All new construction, mobile home placement & additions.

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1 Checklist The following activities require a building permit application as per State Building Code: All new construction, mobile home placement & additions. All repair and remodeling involving the strength of a structure, insulation or window replacement. All decks that are attached, or a 30-inch drop down from the deck (setbacks apply to all decks). All porches, gazebos, swimming pools, lean-tos, pergolas and fences over 6 foot. All foundations, anchoring or a retaining wall over 4 feet. All re-shingling, siding, furnaces, unit heaters, air conditioning, water heaters, fireplaces gas lines, wood or corn stoves, green energy and demolition activity. All plumbing not done by the occupant. The only exemptions to the above requirements are: 1. Agricultural related outbuildings used only for agricultural purposes situated on at least 10 acres of active tillable Ag land. A form must be signed and submitted to the Environmental Services Department by the landowner certifying the above information. Forms for this exemption are available from the Zoning Office. 2. Storage (only) sheds less than 120 square feet (including over-hang) Do not start construction before a building permit is issued from this office. Triple charges, court and other fees can be assessed against you and the property. Below is a series of questions that will help speed you through the building and zoning permit process, this checklist is not totally inclusive but touches on the most frequent issues that need to be addressed for a general building permit from Wabasha County. (some townships may be more restrictive) General Regulations Applies to All Building Permits Is your septic outside of a DNR shoreland district? (1000 ft from a lake, the Mississippi River and its backwaters or 300 ft. from a protected stream). If not, a compliance inspection is required. (##) Will the change be void of a sleeping area? If not a septic compliance inspection is required. (##) Will the structure be greater than 10 feet from the septic tank or 20 feet from the drainfield? (##) Will the structure be 30 feet or more from an 18% Bluff slope? Will the structure and its drip-line be greater than 3 feet from the well. (##) Front yard setback for a structure is the road Right of Way + 30 feet for most roads and road Right of Way + 50 feet for some county, and townships roads. Not the centerline or edge of roadway. Is your well outside of a DNR shoreland district? (1000 ft from a lake, the Mississippi River and its backwaters or 300 ft. from a protected stream). If not, a water test for Nitrates and Bacteria is needed unless it passed a test in the last three years or was installed less than 5 years ago. (##) If in a sub-division, does the project comply with covenants it may have? Will the structure comply with back & side setbacks (This distance is measured from the dripline of the eaves.)? Setbacks from: back yard sideyard Zone A-1 50 ft 50 ft Zone A-2 50 ft 50 ft Zone A-3 20 ft 20 ft Zone R-1 40 ft 15 ft (##) for Septic & Water questions contact Public over

2 Accessory Structure Is this an Accessory building? (not to be lived or slept in) Will the building be attached to the house or greater than 8 ft from the house? Will the structure be 10ft from septic tank & 20ft from drain fields? (##) If your parcel is less than 12,000 sq. ft., will the structure be less than 801 sq. ft? If your parcel is greater than 12,000 sq. ft. and less than 5 acres or in a subdivision, will the structure be less than 1,201 sq. ft. (30x40)? New Dwelling Is the building site over 1,000ft. from a feedlot? (MN State Statutes Section , Subd. 3C, part d) Do you have a valid 911 services number for this dwelling? If questions call Shawn Gertken Is the dwelling 16 feet or wider on the short side? Will the access drive stay at less than a 14% grade & not cross slopes over 30%? If the access drive is less than 200 ft. long will the drive be at least 12ft wide w/ 4:1 side slopes? If the driveway is longer than 200ft. will there be a minimum width of 16ft, with 4:1 side slopes? Will the curves of the access drive have a minimum of a fifty (50) foot centerline radius? Will the access at the public road be 90 degrees to the road and have 50 feet of flat ground from the center line of the public road? Has the road authority approved the access point onto the public roadway? (agriculture, logging & other accesses may not meet access codes) Has a septic permit been approved by Wabasha County Public Health? (##) If using an existing well, is it less than 5 years old or tested for nitrates and coliform bacteria and passed in the last 3 years? (##) An answer of NO to any of the above questions may require additional permits. Forms we are looking for: Building Permit Application, Township Approval, Site Sketch, Construction Detail (If blue-prints 2 sets), New Energy Code Compliance Certificate form License Waiver (if no general contractor), Septic information - copy of permit or compliance inspection (if needed) Water Test copy of results (if needed) Fill out all forms the best you can. Omissions may delay your application. Do not start construction before a building permit is issued from this office. Additional inspection charges, up to triple charges and court fees can be assessed against you and the property. If you have further questions, our web address is once there, go to Departments, then Environmental Services, then Zoning or Zoning Ordinance Downloads or, give us a call. Floyd Riester - Zoning Administrator Tracy Pooler Planning and Zoning Officer GOPHER STATE ONE call 48hrs before you dig NEW STATE LAW If your activity will disturb 1 acre or more of soil, including septic and driveway, a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity may be needed. Contact for more information. (6-09)

