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1 1 INDEX Name of work:-construction & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARIKRAMA STHAL AT DISTI. CHITRAKOOT Descriotion Cover oaae Index Volume-A : Technical Bid (Eligibility Bld)(ln Envelope 11 Press Notice Invitation 10< Bid List of documents to be Filled by the bidder in various forms as indicated in Section A-Ill Section A-1- Brief Particulars of the Wofk Section A-II - Information & Instructions for Bldders Section A III - Letter of Transmittal Form A- Certlflcate of Financial Turnover from Chartered Accountant Form B-Form of Bankm' Certificate from a Nationalised Bank Form C - Details of all works of similar class completed during the last seven years endino crevious dav of last date of submission of tender Form D - Pmie<:ts under execution or awarded Form E - Performance remrt of works referred to in Forms C&D Form F - Qmanisation Struclure Form G - Details of technical & administrative personnel to be employed for the work Form H - Details of construction plant and equipment likely to be used in carrying out the work Form I - Affidavit Annexure 1 - Letter of Acceotance bv orolect manaaer/general man""er Annexure 2 - Issue of notice to oroceed with the work Annexure 3 - Standard form of Anreement Volume-8 : Financial Bid i/c terms & conditions(ln Envelope 2) SECTION B-1 Invitation for bid Percent= rate tendei &contract al WOik Form of bid Acceptance Profoona of Schedules General coodiiionsoi Contracl (GCC) - Clauses of Contract Perfoonance Guarantee : Clause 1 Recowry al Security Oeposb : Clause 2 Liquidated Damages (LO) for Delay : Clause 3 Time and Extension for Delay: Clause 4 1,,,,_,.,, Gr" ;,,. :1:';tF;l'I ftto f iof.;or- -., 'ill7-. Page No. 1-4 S t., / irl\-r' R'tf<f> t::ro."of:'lt.io "' r -.f flr;:rr.?

2 2 Measuremenls of Work Done : Clause 5 Compu1eril:ed Measurement Book : Clause 6 When Contract can be Detemtined: Clause 7, aause 8 Contractor liable to pay Compensation even n action nol laken under Clause 7: Clause 9 Payment on lnloonediate Certificate lo be regarded as Advances: Clause 10 Secured Advance rn Mobilzallon Advance : Clause 11 (ij Secured Mvaooe (i) S8Cl.lfed Advance on Non-perishable Malooals : Clause 11 (ii) Paymenl of Final Bil: Clause 12 Release of Security deposl after labour clearance; Clause 13 VARIATIONS : Clause 14 ESCALATION : Clause 14A Materials supplied by the UPRNN : Clause 15A Materials to be provldecf by the Contractor : Clause 158 Condition relatirig to use of asphaltic materials : Clause 15C Dismanlled Material Govt. Properties: Clause 150 Work to be exec:ut in Acx:otdance with specifications, Ora. Cxders etc.:-clause 16 Action where no specifications ate specified : Clause 17 Work Commencement : Clasue 18 Lump sum Provisions in Tender: Clause 19 Completion Certfficate and Completion Plans : Clause 20A Completion Plans to be submitted by the Contractor : Clause 206 Cootraclor lo keep Site Clean : Clause 20C Action in case Work not done as per Specifications : Clasue 21 ContraciOf liable!of Damages, defects during maintenance period: Clasue 22 Carrying out part WOik at risk & cost of Contractor : Clause 23 SUSPENSION OF WORK Clause 24 Work not to be sublet : Action in case of insolvency : Clause 25 With-holding al1d lien in respect of sums due from contractor : Clause 26 Uoo in respect of daims in other Contracts : Clause 26A Foreclosure of contract due lo Abandonment or Reduction in scope of Work : Clause V Compensation during warlike situations : Clause 28 Termination of Contract on death ol oontraclor : Clause 29 Termination of Conll'8cl fof other reasons: Clause 30 _/' -,, :'!ir-. <i\. I,I -, It,--i.,,.Fdl *o r- -..'.. r; :.-:snft:':o '.l '../. t,: "', g.,;,ii> or.o,,,, ''1,,1 >I 1 '_ "' flr"',:f,:(f.: Z.?T:t f:ra:e

3 3 Return of material & recovety for excess material Consumed/issued. Clause 31 LevyfT axes payable by Cootractor Clause 32 Conditions for relmborsemenl of levy/taxes l levied after r of tend&rs: Clause 33 Employment of Technical Slaff and Employees: Clause 34 If relative womng in UPRNN then the contractor not allowed lo tender.: Clause 35 ""NoGazetted Englneei lo WOf1< as Conltador within one year of retirement : Clause 36 Contractors to Supply Tools & Planl! ate: Clause 37 Contractor to indemnify Govt. against Patent Rights: Clause 38 Unfiltered waler supply : Clause 39 Departmenlal water supply, ff available : Clause 40 Changes in rrm s Constijution to be intimated :Clause 41 Reoove,y of Compensation paid to workmeo ; Clause 42 Ensumg Payment and Amenllles to Workers ff Contractor falls : Clause 43 labour laws to be complied by the Contractor : Clause 44, 44A. 448,44C E.44F 44G.44H J & Clause 45 Minimum Wages Ad lo oe complied with: Clause 46 Insurance ; Clause 47 Competent Authority for Deciding reduced rates: Clause 48 Reoove,y rates for quantities beyond permissible variations : Clause 49 Seulement of Disputes & Atbltratioo : Clause 50 Apprentices Ac1 : Clause 51 Int""""' Pad General reauirement of Tender SECTION B-2 IFor Civil Works} Material and Oualltv Assurance Additional conditions for Cement & Sleet General Terms & Conditions Particular SMcilicalion and snecial Conditions List of macflimn loots &,...nts to be den wed rw the contractor at site list of Preferred Makes for Civil Works Conllact for Removal of defects after completion of wor1< in water proofing, Anti termite, Aluminium door, windows & partitions, sanitary & water supply, STP, Stone work, Wood work Melallic roofi= & Internal electrical installation etc. Form of Performance Secl#ity (Guarantee) Form of Earnest Monev,-..,,,,,.h Form for Moblisation Advance Form for Indenture for Secured Advance Proforma for Time Extension Certificate of Handinn Over Mile Stones ol the Contract SECTION B-3 For ELECTRICAL & ALLIED WORKS Sub Section B-3a: I.E.I Worics... Prolanna of Schedules Lisi of mandatorv machlneols...,, n1on1s and tesllna eauloment f :-;'.,... -rr -(),/ n r<11 Prl, :I\ n.;j ' I D IOJ - ",,,,... -:- r...,.- nc l'll.l\:;..., c.

4 4 Proforma IOI MOU & Wlllinoll6S$ Addftiooal s""""""'tion FOR I.E.I. WOik Lisi of Pieferal makes 1.E.I. Wol1<. SECTION B-4/Schedule of auantitiesl Schedule of ouanllties for CivR W01ks Schedule ol Quanlitv I.E.I. \\or1<s PART - B-51Drawlnas _ 3!"':0 an..,.... _ l\-11',,ll i;,ro - "' 1,iO \'.'... :,"'7:'lj 11,,'' " ",('I '11,,., "I.'.,,... i '" "' 1l-! :::;.'1f - - ""'o"'. ",, _.Ji;;

5 5 (In Envelope 1) Volume-A Technical BID (Eligibility bid) Name of work:construction & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARlKRAMA STHAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOT Note:- The intending bidder must read the terms and conditions carefully. He should submit his bid only if he considers himself eligible and he is in possession of all the requisite documents. 1Y (l_- 4n... i'"1q ii..., r)l - 't,"; owr::t;.. -;.,;.1i--\t,: 7.J ""-: 'it''- _..., "'.J' I. f'.f",1'11,.'. --

6 6 Notice No. 283/RNN/Chlrakoot/Bhajan SandhyalT ender/16-17, Tender Notice Oated: Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nlrman Nigam Ltd,lnvites Percentage rate Tenders on Turnkey Basis (Two bid system) from eligible contractors/firms for!he following: SI. I I NmeofWOfk Estimated Bid Earnest Addtess of Unit Address of tendej No. <ost Money (Rs. In,..csl (Rs. In LO<sl I CONSTRUCTION & Rs DEVLOPMENT OF BHAWI SANOHVA & PARIKRAMA SlllAl OISTT < HITIIAKOOT CO$tof 81d Oocumtl\lJ Inc. Ta)I VATT Timt mpk-tlo, 6 06 Month Inc. rijn' seawn 7 Project Manager U.P.R.N.N ltd. Oi!TRAKOOT UNIT Nirmanadhiln Jil.l Kara,,iaar Olmpus,Ra9auff, Rajapur road,carvi Mob. No '1979 The tender docu ments can be purchared from the concerned unit stated in column-7 or can be At<.eMng Offlce1 8 General Manager Jhansl ZONE).P.R.N.N ltd. B.1.E.T,camcxis Kanpur Road, JHANSI Phone No downloaded from!he website during the period lo 10, The tender should be submitted up to 03:00PM on The technical bid shall be opened on same day et 03:30 PM. Any amendment should regularly be watched on website. Undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason. General Manager (JHANSI ZONE) 1 :irok, "- ;... Ni fuo \: Ji,.. r; ;,,:,.:.i,..= Yl\<!.'l\.Til ' trr::u'(;o':-r.11 11;.?, f",... - T :Jo t -:f"" YJ 11.i_. :."'"''..J,;....

7 7 U.P. RajkiyaNirman Nigam Ltd. INVITATION FOR BID Sealed tenders are invited ror 2 bids system from eligible contractors. Bidders are advised to note the minimum qualification criteria 0 z iii J, - ii.., C i i t: z '6 C,i1... C - S..2 t II I i.. I..J C i..j.. s j I gj..,s_111 u e,!l C,!J ;. i 0 "' C -, -.S i,,it!t i Ji itm.e o I =-:a---i 2!f.,,.c u 0 i- J I 3lti!i,a._c.El;:2.. m E %!z en w I- :I: o CMlworks: C 0 0 U "..,.. t1i.g I= C,-... 'l5 Rs g_! <'> w 0:: -.. I - 2 0: >, ><1- lntemal.! g- c5 w o..- EleelriflC81fon, O::c i;'... - PPoinl&. (.J 0 C 1:1 0 SOUN SYSTEM: Rs I=... i - o en ';- c3 lo! t; :z: E :::;; - <1 ::, < I- 8 [ 0:: (I) < < t-z (I)< z..., 0 < (.J ::c IXl TOTAL COST Rs ConlraciOI$ who lulfll lhe following requlremenls shal be eligible lo apply. Joint ventures are noi copied. (a) Should have satisfactorily completed the works as mentiof1ed below during the last Seven years ending previous day ol last date ol submission of tenden. Three similar works each costing not less than (40%)or two similar works each costing not less than (50%) or one similar work costing not less than (SO% or tendered cost). ANO ii) One work ol any nature (either part of (ij above or a separate ooe) costing rot less than (40% of lendered COIi) with some Cenlr8VS1ate Governrnonl DepartrnenVCentral Autonomous Body/Stale Autonomous Body/ Cen!Jal Public Sector Undertak Stale Public Sector Undel1aking/Cily Devetopmenl Authority/ Municipal Corporation of City formed under any M. by CenlraV State Government and published in CentraVS1ate Gazette. Similar work shall mean works of "Construction of BUILDING WORK& DEVELOPMENT WORK. (b) Should have average annual financial tum over dunng lhe lasl 3 years ending 31 Ma/th of Previous financial year should be at leasl (30% ol thdered cost)... fa q'lr,1"',qi' atfl) nm l:lt :<'Iii -;.:ro",li -'):i) qtnf1q; :?,1 o i{r.rr.-r:'\f:,,,f:r.a.. I,... ;,.... f "if!

8 8 (c) Should not have ilctjrred any loss in more lhao two years duriog lhe last wie years anding 31st Marth, 2017{C1Jrrenl year). (d) Shoold have a solv1lncy of (40% of tendered coat). The vakle of executed wotks shall be brought to cunent costing level by enhancing the aclual value of work at a rate given below calculaled from Iha date ol oompletjon to last date or submission or tenders, Financial Year Escalation/Enhance factor The iotending bidder must read lhe terms and conditions carefully. He should submit his bid only W he considers hlmseff ellgble and he Is in possession ol all the requisije documents. 3. Information and lnstrucilons for bidders posted on website shal lonn part of bid document. 4. The bid document conslstllg of Tecllnical (aligibilfty)bid &financialbid Ve plans, specillcalions, lhe schedule of quantiies ol various lypes of ilems lo be executed and lhe sel ol t8111\s and oondlons ol the contract to be oomplled with and olher necessary documents can be seen from our website or oost. 5. Certlncate of Flnanclal Turn Over: N. lhe time or submission of bid, conlractor has 10 submit AffidaviVCertfficate from CA mentioning F111ancial Turnover on constructioo work or last 5 years or for lhe period as specified In lhe bid docomenl and futlher details If required may be asked from lhe oonlt8clor alter opening of lechnical bids. 6. The Technical bid shall be ope<led first on due date and time as mentloned above. The time and date of opening of financial bid of contractors qualifying the tecllnical bid shafl be communicated to lhem at a later dale. 7. The department reserves the right lo reject any prospective application without assigning any reason and 10 restrict the 11st of qualffled contraclora IO any number deemed suitable by I, if toe many bids are received satisfying the laid down criterion. 8. Earnest Money(2% of tendered cost) In the form ofbank Guarantee 01 Fixed Deposit Receipt of a nationalised bank (drawn In favour of U.P.R.N.N. ltd. Payable at Lucknow or else) must besubmltted with T echnlcal bid. 9. The bidder can purchase the tender documents from the office of the Project Manager, U.P.R.N.N. ltd by submitting a demand draft ofrs. 10,400(tender cost Rs. 10,000+VATRs. 400) In favour of U.P.R.N.N. ltd. Payable at Lucknow. Or else,tt the b;dder wish to download tenderdocument from our web site he may do so & he will have to deposit R$. 10,400(tender cost Rs. 10,000+VATRs. 400) ln shape of Bank Draft In favour of U.P.R.N.N. ltd. Payable at CHITRAKOOT or else along with Technical bid.the Issue date of bank draft must not be later than the closing date of tender purchase. 10. All lhe documenls as spdoed in the lechnical bid/eligibillty bid document shall be submit within the period or bid submission.. The technical (eligiblltty) bids submifled shall be opened at P: Mon 10/ O.U The bid submttted shall become Invalid W: (l) The bidder is found Ineligible. (o) The bidder does not submit all ments as stipulav document. am'o AI\Ql'td4 '! '"';4, 3', llro T'Trfi'.I'!' ",:;t,,...l\f"r, C',;,,I\ NY ;,.;fl ), i =ti\1 \JJ:n;t:;: -..,O ""'V;'.. f. 4-, "'I " C,.

9 9 (ii (Iv) If any discrepancy is no!lced In hard copies as sutimitled phy.lcajly by the bidder in lhe ohice of bid Ol)ening aulhority The bidder does not deposft valid EMO along with technlcalbld (eligibility bid). 12 Intending Bidders ate advlsed to u1sped and examloe lhe sde and rts soooond,ngs and satisfy themselves befole submi1tlng lhelt bids as to the narure ol the ground and sub-soil (so lat as is praru:able), the form and natl.ft ol lhe srte. lhe means of aooess to lhe srte. the acoommodal,on lhey may requite and In general shall fhemwlves obtain al Information as to risks. oonti and oth8f circumstances which may Influence or affocl tholr bet A bidders shall be deemed to have lull knowle<lge of the site v.tlelhet he lnspeds It or no4 and no exlla charge consequent on any m!sundersland,ng or otherw,se sllal be affowed The bckl81s shall be respons,im for arranging and maintaining al his own cost al materials, lools & plants, waler, eledrlclty access. faciities kl/ wol1<81s and ab other services required for execumg the WOik unless otherwise speofc;all'f provided fof In the contract documents. Sullmlssk,n of a bid by a llrdders mplias that he has read tllls notice and al othef contract documents and has made himseff aware ol the scope and specifications of the worl< to be dooe and ol COllddons and rates at wl1ldl stores, tools and plan etc wll be,ssued 10 him by the GovemmGnl and k>cal coodltions and other factors havilg a bearing on the execution or the v.ork. 13. Canvassilg whether dedly or indlrecl1y, In connection wkh l>gders is strictly prohibrted and the bgs subrmtted by the contjactors who resort to canvas,ilg wtl be liable for rejection & wil be debarred l'rolt1 lull.re tender In U.PRN.N Ltd.. 14 The contrector shall not be permited LO bid fof WOlks In the UPRNN ZONE/UNIT rospons,blo fof award and execution of coo1jacls. In which l'is near relative is posted He shall also Intimate Iha names of persoris who are wortang W'Ch him In any capacity Of are llbsequlll\lly empklyed by hlm and who are near retatrve, to ony officer In the UPRNN. /lny breach ot lhis oondtlon by the oontracloi would render him lialile to be removed rrom the approved isl ol oontraclois of this Oeparunent 15. No Engineer or «her Ga.etted Officer employed in Engineering or Administratlve dunes In an Engineering Department of the STATE GOVERNMENT/ Staie department Undertaking Is allowed to 'Mllk as a oontradoi for a period of two year all!!! his retirement from GovemmenJ service, without the prior permission ol the Govemmen1 of U P.ln 'l«lllng. This contract is liable lo be canceled K elthel Iha conuac1or Of any of his employees is round any tlme to be such a pe!$011 who had not obtained the pemllssklll of tho Govemrnoot of U P. as aforesaid before subml!5$10n of Iha bid or engagement In the oonltactor's serv,ce,v :itr:i, - /,,,, I fh i.. </.. -

10 Ust of Documents to be attachedwith Technical bid: I Treasury challan /Demand draft/pay ordef or Banke(s CheqU91Fixed Deposit Rece,pt ol a Nationalised._._,.. Bank/ Bank Guarantee ol any Naoonaised Bank agoilsl EMO 2 Letter of transmfttal... 3 Certlicate ol Fll1Mcial Turnover from Ch811ed Aocountant (Form 'A'), 4 Bank Solvency Ceruficale (Form '8'). 5 Cettli:ales ol Wor1<s Experience (Form 'C', 'D' & e 6 CertlJCate ol regtsttetrj11 ror Sales T81/VAT 7 Organisation Strudure(Form A-6 8 Del111ts ol T echnlcal & Adminlstrabw Personnel (Form 'G'). 9 Details ol Construction Equipment (Form 'H'). 10 Aff for 'No bad( to back execution ol wor1<' (Form r Important: The bidder shall submit the documents in respect of SI. No. 1,2,3,4,7,8,9&10ln original and remaining document1111f-certlfled by the bldder. # (4, - amo '.!'ttmff,...,;,lj r",-,...,1'-,. " J.uu""J"l._.,.,.l, JU t f I '" JI I> 1 ',. ' j:": r;"'.,"" -- I -t

11 11 SECTION A I 1. BRIEF PARTICULARS OF THE WORK Salient details or lhe work for which bids are invited are as under: SI. No. 1 Nameolwork Estimated Cost CONSTRUCTION & Civil works: Rs DEVELOPMENT OF Electrical works& Sound System Rs BHAJAN SANOHYA & TOTAL COST Rs PAR.IKRAMA STHAL AT OISTI. CHITRAKOOT Period of comp!etl 06 Months (Ve rainy season) The work is 10 be done at CHITRAKOOT Genoral features Civil work; FRAMED STRUCTURE/LOAD BEARING STRUCTURE Electrical & Allied workt: 1- Internal Eteclrlcal WOlks shall consist of normal power supply and essential power supply (UPS). MOSs & EMOBs wi'fl be provided ' ' power distribution lo light points, fan polnls, general power points, AC points etc. Electrical WOfks also lncklde conduit ' ' telephone & data networloog, earthling of electrical Installation and lightning pcotection system. 2 FIRE FIGHTING 3- FIER Al.MM 4 Worlc shaa be executed in aooordance with General coodlion of oontract. flv 3lrni ct,j..)l4i,,.,i. Rio?CJ JJf 'l\') qill ll-4 '4<11' U0!!0'10f.lof\, fij:-,.,7,! "-<(1{ fq ;.4>!.. "(,.

12 12 SECTION A II INFORMATION & INSTRUCTIONS FOR BIDDERS 1.0 General: 1.1 l etter of troosmittal and foons for deciding eligibility are given in Section A-Ill All informalion called for in lhe enclosed forms should be furnished againsl Ille relevant columns in lhe forms. If for any reason, informalion Is furnished on a separate sheet,!his fact shook! be mentioned agalnsl Iha relevant column. Even if no Information Is IO be pcol'ided In a column, a "nil' or no such case' ent,y should be made in thal column. If any pa,ticljtars/query is not applicable In case of lhe bidder, II should be swted as nol applicable". The bidders 818 cautioned lhal not giving complele lnformalion called for In lhe applicalion forms or nol giving ii in clear terms or making any change in lhe p<escnbed forms or delilerately suppressing the Information may resull in the bid beillg summatily disqualified. Bids made by 1elegram or telex and lhose received late will nol be entertained. The bidder should slgn each page of the applicalionldocuments. Overwriting should be a'ioided. Correclion, if any, sho\lld oo made by neatly crossing out, lnlt1alllng, dating and rev.d.ig. Pages ol the eligibility alteria document are numbered. Additional sheets, 1 any added by the contractor, should also be numbered by hm. They should be submitted as a package with signed letter of transmittal Ref erenoos, Information and cericates from the respective clients certif f1r1g sullabby, technical knowledge or capability of the bidder should be signed by an officer not below the rank of Executive Engineer/Project Manager or equlvalenl. The bidder may I\Jmish any relevant additional information wllich he thinks is necessary to establish his capabilities lo successfully complete the envisaged WOtit. He Is, howeve1. advised furnish superfluous Information. No information shal be entertained after submission of eligibility criter1a document unless is called for by the Employer. The aadenlials submitted in respect of pre-qualif1cellon of the tendernender for specialised VIOfk by lhe fwst lowest bidder after opening of lhe financial bid shall be verled before award of work. Any information furnished by the bidder found lo be incorrect etther immediately or at a later dale, would render him liable lo be debarred from lendering/laldng up ol work in UPRNN. If such bidder happens IO be enlisted conlracior of any class in UPRNN, his name shall also be removed from the approved list of contractors, Deflnitlons: In lhis document lhe followlng words and expressi:lns have the meaning hereby assigned to them. Employer:UPRNN Bidder: Means the Individual, proprietary firm, firm in partnership, limtted company pcivale or pubic or corporation. "Ye r" means "Financial Year" unless slated olherwlse. Method of application: If the bidder Is an Individual, lhe appllcalion shao oo signed by him ahoye his fua type written name and current address. If lhe bidder is a prop,ietary firm, lhe application sha be signed by lhe proprietor above his ful l)'pewrilten name and the full name of his firm with ks current address. v!i:. <, f»nt>---. \JC1:0 i'.l,,._..ic \::. V 'r4."iil' " '.1;Rd-10, to Pr:!- e nni. 1;.l,,7-!

13 If the bidder is a firm In parmermip, the application shal be signed by all lhe partnets of the firm above their full typewrllien names and current addresses, or, attemalively, by a partner holding power of attorney for the firm. In the latter case a oertwied oopy of tho power of attorney should accompany the applic.ltlon. In both cases a certified oapy of the partnership deed and current addtess of all the partnefs of the ftm should accompany the application 3.4 If the bidder is a r11111ted company or a corporation, the appricatlon shall be signed by a duly authorised person holding power of attorney for signing the appicatlon accompanied by a oopy of the powe, of attorney. The bidder should also furnish a oopy of lhe Memorandum ol M ieles of Association duly attested by a Public Notary. 4.0 Ffnal decision making authority. The employer rese1ves the right lo accept or reject any bid and to annul Ille process and reject al bids at any time. wilhout assigning any reason or incurrtng any llabiity to the biddess, 5.0 Particulars provisional The particulars of the IVOl1t given in Sedion A-1 are provisional. They are liable to change and be 0011Sldered only as advance Information lo assist the bidder. 6.0 Site visit The b4dder Is advised to visit the sl1e of work, at his own cost, and examine and Hs surroundings to CQllect all information that he considers necessary for proper assessment of the prospective assignment 7.0 criteria for eligibility 7.1 The Bidder should have satisfactorily completed works during lhe last Seven yea,s ending previous day ol last data of submlulon of tenders. For this purpose oost ol work shall mean gross value of lhe completed work including oosl of material Sllpplied by lhe GovemmenVClient but exooding those supplied free of cost. This should be cettified by an officer not below the rank of Executive Engineer/Project Manager or equivaleot. ij Thrff similar wor1,s each costing not less than 40%ortwo similar works each OO&tlng not lass than (50%) orone slmiar work costing not le$$ than 80% ol the tendered cost ANO B) One woril ol any nature (either part of (I) above or a separate one) cos!lng not less lhan 40% of tendered costwth some Central/State Government Department/Central Autonomous Body/Stale Autonomous Body/ Central Public Seclor Undeflaking/ Stale Public Sedor Undertaking/City Development Authorhyl Municipal Corporation of City formed under any Ar:J. by CentraV Stale Government and published in CeotraUState Gazette. SlmHar work shan mean wor1ls of "Construction of (name & main details of work)_bull.l)ing WORK (Note: The detail of work shall be given as per case & should be self-explanatory) The value of exeouted works shall be brought to current costing level by enhancing the acl\jal value of work at a rate 9Mll1 below calculated from the dale of oompletlon to last date of submission of tenders. F"inancial Year EscalatiorvEnhance factor At the time of submission of tender, the tenderer shall have to furnish an affidavit as under. 'Wle undel1ake and confirm that eligible similar work(s) has /have not been got executed through another contractor on back to back basis. Further Iha!, If such a violation comes to the notice ol Department, then WI A\/ "'1xO.to. qi'ffl4 kjli /-,,;if.i<r, ' ' ',n o ;;ono<1;;f.lv:1 ="':t. "b-1\,

14 14 debart8d for tendering in UPRNN oontrads In future forever. Also, n such a violation comes to the notice of Department before date start of work. the Engine«rrCharge shaq be free to forfeit the entire amooot of Earnest Money Deposll/Pelformance Guarantee.' 7.3 The bidder should have had ave1age annual fmanclal tum o-,er (gross) of 30% of tendered oos1 on Civil/Eleclrical construction work during the last available three oonsecutiw balance sheets (may range from six to eighteen months) duly audited by Charted Accountant Yea, in which no turnover Is shown would also be considered for wooong out the average. 7.4 The biddet should not have incurred any loss in mom than two years during available last five consecutive balance sheets, duly certified and audtted by lhe Charteted Accooolanl 7.5 The bidding capaciy of Ille contractor should be equal lo or more than the estimated oosl of the work put to lender. The bidding capacky shal be wori<ed Olli by the followlng formula. Bidding Capacity = {[AxNx2J-BJ Where, A= Maximum turnover In oonstructlon WOJk$ executed in any one year during the last five years taking into account the completed as well as works in progress. The value of completed works shall be brought to current costing level as already specified. N = Number of years prescnoed for completion of woflt for which bids has been invited. B = Value of existing commitments and ongoing works to be completed during the period of completion of WOile for which bids have been invited. 7.6 The bidder should have a solvency of 40% of tendered costcertiled by his Bank6' The bidder should own oonstructions equipment as per list required lo< lhe JlfOper and timely execution of the work. Else, he should certify that he would Ile able to mooage the equipment by hring etc,, and subm lhe list of firms from whom he Jlf0fl0S8S to hire. 7.8 The bidder should ha\/8 sufficient number of Technical and Administrative employees for the JlfOper executjoo of the contract. The biddet should submit a 11st of these employees stating clearly how these would be involved In this WOJk. 7.9 The bidder's performance for each vlllfil comp4eted in the last Seven years and in hand should be cenifled by an officer nol below the rank of Executive Engineer/Project Manager or equivalent. 8.0 Evaluation criteria 8.1 The detabed submitted by lhe bidders wil be evaluated in Ille following manner: The aiteria prescnoed in paia 7.1 lo 7.5 ab '8 in respect of expefience of simiar class of works completed, bidding capacfty and financial h n over etc. wil flr,t be scnrtinlzed and lhe bidde(s eigiblllty for lhe work be detetmined. The department, howevet, reserves the right to restrict the 11st of such qualied conuaclors to any numbe.r deemed sultable by ii. 8.2 Even though any biddet may satisfy lhe above requirements, he would be lable to dlsqualificalbn he has: (a) Made misleading or false representation OI' deliberately suppressed the information in the forms, statements and enclosures raquked In tha eligibillty aiteria document, (b) Record of poor pelformanoe such as abandoning work, nol properly completing lhe contract, OI' financial failures / weaknesses etc. 1../ sili<o <tij ill't<lic ;,,:!I,; elf;- f.fo \::::vt,.:.: : ;r, 'l"'l...,... 1 rr,,r.,..,,.,i \j - '.. 1,; ' <i '"'

15 Flnanclal lnformatlon Bidde< should fumish the following financial infofmation: Annual financial statement lor the lasl five year fl (Form 'A') and SOMlncy certificate in (Form 'B') 10.0 Experience In works hlghllghtlng experience In elmllar worb t 0.1 Bidder should furnish the lollowfng: (a)list of all woli(s of similat nature successfully completed durillg the last seven yeais in (Form 'C') {b)lisl of the projects under ex8cllllon or awarded In (Fonn ' Par11<:ulars of completed works and petformance of the biddler duly authenticated/oertttled by an officer no1 below the rank of Executive Engineer/Project Manager or equivalent should be furnished separately for each work oompleted or In progress fl (Form 'E'). lnlormauon of completed WOfks must be justified from 26AS lormfllormaoon(ln case Tax department) available in intemet lnfo,mation in Fonn 'C' and Form 'D' should be complete and no wol1( should be left out Organisation lnfonmation Blddler Is required to submk the lnformatloo In respect of his organization In Fonns 'F' & 'G' 12.0 Conatruction plant and equipment Blddler should furnish lhe list of oonslruction plant and equ,pm81ll includilg steel shuttering, entering and scaffolding to be used In carrying out lhe work. (in Form 'H'). Details of any other plant & equipment required for lhe wol1( not incijded in Form 'F' and available with lhe aant may also be indicated Letter of transmltt1i The bidder should submit the letter of 1ransmhtal attached with Ille document 14.0 Opening of Price bid After evaklation of Pre-Qua!ificaoon Oocum81lts, a list of short tisted agencies will be prepared. Thereafter the financial bids of only the qualnled and tedlnlcally acceptable bidders shall be opened at lhe notified time, date and place in lhe presence or lhe quaufied bidders or lhelr representatives. The bid shall remain valid for 90 days from opening of technical bids Award crtteria 15.1 The employer reserves lhe right, without being tiable for any damages or obr1galion to inform lhe bidder, to: (a) Amend the soope and vakle of oontract to lhe bidder. (b) Reject any or all lhe applications without assigning any reason Any effort on the pan of the bidder or his agent lo exercise Influence or to pressurize lhe employer would result in rejeclioo ol his bid. Canvassing of any kind is prohibited. JR/ k lt;1iv.s, rau \: - I -,"'-"' ",, ,.,,,, 1'11,,... 1 'C!1"1 :'l!'ir \lq,!1,il'..,..,,. - f.'n'"'('l>, \, -.1. ';. l'l,,j fi... : ;,"; f.!

16 16 To The GENERAL MANAGER JHANSI ZONE U P.R.N.N Ltd.. JHANSI SECTION A-Ill LEITER OF TRANSMITTAL Subject: CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARIKRAMA STHAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOT Sir, Having examined Ille details given In press notice and bid document lor tt,e above work, I/we hereby submit the relevant lnlormatlon. 1. I/we hereby certify lhat ad lhe statement made and information supplied in the enclosed forms A to H and accompanying statement are true and correct. 2. I/we ha-.e furnished all information and detais necessary tor eligibily and have no further pemnent Information to supply, 3. I/we subm the requisite centtled solvency certillcate and authorise tt,e Ge/leral Manager, ----UPRNN LTD.to approach the Bank issuing the sol-.ency certfoate to confirm fhe correctness thernof. I/we also authoriseprojectmanager UPRNN Ltd., to approach Individuals, employers, firms and 001poration to verify our oompelence and general reputation. 4. I/we submit the fottowfng certiflcates in suppon of our suttabii1y, technical knowledge and capabiity for havi'lg suocessf completed the following wot1<s: Name of work Enclosures: Certiffcate from Seal of bidder Date of submission: Bidder(s). ft/ k,o.i(:;"' ;;, i<.-:;n two -,,--,.'...,_ ""-c,,:. -.,, ,, d i(: Signalure(s) of q,n :,,.U 11 ii.,q I(,1011o.ior.Jooo t fi1,;1<f1..e

17 17 FORM'A' CERTIFICATE OF FINANCIAL T\JRNOVER FROM CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT Financial Analysis - Details to be furnished duly suppo,ted by figures r, balance sheev prolll & loss accoun1 for 1he last five years duly cenrfied by lhe Charlered Acooun1an1, as submlne<i by lhe applteant lo the tnoome Tax Oeparunent (Copies lo be attached). Years (I) (IQ Gross Annual luma,er on construclion worts. Plof.itoss II. Ill Financial anangements for ca,rying 001 lhe proposed WOO<. So1Y90C)' een,nc. from Bankers of the bidder in the prescrlood Form '8". Signature ol Ch1111Me<i Accountant with I Signature ol Bldder(s). $v \-I" V {110 - " " tif- rf, I 'L,V;.,:1n, f'l, -ie :, ' -,.,-.."'

18 18 FORM "B" FORM OF BANKERS' CERTIFICATE FROM A NATIONALISED BANK This is to certify that to the best of our knowledge and infoonation that M/s./Sh... having marginaly noted address,... a customer ol our bank am/is tespectable and can be treated as good for any engagement Up(O a limit of Rs... Rupees ). This certlncate is Issued without any guar&ntee or responsibility on the bank or any of the office!$. (Signature) For the Bank NOTE: (1)Banker's celtlfi:ates should be on letter head ol lhe Bank, sealed in cover addressed to tendering authority. (2) In case of partnership frm, cerlif'icate should lnd\jde names ol al partners as recorded with the Bank. (3) Solvency celtlfjcate should not be more than 6 month old.,,, -" A-, v- ""'.,,rr 1'<10 r,!jc{:-, t'!lr l I ' ' 'ti ij...,. ;;1oc:0x;fi;o!l\ofc::> F "","t'. f :'ilz J ' l "...

19 19 FORM 'C' DETAILS OF ALL WORKS OF SIMILAR NATURE COMPLETED DURING THE LAST SEVEN YEARS ENDING PREVIOUS DAY OF LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION OF TENDERS s. Hameor av..er or Coslcl Dale cl Sli[lllaled date Acillil dale cl L Name Remar!cS No war""'*" ard aponooring wo,',(ln or ccrnp1e11on art>lrraoon,nd address or nl as pee cases ponding."9jone prog,... cl officer detab' - orga,lzatlcn "- Cl)lllJa:t I lwowham tefetence may bemade ' Indicate gross amount clained and amount awarded by the Aroitrator. Signature ol Bidder(s),hv 'RO 1>)h1'ffl1f...t>,, r,.. -, '"cl,o \ '(,1u 1c., ;1,...,,, t"1 -. '.'_......,!'I,wt. ',. lc'!v v. 'C'!J,l.01 /();_,,t Jk:, -' " T ;,r-; :c:

20 20 FORM 'D' PROJECTS UNDER EXECUTION OR AWARDED - locaclon o,p,izallon C,QIIS ol entaspe, progress of-k rusons /lalej)hone contract thereof runberol ollicer two r,,hom '1!ferenc:e mbemade 9 s. Name of Owner of Coslof Dale of S,ipu,ateddale Upto dalll Slow progr..s Name Rema,ts No wo<l</project and sponsomg WOt1< In commenoem of comptelion pereent hnyand and addtess ' Certir.ed that the above list of works is complete and no work has been left out and that!he information given is OOlreC! to my knowledge and belief. Signature (I( Bidde<(s) flo v' f-.:t;w a - "'::/...?O t;, 11', b.. 4 t.!q-, '<,,..,..: -.!" '.. 1,,.J -O<!..

21 21 FORM 'E' PERFORMANCE REPORT OF WORKS REFERRED TO IN FORMS "C" & "D" I. Name of wor1</project & locallon 2. Scope of WOfk: (ij Mentloo-Type ol structure (RCC framed/load bearing/ Stoel structure.) Nos. of floors, type of roomg etc,ff any.mother special features. 3. Agreement no. 4. Esllmaled cost 5. Tendered cost 6. Actual Completion Cost: 7. Dale of slatt 8. Dale of completion (6) (ii) Electrical: Mention-Internal Electrical Installations, Othtf!i 0) Stipulated daie of completion (II) Actual date of completion 9. Amount of compensation levied for delayed completion, any (If levy of compensation nol yet decided, H may be mentioned accordingly). 10. Amount of reduced rate Items, if any 11. Pelfom,anoe Report ( 1 ) Quality of work (2) F"manclal soundness (3) Technical Proficiency (4) Rssouroo!ulness (5) General Behaviour Very Good/Good/Fair/Poor Very Good/Good/Fair/Poor Very Good/Good/Fair/Poor Very Good/Good/Fair/Poor Very Good/Good/Fail/Poor Dated: Execotive Engineer/Project Manager OI' Equivalent v' k. r,if.'!<,, hu RiO :!::.t<f:i:,1 : -itlc-'.'o 1R<1'\lrl1'T,,..,.,...,ri"'J: 1 -o... - f' = ' i,,...,.,..::..

