Construction. Low viscous (easy flowing) elastic adhesive for wood flooring. Product Description. Product Data

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1 Product Data Sheet Edition 26/08/2005 Identification no: (Template for local translation, only for internal use) SikaBond -T55 Low viscous (easy flowing) elastic adhesive for wood flooring Construction Product Description Uses Characteristics / Advantages Product Data Form Colour SikaBond -T55 is a one part, elastic adhesive. With SikaBond -T55: Solid- and engineered wood floors (strips, longstrips, planks, panels, boards) mosaic parquet, industrial parquet, wood paving (residential) as well as chipboards can be bonded 1-part, ready to use Fast curing Elastic, footfall-sound-dampening adhesive Suitable for common types of wood floors Especially for problematic wood such as beech and bamboo Suitable for bonding wood floors directly onto old ceramic tiles Reduces stress on the substrate: the elastic, material-compatible adhesive reduces transverse stress between the wood floor and the substrate Suitable for subfloor heating Adhesive can be sanded Ochre Packaging 13 kg metal pails (=10 litre) Storage Storage Conditions / Shelf Life 12 months from date of production if stored in undamaged original sealed containers, in dry conditions and protected from direct sunlight at temperatures between +10 C and +25 C. 1 1/5

2 Technical Data Chemical Base 1-part Polyurethane, moisture curing. Density ~ 1.34 kg/l (DIN ) Skinning- / Laying Time Curing Rate Sag Flow Service Temperature Mechanical / Physical Properties ~ minutes (+23 C / 50% r.h.) ~ 4.0 mm/24h (+23 C / 50% r.h.) Floor may be walked on / sanded hours after installation (depending on climatic conditions and adhesive layer thickness). Consistency: Spreads very easily, trowel marks stable. -40 C to +70 C Shear Strength ~ 1.0 N/mm 2, 1 mm adhesive thickness (+23 C / 50% r.h.) (DIN 281) Tensile Strength ~ 1.5 N/mm 2 (+23 C / 50% r.h.) (DIN ) Shore A Hardness ~ 35 (after 28 days) (DIN ) Elongation at Break ~ 400% (+23 C / 50% r.h.) (DIN ) System Information Application Details Consumption Substrate Quality Full Surface Bonding: g/m 2 with notched trowel B3 (acc. to IVK guidelines) or 3 / 16 " 1 / 8 " 1 / 8 " (engineered strips / planks, mosaic parquet) g/m 2 with notched trowel B11 (acc. to IVK guidelines), AP 48 or 3 / 16 " 3 / 16 " 3 / 16 " (solid wood, engineered longstrips / panels, industrial parquet, wood paving (residential), chipboards). For bonding of long, width boards or in case of uneven substrates it could be necessary to use a notched trowel with bigger notches (avert hollow sections). For substrates prepared with Sika Primer MB, the consumption of SikaBond -T55 is lower. Clean and dry, homogeneous, even, free from grease, dust and loose particles. Paint, laitance and other poorly adhering particles must be removed. Standard construction rules must be observed. 2 2/5

3 Substrate Preparation Concrete / cement screed: Must be ground and thoroughly cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaner. Anhydrite screed / Anhydrite flowable screed: Must be ground and thoroughly cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaner shortly before bonding starts. Broadcast mastic asphalt: Must be primed with Sika Primer MB. Instructions for use, see Product Data Sheet for Sika Primer MB. Glazed ceramic and old ceramic tiles: Degrease, clean with SikaCleaner or grind the tile-surface and clean thoroughly with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Wood- / gypsum boards (e.g. chipboards, plywood,...): Glue / screw the boards to the substructure. They have to be fixed on the substrate. In case of floating subfloors, please contact our Technical Service. Unknown substrates: Please contact our Technical Service. SikaBond -T55 can be used without priming on cement floors, anhydrite floors, chip boards, concrete and ceramic tiles. For broadcast mastic asphalt, cement floors with an excessive moisture content, as well in case of renovation on old adhesive residues and on structurally weak substrates use Sika Primer MB. For detailed instructions consult the Product Data Sheet of Sika Primer MB or contact our Technical Service. Application Conditions / Limitations Substrate Temperature Ambient Temperature Substrate Humidity During laying and until SikaBond -T55 has fully cured substrate temperature must be > +15 C and in case of floor heating < +20 C. For Substrate temperatures the standard construction rules are relevant. Room temperature between +15 C and +35 C. For ambient temperatures the standard construction rules are relevant. Permissible substrate moisture content: - 2.5% CM for cement screed (ca. 4% Tramex / Gravimetric weight percent) - 0.5% CM for anhydrite screed % CM for magnesia flooring (proportion of organic parts) Relative Air Humidity Between 40% and 70% Permissible substrate moisture content in case of floor heating: - 1.8% CM for cement screed (ca. 3% Tramex / Gravimetric weight percent) - 0.3% CM for anhydrite screed % CM for magnesia flooring (proportion of organic parts) For moisture content and quality of substrates the guidelines of wood floor manufacturer as well as standard construction rules must be observed. 3 3/5

