while continuously increasingly synergies and digitalization capabilities group-wide. SMARTCOM Workstation: 34 SMARTCOM designs and develops innovative Telecom- Centric Mobile Applications since Offering a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Family IoT Solutions for Mobile Operators, Wholesalers, OEMs & Brands. Our active clientele includes major Tier 1 MNOs. With our substantial knowledge both in Hardware and Software/Platform we provide in-depth consulting on IoT Family segments and market analysis. In fact, we go further and make available complementary advanced market research and potential ROI-practices, centered to selected markets. Choosing SMARTCOM, it s choosing a solid experienced partner to support all Family IoT Devices. Paul SITBON - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Arnaud BELHAMOU - EMEA Strategy & Alliance Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

24 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT Testing innovation SMARTVISER Contents and Services for all SUMMVIEW Workstation: 6 & 7 SMARTVISER simplifies the everyday life of test teams. By providing visertm, a comprehensive set of premium automated test tools, SmartViser frees up more time from Lab to Field to focus on hot topics (up to 20 times faster than hand testing). Our ready-to-use bot is the perfect mate solution to overcome Mobile devices maturity, reliability and performance challenges. ViSerTM encompasses numerous KPIs such as Network coverage, Apps behavior, Battery endurance, Streaming speed It is dedicated to Operators, Manufacturers & Suppliers, OTTs, Benchmarkers and broadly all organization needing to evaluate and validate QoE, QoS and Customer Experience from the mobile point of view. Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 11 SUMMVIEW is a service and technology provider specialized in the development and operation of video applications and services for smartphones, tablets, and STB). SUMMVIEW has put in place a multi-services video platform proposed in white-label to its clients (Telecom operators, TV channels, Cinema studios,.). This one-stopshop offer is perfectly suited for an optimized distribution of live and on demand content in Africa. Gilles RICORDEL - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Denis PAGNAC - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) designed by SYNERTIC Workstation: 38 Founded in 2010, SYNERTIC is a recognized player in the conception and development of mobile applications. Building on experience gained via the creation of 130 specialised applications for all types of clients, SYNERTIC has created a ground-breaking solution: SHAPPER. In just a few clicks, the user can create and manage native mobile apps for iphone, ipad and Android, which are completely customizable. They have all the features and possibilities customers need for mobile, at very affordable prices. WAZAPP Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 NON EXHIBITOR AREA WAZAPP is a mobile agency based in Paris, Lille (France) & Shanghai (China). Our agency provides advertisers with a full mobile application service for the market s latest smartphones & tablets. Vincent BARBIER - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Adrien SERRES - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

25 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT WYPLAY Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 1 Independent and internationally recognized, WYPLAY provides cross-device video solution to operators. Frog by Wyplay s technology enables operators to select, configure, and deploy solutions easily from the richest list of preconfigured functionality. YANACOM Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 13 We are a Web Agency specialized on building Apps, websites and softwares on demand. We are committed to work with all our clients (from Start up to established company) looking for growth their activity. We offer our expertise on Digital Marketing solution. Apps development and maintenance under ios and Android are treated as a strategic priority of our company. Discover our Event App WELLCOM CONGRESS to be in touch with your new contacts in real time (Free App upload) and discover also our EXPERT App to deal your files in perfect matters (App offered in white label). Dominique FERAL - CMO Ph.: +33 (0) Najla YASSINE - Marketing Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

26 CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES Exhibitors list Amplement...27 Atdi...27 Athenasys...27 Cynapsys Technologies...27 Edevice...28 Fime...28 Fraudbuster...28 Greenspector...28 Ipm France...29 Keolabs...29 Lillybelle...29 Planet Network International...29 Pragma...30 Red Alert Labs...30 Secure-ic...30 Siradel...30 Wassa...31 Wizway Solutions

27 CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES AMPLEMENT Workstation: 22 AMPLEMENT, a smart innovative company, provides a unique SaaS communication platform to help enterprises, schools and individuals improve their productivity. Amplement provides powerful communications tools to exchange real time one2one and group communication while staying informed of relevant individual and global news. Amplement scalable B2C and B2B Unified Communications and Social Networks Solutions are marketed in Cloud SaaS mode and are supported 24/7. ATDI Workstation: 44 ATDI is a global leader in the development and implementation of automated spectrum management systems, whose expertise extends to software development, spectrum engineering and management. ATDI is evolving its product line to an open-source web architecture which is attracting a great deal of interest from the telecommunications industry. Their software tools are technology-agnostic, incorporate the latest propagation models and are ITU-compliant. ATDI draws from a wealth of experience of the radiocommunications industry and uses this to offer superior value consultancy services. Guillaume CONARD - Business Development Director Ph.: +33 (0) Sébastien GRIMOUD - Business Development Manager Ph.: +33 (0) ATHENASYS BOOTH 5B73 Delivery of IT solutions end to end. In telecom, ATHENASYS has extended experience in: Online marketing Online portals responsive Online shops responsive Online self-care responsive Customer care tools Network monitoring tools Customer experience management tools Customer profiling tools Business intelligence tools Process and workflow tools Informations delivery for customers. Mohamed SALEH - Executive Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) CYNAPSYS TECHNOLOGIES Workstation: 17 CYNAPSYS is a Multidisciplinary Digital Service Company specialised in IOT technologies and applied Software developments. The innovative solutions of Cynapsys are applied to smart mobility, smart city, Robotics and other general issues with regard to sustainable developments. The expertise of Cynapsys, as German founded company, include areas like Mobile applications, SAP & Business Intelligence, system integration and Microsoft developments are applied to sectors like E-Gov, Finance/Insurance, Telecom and general industries like Automotive, Associations, publishers, editors, software compagny.. Cynapsys Team hold engineers and senior consultants(architects, developers,...) & thirty PhD Engineering based in France, Germany, Tunis, Ivory Coast and Algeria. Ayadi MONDHER - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

