PLM315 Customizing Maintenance Processing

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1 PLM315 Customizing Maintenance Processing. COURSE OUTLINE Course Version: 16 Course Duration: 3 Day(s)

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3 Typographic Conventions American English is the standard used in this handbook. The following typographic conventions are also used. This information is displayed in the instructor s presentation Demonstration Procedure Warning or Caution Hint Related or Additional Information Facilitated Discussion User interface control Example text Window title Example text Copyright. All rights reserved. iii

4 iv Copyright. All rights reserved.

5 Contents vii Course Overview 1 Unit 1: Organization 1 Lesson: Plants 1 Lesson: EAM Work Centers 3 Unit 2: Notification 3 Lesson: Notification Type 5 Unit 3: Order 5 Lesson: Order Type 5 Lesson: Material Availability Check 5 Lesson: Scheduling 5 Lesson: Printing 5 Lesson: 3D Visual Enterprise 6 Lesson: Performing Completion Confirmation 7 Unit 4: Controlling 7 Lesson: Calculation 7 Lesson: Settlement Copyright. All rights reserved. v

6 vi Copyright. All rights reserved.

7 Course Overview TARGET AUDIENCE This course is intended for the following audiences: Application Consultant Super / Key / Power User Copyright. All rights reserved. vii

8 viii Copyright. All rights reserved.

9 UNIT 1 Organization Lesson 1: Plants Name the most important parameters when setting up a plant Lesson 2: EAM Work Centers Create a work center Copyright. All rights reserved. 1

10 Unit 1: Organization 2 Copyright. All rights reserved.

11 UNIT 2 Notification Lesson 1: Notification Type Configure a notification type Configure the notification screen Assign priorities to notifications Define object information Check technical object warranty on notifications Assign catalogs and catalog profiles to notification types Copyright. All rights reserved. 3

12 Unit 2: Notification 4 Copyright. All rights reserved.

13 UNIT 3 Order Lesson 1: Order Type Define and configure order types Assign notifications to orders Add a document to an order using SAP Document Management Lesson 2: Material Availability Check Run a material availability check Explain the concept of the Open Catalog Interface to access an external spare-parts catalog Lesson 3: Scheduling Set the scheduling parameters Lesson 4: Printing Customize print settings Lesson 5: 3D Visual Enterprise Use visual instructions in SAP Enterprise Asset Management Copyright. All rights reserved. 5

14 Unit 3: Order Lesson 6: Performing Completion Confirmation Customize completion confirmation settings Confirm time tracking using CATS 6 Copyright. All rights reserved.

15 UNIT 4 Controlling Lesson 1: Calculation Set up costing in an order Calculate overhead rates Manage commitments Control refurbishment Lesson 2: Settlement Settle an order and perform business completion Create a settlement for a refurbishment order Copyright. All rights reserved. 7