First Source. Use First Source to. Expand markets. Search for new poten al customers. Explore/Discover new markets

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1 Use First Source to Expand markets Search for new poten al customers. Explore/Discover new markets Search for companies from new industries/loca ons. Mi gate business risks Research business associate, directors et all. Strengthen business partnerships Search for associates, vendors, service providers. Improve compe ve advantages Research exis ng and poten al compe on.

2 First Source is a query-able database of all companies registered in India. It has informa on on over n n 1.9 million companies 2.8 million signatories (directors) < 1 million charges on assets n 0.5 million annual report documents (with content markings) The First Source database is created from official filings by companies. First Source provides search tools. This can be used to successfully find all companies in a loca on or all companies by the size of their Paid up Capital, or Nature of business or Incorpora on year. This is a very powerful feature that helps you in expanding your business or to find new business partners. The database already has financial statements of over 52,000 companies. And the financials of the others is available on demand with a quick turnaround me. First Source generates neat tabula ons based on the profit and loss statement and balance sheet and also calculates most financial ra os. The First Source database is updated regularly. Requests for upda on of Company master, Signatories and Charges is processed immediately. Directors of companies are o en highly networked. This networking is manifest in their simultaneous directorships over mul ple companies. First Source provides a tool to search for a director and the companies on which the director holds directorships. This feature is very useful for banks and others who would like to check the creden als of the people who manage the companies they deal with or plan to deal with. First Source is to help you expand your business with the help of a large database of official filings.

3 Distribu on of Companies Jammu & Kashmir 5,467 Rajasthan 59,717 46,044 Punjab 6,093 Himachal Pradesh Haryana 386,326 7,637 Uttarakhand Uttar Pradesh 102,807 30,529 Bihar Sikkim Meghalaya 15,012 Arunachal Pradesh Assam (ASOM) Nagaland Manipur 107,271 Gujarat 38,849 Madhya Pradesh 9,816 13,308 Jharkhand 209,778 West Bengal Tripura Mizoram Daman and Diu Dadra & Nagar Haveli Maharashtra 402,973 24,285 Orissa Telangana 134,657 9,258 Karnataka 119,535 Andhra Pradesh Andamans 118 Lakshadweep 52, ,896 Tamil Nadu 3,326 Kerala Nicobars

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5 Status of Requests My Requests page keeps you updated on the status of your requests for Annual Report Documents.

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7 Search Results Use Search Companies tool to query the database.

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