Escambia County Technical Notices 2010

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1 Escambia County Technical Notices 2010 Technical Notices: These notices are intended to provide information regarding changes of Escambia County's policies, procedures, standards and/or specifications to the general public, design professionals and developers. Details regarding proposed changes will be posted for a minimum of 30 calendar days for review and comment. Comments are encouraged regarding these changes and should be submitted in writing to the attention of Colby Brown prior to the end of the 30-day review period. Contact: Colby Brown Phone: (850) West Park Place Address: Pensacola, FL *Click on the links below to go to the Technical Notices Notice ID Title Status Date a Lot Grading Plan Detail Adopted 10/19/ b Driveway Connection Details Adopted 10/19/ c Stone/Gravel Traffic Area Runoff Adopted 10/19/ Recycled Crushed Concrete Guidelines Adopted 01/26/2010





6 Stone / Gravel Traffic Area Runoff Coefficient To clarify gravel and semi impervious in the Land Development Code definition of impervious surface and its application to stone/gravel areas subjected to vehicular traffic and to align with Design Requirements by the North West Florida Water Management District, Escambia County will consider the following: The runoff coefficient for all proposed stone/gravel travel areas (semi impervious areas) shall be 0.6 (not including porous concrete, paver stones, and shell) The application of this semi impervious area towards the overall impervious area requirements for DRC submittal shall be calculated as 60% of the semi impervious area (i.e. 1000sf semi impervious area shall be considered 600sf of impervious area, only to determine the overall threshold requirements). For semi impervious areas previously designed and approved (prior to ) as pervious (unless proven otherwise via original certified design calculations), Escambia County will require the Pre Development runoff coefficient for the existing semiimpervious areas to be 0.3 (pervious).

7 ESCAMBIA COUNTY Guidelines for the use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Base Material (Crushed Concrete) Escambia County recognizes the beneficial reuse of construction materials where said materials can be used in a manner that provides a construction product meeting specifications adopted by state and/or federal agencies. As such, Escambia County shall allow, as noted below, the use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) for the purpose of constructing an aggregate base course for the placement of an asphaltic concrete surface course in accordance with the following guidelines: SPECIFIC CONSENT REQUIRED: 1. Recycled Concrete Aggregate may only be used on projects with specific written consent of the County Engineer, or their designee, subject to the conditions outlined herein. No such permission shall be given until the requirements of Items 2 through 7 have been affirmatively addressed by the Engineer of Record for the project. Additionally, construction may not proceed until the requirements of Item 10 have been addressed. Should construction commence more than six months after the date of the geotechnical report and/or roadway locations and/or elevations change, a geotechnical addendum shall be submitted confirming groundwater elevations. Should County staff observe differing construction or material conditions after approval; additional testing or reevaluation of existing conditions for use may be required. RCA installations not in compliance with these guidelines shall be subject to removal and replacement. MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS: 2. The material requirements of Recycled Concrete Aggregate shall be in accordance with the Florida Department of Transportation Special Provisions Specification Section 204, Graded Aggregate Base. 3. Recycled Concrete Aggregate used shall not be required to comply with FDEP source approval requirements specified in FAC or be qualified as a clean debris source under FDEP rules, as outlined in Florida Department of Transportation Special Provisions Specification Section , Graded Aggregate Base. The aggregate supplied shall be capable of meeting the requirements outlined in this item. NO material shall be used that has been obtained from potentially contaminated sources that may contain asbestos or other hazardous materials.

8 SPECIFIC USE & LOCATION REQUIREMENTS: 4. The use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate shall be in accordance with the Florida Department of Transportation Special Provisions Specification Section 204, Graded Aggregate Base. It should be noted RCA may not be used on FHWA funded projects unless approved specifically by FHWA in advance. 5. The use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate shall be approved for use in the geotechnical report prepared for the project. The geotechnical report shall include an approval of use and specific instructions with regards to groundwater table concerns, subgrade preparation, and base thickness and compaction requirements. 6. Unless the Engineer of Record can demonstrate that the grading plan provides a minimum vertical separation of 18 inches between the bottom of the base and the seasonal high water table provided in the geotechnical report, permanent groundwater control measures shall be incorporated in the roadway design (i.e. underdrains with positive outfalls, etc.). If the subsurface conditions encountered in the geotechnical study indicate the presence of, or the potential for, perched groundwater, the geotechnical engineer shall address the appropriate measures to remedy perched groundwater in the geotechnical report or addendum. 7. The Engineer of Record shall as part of the original construction plans approved by Escambia County or by addendum approved by Escambia County provide construction details and specifications for the road section(s) to be used with RCA. The section shall include material types, thickness requirements, and compaction requirements for all materials required for the flexible pavement section. The plan and profiles shall detail groundwater levels (apparent or perched) and the use of underdrains with positive outfalls, where applicable/appropriate. Where underdrains are required, they shall be detailed in cross section relative to the road section. The Engineer of Record shall also provide calculations which detail the calculated capacity of all components of the underdrain section, transmission pipes and receiving system. 8. If, during the time period from the completion of construction through the warranty period, water is observed bleeding thru the pavement, new or additional permanent groundwater control measures to a positive, approved, outfall shall be installed. Such measures shall be submitted to Escambia County for review and approval per Item 7 above.

9 TESTING & CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: 9. The installation of Recycled Concrete Aggregate shall be in accordance with the Florida Department of Transportation Special Provisions Specification Section 204, Graded Aggregate Base. 10. Upon delivery of RCA to the project site, the contractor, NOT the supplier, shall provide to Escambia County a report from an independent FDOT certified testing laboratory certifying that the material meets the gradation and Limerock Bearing Ratio requirements of Florida Department of Transportation Special Provisions Specification Section 204, Graded Aggregate Base. 11. During the course of construction, quality control samples of RCA delivered to the project site shall be selected under the supervision of the County, or its representative, for gradation testing. Sampling shall be at a minimum frequency of one sample for every 3,600 square yards of in place base material. 12. All testing shall be in accordance with Florida Department of Transportation Special Provisions Specification Section 204, Graded Aggregate Base. and/or Escambia County requirements whichever is more stringent and shall be completed at the owners/contractors expense.