April 10, Mr. Steven McMahon Manager of Architectural Services East Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 500 Volvo Parkway Chesapeake, VA 23320

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1 508 Baylor Court Suite C Chesapeake, VA ph fx Mr. Steven McMahon Manager of Architectural Services East Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 500 Volvo Parkway Chesapeake, VA Re.: Dear Steve: Broyles and Associates, P.C. visited the above referenced property to ascertain the structural condition of the building and provide a survey of the roof framing. This report serves as a summary of our findings and recommendations for repairs. Please note that there were no structural deficiencies uncovered during our investigation. EXISTING CONDITIONS: The proposed Dollar Tree space is located in the outskirts of Spartanburg and Greer, South Carolina. It is located within a strip shopping center adjacent to a former Piggly Wiggly Supermarket and another vacant space (See Photo #1). It was formally a CVS drugstore. From inspection of the structure, we would estimate the age of construction to be in the late 1970 s or early 1980 s. The building is a one-story steel structure with perimeter masonry load bearing walls (sides and rear). Please note that the roof of the former grocery store is approximately 3-0 to 4-0 taller than the roof height of the former CVS store. The roof height of the former CVS store is approximately 2-0 higher than the adjacent vacant space. It appears that the space was specifically designed and constructed for this store. There is one row of interior 6 diameter steel columns within the space (two interior columns) (See Photo #2). They support 32 joist girders that run left to right of the space and are bearing on the CMU side walls of the proposed space. Steel bar joists in all three bays (26 deep K-Series) run front to rear of the space and are spaced approximately 5 feet on center (See Photo #3). The joists are all the same height throughout the existing retail space and support a 1 ½ narrow rib deep steel roof deck. The roof slopes from front to rear (approximately ¼ per foot slope). The deck and steel structure appear to be in excellent shape. The front of the store is uniquely framed. A 32 deep joist girder spans left to right of the space (there is a steel column in the front wall which aligns with the interior columns) (See Photo #4). This joist girder supports the existing 26 deep bar joists and also braces the front metal stud framed wall. There are 3 5/8 metal studs spaced at 8 on center which are framed on the outside of the joist girder and continue up to form the parapet wall.

2 Page 2 of 15 What makes this unique is that the metal studs do not extend down to the first floor. Based upon our field measurements, we have determined that the 3 5/8 metal studs come down and sit on an exterior 8 split face masonry wall that extends up from the finished floor approximately 4-8. The split face masonry forms a wainscot at this level and the studs sit on top of the rowlock (See Photo #5). The studs are covered with EFIS on the outside and gypsum board on the inside. What makes this potential problem is that it forms a structural joint in the wall system since the studs do not extend down to finished floor. It is not apparent if the CMU is reinforced to withstand this wind forces against the front of the building. Because of this situation, we may need to provide vertical columns on the inside walls if new storefront doors are relocated. With regards to the rear of the building (12 CMU wall), please note that there is only a 3-4 wide door (See Photo #6). A wider door will be required for product delivery. Also, the 5-0 X 5-0 stoop at the rear door is approximately 7 above the surrounding asphalt pavement. A new concrete ramp is needed here. Please note that we noted some minor step cracking in the upper right corner of the rear masonry wall (See Photo #7). We recommend that the LL repoints this wall. Also, we noted that there are several areas of efflorescence on the rear exterior walls indicating that water has been (may still be) getting into the exterior walls (See Photo #8). This may be due to the age of the roof (modified bitumen with gravel) itself and flashing at the rear gutter. There are three (3) existing mechanical roof top units (RTU) located on the roof (See Photo #9). Two of the units are York and are located on curb adapters. The middle RTU is a Carrier unit and appears to be original. All RTU s are supported by steel angles around the base of their curbs. Obviously, if new RTU s are to be added, they will require new support steel and possible reinforcing. Also, we noted that there is some sidewalk cracking in front of the proposed Dollar Tree store (See Photo #10). The cracking is typical for a building of this age. At Dollar Tree s option, you might discuss the LL filling the cracks in prior to leasing the space. Also regarding the front sidewalk, please note that it slopes on both sides of the current storefront door locations. Specially, there is a flat area on one side of the doors approximately 18-7 long that remains flat if new doors are to be relocated (See Photo #11). The slab height differential is -0-9 on the right side and +1-1 on the left side of the store. The curved awning over the sidewalk can easily be removed without damage to the metal stud framing above the storefront / exterior masonry wall. One item of note that we saw consistently on the roof of the proposed Dollar Tree space is the amount of broken glass everywhere (See Photo #12). It seems that people have been throwing glass bottles and breaking them over the gravel laid roof. Obviously, this is potentially hazardous and may cause leaks in the roofing. We recommend that the landlord address this over the Dollar Tree space as well as other tenants.