22 22 FORM "F" 1. Name & address ol the bidder ORGANISATION STRUCTURE 2. Telephone nojt elex no./fax no. 3. Legal status of the bidder (auach copies of Ofiginal dowment defining the legal status) {a) An Individual {b) {c) (d) A proprietary finn A firm in partnership A imited company or Corporation. Particulars ol regfslratlon with arlous Government Bodies {attach attested photocopy) Organisation/Place of regillration Registration No Names and titles ol OiectOJS& Officers with designation to be concerned with lhls W Designation of individuals authorised to act!oj the organization 7. Was the bidder &Yer requred to suspend construction for a period ol more than six molllhs continuously al1er he commenced the construction? ti so, give the name ol the project and reasons of suspension of wort 8. Has the bidder, Of any constituent partner in case of pa,tne<ship firm, ever abandoned the awafded wort\ belofe tts completion? ti so, give name ol the project and reasons fof abandonment. 9. Has the bidder, ' any constiuent pa,lner in case ol partnerahip rrm. ever been debam!diblack listed!oj tendering in any organization at any time? If so, give detais 10. Has the bidder, Of any constituent partner in case of partnership firm, ever been 0011Yicled by the court of taw'? If so, give details. 11. In which field of CMI Engineering construction the bidder has specialization and interest? 12. Any other lnlormatioo considered necessary but ool inwded aboye. Signature ol Bidder(s) N 3lRO n&1,;11 'nllf.r.if f]t nio,lor.''. '(... 7 A \,,--:v,.,;,,.-,v V R1:rl'ilf:ir-W mf?rl.li :n:" il -f fn:r ' "'. -.. '-..,:,,"l.,...

23 23 FORM'G' DETAILS OF TECHNICAL & ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL TO BE EMPLOYED FOR THE WORK S.No. Oeslgnallon Tolal ""mber Name Ouallticalions Prolessiooal Number available experience lo! 1hls and delails worlc of worlc carried out How lhe$e Remarts would be invol,ed In!his WOO( ' Signature of Bidde!js) # <So ll4i<t!cf -r, - - ' :;':.,r o (>.o Vw:JI!.,... J('l N...rcr "0..0f-x;f.'r;,... II,i,1- ".. w....." 1w, '..,.,._.. lt.t-:;lq!_v

24 24 ll FORM'H' DETAILS OF CONSTRUCTION PLANT AND EQUIPMENT (LIKELY ,, -,,,._ - -,,, - - '-',-, -.,,.,_..._ IW I ti I I I II Y V I, I 1 - V I VI, OwnershlC> status - 0 I i "" Bl 8 il i!i "'...I ti.,; "' :, z g.. u 1 2 Earth moving l<(ulpfflffll Exca.,.,., s sizes) Equlpme,,1 for hoi, ting & Qlllng I.Tower 2.sholst Equlpmonl for concrete wort< I.Concrele balclmg plant 2.Concrole pump 3.Concrele ansi mbcer 4.Conctolt mixer (di.s.) N- ""''""" 5.Con<te!e nixer (eleclrca) a. (eleclltcal) 7.N$8dle vlbr.mor (petroo 8. Tlllllevl>raklt(elecl./ petrol) Equ'lpment for building work & i ock mal<fng machine 2. ea, bending machine 3. Bar cutting maclme 4. WoQd lhlcl\ness planer 5. Drilling machine 6. Circuar saw machile 7, We generelors 8. Welding transk>rmer. 9. QJoo testing machines 10. M.S. Pipes 11. Steel sl>ullemg 12. Steel scalfoicfrng 13. Grindilg/polshlng macllines n e aitto "ll'llr -. ""IT ftro ', - 441Jr'!I 'llwq> 'Jo;;;GWf.1:Mof-:o,.. "'-,

25 -

26 26 FORM 'I' AFFIDAVIT I/We undertake and confirm that eligible similar worlcs(s) has/have nol been gal executed lhroogh another oontrac10f on bacil 10 back basis. Further that, I such a violation oomes lo the notice of department, then W/e shau be debarred IOI biding in UPRNN in future forever. Also, if such a violation comes to the notice of department before the date of start of work, the Engineer-In.Charge shal be free to forlel the entire amount of earnest money deposlt/pelformance guarantee. NOTE 1: Affidavit to be furnl1hed on a Non Judicial stamp paper worth Rs. 100/ and should be Notarlsed. NOTE 2: A work Is aald to have been executed on "back to back batlt when the entire work or substantial part of the work fonmlng the basis for evaluation of the eligibility of the bidder Is got executed by the bidder through anothe< contractor either by direct nomination or by call of tende<". Signed by Contractor / Authorised Officer ol the fifm virth stamp / -,,o 7b"c \)'Q1+.. q -:1/f.r.i;, c1. t ),;(f,";jj.,,17 fao :,f?o *i'lf" rr 'jr,;',,... ;.:)r.rcif?:.).: 1"..,,..-i,,.

27 27 Annexure-1 OFFICE OF THE PROJECT/GENERAL MANAGER UniVZonal. District... No... Date... L.ETIER OF ACCEPTANCE To. M/s This is to notify you that on behalf of the UPRNN the project Manager... Unlt, U.P.R.N.N ltd... has accepted your bid dated... for Execution of the District....for the contract price of Rs {Rs... only) Is hereby accepted by our Agency. You are hereby requested to furnish Perfonnance security, in the from detailed in cl. 1 of 1TB for an amount of Rs... (Rs only) within 1 O days of the receipt of this letter of acceptance valid up to 15 days from the date of expiry of Defects Liability Period(i.e. up to... ) and sign the contract, falling Which action as stated in cl 1 of 1TB will be taken. Yours Faithfully Project Manager/General Manager... UniVZone, District No. & Dated as above Copy of G.M/PM... for Information and necessary action. Project Manager/General Manager UnlVzone, District.... (l irr :> 'qi<' t;! " ' I i'"<'fl ito n - '"'\:......rc,<>,3...,..., ::it.n; :.. ttv '-ll'(<ii",. ; " '. h Orn"'.r ).!T,;..:1'0,, -.: -.,,..-, _.,.._,r..,.,:...,..,... I.(,,,,....,. "'

28 28 OFFICE OF THE PROJECT MANAGER/GENERAL MANAGER Annexure-2... UniVZONE, District... Letter No... Date... Issue of notice to Proceeds with the work To, Dear sir, Pursuant to your furnishing the requisite performance security as stipulated in 1TB clause and signing of contract for the construction of..... For Distt... you are hereby instructed to proceed with The execution of the said work in accordance with the contract documents. Yours Faithfully Project Manager/General Manager..., UniVZone, District v aittoit l-!,,lcll... _,fii fl'ro.... -,..- 1'.,.!'l?f'.,4,_,,,1.., 10 q,i'\vr tl<r '.ll =r.o, f';o'1 - vv;,,. :, I,.,J

29 29 Annexure 3 Standard Form of Agreement Notes on Standard from of Agreement The Agreement should Incorporate any corrections or modifications to the Bid resulting from correction of errors Standard FORM- A9reement Agreement This agreement, made the day of Unit, U.P.R.N.N.... (Hereinafter called "the Employer") of the one part. and (Name and address of contractor] (Herein after called the contractor" of the other part) Whereas the Employer ls desirous that the contractor execute the work of.... District (hereinafter called the works") and the Employer has accepted the Bid by the contractor for the execution and completion of such Works and remedying of any defects there in al a cost if Rupees... [Rs... only) NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH as follows: 1- In this Agreement, words and expressions shall have the same meanings are respectively assigned to them in the conditions of contract hereinafter referred to, and they shall be deemed to form and read and construed as part of this Agreement. 2- In consideration of the payments to be made by the Employer to the contractor as hereinafter mentioned, the contractor hereby covenants' with the Employer to execute and complete the works and remedy any defects therein in conformity in all aspects with the provisions of the contract. The Employer hereby covenant's to pay the contract in consideration of execution and completion of the works and remedying the defects where in the contract price or such other sum as may become payble under under the the provisions of the construct at the times and un the manner prescribed by the contract 4- Thje following documents shall be deemed to form and read and conslruled as part of this agreement, viz: I. Letter of Acceptance for work by contractor. II. Letter of Acceptance; by UPRNN Negotiation Jetter for work. 0 _ --- JV. Notice to proceed with the works; /,/' /7<1'' \.. I.).l'l:ll'tflli lf iti t..-..j - -'- fl 1 -,_ 11 r.,,, 11" 7tq".-;<:... r ' "- 4,,. :'rof.,

30 30 V. Contract Data: VI. Special conditions of contract and general conditions of contract: VII. Specifications VIII. Drawings; IX. Bill of Quantities: X. Any other document listed in the contract data as forming part of the contract. In witness where of the parties there to have caused this Agreement to be executed the day and year first before written. The common Seal of Was hereunto affixed In the presence of; Signed. Sealed and Delivered by the daidto, ZONE/UNIT GENERAL MANAGER/UNIT INCHARGE District In the presence of: Assistant Resident Engineer/Resident Engineer Binding signature of Employer authorized representative Binding Signature of contractor (with Address & Seal) Authorised representative of UPRNN (Signature with Seal) Unit UPRNN District..... Hv o r.'r<ll i,h,,-rr flro '10{1Jf;; I :r.io -. 1 Cl-' ;n "' -,.,. - ;at-..- '.'!'".

31 CIJ - Q.... CIJ "' > C -M j,_.m I co z 0 - t- 0 w -N C + tn - - N I co m I I w..j m co 0 z z - ct :::, 0 0 w 0 ct 0 0 -C > z w w LL + ]w, '.. - -,. I. - (..;. E (!El p J> ' ).;: ':., -,.., Ci 1;::f 0 i i Ll..J z - - t- t- - - tn tn m -I z 0 -t- 0 w tn -

32 32 0 :z 0 :z :z 1il I:... - ' 1 - l 'i.,, if, C.?!_.i. J: - - 'i j 11 S,1 z -... I.. i I.5l U.P. RajkiyaNirman Nigam Ltd. INVITATION FOR BID Sealed tenders are invited for 2 bids system from eligible contractors. Bidders are advised to note the minimum qualification criteria...j u. < 0 :z::!z t; C.!2 : E.0.. _, I s!,.lo lii..,,. Q. ii' =;2i tel "g.c :.., j. t 'ISiftt I C.,.ou"O.s "' C :2 ii i.,, 'o - - i:ei,;,::, li.;c!.., 0,... '8 C >-,g 'o!! 'i 3j ii1!.. :, C..._.:I "' g.!a.. Q."O... w1 8. "' :::E 0 Civil worf(s: Rs "' lnlemal /2 >-.s - 0:! - i w< Eledrificolloo,.!i Q. 0 0 a. :i: I! ::,.,,.,, 5' - (.) Po-Point&. 0 -"' g a SOUN SYSTEM: Rs s z li!... "' Q O (I) t uzo - :::;; ::, < /2 - s. ' 0: Cl) < < z (I) < (.) :z:: Ill TOTAL COST- Rs Contractors who fulfil the following requirements shan be efigible to apply, Joint ventures are not accepted. (a) Should have satlstac:iojily compteled the WOfks as mentioned below during the lasl Seven years ending previous day of last date of submission of tenders. i) Three similar woricseach costing not less than 40%or two similar woas each costing not less than 50%or one similar work costing not less than 80% ol tendered cost AND n) One work of any l\ilture (either part of m above Of a separate one) costing not less than 40% of tendered cost with some Central'State Government DepanmenUCeotral Autonomous Body/State Autonomous Body/ Central Public SectOJ Undertaking/ Slate PIJblic SeclOJ Undeaking/City Development Authority/ Municipal Corpoiation of City formed under any Act by CenlraV Slate Go\'$nment and put>rished In CenuaVState Gazelte. 1n Similar wor1c. shal mean wor1(s of "Construction of building work& Development work. (Note: The detail of work shall be given as per case & should be self-explanatory) / 31ixo cr;o. fi 1T IO -CJ;;.. cf:' >f:'?"' r;r,o, ft. v,; qq; "Gona... :ttu -. i:.. J.,r?"71:,( \-:z,.,......,,...,,,..,...

33 33 (b)should have average annual financial lum ove1 dumg the fasl lhiee yeats ending 31 March d the Previous financial year should be a1 least 30% of the tendered cosl (c) Shotal not have Incurred any loss in more lhan two years during lhe last rive years ending 31st Marcil, 2015 (d)shoold have a solvency ol '40% of tendered cost. The value ol executed WClll<s shal be brooght to cur1en1 costing level by enhancing the adual value ol work al sunpfe rate of 7% per annum; calculated from the date of completion to last dale ol submission ol lende,s, 2 The iltending biddel must read the terms and conditions carefully. He should submit his bid only K he considers himself eligible and he is in possession of all the requisile documents. 3 Information and lnsl/uctlons for bidders posted on website shall tom part of bid document. 4 The bid document consistilg of Technical (eligibinty) bid & Financial bid i/c plans, specifications, lhe sclledule of quantlles of various types d items to be executed and the set ol lerms and conditions of the conlracl to be comprtgd with and other necessary doctmtienls can be seen and downloaded from website or cost. 5 Certlfleate of Financial Turn over: At the time ol submission of bid. contractor has to submit Affldavij/Certiflcale from CA mentioning Financial Turnover on construction WO<k of last 5 years or for the period as specified In the bid document and further details ff required may be asked from the contractor aft01 opening of technical bids. 6 The Teclinical bid shall be opened lirsl on due dale and lime as mentioned above. The lime and date ol opening of f,nancial bid of contractors qua!wying the lechnlcal bid shall be communicated to them at a later date. 7 The department resernis the right to rejed any prospective appllcallon withoot assigning any reason and to restrict the!isl of qualified contractors lo any number deemed sultable by II, ff loo many bids are received satisfying the laid down crlerion. 8 a) Earnest Money tn the form of Bank Guarantee or F,xed Deposit Receipt of a nationallsedbank (drawn in favour of U.P.R.N.N. ltd. Payable at Lucknow or else) must be submitted with Technical bid. 9 The bidder can purchue the tender document, from the office of the Projeci Manager, U.P.R.N.N. ltd. Rs. 10,400(tender cost Rs. 10,000+vat Rs. 400) by submitting a demand draft of Rs. 10,400 in favour of U.P.R.N.N. ttd. Payable at Chitrakoot. Or also, H the bidder wish to download tender document from our web site he may do 10 &he will have to deposit Rs10,400 In shape of Bank Draft in favour of U.P.R.N.N. ttd. Payable at Lucknow or else along with Technical bid on account of tender eott. 11. All the documenls as specified In lhe lechnlcal bidleligiblllly bid documenl shaft be submtt within the period of bid submission.. The technical (eligibility) bids submijted shall be opened a104111/2016. On3.30PM 12. The bid submitted shall become invalid it (Q The bidder is found ineligible. (i) («i) M The bidder does not subma all the documents as stipulaled In lhe bid documenl If any cf,screpancy Is noticed in hard copies as submhled physically by the bidder In the offl08 of bid opening autho!iy. The bidder does not deposh EMD along with technical bid (ellglblllly bid). 13. The conlractor wllose bid is accepted wil be required to furnish performance guarantee of 5% (Five Percent) of the bid amount within the period specified in Schedule A-6. This guarantee shall be in the fortn of cash (in case guarantee amount is less than {2: 10000/-) or Bani< Guarantee of any -v"'...&u. //0,. :fw "tv h41ffl,j '(' -, :'.. "" tcfl I. foo,,llv'cj, ivliior.:o \ ---:...,... I.\,,,-.

34 34 nationalized bank ol any nationalized bank or Fixed Deposit Receipts of any Nationalized Bank or the State Bank of India in accordance with lhe p<esttibed form. In case the contractor fails lo deposit the said perbmance guarantee within the period as indicated in Schedule A.S, Including the extended period W any, the Earnest Money deposited by the contlactor shan be forfeited automatically hout any notice to the contractor. The eamett money deposited along with bid she.ii be returned after receiving the aforesaid performance guarantee. 14. Descnption of the work is as foaows: CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARIKRAMA STHAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOTBidders are advised to Inspect and examine the site and hs surrooodings and sa1isfy themselves before submkting!heir bids as to the nature ol lhe ground and sul>-soil (so far as is practicable), the form and nature of the site, lhe means of acoess lo the slle, the aooommodalion they may require and in gen8fal shall themselves obtain all necessary information as to risks, contingencies and other circumstances which may Influence or affect their bid. A bidders shall be deemed to have full knowledge of lhe she wheth81 he Inspects it or not and no extra cha,ge consequent on any misunderstanding or otherwise shal be allowed. The bidders shall be responsible for arranging and maintaining at his own cost all materials, tools & plants, water, eleclrichy access, facili11es for wor1181s and all other services required for executing the work unless othelwlse specifically p<ovided for in the oontract documents. Submission of a bid by a bidders implies Iha! he has read this notice and ell other conllact documents and has madehimsew aware of the scope and specficalions of the work to be done and of oooditions and rates at wru::h stores, tools and plant, etc. will be issued to him by the Go11&rnment and local conditions and other faclo/$ having a bearing on tile exectaion of Ille W()fk. 15. The competent authority does no4 bind ltsef lo accept the lowest or any other IJjd and reserves lo itsett the authority to reje<:t any or al lhe bids received without the assignment ol any reason. All bids in which any of lhe prescribed condition is not fulfilled or any condition lnclud'ong that ol condilional rebate is put for1h by the bidders shall be summarily rejeded. 16.canvassing whether directly or indirectly, in oonneclion with bidders is striclfy prohibited and the bids submed by the contractoi$ who resort to canvassing wil be liable for rejection. 17. The competent authority to himself lhe right ol accepting lhe whole or any pall of the bid and the l)jdders shall be bound lo perform lhe same at the rate quoted. 18. The contraclor shal not be permitted to bid ror works in the UPRNN ZONE /UNIT responsible for award and execution of conttacts, In which his near relative is posted. He shalt also Intimate the names of persons who ere -1<ing with him in eny capachy or are subsequently employed by him and who are riear relatives to any officer in the UPRNN. Any breach of this condition by the contractor viould render him iable to be removed from the app<oved list of contl8clors of this Department. 19. No Engineer or other Gazetted Officer employed in Engineering or Administrative duties in an Engineering Department of the STATE GOVERNMENT/PSU/Stete department Undertaking Is allowed to work as a contractor for a period of two year aft81 his retirement from Government service, without 1lle prior permission ol the Go11&mment writing. This contract Is iable to be cancelled either lhe contractor or 1111y of his employees is found any time lo be such a person who had not obtained the permission of the Government as aforesaid be/ore submission of the bid or eagement In the contractor's servic:e. 20 The bid for the worils shall remain open for acceptance for a period of ninety (90) days rrorn the date of opening of Technical bid. any bidders hdraws his bid before the said period or Issue of letter ol acceptanee, whichever is earlier, or makes any modifications in the terms and oondttnns or the bid which are not acceptable lo lhe department, then the UPRNN shal, without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to lorfeil 100% of the said earnest money as aforesaid. Further the bidders shall not be allowed to pat1icipate In the rebidding p<ocess of the work. 21. This notice inviting Bid shal form a part ol lhe contract document. The successful lliddelfskontraclor, on aoceptance of his bid by the Acceptlng Authority shall v.,lhin 15 days from lhe stipulated date of start of the woril. sign the contract. h/ "h l' r.(<" \;o r.,. Jtffiio:,':o... ;, ;,-.;..,'l>----

35 For Composite Bids The GENERAL MANAGER ill charge of the CNil component will cah bids!of the composne work. The cost ol bid document and Earnest Money will be fixed l'ath respect to the combwled estimated COSl l)llt to tender for the composite bfd The finallcial bid docijment will inciude following three components: , Section B-1:- indu<ling schedule A-1 lo A-6 for lhe Civil component of lhe work, S1andard General Conditions of Contract Section B-2:- General / specific conditions, specifications and schedule of quantities applicable lo Civil component ol the WOl1(. Section B-3:- schedule A I to A-6for Electrical&allied component of the wor1<. (GM/PM in charge of Civl component shall also be competent autholity under ciause 3 and clause 4 as mentioned in schedule A I to A-6 for Electrical & allied components), GeneraUspecif,c coooijions. specifications and schedule of quantities al)jlicable 10 minor component(s) of the work. The bidders must associate himseff, with agencies of the appropriate class eligible to bid for each of the minor component Individually as per details given in respective mln<l' compooent. The eligible bidders shad quote rates f<l' all items of major component as well as f<l' all items of minor components of wllr1<. After acceptance of the bid by competent authority, the Engineer in charge ol crvil compone01 of the WOfk shall Issue letter of award. Mer the work Is awarded, the Conltor wil have to enlef into one ag,eement with Engineer in charge ol cm component and has also lo sigo two QI more copies of agrooment as per requirement. One such original signed set of agreement shall be llanded C1l8f to al Engineer rn Charges. PM of Civi component will ope,ate Section B-1and Section B-2.of the agreement. PM of minor COITI!l(lnenl(s) shah operate Section B-lalong with Section B-1of the agreement. Entte work undo,- the scope of composite bid lnclrding major and al minor components shall be executed under one agreement. security Deposit will be worked OU1 separately f<l' each component C01Tespondiflg IO the estimated cost of the respective component of works. The main c:ontraclof has to associate agency(s) f<l' minor componenl(s) conforming to eligibility criteria as defined in the bid document and has to submij detaa of std! agency(s) to Engineer-incha,ge of min<l' componens) within prescribed time. Name of the agency(s) to be associated shal be approved by Engineer-18(ge of minor componens). In case the main contractor Intends to change any of the above agency/agencies dunng the operation of the contract, he sllall obtain priof approval ol Engifl88{-if\.Charge of minor component. The new agency/agenc!qs shall also have to satisfy the laid down ellgiblllty criteria. In case Engineern-chelge is not satisfied with the perfqlffisnce of any agency, he can direct the contract<l' lo change the agency exeeu!ing such Items ol wor1i and this shaft be binding on the c:onlract<l'. The main contrad<l' has to enter into agreement with contractor(s) associated by him f<l' execution ol minor component(s). Copy of such agreement shad be submitted lo PM in charge ol each minor component as well as to PM in charge of major component. In case of change of associate contractor, the main contract<l' has to enter into agreennent with the new contrael<l' associated by hin. Running payment for the major component shaft be made by PM of major chsclphne to the main contractor. Running payment f<l' min<l' components shall be made by the Eoglnee,-in-cllarge of the disclplrle ol minor component directly to the "(:, flf2:v ano tj -«Ill... / d",eil". <'9,ljj, if;:,!' ' fun trltciifjlr "", "':. f:, ;;or u,,,.f,'rof,.:.1i.-:i f; - :""' t' J ft!,,;-

36 A B. The C001poslte wol1t shal be treated as complete when all the components ol the v«>rk are complete. The completion certricate of the composite wont shall be recorded by Engineerllcharge ol major component after reco!d of completion certificate of an other components F111at bill of whole work shall be finaized and paid by the PM of major component. Engineer(s) in ch ge of minor component(s) Will pcepare and pass the fmal bill fo! their component of work and pass on the same to the PM of major compon8111 for inckjding in the final bil for composfte contract. o a ;>,ftq1+: \ "'Ill',..,....,... - =,c..t'\it ""o \'tl \1G l't,a :>f."fo tir,] :..-t, ('... t'")f"'-:rr';,...o:.. j ' ;-f',,,l. "I.. I 1 '\.,,

37 37 U.P. RajkiyaNirman Nigam Ltd. PERCENTAGE RATE TENDER & CONTRACT FOR WORK Tender for lhe WOik of: CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARIKRAMA STHAL AT DISTI. CHITRAKOOT (ij (ii) To be submitted by BEFORE 3.00 PM hours on 10/ a1 1he camp office of 1he General Manage,, GENERAL MANAGER JHANSI ZONE Ellgibilrty bid lo be opened In presence of lendereis who may be presenlal 3.30 PM hours on 101!Ml 2017 al the camp offioe of the Gene(al Manager, GENERAL MANAGER JHANSI ZONE TENDER IN/e have read and examined the notice lnvttlng tender, schedule A 1,A 2,A,3A-4, A-5&A.S Spedficalioos applicable, Drawings & Designs, General Rules and Dections, Conditions of Contract. clauses ol oontract. Special conditions, S<:had ol Rate & olhe< documents and Rules referred lo in lhe oondttions of contract and all olher contems in the tender document for ll1e work. IN/e hereby lend«for the exectjtlon of the work specified within 1he line specified in Schedule A,6 viz., schedule of quantities and in accordance in all respect with the specifications. designs, drawing and instruc1ions in writing referred to in Rule-1 of Genetal Rules and Oirecoons and in Clause 16of the Conditions of contract and with such materials as are provided for, by, and,n respect of accordance with, such condhions so far as applicable. We agree to keep the lender open lor ninety (90) days from the dale ol openingof Technical bidand not lo make any moolfica1ion in i!s lenns and condhions. A sum of Rs is he<eby forwarded in Bank Guarantee of a nationalized bank/fixed deposit receipt of nationaf,zed bank issued by a na1ionalized bank as earnest money. Furlhef, Vwe agree lo submit an irrevocable Performance Guarantee of 5% (Flve percent) of the lendered value in addition to other deposlls mentioned elsewhere In the contract for myloui prope< perfoonance of the contract agreement. (not withstanding and I or wilhout prejudice to any other provisions In the oontrad) within period speowled In Schedule A-6 from the date of Issue of letter ol acceplance. This guarantee sham be in the form of Bank Guarantee or Fixed depos receipt of of any nationalized Bank in eooordance with the form annexed hereto. IN/e agree thal the General Manager, JHANSI ZONE, UPRNN Ud. or his successors, in office shal without prejudice 10 any other righl or remedy available In law, be al liberty lo forlelt the said earoesl Money absolulely. Further, If Wle lal 10 oornmence work as specified, lfwe agree lha1 or the General Manager, JHANSI ZONE, UPRNN Ud. or his successors in office shall without prejudice to any other righl or remedy available In law, be at liberty to forleil 1h11 said performance guarantee absokjtely The said Perlormance Guaran1ee shall be a guarantee to execute al lhe works referred lo in the 1endef documents upon 1he terms and condllons oonlained or referred lo those in exoess of that lirni al the rates lo be determined in accordance with the provision oontained In Clause 24ol lhe tender form (Invitation of bid). t--- ;i}, 'ffl = rf.'-,,;:,,...,, " "'-4.. lf'"', 11:u :::J{),,fa Tu,' a -,.,- :f.)rf

38 38 Further, I/We agree that in case of loffekure of Earnest Money o, Perfonnance Gua1antee as afo,esaid, I/We shal be debarred for participation in the re-tendering process of this v«lfk. VWe undertake and coofrm that eligible similar work(s) has/have not been got executed through another contracto, oo back to back basis. Fur1her 11131, if such a violation comes to the notice ol Departmen then I/We shal be deba11ed for tendefing in UPRNN In future fo,ever. Also. such a violation comes to the nolice or Department belo,e date ol start or work, the Engineer-in-Charge shal be free lo lotfek the entire amount ol Eamesl Mooey Deposit/Perlonmance Guarantee. I/We hereby declare that!nie shall I/eat the tender documents drawings and other reoords connected wllh the WOtk as seaet/conficlential docljments and shal not communicate infonmation/delived therefrom to any person other than a person to whom I/We am/aie authorised to communicate the same or use lhe lnfonmation In any manner prejudicial to the safely of the State. Dated Witness: Signature of Contractor Postal Address Address: Occupation: ;/... 31"r'.l q tl<i, IRilf' '1 foo T-,.,A..,L"- \,,..-.Vllw>. l ;,i'f.11' - -,,,....._.. \,_, -::i, '...

39 39 j_ vi 1 i i ::: ;;i:... j....il o!,'!. " z,:: 'i z ""O - lja olj l>.o( Form of Bid Notes on Fann of Bid The Bidder shall fillcolumn AAND B OF BELOW TABLE and submit this form with the Bid " i!c!j j 9:sb tq ;:> C..<l>i g "' fol... i:;,a u UQo:, I;; Civil W0111s: j.ii!ll :x,. S! ixl a. Ra5Z1.29 Internal Elecirillcalfon. Po\Vef Point &Sound System: R ,.. "' Cl) z!lo! e>o - o 11:1!ls A Oate..... I!! z.:ii',; -!I;! i!z jg!i! i > B 1. I/We offer to execute the wolt<. described above and remedy any defects therein confonnlty with the condition of contract, specifications, drawings, Bill of Quantity and Addenda for a) For percentage rate... GIVEN IN FORM OF BID IN MENTION COLUMN A AND B INpercentage below/percentage above/at par with the rate entered in the schedules of rate. as referred. 2. We undertake to commence the work on receiving the notice to proceed with wori< In accordance with the contracts documents. 3. This Bid and your written acceptance of Itself constitute a bidding contract between us. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you receive. We hereby confinn that this bid complies with the bid ability and earnest money required by the bidding documents and specified In the appendix to TB. Authorised Signature:.... Name of Title of Signatory.... Name of Bidder..... Authorised Address of Communication: Telephone No. (s):(offlce):... Mobile...,..... Fax No... E-Mai v -... «o cm t; f'll; :Jtt!T t, ; _')_.,._... -._,..,.,.,.,.J "r ". " W' '

40 40 ACCEPTANCE The above tender (as moolfied by you as provided In the letters mentioned het81jnd8l) is aci:epted by me for and on behalf of UPRNN for a sum of... (Rupees ). The letters referred to below shall form part of this contrad agreement (a) (b) (c) Signature..... Dated: Designation...,.... Ok,..:-,. 'T mi'ri..m r.ro 7:,1;:.ot,.';, --, ' -= - 1.w,: :..11\lr""' I :-1<1. "'tc'!j,..., _-"- i L.'. ':'I,. IJ'\."i.1...".. ;;n?.

41 41 _PROFORMA OF SCHEDULES (Separate Performa for Civil & Elect. in case of Composite Tenders) (Operative Schedules to be supplied separately to each intending tenderer) SCHEDULE 'A 1' Schedule of quantities (Attached) SCHEDULE 'A-2' Schedule of materlals to be issued to the contractor. S. No. Description of Item 1 2 Quantity Rates In figures & words at which the material will be charaed to the contractor Nil - - Place of Issue 5 SCHEDULE 'A-3' Tools and pl, hired byu.p.r..... S. No. I Description I Hire charcies per dav I Place of Issue 1 I 2 I 3 I NIL--- SCHEDULE 'A-4' Extra schedule for specific requirements/document As attached in tender fonm for the wor1<, If any. SCHEDULE 'A-5' Reference to General Conditions of contract Name of Work: Construction of CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF l BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARIKRAMA $THAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOT I Estimated cost of the work: Civil Items of Wor1< (In lac) Rs Internal Electrical installation Rs /In lac) Total Rs Earnest money (in lac) Rs say Rs !To be returned after recelvlno oeffonmance auaranteel Perfonmanca Guarantee 5% of the tendered value of the work Security Deposit 5.0% of the tendered value of the work, SCHEDULE A GENERALRULES& DIRECTIONS: Officer inviting lender General Manager,JHANSI ZONE. U.P.R.N.N Ltd. B.I.E.T. CAMPUS KANPUR ROAD JHANSI $/ -ir J fo <1 ffiil' :.,. ;?; ari>l<r-di!lfo :.,''l'o f.i (If.; I, f,... i1, ' l!f t:, I r t:r r>.,..,..... _ -i.,-i'l :!O fi!..

42 42 Definitions: Engineer-In-Charge Addi. Project Manager, U.P.R.N.N. Ltd., UNIT CHITRAKOOT For Civil Items of work For Electrical items of work Project ManagerU.P.R.N.N.Ltd., AC()Elptlng Authority Standard Schedule of Rates: Civil Items of Work: Electrical Items of Work: Department Standard conltact Form: Clause1 M.D. UPRNN Ltd. UP PWD S0R201S/D.S.R As per electrical part UPRNN GCC (I) TimeallowedforsubmlssionofPerformanceGuarantee Fromthedateofissueofletterofacceptance 10 days Clauae3 Authorityforfixlngcompensalionunderclause3. G. M., Zone Clause4 Numberofdaysfromthedateofissueofletter Ofacceptanceforreckoningdateofstart 30 days Mllestone(s)aspertablegivenat page Timeallowedforexecutionofwork. 6Months (i/c rainy season) Authorltytodoclde: (l)extensionoftime General Manager, ZONE (li)rescheduling of mile stonesgenoral Manappr ZONE (iii)shiflingofdateofstartincaseofdelay lnhandlng over ofsite Ge09raf Manager, ZONE OlT1o '"\o,;f)q M.- //'(JU' t\'t;,. 7 "" l'tro,.c '<!o/:'t:,aco 'llhl"ni u, ilff "'-..-1>-,-,1;..;.!,11,1 -o re. r,,,.;.

43 43 De'Dnmoos 1 & 2 GENERAL CONpmoNs Of CONTRACT IGCC) 1. The Contract means lhe documents fanning the tender and acceptance thereof and lhe formal agreement executed beiween the competent authority as lndlcated In Schedllle A 6 and the Conlraclor, together With the documents referred lo!herein including these condnlons, Ille specificalions, designs, drawvigs and instructions Issued from time to e by lhe Engineer-fo.charge and al these documents taken logelher, shall be deemed to fonm one contract and shall be complementary to one aiother. 2. In the conlt8cl the following expressions shall. unless the context olherwlse requires, have Ille meanings, lhereby respec(ively assigned to lhem:- 1) The Accepting Authority shall mean lhe authority mentioned in Schedule A-6. II) The Contractor shal mean lhe individual, frm or company, whether 11100rporated or not. undertaking lhe works and shall incble the legal personal representative al such individual or the l)efsons composing such fwm OI company, OI the successors ol such firm o, company and the permllled assignees of such lncfjvx1ual, frm 0t company. iii) The Department means UPRNN Ltd. Lucknowend shal lnciude!heir legal representatives, nominee, employees and petmllled agencies who invite lenders oo behaff of UPRNN Ltd. Luci<now. Iv) The Engineer-In-charge (EiC) means!he Engineer/ Officet as mentioned In Schedule A-6 here under, authorised by Ille Oepartmetil 1.e. UPRNN Lid. Lud<now, who shal supervise and be in chaige of Ille work. v) The UPRNN means Uttar Pradesh RajldyaNirman Nigam Lid. LUCKNOW. vi) The Client shall mean Department al, Government of UP rep,esenled by a Designated Off1Cer of Department of Government of UP. vlij viii) Ix) The Consultant/ Project Consuttent shal mean consultant appoinled by!he department I.e. UPRNN LTD. LUCKNOW, having ls corporate office at VillhutiKhandGomU Nagai Lucknow fo, implementing of the Project The eite shafl mean the land/ o, place on, into o, through which work is to be executed under the contract or any adjacool land, path or street through which work is to be executed unde!f the contract or any adjacent land, palh or street which may be localed or used for the purpose of carrying out lhe contract The Expected risk are risks due lo riots(olher lhan!hose on account ol lhe contraclor's employees), war (whether declared or not) Invasion, act of foreign enemies, hosblfties, civil war, rebellion revolution, insurreclion, military OI usurped power, any acl of Government, damage from aircraft, acts of God. such as earthquake, lighting and unpracedenled floods, and olher causes over which the contractor has no control end accepted as such by the Accep(111g Authorlly or causes solely due to use or occupation by U.P.R.N.N. Ud. al Ille part of lhe works in respec1 of which a oertificale of completion has been issued or a cause solely due to U.P.R.N.N. Ud.'s faulty design of work. x) Market rate shall be the rate as decided by Eng-arge on the basis of the cost of materials and labour at lhe site where lhe work is lo be exllculed plus the percentage mentioned In Schedule A-6 to cover, al overlleads and profits. xij xii) xiii) Specifications means the specification mentioned In Schedule A-6, and. Included and / or referred to In the Tender diocument and any modlication lhereol or add ft ion there lo as may from time lo lime be issued lo Ille Conlraolor. District Specifications means lhe specifications followed by the Slate Government in the aiea where lhe work Is 10 be executed. Schedule(s) ref81ted to in these condftlons shal'1.ean Iha relevant sd>edule(s) annexed lo lhe 3ITTO ;:iio -w)qjf,til,.?/'611 r r.:;.3;f;p.r,m fr!o,; {l.!ltl"'ff 'Id,. ;:-... ; \:),: '"'C.(",;;1,,; 1i:'! n111..-: _n. O

44 44 xiv) xv) lender papers or lhe standard Schedule of Rsles ol tho Govemmen1 mentioned In Schedule A-6 hereunder, wilh the amendmenls thereto issued up to the dale of receipt of the tender. The work{s) shall, unless!here be something eher in the subject or context repugnant to such construction, be construed and taken to mean the works by or by virtue ol the contract contracted to be executed whether tempora,y or permanent, and whether original, a ered. sub$tltuted or add!lonal. Tendered Value means the value of the enfite work as S1ipulaied in the letter of award. X"11 Bill of Quantities or Schedule of Items means the schedule and quantities of items, materials and rates, summaries etc. and completed and as ooally accepted. xvi) xviii) xix) xx) XXl1 XXI) xxii) xxiv) XXV) xxvi) xxvii) xxvii) xxix) XXX) Xlod) Month means calendac month without regacd to the numb«of days W01ked or nol W01ked in that month. Woek means seven calendar days wllhout regacd to the runbef of hours WQ/ked or not worked In any day In that week. Day means a calendar day of 24 hours (beginning and ending at 00 hrs. and 24 hrs. Respectively) illespectlve of number of hours worked or nol worked in that day. Act of Insolvency shall mean any Ad of Insolvency as defined by lhe Presidency Towns Insolvency AC1 or Promcial lnsolvllllcy Act or any Ad amending such original. Approved means approved in writing, inciuding subsequent written Information ol l)(8vl0us veroat approval and 'approvar means awoval in writing, including as aforesaid. M dlrffled means the direction given by the Engineer ln-charge/clienv Consultant. Constrvcilonll Plant means all appliances or things of "'11atsoev01 nature requi,-ed in or about the execution or malnlenan<:e of the Works but does no! Include materials or other things intended to form or forming part of the WOflts. Material means the materials, apparatus. equil)(oent, fittings, fixtures and all such othef matenals, which are incorporated in the work. Drawings means the drawings l)(epared and issued by the Consu.ltant and re/erred to in the tender and specifications and any modwicatlon ol such drawings and SIIOh other drawi1gs, calculations and technical information of a fike nature as may, from time to time, be issued by the Consultant. I.S. means latest revision ol particular 'Indian Standards specification Issued by Bureau or Indian Standards. Notice In writing or written notice shall mean notice In written, typed ' printed characters, sent (unless delivered personajly ' otherwise proved to have been received) by registered post to the site office/ last kllown l)(ivaie or business address or registered office of the addressee end shell be deemed to have been received when in the Oldinary course ol post It would have been deivered. Permanent Works means the permanent works to be executed (including Plant) in aocordanoe h the Contract. Temporary Works means al tempora,y v.orks or IYVery k111d required in to start or about the execution and completion or maintenance ol the Works and the remedying ol any defects therein. Urgent Works moal\s any urgent works which In the opinion of the UPRNN/ Client and/of Col1sulant becomes necessary at the line ol execution and/-of during the progress of work to obviate any risl< or accident or falne or to obviate any risk of damage to the structure of services ' requl,-ed to eccelerate the!)(ogress of the work for which becomes necessary for safety and secu,ily or f()( any other reason the UPRNN I Client end/or Consultanl may find necessary. Net Prices If in arriving at the contract amount ' contract sum, the Contractor shall have added or deduded from the total amount of the items in the TendOI any sum, either as a percentage or 01herwise, then the net price of any iem in the tender shal be the sum arrived at by adding to or deducting from the actual figure appearing in the Tender as the price of that ttem and similar percentage or p,oportlonate sum provided always that in determininrcentage or pioportlon ol the sum so added or deducted by the Contractor, the total amount of an\ cost-items and J)IOvislonat sums of money v GTPQ "'m... "'II q)«jij Q1 :, 'Ir,... l1m,-r,11 o \'l1.:oho1.: ijoi'q';'() f' ;,! J;J;J,'' a

45 45 shal be deducted lrom lhe total amounl of lhe tender. The expression 'net rates or net prlres' when used with reference lo the contract or aooounls shar be held to mean rates ' l)lices so arrived al. Scope and Performances 3. Where the conlexi so requires, W()(ds imparting the singular only also include the plural or vice V11rsa. Any reference to masculile gender shal whenewr required Include feminine gender and vice versa. 4. Heading and Marginal notes 10 these General Condlllons of C011tl8ci shall not be deemed to f«m part thereof or be taken inlo conslderaoon in the interpretation or constn,ction thereof or ol the oonlraci, 5. The contractoi shar be lum1shed, lree of cost one certifl8d copy of the contract docu s except standard specificalions, Schedule ol rates and such other pmted and l)ijbtished documents, togelher with al drawilgs as may be lormlng part of the lender papers. None of these documents shall be used lor any purpose other lhan lhat of this oontract Language & Law 6. The ruing language In which the Contrad and ielaled aspecls shal be drawn up shall be H111dl / English only. Law means- law as apl)licable lo site of worl<. Wcx11a to be carried one 7. The wol1< 10 be casrled out under lhe contrad shall, except as o1herwlse provided In these conditions, include all labour, malerials, tools, plants, equip!oe!lt and transpon which may be required in preparation ol and for and In the Ml and entire exec1jtioo and completion of lhe woiks. The desaiplion giwn In the Schedule ol Quantities shal, unless otherwise slaled, be held to include wastage of materials, cartage and carriage, canylng end return of empties, hoisting, setting, fi.t,ng and f1xing in poslon and all other labour necessary in and for the full entire ex and completion of the work as aforesaid in accordance wilh good praciice end lllco!)nized principles. Sufficjency tender 8. The contractor shal be deemed to have satisfied himseij before lendering as to the correctness and sufficiency of his tender for the wof1<.s and of tho rates end price quoted in the Scliedule of Quantities, which rates and price shal, except as otherv.ise provided, cowr al his ollligations under lhe contract and al matters and things necessary for the proper oompletion and ma..tenance of the works Description and Adjustment of Erron1 9. The several documents fom,lng the conlracl are to be taken as mutualy explanatory of one another, detailed drawilgs being folowed in preference to small scale drawings and figured dimensions in preference 10 scale and specific conditions in preference to general conditions In lhe case of discrepancy between lhe Schedule ol Quantities, the Specications and /o, the Drawings, the following order of preference shall be observed. a) Description of Schedule of O\Janlitles b) Paniclltar specification and Specific CondUon, l any. C) Drawings d) PWDICPWO Specifications e) Indian Standard Spec;ificooons of Bureau of Indian Standards. v l) For lems not cowred by eny of the above, the work shall be done. as per sound engileering practices and as directed by the Englneer-iri-chalge.,_/ -\,.-:' : '-tr."111 ot' qft«nt3t 1T uax1l '5v.'101 ' ' 1=--,m.- --:;,.,..,.-._...,,...

