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1 DESCRIPTION ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES is a one-component sealant/adhesive that vulcanizes to a durable elastic rubber silicone in contact with ambient humidity. Due to its rheological and non-sagging characteristics, it can be applied above the head, over the joints and on surfaces of vertical and horizontal walls. ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES adheres to glass, most types of wood, clean metals, fibreglass, silicone resins, ceramics, vulcanized silicone, synthetic and natural fibers and many painted surfaces (Validate with your representative) or certain plastics. Additionally, ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES adheres well on alkaline materials, such as masonry. ADSEAL PFR 4580 SERIES will not crack, degrade, lose volume or change consistency if used within the parameters listed in the physical properties section. ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES CAN NOT BE PAINTED. Due to its neutral vulcanization system, ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES is used for caulking applications or when a slower working time is required. ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES is also used for general sealing, caulking and electrical insulation applications. It does not give off any unpleasant odor during vulcanization and will not oxidize the metal (discoloration of copper-based metals may occur when sealed tightly). Due to its vulcanization system in contact with moisture, the depth of the bead should not exceed 13 mm (1/2 "), otherwise the sealant cannot vulcanize completely. For applications with a bead depth of more than 13 mm, we recommend a two component silicone. The minimum size of a movement or a waterproofing joint should be 1/4 x 1/4 as shown in the drawings below. When completely vulcanized, ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES is resistant to permanent temperatures of -40 C to 232 C (-40 F to 450 F) and intermittent temperatures of - 51 C to 260 C (-60 F to 500 F). Movement joints Waterproofing joints

2 When it is not possible to use a conventional backer rod (ADSEAL BR 2600), it is recommended to use an anti adhesive tape. SPECIFICATIONS Meets CAN / CGSB standards M82 Meets ASTM C920, type S, NS grade, class 50 (excluding translucent version 4581), use NT, M, G, A, O. Meets American Federal Specifications TT-S-1543A, class A and TT-S-00230C, class A, type II CFIA accepted LIMITATIONS Not designed for permanent immersion joints Where the sealant is encapsulated and does not have access to ambient humidity In contact with strongly acidic or alkaline products Not designed for horizontal seals with circulation Joint less than 1/4 "(6 mm) wide and deep PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Uncured Appearence Pasty Color Available in a wide variety of colors (special colors upon request) Density 1.29 g/ml V.O.C g/l Extrusion rate (50 psi/diamètre 5mm) g/min Tack free time (ASTM C679) minutes at 23 C (73 F) 50% r.h. Rheological properties (ASTM C639) Cured No sagging Hardness (shore A) (ASTM D2240) 30 Elongation at break (ASTM D412) 1009% Maximum Tensile strength (ASTM D412) 197 psi Tensile strength at 100% elongation (ASTM D412) 57 psi Stain or color change (ASTM C510) None Tensile adhesion strength at 25% elongation (ATSM 44 psi C1135) Tensile adhesion strength at 50% elongation (ASTM 60 psi C1135) Maximum elongation (ASTM C1135) 263% Maximum tensile adhesion strength (ASTM C1135) 95 psi Peel strength (ASTM C794) 24 lb/in Movement capability (ASTM C719) ± 50% (excluding translucent version 4581) Staining on porous surfaces (ASTM C1248) None on granite, marble, limestone, brick and cement

3 APPLICATION Construction Interior and exterior fenestration, curtain walls and siding joints Bedding joints for sealed units Corner block (curtain wall) Expansion joints (masonry) (test with and without using primer before doing the complete work) Cold room Clean room Ventilation Industrial HVAC Transportation vehicles Refrigerated counters Manufactured doors and windows Sealing electrical insulation units Bonding the cylinder head gaskets of refrigeration and heating units Bonding hooks and nameplates without screws and plastic materials to metal Sealing of trailers and truck cabs Assemble and seal parts of household appliances Anti-slip cover Sealing cabins and marine windows SURFACE PREPARATION Surface must be free of dust, oil, grease, frost or any other contaminant. On porous surface, first use mechanical tool such as grinder to remove old sealant or any other contaminant. Use ADSEAL CLEANER 6003 to clean all surfaces. Let it evaporate 20 minutes before sealant application. Ensure that the backer rod ADSEAL BR-2600 is friction fitted properly and ADSEAL PRIMER MK60095 have been applied if necessary. When using ADSEAL PRIMER MK60095, let the primer evaporate for 20 minutes prior to ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES application. When ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES is use in a horizontal 2 sided or 4 sided curtain wall as a perimeter joint sealant always use ADSEAL SETTING BLOCK 20-XXX to avoid sealant color contamination. For more details consult the technical document: Application procedure for sealant movement and waterproofing joints.

4 METHOD OF USE ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES is easy to apply with a conventional manual, electric or pneumatic applicator (do not exceed 45 psi for a cartridge). Shape the sealant bead with the ADSEAL TOOLING KIT before skin formation. In order to facilitate the work, the shaping can be done with a solution of 5% clear dish soap and 95% water. Dip the ADSEAL TOOLING KIT into the solution. Avoid applying solution directly to the sealant. The use of this solution may reduce sealant adhesion if used in an abusive manner. Uncured sealant can be clean with a solvent such as mineral spirit. Bead surface contact should be at least 1/4. ADSEAL DWS 4580 SERIES can be applied at temperatures as low as -20 F (-29 C). For more details consult the technical document: Application procedure for sealant movement and waterproofing joints. TEMPERATURE APPLICATION Sealants from the ADSEAL product line can be applied throughout the year, even in winter, unlike organic sealants such as polyurethanes, thermoplastics or any solvent-based adhesives or sealants. Never apply sealant in weather conditions where condensation or precipitation exists such as rainfall, freezing rain, snow or intense fog. Make sure the surface is free of frost. The temperature of the silicone sealant must be the same as the substrates. Avoid applying a warm sealant to a cold surface. The lower the temperature, the longer the sealant will take to vulcanize. *** Beware of large fluctuations in temperature especially below freezing point. For example, when temperatures reach well below freezing point in a short period of time, the substrates may have a large elongation/compression movement. The sealant will not have enough time to form a fairly thick skin, which in some cases, may cause a breakage or wrinkling at the joint. If such phenomenon occurs, proceed with an adhesion test. PACKAGING 304ml cartridge 600ml sausage Pail Drum STORAGE Store the sealant in closed original packaging. Store in dry premises at a temperature lower than 25 C (77 F). Expiration date is indicate on each container. Storage beyond the date specified on the container does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality insurance reasons. Contact our technical service.

5 CAUTION Always consult sds before using the product. Apply usual hygienic rules. Always test the product on your application before use. For industrial use only. For more information, please contact your technical representative. IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY The information and recommendations contained herein are derived from our research and information from other reliable sources. This data applies only to our products and not when used with other products. We believe in the reliability of our information. However, no guarantee is offered to that effect. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify this data according to their own operating conditions to ensure that they conform to the purpose for which the product is intended, even before using it. THE WARRANTY OFFERED BY ADFAST SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE REPLACEMENT OR REIMBURSEMENT OF THE PRODUCT IF THEY HAVE BEEN DEFECTIVE. NO OTHER IMPLIED OR EXPRESS WARRANTY APPLIES. ADFAST DISCLAIMS ANY OTHER LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.