3 Page 3 of 15 CONCLUSION: Structurally, there are no real issues. The original construction of the front wall requires some structural reinforcement if the storefront doors are to be relocated. Also, we may need to brace the existing (3 5/8 metal studs at 8 on center) studs along the front wall if substantial signage is provided. Again, there is nothing currently bracing the front wall at the intersection of the CMU and metal stud wall. There will need to be some remedial work in the rear of the store to include an oversized door and ramp but that is minor. There is some cracking of the rear masonry wall and sidewalk should be brought up to the attention of the landlord for correction. If replacement RTU s are needed, we recommend that they be placed over current curb locations to minimize the amount of structural reinforcement below. Basically, the building structure is in good condition just a somewhat older shopping center. Sincerely, BROYLES and ASSOCIATES, P.C. Donald L. Broyles, P.E. President /dlb

4 Page 4 of 15 Photo #1 Proposed Dollar Tree location former CVS Drugstore adjacent to an existing Piggly Wiggly Grocery store and another vacant space.

5 Page 5 of 15 Photo #2 6 diameter steel column supporting 32 deep joist girders and 26 deep steel bar joists and metal decking. Two columns are located within the proposal interior space.

6 Page 6 of 15 Photo #3 26 deep bar joists span front to rear of the retail space and are spaced around 5-0 on center.

7 Page 7 of 15 Photo #4 Front steel column in wall supporting 32 deep joist girders and 26 deep bar joists. 3 5/8 structural studs spaced at 8 on center extend up past the joist girder and form the front parapet wall. 3 5/8 stud wall sits on top of existing 8 split face CMU wall below.

8 Page 8 of 15 Photo #5 8 split face CMU extends up from foundation below. 3 5/8 metal studs sit on top of masonry wall. EFIS is provided on outside face of metal stud framing.

9 Page 9 of 15 Photo #6 3-4 exterior door with concrete stoop. Concrete landing is approximately 7 above perimeter asphalt pavement.

10 Page 10 of 15 Photo #7 Cracking is visible on upper right corner of exterior wall. We recommend landlord address cracking. Also, there it is obvious that water has been leaking around gutter moisture is all on outboard face of masonry.

11 Page 11 of 15 Photo #8 Efflorescence on inside face of rear exterior masonry wall. Water has been leaking into block wall from above (gutters).

12 Page 12 of 15 Photo #9 Three mechanical RTU s on proposed Dollar Tree roof. Two York units are on curb adapters while middle Carrier RTU is on original curb.

13 Page 13 of 15 Photo #10 Cracking of concrete sidewalk slab in front of proposal store entrance. We recommend that landlord address cracking.

14 Page 14 of 15 Photo #11 Level slab is noted (18-7 long) to right side of exterior storefront doors. Slab slope down from that point to former grocery store. Slab slope up on left side of storefront doors (not shown).

15 Page 15 of 15 Photo #12 Broken glass is located over proposed Dollar Tree roof. We recommend landlord remove glass since it could cause potential roof leaks. Glass was observed over multiple tenant spaces.