28 CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES Connectivity That Cares EDEVICE Workstation: 16 EDEVICE is the leading provider of global connectivity solutions for the healthcare industry. For fifteen years, major companies have relied on its expertise to transmit medical data between their patients and their systems. edevice is the only company able to offer all the components for the deployment of global connectivity solutions in a medicalregulated environment. Dedicated to quality, edevice s solutions are ISO-9001 and ISO certified and include FDA listed devices. Through partnerships with technology leaders, the company brings reliable connectivity solutions to medical device manufacturers and currently connects 600,000 patients across the globe. FIME Workstation: 45 FIME offers comprehensive consulting services, technical training, technology design, test tools and certification testing globally across the financial services, telecom, transport and identity sectors. Its experts support projects from start to finish, resolving the technical challenges its customers face when implementing a complete portfolio of specifications, standards and multibrand industry requirements. Alban VERGER - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Stéphanie PIETRI - Head of Marketing Communications Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) FRAUDBUSTER Workstation: 28 Created in 2010, FRAUDBUSTER specializes in real-time bypass fraud detection and traffic control, providing MNOs with complete and integrated solutions to protect them from threats like SIMbox, refiling and OTT bypass. FraudBuster s performance is contractually guaranteed and has earned the trust of nearly 100 customers across the world, and group contracts with some of the largest mobile operator groups. With offices in France, Brazil and Sri-Lanka, FraudBuster takes advantage of a footprint covering 40+ countries to monitor the latest trends in fraud and design unique solutions to better support operators. GREENSPECTOR Workstation: 30 GREENSPECTOR is the editor of the first solution for the energy efficiency of mobile and IoT applications. The GREENSPECTOR suite allows IT teams to lower the resources consumption of software that they make or integrate. The resulting gains allowfor a longer battery life on mobile devices, noticeable performance improvements and an overall better user experience. GREENSPECTOR is used by major companies in Europe and Asia to improve the efficiency of their mobile services. Vincent REVOL - Deputy General Manager Cel.: +33 (0) Thomas CORVAISIER - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

29 CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES IPM FRANCE Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 9 IPM FRANCE carries out large scale touch kiosk projects. With its «EasyKiosk» solution, IPM France provides turnkey solutions for its clients: advice and accompaniment, a complete interactive kiosks range, a software base, deployment and field services, park monitoring and maintenance in operational conditions. IPM France advocates values of sharing, daring, agility and innovation to guarantee the growth of the business and to better serve its customers. KEOLABS Workstation: 36 KEOLABS is a worldwide provider of testing tools and conformance verification services for smart cards, secure components and NFC devices that are used in electronic payment, transportation and identity applications. KEOLABS participates in all major certification processes for the secure transaction and identity sectors. Alexandra NALLET-DIDIER - MarCom Manager Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Fabien POLLET - Account Manager Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) LILLYBELLE Workstation: 33 LILLYBELLE has been established in 2009 and is working with 15 key suppliers, 10 senior expert consultants, 2 developers and 25 local partners. Thanks to its partners, its expertises and its core values (team spirit, respect, seriousness, empathy and solidarity), LillyBelle has become rapidly a major player on the QoS monitoring & optimization market. Leaning on its internal team as well as on its local partners, LillyBelle strives to stay ahead by offering carefully selected products, by developing a range of high value-added service based on experts and developing its own solutions. PLANET NETWORK INTERNATIONAL Workstation: 51 PLANET NETWORK INTERNATIONAL delivers the modern platform for QoS data management and analytics. Telecom Regulators all over the world trust PNI to help solve their most challenging QoS/QoE problems. PNI currently has more than 11 customers worldwide, and more than 16 trials with Telecom Regulators evaluating the benefits of monitoring nationwide QoS using RPM system and RPM Portal-cloud platform for network data management and analytics Georges-Edouard THORIN - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Christian BLANCHARD - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) Ph.: +33 (0)