46 If there are varying()( conflicting provisions made In any one document forming Part of the contract, Accepting Authority shall be deciding authority with regard to the intention of the document and his decision shall be final and binding on the Contractor. 9.3 Any error In description, quantity 0< rate In schedule of quantities 0< any omission there from shall not vitlate the contract or release the contract()( from the exeeution of the whole or any pert ol the WMks compaed therein according to drawings and apeclflcatlons or from any of his obligation under the contract. ErrOI!, Omlnlon &Oiacrepancles 10.1 In case of errors, omissions and' ' disaveement belween wrilten and scaloo dimensions on the drawings or belween the draw,ngs and specifications. etc. the fol:>wing Older ol procederoce shall apply: I. Belween and wrttten dmenslon (Of desa\pllon) on drawing, written dimension shall be adopted. ii. iii. Between the written ' shown desctiplion ' dimensions in the drawings and the oorrespondilg one in the specification, the formet Shal be taken as correct. Between the written description of the Hem In the specwlcatlons and detlons,n the Bill of Quantities of the same ttem, the taller shar be adopled Betweoo the duplicate/subsequent copies of the tender and original tender, lhe oilgilal lender shall be taken as OOffect All documenls forming the Contract are to be taken as mutualy explanatory of one anotlier, but in case of ambiguity ' discrepancies in ooncmlons or specifications the same shall be explained and adjusled by Engineer-VH:harge. In case the Contractor does not agiee v.ith the explanalion given by the EnglflOOf-incharge, then lhe ma1ter, on his written notice, wll be referred to the MD UPRNN and his decision shall be final aod binding lo the oontraclot In all cases of omissions and /or doubt, or dlscrepancl11 In any of the Item, or 1peclflcatlons, a reference shall be made to the Engineer-in-Charge. Elucidation, elabofatlon 0< decision of the Engineer-In-charge shall be considered as authenuc. The Contractor ahall be held responsible for any error that may occur in the work through lack of such reference and precaution Any dispute arising due to typing mislakes/ omissions in the dlocument shall be mutually djscussed between ContractOf and EngiM«-in-cha.'ge and the decision of lhe EngiM«in-charge wf11 be final and binding on the oontractor in the mallet. 11. The successful biddel lcontralciof, on aoceplanoe of his tender by the Aoceptjng Authority, shal, within 10 days give uncondicnal acceptaooe lelter & pe,fonnance guarantee from the date of issue ot LOI for the work. The pe,formance guarantee given by the oonllaclor shall be verled by the department before returning the Earnest Money of lhe successful bidder / oontradof. 12. The successful bidder will provide an affidavit on Rs stamp paper that all information & Earnest Money deposied by him are <X>rrect & valid. 13. The successful bidder /oontractor, alter verification of Pertonnance Guarantee shall. s,gn the oonltact wllhin 7 days consisting of doc1jments as specr18d. 14. No payment for the work done wm be made unless oonlract is signed by the oontractof. H (i_--- o 'lllt, -!lli:11 ;; flr.:i * \JOtit1',: 1 -.f:!i1,;or.rc"!!cf' Ac ':JO.,...,_ -,.-:-.(. u\,, i,-11.w.!.i 'l,l;,

47 47 CLAUSE 1 Perfonnance Guarantee (I) (i) (i) (iv) CLAUSES Of CONTRACT The contiactor shall submit an irrevocable Perlormance Guarantee of 5% (Five percefll) of the tendered value in addion to other deposits mentioned elsewhere in the oontrad for his proper performance of 1he contract before agreement (not withslanding and/ or without prejudice ro any other provisions ill the oontract) within period specified In Schedule A-6 from the date of Issue of letter of acoeptance. This guarantee shall be III the form of Cash r111 case guarantee amount Is less then Rs ). Or 5% performance guarantee Shall be In the shape FDR/Bank guarantee of any nationall bank In accordanoe with lhe form annexed hereto.in case failure in submission of performance gua,antee with in 10 days,. Earnest money deposit will be forfeited. Further, if!he amount of wof1t exceeds the tend«ed amount. doe to change in scope of work or any other reason additional Performance Guarantee of 5% (Five percent) ol the excess amount shall be provided by the oontrector. The Performance Guarantee shall be Initially valid upto the stipulated date of completion of the work plus 180 day, beyond that. In case lhe time for complellon of WOik gels enlarged, the contractor shall get the validity of Penormance Guarantee extended to cover such enlarged fime IOI completion of work. The penormance guarantee shau be returned to the contractor, without any Interest after 100 days aflflf receiving lhe completion certlflc8te for the work from Oient/Government or hancf,ng over of projeci to CliooVGovernment whichever Is later. The Engineerar,,Charge sha» not make a claim under the performa11ce guarantee except for amounts to which Is entitled under the contract (not withstanding and/ or hout prejudice to any other provisions in the oontract agreement) in the event of: a) Failure by lhe contractor to extend the validity of the Performance Guarantee as described herein above, In which event the Englnee,-in-Charge may claim the ful amount of the Performance Guaiantee. b) Failure by the contracior to pay any amount due, etther as agreed by the <Xllltactor or determined under any of the Clauses / Conditions of the agreement, v.ithln 1 S days ol lhe service of notice to this effect by 8,gileer- n-charge. In the event of the Contraci being determined or rescinded under provision of any of the Clause I Condition of the agr8flfllen the performanoe guarantee shall stand forfeited in full and shan be absolutely at the disposal of UPRNN lid. CLAUSE 2 Recoyery or security Deposit The pelson /persons whose tender(s) may be acoep(ed (hereinafter caled the contractor) shall permit UPRNN Ltd at the time of making any payment to him for work done under lhe contract to deduct a sum at the rate of 5% of the gross amount of each running bill as securky deposh. The to4al amount to securky deposil will be 5% ol the tende<ed value of the work. All compensations or the other sums of mooey payable by the contractor undel the lenms of this contract may be deducted from, or paid by the sale of a sufficient part of his security deposit or from the interest arising there from, or from any sums which may be due lo or may become due to the conl/actor by U.P.R.N.N Ltd on any accounl whatsoever and in the event of his Securiy Deposit being reduced by reason ol any such deductions or sale as aforesaid the contractor shall within 1 O days mal<e good In fixed depoelt receipt tendered by the State Bank of India or by Natlonali$ed Banks endorsed ln favour of lhe Engineer-hCharge, any sum or sums whlcil may have been deducted from, or ra his security deposit or eof. The secu:de: v <R'Ro..., Stcn 'ltl1p-r0!1"'111 tio ;,;:, 1e.roP..Jf,i.."\o iroj;fc;,.'i;)pi>,f.lriff:lo I,,,,. f;.,.,,?.,

48 48 collecled from the running bills ol lhe COlll!aclor at the rates mentioned above. The security deposit as deducted above can be released against bank guarantee issued by a nalionallsed bank, on lls accumulations to a minimum of Rs.5 takh subject lo the coodilion that amoont of such bank guarantee, except last one, shap not be less than Rs.5 lakh.provided further lhal Iha vaidily of bank guarantee lncloo,ng the one given against lhe security money shal be In conformity with provisions coolaoned In clause 22 wllioh shall be extended from lime to titie depending upon extension of cootract granted under provisions of Clause 3 and Clause 4. CLAUSE 31iguidated Damages (LDl for Delay If the contractor fails to maintain the required f)(ogress in terms of clause 4 ' to complete lhe WOfk and clear lhe stte on or bef01e Iha coolract or extended date of completion, he shall, without p,ejudlce lo any other righl OI remedy avaiable under Iha law lo the Government on account of soch bf each, pay as agreed compensauon lhe amount calculated al lhe rates slipulaled below as lhe authority specified in schedule A-6 (wllose decision in WTiting shaa be final and binding) may decide on the amount ol the tendered value ol the work for every completed day I month (as applicable) that the progress remains below lhat sed in Clause 4 or that the wol1i remains Incomplete. This will also apply to items or group of items IOI which e separate period of completion has been specified. liquidated damage for delay of work (i) 1 % of tende(ed vakle per month, lo be computed on a per day basis, for delays up to 3 months. (II) 2% ol tendered vakle, lo be computed on a per day basis, per month for delays thereafter I.e. 4 lo 6 months, i.e., a delay of 6 months will enlai liquidated damage ol 9% Plovided always!hat the total amounl of liquidated damage for delay beyood 6 months lo be paid under this Conditloo shall nol exooed 10% of the Tendered value of lhe Item or group of Items of wor1< for which a ooparale period of completion is ofiginally given. The amount ol liquldated damages may be adjusted or sol-off against any sum payable 10 the Contractor under this or any other oontraci v.ith the U.P.R.N.N. Ltd.. In case, the conlradoi does not achieve a particular milestone mentioned in schedule A-6, o, lhe re-scheduled milestone(s) in tenns of Clauae 4.4, the amount shown against that milestone shall be withheld, lo be adjusted against lhe compensatbn levied at the final grant of Extension of Tfme. WIIIHlotdlng of amount on fawure to achieve a milestone, shall be automatic without any notice to the oontracior. However, ff the contractor catches up with the progress of work on lhe subsequent milestone(s), the withheld amount shall be released. In case the coolractor falls to make up for the delay In subsequent mllestone(s), amount mentioned against each milestone missed subsequently also shall be withheld. However no il11ellest, what so ever shal bepayable on such l'athhetd amounl In case the cootractor fails to make up /or lhe delay even at Iha line of completion of work, al withheld amounts shall be deducted from final bi1 against work actuauy done. If the amount In final blu Is less than the tendered amount. actualamounlapproved by Englneern.Charge against final bill would be lhe maximooi limit of Payment. CLAUSE 4 Dme and Erten,100 for Qelay The lime alowed for execution of Iha Worns as specified in lhe Schedule A-6 or the extended time In acco<dance with these oondlllons shal be the essence of the Contract. The execu1jon ol lhe WOO(S shal commence from such lime period as mentioned in schedule A-6 or from the date of hand',ng over of the site whichever is later. If the Contractor commls default In commencing the execution ol lhe worn as aforesaid, Department shall without prejudioo to any other right ' remedy available In law, be al liberty lo forfeit the earnest money & perlormance guarentee absolutely. 4.1 As soon as poss,ble after the Conlraa Is concluded, the Conlr '-shalj,$t!llmita Time and Progress Af'.YV 1,-.. / 4if ill qntiif 1:j)1ti 'i' "'1 'TIT f"to 3'llO'T Jr- O:.f..10 o...,..._.,.,.,,. - "'- 1 ' "---,, \:, "'" a n...,.., t...,.:,.. "- :l u:, J1.

49 49 Ch&rt for each mile stone and get it apl)loved by lhe Engineer-In-charge. The Chart shall be p,epered in ditect relation to lhe time stated in the Contract documents for completion of Items of tile works It shall indicate the forecasl of the dates of commencement and completion of various trades of sections of the work and may be amended as necessary by agreement between the Engineer-ln-Cltarl}e and the Cootractor within the imitations of time Imposed in the Conttact documents, and lurthe, to ensure good progress during the execution of tile work, the contracto, shall in art cases in which lhe time allowed for any work, exceeds one month (save for special jobs fo! whlch a separate programme has been agreed upon) complete the work as per mile stones given in Schedule A 6. The physical progress report including photographs shau be subml1ted by the conlracto! on the app,oved format at the Intervals not exceed.ig one month as doclcfed by Engineer in charge If the work(s) be delayed by: IQ (iij (Iii) (iv) Force majeure, or Abnormally bad weather, or Serious loss Ol damage by fire, or Civl commotion, local wmmotlon of workmen, strike or lockou affecting any of the tr9dets employed on the won<, Ol (v) (vij Delay on the pert ol other contractors or tradesmen engaged by Department in executing wori\ not forming part of the Contract, or Arly other cause which, in lhe abste dlscretion of the Englooer-ln- Ch81g8 is beyond the Contractor's control. then upon the happening of any such eyent causing delay, the Conuactor shall Immediately give noeice thereof in writing to the Engineer-in-Charge but shall nevertheless use constantly his best endeavours to prevent or make good the delay and shal do alt that may be reasonably required to the satlsfactjon of the Engineerr.Charge to proceed with the WllC1\s. 4.3 Request for rescheduing ol Milestones and extension ol tine. to be eligible for consideration, shall be made by the Contractor in wrring within fourteen days of the happening of the event causing delay on the prescribed form. The contractor may also, ij p,actlcable, Indicate In such a request the period for which extension is desired. 4.4 In any such case the authority as indicated in Schedule A-6 may give a fair and reasonable extension of time and reschedule the milestones for completion ol work. Such extension shau be oommunicated lo the Contractor by the Engineer- in-cha,ge In writing within 3 months of the date of receipt of such request Non application by the contractor for extension ol time shal not be a bar ror giving a fair and reasonable extension by the au111ority as indicated in Schedule A-6 and this shar be binding on the cootractor. 4.5 However above extension will be valid only after app,oval bye.f.c a.pproved by Govt. on:ler. CLAUSE s Measurements of Work Done Engineer-ill-Charge shall, except as otherwise provided, as08f1aln and dotermlne by measurement, the value In accordance with tile contract of WOik done. All measurement of al Items having value shall be ente,ed in Measurement Book and I or level field book so that a complete record is obtained cl: all wori(s petformed under the contract. All measurements and levels shal be taken jointly by Engineer-in-Charge or his authorised representative end by the contractor or his a11thorised representative from time to time during the progress of the work and such measurements shall be signed and dated by the Englneern-Charge or or thew represe<1la1ives in / ;to im,t -.'",i,ft,'<rlr Ito w110,,.:.:/'!'"' i;oiiox?op.!; L;;.:tfi:' 'l;.,.. 1. \

50 so token or their acoepcanoe. lf the contractor objec:ts to any or the measurements recofded, a noee shall be made to that effec1 with reason and signed by both the parties. If for any reason the contracior or his authorised representative Is no! available and the work of recording measu1ements is suspended by the Engineer-ln-Cha,ge or his representative, the Engineer-In-Charge and the Department shau not enlertakl any claim from conttactor for any loss o, damages on this account If the contrador or his authorised representative does not remain present et the time of such measurements after the oontraclor or his authorised representative has been gi\'811 a notice in writing three (3) daya in advance or fails to oountersign or to record objection within a week from the date or the measurement. then such measurements recorded In his absence by the Engineer-.i-Cha,ge or his representative shal b& deemed to be acoepted by the Contractor. The conlrador shau, without extra charge, prolfile all assistance wah every appliance, labour and ooler things necessary for measurements and rtl()()(dlng levels. Except where any general or detailed description ol the WOik elq)(essly shows to the oon1rary, measurements shat be taken in accoidance with the procedure set forth in the speclfteatlons notwithstanding any provision in the relevant Standard Method of measurement or any general or local custom. In the case of ftems which are not covered by specifications, measurements shal be taken in accordance with the relevant standatd method ol me8su!1lment issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards and tt for any ftem no such standard is available, then a mutually agreed method shaj be folowed. The contractor shan give, not less than seven days notice to the Engineer-In-Charge or his authorised representative in-dlarge of the wort<., before covering up or otherwise placing beyond the reach of meastrement,1ny wor1< In order that the same may be measured and correct dimensions thereof be taken before the same is covered up o, placed beyond the reach of measurement and shal not cover up and placed beyond reach ol measurement any wor1< without coosent rn writing of t.he Engineer-in-Charge or his authorised representative Incharge of the WO<k who shall within lhe aforesaid period of se \'811 days inspect the WOii<, and If any work shall be covered up or plaoed beyond the reach of measurements without such noclce having been given or the Engineer-in Charge's or his authorised representative's consent being obtained In Wliling, the S<lme shal be uncove,ed at the Contrnctor's expense, or in default thereof no payment or allowance shal be made for such work or the materials with which the same was executed. Engineer-in-Charge or his authorised representative may cause etther themselves or through another ofllcel or the department to check lhe measurements recorded jointly or otherwise as aforesaxl and al provisions stipulated herein above $hall be applicable to such checking of measurements or levels. tt is also a term of this contract that recording of measurements of any ttem of WO<k in the measurement book and I or its payment In the interim, on account or f1t1al bill shall not b& oonside<ed as oonclusive evidence as to the suffic of any work or material lo which tt relates nor shall H rerieve the contraclor fron'i liabilities from any over measurement or defects noticed till completion of the delacts Nbility period. CLAUSE s computerized Measurement Book Engineer-in-Charge shall, except as othe,wise provided, ascertain and determine by measurement the value of work done In accordance with the contract. All measurements of ab Hems having financial value shan be entered by lhe contractor and complied in the shape ol the Computerized Measurement Boo!< hav119 pages or A-4 size. so that a complete reoord is obtained ol all the lems ol works periormed under the oontracl. Alt such measurements reoorded by the contractor or his authorised representative from time to time. during 1he progress of the work, shall be got checked by the contractor from the Engineer-in-Charge or his authorised representative as per interval or program fixed in oonsultatioo!large or his authorised v 3UW?flo q Hl!I if-li m lflo,;cno,1 :f.::o "'"= V\.'1'11,1l)l"'i!', \.. ro,i\ "'- " - ;? - -,_ ' ( ly --=..

51 51 representative. Afte1 lhe necessary oorrootions made by the Ei1 1o-Charge or his au1l1onsed representative, the measurement slw!els shaft be returned to the contractor fot lncorpo,ating the 00118Ctlons and fo, resubmi5$i<ln lo the Engineer-in-Charge OI his au1l1orlsed representallve for the dated signatures by the Engineer-in-Charge and the contrador or their representatives in token ol their acoepiaooe. Whoo8V$r bill is due for payment the contractor would initlaly submit draft computerized measurement sheets and these measurements would be got checked I test checked from the Englneer-in-Chalge and/ o, his authorised representative. The contrado( will, thereafter lncorpornte such changes as may be done during these checks / test checks in his draft computerized measuremoots, and submit to lhe department a computerized measurement book, duly boolld, and with its pages machine numbered. The Engineer-in-Charge and / oc his authorised representativ11 would thereafter checlc this MB, and record the rieoessary certifteates for their checks I tests cl1ecl<.s. The final, fair computerized measurement book given by the oontractor, duly bound, With Its pages machine numbered, should be 100% oorrect. and no cutting oc over-wrlng in the me8$urements would thereafter be allowed. tt at all any error is noticed, the contractor shall have to submit a fresh computerized MB with!is pages duly machine numbered and bound, after getting the eaief MB cancelled by the department. Theraafter, the MB shall be takoo In the Aoooonts olf',oe ol Engineer-lo-Charge, and allotted a number as per the Register ol Computerized MBs. This sliould be done before the correspondhg bill is submitted for payment The contractor shal subm two spare copies of such computerized MB's for the PIJrpose of refereooe and record by the various ofncers of the Engineern-chatge or his authodsed representative 01 lhe Department. The contractor shall also submff to the Engineer-in-charge o, his authorised 1epresenta!h-e separately his cornputeriled Ab6lract of Cost and the bill based on these measurements, duty bound, and ils pages machine numbered along with two spare copies of the 'blu. Thereafter, this bil will be proc85$8d by the Accounts office ol Engineer-In-Charge and allotted a number as per the ccmputerized record in the same way as done for the measurement book meant fo, measurements. The contrnc1o, shal, without ex1ra charge, provide all 63$lstance with every appliance,!about computer, printer al1d ijs consumable and other things necessary for checking of measurement as per required by the Enginee1-ir>-Charge or his represootative. Except where any general or detailed desaiption ol the work expressly shows to the contrary. measu-ement shall be taken In ac0otdance with the procedure set forth 11 the specif1ta1ions notwithstanding any provision in the relevant Slandan:f Method of measurement o, any general or local custom. In the case of 1tems wl1icll are not covered by specifications. measurements shal be taken In aocordance with lhe relevant standard method ol measuremoot issued by the Bureau or Indian Standards and if!or any em no such standard is available then a mutually agreed method shall be followed. The contractor shar give not less than seven days' notice to the Engineet-in-Charge o, his authorised representative In charge of the work before covering up o, ouletwise placing beycnd the reach of checking and / o, test checking and I ot tesl checking the measurement ol any work In Older that the same may be checked and I or lest checlted and correct dimensions thereof be takoo before the same is covered up or placed beycnd the reach of checking and I or test checking measurement and shan no1 COV1!1 up and place beyond reach of measurement any wor1( without consent in writing of the Engineer-in-Charge or his au1llotlsed representative in-charge of the wor1< who shall within lhe aforesaid period of seven days Inspect the wor1<, and I any worn shatt be covered up o, placed beyond the reacll of checlcing and /or test cheddng measurements withoot such notice having been given or the Englneer-ill-Charge's or his a11thorised representative's ccnsent bei119 obtained in writing lhe same shall be uncovered at the Contracto(s expense, or In defatai thereof no payment o, allowance shall be made lot such work o, the materials with which the same was executed. Engineer-In-Charge or his authorised represootative may cause either gh another office{ of the.,,...-v amn u< < u 'lllll1.,.1<r t. ':1,Mf "lr."!q, -..r, MlR!1... n o " -,," "'- 11"1.: \.: -1, "V r,,,i,;-,,., l,ollc,rr:,";,flomn,;- ;>,-;;...,,; (.ir,,.

52 52 depa11men1 to check the measurements recorded by contractor and al provisions stipulated hereill above shah be applicable to such checking ol measurements or levels. It is also a term of this contract that checkilg and I Of test clledling lhe measurements of any hem ol wor1c in lhe measurement book.ind / 0< Its payment in the interim, on acoount of float bill shall not be conskleted as 00l1Clusive evidence as to the sufficiency of any work 0< materlal to which It relates nor shal It re!leve the contrador from llabltles from any OV1lf measurement or defects noticed till completion of the defecis fiabillty period CLAUSE 1 When Contract can be Oetenntned Subject to olher provisloi\$ contained in this clause, the UPRNN may, wittwxlt preij<jice lo his a1>y other rights or remedy against!he contractor In respect of any delay, inferior workmanship, any clains for damages and I 0< any oll1et piovisioos ol lhis contrael Of otherwise, and whethef the date of completion has or has not elapsed, by notice in writing absokrtely determine the contrael in any of lhe following cases (i) (lij (OI) (iv) (V) (vi) {vii) (vilij If lhe contracto. having been gr.en by lhe Engilleer-in-Cha,ge a noclce In writing to rectify reconstrud or replaoe any defective wollc or that the wor1c is being performed h1 an Inefficient 0< otherwise lmp<oper or UI), wooonanfike mamer shal omit to comply with the requirement of such notice for a period of seven days thereafter. IF the conlactor has, without reasonable cause, suspended the progress of lhe wollc or has failed to proceed with the work with due dilgence so lhal In the opinion of the Engineer-In-Charge (which shall be final and binding) he will beunable to secure completion of the work by the date for completion and continues lo do so aftet a notice in writing of seven days from the Englneer-ln Chafll8. If the contractor falls to complete lhe WOflt within the stipllated date or Items of work with individual date of completion, if any stipulated, on or before suc:11 date(s) of completion and does not oomplele them within the period specified in a notice giv8n in vmting in that behalf by the Engineern-Charge. ff the Contractor persistently neglects to carry oo1 his obligations under the contract and I or commits default in complying with any of lhe tetms and condhlons oc lhe conllad and does not remedy it or take effective ster,s to remedy It withill 7 days after a not,:e in writing is given to him in Illa! behalf by the Englneer-lri,Charge. If the contractor shaq offe, or give or agree to give to any person In UPRNN or Government service or to any other person on his behak any gift or consideration of any ki'ld as an Inducement or reward f0< doing or forbearing to do or for having done or forborne to do any act ill relation to the oblain1119 or exec1jtbn of this or any other contract wlihuprnn. If the contractor shall enter Into a contract with UPRNN In connection with Which commission has been paid or agreed to be paid by lwn or to his knowledge, unless lhe particulars of any such commission and the t8fflls of payment thereof have been previously disclosed in writing to the Engineer. JI), Charge. If the contractor shall oblaki a contract with UPRNN as a result ol wrong tendering or other noo-bonaflde methods oc competitive tendering. If the conlractor beillg an illdividual, or Ha firm, any parlner lheraof shalt at any time be ad;,dged insolvent or have a receiving order or orde< for adminisltation of his estate made against him or shat take any proceedings tor liquidation or composition {other than a voluntary lquidalion fof lhe purpose o1 amalgamation or reconstruction) under any Insolvency Acl for the time being in force or make any coffleyance or assignment oc his effecls or oomposn or arrangement for the beneft of his eted,tors or purport so to do, Of If fjfly ajlj)ticalion be made under any Insolvency Act for the tine being in force for the sequestiation of his estate or ff a trust deed be exec1jted by him for benefrt of his creditors. A1/ IJ'fob 3iRO <f.'o q; RIQ' T.;" '!l.'"lrit fuo r,,r,"1'01 fi:11) l1cf:ii:1f f;.;t,i;! :_.. ;, ii-l"r

53 S3 (Ix) (x) (xi) If the contiactor being a oompany shal pass a resolution or the court shall make an order that the company shall be wound up or a receiver Of a manager on beha of a credl ' shall be appointed or if circumstances shall arise which enlille the court or t.he etedltor to appoint a receiver or a manager ' which enthle the court to make a winding up order. If the contractor shal sutter an execution being levied on his goods and allow, to be continued for a period of 21 days. If the contraclof assigns, lraosfers, sublels (engagemenl of labour on a piece- woot basis or of labour with materials not to be lnoorpo1ated in the worit, shat nol be deemed to be subletting) or otherwise palls with or atlempls to assign,lransler, sublet or otherwise parts with lhe entire works or any po<tion thereof wi1hout the prior written approval or the Engineer-in-Charge. (xii) When the work contractor has made himself liable f ' action under any of the cases aforesaid, the UPRNNshat have powers: (a) To determinethe oonlract as aforesaid (o( which tenminalion notice in writing to Iha contractor uncle< the hand ot tile Engineer-in-Charge shat be conclusive evidenoe). Upon such determination, the Earnest Money Deposit, Security Oepos already reco'l9fed and Performance Gunntee under lhe contract shau be liab4e lo be forteited and shall be absolutely al the disposal ol the Department. (b) Afte, giving notice to lhe conlractor to measure up the work of the conlractor and to take such whole, or the balance or part thereof, as shall be urhxecuted out of his hands and to g,ve It to another conlractor lo complete the WOik. The contract ', whose contract is del8m1ined as above, shal not be allowed to participate In the tendering process for the balance wor1<. In 1he event cl above courses being adopted by the Department, the contractor shat have r,o claim to compensation for any loss sustained by him by reasons or his having purchased or proouced any ma1erials or entered ilto any engagemenl or made any advances on aooount or with a view lo the ex8c1jbon or the W(l(k or ihe performance of the contract. And In case adion is lal\en under any Of the provision aforesaid, the contractor shall not be entitled lo recover or be paid any sum ror any work theleof or actuany performed under this oontract unless and unti the Engineer-In-Charge has celllfied in writing the pelformaooe of such won< and the va'-'e payable in rasped thereof and he shall only be entftled lo be paid tho value so certified. CLAUSES In case, the v.otk cannot be S1arted due loreasons not within lhecon\ro! of 1he contractor wrthin 1/6"ofthe Sl1001ated bme ror comofeljon of work. either party may close the contract. In such eventualitv,lhe P rtormance Guaran1ee of the contractor shalt be rotunded. but oo payment on account of interest, loss of proljt or damages etc. shall be oavable at an. CLAUSE 9Contractor Hable to pay Comoenaation even if action not taken under Clause Z In any case in which any or the powers conferred upon the UPRNN/Client by Clause-7 thereor, shal have become exercisable and the same are no4 exercised, the noo-exercise thereof shal not oooslitule a waiver of any of the conditions hereol and such powers shall notwithslandlng be 8X81Clsable in lhe event or any ru1ure case of detauh by the contractor and the liabdi1y ol the contractor for compensation shal remain unaffected. In the event of the UPRNN/Client putting In force al or any or the power vested In him under the preoedlng clause he may, he so desires after giving a r.otice in writing to the conlracl ', take possession of (or al the sole discretion or lhe Engineer-in-Charge which shall be fllaj and binding on the contractor) use as on hlre (the amoont cl the hire money being also in the fr,ial delenmination of the Engineer-in-Charge) all or any tools, plant. materials and stores, in or upon the works, or the site thereol belonging to thecontract.or, or procured by the conlractor and Intended to be used tor lhe execution of the work / or arr, part thereor, paying or allowing for the sot at 1he con1ract ratv 3ITTO qlfflllf qmcf w<1iq:jf i.jf)v Will"i'!I fb(\ o'lr.tofttoro 'G'OllCRTof.!of-.,-.,0.,..., - ' ' Ii.., 7 itl.lll!'t ITIQlr

54 54 In the case al these not being appicable, at current ma,tcet rates to be certified by the Engineer-ln-Cha,ge, whose coolficate thefeof shad be final, and binding on the contrador, cier1c of the works, foreman or 04he\' authorised agent to remove such tools, planl materials, or S10<es from the prnmlses (wflhin a time to be speclf',ed In such notlce) In the event ol the contract0< failing to comply v.ith any such requisition, the Engineer-in-Charge may remove them at the cool/aaor's expense or sell them by audlon Of private sale on aocount of the conllllotor and his risk In al respects and the certiicate ol the Engineer-in-Charge as to the e;cpenses of any such removal and the amount of the proceeds and expenses or any such sale shal be final and conclusive against the conl/actor. CLAUSE 1 OPmnant on Intermediate Certificate to be reaarded 11 Advances The interim or running aooou11t bils shall be submitted by the contraclof for the WO<t executed on the basis of reco<ded measurements on the format as approved by the Engineer-In-Charge In triplicate along with soft copy of the bill on or before the date of every monlh fd<ed for the same by the Engineer-in-Charge. The contractor shal not be entitled to be paid any such Interim payment if the gmss WOik done together with net payment / adjusunent ol advances for material collected, tt any, since the lasl such payment is less than the amount specified In Schedule A- 6, In which case the Interim bill shal be prepared on the appointed date of the month after the requislte progress Is achieved. Engineer-in-Charge shad arrange to have the bill verified by taking or causing to be taken, where neoessary, the requisite measurements of the WOf1<. In the event or the failure of the oontractof to submit the bils, Engineer-in-Charge shall prepare 0t cause to be prepared such bills in which event no claims villatsoever due to delays on payment Including that of Interest shall be payable to the contractor. Payment on account of amount admissz'ble shall be made by the Engineer-ii-Charge certlying the sum to which the contractor is considered enthled by way of Interim payment al such rates as decided by the Engineer-In-Charge. The amount admissible shal be paid within lhirty days alter the day of certification of the IJiil by the Engineer-in-Charge Of hil,.autl$orised representative together with the account of the material Issued by the department, or dismantled eqals, I any along with atl required supporting documents.,,, All such interim payments shal be regarded as payment by way of advances against final payment only and shall preclude \he requiring ol bad, unsound ard impeffect OIIJ1Skilled WO<k to be rejecled, removed, taken fnlay and reconstructed or re-erected. Any certif!cale given by the Englnee1-in-Charge relallng to the - k done or mat8fials delivered f0<ming part of such payment, may be modified 0t 001reded by any subsequent such certfficate(s) or by the final certificate and shall not by itself be conclusive evidence that any WOik or materials to v.flich relates is I are in accordance with the contact and specirlcations. Any such int8fim payment, Of any part thereof shal not in any respect conclude. detenmine or affect In any way powera of the Engineer-in- Charge under the contraci or any of such payments be treated es final settlement ard adjusunent ol 8COOUnts or in any way VBl'f or affect the contract. Pending consideratlon of extension ol date of completion, interim payments shall continue to be made as herein provided without prejudice to the right of the department to take action under the terms of this contract IOI delay in the completion or WOl1<. ff the extension or date of oompletlon Is not granted by the competent authority. However, lhe Engineer-in-Charge in his sole discretion on the basis of a certlf1c81e lr0<n his authorised representative ln-cha,ge ol the work at site make Interim advance payments at 75% ol the assessed value of the material supplied by the oontraclor at sae to be used within 3 months. The advance payment so allowed must be adjusted in the next Interim bill by taking detaied meawrements after lhe use of the materia.l. Before any inslalment of advance is released, the Contractor shall ex8cijte a lndemniy Bord from Nationaized Bank for the 110% of the amount of advance & va&d for the Contract Period. The contract0< shan, alter r9cl81vlog his Interim payment, shall dear al the dues of his labour/ material suppliels & produce a certificate / receipt on tllis account with next running bill. tf the contractor does not clear these dues or unnooessarily delays the same, the Efl(lineer-in-Charge at his discretion can make payments to these labour/ material suppliers dlrectly. Ally such payment shall be recovered from the= v"' affio 'lftillffi4 / :;'Ou +qtf.141 ;itfitlrii ft!c \JO!f!fflOf'lrJIBo ' M"'W!t4i l:;oll0' illf.lo,"o r- '

