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1 Specifications Midmark Modular Casework Quality ball bearing glides Powder coated paint finish LEED compliant composite wood panels One-piece molded polystyrene drawers 12 mil polymer covering on all door and drawer fronts 18 and 20-gauge cold rolled steel shell 5-year warranty For more detailed specifications, refer to: Ritter Modular Casework Powder-coated paint finish 18 and 20-gauge cold rolled steel shell 12 mil polymer covering on all door and drawer fronts Side mounted drawer runner on all drawers and writing surface, 100-pound capacity Ritter warranty is 3 years Options Door locks Central drawer locks Drawer divider set Task lights (casework only) Sloping tops (casework only) Mobile cabinet handles (carts only) Hard surface, carpet or locking carpet casters (carts only) Soft edge top (carts only) Standard Panel Color Standard Midmark Modular Casework features colored inserts on a polymer covered, pebble grey panel. Insert Colors For a full listing of door/drawer insert color options for the standard panels, please refer to the Midmark color inserts section of the Casework Color Selection Guide. Integrated Handle Colors For a full listing of Midmark integrated handle and color options samples, please refer to the Midmark integrated handle color selection section of the Casework Color Selection Guide. Ritter Seamless Panel Colors Shell, base color, drawer pulls and door handles are Pebble Grey. For a full listing of Ritter seamless panel color options, please refer to the Ritter color selections section of the Casework Color Selection Guide. Countertop Colors Midmark modular casework standard countertops are listed in the laminate countertop and solid surface countertop selection section of the Casework Color Guide. LEED Credits... How Midmark Can Help New Construction v3 WE 3 Water Use Reduction 30% 2 WE 3 Water Use Reduction 35% 3 WE 3 Water Use Reduction 40% 4 MR 2 Construction Waste Management 50% 1 MR 1.2 Building Reuse Non-Structural 50% 1 MR 2 Construction Waste Management 75% 2 MR 3 Materials Reuse 5% 1 MR 3 Materials Reuse 10% 2 MR 4 Recycled Content 10% 1 MR 4 Recycled Content 20% 2 EQ 4.4 Low-Emitting Materials 1 Commercial Interiors v3 Existing Buildings v3 LEED Points WE 1 Water Use Reduction 30% 6 WE 1 Water Use Reduction 35% 8 WE 1 Water Use Reduction 40% 11 MR 2 Construction Waste Management 50% 1 MR 2 Construction Waste Management 75% 2 MR 3.2 Furniture and Furnishings 30% 1 MR 4 Recycled Content 10% 1 MR 4 Recycled Content 20% 2 MR 5 Regional Materials 20% 1 WE 2 Water Use Reduction 10% 1 WE 2 Water Use Reduction 15% 2 WE 2 Water Use Reduction 20% 3 WE 2 Water Use Reduction 25% 4 WE 2 Water Use Reduction 30% 5 MR 2.2 Sustainable Purchasing - Furniture 1 MR 3 Sustainable Purchasing 1 MR 9 Solid Waste Management 1 Casework Midmark Animal Health Products No product can guarantee points. Points are cumulative for all effected materials for a LEED project. For further information on LEED, please visit the USGBC website, CARB Phase 2 Compliant Midmark Corporation 60 Vista Drive, Versailles, OH MIDMARK 2012 Midmark Corporation Products subject to improvement changes without notice Litho in U.S.A Rev. C1 (1/15) Midmark is an ISO and ISO 9001 Certified Company.

2 Midmark Casework the right choice for your clinic Whether you're remodeling or building a new clinic, Midmark modular casework not only improves clinic efficiency, it also enhances the look of your clinic for years to come. Built to last Our unique metal frame design is durable, sustainable and modular to evolve with your practice. Durable Strong enough to stand up to the demands of a veterinary clinic Sustainable Constructed with recycled content and composite wood components that are LEED compliant Modular Flexible storage design that can be easily reconfigured as your clinic changes Other features include: The ability to be depreciated at an accelerated rate Can be taken with you if you move A clean, appealing look that you and your staff will greatly appreciate An unmatched five-year warranty A national sales and service support network Our casework design team uses their experience and research to help you optimize workflow and create an aesthetically-pleasing workspace. Midmark casework is more durable than wood laminate casework and is warmer in appearance than stainless steel.

3 Functionality, flexibility and variety Midmark understands That's why we offer a wide range of configurations to create practical, efficient solutions that are specific to your needs. Our casework is available with a wide variety of door and drawer insert colors and in several woodgrain, metallic and solid color options with integrated handles. We offer a full product line that will easily integrate with our other equipment. + = Midmark offers separate cabinet, table and sink units or an economical sink and cabinet combo unit that can save your clinic money. Midmark's full line of casework is designed to meet architectural standards. Its modularity enables you to remodel, move on demand and be flexible. No tools are required when changing drawer configurations. Are you leasing your clinic space? If you move, your Midmark casework can move with you.

4 Create the perfect solution for your treatment room. Our space-saving chase designs allow you to have the equipment you need, where you need it, without sacrificing floor space. Let us help you create the most efficient, effective space possible. Midmark casework chase units are pre-configured to arrive at your clinic ready for installation. Wall mount light plates bolt securely to the chase unit so your 255 LED light can be positioned where you need it with no sag or drift. Plumbing and electrical lines are neatly concealed within the chase. The pentagonal unit has convenient 4" access panels.

5 An exam room featuring Midmark casework can be designed especially for your clinic by our project coordinators so you'll have an efficient workflow plus the choice of how you want to interact with your patients and clients. Exam room solutions that work for you. Midmark exam tables are available in 48" or 60" lengths, with or without overhang. An exam room showing Midmark casework and a Midmark Folding Exam Table

6 Midmark Casework designed for the rigors of animal health environments. Thermofoil Panels Seamless panels provide a surface that is designed to resist spills, chemical degradation and delamination. Seamless Polystyrene Drawers Rounded corners and one-piece construction are designed to contain spills, be easily and effectively cleaned, and handle the daily rigors of the medical environment. Custom Configurations Midmark's in-house design team helps you visualize your space using 3D renderings that match the specifications of your hospital. Maximize Space Full extension slides are designed to be sturdy and allow you to use all available drawer space, including hard-to-reach spaces in the back. Anti-microbial Pulls and Countertops EPA-registered* anti-microbial pulls and surfaces help complement your current asepsis procedures. Interiors are Configurable so you can change you cabinets to accommodate any workflow. And, because of the steel-onsteel structure, slide attachments and hinges have significantly more strength than wood cabinets. Our compact, durable cart and treatment cabinet systems provide space for instruments, supplies and even a writing surface. Dual Wheel Casters provide maneuverability and the flexibility to position this unit where needed. Our state of the art design system allows you quickly choose layouts, colors and finishes. An expansive list of options will ensure your Midmark casework is tailored to you. Let our expert designers consult with you on how to create a layout that fits within your workflow and budget while improving the aesthetics and efficiency of your space.