30 CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES PRAGMA Workstation: 35 PRAGMA is the combination of two companies PMIConseil and G-TECH and two consultancies: consulting and engineering. Pragma offers to Telecom Regulators solutions for controlling and monitoring the network Quality of Service and Quality of Experience and assists you to improve service performance and customer satisfaction. RED ALERT LABS NON EXHIBITOR AREA RED ALERT LABS is a French-based Security Consulting, Evaluation and Certification company with a mission to bring trust to the Internet of Things. We act as the security partner for organizations designing, developing, evaluating and integrating IoT solutions. Our partners turn to us at any stage of the IoT product lifecycle to benefit from our special expertise in IoT security and full mastering of compliance and regulations. Patrice MICONI - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) Roland ATOUI - Managing Director and Founder Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) SECURE-IC Workstation: 9 SECURE-IC partners with its Clients throughout and beyond the IC design process to provide best-of-breed security expertise, solutions, and technologies, for embedded systems and connected objects. SIRADEL BOOTH 5B71 SIRADEL helps cities to be better connected and sustainable. It provides solutions for wireless networks design and urban transformation planning based on a unique combination of technologies and know-how in the field of 3D city modeling, simulation and 3D visualization. Founded in 1994, based in France (HQ), Canada and China, a subsidiary of Engie since 2016, with 90 employees, Siradel operates with over 250 key account clients (telecoms operators and equipment manufacturers, municipalities, energy suppliers, transport companies, and national and international authorities) in more than 60 countries. Charles THOORIS - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Ph.: +65 (0) Laurent BOUILLOT - Phd, Chairman and CEO, President Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

31 CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES WASSA Workstation: 31 WASSA designs and develops innovative digital solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Our Innovation Lab extracts information and data from images to provide customized services such as face identification, traffic flow analysis, heatmap, genders and ages detection, image recognition, etc. Whether you are looking to enhance the user experience of your products, analyze the human traffic and behavior in a shopping mall, or create new ways of interacting with your customers in stores, we bring scientific expertise to design the most adapted solution to your goals. WIZWAY SOLUTIONS NON EXHIBITORS AREA WIZWAY SOLUTIONS is a joint venture created in March 2016 and dedicated to developing contactless mobility solutions. Wizway Solutions harnesses the expertise of each of its four partners, RATP, SNCF, Gemalto and Orange, to offer cities and transport companies a modern and simple ticketing solution that will facilitate daily life services. Based in Paris, the company is formed by a dozen of experts in telecoms and transit industries. Frederic SOMMERLAT - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Louis BROSSE - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

32 EXHIBITORS LIST Economic development agency Bretagne Commerce International...33 Chambre de Commerce et D industrie de Région Paris Ile de France...33 Invest, Trade & Innovate In Occitanie / Pyrenees-mediterranee...33 Louvre Lens Vallee...33 SCS Cluster/ Pôle SCS...34 Systematic Paris Region Cluster

33 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCY BRETAGNE COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL Workstation: 5-10 Bretagne, land of telecom tradition and expertise! We are a non-profit association of private companies located in Western France. We are entrusted by the Regional authorities to internationalize the Breton economy through: a customized support to Breton and foreign companies: export, sourcing, partnership, creation of a subsidiary collective initiatives : trade fairs, exploratory business trips, international public, end to end business initiatives. CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE ET D INDUSTRIE DE RÉGION PARIS ILE DE FRANCE NON EXHIBITOR AREA Whether you re a business leader, decision-taker, apprentice, student or employee, the Paris Ile-de-France Regional CCI is actively engaged alongside all those who drive the region s economy. All over Ile-de-France it innovates and takes practical action at day-to-day level, speaking for the business community, fostering growth, helping companies to develop their business abroad, training people to meet the challenges of the future, helping to bring business plans to fruition and promoting the Paris region in order to enhance its influence and reputation. Nicolas PLANTIS - ICT Manager Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Marie-Christine BETSCH - ICT International Advisor Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Louvre Lens Vallée Incubateur / Accélérateur des Entreprises Culturelles INVEST, TRADE & INNOVATE IN OCCITANIE / PYRENEES-MEDITERRANEE Workstation: As the INVESTMENT TRADE & INNOVATION AGENCY OF THE OCCITANIE / PYRENEES-MEDITERRANEE region, we offer free consulting for your corporate location or partnership projects in Southern France: identification of suitable business sites, drafting financial aid applications, recruitment and training, networking with industrial and scientific partners. We are also committed to assisting your innovation projects from the very first steps to completion. We provide your company with tools, methods, qualified contacts and real solutions to take advantage of all the innovation-based resources in our region. Vincent VIGIÉ - ICT Project Manager, Inward Investment & Sectorial Developement Department Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) LOUVRE LENS VALLEE Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 13 Incubator, accelerator for cultural companies Both incubator of startups, think-thank and cluster focus on culture and new uses, center of economic influence and engine of local growth, LOUVRE LENS VALLÉE puts innovation on culture. Since 2013, Louvre Lens Vallée supports startups and project leaders who innovate in culture and creates synergies between various disciplines with the ambition to being major actor of the museo-cultural innovation and to develop a community of entrepreneurs / companies. Louvre Lens Vallée in 4 words? Culture, innovation, entrepreneurship and economy. Maadnous WAFÂA - Director Ph.: +33 (0)