55 55 CLAUSE 11 Mobmzatioo Adyance &Secured Mv oce (i) Mobilization Advance MobRlzation advance not exceeding 10% ol the tendered value may be given( il accordance wh rund released), a requested by the contracioi in writing within one month or the order to oommence the work. Such advance shall be in two equal Instalments at a simple interest rate ol 10% per year The first ilstalment ol such edvanqi shall be released by the Engineer.in.Charge to the contractof on a request made by lhe contractor to the Engineer in Chaige,n this behah. The second instalments shal be released by the Engineer.in.Charge only after the ContraclOf furnishes a proof of the satisfacto,y utlli2a11on of the eartier instalments to lhe entire satisfacoon ol the Engileer il-charge. BefOfe any Instalment al advanoe Is released, the ContractOf shall execute a Bank Goarantee Bond from Nationalized Bank for the 110'4 of the amount ol advaooe & valid for the Contract Period This shall be kept renewed kom time to time to cover the balance amount and likely period of complete recovery, together wtth inte<est. Provided always the provision ol Clause 11 (Q shall be ap!)llcable only when so provided in 'Schedule A. Interest &Recovery: The mobilization advance In (Q abol/8 bear simple interest at the rate o/ 10 per cent per annum and shall be calculated from the dale ol payment lo the date cl recovery, both days inclusive, 0/1 the outstanding amount of advance. Reoovery of such sums adva.nced shall be made by the deduction from the contracio,s bills@ 15% to the gross value of the WOik billed In such a way that the entre advance is recovered by the time eighty per cent of the gross value or the contract is executed and paid, together l'ath Interest due on the entio-e outstanding amount up to the date of recovery of the instalment. However, the net up lo date interest on the mobilizatlon advance in (ij above YIOUtd be deducted from all payments released to the Cootrectors beginning the first lnteom cenificate. The said Bank Guarantee for advances shal inttialty be made for the full amount and valid for the contract period, and be kept renewed from lime to time to cover the balance amount and fikety period of complete recovery togethe< wtth interest. II) Secured Advance on Non-perishable Matetlals The contracto,, on signing an Indenture In the form to be specified by the Eng.neer-11). Ch!llge, shal be entlled to be paid during the progress ol the execution of the work up to 75% of the assessed value of any materials which are In the opinion of the Englneer fl). Charge ooirperlshable, non-fragile and non oombustibte and are in aocordance l'alh the contract and which have been brought on the site in connedion therewtth and ere adequately st0ted and/of prolected against damage by weaiher or other causes but which have not at the time ol advance been incorporated In the YIOlks. When materials on account of which an advance has been made under this sob-clause are incorporated In the WOIII, the amount of such advance shall be recov8fedldeducted from the next payment made undel any of the ctause Of clauses cl this conltact. Suoh secured advance shall also be payable on other ttems of perishable nature, fragile and combustible wtth the approval or the Engileern-Charge provided the contractof provldes a comprehensive insurance cover for the ful cost of such materials. The decision of the Engineer In-Charge shall be linal and binding on the contractor in lhis matter. No SECUred advance, shall howevef, be paid on high risk matenals such as ordinary glass, sand, petrol, diesel etc. Any such secured advan<:e shall be paid only after the contracto, executes a indentures for secured advances on ildemnlty bond prforma(annex--) on Rs. 100 stamp paper. 3lNO 'll}qj'ffllj <:" :f.'!l..ffl ftfo i'lo!,j. 1ofl>1f.'loftit) '\!Ol'0';!10f!\'ti) { Fri:,...t,:"',ii..ii4k';,... "'6 C

56 56 CLAUSE 12 Payment of FJnaJ BJJJ The final btll shall be submitted by the contractor in Ille same manner as specified in interim tills within 1hree months or physical completlon or the work or within one moolh of the date or the final ceniflc3te of completion fumished by lhe Engineer-in-Charge after successful handing over of wor1< to the ClienVGovwnmenf whichever is later. No further ciaims shall be made by Ille conactor after submission ol lhe f,nal bj8 and 111ese shall be deemed lo have been waived and extinguished. Payment of those items ol fhe bit In respect of v.flich!here,s no dispute and of ems in dispute. for quantities and rates as approved by Engiooer,in,Cllarge, will, as far as possible be made w,!11in lhe period of six months reckoned from the dale of receipt of lhe lllll by the Engineer ln Cha!ge OI his authorised Engineer, complete wilh account ol male,ials issued by the Department and dismaoued materials aloog wtth al supporting documents. No bill shall be paid lo Ille contractor after the release of 95 % payment including 5% deduction from ronnlng bifls for secury deposa & the contractor is bound to complete the 100% work with no further payment or advaf1. Thereafter, the payment to contradof wilt be made against full & final bill submftted by the contractor only after completion & successful handing over of the project to ciient & release of balance wlhheld fund ( against quality assurance) to UPRNN from lhe Clielll. In no case payment will be made In excess of Iha 95% funda received from cllent less conllngenciu &centage charges CLAUSE 13 Release or Seeurity deposit atter Jabour cjearanc;e Security Oepos4 of the worlc shar no! be cefunded Ill the contra<:toi produces a dearance cettficate from the Labour Office,. As soon as the wolk is vlrtuany complete lhe contiactor shall apply for!he clearance cenif,cate lo the Labour Office, unde( lnllmatlon to the Englneer-in-Cha,ge. The Engineer-In-Charge, on receipt of lhe sald communication, shal write to lhe Labouc Off'IC8! to intimate if any complain! is pending against the conlraclor in respect ol the work. tt no complaint Is pendiog, on 1800/d Iii aft81 3 moolhs afl81 completion ol 1he wol1< and/or no communication is receivlld from the Labour Office, to this effect Iii six months after lhe date of comple(ion, ij will be deemed to have cece!yed the clearance certificate and the Security Oeposk will be released if otherwise due. CLAUSE 14VARIAT10NS Variation Is allowed maximum up to final revised sanctioned quantltles by the concerned E.F.C. approved by Govt. order. Ally variation in quantities of Current BOQ due to change in scope of work or any other reason shall be part of this tender. Thia variation wlll be paid to the contractor AFTER APPROVAL OF GENERAL MANAGER ZONE and In no case expenditure wlll be made in excess of the 95% funds received from client less contlngencles &centaga charges. CLAUSE 14AESCALATION Paymen( shal be made subjeoted to revision of pcoject and availability of the fund raceived from cient (may be m phased manner). In no cne expenditure wui be made In excess of the 95" funds received from cllent lass contingencies &centage charges. Howe11e< In case of non avaiabllity of fund from Govt., W lhe completion of!he pcoject is delayed beyond the date es specified In the conlracl and due lo this ceason the cost revision is sanctioned and released by the Govt. to UPRNN, lhe claim of lhe contractor (I there is any) may be consilered by Engineer In Charge on woti< done / work to be done basla. Such Compensallon for escalation must not be more than sanctioned/ passed by concerned E.F.C. appcoved by Govt. order.. Such compensaoon Is calculated on basis or quanllfles executed dorlng lhe schedule of rate / OSR rate and less 5% rate or schooule rate IOSR race or corresponding year wh,ch is passed by conoerned E.F.C. approved by Govt. order. A/... amo...o-.14jfijci; ", ill Rio.. v,11 1cp...r.-.. oo;ier;o;. I 'l',.,,..,( 1;i0r'lf m(.q{'f T'...,,..,. \: "'- 1<'1U '"'!'?fi'?

57 57 CLAUSE 15 A Mated1t11yppHed by thg UPRNN Any material supplie<i by UPRNN shat be deducted from lhe bills al a cost of actual pll'chase inctud,ng ar 1axes or desetibed in tenoor whichever is greater. CLAUSE 1s e Materiata to bt proyjdtd by tb Contractot The contractor shah, al his own expense, provide al materials, required for lhe Wllllls. The contractor shall, at his own expense and without delay, supply to lhe Engineer-in- CJiarge or his authorised representative samples of materials lo be used on the wor1\ and shall gel these approved in advance Al such materials 10 be provided by lhe Contraclor shall be in conloll!ly wilh the specifications laid down or referred to in the contract. The conlracl()( shal, ii requested by Iha Engineer-ill-Charge furnish proof, to the satisfaction of the Engill8fll ln-charge thal the maletlals so comply. The Engineer- in-charge or his authorised representative shall within lhirty days of supply of samples or within such furthe< period as he may require intimate 10 the Contl'8Clor in writing whether samples are approved by him or not. II samples are not approved, lhe Coo1ractor shall fol1hwfth arrange to supply to lhe Engineer-in-Charge or his autholised representali'iii for his approval, fresh samples complying wllh the specif,cations laid down in the contract When materials are required to be leste<i in accordance with specifications, approval ol lhe Engineer-in-Charge shar be issued after Iha lest resuhs aie received. The COnlractor shall al his risk and COS! sullml lhe samples of materials lo be tested or analysed and shall not make use of or Incorporate in the wor1\ any materials represented by the samples until the required tests or analys,s ha"8 Ileen made and male!ials rmally accepted by lhe Engineer-in-Charge. The Contractor shall not be eligible for any claim or compensation either arising out of any delay In the work or due to any oorrectl'le measures required to be lllkem oo accounl of and as a result of testing of materials. The oonlractor shall, at his risk and oost, make all arrangements and shall provide all facilities as lhe Englneer-tn Charge or his authorised representative may require for oollecllng, and preparing the required number of samples for such tests at such time end to such place or places as may be directed by the Engineer-in-Charge or his authorised representative and bear all charges and cost of lasting unless specifically provided for otherwise elsewllere In the contract or specifications The Engineer-in- Cllarge or his authorised repr8$enlatlve shill al al times have ac:cess lo lhe works and to all workshops and places where work is being prepared or from where materials, manufactured articles or machinery are being oljtalned for lhe works and lhe oontrador shar afford every facility and every assistance in obtainilg the right lo such access. The Engineer-in-Charge shat have lul powers to require lhe removal from the premises of aa materials which in his opinion are not in accordance v.ith the specifications and in case of default, the Engill8flln-Charge sha1 be at liberty to employ at lhe expense of Iha contractor. other persons to remove lhe same without being answerable or aooountable for any loss or damage that may happen or arise lo such maletials The Engineer-in-Charge shal also have ful powfl/s to require other proper materials to be substituted thereof and in case of default, Ille Engineer,in Cllarge may cause lhe same lo be supplied and al costs wllich may attend such removal and substiju!ion shall be borne by lhe Contractor. Whereve, different pattern/design/quality of materials with same specifjcatlons/make as specified In lhe contract Is avallable in the market, Engineer-In-Charge wiu be sole authority to decide pattern/design/quality of!he material wllich shall be final and binding on the oontracior. The oonlracior shall al his own expense, provide a material testing lab at lhe site for conducting routine field tests The lab shall be equipped al least with the testing equipment as specified in Scl1edule A-6. In addition, equipment for carrying out various tests (except chemical analysis) oo basic materials i.e. cement. fine aggiegata, coarse 1199regate & bricks shal be kept in the site!ab. ConlraCIOI shall etnploy sufficient manpower to ensure that all Jests are carried out in accordance with lhe perlo<flcily specirl8d in relevant IS. / k <tllf ftfo t,,!. (\-.f..( v" 11"/ ;;;if.,w;> '!r,.;:!o, I 'n1j'ji;

58 58 CLAUSE 1sc Condition ct!olloa to use 01 aaphatuc matedo!s (I) The contrac;tor undertakes to make arrangement for lhe supervision ol the wof1( by the firm supplying lhe ta, or bitumen used. (ii) The contractor shal oollect the Iota! quantky or tar or bitumen required for lhe WOik as per standard formula, before the process of painting Is started and shau hypothecate it to the Engineer-in-Charge. If any bitumen or tar remains u sed on compfetlon ol lhe work oo aooount ol lessei use of materials in actual execution lor reasons OCher than authorised changes ol specifications and abandonment ol portion of work. a cooesponding deduction equivalent to lhe cost ol unused materials as determined by the Engineer-In-Charge shall be made and lhe material return to the conlraclors. Although the materials are hypothecated to Government, the contractor undertakes the responslbilty for their proper watch, safe custody and protedlon against all risks. The matelials shall not be removed from sije ol WOik without the consent ol the Engineern- Charge In writing. (Ill) The cootractor shaa be responsible for rectifying defects noticed within a year from the date ol completion of the work and the portion of the security deposit relating to asphaltic WOik shall be refunded after the expiry of this peood. CLAUSE 15 Dismantled Material Govt. Properties The Contractor shall treat all materials olilained during cfjsmantling or a structure, excavatbn or the ske Jor a work, etc. as Government's property and such materials shall be disposed ol to the best advantage of Government aocordlng to the Instructions In writing issued by the Engineer-ill.Charge. CLAUSE 16 Work to be execvted Jo Accordance Wllb 1oecmc11Jon1. Pcawfoga. Orders etc. The Contractor shaq execute the whole and every pan of lhe work ill the most substantial and workmantike manner both as regaids materials and otherwise in every respecl in strict accordance Wl1h the specifications. The oontractor shall also conform exactly, fljlly and faithful)' to the design. drawings and illslructions in writing in respe<:1 of the worlt signed by the EngineerD-Charge and/or his authorised rep<esentative and the contractor shal be furnished free of charge ooe copy of lhe cootract documents together with specif1eatlons, designs, drawings end instructions as are not included in the standard speciflcatbns of UPPWO/Central Public works Departmeot specified in Schedule A-6 or in any Bureau of lndlajj Standard or any other, published standard or oode or, Sched\Jle or Rates or any other printed publication referred to elsewhere In the contract. The contractor sha.k comply with the provisloos of the contract and with the care and dlllgence execute and maintain the works and provide am labour and materials, tools and plants irdlding for measurements and supervision of alt works, struaural plans and other things of temporary or permanent nature required for such execution and maintenance in so far as the necessity for p,oviding these, is specified or is reasooably inferred lrom the contract. The Contractor shall take full responsblity lor adequacy, sultabilily and safety ol all the worl\s and methods or construction. CLAUSE 11 Action where no apecjucatjon, are specified In the case or any class ol work for which there is no such specificatioos as referred to In Clause 16, such work shall be carried out In accordance wilh the Bureau of Indian Standards Specifications. In case there are no such specifications In bureau of Indian Standatds, the work shall be carried out as per manufacturers' speciflcacions, If not available then as pe1 Disl/ict Specifications. In case there 8fl! no such specifications as required above, lhe WO<k shal be camed out In alt respects In accordance with the instructlons and requirements or lhe Engilleer-in-Charge CLAUSE 18All works to be executed under the contract shall be executed under the direction and subject to the approval In ell respects of the Engineer-In-Charge who shall be entltfed to direct at what point or points and In what manner they are to be commenced, and from time to time carried on. / amo 'Ito "'14 FR,- ftt'l i:0?\1- ' \ t:.zh,,rr \Jlj k ""':'t.f n, '...:.. --,1-., ;.;;;'i= 4<:

59 S9 CLAUSE 19 Lump sum Proylslons 10 Tender When lhe estimate on which a leooer Is made incildes lump sum in respect of parts of the wor1\, the contractor shall be entitled to payment in respect of the items of WO<k involved or the pan of the work in question at lhe same rates as are payable undei this conuact fof such lems, Of ff the part of the work In question is not, In the opinion of the Engineer-in-Charge payable of measurement, the Engineer-in-Chatge may at his discretion pay the kimp-sum emot111t entered In the estimate, and the oertfficate In Writing of the Englneer,ln-Charge shall be fll\81 and conclusive against the contractor with regard to any sum or sums payable to hin under the provisions of lhe clause. CLAUSE 20ACompJ,s1on certificate and coropleuoo Pfans Within ten days of the completion of the work, lhe contractor shall give notice of such oompletlon to the Engineer+ Cllarge and within thirty days of the reoell)i of such nollce the Engineer-In-Charge shall Inspect the work and if!here Is no defect In the work, shall furnish lhe oon1ractor wl1h a final O&l\itlcate of completion, otherwise a provisional certaicate of physical completion indicating defecls {a) to be rectified by the conuaclor and / or (b) lor which payment will be made et reduced rates, shall be issued. But no fll\81 certificate of oornpletlon shall be issued, nor shall the work be considered to be oornplete until the contractor shall have removed from the premises on wllich the work shall be ex8c\jted aft scaffolo,ng, su;plus materials, rubbish and all huts and sanlta,y arrangements required for his / their WOik people on the site In connection w'rth lhe execullon of the works as shall have been erected or consuucied by the oontractos) and cleaned off the dirt from all wood WOl1\. doors, windows, waits, floo< or othef parts of the building, In, upon. or about which the wor1< is lo be executed or of v.illch he may have had possession fof the purpose ol the execution; theleof. and not until the wor1< shall have been measured by the Eng,--ln-Charge& also not uni# the building is successfully handed over to the CfienUGovemmenl. If the contrac1or shall far to oomply with the requiernents of this Clause as lo removal of scaffolding, surplus materials and rubbish and all huts and sanaary arrarigements as aforesaid and cleaning off cflft on or before the date fixed tor the oornpletlon ol wock, the Engineern.Charge may at the expense of the contractof remove such scaffolding, surplus materials and rubbish etc. and dispose of the same as he thinks m and clean off sud\ dirt as aforesaid, and the contractor shall have no claim in respect ol scaffolding or surplus materials as af0<esald except fof any sum actually realized by Iha sale the<eof. CLAUSE 20e comptellon Pl o 10 bt submitted by lb contractor The contractor shau submit oornplellon plan requhd as per specifications/ as directed by Engineer In charge within thirty days ol the completion of the wor1<. In case, the contract0< falls 10 subml the completion plans as afofesaid, he shall be liable to pay a sum equivalent to 2.5% of the value of the work subject to a ceiling of Rs.50,00,000 (Rs.Fifty lakhs only) as may be filed by the Engineer-ln-dlarge and in lhis respect the decision of lhe Engineer-in-charge shad be r111al and binding on the contra<:10<. CLAUSE 20C contractor to keep Site Clean When the annual repairs and maintenance of wor1<s are caltied out, the splashes and droppings frorn white washing, colour washing, painting ele., on wans, floo<, windows, etc shall be removed and lhe surlace cleaned simutaneously with the oompletlon al these Mems of work in the individual rooms, quarters or premises etc. where lhe wor1< is done without waiting for the actual complelioo of all the other ems ol work In the contract In case the contractor fails to comply with the requirements of this clause, the Engineer-in-Charge shaq have the right to gel this work done at the cost of the contractor either departmentally or through i!/iy other agency. Before taking such aciion the Engineer-in-Charge shall give ten days' no11ce In wriling to the contractof. CLAUSE 21Aclion in case Work not done as per Specific;i!!onl All works under or in course of execution or executed In pursuance ol the contract, shau at all times be open and accessible to the Inspection and sy 7ngineer - In - Ch,Z hised subordinates In; # 3IRO m,,' 111'>T' 'lti,f 1 r.m fillll '3o ro :.. -,f '<olho \3'.0'1!'!71..,.:"' i,;."'p..,.. - _,_ r!

60 60 the wont and al the superior officers, office( of the Quality Assuraooe Unit of 1he Department or any organization engaged by the Department for Quaily Assurance and of the TAC or ar,y other agency, and the oonll8clor shal, at all tlmes, during 1he usual working hours and at all Olher times at which reasooable notice of too visit or such officers has been given lo the cootractor, efther himself be present lo receive order.; and instructions or have a responsible agent duly acetedfted in writing, present for that purpose. Orders given to the ConuaclOt''s agen1 shall be oonsldered to have the same force as H they had been given to 1he contractor hinselt. II any l shah appear 10 the Engineer - in - Charge 0/ his authorised subordinates In charge of the wor1< or to the Officer in charge of Quality Assurance or his subordinate officers or the officers or lhe cxgani?ation engaged by the Department for Quality Assura,ice or lo the TAC or any other agency (duf,og construction or alter completion/ handing over al worl<), lhal any wori( has been executed with unsound, imperfect, or unslu1ful wori(manship, or with materials or articles prowjed by him for the execuhon of the wor1< which anj unsound or or a quality inferior to that cootracled or otherwise nol in accordance wijh the contract, lhe conlrador shall, on demand in writing rrom the Engh1eer -ir1 - Charge specifying the work, maletials or articles oomplained of nomthslanding Iha! the same may have been passed, oerthied and paid for forthwith reclhy. or remove and reooruct the work so specified in whole or in part. as the case may require or as lhe case may be, remove the materials or articles so speciied and provide other proper and suitable materials or articles at his own charge and cost. In the event al the faiing to do so Within a period spechied by lhe Engineer - in - Charge in his demand aforesaid, then the contractor shall be liable to pay cornpoosation al the same rate as under ctau,e 3 of the oontract (for non, completion of the work in time) lor this default. In such case the Engineer - In - Chatge may not accept the Item of work at the rates applicable un the cootract but may aocept such Items al redoced rates as the authority specdied in schedule A 6 may oonsider 1easooable during the preparation ol on aooounl bills or r,nal bll ff the itetn is so aooepea1jle without detriment lo the safety and utmty of the ltetn and the swcture or he may rejoo the work outright without any payment and /or get It and other coonected and illcidental items <ectil'ied, or removed and re - executed at the risk and the oost of the contractor Decision or the Engineer - in - Chaige lo be conveyed In writing in respect of the same wilt be final and binding on the oonlraclor. H during oonstruction or aftet oonwuctlon, OienV Government order inspection by TAC or any other agency & of the wor1<s and the r10al bils of Ille contractor lnoodlng a» supporting voochers, abstract, etc., 10 be made after payment or lhe final bill and tt es a resutt of sucil audit and technical examination any sum Is lound lo have been overpaid in respect of any wor1< done by the cootrador under the contract or any WOik claimed lo have been done by him under the oontract and found no4 lo have been executed, the oonlraclor shan be liable to relund the amount of over,payment and it shall be lawful for UPRNN lo reoover the same from him in the manner prescribed in sut>clause Q) of this clause or in any other manner legally permissible; and If it is found that the contractor was paid less than what was due to him under the contract in respect of any wo,k execuled by hlm under it the amount of such under payment shall be duly paid by UPRNN to the oonl!eclor. without any Interest thereon whatsoever. Provided that the UPRNN shall not be entilad to recover any sum over paid, nor the contractor shal be tlfltltled to payment of any sum paid shor1 whe<e such payment has been agreed upon between the Enginee1-in-Charge on Iha one hand and the cootracior on the other undet any temi of the contract permitting payment for wor1< aflet assessment by the Englneer ln Chatge. cuuse 2:2Cootractor Liable for Pamaon. deflcta durins malntenaoct Pfflod H the contractor or his working people or SetVants shall break, deface, injure or destroy any part of building in which they may be working, or any building, road, road kerb, lenoe. enclosure, water pipe, cables, drains, ekldrlc or telephone posl or wires. trees, grass or grassland, or cultivated ground contiguous to the premises on wtiich the wor1< or eny pert Is being executed, or W any damage shall happeo to the work while in progress, from any cause whatever or tt any defe<:t shrinkage or Olher faults appear in the worths attet a certificate final or A.f>// 3iNO <1b. /".. '!, me wi:.:-4 \l\jqo it.,"' ";.<tf-:,.i'ollg-t(' ;.Oidl)...,,n. -, ',

61 61 otherwise ol i1s completion shall have been given by the Engineef - In - Charge as aforesaid arising out ol defed or improper materials or workmanship the oontraaor shall upon receipt ol a notice in writing on that behaw make the same good al his own expense or In default the Engineer - In - Charge cause the same to be made good by other workmen Md dedud the expense from any sums that may be or at any lime thereafter may become due to the contractor, or from his security deposrt or the pcooeeds of sale thereof or of a sufficient poroon thereof. The security deposit of the contractor shall not be refunded before the expiry of defect liability period of tmtve months alter completion of wortt or handing over of wort to Client/ Government, or till the final bttt has been prepared and passed whichever la later. CLAUSE 23 Carryjng out part work at risk & cost of Contractor If oontractor: i) At any time makes detault during currency ol wort< ' does not execute any part of the work with due diligence and oontlnues to do so even after a notice in writi1g of 7 days in this respect from the Engineer-in-charge; ' i) Commits default In complying w!h any of the terms and conditions d!he Contraci and does not remedy It or takes effedive steps to remedy ij within 7 days even after a notice in writing is given in that beha by the Engineet-ln- Cha,ge; or ni) Fails to complete the VIOlk(s) or!ems of wort with individual dates of completion, on or before the date(s) so det111111lned, and does not complete them wlthln the period specified in the notice given In writing In that behaw by the Engineer-in-charge. The Engineer-In-Charge without invoking action under clause 7 may, without prejudloe to any other right or remedy against the oontracior which have either accrued or accrue theraafter to UPRNN/aient, by a notloe in writing to take lhe part wo,1(/part incomplele work of any ltem(s) out ol his hands and shall have powers to: (a) Take possession of the site and My materials, construd.ionaf plant, implements, Sloras, etc.. thereon; and/or Cany out the part work/part lnoomplete wor1< d any kem(s) by any means at the risk and oost of the Contractot. The Engineer-in-Charge shad determine the amoon W any, is recoverable from the Contractor for completion of the part work/part inoomplele work ol any ttem(s) taken out of his hands and execute al the risk and cost of the Contractor. In determining Ille amount, creda shall be given to the supplementary contractor with the value of work done In all respect in the same mamer and al the same rate as II ii had been carried out by the 0<iginal contractor under the terms of his contract, the value of Contractofs materials taken over and incorporated in the work and use ol plant and machinery belooging to the oontraclor. The oertificale of the Eng.lneer-in-Charge as to the valued work done shal be final and conclusive against the conlractor provided always lhat action under this clause shal only be taken aftec giving notice in wrltltlg to the contractot. Provided also that the expenses incurred by the department are less lhan the amount payable to the oontractor at his agreement rates, the difference shall not be payable 10 the oontraclor. Any excess expendilure lncijrred or lo be Incurred by the UPRNN/Cllent In completing the part wo,l(jpart Incomplete work of any item(s) or the excess loss of damages suffered or may be suffered by UPRNN as aforesaid after allowing such credit shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the UPRNN In law ' per as agreement be recovered from any money due to the contractor O! any accooot, and if such money is insufficient, the contractor shalt be caled upon In writing and shal be liable to pay the same wlhln 30 days. $v :att'lo 'it) - t'lnf.'\q;.,...,1 'c'it o \.fojn"t':.: :fr-r" Cy.r WT -.<ii t'q,ro - Hofuo (" -! ;i;. 1\'1t.. -

62 62 If the contracror fais to pay lhe required sum \llilhln the aforesaid period of 30 days, the Engineer-in-Charge shal have the right to seu any o, all of the contracto,'s unused materials, constructional plan Implements, tempo,aiy building at site etc. and ad;jst lhe pro 88d of $ale lherool lowards the dues racoveiable fro,n the contractor under the contract and W thereafter there remains any balance outstanding, i shal be recoveied In accotdance with the provisions of the contract. In lhe event ol above course being adopted by lhe 81glneer-in-Chai"ge, the contractor shall have no claim to compensation for any loss sustained by hlm by any reason ol his having l)u!chased or procured any materials or entered into any engagements or made any advance on any account or with a view to the execution of the work or the peiformance ol the contract. CLAUSE 2i SUSPENSION OF WORK The conlraelot shat on receipc of the otder in writing of the 81gineer-il-cllarge (whose decision shall be final and binding on the conlt8clor) suspelld the progress ol the work or any part thereof for such time and In such manner as the Engineer-ln-cha,ge may consider necessary so as nol to cause any damage 0< ry to lhe 11/0ik already done or endanger the safety thereof f0< any of the following reason. a. On account of any default on the part of the contradot or, b. For p<oper execution of the worlc or part thereof fot reasons other than default of the contract0< o,, c. For safety of the work or part thereof The contracto, shaj during Suell suspension PfOperty p<olect and secure the works 10 the extent necessary and carry oul the insiiuctlons given In that behalf by the Engineer-in-charge. However suitable extension of lime shall be granted by Engiooer-ln-Chafge for such SUSpe11sion of work without any compensation. CLAUS.E 2SWork not to be subjel; Action lo case of JosoJveocv The contract sha not be assigned o, sublet wi1hou1 the written approval of the Engineer-in-Cha,ge. And f the contractor shal assign or sublet his contract, or attempt to do so, or become insolvent 0< commence any lnsomlf\cy proceedings or make any c0<nposltlon with his credlors or attempt to do so, or I any bribe, gratuity, gl\. Joan, perquisite, reward or advantage pecuniary or otherwise, shall either directly 0< indirectly, be given l)fomised or off81ed by the conllllclor, or any ol his servants o, agent to any public officer or person In!he employ of UPRNN or Government in any way relating lo his office 0< employment, 0< ff any such olf100< or person shall become in any way dlmctly or lndlreclly lnt81ested In the contract, the Englneer-in-Cha,ge on behaff of the UPRNN shall have power to adopt the course specified in Clause 7 hereof In the interest ol UPRNN /Government and in the event of such course being adopled, the consequences specified In the said Clause 7 shat ensue. CLAUSE 2s WHb hojdlna and Hen In respect of sums due from contractor (i) Whenever any claim or daims f0< payment of a sum of money arises <M of 0< under the contract 0< against lhe contractof, the Engineer-in-Charge or the UPRNN shall be entitled to withhold and also have a lien to retain such sum or sums in whole or in part from!he security, tt any deposlted by the conuacror and for lhe purpose aforesaid, the Englneer-ln,Charge or the UAANN shall be enlllled to withhold!he secur-y deposit, ff any, furnished as the case may be and also have a lien ovet lhe same pending finalisation o, adjudication of any such dalm. In the /l>kv mo pw. qj'lfj, a:-1; ;i,',, 11 r:a "... -r."' - ",,,.,.,, -,,.,P.. ''Wlf11} 'C, \hi ' CJ -.,,n, 'tt',r,fi',0. o -,.,>'.\l',l\,t 1u, I i,{1...,,..,,. - -.' -' fl.., >....? :.,

63 63 (I event ol the seajriy being lnsuff',cient to cover the claimed amount or amounts or H no security hes been taken lrom the contractor, the Engineer-in-Charge or the UPRNN shall be enfrtled to withho4d and have a lien to retaifl to the extent ol wch claimed amoonl or amounts refe1ted to above. lrom any sum or sums found payable or which may at any time thereafter become payable to the contractor under the same contract or any othef contraci with the Engl--ln-Cllarge ol the UPRNN or 8l't'f contracting person through the Englne8f-ln-Charge pending f11alisation of adjudication of any such claim. It ls an agreed term of the contract that the sum of money or moneys so withheld or retained under the lien referred to above by the Engineer-in-Charge or UPRNN wlll be kept withheld or retained es such by the Engineerin-Cha,ge or UPRNN bll the claim arising out of or under the contract is ootermiled by the arbc1rator (d the contract is governed by the arbitration clause) by the competent oourt, as the case may be and thal the contractor wil have no claim for inleresl or damages whatsoever on any account In respect of such wrthhokfing or retention under the lien referred to above and duly notified as such to the contractor. For the purpose ol this clause, where the contractor Is a partnetship firm or a 1-Tiiled company, lhe Engineer-in-Charge or the UPRNN shall be entiled to withhold and also have a lien to retain towards suoh aalmed amount or amounts in whole or in part from any sum found payable lo any par1nernimlted company as the case may Ile, whether in his lndlvklual capactty or othef\'lise. (i) UPRNN shad have the right to cause an audit and technical examination of the works and the final bills of the contractor including all supporting vouchers, abstract, elc.. to be made atter payment of the final bill and if as a result ol such aud and technical examination any sum is found to have been overpaid in resped of any work done by the contractor unoor the contract or any work claimed to have been done by him under the contract and found not to have been executed, the contraclor shall be &able to relund the amount of over-payment and It shall be lawful for UPRNN to recover the same from him in the manner prescribed In su!klause (ij of this clause or In any other man,,ef legally permissible; and I ii is found that the contractor was paid less than wtiat was due to hrn under the contract in respect of any work executed by him under It. the amount of such under payment shad be duly paid by UPRNN to the contractof, without any int8<8st thereon whatsoever. Provided that the UPRNN shall not be entited to recover any sum over paid, nor the contractor shal be enlltle<i to paymern of any sum paid short wtiere such payment has been agieed upon between the Engineer-lo-Charge on the one hand and the contractor on the other under any term ol the contract permilling payment for wort alter assessment by the Engineer-in-Charge. CLAUSE 26A Yeo In respect of claims to ojbec Contracts Ally sum ol money due and payable to the contractof (Including the security deposit returnable to him) under the contract may be withheld Of retained by way of lien by the Engineer-In-Charge or the UPRNN or any other contracting per$ol1 or persons through Engineer-fl-Charge against any claim of the Engineer-in-Charge or UPRNN 0< such other person or persons In respect ol payment of a sum of money arising 001 ol or under, any other contract made by the contractor with the Engineer-In- Charge or the UPRNN or with such other person 0< persons. H is an agreed term of the contract that the sum of money so wihheld 0< retained undef this clause by the Engineer-ln-Chatge 0< the UPRNN will be kept withheld or relained as such by the Engineer-in-Charge or the UPRNN or lih his claim arising out ol the same contract or ar,y other contract is er mutually settled 0< determined by the arbitration clause or by the competeol court, as the case may be and that the contractor shaft have no claim for interest or damages wtiatsoever on this aocount 0< on any olhef ground In respect d any sum of money withheld or relaried under this clause and duly notified as such to the contractor. CLAUSE 27Forecfosure of contract due to Abandonment or Reduction In scope of Work K at any time aller acceptance of the tende<, UPRNN decide lo ebandon or reduce the scope ol wor1<s for any reason whatsoever and hence not require the wtiote Of any part of the works 10 be CMied out, the Engineer - in - Charge shalt give notioe in writing to that effect to the contrector /M. the cont(!ctor shall act accordingly in the v 'IT 'lil'! \, 1..,)'1DZ:' -; " ' 'I,: ';o

64 64 mailer. The contractor stial have no claim lo any payment of compensation or otherwi whatsoever, on account al any profrt or advantage which he might have derived from the execu1ion of the wori<s in lul but which he did not derive in couence ol the foreclosure of Ille whole or part of lhe Wllfks. The coolraclor shall be paid al conlraci rates. full amount for work executed al site Nothing exlra shall be paid lo oonlraclor by lhe Engileer - in - Charge for any expenditure incurred on preliminaiy site work. e.g. tempo<8ry ac,;ess roads, lempora,y labour huts. Slaff quarters and sile office; storage accommodation and water storage tanks which could nol be utilised on the work lo the fufl extent in the view of foreclosure; UPRNN shall have the option to take over coolractor's materials or any pan of thereof brought to sfte.for materials tal<en <Mlt by UPRNN, cosl ol such materials as delailed by Engineer -ii - Charge shal be paid. The OOSI shall, however, lake ill lo accooot pun:ha price, cost or lransportatioo and deterioration or damage which may have been caused lo materials whilst in the custody of the contractor. II any malerlals supplied by the UPRNN are relldered surplus, the same except normal wastage shafl be returned by the contractor to the UPRNN al retes not exceeding those al which these were originally issued, less allowance for any deterioration or damage which may have been caused whilst the malerlals were In the custody of the oonllactor. In addftion, cost ol transporting sucl1 materials from site 10 U.P.R.N.N. stores, n so required by UPRNN, shall be paid by lhe contractor. Ally new item ( not covered under this lender document) introduced & sanctioned by Government as new or as replacement or existing item we to technical reason (or any olher reason) may or may not be Included in lhe soope of work of this lenderkonlract UPRNN reser.es the full right, without bei1g liable for any damages or obligation, lo gel ii executed separately. CLAUSE 2acompensation during warlike situations The wor1< (v.ilether fully constructed or not) Md al materials, machines, tools and plants, scaffolding, temporary buildings and olhec things oonnected 1herewilh shall be at the risk of the contractor unta lhe WOfk has been delivered lo the Engineet-ln,Charge and a certlcate from him to that effect oblained. In the event of the work or any materials property b<ought to the site for incorporation in the work being damaged or deslloyed in consequence ol hoslirtles or warlike operation, the contractor shall v.ilen ordered (In wntijl9) by the Engineer,11\ Charge to remove any debris from the site, collect and properly stack or remove in store an serviceable materials salvaged from the damaged work on his own cost. CLAUSE 29Iermination of Contract on death of contractor Without prejudice to any of the rights or remedies under this contract, ii the conltactor dies. the authority indicated in Clause 3 of Schedule A B, on OOhatt or lhe UPRNN shall have the option ol tarminallng the oonlract without compeosatlon to the C011tractor. CLAUSE 30Terminatlon o1 contract (or other reasons (i) Wnhout prejud'100 lo arrt of the rights or remedies under this conl/8ct, if the clien Government withdtaws the work from UPRNN due lo ooy reason, UPRNN shal have the option ol terminaling the contract without compensation to the oontractor. (i) If the contractor or his representatives/ associates/ workers / employees misbehave or use undue language or use undue eorrespondence v.ilh UPRNN Offuers/ staff, the authority indicated In Clause 3 of Schedule A-6, on behalf ol lhe UPRNN shall have!he option of terminating the conm without compensation to the oonlractor. CLAUSE 31 Return 01 material & recoyerv tor excess material Consumed/issued. (i) Arter completion of the work arid also at 8/'lf Intermediate stage In lhe event of no re<:0nelliation of malenats Issued, consumed and in balance - (see Ctause 1SA), lheorelical quantity of malerials oonsumed for use in the worn shal be calculated on the basis and method given h0111under., (a) Quantity ol cement shall be calculated on I ity cf cement requved for different items y GlR() (),, " / 7,61'. <"llf.r; r. 1 fflo "N 1"; \lollo';'t;)f:,,, 'T:,I c,l;)d'!'llo.-,j "' - -- Q» a:;..