3 WABASHA COUNTY BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Applicant must submit application to County jurisdiction. Applicant shall include: a. Site plan showing property boundaries and building(s) locations. Dimensions should show distance from building to all property lines, septic & well. b. Legal description, address of property, and fire number c. Two (2) sets of plans which include footing, foundation, wall & roof details. CMS will release permit after energy calculations, makeup and combustion air calculations (mechanical calculations) and energy compliance certificate are approved. All buildings other than one and two family dwellings require architectural and/or structural engineering certifications. d. On-site and well information. No building permit shall be issued until the individual sewage treatment application permit has been approved by Environmental Health Department. Call for more information. 2. Building permit review and issuance normally takes fourteen days. 3. Applicant pays all fees when he/she picks up the permit(s) before construction. 4. The owner/builder is responsible for arranging or calling for all inspections. In the typical new home the following inspections would be required: a. Footing/foundation. This is made before the concrete is poured b. Poured foundation walls c. Back Fill d. Plumbing Rough-in - below ground e. Mechanical Rough-in - heat/vent - in-floor & underground heat f. Radon Mandatory with the adoption of the new Energy Code g. Framing Truss specifications to be on site h. Plumbing rough-in - above ground i. Fireplace Rough-in. This inspection is made prior to enclosing unit. j. Insulation k. Finals building, plumbing, mechanical (heat & ventilations & gas lines) 5. Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued upon completion of all work. GENERAL INFORMATION: All structures except storage buildings under 120 sq. ft. require a building permit. Storage buildings under 120 sq. ft. must still comply with all applicable zoning regulations. This permit becomes null and void if work or construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days, or if construction or work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days at any time after work has commenced.

4 Permit fees are based on valuation established from State of Minnesota data sheets. Refund Policy: Upon request of cancellation of building permits, refunds will be based on expenses for office time, inspections, and zoning fees that were completed prior to the cancellation notice. Electrical permits and electrical inspections must be arranged through the Minnesota State Electrical Inspector. All building and plumbing contractors must be licensed through the State of Minnesota and their license number must be included on all permit applications. The plumbing plans for all commercial/industrial projects must be approved by the Minnesota Health Department. Inspections are made by the Health Department, however, they often defer these to the local building inspector. A copy of the state approval shall be on file at CMS prior to scheduling plumbing inspections. The Minnesota State Building Code currently consists of the following documents: 1. Chapter Administration of State Building Code 2. Chapter Certification and Continuing Education of Building Officials 3. Chapter Construction Approvals 4. Chapter Minnesota Provisions of the State Bldg Code 5. Chapter Adoption of the 2006 International Building Code 6. Chapter Special Fire Protection Systems 7. Chapter Elevators and Related Devices Chapter Adoption of the 2006 International Residential Code 9. Chapter MN Conservation Code for existing Buildings 10. Chapter Adoption of the 2008 National Electrical Code 11. Chapter 1322 & 1323 Residential Energy Code 12. Chapter Solar Energy Systems 13. Chapter Flood-proofing Regulations 14. Chapter Minnesota Accessibility Code 15. Chapter Adoption of the International Mechanical & Fuel Gas Code 16. Chapter Manufactured Homes 17. Chapter Prefabricated Buildings 18. Chapter Industrialized/Modular Buildings Chapter Storm Shelters (Manufactured Home Parks) 20. Chapter Minnesota Plumbing Code 2007 CALL 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE FOR ALL INSPECTIONS CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES OR KEEP THIS FOR YOUR INFORMATION