34 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCY SECURED COMMUNICATING SOLUTIONS A WORLD-CLASS CLUSTER SCS CLUSTER/ PÔLE SCS Workstation: The SECURED COMMUNICATING SOLUTIONS (SCS) Cluster is a French Information Technology world-class cluster established in 2005 and based in the Provence Alpes Côte d Azur region. The Cluster is committed to fostering and connecting innovation and focused technologies to target markets in retail, health, consumer electronics, e-government It brings together an ecosystem of 300 industrial world leaders, start-ups and small to mid-sized companies, together with academic leaders and research organizations to address the most advanced contactless technologies, networks & mobile services, digital security and identities as well as IoT and Big Data issues. Guillaume ROUX - International Affairs Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) SYSTEMATIC PARIS REGION CLUSTER Workstation: SYSTEMATIC, a French innovation and technology cluster, brings together more than 800 key players and asserts its place in 8 major industries and services sectors (Transport, Energy, Telecoms, Security, Health, Smart Cities, Information Systems and the Factories of the Future) and two areas of technology (Free & Open Source Software and Complex Systems). Systematic is committed to increase the attractiveness of the region, its area of specialization and its key players to foreign investors in order to encourage and support export initiatives and ensure that the Cluster and its members play a key role in developments at European level. Marc BOURGAREL - Head of Telecoms Thematic Group Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

35 FINANCIAL SERVICES Exhibitors list Famoco...36 Ledger...36 Mobiyo

36 FINANCIAL SERVICES FAMOCO BOOTH 5C26 FAMOCO, leader of secure professional Android devices, targets the transportation, cashless payment, logistics and mobile workforce management markets. With their range of secure and remotely managed devices, Famoco has developed the first Android business-ready solution to accelerate digital transaction deployments. Famoco protects business assets by combining a secure Android-based device with a built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. Today Famoco has deployed more than 200,000 devices in over 30 countries. Among its customers it counts prestigious companies such as Orange, Alipay, Ingenico, Atalian, Keolis and Airtel. Famoco has 4 offices worldwide: Paris, Brussels, New Delhi and Singapore. LEDGER Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 5 With the advent of decentralized security models, internet of things and blockchain technologies, digital identities are becoming the foundations of these new industries. Consumer grade computers and smartphones cannot be trusted with these critical assets. New solutions are required around trusted hardware, securing the management of cryptographic secrets in full isolation. With offices in Paris and San Francisco, Ledger is an hardware and software startup capitalizing on years of R&D in the crypto and security space. Olivier CECHURA - Chief Marketing Officer Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Alain PAKIRY - CVP Sales Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) MOBIYO Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 6 & 7 Formerly known as HiPay Mobile Allopass, MOBIYO is a French carrier billing aggregator operating in 90+ countries, with 20+ payment methods (including DCB, SMS, IVR, credit card ). Mobiyo connects digital merchants and mobile operators. Much more than just a Payment Service Provider (PSP), we help our clients maximise their revenue from mobile payment opportunities. Anywhere, any time and on any device, we provide mobile users the best way to pay and optimise the conversion rate of our clients. To do business in a safe and secure environment, Mobiyo holds European payment accreditations (ACPR). Elsa DIÉGUEZ - Head of Marketing Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

37 MOBILE ADVERTISING AND MARKETING Exhibitors list Accengage...38 Backinapp...38 Dreamin...38 Evina...38 Madgic...39 Sublime Skinz

38 MOBILE ADVERTISING AND MARKETING ACCENGAGE Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 7 Accengage is the European leading Push Notification Technology for Mobile Apps, Websites and Facebook Messenger, sending over 5 billion Push Notifications monthly for over 300 international customers: Zalando, Air France-KLM, BNP Paribas, Disney, Privalia, Groupalia, Meetic, Danone, etc. The Accengage SaaS technology stands out thanks to its advanced features: Largest array of formats: Rich-Push, Web Push, Interactive Notifications, In-App Messages, Facebook Messenger Notifications; Sophisticated segmentation tool; Real-time geotargeting; Dynamic personalization; Real-time automation; Interconnection to external CRM tools: Adobe, Unica, Selligent ALL-NEW: Web Push and Facebook Messenger Push Notifications are available on Desktop & Mobile! Jérôme STIOUI - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Ph.: +33 (0) BACKINAPP Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 2 BACKINAPP is an App Retargeting technology that allows you to reach your app users via Display ads thanks to Mobile Real Time bidding (RTB). 100% Plug & play, BackinApp has been developed to deliver high-precision targeting options, display personalized and automated messages & optimize your campaigns toward your marketing objectives via our 100% mobile algorithmic technology. BackinApp helps more than 30 clients in 20 countries to optimize their App retention & maximize their ROI (X8 vs a UA campaign) across multiple scenarios, such as Reengaging your inactive users, Recovering abandoned baskets, maximizing sign-up rate, driving revenues... Philippe LECLERCQ - Managing Partner Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) in DREAMIN Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 NON EXHIBITOR AREA Exceed your mobile acquisition goals with DREAMIN. Using AI algorithms to automate and optimize our entire media buying process and user lifecycle, we successfully deliver long-term revenue generating mobile users. Our automated decision-making platform analyzes over 20 variables, from ad impression to new user actions, to monitor real-time optimizations based on our client s KPIs. Based in France and Berlin, Dreamin works with direct international clients and agencies, within a safe environment, on a performance-based model. EVINA Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 5 Mobile Ad Security solutions in SaaS for publishers & ad exchanges in programmatic. Roberta D ANGELO - Client Services Director Cel.: +33 (0) David LOTFI - CEO & Co-Founder Cel.: +33 (0)