65 65 or WOik as shown in the Schedule of Rates mentioned in Schedule A-6. In case any kem Is executed for wnlch standard constants for the consumption ol cement or bitumen are not avaiable in the above mentioned schedule/statement or cannot be deriyed from the same shaa be calculated on the basis of standard fonnula to be laid down by the Engineer-in-Cllarge. (b) The0tetical quantly ol steel reinforcement or structural steel sections shall be tak8'1 as the quantity required as per design or es authorised by Enginee< in-charge. including authorised lap pages, chairs etc. plus 2 % wastage due to cutting into pieces, such theoretical quantity being detenn1ned and compared with the actual ues each diame1er wise, sec11on wise and category wise separalely. (c) Th8()(eticat quantity ol G.I. & C.1. or other pipes, conduits, wires and cables, pig lead and G.IJM.S. sheels shall be laken as quantity actually required and measured plus 5% for wastage due to cultlng into pieces (except in lhe case of G.1./M.S. sheets It shall be 10%), such delennination& comparison being made diameter wise & categot)' wise. (d) For any other ma1erial as per actual requirements. (ii) C>.,er the thoorelical quantities ol materials so computed a variation shall be allowed as specified in Schedule A-6. The differenoo in the net quanties of material actually consumed by the contractor and the theotetical quant.ies incbllng such authorised variation, if not fully reconciled to the salislactlon or lhe Enginee,-in Charge with on vriten notice of E/1 shal be recovered al the rates specified In Schedule A-6, without prejudice to the provision of the relevant conditions regarding consumption of materials governing tj,e contract. Oecisloo of Engineer-il-Charge in regard to lheoretlcal quan!hles ol materials, which should have been actuauy used as per the Anoexure ol the stmdanl schedule of rates and recovery at rates specified in Schedule A-6, shal be final & bilding on the oontractor. For non-scheduled Items, the decisioo of lhe General Manager regarding lheorelical quantnies or materials which should have been actualy used, shal be final and blridlng on the contractor. (ii) The said actioo unde1 this clause is without ptejudlce to the right of the Department to take action against lhe contractor under any olher oondttlons of contracl for not doing the work according to the p<esctlbed Specl lc8tions. CLAUSE 32 Leyy(Taxes payable by Cont@ctor (I) Sales Tax/VAT or any other tax or cessas applicable in respect of this contraa shal be payable by the contractor and UPRNN shall not entertain any daim whatsoever in this respect (iq Servfce tax. labour cess wlll paid extra as per concered E.F.C. approved by Govt. order (111) The contractor shall deposit royalty and obtain necessary pennlt for 1uppty of earth, und, atone, kankar, etc. from local authorities. (iv) If pursuant to or under any law. notification or order any royalty, cess or lhe like becomes payable by the UPRNN and does not any time become payable by the contractor to lhe Central Government/State Government/Local authorilies In respect of any material used by the contractor rn the works then In 5\lch a case, tt shall be lawful to lhe UPRNN and H will have the ht and be entitled to recover the amount paid in the circijitlstances as aforesaid from dues ol the contractor. CLAUSE 33 Conditions (or reimbursement of feyy/jaxes if levied after receipt o1 tenders (I) All tendered rates shall be Inclusive of all taxes and levies excluding service tax and labour cess under respective statutes. However, any further tax or levy or cess is imposed by Statute, after the last stipulated date for lhe receipt ol lender including extensions W any and the contractor there upon necessarily and properly pays such taxes/levies, the contractor shafl be reimbursed lhe amount so paid, after production of original deposh redptprovlded 5\lch paymenls are released by the ClienVGov inment as pa concered EFC approved by Govt. 1 orde<.. V. v" ;sn"!!) i:, : qji@q,..., t 71 fao tl):10..uf'.felo =,-,. "'-- <>a= \I\I?',". -,.,.1rrtl! 1:.::i.l;_<,;. :;.:, 441;:;:..:,;.;.:

66 66 (Ii) The contractor shal keep neoessary books of accounts and other documents tor the purpose of this cond(lon as may be necessary and shall allow inspection of the same by a duly authorised representative or the UPRNN and/or the Engineer-in-Charge and furthe{ shafl furnish such other informatiooldocutient as the Engineern-Charge may require from time to time. (IIQ The oonltactor shall, within a period of 30 days of the,mposi11on of any such fur1her lax ' levy ' oess. give a written notice thereof to the Engineer-in-Charge Iha! the san,e is given pursuant to this conditm, together with all neoessary Information relating the1eto. CLAUSE 34 Empjoyment of JecbnlcaJ Staff and EroRlovw ContractOJS Superintendence, Supervision, Technical Staff & Employees Requirement of Technical Representative(s) and Recovery Rate Requirement of Technical Minimum Designation Rate al Which recovery Staff experience shall be made from the Qualification Number {Years) contractor in the event of not fulfilling provision ol clause 34-3raduate Engineer. (and having Project Rs. 60,000/- per month Civil) experience of one Manager slmllar nature of WOl1( 3raduate Engineer (and having Deputy Project Rs. 40,0001- per month. Civil) experience of one Manager similar nature of (Civil) WOl1( Graduate Engineer 1 12 (and having Deputy Project Rs. 40,000/- per month (Elecl) experience of one Manager similar nature of (Electrical) WOl1( 3raduale Engineer 1 5 ProjecUSlte Rs. 25,0001- per month Civff)Or Engineer per person Diploma Or Engineer(Civil) 10 respectively iraduate Engineer 1 5 Projecl/Sile Rs. 25,000/- per month Elecl)Or Engineer per person lploma Engineer Or Elecll 10 res=tiv..tv Assistant Engineers retired from Gonment ser;ices that are holdiog Diploma wil be treated at par with Graduate Engineers. Diploma holder with minimum 10 years relevant exp4klance with a reputed constructlon co. can be treated at par with Greduate Engineers for the purpose of such deployment subject to the condition that such djploma holders thould not exceed 50% of requirement of degree engineers. CLAUSE 35 H cefattva wortdng In UPRNN than lb contractor not!lowed to lender The cooltac10( shall not be permitted lo bid for works in the UPRNN ZONE /UNIT responsible for awaro and execution of contracts. In whlch his near relative is posted as 80 AOOOllnlanl or as 80 officer In any capacity between the grades of GENERAL MANAGER and Junior Engineer (both inclusive). He shall intimate e names ol persons who are./ 1!:o {'J,, lmf11.r- ' '1'Nll ltio, ",,o V' \JD' or,, <;,... ">r,f.1,11 - fl.,- -

67 67 working wilh him In any capacity or are subsequently employed by him and who Ml near relatives 10 any offi00t In lhe UPRNN. Arry breach or!his condition by the contractor would render him iable lo be debarred from tendering in the Oepartmenl in future. NOTE: By!he tetm 'near relatives Is meant wife, husballd, parents and grafldparenls, children and grandchlldre11, brolhefs and slsle,s, uncles, aunts and cousins and lhe corresponding In-laws. CLAUSE 36 No Gazetted Engineer to work as Cont(!Ctor within on year of retrrement No Engineer of Gazetted rank or offlef Gazetted olfl08r employed in Engineering or administrative dulies in an engineering department of lhe Govemme111 of Utlar Pradesh shall work as a OOlllractor or employee of a contractor for a period ol two year after his retirement from govemmenl service without the p<evious permlsslon of Govenwnent of Uttar Pradesh In writing. This oonlract is tlable to be cancelled if either the oontraclor or any of his employees is found at any lime lo be such a person who had not obtained lhe permission ol Govemmenl of Uttar Pradesh as aforesaid, before submission of the tenoor or engagement In the oontractor's servbl. as lhe case may be. CLAUSE 37Contractor, to Supply Toof & Planta etc. The conlrador shal provide al his own OOS1 all materials (excepl such special materials, if any, as may in accordance with lhe contract be supplied from lhe Engineer - in --cha/lll3's stores). machlneiy, tools & plants as specified In schedule A-S. In addition to this, appliaoo1s, rnplements, other plants. ladders, cordage, tackle, scaffolding and temporary works required for the p<oper execution of the work. wllelher original, altered or substituted and l'ltlether included in the specff1talions or olhet documents forming pan of lhe contract of referred to in these conditions or not, or which may be necessary for the purpose of satisfying or complyi119 wllh the requirements of the Engineer -lir Charge as toany maller as to v.tiich under these condnions he is entilled to be satisfied, or which he is enfted lo require together wilh carriage therefore 10 and from the work. The oonttactor shall also supply without charge lhe requise number ol petsoos with lhe means and materials, necessa,y for lhe purpose of setting out works, and counting, weighing and assisting lhe measurement for examination at any time and from lime lo time or Iha work Of materials. FaiNng his so dolng, lhe same may be provided by the Engineer-In-Charge at lhe expense of the contractor and the expenses may be deduc:ted, horn any money due to lhe contractor unde, lhls oontraci Of otheiwise and /or from his sectriy deposit Of the proceeds of sale thereof, or a sufficient portions lhereof. CLAUSE 38Contraetor to Indemnify Gcr,t, against Patent Right The OOlllractor shal fuby indemnvy and keep Indemnified the UPRNN against any ac:tion, clalm Of proceeding 1elallng lo infmgement Of use of any patent or desljjn or any alleged palent or design rights and shad pay arry royaltles which may be payable in respect of any article or part thereof Included in the contract. In the event of any claims made under or action brought against Oepartmenl/Govemmenl in respect of ariy such mattets as aforesaid,.the contrador shah be Immediately notwied thereof and the contractof shaft be at Uberty, al his own expense, to settle any dispute or lo conduct any lltigation lhat may a,ise the<e from, provided Iha! the conlraciof shall not be fiabte to indemnify the UPRNN the infringement of lhe patent or design or any alleged patent or design right Is the direct resuh of an order passed by lhe Engineer-ii.Charge in lhls behatt. CLAUSE 39Voftltered water ayprfy The oontractor(s) shafl make his/their own arrangements for water required for the-k arid nothing extra will be paid for lhe same. This wil be subject 10 the following oondlons. {I) That the water by the conlr8ctor(s) shall be fit for construction purposes to the satisfaction of lhe E1191- in.charge. (iij The Engineer -iri-charge shall make alternative arrangements for supply or watet at lhe risk and cost of contractor(s) tt the arrangements made by lhe contracior(s) for procurement of water are in the opinion of the Er19ineer-in-Charge, unsatisfactory. /?f.jl'.,z. 3!RO qlffi<f fflo " 11oaf.loo :rr, ' ' i"w)i.o '... i..... (o'f P -=, 'q?i

68 68 CLAUSE 40Departmentaj water SUDDIY, 11 aypuable Water ff available may be supplied to the oootractor by the Depa11ment subject to the following conditions - (i) (ii) (Iii) The water chargh@ 1% shall be reco\'eled on gross amount of the wo,k done. The contra(;tor(s) shall make his/their own a,rangement of water connection and laying of pipefines from existing main of source of supply. The Department do not guarantee to maintain uninterrupted supply al water and ii will be incumbent on the contraclor(s) to make alternative arrangements for water at hisllhei' own cost in the event of any temporary bleak down in the Govennment water main so that the progress of his/their work Is not held up for want of water. No claim of damage or refund of water charges will be entertained on aocount of such bleak down CLAUSE 41Chanqes In firm's constltutjon to be Intimated Whe<e the contrac1or Is a pame!ship firm, the prior approval 1n writing of the Englneern-Charge shall be obtained before any change is made in the constnution of the firm. Where the contractor is an individual Of a lfmdu undivided family business concern, such approval as aloiw31d shall lilewisa be obtained before the contrador enteis into any partnership reement where under the partnership ftm woo1d have lhe right to carry out lhe works hereby undertaken by lhe oootractor. II previous approval as aforesaid is not obtained, the contract shah be deemed to have been assigned in oootraventioo of Clause 25 hereof and lhe same actdn may be taken, and the same consequences snan ensue as provided in!he said Clause 25. CLAUSE 42 Recovery of Compensation Plid to wod<mcn In every case in which by virtue of the provision sub-section (1) of Section 12, of lhe Workmen's Compensation Act.1923, UPRNN is obliged 10 pay compensation to a wor1<man employed by the oontractor, In execution of the wotks, UPRNN will recover from lhe oontrac!of, the amount of the compensation so paid; and. wi1houl prejtxfice lo lhe rights of the UPRNN under sub-section (2) of Section 12, of the said Act, UPRNN shall be al liberty to recover such amount or any part!hereof by deducting tt from the security deposit or from any sum due by UPRNN to the contractor whether under this contract or otherwise. UPRNN $hall not be bound to contest any claim made against It under sub-section (1) of Secooli 12, of the said Al:!., exoept on lhe written request of the conlraclor and upon his giving lo UPRNN full security for all costs for Which UPRNN might become liable In consequence of oootesting such claim. CLAUSE 43 Enaucioa PAxroeot and Amenitin to Wortsers H Contractor fails In every case in which by virtue ol the provisions of the Contract Labat, (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970, and of the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Ceniral Rules, 1971, UPRNN is obliged to pay any amouncs of wages to a workman employed by the oonlractof in execution of the work, or to incur any expendlu1e In providing wettare and health amenities required to be provided under the above said Act or under the Rules framed by Government from line lo flme fo( the protection of the health and santtary arrangements for WOfkers employed by Contractors lo be folowed by the CQnl/actor for this P!oject, DepartmenVGovemmen1 wllf recover from the oontractor, the amount of wages so paid or the amount of expendure so Incurred; and without prejudice to the rights of the Government under sub-sec:tlon (2) of Sectlon20, and sub-sectlon (4) al Seclion 21, al the CQntract Labour (Regvlation and Abolttlon) Act, 1970, Government shal be at iberty to recover such amount or any part thereof by deducting It from lhe security deposit or from any sum due by DepartmenUGovernment to the oontracloi whether under this oontrad or otherwise Depa;tmenUGovernmen1 shall nol be bound lo conlesl any claim made against under sub-section (1) of Section 20,s\Al-seciion (4) ol Section 21. of the said Act, except on the written request or the contractof and upon his giving lo the Department/Government ful security for all costs for which the DepartmenUGovemment might become iable in oontestillg such claim. CLAUSE 44Laboyr Laws to be comphtd by the Contmctor The contraclof shal obtain a valid &cense under the Contract La & A) Act, 1970, and lhe Contract labour QA,P// - -.J>-rA?-./ &m> <11ffllll -qp r ;oftrm / vi.3'.. nr.r. 3ffe!ir-m ftlo..,,,,, -,,;;1i1Cffi0f.l'of.ro!BQ - _. '!""" f,i, 4 c:

69 69 (Regulation & Aboition) Central RIAes, 1971, bekxa the oommenoement of the work, and conlinlnl to have a valid license until the compte!jon or the wori(. The contractor shall also abide by the l)(ovisions of the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Acc The contractor shal also comply with the provisions of Iha Buicling and Other Conslructlon Workers (Regulation of Employment & Condalon of Setvice) Act, 1996 and the Building and Other Construction Workers Wettare Cess Act Any failure to tutti these requirements shal attract the penal provisions of!his contract arising out of the resultant non- 8X8C'Jlion of the - k. CLAUSE 44A No labour below the age of fourteen years shall be employed on the work. CLAUSE44B payment gl waag; Payment of wages: (I) (iij (iv) The Contractor shau pay to labour employed by him either direcdy or through sub-contractors, wages no4 less than rai' wages as pet the provisions of the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 and the contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Central Rules, 1971, whetever applicable. The contractor shall, notwithstanding the provisions of any contract to the conlraty. cause to be paid fail wage to labour indiectly engaged on the work, including any labour engaged by his sub-oonlractors in connection wtth the said work, as If Iha labour had been Immediately employed by him. ln respect of labour directly or indeclly employed in the works for parformanoe of the contractor's part of this contract.!he contractor shad comply wah or cause to be complied with the contracto<'s Labour Regulations made by Government from time to time in regard to payment of wages, wage period, deduction from wages recovery ol wages not paid and deductions unauthorised made, maintenance of wage books or wage slips, pubfic.rtion ol scale of wages and other t8ffl\s of employment. Inspection end submission of periodical re1urns and ad other matters of the hke nature or as per the provisions of the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolioon) Acl, 1970, and lhe Contract labour (Regulation and Aboi.Jon) Central Roles, 1971, wherever applicable. (iv) (a) The Engineer-irl-Chatga concerned shall have the right to deduct from the moneys due to the contractor any sum required or estimated to be required for making good the loss suffe1ed by a worker or workers by reason of non fuffilment of the condttions of tlhe contract for the benefit of Iha wor1<011, nonpayment of wages Of of deduclions made from his or their wages which are nol justified by their terms of the contract or non-obse!vanoe of the Regulations. (b) Under the provisioo of Minimum Wages (CentraQ Rules, 1950, the contrador is bound to allow to!he labours directly or Indirectly employed in the works one day rest for 6 days continuous -k and pay wages at the same rate as for duty. In the event of default, the Engineer-in-Charge shall have Ille right to deduct!he sum or sums not paid on account of wages for weekly holidays to any labours and pay the same to the persons entilled therelo from any money due to lhe contractor by the Engineer-in-Charge Conoemed. In the case of Union Territory of Delhi, howevet, as!he all-inclusive minmum daiy wages flxad under Notification of the Delli Administration No. F. 12 (162) MWOI OAB/43884,91, dated as amended from time to time are inclusive of wages for!he weekly day of rest, the question of extra payment for weekly holiday would not arise. -1 ft'ro B1:IO' 'Jr.,or.:ii,,o v Grrco l tjf?.a,crr n--...,,,(;-_-,- - >\ _ 1v1, i, MU,.,.. - _.,.,, J1.,...,k.,.. -.-

70 70 (v) {Vil (vii) (viii) (Ix) CLAUSE 44C The contractor shall comply with the provisions ol the Payment of Wages tv:j., 1936, Minimum Wages tv:j., 1948, Employees UabllKy tv:j., 1938, Workmen's Compeflsation Act, 1923, Industrial Disputes tv:j., 1947, maternity Benefits Aci,1 961, and the Contraclo!S Labour (Regulation and Abolition) tv:j. 1970, or the modifications thereol or any other laws relating thereto and the rules made lhere1rnder from time to Ima. The contractor shal indemnify and keep lndemnfl8d Government against payments to be made under and for the obs$vance ol lhe laws aforesaid and the Government Contractor's Labour Regulations without prejudloo to his right to claim indemnity from his sub-con1ractors. The laws aforesaid shall be deemed to be a part ol lhis contract and any breach thereof shall be deemed to be a oceach ol this contract. Whatever is the minimum wage for the time being, or W the wage payable is higher than such wage, such wage shall be paid by the contractof to the worl(man directly without lhe intervention of Jamada, and Illa\ Jamadar shab not be entitled to be deduct or recover any amount from lhe minimum wage payable to the worl(men as and by way of commission or otherwise. The contraotor shall ensure that no amount by way ol commission or otherwise Is deducted or recovered by the Jamadar from the wage of worllmen. In respect of al labour drecily or indirectly employed in the work for the performance of the oontractors pan or this oontract, lhe contraclof shall at his own expense arrange for the safely provisions as per Safely Code framed from lime to trne and shal at his own expense provide for all faoilltles in connection therewith. In case the contractor fails to make arrangement and provide necessary facilities as aforesaid, he shall be liable lo pay a penalty of Rs. 2000/- for each default twld In addition, Iha Engineer-in- Charge shall be at liberty to make a«angement and provide facilities as aforesaid and recover lhe 005\s incurred in that behaw from the contractor. The contractor shall be compl&tely held responalble for any mishap art site due to In sufficient safety meaauret. CLAUSE 440 (1) The number of labours employed by him on the work. (2) Their wor1r.lng hours, (3) The wages paid 10 them, (4) The accidents that occurred during the said fortnight soowing the ci'cumstanoes under which they happened and the extent of damage and injury caused by them, and (5) The number of female workers who have ooen allowed maternity benef llcoofd'r>g to Clause 44F and amount paid to them. Faitlng which the oontractor shall liable to pay Government, a sum not exceeding Rs.2000/ for each default or matenaly lnoorred statement. The decision or the Departmental Officer(EIC) shal be final In deducting from any lil1 due lo the contractor, lhe amount levied as froe and be binding on the conclactor The contracior shall suocntt on demand, to the Engineer-in- Charge, a true statement showing in respect of the second half of the preceding month and lhe firsl haw ol the current month r8$p8cliyely:- ( - 31T' O qi'@ "1ll?rm flfo \c!o.. "lilt:.or.too qul iloll<r{ll tltoo f......,. fll51a,e:

71 71 CLAUSE 44E In respect of aft labour directly or indirectly employed in lhe WO!ks for 1he performance of lhe oonfraclor part of this contrad. the contrac1or shal comply with or cause lo be complied with al the rules framed by Government from lime lo lime for 1he protection of lhe health and sanilary arrangemems for workers employed by lhe UPRNN and Its conlradors. CLAUSE 44F Leave and pay during leave shan be regulated as follows;!. Leave (ij ( l 2. Pay: (ij {Ii) In 1he case of delivery - maternity leave not exoeeding 8 weeks, 4 weeks up to and Including the day of delivery and 4 weeks following that day, In the case of miscarriage - up 10 3 weeks from lhe dale of miscarriage. In lhe case of delivery - leave pay during maternity leave w,1 be at 1he r111e of the women's average daiy e.wnlngs, calculated on total wages eamed on the days when fulftlme work was done during a period of lhree months immediately preceding the dale on whi<:11 she gives notice that she expects 10 be confllled or at the ra1e ol Rupee one only a day wllichever Is greater. In lhe case of miscarriage - leave pay at lhe rate of average daly earning calculaled on the total wages e.wned on the day when full time work was done during a period of three months Immediately preceding the date of such miscarriage. 3. Cood'rtions for grant of Maternly Leave: No maternity leave benefit shall be admissible to a woman unless she has been employed for a total period of not less lhan six months immediately preceding the date oo which she procoods on leave. 4. The contractor shal maintain a regisler ol Maternity (Benefit) In the Prescribed foon as shown in appendix -I and II, and the same shall be kept a1 the plaoe ol work. CLAUSE 44G In the event of the contractor(s) commilling a defautt or llrooch of any of the provisions of the Government Contraclor's labour Regulations and Model Rules for the protecllon or health and sanitary arrangements for the wor1<ers as amended from time to time or furnishing any inlormatioo or submitting ' filling any stalement under the provisions of the above Regulatioos end Rules which Is matelially Incorrect, hellhey stial without prejudice to any other liabiliy, pay to the Government a sum not exceeding Rs.1000/ for every delaul bread, or furnishing, making, sullrnittlng filling such materially incorrecl statements and In the event ol lhe contrae10<(s) defaulling conllnuoosly In lhis respect, the penally may be enhanced to Rs.50()0/, per day ror each day of default subject to a maximum ol 5% of the estrnaled cost or lhe work pu1 to tender. The decision of the Ellgineern-Charge shall be final and binding oo the parties. Should it appear to the Engineer-in-Chalge that the conlrador(s) is/are not properly observing and complying with the provisions of lhe Government Contradofs Labour ReguleUone and Model Rulu and the provisions of the Contract labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970, and the Contract labour (R&A)Central Rules 1971, for lhe protedion ol heath and sanitaiy ooangements foi wor1< people employed by the contrae10<(s) (hereinaher referred as 'the said Rules') the Engineer-in-Charge shall have power to give notice in writing to the conlractor(s) requiring thal the said Rules be compiled with and lhe amenities prescribed therein be provided to the work-people within a reasonable time to be specwied in the nolice. II the contracfol(s) shall fail within the period specified in the notice to oomply with and/ observe 1he said Rules end to provide the amooit to the work-people as aloresald, the Engineer.Charge shal have the power' to provide the ame hereillbelore menlioned at the co / atro 1$0 qrmo--rr w, i/.l<\l, <JP 't'llf.r<f,,r,-l:'q ho,io111 :t.\iio "'O"Cf!!"'Jr-lofc:rCI.,.-,..._.,.,. V lh ,, l\i\l:.,,.

72 72 CX>nlracto.'(s). The conltac1o.'(s) sllau erect, make and malnlain at hlsnhelr own expense and to approved standards all necessary huts an<i sanitary arrangements required!of hismeir wor1< people on the site in oonnection with the execwon of lhe worts, and ff the same shal not have been erec:1ed 0< oonslnjcted, accordilg to approved standaids, the Engirieer-in-Charge shal have power to give notice in writing to lhe oonlraclor(s) requiring that the said huts and sanijary arrangemenls be remodelled and/or reconstructed acoordlng lo awoved standa,ds, and ff the oontraclof(s) shal fail lo remodel oc reconstruct such huts and sanitary arrangements according lo approved standards within the petlod specified In the notioe, the Englneer in Cllarge shall have the power lo remodel or reconstruct such huts and sanitary arrangements acco<ding lo approved standards at the cost of the oontractor(s). CLAUSE 44H The cooltactor(s) shall at hlsllheir own oost provide his/their labour wllh a sufficient number of huts (hereinartef referred to as the camp) of the lollowlng specifications on a suhable plot of land lo be approved b)t the Engineer-111-Charge. (I) (ii) (ill) (Iv) (a) The minimum height of each hut at the eaves level shal be 2.1m (7ft.)and the ftoor area to be provided will be at the rate ol 2.7 sqm (30 sqft) f<lf each member ol the worker's family staying with the labourer. (b) (c) The Contracto.'(s) shal in addijion construct suitable cooking places having a minimum atea ol 1.SOrn x 1.50m (6'x5') adjacenl lo the hul for each fatnily. The oonlractof(s) shalt also construct temporary latrines and urinals foe the use of the labourefs each on lhe scale of not less than four per each one hundred of the total strength, separate latrines and urinals being provided foe women. (d) The oonltacl!ll(s) shau conslrud swficienl number of bathilg and washing places, one unit f<lf evefy 25 persons residing In the camp. These bathing and washing places shall be suitably screened. (b) {a) All the huts shall have walls of sun-dried or blrol bticks laid In mud mortai or other suitable IOcal materials as may be approved b)t the Engineer- In.Charge. In case of sun- dried bricks, the walls should be plastered with mud gotill oo both sides. The floor may be kuldla but plasteted with mud gobrl and shall be al least 15 cm (6") above the surrounding ground. The roofs shall be laid with thatch or any other materials as may be approved by the Engineer-in-Charge and the oontcllclor shall ensure that throughout tile period ol their occupation, the roofs remain water-light. The oontractor(s) shal provide each hut v.ilh prope, ventllallon. (c) All docis, windows and venlialors shall be provided with suitable leaves for security purposes. (d) There shall be kepi an open spaoo of at least 7.2m (8 yards) between the rows of hut whi:h may be reduced to 6m (20 ft.) accooling to the avababllity ol site w'lh the approval of the Engineer..o-Charge. Back to back oonstrucllon wl be allowed. Water Supply - The cool/actor(s) shall provide adequate supply of water for the use of labourels The provision shal not be less than two gallons of pure and wholesome water per head pe, day f<lf drinking purposes and three gallons of clean water pet head per day foe bathing and washing purposes. Whefe piped waler supply is available, supply shal be at stand posts and where the supply is from wells or river, tanks wt11ch may be d metal 0< masonry, shall be provided. The oontractor(s) shal also at hisllhei.' own cost make arrangements f<lf laying pipelines for water supply to his/ their labour camp trom the existing mails whefever available, and shal pay all fees and Charges theref0<e. The site selected for the camp shall be hgh ground, removed from jungle. (v) Disposal of Excreta - The oontracto.'(s) shan make necessary arrangements for the disposal or excreta from lhe!al/ines by ltnc or Incineration wlllch shall be BCOO<ding to the requirements laid down by the Local Health Aul If trenching 0< incineration is not allowed, the / q i3q>::q,.!df.mo O''l!0<10f.1ot,c,ltl ,.,,. trnp, ft1-:tcne

73 73 (vi1 (vi) CLAUSE441 (vll) contractor(s) shall make arrangements for the removal ol Iha exaa1a through Iha Municipal Committee/authority and lnfoon tt about Ille number of labourers empi,jyed so that airargements may be made by such Committee /authority for the removal of the excreta. All chasges on this account shall be borne by the cootraclor and paid direct by him lo the Municipality/autho<iy. The contractor shall provide one sweeper for evef}' eight seats in case of dry system. Drainage - The contraclor(s) shafl pwvide efficient arrangements for draining away sullage wale, so as to keep the camp neat and tidy. The oontractor(s) shall make, necessa,y arrangements for keeping the camp area sufflclenlly lighted to avoid accidents to the "' rkers. Sanitation - The conllactor(s) shall make arrangements for conservancy and sanitation In the labour camps according lo ihe rules of the Local Pubr,c Health aod Medical Aulhorities. The Engineer-In-Charge may requite the contractor to dismiss Of remove from the site of the work eoy person OI persons in the contraclor(s) employ upon the work who may be incompeleot Of misconduct himself and the oontractor shat forthwith comply with such requirements. CLAUSE44J II shall be the responslbilily of the contractor to see that the building under construction is not O<;CUp,ed by anybody unavthorlsod during construction, and is handed OV8f to the Engineer-In-Charge v.ith vacant possession of complete building. If such bullding though completed is ocrup,ed illegally. then the Engineer-In-Charge shall have the option to refuse to accept the said buicllng / boildings in that position. Any delay In acceptance on this aocount wlll be treated as the delay in oompletlon and for such delay, a levy up to 5% ol tendered value of "' rk may be imposed by the General Manager whose decision shat be flnal bo(h with regaid to the Justification and quantum and be binding on the contractor. However, Engineer-In-Charge, through a notice. may require the contrector lo remove the ilegal occupation any time on or before constll.lction and d<l!ivery. CLAUSE 4SAU sums payable by way or compensation under any of these conditions shall be considered as reasonable compensallon to be applied to the use ol UPRNN/cli811l witlloul reference to the ectual loss or damage sustained and whether or not any dam:398 shalt have been sustained. CLAUSE 46MJnJmum waaea Act to bt coroafled Ydtb The contractor shal comply with al the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, and Contract Labour (Regulation alld Abo&tion) Aa, 1970, amended from time lo time and rules framed there under and other labour laws affecting contract labour that may be brought into force from time lo time. CLAUSE 47Jnsurance 47.1 W'rthout llmlting the Contracto(s obligations and responslblntles stated elsewhere in the Contract, the Cont.ractor shal at his own cost arrange, secure and maintain Insurance in the joint names of the UPRNN,Client and the contractor with an insurance company setecied by the contractor and acceptable 10 the UPRNN / ClienVConsultant,irl such a mannef that the UPRNN / Client and the contractor are coveted for all time during the period of contract i.e. the lime period allowed for complellon of wor1<, extended pe,lod and the defect tiabiity period. The insurance shall be effected in accordance with terms approved by the UPRNN,Ctient and the contractor shall submit the Insurance poticies to the Engineer-In-Charge within one week ol signing ol the agreement along with the receipt or premiojm. The contractor shall timely pay and submit the receipcs or payment of premiums for extensions of pokies, I any. The insurance shall cover the following: / o l1.ll '"'.pfil o,j0!rfr1",f.-;o '-V 1\'W ;Jr J,r'.';-tti\d',:J Jr.:::, r,. "f, ff,:, "',b.w

74 74 1) Contractor', AJI Rl k tn1ur1nce The contractor shall insure the WOik for a sum equivalent to the Contract valuetogelhet with materials and Plant for Incorporation thefeln, to the ful replacement oost and It being undflfstood that such Insurance shafl provide for oompensation to be payable to rectify the loss or damage lncurred,and,an additional sum of 15 (%)percent ol such replacement oost to oover any addijlonal oosts ol and Incidental lo the rectifatlon of loss or damage including J)fofesslonal fees and the oosl of demolishing and remo'lilg any part of the Works and ol removing debris of whatsoever nature. and It being understood that such insu'ance sllall p,ovide for oompensatlon lo be payable lo recttty the loss or damage incurred or such additional sums as specified and the Interests of the UPRNN / Client against ALL RISKS claims. proceedings, loss or damages, oosts. charges and expenses horn whatsoevet cause arising out of or in oonseqoonce of the execution and mainl811ance of the work for whlch the contractor is respoosible under the oontract b) Workman Compensation & Employers Liability tnaurance. This Insurance shar be effeded for all the oontractofs employees engaged In the perfo!mance of the oontract. The UPRNN / Client shal not be fiable in respeci of any damages or oompensalion payable at law in respect ol or in oonsequence of any accident or Injury to any workman or any othef persoo in the 8111pbymenl of the contractor and the contractor shad Indemnify and keep indemnffied the UPRNN /Client against au such damages and compensation and against al claims, demands, proceeaings. costs. charges and expenses, whatsoever in resped or 111 relation thereof. c) Third Party Insurance. The oontractor shalt be responsible lor making good to the satisfaction of the Engineer n-charge any loss or any damage to al structures and proi:,e,11es belonging to the UPRNN / Client or being executed or procured or being procured by the UPRNN / Oient or of the other agencies within the pjemlses of all work of the UPRNN / Client tt such loss or damage ls due to fault and or the negligence or wllkut acts or omissions of the contractor, his empbyees. agents. representatlves. The contractor sha take sufficient care in moving his plants, equipjnent and matetlals from one place to another so that they do not cause any damage to any person or to the p,operty ol the UPRNN / Client or any third party including overhead and underground cabies and in the event of any damage resuaing to the property ol the UPRNN / Client or to a third party during the movement of the aforesaid plan equipment or materials, the cost ol such damages including eventual loss of production, operation or services in any plant or establishment as estimated by the UPRNN / Client or asce1talned or demanded by the third p.wty, shal be borne by the contractor. Before oommencing the execution of the work. the oontractor, shall insure and lndemntty and keep the UPRNN / Clie11l harmless of al claims, against the contractor's liabillly for any materials or physical damage. loss or Injury which may oocur to any propeny, including that of the UPRNN / Client or to any persoo Including any empbyee ol UPRNN / Client, or arising out of the execution of the wor1c or in the carrying out of the contract. otherwise than due to the matters referred to in the provision to (a) above. Such Insurance shal be affected for an amount sufficient to cover such risks. The terms shall inckide a provision wheieby, In the event of any claim in respect of which the oontractor, would be entitled to receive indemntty under the policy being brought or made against the UPRNN /Client, the Insurer wlllfuly indemntty UPRNN / Client against such claims and any oosts. charges and expenses in resp8cl theteof. d) The contractor shall also at times indemntty the UPRNN / Client against al claims, damages or compensation under \he p,ovlsions of Paym811l or Wages Act, 1936, Mmum Wages Act, 1948, Employe(s liablfy Act, 1938, the Wor1\man's Compensation Ad, 1947, Industrial Disputes Act, 19'17 and Maternity Benefit Act. 1961, or any modicalion thereol or any other law relating thereof and rules made there under from tine to time. e) The Contraotor sl\am also at his own cost carry and maintain any and all other insurance(s) which he may be required for the Contractor's Equipment and other things brought onto the Site by the Contractor. for a sum sutllclent to provkle for their replacement at the Site f) The Contractor shall also at his own cost carry and maintain any and all othet fnsurance(s) which he may be required to take out under any law or regulation from time to - He shal also carry and maintain any othet insurance, which may be required by the Engineer-in.Charge. f,.,, ar.o.,,;l'\qjffii\ v.'\ n,.,. w..- ;(/'.,f-1,;. Jlf-W-11' f.fto.;l!j\..,,f,1,,ffo :?';..,.-,? ':::r..jf.',u, p - ' -- ' f ""'" ' \ _ 1, ::- '" (, ' 1 #1 "b...