4 Application Instructions Application Method / Tools Cleaning of Tools Potlife Notes on Application / Limitations Notes Local Restrictions SikaBond -T55 is applied to the properly prepared substrate directly from the pail and uniformly distributed by notched trowel. Press the wood floor elements firmly into the adhesive so that the wood floor underside is fully wetted. The elements can then be joined together using a hammer and a impact block. Many types of wood floors have to be tapped from the top. A distance of 10 mm from the wall to the wood floor must be observed. Fresh, uncured adhesive remaining on the wood floor surface must be removed immediately with a clean cloth and if necessary cleaned with Sika Remover-208 or Sika Handclean cloths. Test wood floor surfaces for compatibility with Sika Cleaner-208 before use. The laying instructions of the wood floor manufacturer as well as standard construction rules must be observed. Clean all tools and application equipment with Sika Remover-208 immediately after use. Hardened / cured material can only be mechanically removed. ~ 45 minutes SikaBond -T55 is only suitable for experienced applicator. If, according to wood floor suppliers or producers deviation from the standards is permissible, temperatures between +5 C and +35 C must be observed for the adhesive. For better workability the adhesive temperature must be at least +15 C. For the proper curing of the adhesive sufficient ambient moisture is necessary. Wood floors in non insulated areas such as basements, or other areas without a damp proof membrane, must only be installed after the application of Sikafloor EpoCem sealed with Sika Primer MB to control the moisture. For detailed instructions consult the Product Data Sheets or contact our Technical Service. In case of chemically pre-treated types of wood floors (e.g. ammonia, wood stain, timber preservative) and woods with high oil content SikaBond -T55 is only to be used after a written recommendation from our Technical Service. Do not use on PE, PP, TEFLON, and certain plastizied synthetic materials (carry out pre-trials or contact our Technical Service). Some primers can negatively influence the adhesion of SikaBond -T55 (pre trials recommended). All technical data stated in this Product Data Sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual measured data may vary due to circumstances beyond our control. Please note that as a result of specific local regulations the performance of this product may vary from country to country. Please consult the local Product Data Sheet for the exact description of the application fields. 4 4/5

5 Construction Health and Safety Information Protective Measures Ecology Transportation Class Important Notes Toxicity Legal Notes Please insert any additional Standard Health and Safety Information in accordance with local laws and which are not already stated in the safety data sheet. For questions contact your Ecology and Safety-Manager. To avoid rare allergic reactions, we recommend the use of protective gloves. Change soiled work clothes and wash hands before breaks and after finishing work. Local regulations as well as health and safety advice on packaging labels must be observed. Residues of material must be removed according to local regulations. Fully cured material can be disposed of as household waste under agreement with the responsible local authorities. Detailed health and safety information as well as detailed precautionary measures e.g. physical, toxicological and ecological data can be obtained from the material safety data sheet. It may be necessary to adapt this disclaimer to specific local laws and regulations. Any changes to this disclaimer may only be implemented with permission of Sika Corporate Legal in Baar. The information, and, in particular, the recommendations relating to the application and end-use of Sika products, are given in good faith based on Sika's current knowledge and experience of the products when properly stored, handled and applied under normal conditions in accordance with Sika s recommendations. In practice, the differences in materials, substrates and actual site conditions are such that no warranty in respect of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose, nor any liability arising out of any legal relationship whatsoever, can be inferred either from this information, or from any written recommendations, or from any other advice offered. The user of the product must test the product s suitability for the intended application and purpose. Sika reserves the right to change the properties of its products. The proprietary rights of third parties must be observed. All orders are accepted subject to our current terms of sale and delivery. Users must always refer to the most recent issue of the local Product Data Sheet for the product concerned, copies of which will be supplied on request. Sika Services AG Tüffenwies 16 CH-8048 Zurich Switzerland Phone Telefax 5 5/5