39 MOBILE ADVERTISING AND MARKETING MADGIC Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 NON EXHIBITOR AREA MADGIC is a Predictive Real Time Mediation platform for large and global mobile advertising companies. SUBLIME SKINZ Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 2 SUBLIME SKINZ is the leading global high-impact advertising marketplace. It is the first platform of its kind to provide multi-device advertising, working with advertisers, publishers, media agencies, and trading desks to drive efficient campaigns at scale. Sublime Skinz provides actionable statistics and transparent insights in real time, allowing brands to capitalise on the most impactful formats with the greatest coverage across multiple websites. Sublime Skinz works with a clear objective to maximise revenues and optimise return on ad investments. Founded in 2012, the company boasts an impressive network with integration across more than 3,000 websites worldwide. Emilija PETRAUSKAITE - Head of Partnerships Cel.: +33 (0) Estelle REALE - Head of Marketing Ph.: +33 (0)

40 MOBILE ENTERTAINEMENT, ACCESSORIES AND INTERNET Exhibitors list Alchimie...41 Apizee...41 Biggerpan...41 Danew...41 In Webo Technologies...42 Linagora...42 Neotion...42 Qwant...42 Recommerce Group...43 Tempow...43 Ticatag...43 Xee

41 MOBILE ENTERTAINEMENT, ACCESSORIES AND INTERNET ALCHIMIE Workstation: 1 ALCHIMIE has been revolutionizing the entertainment industry for over 12 years. The company, specialized in multimedia content, is a key player in the entertainment industry through the distribution and monetization of video & games. Alchimie aims to help creators obtain remuneration for their content by offering them profitable, subscription based digital channels. They will have direct access to major platform companies and to Alchimie?s marketing and technological know-how. Alchimie is based in France & Germany. It operates in over 10 countries, has 150 employees and invoiced?67 million in 2015 & 20 million unique visitors/ month. APIZEE Workstation: 29 Created in 2013, APIZEE provides visual assistance, customer interactions and web conferencing solutions for enterprises and organizations. Our multi channel solutions, based on WebRTC, a disrupting telecom technology, are leveraged to work on simple web browser without any plugin or software download and are also responsive and compatible with different connected devices. Our SaaS platform enables simple installation and provide several APIs to meet businesses requirements. Apizee s solutions and cloud APIs are leveraged by players such as Crédit Agricole, Safran, Enedis, Renault, Barclays, Nexity, ExxonMobil, AMA and Bluelink. Nicolas D HUEPPE - CEO & President Ph.: +33 (0) Michel L HOSTIS - CEO and Co-Founder Ph.: +33 (0) BIGGERPAN Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 4 BIGGERPAN has developed the 1st predictive A.I. for mobile, which anticipates your needs in real time so you don t have to search. Embedded on any smartphone at the OS level, the predictive engine analyzes your context to understand your intent and instantly surfaces the most relevant actions and content for you to go next. DANEW Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 6 The company was founded by Nathan Mauran in 2006, who is the current Chief Executive Officer. The president of the company is Renaud Amiel. DANEW develops and markets a large range of mobile digital devices aimed at the general public since 2006 at the lowest price possible. Danew Business Model stands on two pillars, Low cost structure and High reactivity and fast execution. Company brand and communication strategy based on three distinctive components: French brand, French design and cooperation with renowned artists and celebrities (singer, football player like Blaise Matuidi) Eric POINDESSAULT - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Nathan MAURAN - Managing Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

