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1 FILOPTO TOUR Accra Med Software Inc. Copyright Accra Med Software Inc. all rights reserved

2 INTRODUCTION This photo album contains sample screenshots that illustrates the features and ease of use of Filopto. Constantly improved with the help of our clients Filopto offers superior reliability, support and great help tools to get you started. Filopto is organized by task and workflow. The Tab Views regroups the task done by the various user groups and provides an easy to follow workflow graphic interface. User access to tab views can be defined by the system administrator.

3 HOME VIEW TAB When users logon they can quickly see what tasks or messages (1) that are waiting for them as well as review their work schedule (2), documents to review (3) and personalize their Filopto work environment.

4 FRONT OFFICE VIEW TAB The front office contains all the tools needed to properly manage your front office activities.

5 BACK OFFICE VIEW TAB The back office helps you manages your accounting and insurance claims. You can also save data entry time by using Filopto s QuickBooks Pro accounting connector

6 BACK OFFICE INVENTORY TAB The back office inventory tab manages your inventory activities. From purchase orders to sales we have you covered.

7 OFFICE MANAGER VIEW TAB The Office Manager provides the tools to keep and Eye on Your Business as well as oversee and manage your business and staff.

8 POINT OF SALE VIEW TAB Specially designed for dispensing areas and optical stores this view tab provides the tools needed in a fast sales environment. The P.O.S. tools support Bar Coding with inventory tracking and monitoring.

9 SCHEDULER Customize this easy to use drag and drop scheduler the way you want! User defined color codes - to easily identify your appointment types and a extensive list of tool such as a Waiting List and appointment status icons to easily manage your appointments.

10 SCHEDULER CONFIRMATION LIST Reduce your missed appointments with our built-in confirmation list, with patient auto-dial and feature.

11 SCHEDULER WEB APPOINTMENT Maximize your exposure and provide great customer service with Filopto s secure WEB Appointment service.

12 PATIENT MANAGER Locate your patients easily with the Patient Manager search criteria options. The patient summary screen gives you a snapshot of all key patient information such as the balance due, last exam, and a picture of the patient

13 PATIENT FILE The Patient File gives you access to all the information you need, including the patient demographics, appointments, recalls, exams, alerts/warnings, prescriptions, insurance claims, lab orders, invoices, HIPAA/PEPIDA requirements and even copies of your paper files or patient insurance card via PaperFree tm.

14 PATIENT FILE PAPERFREE TM Reduce your storage cost and speed up the lookup for documents with the PaperFree tm multimedia module which permits the scanning and storing of any paper or multimedia document into the patient file.

15 PATIENT FILE PRESCRIPTIONS Filopto manages all types of prescriptions with an unlimited history for easy reference.

16 PATIENT FILE CONTACT LENS PRESCRIPTIONS The Contact Lens prescription are comprehensive and provides the full history of the patient prescriptions.

17 PATIENT FILE FINANCIAL Keep on top of your patients financial situation with Filopto s comprehensive real-time online invoice and order history.

18 INVOICE MANAGER Easily locate any invoice for a patient or insurance company and even track the invoices which have no insurance claims created. The invoice search criteria is flexible and give you quick access to any invoice.

19 INVOICE Easy to create and supports e-payments transactions, the invoice is flexible and directly linked to your inventory, providing you with an up to date inventory status. Also linked to the exam, providers can easily enter the procedure codes to bill or provide instructions to the billing staff.

20 LAB MANAGER The Lab Manager permits you to quickly track the status of your lab orders and notify your patients that the order is ready. Late orders are highlighted in RED for easy management.

21 LAB ORDERS Comprehensive, you can track and record the status of your lab orders as well as the reason for the lab order (re-doo, new, warranty, etc )

22 EMR / EHR Filopto's user customizable EMR/EHR is comprehensive and supports HIPAA, SOAP, drug lookup, E&M code verification, voice dictation, handwriting recognition, images, equipment connectivity, HL7 and more

23 Supports: USA CMS 1500 Alberta Health BC-MSP OHIP MSI Manitoba Health Manitoba Blue Cross and more AUTOMATED CLAIMS Using Artificial Intelligence, Filopto can create your claims automatically using the insurance business rules you specify. The claim editor allows you to edit any claim easily and when ready, you can send the claims electronically.

24 CLAIM MANAGER The Claim Manager permits you to quickly locate any claim and see its complete history. Filopto supports e-claims submissions.

25 INVENTORY Filopto offers a comprehensive real-time inventory management system which support 11 inventory classes including packages and a unlimited number of items categories and groups.

26 EMPLOYEE MANAGER Filopto offers a comprehensive employee manager which includes work schedules and time clock capabilities.

27 USER SECURITY Filopto offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing user access rights and security. System administrators can define what access rights users have including which View tab they can see. Filopto also includes auditing capabilities.

28 REPORT AND FORM MANAGER Filopto s Report and Form manager comes with over 700 customizable reports and forms. Users can create or modify any report or form. The ASK a Question feature allows you to create adhoc reports easily by using English like sentences.

29 EDUCATIONAL HANDOUTS Filopto s Form Manager includes pre-built handouts as well as the ability for you to create and add your own forms and handouts.

30 TASK MANAGER & MESSAGE MANAGER Filopto s provides tools to optimize your operation such as the Task Manager for making certain nothing falls in between the cracks and the Message Manager to keep your staff informed of changes.

31 PICTURE ME! Filopto s Picture Me! is an easy way of improving your patient purchase experience. Using a simple web camera you can turn your patient shopping experience from unsure to perfect.

32 EYE ON YOUR BUSINESS Good Information is key to Good Business Eye on Your Business gives you the information you need to manage and grow your business. Set your goals and targets and then track them using this powerful tool.

33 OPEN SQL DATABASE Unlike competitors, never be locked out of your Data! Filopto is build using an open and proven industrial strength database to which you have full access. Filopto can supports an unlimited number of records and users.

34 Thank you for considering Filopto for your Practice Management solution. We know you have many choices in the marketplace and we truly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Our goal is to give you a solution that is easy to use, comprehensive and with superb support and that is continually updated. Call Today for your Free Demo Accra Med Software Inc. P.O. Box Moncton NB E1A 6S8 Sales :