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4 TWO-PART ELASTOPLASTIC CEMENT MORTAR FOR WATERPROOFING APPLICABLE WITH ROLL, BRUSH OR TROWEL. DESCRIPTION FIELDS OF APPLICATION COVERFLEX is a special two-part plastic cement mortar consisting of cementitious binders, selected inert fillers of fine particle size and acrylic polymers in aqueous emulsion. When mixed together, the two components form a highly elastic mortar that can be applied both horizontally and vertically using a brush, roller or smooth trowel. After hardening, the product has: Extremely high elasticity also at low temperatures Total waterproofing capacity till 3 BAR pression High resistance to aggressive substances, i.e. :chlorides, sulphates, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide Excellent adhesion to porous or compact substrates as concrete, cementitious plaster, screeds, old ceramic tiles or natural stones. Suitable for: Waterproof membranes for protecting concrete surfaces from chemical attack. Flexible waterproof smoothing layers for ground walls and microcracked plaster. Waterproof membrane for cementitious substrates prior to laying ceramic tiles in internal and external areas, such as balconies, terraces, swimming pools, etc. Flexible smoothing layer for structures subject to deformation under load. Flexible smoothing layer on interior substrates consisting of ceramic tiles, PVC, linoleum, etc., prior to installation of ceramic tiles or natural stone with cementitious adhesives. Waterproofing covering of tanks, cisterns, canals for not food-use water. SUBSTRATES Cementitious screeds LITOCEM screeds Concrete Cementitious plaster Old floor covering consisting of ceramic tiles, agglomerate, PVC, linoleum MINIMUM MAXIMUM GENERAL CURING TIME RESIDUAL MOISTURE CONDITIONS 28 days 3% Clean and dry 24 hours 3% Solid and compact 6 months Free from cracks 1 week per cm thickness Sufficiently cured Free from rising damp 1 SUBSTRATE PREPARATION In case of structures that contain for not food-use water, check the suitability with a specific test. The substrate must be solid, clean, free of loose material, dust, form oil, rust or anything else that could prevent proper adhesion. Substrates consisting of old PVC or linoleum floors etc. must be cleaned and degreased using suitable solvents. Old ceramic tile or natural stone floors must be dewaxed using water and caustic soda, then rinsed and dried. Uneven or not level cementitious surfaces must be levelled with LITOPLASTER T30 or LITOCEM. Deteriorated concrete structures must be restored with FIBERCEM TISSOTROPICO. Wet porous and absorbent cementitious surfaces lightly with clean water before applying the product.

5 MIXING RATIO MIX PREPARATION APPLICATION ADHESIVES RECOMMENDED FOR INSTALLATION Part A (powder) Part B (liquid) 20 kg (1 bag) 10 kg (1 can) The two parts are pre-batched in their respective containers Pour part B (liquid) into a clean container and add part A (powder) while stirring. Stir using an electric drill equipped with mixing paddle until a uniform, lump-free mix is obtained. Hand mixing is not recommended. Leave the mix to sit for about 5 minutes then re-mix briefly. Apply the mortar using a brush, a roller or a smooth trowel directly to the substrate in two subsequently crossed coats to a total thickness of 2 mm. The second coat must be applied after the first one has dried (it takes about 3 hours at T= 23 C). In areas with microcracks or subject to high stress( swimming pool, terraces, ecc.) it is advisable to install an anti-alkaline fibreglass reinforcing net with 4x5 mm meshes inside the first fresh Coverflex layer. Then apply the second Coverflex coat when the first one has dried. Connect with the sealing tape Litoband all joints between walls and floors, movement joints and eventual cracks. Ceramic tiles or natural stones can be installed over the COVERFLEX based membrane after at least 5 days of curing in favourable temperature conditions( +23 ) and with an open grout joint using the adhesive CEMENTKOL K21 mixed with 30% of LATEXKOL diluted 1:1 with water. In case of mosaics use the adhesive LITOPLUS K55 mixed with 35% of LATEXKOL diluted 1:1 with water. 2 CAUTIONS Do not add lime or cement to the product. Do not apply the product to substrates that show signs of rising damp. When using outdoors, protect from rain and frost for at least 24 hours. Apply the product at temperatures of between +8 C and +35 C. Do not use for thicknesses greater than 2 mm. In hot climates, the product should be kept out of direct sunlight. After application, it is advisable to protect the treated area with plastic sheets to prevent rapid evaporation. Do not use for applications not stated on this technical sheet. IDENTIFICATION DATA Appearance Colour Customs code Shelf life Part A: powder Part B: liquid White months in original packaging in dry place at temperatures no lower than +5 C. Part B (liquid) is susceptible to frost damage.

6 APPLICATION DATA Mixing ratios Maturing time Mix consistency Pot life Application temperature Maximum applicable thickness Time between applying 1st and 2nd layers Consumption Time before installing ceramic tiles PERFORMANCE Adhesion strength to concrete after 28 days in standard conditions PrEN A.6.2 Part A: 3 parts (24 kg) 5 minutes Fluid paste About 60 minutes From +8 C to +35 C 2 mm 3-4 hours at T=+23 C 1.7 kg/m 2 per mm thickness 5 days > 1 N/mm 2 Part B: 1 part (8 kg) Adhesion strength to concrete after 7 days in standard conditions + 21 days in water immersion PrEN A.6.3 Adhesion strength to concrete after 14 days in standard conditions + 14 days in water immersion T= +70 C PrEN A 6.9 Adhesion strength to concrete after freeze-thaw cycles PrEN A 6.4 Adhesion strength to concrete after contact with a solution of water and clorine PrEN A 6.9. Adhesion strength to concrete after contact with a solution of water and calcium hydroxide PrEN A.6.7 Waterproofing after 7 days at 3 BAR pressure 3 (PrEN A. 7) Crack Bridging of Coverflex film after 28 days in standard conditions PrEN A.8 Minimum temperature of use : -20 C. Waterproof > 75 mm PACKAGING 20 kg bags Standard pallet 1200 kg 10 kg can Standard pallet 600 kg Complete package 30 kg

7 SAFETY INFORMATION According to 91/155 ECC Part A (powder) The product contains cement Xi IRRITANT R36/37/38 Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. R43 May cause sensitisation by skin contact. S2 Keep out of reach of children. S22 Do not breathe dust. S24/25 Avoid contact with eyes and skin. S26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. S36/37 Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label. 4 Although the information provided on this technical sheet is accurate to the best of our knowledge and experience, it is intended purely as a guideline. The user must carry out preliminary practical tests for each specific job and is solely responsible for the final result. Sheet no. 606 Revision no. 0 Date: July 2006