42 MOBILE ENTERTAINEMENT, ACCESSORIES AND INTERNET IN WEBO TECHNOLOGIES Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 10 INWEBO is a leading provider of authorization and access security solutions for web, mobile, cloud, and IoT applications. LINAGORA Workstation: 41 LINAGORA is one of the leading Open Source Software company in the world. LINAGORA brings innovation, Open platform and digital independence to its customers. LINAGORA is e-gov specialist but works also with large private organizations. With OBM, a collaborative messaging software, and LinShare, a secure file sharing software, and its Open Social Platform OpenPaaS, LINAGORA stands up to global software and «platforms» giants. This is one of the few non-us companies to offer an alternative to the proprietory solutions. LINAGORA has offices in France, Canada, Vietnam and Tunisia and sells its software and services around the world. Didier PERROT - CEO Ph.: Ph.: Alexandre ZAPOLSKY - CEO and Founder Cel.: +33 (0) Ph.: +33 (0) NEOTION BOOTH 5B21 NEOTION is a French high-tech company providing secure & innovative solutions for the international Digital Television market since NEOTION develops and distributes a wide range of DVB Conditional Access Modules embedding the main Conditional Access Systems to PayTv operators. NEOTION is still investing in secure devices for the Pay-Tv industry adding new and innovative solutions according to the booming OTT adoption on the market in the last few years. NEOTION has oriented its future products evolutions around IoT enabled solution strategy for Industrial players and key contributors in the overall IoT ecosystem. QWANT Workstation: 39 & 40 Designed and developed in France, QWANT is the first European search engine with its own indexing technology, which protects the privacy of its users by refusing all tracking devices, including for advertising. Contrary to the main search engines on the market, Qwant does not install cookies on the user browser, does not want to know who the user is or what he/she does, and does not keep individual logs of user queries. It respects neutrality. Qwant considers all indexed websites and services with no discrimination, without altering the ranking of results according to its own interests. Olivier DEMOLY - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Eric LÉANDRI - CEO Ph.: +33 (0)

43 MOBILE ENTERTAINEMENT, ACCESSORIES AND INTERNET RECOMMERCE GROUP NON EXHIBITOR AREA RECOMMERCE GROUP is a European pioneer of the smartphone second life business, providing mobile devices buyback, resale and life cycle management solutions. Our company is a leading reseller of certified secondhand and refurbished devices in Europe. We also propose multiple services: pricing solutions, innovative leasing and early upgrade offers, revenue and risk management tools. With over 9 years of experience, RECOMMERCE GROUP is an international company partnering with renown European Retailers, Wholesalers and MNOs in Europe including Altice, Bouygues Telecom, Orange or Swisscom. Patrick RICHARD - CCO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) TEMPOW Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 11 TEMPOW - the new must-have audio feature for your smartphone Tempow is a French startup and dedicated Bluetooth research and development lab that creates software-only solutions for hardware and chipset manufacturers looking to enhance embedded Bluetooth technology. Our first product is the Tempow Audio Profile (TAP), an upgrade of the Bluetooth protocol that allows users to broadcast to and perfectly sync multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones regardless of manufacturer. Tempow announced a new global partnership with Motorola to bring Tempow Bluetooth technology to their next generation flagship device: the Moto X4. Currently expanding Tempow to the PC, Smart TV and Smart speaker market. Vincent NALLATAMBY - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) TICATAG Hall BOOTH 8.1D41 Workstation: 12 TICATAG develops IOT solutions for B2C and B2B markets for localisation and proximity purposes (asset tracking, asset inventory) Ticatag is able to provide full end to end solution to any customer, with device, network connectivity solution, payment (Prepaid, Postpaid), management system and web / mobile application. Expert in low power technology, we have today products working with Bluetooth, Sigfox, LoRa and soon NB-IOT XEE Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 3 XEE is a French tech startup based in Lille, created in 2012 to address the EMEA automobile drivers Market with a revolutionary technology that connects all the cars to the driver s smartphone. It enables the drivers to enjoy a new mobility experience through an ever-growing Apps catalogue built by business partners. We are 35 peoples combining expertise in car electronics and Cloud Tech. Our shareholders are world leaders such as Bridgestone, Total, ViaID and Cofip. Yann MAC GARRY - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) Yvan GRAVIER - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

44 TELECOMS INFRASTRUCTURE Exhibitors list Acklio...45 Boostedge - Activnetworks...45 Broadpeak...45 Cirpack...45 Cysalys...46 Ela Innovation...46 Enensys Technologies...46 Expandium...46 Expway...47 Globaltel...47 Iqsim...47 Kapptivate...47 Matooma...48 Qowisio...48 Recoveo Mobile...48 Sagemcom...48 Satt Aquitaine...49 Selecom...49 Trustinsoft