75 75 g) Cron llabllttles: The ilsuranoe policy shal include a cross llabllily clause such lhal the insuranoe shall apply to the contractor and lo lhe client/ UPRNN as separate inswed The Contraccor shal prove to the Engineer-in-charge from lime to time he has 1aen out al the Insurance policies referred to above and has paid the necessary premiums for keeping the pol'icies alive tilt expiry of the Defects Liability Period Evidence and Terms of Insurance The Conltactor shal provide evidence to the Consultant as soon as practi'.:able aner the respective insurance have been taken out but In any case prior lo the start of wor1< at the Sne that ilsurance required under the Contrad have been effected and shad, within 84 days ol the Commencement Date, provide the Insurance policies to the Client/ UPRNN. When providing such evidence and such policies to the Client/ UPRNN, the Contractor sham noty to the Engineer In Charge also. Such Insurance policies shall be consistent with the general t8fms agreed prio! to the Issue of the Letter of Acceptance. The Contractor shall effect al insurance for ll<flich he is responsible with lnsure1s and in tenns <lfll)foved by the Consuttant Adequacy of Insurance The Contractor shat notify lhe Insur&!$ ol changes in the natl.i"&, extent or programme for the execution of the Wor1<s and ensure lhe continuity and adequacy of the insurance at an limes in accordance with the terms of the Con118ct and shall, when required, produce to the Consultant lhe lnsutance policies In force and lhe race/pis for payment of the curtent p<emiums The aforesaid insurance policies shall provide that they shall not be cancelled!id the Engineern-chatge has agreed for cancellation Remedy on the contractor' failure to Insure If the oonlractor shal far lo effect and keep in force the insurance referted lo above or any other Insurance v.ilich he/they may be requited lo effect under the terms of the conlracl then and in any such case Engmeer-in-d181ge may Withoot being bound to, effect and keep in force any such insurance and pay sldl premiljm or premiums, as may be -ary for that purpose end from lime to lime deduct the amount so paid by the Englneer-irH:harge lrom any moneys due or ll<flich may become due lo the oonttactor or reooyef the same as a deb( due from the oonltactoi Compliance with Policy Conditions Ctau1148 In tile event that the Contractor fais lo comply with conditions Imposed by!he insurance policies effected pursuant to the Contract, the Contractor indemnify lhe Client/ UPRNN against al losses and claims arising from sueh faiure. Competent Authority for Deciding r.cluce<i met: For Civil ilems of wor1< For Eleclricai Items ol worl< GJI. JHANSI Zone G.M.Zon1 Cleuse49 ij a) ii) a) b) c) Schedule/ statement IOI determining theoretical quantity of UP PWD SOR /CPWD SOR various materials IUPRNN CONSUMPTION NORMS not oovered in UPPWDICPWO SOR/UPRNN As per formula laid down by Consumption nortos Englnett - In-charge Variations pennlsslble on theoretical quantities Cement Steel reinforcement and structural diametei, section and category. All othel materials /JT/ steel Sedlons for 'llt«i H'i<I ifr.r,m ft,o,... :rnl!:c.,,.,,rc.. Q \,,,..,.. 1-n.r,,1.,l':1 NII 2% plus/minus 2% plus/mlnu,. J# 1JJ!iO'l:uf.,1, r-- - -,-'... : ='.!;1'4:!--'

76 76 RECOVERY RATES FOR QUANTITIES BEYOND ABOVEPERMISSIBLE VARIATION s. Description of Hem Rates in figures and words at which recovery No. ahall be made from lht Contractor Excess beyond ws use beyond 1 Cilment nannfssible variation """"IHible variation NIL 6400PerMT 2 Steel Reinforoement NIL 40000PerMT 3 StructU!lll Steel NIL SOOOOPerMT CLAUSE SOSetttement of Disputes & ArbjtratJon Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Clause:- 'If any dispute arises between the UPRNN and the Contractor in connedlon with or ansing out of, the Contrad or the execution of the Works, whether during the exacution of the works or after their completion and whether before or after the repudiation or other termination o4 Contract. lndudrig any disagreement by either party With any action, inaction, opinion, instruction, determination, certificate or valuation of Engineer, the matter in dispute shal be In the flrsl place be settle amicably. The party raising the dispute shal address to the other party a notice requesting en amicable settlement of the dispute within 10 (ten) days from lhe date on which the dispute arose and the dispute sllall be resolved by them and the resolution documented within a further period ol 20 (twenty) days. Any dispute between the parties that cannot be settled amicably in the manner described above within 30 (thirty) days from tile date on which the dispute arose, the same shall be ref81t8d for settlement through arbllralion by sole Arbitrator, in accordance with lhe Arbbalion and ooncii ation Act, 1996 and any statutory amendmenvmodification or re-enactment lhereol. The sole Arbilrator shall be appointed by the Managing Director of U.P. RajklyaNirman Nigam Ud., Lucknow. Arbitrator may be commenced prior lo or after completion or the work, provided that the obligation or lhe cootractor end UPRNN shal not be altered by reason or arbitration being oonducted during the progress of the work. The award of the sole art>llrator shall be final and binding on both the parties. The place or arbitration shall be al Lucknow and language of 81bi1talion proceeding shal be Engish. The oourts at Lud<.now onl'f shall have jurisdiction in respect of any matter arising out of the agreement. Each party shal bear the cost of preparing and presenting its own case, and the cost of arblllalion, including fees and exp8nses of the artlitration, shell be shared equaly by both the parties. The cost of non iudiclal stamp papers, l any requlred to, making the award, shaa be borne by the claimant. Any matter no4 oovered by this agreement shall be settled mutually by both the parties. CLAUSE51Appren1lces Act The contractor shal comply with tile provisions or the Appranlioos Act, 1961 and the rules and orders issued thereunder from time to time. If he rails to do so, his rallre wil be a breacll of the cootract and the Superrilending Engineer may, in his dlsaellon, cancel the contract. The cooiractor shall also be liable for any niary liability arising on account of any violation by him of the provisions or the said Act. :.,!7, $/ 'if Vifi!> -\J\1.,.C- ----,.,. '"'\'' 11; :>I,:'1, ;,.,.. ii!..:.i.{, 1ff'.o;flra. c. - " -"'o" ""

77 77 INTEGRITYPACT To, Project Manager/General Manager... Uni1/Zone. District..... Sub:NITNo... forthework..... OearSlr, 11 is here by declared that UPRNNis committed to follow the principle of lransparency, equity andcompetltlvenesslnpubllcprocurement. ThesubjectNoticelnvltlngTender(NIT)lsanlnvitatlontoolfeimadeonthooondltlonthallhe BidderwillsignlheintegrityAgreement.whlchisanintegratpartoftender/biddo<:uments.failing whichthetenderer/bldderwillstanddisquaufiedfromthetenderlngprocessandthebldofthebldder wouldbesummarilyrejeeted. Thl&deciaratlonshalttoimpartandpareelof\helntegrltyAgreementendslgnlngolthesame shallbedeemedasacceptancea ndsigningofthelntegrityagreemenlonbehalfof theuprnn. Yoursfalthfully Project Manager/General Manager... Unit/Zone. Oislrict... g v &two 41111,to vc :ro,')rof.tor2- ;ts- 'llr "' '..-.C r _.,, - JI - - v..,n...,.,., f-1 r11'"10.

78 78 INTEGRITY PACT To, Project Manager/General Manager Unil/Zone, Oislrict...,.... Sub:Submlsslono!Tenderfortheworkof DearSir, t/weacknowledgethatuprnniscommittedtofollowtheprinciplesthereofasenumeratedin thelntegrltyagreementenciosedwilhthetender/blddocumenl IIWeagreethattheNotloelnviUngTender(NIT)isanlnvitatlontooffermadeontheconditlon thatl/wewillsigntheenclosedlntegrltyagreement,whic-hisanintegrajpartoltenderdocuments, falling which I/We will stand disqualified from the tendering process. I/We acknowledge that THE MAKINGOFTHESIDSHALLBEREGAROEOASANUNCONDITIONAL ANOABSOLUTE ACCEPTANCEofthisconditionoltheNIT. l/we,confirmacceptancea.ndcompliencewtththelntegntyagreementlnletterandspiritand furtheragreelhatexecutlonofthe3aidlntegrityagreementshallbeseparateanddistlnctfromthe main contract. which will come Into existence when tender/bid Is finally accepted by UPRNN. I/We acknowledgeandaocept!hedurationofthelntegrityagreementwhiehshallbeinthelinewitharticle 1oftheenctosedlntegrityAgreement. 1/WeacknowledgethatintheeventofmylourfalluretosignandacceptthelntegntyAgreemenl whllesubmfttingthetender/bid, UPRNNshallhaveunquaUfied,absoluteandunfetteredrlght!odlsquallfy thetenderet/bidderandrejectthetender/bidisaccorda.ncewithtermsandconditionsofthetender/ bid. Yoursfalthfully (OulyauthorizedsignatoryoftheBidde,/ 1:l5 Q i :fi,,,r-m fuo \JC :'""nf.!t l r.joff.10 ' J,.,J,. s I (;',.;:it'l'o... t" lll'n,..

79 79 Tobo1lgnodbythebidde,..ndaamealgn1torycompetent/1uthorlzedto1lgn thorelev1nlcontr1ct on behalf of UPRNN INTEGRITYAGREEMENT ThlslntagrityAgreemenlismadeat.... onlhls... dayof BETWEE.N UPRNN represented through Engineer lncharge.... (NomeofUnll) UPRNN, (Hereinafterreferredasthe (AddreHol\Jnl) 'Principal/Owner', whlchexpresslonshallunlessrepugnanttothemeanlngoreontexlheteofinciudeits successorsandpermittedassigna) ANO...,... (N...,.1ndAddr1110fthelndMdua1111m11compeny) through... (H ereina fterref erredtoasl he (De11i1$oldulyouthorlzedslgno1ory) ''Bldder/Contractor''andwhlchexpresslonshatlunlessrepugnanltothemeanlngorcontexthereofinelude itssuccesso,sandpermittedassigns) Preamble WHEREASthePrlnclpal/OwnefflasnoatedtheTender(NITNo... )(herelnefterreferred toas Tender/Bld')andinlendstoaward,underlaiddownorganizationalprocedure,conlractfor... (Namoorwo.1<) hereinaflerreferredtoaslhe"contract". ANDWHEREASthePrlncopaVOwnervaluesrulk:ompliancew,lhallrelevantlawsofthetand,rules,regulations. economicuseofresourcesandoffalmessllransparencyinitsrelationwilhilsbidder(s)andcontractor(s) AND WHEREAS to meet the purpose aforesaid both the partles have agreed to enter into this Integrity Agreement(hereinafterreferredtoas'lntegrityPacror"Pact"),theterrnsanclconditionsofwhichshallalso bereadasinlegralpartandpareelalthetender/biddocumentaandcontractbetweenthepartles. NOW,THEREFORE.inconsiderationofmulualcovenantscontainecfinlhisPact,lhepartlesherebyagreeas rollowsandthlspactwltnessesasunder: Artlele1 :CommltmentofthePrinclpal/Owner (1) ThePrinclpaVOwnercommttsltselftolakeallmeasuresnecessarytopreventcorrupllonandtoobserve thefollowingprinciples: (a) No employee of the PrincipaVOwner, pe11onally or through any or his/her family membe<1, will In connectionwiththetender,ortheexecutlonofthecontract,demand,takeapromiseforora<:cept, lorselforthirdperson,anymaterialorimmaterialbenefitwhichlhepersonisnollegallyentllledto. (b) ThePrinclpaVOwnerwill,duringtheTenderprocess,treatallBidder(s)withaquityandreason. The PrincipaVOwnerwat,inparticular,beforeandduringtheTenderprocess,providetoallBidder(s)the samelnformatlonandwlllnolprovldetoanybldder(s)confidenuel/addillonallnformetlonlhrough whichthebidder(s)couldobtainanadvantageinrelationtothe TenderprocessortheContract execution. le) ThePrincipaVOwnershallendeavourtoexcludefromtheTenderprocessanyperson,whoseconductin!hepaslhaenofblasednature. (2) lflheprincipevowneroblainsinformationonlhe«>ndvctofenyofrtsemployeeswhlchlaacrfminaloffenee underthelndianpenalcode(ipc)/preventlonolco<rupbonact, 1988(PCAci)orisinViolatlonoflheprinciples hereinmenoonedoriftherebeasubstantivesuspicioninthisregard.theprincipal/ownerwillinformthechief VlgllaneeOfficerandlnaddltioncanalsoinitiatedisclpllnaryectlonsaspepysinternallalddownpoliclesand procedures. r ar.?11 _ 1ffiim111...C..."\-, i7 uq,q,;. TJ,. "!illlf-f ;';;"firir-ffl fto " 1 "'" I - T, -f.:ro lr,,..",,... fllo10!jtl,-1, ".,.I --.,_ --- _._,--,-5 R'ao1i!. t ".. c-.

80 80 Artlcle2:Commitment oftheb1dder(s)jcontractor(s) (1) IUsrequlredthaleechBir/Contreetor(lncludingtheirrespectiveoffoce.r1,employeesandagents)adhereto the highest ethical stan<lards, and report to the Government / Department all suspected acls of fraud O< com,ptiono<coerclono<colluslonofwhlchithasknow1edgeorbecomesaware,duringthetenderlngprocess endthroughoutthenegottatlonorawardofacontracl (2) TheBidder(s)JContracior(s)ca<nmltshimselllotakeallmeasuresnecessarytopreventcom,ptlon.Hecommits hlmsetttoobservelhelohowingprinclplesdunnghlsparticlpatlonlnthetende<processanddurlnglhecontreet execution: (a) TheBldder(s)JContractor(s)willnot,dlrecUyorthroughanyotherpersonorlirm,offer,pro,nlseorglveto enyoftheprincipavowner'semployeesinvolvedinthetenderprocessorexecutlonofthecontractorto onythlrdpersonanymaterlaloro1hert>enerltwhlchhe/shelsnotlegallyentillfldto.lnordertoobtelnln exchangeanyadvantageofanyl(indwhatsoeverduringthetenderprocessorduringtheexecutionofthe Contract. (b) TheBldde,(sycon11ector(s)wlllnotent&IWWhotherBldder(t)lntoanyundisclosedagreementorundef'llandlng, whether formal or inl0<mal This applies in particular to prices, specif,cations, certifications, subsidiary contracts, submission or non"8ubmission of bids or any other actions lo reslricl ca<npeliliveness or lo car1ellzelotheblddlngprocess. (c) TheBidder(s)/Contractor(s)willnotoommilanyoffenceundertherel&JantlPC/PC/ld.FurthertheBidder(s')/ Con1ract(a)willno1uselmpropel1y,(forthepurposeofcompetitionorpersonalgaln),orpassontoothe<ll, anyinformationo<documentsprovidedbytheprincipal/owneraspartofthebusinessrelationship,regarding plans.techoicalproposalsandbusin8$sdetalla,includlnginformationoontainedortnlnsmktedelectronicaly. (d) TheBldder(s)/Contractor(s)offoreignoriginshalldlsclosethenamesendaddressesofagents/ ref)(esentatlvesinlndla,lany.similarlybldder(a)icontractor(s)onnaiannationalilyshalldlsclosenamea andaddressesofforeignagenls/representatives.any.eitherthelndlanagentonbehelfoftl>eforelgn principal or the foreign principal direclly could bid in a tender but not both. Further, in cases where an egentpar1iclpalaloaten<1aronbehalfofonemanufacturer.heshallnotbeellowedtoquoteonbehattof anothermanufactureralongwilhthefirslmanufacturerinasubsequenvparallettenderfo<lhesameitem. (d) TheBldder(a)IContractor(s)will,whenpresentlnghisblc:t,discloseanyandallpaymentshehasmade,is committed to or intends to make to agenls, brokers or any other Intermediaries in connection with the awardofthecontract. (3) TheBidder(s)/Contractor(s)w,Hnolinstigatelhirdpersonstocommitoffeocesoutlnedaboveorbeanaccessory tosuchoffences. (4) TheBldder(s)/Contractor(s)willnol,directlyorthroughanyotherpersonorlimundulgeinfraudulentpractice means a willfulmisrepresentation or omission of facts or submission of fal<.elforgad documents In order to lnducepubllcolficlaltoactlnreliancethereof,withthepurposeofobtalnlngunjustedvantagebyorcauslng damage to justified interesl of otl>ers and/or to influence the procuremenl process to the detriment of the Govemmentlnterests (5) The Bidc!er(s)/Contractor(s) will not, directly or through any other person or firm use Coercive Practices (meanstheactofobtalningsomething,compellinganacllonorinfluencingadacislonlhroughlnlimldatlon. threatorlheuseofforcedirectlyorlndfrectly,wherepotentlaloractuatinjurymaybefalluponaperson.hls/ herreputationorpropertytoinfluencelheirpar11cipationinthetenderingprocess) Artlcle3:ConaoquenceaofBreach Whoulprejudicetoanyrightsthatmaybeavailablt!lothePrinclpaVOwnerundel1awortheContract oritsestablishedpollclesendlalddownprocedures,theprfncfpevownershallhavethefollowingrightsin caseofbreachofthistnlegritypactbythebidder(s)/contraclor(s)andthebidder/contractoracceptsand undertakestorespectandupholdtheprlncipavowner'sabaoluterlghl (1) llthebidder(s)/conlractor(s),eitherbeforeawardorduringexecutlonolcontracthascommitteda transgressionthrooghavlolationofarticle2aboveorinanyotherform,suchastoputhlsreliabllity orcredibililyinquestion.theprincipavowneraftergiving14daysnotlcetothecontractorshalfhave powerstodisqualffythebidder(s)/contractor(s)fromthetenderprocessortermlnate/determlnetl>e Contract,ifalreadyexecutedorexcludetheBidder/Contractomomfuturecontraclawardprocesses. Thelmposltionanddurallonoftheexcluslonwfllbedetermlnedbytheseverityoftransgresslonand determinedbytheprincipat/owner.suchexclusionmaybeforeverorlo;tite,'.::"'riodasdecided l-<./ amt> 1!'!ij.,:i<li'm ill / _...Y", Wlf.l';, ' "">r,"17 nro "'.,,, Cv:..,, -,.._.,.1 -- "'illln{.\ \,'),-:, f"' I $\tf.ffl ---,=='... ;.... _, i! "- 11\

81 81 bytheprlncipavowner. (2) ForteltureofEMD/PertormanoeGuarantee/SecurityDeposil:lfthePrlncipal/Ownerhasdisqualif'ied lhe81dder(s)fromlhetenderprocesspnortolheawardoftheconlt8ctorterminated/delerminedthe Contra.ctO<hasaccrued1herighttoterminate/determinetheContractaccordingtoArttcle3{1),the PrlneipaVOwnarepartfromexarcislnganylegalrlghlsthatmayhavaaecruedtothaPrinclpaVOwner, may in its considered opinion forleit the enlite amount of Earnest Money Deposit, Pertonnance GuarantMancJSecurltyOepositoftheBldder/Contractor. (3) CriminalLiabiiity;lfthePrincipal/OwneroblainsknowledgeolconduaofaBi<klerorContractor,orof anemployeeorarepresentaliveoranassoclateofeblddarorcontractorwhlchconstllutescorruption withinthemeaningoflpcaci.oriftheprincipavownerhassubs1antivesuspicionlnthisregard,the PrlnclpeVOwnerwillinfonnlhesametolawenforcingegenclesforfurtherinvestlgation. Artlcle4:PrevlousTranagresaion (1) TheBlclcJerdeela1esthatnoprevioustransgressionsoccurredlnthelasl5yearswfthanyotherCompany lnanycountryoonfirmlng1otheantlconuptlonapproaohorwtthcenlra1governmen1ors1ale0overnment or any other CentraUState Public Sector Enterprises In India that could justify his exclusion from the Tenderprocess. (2) lflhebicjdermakeslnoorrectstatementonthissubject,hecanbedisqualifoedlrornlhetenderprocessor act,oncanbetakenforbanningofbusinessdealingslholidaylistingoflhebidcjer/contractorasdeemed fitbytheprinclpat/owner. (3) tfthebicjder/contractorcanprovelhalhehasresorted/recoupedthedamagecausedbyhlmandhas lnslalltduullablecorrup11onl)(eventlonsystem,theprlnclpavownermay,atlt80wndlscretlon.revoke theexcluslonprematurely. Artlcle5:Equa1Treatmantofal18ldde1'91Contracto1'91Subcontractora (1) TheBicJder(s)/Contractor(s)undertake(s)todemandfromalisuboontractorsacommitmentinconfonnity withlhlslntegntypact.thebldder/contractorshajtberesponslbleforanyvlolatlon(s)ofthel)(inclples laiddowninthisagreemenvpactbyanyofrtssubcontractors/sub-vendors. (2) ThePrincipaVOwnerwillenterlntoPactsonklenticaltermsaslhisonewi\hallBiddersancJContractors. (3) ThePrincipaUOwnerwilldisquallfyBidders,whodonocsubmft,thedulyslgnedPac;lbetweenthePrlncipaV Ownerandtheb1dder,alongwiththeTenderorviolaleitsprovisionsatanystageoftheTenderprocess, fromthetenderprooess. Artlcle6-0uratlonofthePaet ThisPactbeginswhenboththepartieshavelegallysignedit.ltexpiresfortheContractorNendor12 months after the completion of work under the contract or till the continuation of defect llablllty period, whicheverismoreandforallotherbldders,tithhecontracthasbeenawarded. lfanyclalmlsmade/loclgeddurlngthetime,thesemeshallbeblndlngandconllnuelobevallddespitethe lapseofthispactsasspecifiedabove,unlessitlsdischargedldetenninedbythecompetentaulhortty, UPRNN. Art.lcla7 -OtharProvlalona (1) ThisPactissubjecttolndlanlaw,placeofperformanceandjurisdictionistheHeadquartersofthe DivislonofthePrlnclpaVOwner,whohasfloatedlhe Tender (2) Changesandsupplernentsneedtobemadelnwritlng.Sideagreementshavenotbeenmade. (3) lfthecontrectorlsapartnerahlporaconeortlum,lhispectmuslbeslgnedbyalhhepartnersorbyone ormorepartnerholdingpowerofattorneysignedbyallpartnersandconsortiummembers.lncaseofa Company,thePactmustbeslgnedbyarepresentetivedulyauthorizedbyboardresolution. (4) ShouldoneorseveralprovisionsoflhisPacttumouttobelnvalld;lheremainderollhisPactremains vahcj.tnlhiscase,lhepartieswillstrivetooometoanagreamenttothelrorlglnallntensions. (5) lbsagreedtermandco.ndilionlhatanydisputeordifferencearlsingbetweenthepartieswilhregardtothe termsofthislntegrityagreemenvpact,anyactiontakenbytheowner/principalineccordancewtththis lntegrityagreemenvpactorinterpretatlonthereofshallnolbesub.oa: : 3ITTO'. /,wf.'l;- -,,m o \!Ch.. r -..1, "'..., 1 4, flql ' i:r-;"'t,'ifi :,i:im;,,!;'ror-ro f ',...,.,.,,,o4,rt? q 1 1 'i 1"1-.,'i"

82 82 Artlele8-U:GALANDPRIORRIGHTS Allrightsandremediesofthepartiesheretosha11beinadditiontoalltheother1egatrightsa.ndremedies belonglngtosuchpartlesundertheconltactandlorlawandthesameshallbedee1'1141dtobecomulatlveand notaltemativetosuchlegatrightsandremediesaforesaid.forthesakeofbrevity,boththepartiesagroothat thislnte9ritypactw1llhavepre<:edenceoverthetendor/contac1documontswithr119ardanyotthef)fovisions eoveredunderthislntegntypact INWITNESSWHEREOFlhepartieshaveslgnedandexecutedthlslntegrityPactattheplaceanddate Rrstabovementionedinthepresenceolfollowingwitnesses:... (ForandonbehaffofPrincipaVOwner)... (Forendonbehalf 01Bidde,/Conttact0<) WITNESSES: ,... (slgnature.nameandeddress) 2... (algnature.nameandaddress) Place: Dated: / r{ 3lT'tJ o )lir '>l!iu r.io \Jo,--P.J.o w, Vir-'-, :ouo - ol wf.!o -;-.t

83 83 GENERAL REQUIRMENTS FOR THE TENDER Nameol Work: CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA &PARIKRAMA STHAL AT DISTI. CHITRAKOOT s The tenderer is advised to reoo and examine \he leode< doojmenls for Ille work and \he set of drawings available with Engineer-irH:llarge. He should Inspect and examine lhe sile and its surroundings by himseh before submilling his lendet. Separate schedule of quantity is included In this tender for civil and electrical Items of WOl1(, If the tende<e< wants to offer any unoondillonal rebates on their rates. the same should also be offered In the respective components of civil and electrical schedule sepa,atety. The contractor shal quote \he percentage rates m figures and words accurately so that there Is no 6 Months. The conlractot(s) shal submit a detailed program of execution in accordance with \he master programme/milestone within ten days from the date ol issue ol awatd leller. Quality of the project is of utmost lmpo11ance. This shall be adhered to In accordance with the provisions of PWD/CPWD specifications and guidelines gmlll in the relevant pa,as, The contractor (s) shal make his own c11tangements for electrlctty and wate< requi<ed for the execution of work. cement b II bt auanaed by the contractor hlmaett. Steel Reinforcement shall be arranged by the contractor himself. Engagement of agency for specialised works: Contractor has to engage specialised agencies for specialised items of works such as Pile work.aluminum wort<s. Steef structure works Metallic roofing and water proofing. Only tho6e specialised agenclesl!lrms who have satisfaclorlly executed works as pe1 folk>wing aaeria during last seven years are eligible for \he specialised WOOtS- Pite work: (a) Three slmiar works each costing not less than (40% ol cost ofthis job in tende<). (b) Two similar works each costing not less than(s0% of cost ofthis job in tender) (c) One similar work costing not less than (80% of cost or this job in tender) Similar means - Pile Work. B- Aluminum work:- (a) Three slmlar works each cosling not less than (40% of cost of this Job In tender) Or (b) Two similar wor1<s each costing not less than (50% of cost of this Job in tender) Or (c) One similar work costing not less than (80% of cost of this job in lender) Similar means Aluminum Work. C Steel Structure Work ( MS truss work): (a) Three similar works each costing not less than (40% of cost al!his job in lender) Or (b) Two simil.1< works each cos less than ( 50%,4 job in tende<) Or Or db -imo T,s<1f",r V- '"ii / _7('lv 1f' :llflw-..n ofoo \Jc.:;r..,. 1f?'r:Jf?."! Rf...,? -

84 84 Or (c) One similar WOik costing not less than (80% al cost of this job in tender) Similar work means Steel Structure Wori( ( MS truss WOik). 0- Metallic Roofing wo<k: (a) Three simlar WO/ks each costing not less than (40% of oost al this job In tender) Or (b) Two slmllar WOlks each costing not less than (50% of cost or this job In tendef) Or (c) One similar wor11 costing not less than (80% or cost or this job In tendel) Similar work means -Metallic roofing WOil<. E Water proofing work: (a) Three simiar works each costing not less than (40% ol oosl al this job in tender) Or (b) Two similar W01ks each costing not less than (50% of cost or this job in tendef) Or (c) One sillilar work costing not less than (80% of cost oj this job in tendei) Similar WOii\ means - Watei proofing work in building Approval of the aptclaflsed agencies for each apeclaflaed work shall be obtained from theenglneerfn.charge within one month of award of wo<k. Even If, such spooialised kems of Wotk shall be executed by the specialised agencies, the work shall be deemed to be executed by the toodefer for alt purposes and the responslbility or the qua&ty ol lteins of WO!l<.s execu1ed etc. shall continue to be that of the tenderer only. 9 Contracto, has to deploy required Plan! and machinery on the p,-ojecl Minimum number of plant and machinejy to be deployed by him is indicated at Page No. In case the contractor fails to deploy the plant and machinery whenever required and as per the dlrecijon of the Engineer-in-charge. he (Engineern-charge) shall be at a liberty to gel the same deployed at the risk and cost of 1he contractor. 1 O The conttactor shal submtt the running bills in the shpe al the computerized MB In pages of A-4 size as pe, the standard format ol department. 11 Contractor has to provide reinforcement cover blocks made of approved propne1ary pre packed free flowing mortars as pei apjl{oved make by UPRNN. Aiv/ =- P"" y u,!ffinof.jq ql'v- 0\lO,IOf.'\OftlO f-, '>- ;r,i tt r.t..

85 N I al z 0 - (.) w Cl)

86 86 MATERIAL & QUALITY ASSURANCE I. The contractor shall ensure quaity oonltoi measures on dwle«inl aspects ol consuucllon lncludng materials, workmanship and cooect construction methodologies to be adopted. He shall have to submtt quality assurance programme within two weeks of the award ol wort The quality assurance programme should include method slatement for various items of wor1< lo be execuled al0119 vth check lists to enforce qua8ty control 2. The contractor shall get the source or all other matenals, not specfied elsewhere in the document, approved rrorn the Engineer-ii-Charge. The contractor shau stick lo the approved source unless tt is absolutely unavoidable. Any change Shall be done wi1h the prior approval or the Engineer-In.Charge for which tests etc. shal be done by the contractor at his own cost Simiarly, the contractor shall submit lxaod/ make of valious materials not specifled In the agreemen1, to be used ror the approval or the Engi!leer-in-Charge along with samples and once approved, he shall stick lo it. 3. The contractor shau submtt shop drawings of staging and shuttering arrangement, aluminum wor1<, rabrication WOii\, electrical wor1< and other WOlks as desired by Engineer In Chaige for his/ Arcllitecl's/consuftant's approval at least one month before execution. The contractor shal also submit bat bending schedule for approval of Engineer - in - charge before execution. 4. Test laboratories : A) laborat01y at stte : The contractor shall establish a testing lab at sfte and provide testing equipment and materials for the field tests mentioned In the list or mandatory tests given In CPWD speehlcatlons 2009 Vof. 1 & 2& UPPWD Schedule of Speclflcalona Nochrlg extra shall be payable to him on this account. The representatives of the department shall be al liberty to inspect the testing facilities at site and conduct testing at random In co11s1jltalion with Engineer In charge. The oontractor shall provide al necessary facilities to, the purpose. The laboratory shad be equipped, inter alia, vnh the following equipments: a) Balanc.s: ij 7 kg to 10 kg capacity, semi-sell-indicating type - Accuracy 10 gm. i) 500 gm capaaty, semsell-indicaling type Accuracy 1 gm. lij Pan Balance- 5 kg Capacity, Accuracy 10 gm. Iv) 0\/ens Electricafly operated, lhermos!atically controlled upto I 10QC. SellSitivlly 10C. v) Sieves: as per IS: 460 e. IS Sieves mm internal dla of sizes 100 mm, eo mm. 63 mm. 50 mm, 40 mm, 25 mm, 20 mm, 12.5 mm, 10 mm, 6.3 mm, 4.75 mm, complete with tid and pan. b. IS Sieves mm internal dla (brass frame) consisting of 2.36 mm, 1.18 mm, 500 microns, 425 microns, 300 microns, 212 microns, 150 microns, 90 mictons, 75 microns with lid and pan. b) Sieve shaker capable of 200 mm and 300 mm dla sieves, manually operated with timing switch assembly. e) Equipment for wmp test- slump cone, steel plate, tapr,g rod, sleet scale, scoop. Q Equipment for concrete testing ij Concrete cube moulds 15x15x15cm. 18Nos. i) PI\Jnlng Rods 2Kg weight length 40cm and ramming face 25mm 1 No i i) Extra Bollom plates for 15cm cube mould iv) Standard Vibration table Afor cubes rv 6Nos../) 1No r :atro,;ftij I «iii.,.. -,,...T11"lll a "' «-.. :!- -,:f --n;;,- {I -1;,_, c<>.. \:-\.;: _,.ITtU -.ortro,.....,..,...'...: iii"' "'I ;.

87 87 v) Dial gauges 25 mm lfavel- 0,01 mm/division least Yl) Compression tesling machine of 100 IOllne capactty. 1 No. 1 No. Not more than 90% tests!of matefial be penormed at site lab with above staled equipment's, however at least t 0% testing of materials shall be got done from HT/NIT. However, for the tesis to be carried out by the ejctemal laboratories, the oontraclor shal supply free of chatge an the malerials required for testing, induding transportation. If the tests which were lo be conducted in the site laboratory are conducted in other laboralorles for any the reasons the cost of such tests shalt be borne by lhe contractor. The oontrnctor shal arrange carrying out all teats required under the agreement through the labotatory as approved by the Enginnr-in-Charge and shall beat all charges In connection therev.ith Including cha1ges for testing for ell mat11l1l1 exoepc ooment lot which separate condlion is piovlded below. The cement shall be got tested by UPRNN lot every 1000 bags or pan theie off. The oon11ae1or shall supply free of chatge the cemelll requited for testing including tts transportation cost lo lest labotalories. The cost ol tests shall be born by the contracloi. B) Sampling of Materfals : (i) Sample of building materials fittings and othet artides required IOI execution d work shall be gal approved from the Engineer-lo-Charge OI his autho!lsechpresenlallve, Articles manjlactuted by companies of repute and approved by the Engineer-in-Charge or his autholisedrepresentauve shall only be used. Arti:les beamg BIS oofficatlon marn shat be used. In case the above are not available, lhe quality or samples bloughl by the contractor shao be Judged by standaids laid down in the relevanl BIS specfficalions. All materials and articles brought by the conlractor to lhe sile for use shall confotm to the samples appioved by the Engineei-ln Charge or his authorisedrepresentatlve which shal be pieserved un the completion d the work. (ii) The conl/actor shell ensure quatity construction In a planned and time bound mannei. Any substandaro material/wolk shau be summarily rejeded by lhe Engileer-in-Charge or his authorisedrep,esentative, (ii) BIS mar1ced materials exo&j)i otherwise specified shall be subjected to quality lest al the discretion of lhe Engineer-in-Ola19e or his authorisedrepresentative besides testing of olhei materials as pei lhe spedf1cations described lot the item/materials. WhereYe( BIS marnad materials are blought to the site ol work. the conlractor shall ij requited, by the Engineer-in-Charge ot his authorisedrepresentative furnish manufacturer, lesi certifl08te to establish that the material produced by the contractor for incorporation in the work satisfies the provisions of BIS codes relevant lo the material and/or the work done. (v) The oontrac1or shall proct.re all the materials In advance so lhal there Is sufficient line 10 testing and appioving of the materials and clearance of the same befo,e use in W()(k. (v) All materials brought by the contractor for use in the work shal be 901 cllacked from the Engineer-in- Charge or his authorised representative of the work on receipt or lhe same at site befote use. (vi) The Stone aggregate/stone, sand must oonfirm approved specifications The day lo day reqeipt and issue acoounts or diff8fenl grade/brand of cement shall be maintained separately in the standa«i Perlotma by the contractor or his authorised representative and which shall be duly signed the Jr. Engineer-In-Charge of work. The contractor shal rendet all help and assistance in documenting the total sequence of!his project by way of photography, slides, audio-video reoording etc. Nothing exlfa shal be payable to the contractor on this acooont. The contractor shab be fuly responsible for the safe custody of materials blought by him / issued to him. / ::.& :t\..,._1",, 10,0. \;(1;..._., ij 'i -v,<-1 v t:fillljl" ' I -;,, '\ 7" '"Y. "".;J..,,ofti., 1 A"i,,,i.f.7 -

88 88 a In case there Is any discrepancy in frequency of testing as given In lhe 1st of mandatory lest and that In the individual sub-head of work as per CPWD specification 2009 Voc 1 & 2 / UPPWD Schedule of Specif,caliolls, the higher of the frequencies of testing shal be adopted. 9. Maintenance or Reglstera: All the regist8!$ f0t tests of malerial 10 be carried out al consl/uclion site 0t In outside laboratories shall be maintained In triplicate & out of whlci1 one copy will submitted to Assistant Resident Engineer/ Resident Engineer-in-Chacge fot checkilg & records. The lest regisl&fs lo be maintained by contractor/assistant Resident Engineer/ Resident Engineer-in-Charge are : 17.9.AMaterials al site aocount register BCement register CMaster test regisl&fs DCube lest regtster Elnspectjon regl$\er F Drawing register. All lhe entries in lhe register will be made by the designated engioeering slah of Ille conltactor and same should be regularly re'<iewe<i by JE/ARE/RE 10. Contractor shal be tgsponslble for sale custody of all the lest registers (two copies). 11. SIJbmlsslon of one copy of an lest regisle111, material at site register along with each a emata running account bill and final bill is mandatory. These registers shouid be duly ched<ed by Assistant Resident Engineer/ Resident Englneer-in-Cllarge. 12 Ultrasonic Pulse velocity Method of Test for RCC: UltlllSOnlc pulse velocity method of test for RCC shall be done as routine test as per IS (Pall-I): Concrete quality grading shall be done and concrete having graded as good and excellent shall be aocepled. 13. Third party quality controuassurance: Third part qualrty control/assurance shal be conducted by UPRNN by UT/NIT/Government Engineerilg CoaGge/Government lnslilvles Ol any other Empanelled agency el least once in three monlhs The contractor has to provide all necessary assistance and has 10 submit compliance repo<t within large led time frame. Al expendtture f0< Third part quanty contr0vassu1ance sllall be bo1ne by the contractor. 14. The contractor shall place a private security agency on the stte of worlc safely & secljrity of materials, personoel's, vehicles and machinery etc. al his own cost. The security agency shall also regulate movement ol materials, personnel's, vehides and machinery. This agency shal follow the guidelines given by lhe Engineer In-charge. Nothing extra shan be paid on this account. 15. LABORATORY AND SITE OFFICE: a) laboratory 15.1 A site labolal0<y with the minimum equipment as specified above shall be established, made functional and maintained within fifteen days from lhe award of wo,1( without any extra cost lo the department In case of noncompliance of lhe same, a Rs.2,50,00CI'- per month may be made from lhe contractor on prorate daily wages. The Cootraclor shall be requited lo arrange all lhe relevant codes and standard$ along with qualied staff lo handle/operate testing equipment. 01NOL- 11f.)si,.fr,. 1-,:1, o "0_.,i;,. :,1:;,o tfn<(1.l \'IOQC'. f.rof.'loo...,,. r,.,.,,..i fil -:l,1, q-1 ",, 'h

89 89 ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS FOR CEMENT&REINFORCEMENT /STRUCTURAL STEEL 1. The contrador shal procure ISi Mar1<ed Portland Poz:zolana Cement conforming to IS: 1489 (Pait-I) as required in lhe WOil<. from reputed manufacture(s of cemen such as A.C.C., Ulttatech, Prism, Billa, Ambuja, JaypeeCemenlor from any other reputed cement Manulacturer having a production capacity not less than one million tones per annum as approved by UPRNN. Supply of cement shall be made in 50 kg. bags beari11q manufacturer's name and ISi marking. Samples of cement arranged by the contractor shall be taken by the Engineer-in-Charge and got tested in accordance with provisions of the relevant BIS codes. In case the tesi results indicate that the cement arranged by the conactor does not confirm to the relevant BIS code the same shall stand rejeded and shab be removed from the site by the oontractor at his own cost withill lhree days lime of written order from the Engineer-In Charge lo do so. 2. The cement shell be brought at site in bulk supply of approximately 50 tonnes or as decided by the Engineer-in-Charge. The cement godown as per CPWO speciicalions of lhe capacify lo store a minimum or 2000 bags of cement shan be constructed by the contractor al site of WOii'- for which no extra payment shal be made. 3. Double lock provision shan be made to the door of the cement godown. The keys of one lock shall remain wilh the Engineer-ln<harge or his authorised representative and lhe key of the other lock shal remain with the contractor. The contractor shat be responsible for the watch and ward and safety of the cement godown. The contraclor shall facilitate the inspedx>n of the cement godown by the Engineer n-charge at any lime. 4. The cement shal be got tested by UPRNN for every 1000 bags or part there off. Tha contractor shall supply free of charge the cement required for testllg including Its transportation cost lo lest laboratories. The cosl of tests shall be born by the conltactor. a. The actual issue and consumption of cement on work shall be regulated and proper aooounts maintained. The lheorellcal consumption of cement shafl be worked out as per procedure prescribed In Clause 31 and Clause 49 ol the contract and shall be govemed by condillons lald therein. In case the cement consumptlorl Is less than theoretical oonsumpllon Including permissible variation, recoyery al tha rate show p,escribecl shall be made. In case of excess consumption no adjustment need to made. b The cement brought to site and lhe cement remaining unused after completion or the woa shall not be removed from site wihoul the wrillen permission of the Engineer-«1-Charge. c. The damll(led cement shall be removed from the site Immediately by the conltactor on receipt of a notice in wrltillg from the Engfneer-in-Olarge. ff he dose not do show within three days d receipt or such notice, the Englneer-ln-0\arge shall get I removed al lhe cost or the contractor. 6. The contractor may use OPC in place of PPC after written permission of Engineer-In-Charge. In such case, no exlla payment shall be made in any lorm to the contractor by lhe Department C,/ fl,_ 3'RO (l :J tt-!l vl} \:...,.. r.,.,, \, - la - '. 'w,p-l<p \10\.,'C7"".lr.tof4l!; o -,: ;.i. fq;;

90 90 7, The contraaor shau procure TMT bars of Fe 415grade from p,-lmary steel p,-odooers such as SAIL, Tata Steel Ud, RlNL, Jindal Sleet & Power Ltd and JSW Steel Ltd or any other producer as approved by UPRNN who are using Iron ore as the basic raw materlal/lnput and having crude eteel capacity of 2.0 mllllon tonnes per annum and above. 8. TMT bars shall meet lhe provisions/ specificatioos of IS 1786: 2008 pertaining to Fe 415grade of steel. 9. The conlraelor shall have to obtain YOuchers and furnish lest certificates to lhe Englneer-in-chalge In respect of all supplies of steel brought by him to the sije of work. 10. Samples shad also be taken and gol tested by the Englneer-11),(;harge as per the provisions ii this regard in the relevant BIS codes. In case the test results indicate that the steel arranged by the contractor does no1 conform to the specifications as defined under para1to9 above, the same shal stand rejected and it shall be removed from the site of woo. by the contractor al his 0061 v.ithln a week time of written orders from the Englneer ln-<1halge to do so. 11. The steel reinforcement shad be brought lo the site in b\jlk supply or 20tonl\8s or more or as directed by the Engineer-In-charge. 12. The steel relnf01cemen1 bars shau be stored by the conlractor at stte of work In such a way as to l)fevent dlstortioo & corrosion, and nolhing extra slial be paid on this account. B3IS of d'dterent sizes and lengths shal be stored sepntely to faclitate aasy counting and checkl'lg. 13. For checking nominal mass, tensile slrellqlh, bend test. re-bend test etc. specimens of sufficient length shal be cut from each size of the bar at random at frequency not less than that specified below; Siu of bar Under 10 mm dia bars 10 mm to 16 mm dia bars Over 16 mm dla bars For consignment below For consignment over tonnes tonnes One sample for each One sample for each 40 20tonnes or part thereof tonnes or pall thereof One sample for each 20tonnes or part thereof One sample for each 40tonnes or pall thereof One sample for each One sample for each 40 20tonnes or part thereof tonnes 01 pall thereof The contracror shal supply free of cllarge Iha steel required for testing including tts transportation to testing laboratories. The cost of tests shal be borne by the contractor. 15. The actual Issue and consumption ol steel on WOik shaa be regulated and pioper accounts mafntained. The theoretlcal consumption of steel shal be worlled oot as per procedt.re prescribed In Clause 31 and Clause 49 of the contract and shan be governed by the conditions laid therein. In case the consumption is le$s than theoretlcal consumption Including permissible variations recovery at the rate so prescn1led shall be made. In case of excess consumption no adjustment need to be made. 16. Steel bars/ Tubular sections bro1jght by the contractor for use in the WOJk shall be got checked lrom the Englneer-ln-Chalge or his authorised repiesentative of the work on reoolpt of the same at site before use. 17. In case the contraelor brings surplus quantity of steel the same after oompletlon of the work will be removed from the site by the contractor at his own 00$! after approval of the Engineer-In-Charge. N/ ;r.,,. ft.lo " : mf.rof.!of.:ro tv "" ;.qi' wqa.1olr.f:w1tro f.,';('qo! -,!. 1{J.

