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1 ADDENDUM #2 FOR THE ADMINISTRATION HIGH VOLTAGE CUTOVER AT WEST VALLEY COLLEGE Owner West Valley-Mission Community College District Saratoga, California Bid #

2 WEST VALLEY-MISSION COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Fruitvale Avenue Saratoga, CA Bid # WEST VALLEY COLLEGE Administration High Voltage Cutover ADDENDUM #2 September 19, 2016 Bidders shall sign and return one copy of this addendum acknowledgement sheet with your bid. Failure to do so may subject bidder to disqualification. NOTICE TO ALL CONTRACTORS SUBMITTING BIDS FOR THIS WORK AND TO ALL PLAN HOLDERS: You are hereby notified of the following CHANGES, clarifications or modifications to the original Contract Documents, Project Manual, Drawings, Specifications and subsequent Addenda. This Addendum shall supersede the original Contract Documents and Previous Addenda wherein it contradicts the same and shall take precedence over anything to the contrary therein. All other conditions remain UNCHANGED. Brigit Espinosa Director, General Services (408) Date: Company Name: Signed By: Printed Name: Phone/Fax: Enclosed within Addendum #2 dated 9/19/16 please find the following items: 1. Responses to Pre-Bid RFI s 2. Included Keynote #11 on drawing E Where will the staging area be located for sand, electrical materials, etc?

3 See attached fencing plan for the area near the Fox Center. The green line represents the fencing area surrounding the Boneyard and will be the area used for storage/staging. 2. Is there a fencing plan? In addition to the staging area map, refer to this map plan for the fencing plan near the site. Solid lines represent post driven fence, dashed lines represtent fence on feet, and red arrows show where 20 gates will be located. All safety measures not addressed in our fencing plan shall be required by the contractor. 3. What is the truck access route to the trenching area and vault locations?

4 Truck routes will be via walkways and pathways currently in use by the college. Provide flagging and or pedestrian controls as required. 4. Please confirm which vaults are provided by the owner and whether the vault delivery will be coordinated so that the delivery truck can place it into the hole. Jensen Precast utility vault per E-201 will be provided by the college, contractor to assume pick up from facilities building and place in hole. 5. Please confirm whether the HV switch is OFCI and how the warranty is handled. HV switch is CFCI. Equipment warranty as required by Section , 1.6, A 6. Can the cable racking system by Underground Devices, Inc (attached) be used in lieu of cable rack Detail 3/E201? Yes 7. On the job walk it was pointed out that the trees and roots do not need to be protected along the trenching path. The job specifications include SECTION Tree Protection. To what area does this specification apply? Trenching pathways will be assumed to avoid trees as much as possible, those trees and or roots in direct route will not need to be protected. 8. A trench detail is not included in the project documents. How much cover is required over the HV conduits? 36 Min Are they concrete encased? Yes, with red powder Is directional boring acceptable? No, directional boring is not acceptable. 9. From where does the irrigation controller and lighting controller currently get power? Controller will be re-connected in existing circuit fed from existing business bldg. If it s from one of the buildings to be demolished, should they be connected to a different source? Both of these controllers will need power run from the nearest source in the planter bed adjacent to the student services building as indicated on the bid documents. 10. The 12kV feeder for the Business building is shown being removed (Sheetnote 7/E101). The Single Line Diagram Detail 1/E201 shows no work to be done on the (E) Business feeder (demolish or reconnect). Please confirm whether the Business building 12kV needs to be reconnected in this project. Feeder for business building will be installed by other contractors. 11. Please confirm the 1200A 208V feeder from the (E) Transformer to the Admin (E) Switchboard is part of the scope of this project. (E101 Sheetnotes 6, 10, 11, 12, & 13) Work listed on sheet notes 6,10,11,12, & 13 for existing 1200A admin switchboard is confirmed part of the scope. 12. What size is the manhole/vault shown by Sheetnote 3/E101? The vault referenced will be 3 X 5 X 4. Can this vault be omitted and utilize the (E) MH-10B for the Student Services feeder instead? No, new manhole/vault is required as the MH-10B will be abandoned per District request. 13. The Transformer for Student Services (Sheetnote 4/E201) is provided/installed outside this project. Should the conduit for the transformer be terminated under the general area of the future transformer and capped underground?

5 Yes, the conduit will be later intercepted and extend to SSB transformer and main switchboard equipment. 14. Should the 12kV feeder to the future Student Services transformer be coiled up in (N) MH-10B (to be installed, terminated, and tested later after the transformer is installed), or should the feeder be excluded from this project? HV feeder is provided part of the project and terminated up to the transformer pad location. Termination and testing of feeder must be part of this project. 15. In the bid package on the last few pages there is a list of notes Administration High Voltage Cutover Scope of Work. To which drawing do Keynotes 1-10 apply? They don t appear to match up with E101. Notes were re-worded for the purpose of Scope of Work. The notes in the Scope of Work still apply to Drawing E General Sheet Note C on E101 notes the requirement to have temporary power available for the Admin building. If the outage is after hours, on a weekend, or during holiday breaks will temporary power be necessary? Temp power will not be necessary after the cutover. 17. There is a 30 calendar day schedule specified for this job. Can it be extended to 60 days with outages during Christmas/New Year break for cutover? This would reduce the amount of overtime in order to complete in 30 days. This project will remain at a 30 calendar day project duration. Electrical cutovers to be scheduled during afterhours.