45 TELECOMS INFRASTRUCTURE ACKLIO Workstation: 10 Unifying LPWA Connectivity. Acklio provides software & services to unify, accelerate & secure IoT. Unify any LPWA networks and run transparently all your IoT devices to increase their value. Accelerate and unlock true potential of the IoT. With IP over LPWAN, speed up development, reduce costs and deployment time for new IoT solutions. Secure end-to-end LPWAN communications and preserve security, integrity, and privacy. ACKLIO, member of the FrenchTech and the Cyberscurity Competitiveness cluster, provides unique enabling technologies for all players of the Low-Power, Wide-Area ecosystem. Alexander PELOV - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) BOOSTEDGE ACTIVNETWORKS Workstation: 25 BOOSTEDGE ActivNetworks is a software editor specialized in web optimization, acceleration & caching. Specialized on HTTP protocole, BoostEdge improves internet response times, secures connections, saves bandwidth and provides analytics. BoostEdge technology is recognized by analysts as visionnary. Headquartered in Paris, France, BoostEdge supports 100+ customers across 25 countries as well large ISPs and MNOs in Europe, Africa and Middle-East Regions. Francesco SERRA - Global Sales VP Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) BROADPEAK Workstation: 5 BROADPEAK designs and manufactures video delivery components for Content Providers and Network Service Providers deploying IPTV, Cable, OTT and Mobile services. The company s systems and services help operators increase market share and improve subscriber loyalty with superior quality of experience. Its portfolio of solutions and technologies powers the delivery of movies, television programming and other video content over managed networks and the internet for viewing on any type of device. Fabrice BELLANGER - VP Sales Ph.: +33 (0) CIRPACK Workstation: 22 CIRPACK is a leading software company that provides «Full IP» scalable and multi-service IP Unified Communications and Core Network solutions for the use of corporates, telecommunications operators and service providers. Cirpack solutions help to address both «Home» and «Enterprise» markets. Cirpack has offices in France, Germany, Mexico, Lebanon and Vietnam and operates via a VAR network. More than sixty million customers daily enjoy Cirpack solutions and services through over 120 customers. Renowned for its robust, scalable and reliable solutions, Cirpack is the ideal partner, offering agility and responsiveness to support its customers in their development strategies. Guillaume CONARD - Business Developer Ph.: +33 (0)

46 TELECOMS INFRASTRUCTURE CYSALYS Workstation: 4 CYSALYS is offering standard or customized autonomous power solutions dedicated to telecoms applications: LTE, IoT, 2G/3G/4G,... Capitalizing their 20 years experience in telecom market, founders have developed all-in-one combined power solutions, fully connected and easy to operate and maintain. Specially designed for poor-grid and off-grid areas, our power solutions are cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly. Our power supplies are scalable and customizable according to your needs. We are also offering services such as on-site installation of our power units, trainings for installation and maintenance, audits for telecom energy solution s optimization, etc. ELA INNOVATION Workstation: 48 Identify, locate or measure: those are the 3 markets on what the French company ELA INNOVATION has become the European reference since With 17-year experience, ELA Innovation is one of the dynamic leaders in the development of industrial wireless sensors and beacons, based upon a wide range of long range technologies like Active RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy and LORA technologies. Thanks to its products, offering Best In Class performances in the Industrial IOT market, and thanks to its recent 2M fundraising, ELA Innovation continues its sustained growth in the European, Middle East and Canadian markets. Guillaume JULLIEN DE POMMEROL - CTO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Willy LE MERCIER - Business Development Manager Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) ENENSYS TECHNOLOGIES BOOTH 5C20 ENENSYS TECHNOLOGIES is the world leader for LTE Broadcast infrastructure solutions, with its LTE Broadcast product line, featuring embms Gateway and BM-SC (Service Center) for 4G/LTE Mobile TV and audiovisual content delivery. ENENSYS Technologies leverages years of experience in SFN Networks deployment to provide leading-edge solutions for LTE Broadcast applications where MBSFN synchronization is key. Our Customers are Network Operators and Global System Integrators. ENENSYS Mobistream solution is currently deployed in the first commercial LTE Broadcast network in the World. ENENSYS is headquartered in Rennes, France, in the heart of the European Digital Broadcast Cluster. EXPANDIUM Workstation: 11 EXPANDIUM provides industry-leading software and service solutions that allow mobile network operators, railway operators and vendors to efficiently monitor, troubleshoot and optimize their networks, plan expansions and manage SLA services. Expandium also offers products based on Big Data technologies for advanced network and subscriber data mining. Expandium is a privately held company headquartered in Orvault, France with an office in Paris and partnering with major infrastructure vendors worldwide. Visit www. for more information. Jean-Marc GUYOT - VP Business Unit Telecom Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Sylvain MITTOUX - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

47 Tfdfd TELECOMS INFRASTRUCTURE globaltel EXPWAY Workstation: 18 EXPWAY is the LTE Broadcast expert, enabling mobile carriers, device manufacturers, and content delivery networks to monetize the mobile video-streaming explosion. Expway delivers content efficiently and cost effectively through the last mile, from the mobile carrier antenna to the end-user device, with consistent highquality-of-experience. Expway is the only vendor to offer a complete end-to-end, open solution, providing both the LTE-Broadcast server and the device middleware. GLOBALTEL Workstation: 43 Our vision is to make mobile communications and internet access available to everyone, everywhere. The biggest hurdle to achieving this goal is cost: the traditional custom hardware used to build mobile networks is far too complicated, power-hungry and expensive for many residents in the more remote parts of the globe to afford. However, by leveraging the techniques of Software Defined Networking and the ubiquity of the Internet, GLOBALTEL, in partnership with Range Networks, the founder of the OpenBTS stack, have created a powerful mobile wireless network at a fraction of cost of the legacy mobile equipment providers. Seyrat CLAUDE - Co-Founder Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Christophe BOUTIN - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) kapptivate Test, monitor and analyze your USSD and SMS services IQSIM Workstation: 32 IQSIM is the leading provider of Open Virtual SIM Platform and VSIM enabled mobile devices. With iqsim patented technology, physical SIM cards are removed from the mobile device, stored in SIM Rack located in the cloud and allocated on demand to mobile devices. Main benefits are optimized SIM card management across multiple devices, the guarantee to always use the most appropriate SIM card (cost/signal) and increased security. Applications are data roaming for travelers, mobile testing, mobile communication and IOT/M2M SIM card provisioning/deployment. KAPPTIVATE Workstation: 19 KAPPTIVATE focuses on helping its customers to improve the quality of experience of their mobiles services. Validate and monitor your mobile services based on USSD, SMS, DATA, APP or API has never been easier with kapptivate. Yvon LE GALL - VP Sales Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) Alexandre GRAIS - CTO Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