91 Relnf0100ment lnduding authorised Spao8f bars and tap lengths shal be measured In length of dlferent diameters. as actually {oo more than as speciied in the drawing) us8d In the WOfk. llearest lo a centimeter. Wastage and unauthorised O\lllrlaps shal not be measured. 19. The standard sectiooal v,eights referred to as in Table 1 under ctause6.2 at 5 in BIS wl be considered tor con\lllrsion of length of various sizes ol MS barn, Tor steel bars and TMT bars into standard weight. The standard weights of tubes ( hollow sections )referred to IS 4923 will be considered for conversion of length ol vatlous sections & sizes of pipes etc. 20. Records ol actual sectional weight shal also be kept di&-wise & lot-wise. The average sectional welghl for each diameter shall be arrived at from samples from each lot of steel received al site. The decision of the Engineer-in-Charge shall be final for the procedure to be followed for determining the average sectional weight of each lot. Ouantly ol each diameter of steel received al site of work each day will constitute one single lot for the fl\lrpose. The weigh! of steel by conversion of length of various sizes ol bars / tubelef sedions based on the actual weighted ay8fage secllonal weight shall be ter as delived actual weight. 21. If the derived weight as In para 13 above Is lesser than the standaid weight as In para 12 abow, the derived actual weight shall be taken for payment ff 018 derived actual weight Is found more then lhe standard weight then the standard weight as worked out in para 12 above shal be taken for payment In such case oothi1g exua shaff be paid for the difference betvn the derived actual weight and the standard weight 22. MIXilg of different lype ol steel/different grades of steel shal oot be allowed In the same structural members as main reinforcement to satisfy clause 26.1 of IS: Tolerances on Nominal Mass (Individual sample) shal be Table 2 under clause 6,2 & at page 5 In BIS /t" :'';;..J!l;;<t,;;;;'fu / fj,. 1: * "1 tlfo t:"o::jf... -1;1, ,.. '} '\:C''.,:,:if.;: <r-, l,-... "'?..,._,,.. 1iO I'-=-""..,,...,. +"",'i.'1

92 92 GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1 The O<der of preferaoce In case of any discrepancy as indicated In condition No. 9.1 under "Conditions of Cootract may be read as the following: ij Nomenclature ol ftems as per schedule of quantities. i) Paicular specification and specific condition, i any. i Alchkectural Dra,,ings iv) PWD/CPWD specifications. v) Indian standard specifications of 8.1.S. vi) Sound Engineerilg Practice A reference made to any Indian Standard specification in these documents, shall Imply to the latest version of that slandatd. Including such revision/amendments as issued by the ooreau of Indian standard upto last date of receipt of tenders. The amtjeclor shall keep at his own cost an such publicaljolls of relevant Indian standard applicable lo the work at site. 2 Except for the items, for which particular specifications are given or v.ilere it Is speclficaly mentioned otherwise in the description of Items in the schedule of quantities the work shall generally be carried out in accordance with the latest relevant PWDICPWD Speclflcations(with upto date corrections si.is) and Instructions of Englneer-iri-Charge. Wherever PWD/CPWD specifications are sienl the latest IS codes/specfficalion shall be followed. 3 Unless otherwise provided in the Sd1edu1e of Quanlltles/Sj)ecifications, the rates terodered by the contracio, shall be all lnciusive and shall apply to all heights, ffls, leads and depths of the WOik and nothing extra shall be payable to him on account ol the same. 4 The proposed building Is a prestigious project and quafity of work Is paramount lmp0<1ance. Contrac:tor shall have to engage wel experienced skilled labour and deploy modern T&P and other equipment to execute the work. Many Items like stone cladding works, stone flooring, and other specialised Oooring work, Wood work wil speclaly requre engagement of skilled workers having experience panicularly In execution of such Items. 5 a) The contractor. (s) shal lnsped the s!e of work before tendering and acquaint himself with the sfte conditions and no dalm on this account shall be entertained by the department. b) The contractor (s) shall get hlmseij aoquainted with nature and ex1en1 of the work and sallsty himself about the availability of materials from kiln or approved quasries for collection and conveyance of materials required for construction. 6 The contracto, (s) shal study the soil investigation report for the site, available in the office ol the Engineer-in Oiarge and satisfy hinlself about complete cha,acterlstics of sol and other parameters of sle. However, no claim on the aleged inadequacy Ol lncotreclness of the sol data shah be entertained. 7 The tenderer shall see the approilches to the sfte. In case any approach fro,n main road is requited by the conlraclor, the same shau be made good, impro\led and maintained by the contractor al his own cost. No payment shan be made on this account. 8 The contractor (s) shall give to the Municipality, Poioe and other authorities all necessary notices etc. that may be requited by law and obtain all requisite Uoenses fat temporaiy obstructions. enclosures etc. and pay all fee, laxes and charges which may be leviable on account of these operations in executing the conliact He shall make good any damage to the adjoining property whether public or private and shall supply and maintain light and other Illumination on for cautioning the public at night. 9 The contracto, shall take an precautions to avoid accidents by exhibhing necessary caution boalds day and night speed limh boards red flags, red llghts and providing barriers. He shall be responsible fat all dangers and incidents caused to existing/ new work due to negligence on his part. No hindrances shall be causoo to traffic during the ex8cij\lon of the work. 10 Conlraclor shall provide permanent bench marks and other reference points for the proper exectjlion ol work and these sllal be eserved IHI the end ol wo,k. All such relerintshal be in relallon to the levels and locations, given in the drawings..>. ).1LV V (li'; Q() >Jilq1w" ' 'nfof<lf 3lfi'm:m ftio : V' -,,,.,,,,,.,e,<>..l.. -, \..,..111.,.,rJ,...,;JI.-;;,,,.10 W.n,,-.,,J, 1 \ -...,

93 93 11 The con1ractor shan make his own wrangement for obtaining electnc connection and make necessary payments directly to the depattment coocemed. 12 Other agencies doing worl<s related with this project may also simunaneously execute their works and the contractor shal afford necessary faciilies for the same. The contractor shall leave such necessary holes, openings etc. f«laying/burying In the work, pipes cables, conduits, clamps, boxes and hooks for fan clamps etc. as may be required for lhe othe, agencies. Nothing ex1ra ovef the Agreement rates shall be paid for doing these. 13 Some restrictions may be imposed by the security staff etc. on the wor1dng and for movement ol labou,, materials etc. The contractor shap be bound to follow aq such rastrictlons/inslructions and nothlllg extra shall be payable on account of the same. 14 The contractor shall funy comply with all legal orders and dlre<:tlons of the Public or local authorftles or munk:ipalrty and adhere by their rules and regulations and pay all fees and charges for vlhlch he may be liable in this regard. NOChing extra shall be paid/reimbursed for the same. 15 The builosng work shah be carried out in the manner complying in all respects with the requirements of the relevant bylaws and regulations of the local body unde< the )l,rlsdiction of Whk:h the worlt Is to be executed or as directed by the Engineer in-charge and nothing exva shall be paid on this accoont. 16 The contracior shal give a pelformanoa test of the entire lnslallation(s) as per standing specifications before the work is finally accepted by making his own arrangements for watef supply, electricity etc. and nothing ex1ra v.ilatsoever shal be payable for the same. 17 If as per local Munk:ipal regulations, hu1s for labour are not IO be el8cled at the stte of work, the contract«shal be required to provide such aocornmodalion 81 a place as is acceptable to the local body and nothing exva shall be paid on this accoont. 18 It shall be ensured by the con1rector that no electrio live wl1e is left exposed or unattended to avoid any accilents in this regard. 19 The struct11al and archilectural drawings shal at ar limes be properly co-ielated before executing any work HoweVef, in case of any disctepancy in the item given in the schedule of quantities appended wl!h the tender and Architectural drawings relating lo the relevant item, Iha former shal prevail unless othelwise g'mjn in vmting by the Engineer-in<harge. 20 The contractor shall mailtaln 111 pelf act condttion, all portions executed till completion or the entire work allotted to hlm. Where howevef phased delivery of viooc Is contemplated these provisions shall apply separately to each phase. 21 The entite royaty at the prevalent rates shall have to be paid by the con1rector oo ad the boulders, metals, shingle sand etc. collected by him for execution of the WOil<, directly to the Revenue authority or authorised agents of the Slate Government conceme<i or the Central Government, as the case may be. 22 The contiactor shall issue ldentiy card to all labor81s a.nd engineers/staff engaged by him and nothing shall be paid on this accoonl 23 The contractor shall prepare an Integrated programme chart for the execution of work and the detailed provision in clause 4 of GCC shal be followed. 24. If the work is carried out In more than one shlf\ or dtmg night no claim on this aocounts shall be entertained. 25 Existing drains, pipes, cables, over-head wires, sewer lines, walef lines and similar services encountered in the course of the execution of work shall be prq(ecled against the damage by the contract«at his own expense. The contractor shall not store materials or otherwise occupy any pall of the site in a manner li<ely to hinder the Ofl8(ation of such S&IVices. 26 The contractor shall be responsible for the watch and ward/guard of the buildings, safety of all fittings and fixtures including sanlta,y and water supply frttings and fixtures provided by him against pilferage and breakage during the period of installations and thereafter till the building Is physically handed over to the department. No ex1ra payment shall be made on this account arnnl mif.rni :s1fl'11'<11 filo \"'11:0{lf',t. "'Q 'tjf:\ 4 \ ;;i,q-; Ii i " uos.o, J Fioioro f-: f<i';\<,

94 94 27 The conl!actor shall bear all incidental charges for cartage, storage and sale custody ol materials issued by department 28 The contractor shai take instructions from the Engineer.In.charge ro, staclllng of materials No ej<cavated earth 0/ building materials etc. shall be stackedlcolecled in areas where othe< buildings, roads, services, compound wa.lls etc. 8fe to be constructed. Any trenching and digging for laying se'll8r lines/water ineslcables etc. shall be commenced by the contrador only when all men, machineiy's and matenals have been arranged and closing of the ltench(s) thereafter shall be ensured within the least poss Ume. 29 The WOl1cS shan be carried out in accordance with the Architectural drawings and struclural dl81mgs, to be issued from time to time by lhe Engineer in Olarge. Before commencement of l!lly item ol work, the contractor shall correlate al the relevant arcllltectural and structural drawings issued for the work and satisfy hlmsew that lhe information available there of is complete and unambiguous. The discrepancy, W any shall be brought to lhe noti,,e of the Engineer lfl.cha,ge before execution ol the work. The contractor alone shall be responsible for any loss or damage executing by the commencement of work on the basis of any erroneous and or Incomplete infonnation. i) The contractor shall lake all procautions to avoid accidents by, exhibiting caution boards day and night, speed limft boatds. red flags, red light and providing necessary barriers and olhef measures required from time to tine. The contracior wa be responsible for all damages and accidents due to negligence on his part. II) Other agenck1$ may also slmu11aneously execute end Install the works of electrir,catlon, air conditioning, tifls. fve-flghting etc. for this worn and the contract ' shal provide necessary facilities for the same. The contractor shao leave such recesses, holes openings etc. as may be,equired for the electric, alr-oonditioning and other related works (lo, wllich insoos. sleeves, brackets. conduits base pinion, clamps etc. shal be got arral1ged free of cost by the department unless othefwise specifically mentioned) and the contractor shal flx the same at time of casting of ccncrete, stone & brick wor1<, W required and nothing extra shall be payable on this account. iii) The contractor shal conduct work so as not to inteffore with or hinder the progress or completion of the V/0/k being performed by other conltacto<{s) or by the Engineer-in Charge and shal as far as possible arrange his work and shall place and dispose off the materials being used or removed so as not to interfere with the operations ol other contractor or he shall arrange his work with that of the others In 811 acceptable and coordinated manner and shall perform in proper sequence to the complete satislaction of Olhers.M Archttecturat drawings given In lhe tender other than those Indicated In nomenclature of Mems are only Indicative of the nature of the work and materials/fixings inl/olved unless and otherwise specificaly mentioned. Howevei, the worn shall be executed In aooordance with the drawings duly approved by the Englneer,ln-Charge. 30 Samples or an materials and fittilgs to be used In the work in respect of brand maoofacture< and quality shall be got approved from the Englneer ln Charge, and shal be pres81ved 1111 the completion of the work. Article$ beallng BIS cer1ilcations mark shall only be used unless no manufacture< has got BIS mark lor the particulat material. Any ma1eriavfilting whose sample has not been approved and any other unapproved material brought by the contractor shall be 111mediately removed as soon as directed. Unless otherwise specified In the schedule ol quantftles the rates for al Items shell be consklered as induslve of pumpi, aling out water, Ir necessary, for wllich no extra payment shall be made. Those condllioos shall be consid8'ed to include water from any source such as inflow of flood, surface and sub-soil water etc. and shal apply to the execution in any season. 31 Pollution controlnorm1: Siice the building is to be coostructed inside the campus ol Sports College, Luclmow, al necessary measures are to be taken to control pollution Construction Vehicles, Equipment and Machinery a. Aa vehides, equipment and machln81)' lo be procured for construcllon shal conform lo the relevant Bureau of India Standard (BIS) norms. b. Emission from the vehicles must conform to environmental norms./?.. 3iND l{p '\inpr.li 1flt N1f ftfo,:\i(l<l<'?!cf.'ivfl'r q.,rv 110xiof..o:i ' :t;ro,!,r-.r

95 95 c. Oust produced from the vehicular movement and other srte activities Is to be mitigated by sprinkling of water. d. Noise linils for construction equipments shall not exceed 75 db(a). measured at one meter from the edge of the equipment in free area, as specified in the EnvlrOM1ent Protection Act, 1986, schedule VI part E. as amended on 9,, May, The maxinum noise levels near the construction site should be llmfted to 65 db (A) Leq (5 min) In project area Construction Wastes Disposal (I) The pre-identified dlmtlp locations will be a part of sold waste managemeoj plan to be p<epared by the Conlrador in consuttation with Eng.ineer-ilH:harge (II) Contractor shall get approved the location ol disposal stte prior to commencement ol the excavation on arty section of the p<oject location. (Iii) Contrador shall ensure lhat any spoils of material / conslrudion was1e wil not be disposed off in any municipality soid wasle collection bins Procurement of Construction Materials (Q Al vehicles delivering oonslrucllon materials to the site shall be covered to mid spillage of mate(lals and maintain cleanliness of the roads. (i) Wheel Tyres of 811 vehlcles used by of the contractor, or any of his sufractor or materials supplie,s shal be cleaned and washed clear of al dust/mud before leaving the project premises. This shal be done by routing the vehicles through lyre washing tracks. (iv) Contractor shall a1ran9e for regular water sprinkling at least twice a day (i.e. morning and evening) tor dust suppression of the construction sites and unpaved roads used by his construciion vehicles Water Pollution (I) The CootraelOI' shal take all precautionary measures to prevent the wastewater during construction to accumulate anywhere. (ii) The wastewater arising from the project is to be disposed of in the manner lhal is acceptable to the Engineer --incharge Air and Noise Pollution Contractor shall use dust SCfeens and sprinkle water aiound the construcllon stte 10 arrest spreading of dusl in the air and surrounding areas. a. Contraaor shall ensure that all vehicles, equipment and machinery used fof construction are regularly maintained and coomn thal emission levels comply with environmental emission standardslnonms. b. For oontroling the noise from Vehicles, Plants and Equipmenrs, the C<lntractor shar confirm the following. 1) Al vehicles and equipment used in construction will be rrtled with exhaust slencers. 2) Servicing of all construction vehctes and machinery win be dooe regularly and during routine servicing operations, the elfeellveness or exhaust silencer, will be checked and if found defedlve must be replaced by the contrador inmediately. 3) Noise emission from compactor11 (roler11) front loade!s, concrete mixers, cranes (movable), vibrator, and saws should be less than 75 db(a). 4) As per the standards/guidelines fo, control ol Noise Polltrtion from Stationary Diesel Generator (OG) sets, noise emissioo In db(a) from OG Set (1!Ki00 KVA) should be less!hart log 10 (KVA). The standards also suggest construction ol acoustic enclosure around tile 0G Set end provision of propef exhaust muffler wih insertion loss ol minimum 25 db(a) as mandatory Adequate drinking waler facility should be provided at stte, adequate number ol decentrallsed latrines and urinals to be provided for construction WOflleis Ful tine wor1<er11 residing on s[te should be provided with :::ate temporary hutment <>;RO 'l!, -.Tifu/l 3'f.l1RIT ftlo -q! ' il'il<i' qouoooff.io; "\\,;;oo,:of.1..:i:;ft!o, rll :}q>l:t. p:t?i4t-..

96 Adopt measu(es to p-event air polluon In lhe vicllity ol the site due to conslructlon actmbes. There Is no standatd reference for this. The best praclioes should be folowed (as adopted from international best practioe d<i<:urnents and codes) Identify roads on-stte lhal would be used for vehicwar lrafftc. Update vehicular roads (W these are unpaved) by incfeaslng lhe surface strength by improving partfcle size, shape and mineral type that make up lhe surface base. Add sooace gravel lo reduce sourte of dust emission. UmH amount ol fine particles (smaller lhan 0.075mm) to 10 20%. Limit vehicular speed on site 10kmlh. Nothing extra will be payable for this Al material storages should be adequately covered and contained so tha1 they are not exposed to sttualions where Winds on stle could lead to dust/particulate emissions Spills of dirt or dusty materials shall be deaned up l)(oo'lptly so the spilled material does nol become a source ol fugitive dust and also to p,event of seepage of pollutant laden water into lhe ground aquif81s. When cleaning up the spill, ensure that the dean - up p,ooess does not generate additional dust. Similarty, spilled ooocrele slurries or liquid wastes should be contained/cleaned up immediately before they can Infiltrate into Ille soivground or runoff in nearby areas Ensure lhat wal8f sp,aying is carried 001 by welling the slllface by spraying wale, on: (i) (u) Ally dusty material. Areas where demolition won<. is carried out. (iii) Ally unpaved main-haul road and. (v) Areas whe/e ex.cavation or earth moving aclivities are to be carried out The contractor shall ensure!he following: IQ (Ii) (Hi) (iv) (v) Cover and enclose Iha stte by p,oviding dust screen, sheetilg or netling to scaffold along the perimeter of a bulidflq. Coveriog stiles of dusty material with Impervious sheeli"i). Covering dusly load on vehicles by impem01js sheeting before they leave the site. Transf811ing, handling/storing dry loose rnat8fials lil<e bulk cement and dry pulverized fly ash inside a totally enclosed system. Spills of dirt or dusty materials shan be cleaned up i:-ornptty so that lhe spilled material does not become a souree of fugitive dust and also to p,event seepage of pollutant laden water into the ground aquifers. When cleaning up the spll, ensure that lhe clean-up i:-ocess does not gene,ate additional dusl Similarly, spied concrete slurries or liquid wastes should be contained / deaned up immediately before they oan infiltrate Into the solvground or runoff In nearby areas Clear vegetation only from a.-eas whe<e wo,t will star1 right ay Provide sheet covering,barricadirlg or sfte of not less than 3m height along the see bourmry, next to a road or other public area. Nolhing extra will be paid f ' this, The contractor shar p,ovide experienced personnel with sultable training to ensure that these methods ate implemented. Prior lo the commencement or any work, the melllod of wodong, plant equipment and air pollution oontrol system to be used on -ske should be made avaiable ' ' the inspection and approval or the Engineer --ir}.charge to ensure that these are sultable for lhe p,oject Employ measures to segregate the waste on-site Into Inert, chemical or hazardous wastes. Recycle lhe unused chemicavhazardoos wastes such as oi, painl batteries and asbestos. The inert waste,s lo be disposed off to Munl CorporatiofVlocal bodies dump yard and tandfl sttes To preser,e the existing landscape and protect It from degradation during the process of construction. Seled proper Urning for construction actlvy to minimize lhe dlsturbal\ce such as sor pollution due 10 spilling of the construction material and its mixing with rainwater. The construction management plan including soi erosion control management plan shall be p,epared accordingly. The applcatlon of erosion control measures ilcludes construction of gravel pits and tyre washing bays of at: : : nd speclficati:ln for all vehjcular - w 3IT'!O /) 'x.. 'l 41T i:.. cp _ -- -, Q tr,! Jl"l. "'.. It, '1!;0-.!(hlOl"lct:iolHO,:1)\10'<- 'l <.0..,.,. - f,1-i1$" 11- _.. -"- :it(()i, If

97 97 ske entry/exits, protection of slopes greater than 10%. Sedimentatloo Collecilon System and run-off diversion systems shall be in place before the commencement of construction activity. Prese,ve and protect the existing vegetatklo by not-<listurbing 01 damaging to specified site ateas dumg c:oostruction The Cootraclor should follow the oons1rucoon plan as proposed by the Engineei-irH:harge / landscape consultant to minimize the site dlstulbance such as soil pollution due to spilling. Use staging and spill pieventlon and control plan to restricl the spilling of lhe contaminatilg material on site Spll preven11on and control plans should clearly state measures to stop the source ol the spill. Measures to contain the spill and measures lo dispose the contaminated material and hazardous wastes. It should also state the designation ol P9'sonnel trair*1 to pievent IWld control Sl)lls, Hawdous wastes illclljde pesoodes, paints, cleaners and petroleum piodlds A soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan (ESCP) should be piepared priof to construction and should be applied effectively The contractor shall prepare and submit 'Spill prevention and control plans' bef0/8 tho s\m of construction, clearly stating measures to stop the source ol the spill, to oonta11 the spill, to dispooe the contaminated material and hazardous wastes, and stating designation of personnel trained to pievent and control spills. Hazardous wastes include pesticides, paints, cleane,s, and petrolelm products The contractor shal ensure lhat no construcllon leaches (Ex: cement slunry) is allowed lo percolate into the ground Adequale precautions are lo be taken to safeguard against this including reducmn of wasteful curing piocesses, colledion, basic Rtering and reuse. The contraaor shall follow requisite measures fof collecting drainage waler run-0ff from construclion areas and material storage sites and diverting water flow away from such poluted araas. Temporary drainage channels, perimeter dikelswale, etc. shalt be construcled to carry the pollutant -laden water directly to lhe 1/eatment device or faciltty (munqial sewer tine) fj lighting instaled by the contractor atound the site and at the labour qumers during constructon shall be CfL bulbs of lhe &PllfOpriate Wlumlnatlon levels. This condition is a must, unless specifically prescnbed otherwise Safety Measures lo be followed 1. Soilable scaffolds should be provided for WOOOTien IOf all works that cannot safely be done from the ground, 01 from solid cons!judioo excepl such short period work as can be done safely from ladders. When a ladder is used, an erua mazdoor shaft be engaged for holding the ladder and if the ladder is used for canrying materials as weu suitable footholds and hand-held shal be provided on the ladder and the ladder shal be given an inclination ncl steeper than Y. to 1(Y. horizontal and 1 vertical.) 2. Scaffolding of staging more than 3.6 m (12fl) above the ground or floor, swung or suspended from an ovemead supporl or e<acted with stationary support shad have a guard rail pioperly attached or bolted, braced and otherwise secured at least 90 cm. (31\.) hlgh above the floor 01 platlorm ol such scaffolding 01 staging and extending along the entile length of the outside and ends the<eof with only such opening as may be necessa,y f01 the delivery of materials. Such scaffolding or staging shall be so fastened as to prevent It from swaying from the bulld119 or structure. 3. Worl(lng ptatt01ms, gangways and stairways should be so construcled lhat they should not sag unduly or unequaly, and if the height of the plattorm or the gangway or lhe s1airway is more than 3.6 m (12ft.) above ground level 01 floor level, they should be closely boarded, should have adequate 'Mdth and should be suably fastened as described in (2) above. 4. Every opening,n the ftoo, ol a building or II a wo<ldng platfofm shall be provided with suttable means to p<event the fad of person or materials by pioviding sultable fencing or raitilg whose minimum height shall be 90 cm. (3ft.) 5. Safe means of access shaft be ptovided to all working platfonns and other working places. Every ladder shad be securely fixed No portable single laddei shan be Ol/9f 9m. (30fl,) i'l length while the width between side rails in rung ladder shall in no case be less than 29 cm. (11Y,') for laddet upto and including 3 m. (10 ft.) in length. For tonge< ladders, this width should be Increased at least Yo' for eac:11 additional 30 am. (1 foot) of length. UnitOlm step spacing of not more than 30 cm shal be kept Ae precautions shall be taken to pievent h 3lNI) <lqffilq \1(1,/ - n;r.r,. m ftlo qr 11illY ff'l'.fp 1i!01'r.' :.,,,Polo 'G'J',Oxl'J\,_. -:;olt-lll f-r,7i?,.,a.:. \1.:;11,,fi?

98 98 dallgg( from el9ciric81 equipment No malerials on any of the sites or WOik shall be so slacked or placed as lo cause danger or inconvenience lo any pesson or the public. The coolraclor shall prn'lide all 6. NJCeSsary fencing and llghts lo protect the public from aocldent and shall be bound to bea1 the expenses or defence of ever; suit, action or other proceedings at law that may be brought by any pernon for lnjur; sustained owing lo neglect of the above precautions and to pay any damages and oost which may be awarded in any such suit; action or proceedings to any such pen;on or which may, with the consent ol the contractor, be paid to compensate any dalm by any soch person. 6. (a) Excavation and Trenching. Al lreo<:hes 1.2 m. (4ft.) or more in depth, shall at all times be supj)iled with at least one ladder fof each 30 m. (100 fl.) in length or fraction thereof, Ladder sham extend from bottom of the trench lo at least 90 cm. (311.) above the surface of the ground. The side ol the trencoos which are 1.5 m. (Sft.) or mofe in depth shal be stepped back to give sultable slope Of secu,-ely held by timber bracing, so as to avoid the danger of sides collapsing. The excavated materials shall not be placed Within 1.5 m. (Sft.) of the edges of the trench or hatt of the depth of the tnencll whicheve( is m0f8, Cutting shal be done from top 10 bottom. Undar no circumstances, undefmlnlng or undercutting shar be dooe. (b) Safety Measures for digging bore holes:. (i). H lhe bore well is successful, It should be safety capped lo al/oid caving and coaapse ol lhe bore well. The failed and the abandoned ones should be completely refilled to avoid caving and collapse; (ii). During driling, Sign boards should be erected near the site with the address of the drilling contractor and the Engileer In-charge of the work; (iu). Sultable fencing sllould be erected around the well during the drlllng and after the inslalation ol the rig on the point or drilling, flags shall be put 50m alround the point of driling lo avoid entry ol people; (iv). After driling the borewell, a cement plattorm (0.50m x 0.50m x 1.20m) 0.60m above ground levet and 0.60m below ground level sllould be conslrljcled around the wel casing; (v). After the completioo ol the borewel, the con1tactor should cap the bore well properly by v.elding steel plate, cover the bore well with the drilled wel soi and fix thorny sh!ijbs over the sot This should be done even while repairing the pump; (vi). Aft.er the borewel Is driled the entire site should be brought to lhe ground level. 7. Oemollon Before any demolition work is commenced and also during the progress of the work, 8. (vq ( All roads and open areas adjacent 10 the WOik sfte shal ehher be closed or suitably prntecled. (i) No electric cable or apparatus which is Rable lo be a source of danger or a cable or apparatus used by the operator shall remain electricaly clla,ged. (ii) All practical steps shall be taken lo prevent danger to pernons employed from risk ol fve or explosion or llooding. No floor, rool or other part of lhe building shau be so overloaded v.ilh debris Of materials as lo render tt unsafe. All necessar; personal safely equipment as conslde,ed adequate by the Englne8t' il1 Charge should be kepi available fof the use of the person employed on the site and maintained in a condilion sua.able for immediate use, end the concractof should lake adequate steps to ensure proper use of equipment by those concemed: The following safety equipment shall invariably be provided. ( Wort(ers employed on mixing asphaltic materials, cement and lime mortab shal be provkjed with protective footwear and protective goggles. (i) Those engaged In white washing and mixing or stacking of cement bags or any material which Is injurious lo lhe eyes, shal be provided with protective goggles. (ii) Those engaged In welding works shall be provided with welde(s protedive eye shields. Stone breaker shall be provided with protective goggles and protective clothing and sealed at sufficiently safe Intervals. wvo '<ttlflil'i #.?r-:n Hw...'T...,.,.._... I 1'11 ''1. 1:1;,mWqs uoircmi "'o - il,1 r, 11W

99 99 9. When the work ls done near any plaoe where there is risk of drowning, all necessary equipments shoold be provided and kept ready tor use and all oocessa,y steps taken tor prompt rescue of any person in danger and adequate proviskln, should be made tor prompl first aid treatment of all Injuries fikely lo be oblailled during the oouls8 of the work. 10. Use of hoisting machines and tackle including their allachments, anchorage and suppor1s shau conform to lhe following sta11dards or conditions :- (Q (a) These shal be ol good mechanical construcikln, sound materials and adequate strength and free from patent oofects and shall be kepi repaired a11d ln good wol1\lng order. (bl Eve!)' rope used In hoisting or lowering materials or as a means of suspension shal be of durable quali1y and adequate strength, and free from patent defecls. (c) Use ol durable and reusable lomw,ork systems lo replaoe limber tormwork and ensore lhal formwork whefe used Is properly maintained. (i) Every crane drr,er or hoisling appliance operator, shall be properly quarlf100 and no person ullder the age of 21 years shoold be In charge of any hoisting machine including any scaffolding winch or give signals to operator. (ii) In case of every hoisting machine and of every chain ring hook, shadlle swivel and pulley block used in hoisting or as means ol suspension, the sate working load shall be ascertained by adequate means. Every hoisting machine and al gea, referred lo above shal be plainly marked with!he safe working load. In case of a hoisting machlne having a variable sa.te working load eacll safe wortdng load and the condition under which It is appicable shall be clearly Indicated. No part of any machine or any gear referred to above in this paragraph shaq be loaded beyond the safe working load except for the purpose of tesling. (iv) The oonvactors shall notify the safe working load ol the machine to the Engineer-In-Charge whenever he brings any machinery to site of work and get k vemed by RE/ARE. 11. Motois, gearing, transmission, electric wiring and other dangerous par!s of hoisting appliances should be provided with efficient safeguards. Hoisting appliances should be provided with such means as wiu reduce to the minimum the risk ol accidental descent of Iha load. Adequale precautions shook! be takell to reduce to lhe minimum lhe risk ol any par1 of a suspended load beccming accidentady displaced. When workefs a,e employed on electrical ins1allations which are already energized, insulating mats, wearing apparel, such as gloves. sleeves and boots as may be necessary should be provided. The worker should not wear any rings. watches and eatry keys or other materials which are good cooductors of electri<iy. 13. All scaffolds, ladders and olher safety device$ menllooed or described herein shall be maintained in safe condition and no scaffold, ladder or equipment shall be allered or removed while a is in use. Adequate washing fachles should be provided at or near places or work. 14. These safety provisbns shoold be brought to!he notice of all concerned by display on a notice board al a piominent place at work spot The person responsible for oompiance of the safety code sha be named therein by the oontracior. 16. To ensure effective enforcement of the rules and regulations relatlng to safety precautions the arrangements made by the oontrador s'1ad be open to inspection by the Labour Officer or Engineer-in-Charge of the department or their rep1esenta1ives. 16. Notwithstanding the above clauses from (1) to (15), lhele is nothing in these lo exempl the cootractor from the operations ol any other Act or Rule in loo:e in the Republic of India A fj 311'!7.J <tilj,qiffiil f.lll; f1-'' iffl o '301TO't. -. f ml 'OlOxlOt,..,, \I.,...,.. t-""' q"'.t, ,.,.-

100 100 PARTICULAR SPECIFICATION & SPECIAL CONDITION OF WORK EARTH WORK The work shall be done in accordance with PWO/CPWO specifications 1A Any trencnng and dging for laying sewer llnes/w818f llnes/eables etc. shall be commenced by lhe contractor only when an men, machinery's and materials have been arranged and closing of the treoch{s) thereafter shall be ensured within the least l)()ssibte time. PILE WORK: The work shall be done as per BIS 2911 part I to IV. 2. RCC WORK The work shal be done as per PWO/CPWD speciflcatlons. 2.1 If the quantity of cement actually used In the work Is found to be 111()(8 than the theoretical quanbty of cement Including authorised variation, nothing extra shall be payable to the contractor oo this accoont. In the event ol ij being dlsoovered that aft8f the completion of the work. the quantity ol cement used Is less than the quantity ascertained as herein before provi:!ed (allowing variation on the minus side as stipulated ii clause 49 the cost of quanty of cement so less used shal be recovered from the contrador at the rate as specified in schedule A 6. Oeclsklo ol the Engineer-in-Charge in regard to the q1jantity of cement which should have been actually used as pe1 the schedule and reco'jely at the rate specified shall be lilal and binding on the contractor. 2.2 For non-scheduled items, the decision of the General Manag 1' regarding theorntical Qua!ltity ol the cement which slioold have been actually used shall be final and binding on the contractor. 2.3 Cement brought to site and cement remaining unused aft8f completion or work shall not be removed from site without written f)8fmisslon of the Englneei-ln-Charge. 2.4 In case the contractor brings wrplus quantity ol cement the same all«oomplellon of the work Will be removed from the sle by the cootractor at his own cost after approval of the Engin88f.-i-Charge. 2.5 WORK STRENGTH TEST TEST SPECIMEN Work strength test shal be oonducied In aooordance with IS: 456 on random sampling. Each test shall be conducted on six specimens, three of which shad be tested at 7 days and remaining three at 28 days, TEST RESULTS OF SAMPLE The lest result or the sample shall be tlle aveiage ol lhe strength or three specimen. The individual variallon shal not be 111()(8 than 15 p8'c8nt ol the average. II more the test results of the sample are invalid. Not more than 90% of the total test shal be done at lhe labol3tory esta.bllshed at site by contract()( and 10% testing of materials shal be gol done from IIT/NIT. However, for the tests to be carried out by the el(!ernal lahoratories, the oontraclor shall supply free of charge all the materials required lor testing, Including transportation. If the tests which were to be conducted ii lhe sle laboratoi)' ate conducted in other laboratories for any the reasoos the cost of such tests shal be borne by the conl/actor. atmi 4\qj,6. -,;; a; ft!o vtu,.!!roo v.:.o.r.w -, ".:.: ' \1..i.._:')"Crol' --,,.,.O r..,. ''""!..:' l\,..,._,., :,":,.,v

