Industry What it really means in an production environment

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2 Industry What it really means in an production environment Lead Architect Industry 4.0 Strategic Technical Consultant KUKA AG Munz Page 2

3 What is Industry 4.0? Mechatronic Cyber Physical Systems Mass Production Steam Power KUKA AG Munz Page 3

4 Industry 4.0 is the thorough Digitalization of the Manufacturing Industry A fundamental new rule for business is that the Internet changes everything. Source: IIC Bill Gates, 1999 but in 1999 this only addressed the internet of people! The Internet of Things (IoT) will change much more! I.e. Manufacturing Manufacturing KUKA AG Munz Page 4 Today The future of manufacturing is orange

5 Administrations Retail Banks The IoT is just a subset of Digitalization Production Industry 4.0 is just a subset of the IoT Industry 4.0 KUKA AG Munz Page 5

6 What is Industry 4.0 good for? Briefly said: Improve your production with: Standardized Information & Communication Technologies (OPC UA, TSN, AML ) Asset Management (Where are my assets?) Condition Monitoring (In which shape are my assets?) Predictive Maintenance, no unnecessary cyclic maintenance Information down to the fingertips of the workers What will Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence bring? Lot size one: Individualized products by keeping full mass production More efficient collaboration and value chains with suppliers, partners and customers based on modern IT platforms and the Cloud Better life cycle management of the assets (Industry 4.0 user) and products at the customers (Industry 4.0 supplier) New Control Technologies from the Edge/Cloud New Business Models KUKA AG Munz Page 6

7 Daten sind das neue Öl Customers Production Data KUKA AG Munz Page 7

8 Typical IoT Architecture: Siemens HMIs & Apps Public or Private Cloud Public Cloud Private Cloud Source: Siemens Edge Cloud Plant Floor Things KUKA AG Munz Page 8

9 Typical IoT Architecture: Device Insight Apps HMIs & Apps Public Cloud Public, Private, Edge Cloud Private Cloud Edge Cloud Source: Device Insight Devices (Things) Device 1 Device 2 Device 3 Device 4 Device 5 Things KUKA AG Munz Page 9

10 IoT World Forum Architecture HMIs & Apps Public Cloud Private Cloud Edge Cloud Things KUKA AG Munz Page 10

11 Wind River Helix Device Cloud HMIs & Apps Public Cloud Public or Private Cloud Private Cloud Edge Cloud Things KUKA AG Munz Page 11

12 Industrial Internet Consortium Architecture (IIC) HMIs & Apps Things Edge Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud KUKA AG Munz Page 12

13 Industrial Devices (OPC-UA Servers) Microsoft Azure Architecture Firewall JSON/AMQP OPC Clients, Servers, ERP Portals, OPC Graph Database and OPC UA.NET Standard Stack HMIs & Apps Presentation & Business Connections UA Binary IoT Proxy Module UA Binary/AMQP Hot Path Analytics Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Storm, Websites, Mobile Services UA Binary JSON/AMQP Any Things Other Devices OPC UA Client Module Azure IoT Gateway SDK Edge Cloud Azure IoT Hub Cold Path Analytics & Storage Azure HD Insight, Azure Storage, SQL, DocDB, Private Cloud Public Cloud Dynamics, BizTalk Services, Notification Hubs On-Premise: Device Connectivity Cloud: Data Ingest and Processing, Command & Control Cloud: Presentation KUKA AG Munz Page 13

14 General Electric Predix Architecture Things Other Devices Edge Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud KUKA AG Munz Page 14

15 The common architecture of the Internet of Things (IoT) Siemens IIC IoT World Forum HMIs & Apps Wind River Public or Private Cloud Public Cloud Private Cloud Edge Cloud Devices Things KUKA AG Munz Page 15

16 However, All these Cloud-only based IoT Architectures are not optimal for Industrial Production KUKA AG Munz Page 16

17 Edge Cloud Computing (aka Fog or Mist Computing) KUKA AG Munz Page 17

18 The Edge: Where Operation Technology (OT) meets Information Technology (IT) IT Edge OT KUKA AG Munz Page 18

19 Trend The Importance of the Edge HMIs & Apps Open REST APIs The ( slow ) Mastermind Cloud KUKA connyun over On Premise Trend Decentralization of the Cloud functions down to the Edge (i.e. Amazon Greengrass, MS Azure IoT Edge, etc.) KUKA RT-Edge Decentralized ( fast, deterministic ) Brains Vegetative Muscles & Sensors Edge Cloud Things Centralization of the Things functions up to the Edges (i.e. Robot/ Process/ PLC/ Cell Control, Safety Supervision, etc.) KUKA AG Munz Page 19

20 HMI & Apps on all Layers! KUKA Cloud and Edge HMIs & Apps App Store KUKA proprietary Open API Open REST APIs Cloud Ticketing Services ibase XPert Product Resumes SAP Cloud Transport KUKA Cloud Micro Services Plug In On Premise Digital Twins KUKA RT-Edge Edge Cloud Community Partner Devices KUKA AG Munz Page 20 KUKA on TSN Devices (Things) Devices Things

21 Another Example from Japan: Edgecross Consortium Public/On Prem Cloud Cloud Apps Edge Apps Edge Things KUKA AG Munz Page 21

22 Thank you for your attention! KUKA AG Munz Page 22