48 TELECOMS INFRASTRUCTURE MATOOMA Hall BOOTH 8.1E49 Workstation: 12 MATOOMA is a company specialized in the management and communication of devices connected by SIM cards. We provide single and multiple-operator M2M SIM cards (including MatooCard) to connect devices all over the world. The special feature of the Matoocard is its ability to find the best available GSM network wherever it is located and will connect to it. We provide a platform designed for managing SIM of connected devices. The usage monitoring, the activation, suspension, and cancellation of cards may be done online. We also offer MatooWan, a secure network specifically designed to connect devices ensuring teleprocessing and data protection. QOWISIO Workstation: 24 QOWISIO is a next generation IoT operator dedicated to the Internet of Things. Thanks to its unique positioning on the whole value chain and based on a disruptive business model, Qowisio offers affordable and comprehensive IOT solutions for its BtoB customers. Qowisio accelerates and simplifies the release of IOT solutions. Frederic SALLES - CEO Ph.: +33 (0) Xavier EME - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) RECOVEO MOBILE Workstation: 42 RECOVEO MOBILE PHONE DATA RECOVERY You ve dropped your phone in water? Your smartphone is stuck on boot screen? The local call phone repair shop failed to recovery the data? And you don t have any local or cloud backup? Trust Recoveo s mobile phone surgeons! Our 25 data recovery experts can help you recover your lost data (pictures, address book, text messages ) from smartphones running Android and ios, physically damaged or locked by password. We can deal with any mobile phone brands and OS. Recoveo has been the French data recovery leader since Florent CHASSIGNOL - CEO Cel.: +33 (0) SAGEMCOM Workstation: 15 A French high-tech group of international dimensions, SAGEMCOM operates on the broadband (digital home, set-top boxes, Internet routers, telephony and multimedia terminals), smart city (smart meter, smart grid, smart site, smart infra, smart services) and Internet of Things markets. As a founder member of the LoRa alliance, Sagemcom proposes a solution that enables the connection with both deep indoor sensors and unpowered objects. This IoT solution is built on LoRa network, accordingly to the LoRaWAN specification. With a revenue of around 1.8 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 4,000 people on five continents Bruno TASCONE - Communnication Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0)

49 TELECOMS INFRASTRUCTURE SATT AQUITAINE NON EXHIBITOR AREA AQUITAINE SCIENCE TRANSFERT is a TTO (Technology Transfer Office) based in the Aquitaine region in the South West of France. It s a private entity, created in 2012 thanks to a government initiative which wanted to reform and boost the academic technology transfer process. The main purpose of AST is to facilitate the transfer of technology between academic laboratories (such as universities, schools of engineering and Research Institutes based in Aquitaine) and industries. AST provides advice and support for three main aspects: Technical advice, Legal and intellectual property strategy and management and Marketing and business development. Jacky CHARTIER - Aerospace Defense & Systems Business Development Manager Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) SELECOM NON EXHIBITOR AREA SELECOM is a French manufacturer of electronic fixed or embedded devices (repeaters) used in confined and harsh environments. Selecom provides solutions for radiocommunication coverage to stay connected everywhere, in mobile radio, critical communications, and broadcasting networks. Additionally, SELECOM proposes a turnkey solution: engineering services, installation, maintenance and support. Catherine FONTEZ - Sales Director Ph.: +33 (0) Cel.: +33 (0) TRUSTINSOFT Workstation: 26 Founded in 2013, the Paris-based company produces the TRUSTINSOFT Analyzer, an advanced static source code analyzer based on the Frama-C platform. The TrustInSoft Analyzer enables software developers and integrators to exhaustively detect the most frequent and dangerous families of threats before deployment. TrustInSoft also offers professional services and expertise to formally audit safety and security-critical existing software components. Mahaut GOUHIER - Business Development Manager EMEA Cel.: +33 (0)

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52 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2018 SPAIN - BARCELONA 26 FEBRUARY - 1 MARCH 2018 Contact in France Head office in Paris 77 boulevard Saint-Jacques PARIS CEDEX 14 Ph.: +33 (0) Fayssal MAJID Head of Tech Operations Ph.: +33 (0) Mariel PIOT IT Project Coordinator Ph.: +33 (0) Léa DOMINICI IT Project Coordinator Ph.: +33 (0)