101 101 Lot Size The minimum frequency of sampling of cooorete of each grade shall be BCOOfding to the followmg: Ouan1ily of ooncrete In the work cubic Number of S<1mples. meve ""r dav &above 4 + one ad<lltional sample ro, addltional 50 cubic meter o, DOrt!hereof. Nole: Al least one sample shall be taken from each shift. 2.6 STANDARDS OF ACCEPTANCE (i) (lij In case lhe test result or afl 1he S<lmples is above 1he characteristlc compressive strength, the concrete shall be accet)1ed. In case the test result of one Of more samples fails to meet the requirement (i) above ft shal be accepted W bolh lhe following conditions are met: a) Any individual test result ls not less than (Fck. 4) N/mm2 b) The mean of test result from any group or rouf consecuuve samples Is mo,e than (Fck+<I) Nlmsn2. (ill) (iv) Concrete of each grade sliau be assessed separately. Concrete is liable to be rejected ij It is porous or hooeycombed, fts placing has Ileen interrupced withoot providing a proper construction Jolnto, 1he reinforcement has been displaced beyond the tolerances specified, or construction tolerances have not been met. However the hardened concrete may be accepted after carrying ou1 suitable remedial measures 10 the satisfaction of the Englneern Charge for which no1hlng extra is payable to 1he contracto,. 2.7 Only MS centering/shutteriog and scaffolding ma1erial unless & o1hef'mse specified shall be used IOf all RCC. Work to give an even finish of concrete surlace. Howewr marine ply shutteong ill exceptional cases as per site requirement may be used on specific request from conactor on approval by lhe Engineer-in-Charge. 2.8 In case of actual average compressive streng1h being less lhan specified strength which shal be governed by para "Standard of Al:ceptanoe' as above the rate payable shall be worlled out accoraw,gly on prorata basis. 2.9 In case of rejection of concrete on account of unacceptebfe compressive strength governed by pare "Standard of Acceptance as ebove the work for 'Mlich samples have failed shall be redone at the cost of contractori. However the Engineer-In-Charge may o,der fof additional test (like cutung cores, uhrasonic l)ijlse velocity test, k>ad tests on stsucture or part or structute etc.) lo be carried out at the cost of contractor to ascertain if the portion of struolure whereil concre1e cepresenled by the sample has been used, can be cetained on the basis of results of individual or co,nbinatlon of these tests. The oontracto, shall take remedial measures necessary lo retain the structure as approved by Ille Engineer-in-Charge without any e)(!ra cost. HoweVEf for payment the basis of rate payable to contraclor shall be governed by the 28 days cube test results. 3IRO 'lflqtffiq l11> t 'rlrit o \!Gi:ior.:f.loo ;r v()l<c':!o' ';(;OIW --.,n,_.. (. 1"1'P4 ',

102 102 3 PRE-CAST RCC WORK 3.1 Pre-<:ast reinforced concrete units shall be of grade or mix as specified. Provision shar be made in the mould to accommodate fixing devl such as hooks, flats etc. And forming of notches and holes. Each unit shall be cast in one operation. A sample of the unit shaa be got approved horn Engineer-n-Chatge before taing up the worl<. 3.2Pre-cast units shall be cteay marl<ed to indicate the top al member and Its locations. 3.3Pre-cast units shall be stofed, transported and placed In positlon in such a manner that these are not damaged. 4 SANITARY INSTALLATIONS, WATER SUPPLY ANO DRAINAGE 4.1 The worl< of water supply and sanitaty Installations shall be got exeou1ed by the oontrac10f in ac001danoe with design & drawings p,ovlded by Consultant throogh Engineern-Charge.The enrn respollsibllity for lhe quality of wort< will however rest with the buil:ling contractor only. 4.2 The work of water supply, internal santtary installatbns and drainage etc. shad be carried out as per the bylaws of the Municipal Corporation or any other local body. 4.3 The contracior shall engage licensed plumbers for the WOik. Nothing extra shall be paid/reimbursed for the same. 4.4 The contracior shall give a performance test al the entire lnstalation(s) as per standing specifications before the wonc is finally accepted by making his own arrangements for waler supply, eleculclty etc. and nothing extra vmatsoever shal be payable for the same 4.5 The wort< in general shall be carried out as per PWDI CPWD specifocallons. Rate includes all materials, labour and ad the operations mentioned In the respective aems unless and othetwlse specifically mentioned. 4,6 The contracior shall be responsible for all the f)iolecllon of sanitary, water supply fittings and flxlufes against pillerage and breakage during tile period ol installallon unli lhe completion I handing Ol'ef of the work. 4.7 The conttactor shal submk oomplelion plans lor water supply Internal sanitary lnslallallons and building drainage wortc within thirty days of lhe date of completion. These plans are lo be submitted on drawings prepared preferably ttvough computers (1 original oopy 3 pholoooples) on su.able scales to show lhe general arrangement and des.ad details. 5 WATER PROOFING TREATMENT The contractor shal associate himse with the specialised frm, for wale< proofing treatment for basement/lower groond floor, underground tank and on roofs. Guarantee In lhe prescribed Pertorma attached with tender doc\jment shal be given by lhe contactor, lor a period of 10 years from the date after lhe ma"tenance period prescribed in the oontract Changed which shall be also signed by engaged specified finn. In addition 10% (ten percent) of the cost of water proofing lems shall be retained as guarantee to walch the pertomnance ol the work done. However halt of this retailed amount will be released alter five yea,s, if the perf01mance of the work done is found satisfactory. If however any defeci is noticed during the guarantee period, k shall be rectified by the oon1rador within seven days of Intimation. In case is not attended lo, the same will be got done by another agency at the risk and cost ol lhe contractor. This guarantee deposit can however be released In full if a bank guarantee ol equivalent amount for 10 years is prnd11ced and deposited w\th the department by lhe contractof. o <1'n ql'!dl.l / '!lll;f.i<11 mo.nl;-;,i""or.tot: q <lli.?1'11 4i '3Cl!OO O 'T-nt'fe,... 11,

103 103 LIST OF MACHINERY, TP TO BE DEPLOYED BY THE CONTRACTOR AT SITE AS & WHEN REQUIRED SI.No. Namo of Equlpmtnt Numbers Hydraulic piling rig Ela:avalors (various sites) Equipment for holtting & lifting Towe, Cra,,e or Bti!de( s hoist (Des.able) Equipment for Concrete work Concrete IJIMllP (Oesi'abte) Concrele nnsil mixer Concrete mixer (diesel) Concrete mixer {elecirical) Needle vlbrlltor (eledrical) Needle vilwator (petrol) SUrface vibrator Equipment for Building work Bar bending Maclline Bar culling machine OIiing machine Welding machine ilc anslormer Cli>e testing maclns M.S.pipes Steel shullaring Steel S(;8floldlng Gmding/polislting machil1's Equipment fortnnsportatlon r,ppe,s. Tnds Dtwaterlng equipment P\mp(di09ll) Pimp (eledric) (Desirable) Power equipment Diesel gene<ator SuNeylng In Strtm ToCal Stalion Level Machine For 1600 sqm. Equlvalenl area or as desired by Engineer-in Chage (4-1:0 i: f}o.ij!lqf,:{ji( 'llllf-1,f I!'ffo '3{;,;;;..,,:of.'-,oft.m qfql ff'llli.,;_ro1t<r10f'; l<!rriao c, 1':W.lif

104 104 S.No. 1a. 1b LIST OF PREFERRED MAKES FOR CIVIL WORKS Matenal description TMT bars - Fe 500d MS Hallow Tubeler/ Box sections Cement (PPC) Ceramic/glazed Ties WhleCement P!iners, paints (Low VOC) (Ve water proofing cement ru,int) etc. Punv Wash Basin and WC PAN Clear class G.I. oioes and accessories Centrifugally Cast Iron Spun Pipes & fittlngs DI PinAs & frt11ngs Brass/ CP Brass fittlnos Aluminium sections (Anodising by approved anodizim frm\ Water oroofina comnnund Slailless steel sink Particle board Ve laminated PVC tanks MITO(S - CP waste & Hush nims PVC ftusnkln cistern. Tile Fixer / Adhesive Vitreoos Floor TIies Ready Mix Concrete Aaylic Exteriol Paint Roofing - Anoroved Manufactur«/ Bnu,d Nama SAIL, Tata Steel Ltd, RINI., Jindal Steel & Powet Ltd.and Jindal Saw Ud of annroved bv UPRNN SAIL. Tata Jindal EssarSleel A.C.C., Ultratech, Prism, Blrla, Ambuja, Jaypee Cement Kajaria, Johnson, Somany, NITCO,AGL, Orient of aooroved design, color and shade. Birla White, J.K. Wille or eouivaleot. Nerolac, Asian. Burger, ICI Blrla J.K. Puttv Parrvware, Hindware, Jonuar, Cera. Modi Guard Saint Gobaln Al$ Tat Jindal Surva. GI oina frttinns. NECO (red) or equivalent ISi marted produd, firm having valid BIS license. Kesoram Eleciro steel J""uar.. ARK Kohler - Hindalco, Jindal, Indian Aluminium Co. Weber, FOSIOC. Pidilite, Cico&Penetron Neell<anth Nirali Euro, Nova non, Eco Merino Slnlex O(.As approved by Engineer-in-Charge Saini Gobain&Modi Guard, HNG As amroved ov Ennineer-in-Ch:une. Parrvware, Hlndwaie, JMuat, Cera. BalEndura, Keraool or eauivalent Jonnson ui.oria & Asian As approved by Engineer-lo-Charge. Asian Paint - Apex Ulina, Burger-Weather Coal, ICI Oulex - Weather Shield Max, Nerolac- Excel Total KALZIP, BEMO, SANKO. KJNGSPAN -RIGIDAL.f... "11":,> <illa;r, 11fll,h11!t.o '""'" :-l'1'om,.;o f!o/ lj;j'ijl'ir q; ;t\110\'lt O, ft;il) r -,.,,. -, "= ' :ct; - ;_, I,-,,...,[

105 105 TO BE EXECUTED BY CONTRACT FOR REMOVAL OF DEFECTS AFTER COMPLETION IN RESPECT OF WATER PROOFING WORKS (On Rs. 100,. stamp p (BI\Sc:MENTII.OWER GROUNO FlOOR/UNDER GROUND TAIOOROOF) The A(ir-i made Ink day ol Two flovsand and _ beiween -,,-,-,.-,-,---,--,,... son ol (hereinafter caled Iha Guaraolor of Ille cne p"'1j ard lhe UPRNN(hereioalte< called Iha Nigam of lhe ot,e, pa,f). WHEREAS THIS agreemenc is suljl)lefnen4ary lo a cootract (hereinal!e, caled lhe oontracq da'.ed ----,.-----and made the GUARAHTOR Of THE ONE pan.., the Nigam ol lhe - p111, wheleby the cootrec1o<, ln1er Illa, undor1ool< lo render Iha b<jldi-qs and stroctures in the contract reched c,,mp1ete1y er and leal<ilfoof ANO WHEREAS THE GUARANTOR._,eed 10 glvl a guarantm IO the eflocl thac the Uid strucbns wil remain W31et and leak p,ool b: 10 (Ten) rs Imm the dace after the ma.tenance period prescri>ed In Ille oontracl NOW THE GUARANTOR hereby guarllr\tees that water proollng treatment g"'9n by him wi1 render Ille strucl!n$ oomplelely lea\ proof and Iha ml,..,..m life ol such water proofing traa!ment $hal be ten years lo be reckoned from lhe dale alter Iha...t-.:e period pre&o/ibed 1n the ccrwect P that Ille Guarantor"" not be resj)onsiblt!or lhe leal<age caused by e.rthqual<e or strucual der.cts or nisuse ol roof or alteration and ta, such purpom; (a) Misuse of roof shall mean,i,y operation whicll wnl "'"" p,oollng tteatmenl. like chopphg ol firewood and things ol the same nature whlcll might CllUSe d,wna,ge lo Iha root. (b J Alteratlon shal mean construction ol III addlllonal storay or a pan of tho roof or construction edpnlng to exlst,,g root wheleby proo&lg tmtment Is removed In pats. (c) The dacislon ol lhe Englnw.in-ch-ue with regard to cause of leailagelseepage sllail be final, During this period ol gua<antee Iha gua-antor shall mab good aft dtfecls and In C$St of any delect behg tw'd, render the bo.tdlng wa!er proof to Ille sailsfactlon of the Englneer.t,.<flarge 81 his cost and shall commence lhe WO<k for the redricalion within seven days from tile dale of ;s..., of tho rc>liee Imm the Engin.,...-il-charge calling,..ion In lo rectify the defects - wticll the WOO< shal be <lone by the depam,tnl by IOffle - eg..-.cy contnctor II the GUAAANTOR s risk and cost The dedllon of the Enginw-ln-dlarge as to ll>eoosl payable by the Guarantor shall be final and trming. Thal W guaranior fall lo mal<e good all defect o, c,,mfflib breach lhen!lmer tllon the Guanintor wl tndermify the principal and IE soecessors against an loss. damage, cost expense otherwise»ticti may be incurred by hin by reason of "'Y default on tv, par1 ol tho GUARANTOR In perlormanoe end observance of lhls en11,y eg,-,ent. As lo the amount or loss and/qr damage and/qr cost Incurred by the Nigam the decision of the er-n<:harge will be inaf and binding on lhe l)mies. IN WITNESS WHER 0f these presents have been executed by the Obflgoc: and by and lot and on behalf ol the UPRNNon the day, month and year llrst above writlan SIGNED, SEALED AND daiv$rad by OBLIGOR In the presenoe of :,. 2. SIGNED FOR ANO UPRNN BY I , '1ITT'.O 14,;.. i'lt!rtr ao '1;;:: :tijf%:it%,ro In lilt p-.:e ot :-. ' WEv 't'.'i: 'lvr'll '...i - v JC"!Jt\ ic ".t:io f;;..? l{<4>:. f1!1,!lfl.!;

106 106 TO BE EXECUTED BY THE CONTRACTOR FOR REMOVAL OF DEFECTS AFTER COMPLETION IN RESPECT OF all types of doors. windows&ventlleters etc.as given in B.o.g. (On Rs. 100/ stamp pal)gi) The reoment made this "Y of Two and betw<im son of (herelnaffer called the GURANTOR of '1e one part) and the UPRNN (hereinafter.,_ lhe Nlgem ol the olt\w part) WHEREAS nus agreement is S4Jpplemontary lo a contf8ci (H«elnalter called the Coolrect) dm and made belween 1he GUARANTOR Of THE ONE PART AND the Nqam of the "'1er part, Whereby the conacio< nter ala, und811d01< lo reoder 1he-In the said c:ornct lecle strucullly stable, use 90und ma1etiel, WOll<manshlp, enodlzlng, coto,lng, sealing AND WHEREAS llle GURANTOR 8gl8ed lo give a guarantee lo the allect lnal the salcl - wil remain sou:tt.raly stable and guarml&ed 8Qli,sl fdy malerial and wooonanshlp, dellcliv9 ln0dl.polishing, palnq,cobmg, soeq and finishing for 2 (Two) ye.n lo be red<oned from the date alter the e,.-y of maintenance period p<escnbed in the oonact. NOW THE GUARANTOR hereby gu ne flll work executed by him will remaon stru:lu 118bie, and guar111>teed nst faully ma(erial and WOll<manship. delecine anodidng, C<lloutrg, sealing a,,d finislwlg for two years to be reckoned from the dale ailef the OJ<piy ol maintenance period pn,ocrlbed in the oonuact. The decision ol the Ellglneer,h.cha,99 wl1h <egad to naue and cause ol de shall be final, During this period of guarantee. the guar-r shall mal<a good al delacts to the satisfacllofl of the Engln--in-dl"'ll8 at his oost and Shall commeoice the worl< for such n,cllllcaljon witf*1 -, day1 m 1he date of Issue of the noclce om '1e Englnoor-ln-chwge calli,g upon,.. to rectify the defects falling which lhe WOO< sball be got done by the Deparfmenl by soma otlef conlractor al 1he O..arllnlOfs rlst( lll>d COlll The decision ol the Elne«.Jn.Charge as to the coot, payablo by the O..anto, shal be final and bildlng. That I the guaranlo, fails to make good all the defeels o, conwnlls breach thereunder, lhen the guarantor wit Indemnify 1he and hit sucoesaor against all kla, db11\19'1, C0$1 expense o, twwlse wtich may be lncuned by Nm by reason of any defd on 1he pan of the GUARANTOR i1 perlormance and observa>ce of Ills suppementa,y agreemenl As to lhe amounl ol ross lll>dlor d.mlj!le andlot oost lncun-ed by the NG&m, 1he dl>oision ol 1he Engi,e«-ln-chargo wl be fi1al and brldllg on both lhe parties. IN WITNESS WHEREOF - p<-, haw been executed by the obllgotor and by W!\tten Signed, sealed and deh$red by OBLIGATOR In the presence ot fot and on behaw ol the UPRNN oo the day, monlh and year first above p<esenc:,i of : SIGIIED FOR AND OH BEHALF OF llle UPRNNBY in the fo ----,... -''brr.rm, 3lNO 11,0 -,flqlfflil ; J1f?i<1.;,1 flro '\l.;,,.:r.ro ' 'q4f(jjqj >< UO!i011l0f.i\ 100 fl l4i:.,:, r..

107 107 TO BE EXECUTED BY THE CONTRACTOR FOR REMOVAL OF DEFECTS AFTER COMPLETION IN RESPECT OF WATER SUPPLY ANO SANITARY IHSTAUAT!ONS (On Rs. 100/ stamp pape,-) The egree<nent made aw day of Two Tllcusand and becween soo of (hereinaft!< called 1he GUAIWITOR of Ille one pat!) and tho UPRNN {l)erein-call«! the lf,gam of lho olher pa,t) WHEREAS THIS agreement Is SlJlll)leme"13ry to a conbact (H called lhe Ccntract) dated and made b8 1en 1he GUARANTOR OF THE ONE PART AND 1he Nlgam ol lho olhet pan. wh«tby lhe contraeior Ww Illa, UIWIOOI< to rend0< lhe wort< In 1he said conbacl reclted slructurafy S1allle leak proof. work'""'5/ip, finishing and use of soood materials. AHO WHEREAS THE GUARANTOR agreed 10 glwl a guarm,tee 10 lhe affect lha1 lho said...t wil remain slrucl>jefy slab16 and guaranteed agalnsi lauttyworkmanslip, llnishing, maruraculng defects ol materials and leakages. eto. Nt.:JN THE GUARANTOR hereby guarantee that - execlaed by l'an wll rama/n m..cturaly s!ablo and guaoanteed against l!dy w"'1<manship, lnishing, manuracwmg defects of materials and leakages, elcaije, expoy of mail\lliflance peried prescribed in 1he connct lo, hi mlrlmum Ille ol 05 (Flve) i- lo bo recl<oned om 1he date after lho expiry ol melnlenanc. period prescribed In lho Conlr8Ct. The decision of 1he Englneel..n-eharge with regard IO nature and oause ot der.ict shall bo final. Oumg!hi$ period ol guaranlee, lho gua-antor shall mlll<o good all delecls lo the sllllslac1jon ol the Er,glnee<-ln-eharge Clfr>q upcn hlnl lo rectify 1he delecls lalllng which 1he wort< shal be got dona by 1he Oepar1mer,C by so"" othe, conbacloi al the GuaranlOl's cooi and risk. Too decision of the Ergi,eer...Chllrge as IO lhe co;t, payable by the Guarantor shall be final and blndlr,g. Thal tt lh guaanlol lails lo mal<e good all lhe defects oommlls bread, lhe<eunder, lhen the guarantor wl indemnify tho pmcipal and!is succes<0< against all 186$, damage, c.- experose or o41lefwise which m., be lna.rred by him by 111ason ol any defn1 on lht part of the GUARANTOR In perlomlanoe and observ- ol lns "9<eement. As to the am""11 of loss and/ot damago and ' <OSI fnclned by the lf,gam, "8 decision of tho Engiooet-ln-charge will be final and binding on both lhe partios, IN WITNESS WKEREOf these presons, have b8$1 executed by the obll<)alor by b and on behalf of the UPRNN on the day, l110l1lh and YI fil1l - wr\uen. and SIGNED. soalod and dell'l8111d by OOUGATOR In lht pre$ante ot; I. 2. SIGNED FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE UPRNNBY presenceol : In lhe to ;f'r. - 'TIT c! '" Jilf.:rcAoft.to \1\"' 1 \,,. ".,I \X'';iO;.til;. :;rim I!, :;..-t f"

108 108 GUARANTEE BONO TO BE EXECUTED BY CONTRACTOR (1) FOR REMOVAL OF DEFECTS AFTER COMPlETION IN RESPECT OF ANTITERIIITE TREATMENT WORKS (On Rs. 100/- sllnlp pal)er} THIS AGREEMENT Is made on... day of between U.P. RajktyaNlrman Nlgam Lld.(He<einaJler c.iled!he UPRNN ""'lch expression shal whereeve< lhe conlell\ so demands or requires, includes their successors In office end migns) acti>g lo< and on behalf of UPRNN of one part, and Mis... Hereilafter caled lhe Co<>lractor (v.lllch expressioo shal wherevef the context so demand$ or reques fncljdes his successors lwld ass,gns) ol lhe other part WHEREAS this agreement is supplemoolary to lhe contract agreement (hereinafter called 'the contract') No... dared... made be1-n the UPRNN on the one pa,t lwld the concractor of!he olhe< pa11, whereby the oontraclor, inter-ala, undtltook lo render fl Buildings and Wuctures In the said contract rendered completely temjle proof. AND WHEREAS lhe contractor ;,greed to give a guaranlee to the effed that lhe said Slruciu!e wih remain Tennile p,oof lor ten yeafl to be reckoned from the date afte<!he maintenance period prescribed in the contract expires. Doong this period of guarantee the con1rador shal mate good al defeds and tor Iha! mailer si\al replace at his risk and cost such wooden membe<s and othe< m.iterials like llmllllrt, books ele as may be maged by 18'1N18 and In case ol any Ofl8< defect b$ng loood he shall render!he buildil\g termite proof at his cost lo!he satisfacbon of!he UPRNN and wl commence lhe wofl<s of such redificalion wllhin seven days from the date of issulng nob from!he UPRNN caling upon hin to recij(y the defecls failing which the work shall be got done by UPRNN lhrcugh some other contractor at 1111 constnlctot's cost and rlsk and In the la1bf ca.e the decision of the comj)any as to lhe cost reco efable tom the oonlrador shal be i nal and bindllg. Thal ii the guaranlllf!ails lo execule!he an6 le<mlle treatment or oommits breach lherea!ler.!hen the gu.vanlor will indemnity the company and his soccessoi$ against all lo$$, damage, oost expenses or otherwise which may be incurred by him by reasons ol any default on!he pa,t of!he GUARANTOR Ill pe,lormanoe and obs8fy11nce of this supj)iemenlaly ag,eement As to lhe amoijiii ol loss and/or damages and or cost lncul!ed by lhe Nlgam,. The ecision c>f lhe Englneer-ln-<:harge v.ill be final and binding on both lt.e pallles. IN WITNESS WHEREOF these presents, have been elcbc\lted by lhe obligalllf... and... by band on behaff ol lhe UPRNN on Ille day, month a11d yea, Im above wrillen. SlGNED, sealed and dellve<oo by OBLIGATOR In!he presence ot SIGNED FOR ANO ON BEHALF Of THE... In the p<esetlc8 ol: UPRNN BY atnd ' :6 i;!l q I ffl ti J.:Jn ftio ' f.j1jft:lo -Al.. "' 1-...: /'((fl\.,..t y..,.,... 01m1 ' c-10 it.;?,dg q;1t_.z

109 109 TO BE EXECUTED BY THE CONTRACTOR FOR REMOVAL OF DEFECTS AFTER COMPlETION IN RESPECT OF INTERNAL ELECTRICAL INST ALLA TIO NS. (On Rs. 100/ slamp paper) This Agreement made lhls day of... Two Thousand.,d..... Belweell soo of... (Therealter caled the 0..aranlo< on lhe Clfl& part) and the MD, U.P. RajkiyaNirman Nlgam Lid. (Thereafter called lhe Nigam on lhe other pa,1). WHEREAS THIS agreement Is supplementary lo a coniact (Hereinafle( called the Coo!racQ daled... and mede belweell lhe GUARANTOR OF THE ONE PART AND lhe N',gam of the other p811 ""'8reby lhe conb'ee1 inlflf alia,..-.dortoolt to render the worf< in lhe said oonll'ael recited structurally s1abl& worf<manshlp, finishing and use of sound materials. AND WHEREAS THE GUARANTOR agreed IO giw a guaranle<l lo lhe afleot that lhe seid worit wl remain s1ruclutaly stable and guaranteed against faulty wor1<manslllp, finishing, manufadt.ring de!ecls of ma1efials and es. etc. NOW THE GUARANTOR hereby guarantee that won< executed by him wll remain structurally stal)t(, afler expiry of mainl!lnance period prescribed In the oonlract fo, lhe minum lile of 02 (Two) year lo be recl<oned from the date after the expiry of maintenance period prmctibed in ltle CClfllract. The decision ol the Englneer-in-(llarge wiltl reganl lo nal\lre and cause of det Shall be lnal. Our'r,g this period ol guaranlee. the guaranlof Shall make good 811 defecls lo the sahfacilon of lhe Ellglneer-ln-charge upon him lo rectify, the detects falling wtich the wsork shal be got done by the Depar1ment by so,ne other conlr8010f el the Guara,,to(s oosl and risl: The decision of lhe Engineer-ln-charge as to the oos payable by the O..aranlor shall be final and bincing. That tt the guarantor Jails lo make good al the delecls, commits braach lheraafter. then lhe guaranlor wil indemnify lhe principal and hit sucoossois against Iii loss, damage, cos1 eltjl8nses o, otl1ww!se...,lch may be lnc:u11ed by him by reasons ol any defauft on the part ol lhe GUARANTOR In pertonnance and observance ol l!le so)llllementary agreeme.1l As to the amount of loss andlo, damages and o, cost lnouned by the Nigam, decision of the Englneer,in,c:ha.'ge YoiJ be final and binding on both the parties IN WITNESS WHEREOF lhese presents, ha'iij been executed by Ille obllgator and... by... lor and on behalf of Ille UPRNN on the day, month and year flrsl above 'ffllen. SIGNED, sealed and depveted by OBLIGA TOR In the pf9$80q8 of: SIGNED FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE... In the prnce of : UPRNN BY 3iNO W., "'1q1ffi 4 n".,,,1, r,,i..m o i;;-2,,.'i".,eioo mmo,lf,1co,im?' :!if.,,,,<lj)!

110 110 TO BE EXECUTED av THE CONTRACTOR FOR REMOVAL OF DEFECTS AFTER COMPLETION IN RESPECT Of WOODEN FLOORS. TRACK&. OTHER WOOD WORKS ( '1 Rs stamp paper) The 1Q1eemen1 made!his day ol Two Thousand and belween sen ol UPRNN (hermlalte< Clllled lhe Nigam ol lhe olher pm.) (hereina!ler.,_ the GURANTOR ol lhe one par1) nf tho WHEREAS llils agreement Is 1o a conacl (HerelneftBr called lhe Comact) dated and made bei'imn lhe GUARANTOR Of THE ONE PART ANO lhe Nigam of Ille ol!ler part. whe<eby the oontreclllr Inter au, und"'1ool< lo mndar lhe - In lhe said corncl,-oiled - rally slable, termll8 pn:,of, - & rte mlsl.w. leak l)ioof and sound material & ship, fixing &finisl*1g. ANO WHEREAS THE GURANTOR egrood lo gl"8 I guaraneee lo lhe affacl lllat lhe said - wlll llffllin slruclunllly Slable, \emllll, proof, water & 6re resislant aod guarante&d against fdy m-1 and workmanship, defec:uve lxlng and finishi'ig for 10 (Ten) yea,a to be,ec,koned 6om tht dale alter lhe axl*'f of mahe._ period prescrl>ed n lhe oonvlci. NOW THE GUARAIO'OR he<eby IIU"f'lntee lhal wort executed by hin will remain Sfflldllrally &able, 1ennilB proof. watar & r,e raslslwll leat proof and gubnlnteed against f"'*y material and worl<mansnp, delaclmi ftu,g and fllllshrig for *' year, lo be red<oned kom lhe date aluw lhe expiy ol maintenance period pmscnbed In the conract. Tho decision ol lhe Engineer arge v.th regard to narure and cause of delecis shal be final. Dllllng this period of gu nae. the gu anlllt shall mate good II defects to lhe satisfaction ol lhe En-ln-chwge 81 his oost aod shall commeoce lhe wm for sucll rec:lilication wltin..., days from lhe date ol issue of Ille nocice kom lhe Engi,ee<-il><llarge collfng upon him lo recllfy lhe defects falling which lhe WOil< shat be got done by lhe Oepam>ent by some olhor comactor 81 the Guaranlofs risl< am oosl The decision ol the Englneer Charve as to lh& cost, payable by the Giarantor shal be 6nal and binding Thal ff the armioi falls to make good all Iha dafw or commits breach ihe<bunde<,!hen Ille gu...,tor \1111 lnde<mly the principal and hls successor against al loss, damage, CO$I expense or.._ise which may be ll1qit8d by him by reason of any delajii on Iha.,..i of the GUARANTOR In performance and observance ol lhls supplo.-y agreement. As to Iha amount of loss and/or damage 8f'od/ot cost incurred by the Nvam, the decision of the Enginee< 4KllllfVO wit be ma and bindi'e OIi both lhe partias. IN WITNESS WHEREOF!hose presents, have bee, execw,d by lhe obi by for and on behen of the UPRNN OIi the d,f. monfl and yea, ilr1i - written. Slgi,ed, S<lelad and Milvered by OBUGA TOR In lhe presence d: and presence of : SIGNED FOR AND ON BEHALF OF llie UPRNN BY In the I. 2.. ir;;'r; ;i;r:i,'"'11 mo t;.1.1,1of.,1roi,irr W1 i{il)' w.>ycf".i),:.1-ro ".",T... nc..::. " ' f'r ir;t

111 111 TO BE EXECUTED BY THE CONTRACTOR FOR REMOVAL OF DEFECTS AFTER COMPlETION IN RESPECT Of ROOFING WORKS (On Rs. 10()/. stamp pape<) The made 1h11 day or Two Thousand end belween son of (henafter called the GURAITTOR of Ille one part) and the UPRNN (hert!lnafter the Nlgarn ol t>e olher part.) WHEREAS THIS ent Is 5'4)Cllemonillfy 10 a oon118ct (liereinalter called t>e Conlraet) dated and made - the GUARANTOR OF THE ONE PART AND Ille Narn o1 the ot,er part. ""8reby Ille conlracto< er al'ra, undetlook to render the WOI\ In the said contract rded stn.aurat, Slable, loal< f)fool, ru t proof, proper joinlif'l. - moisture (:Onfroi c:oio<fing. and finishing and scmd marerial & woomanship ANO WHEREAS THE GURANTOR IQreed lo give a!ll*&ntee IO Ille 8flec:I thll Ille ROid WI'!< wl romoln ewcturaly Slable. loal< f)foof, f\jst proof, prope, joinq, Acouslics, moisll.re control coloumg, and &llslling and guaranteed agailst faulty matbrial and worl<man>hlp tof 15 (Flfleen) yea,1 lo be recltoned om Ille dtlte 8llat the expiry of mm\lanance period f)f8sa1bed In lhe c"'*act. NOW THE GUARANTOR h""'1f guarantee that - e,ecuted by hin will r sltut1urelly Slable. teal< f)fool f)fooi, f)fope< jolnung. Aoootics. moisllle conlloi oolourlng, and flnlsl*,g and guaranteed eganst feuly material and -,,,anship lo, Moon ye;w> 10 be md<oned from the dale after Ille elq)iry ol maintenance period prescribed In the contract. The doclsloo ol the EnglneOf...:harge with ard to naa,re and cause ol defecis >hall be final. During 1tr1s period of guarantee. Iha guarantor lhall malre good.. dalecis to the a.lsfaction of the Englneer;n-charge II his cost and "1al co,nmence Ille wort< lo< such rectlfic.,lioo wiliii..., days lrom the dale ol """" of Ille nooce from Ille Engineer-go e<rlllng upon hin to rdly the dtfacts fllung the work lhall be gee done by lhe DI by aome oe,e, c-11 the GuaranlO(s rl$t and cost. The decision (If Ille Engi>eer-in-eharge a, to Ille oo,;t, payable by the Guarant0< shall be final and binding That, a., gunntot fals to make good all the defecu Of convnlls bleach thereunder. then Ille guo,11'14c< wlll lndgmmy the principal and tis successor agailsl an IDs$, damage, cost exper,se Of otherwise wncll may ba Inc'"'*' by hin by ruson ol any defaai on the part ol the GUARANTOR In penonnanoe end Dl>serv.n:e ol 11.s suppementar, agrwnenl As to the amount DI loss andki damage ond/0< oosl inco.rmd by the Nigam, Ille decision ol lhe Engb,er lr>dlarge wfll ba fln8i and binding oo both the pale$. IN WITNESS WHEREOF these presents, h""9 been exeaaed by Ille obliga10r by lor and oo beha1i ol the UPRNN on the day, monlll and n,.t - written.. Sig...S. sealed and deml9d by OBLIGATOR In the presence ct and --of: SIGNED FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE UPRHN BY In the ffe. 'to 41141'«,.HI! O 'i']n l )f!'!otmi T r-4.: 1:JC\1lm0t '.i'!o.,.,_, llllirt. f

112 112 Form of Performance Security (Guarantee) Bank Guarantee Bond In ooosidetatlon of the UPRNN (l>e<elnaltef called "The Nlgam') haw,g offered lo aocept the lenns and conditions of!ho p,oposed agreement between....and... (Hel9inafter celled 'tie sal<i Contractor(s)') for!he wori<..... (Hereinafte, called "the said agreement') ha'ling agreed lo n of an lrreyocable Bank Guarantee tor Rs (Rupees only) as a securilylguatantee ltom the cootraclor(s) for compliance of l"is ol>llgations In aooordance llith the tetms and oood1tions In the said nt 1. We, (Heteina!IM refertecl lo as 'the Bri') hereby undertake to pay lo the t,llgam an amount not exceeding Rs (Rupees... Only) on demand by the Ni;iam. 2. We ndlcale the name of the Bank) do hereby IA'ldertake lo pay Iha amounts due and ble under this guaranlee wilhoul any demu,e, merely oo a demand too, the Nigam stating that the amount claimed as required lo meet!he recoveries due o, likely IO be due from the said contra<*lr(s). MY such demand made on the bank Shal be concilslve as regards Iha amount due and payable by the bank undel this G<larantae. HoweYef, ou, liabilly under this guarantee shau be reslrided lo an amount not exceedlng Rs (Rupees only) 3. We, fie said bank furthe< undertake lo pay lhe Nlgam any money so demanded notmlhstanding any dlspuee o, disl)utes raised by the cootracl>s) in any suit or p<oceedilg pending be tore any oots1 or Tribunal relating therelo, out liability ooder lhls present being absolute and u'*ium)cal. The payment so made by us uncle< lh1s bond Shall be a valid dlscha<ge ot cur llablity for payment lhereunde< and the Conlraclor(s) sl>al have no claim againsl us b mamg such paymenl 4. We,... (indicate the name ot the Bank) further agree that the guarantee heteln contained shall r In lul and effed during the period that woukl be taken for the perlonnance of the said agreement and that tt shal oontillue to be enforceable bl al the dues of the Nigam under«by vl11!je of the said agreement have been rully paid and ils claims satlslled or clscha[1led or Engir-.Jn- Cne,ge on behaa of the Nlgam certified that the terms and concifions of the said agniement have been fully and properly carried oul by the said Conador(s) and acxordilgly dlsdlar1los this guaiantee. 5. We,... ndicate the nar1111 of the Bank) further agree with the Nigam that the Nlgam Shall have!he flest liberty,.;thoul our coosent and without affe.:ting In eny ma,v,er our obligation he«1ooder lo vary any of the terms and eondlbons of the said agre<lmenl «to exlend lrne ot perlormanoe by tile said Con8Ctor(s) from Ume to time or to postpone fol any time or from time to lime any of the powers exe<cisable by the Nlgam against the said oonllacls) and lo lort)ea, Of enforce any of the terms and coodiuons relating IO the said agreement and we shall not be rllleyed to,n our liabify by reason of any such variation, or extensioo being 113nled to the said Conltacto<(s) or for any Jorl)earance, act of omssion on the part of the Nlgam «any Indulgence by the Nlgam lo the said Conactor(s) «by any such matter Of thing ver v.tiich under the lllw relalilg to Sllreiles would. bu1 for this prowlon, have effect of so relieving us 6. This gua,antee will not be dl9cha,ged due to the change In the constimion of the Sri Of the Conl18Ctor(s). 7. We (lndicale lhe name of the Bank) laslly underlake not to revol<e this gua,antee except with the pl8vious coosenl of the Nigam In v,riting. 8. This guarantee sllall be valid up ID unless &ldeclded on demand by the Nigam. Notvnthslandir19 anyt,ing mentioned above, our llabity agains1 this guarantee Is remc:ted to Rs... (Rupees... ) end unless a claim In writing Is lodged w1th us within six months of the date of expiry or the extended date of expiry ot lhls guarantee al our liabilities under this guaranleo shal stand discharged. Datte! the... day of... fo,... (tndlote tht name of tht Bank) "' «l -'I)<;, tdlt 11."'r- o t:'j. rrnof;.)- ")-.) tsrr "!'". :, ''.ll'u:,,1).1: IO,.._...,,r,i--... rq._.ct f....,,,,- '..,..,, h

113 113 Form of Earnest Money Deposit Bank Guarantee Bond (To be executed on non judicial stamp paper of Rs ) WHEREAS, contractor... (Name of coob'aclor) (henmafter called 111$ coob'aolor') has submil1ed his lender dated... _ (date) for Ille conslhlclion of (name of worl<) (hereinafler called '1he Tendef) KNOW ALL PEOPlE by lhese presents lhat we... (name of bank) having our reglste<ed office at... (heninaller called 'Ile Bari<') are bound unlo... (Name Md unit of Projed Manager) (hereinafte< caited 'the Engineer-ln-Cha,ge') in lhe sum of Rs.... (Rs. In words... ) for»llich payment well and truly lo be made to the said Engineer-in, Cllatge the Bank binds ilsell, his sucoess01s Md assigns by these presenls. SEALED w,lh 1he Common Seal of the said Bank 1lli$... dayol THE CONDITIONS of lhls dlliga1ion are: (1) II after tender opening Ille Contmctor wi1mraws, his lender di.wing 1he period of vaflddy or teodef (idjding extended vaidlty of tender) Sl)eCilled In the Form of Tender; (2) If Ille contiactor having been nolltied of 1he acceptance of his tender by the Englneer-ln-O>arge: (a) (b) Fails or refuses IO execute the Form of Agreement in BCC10tdance with Ille lnstruclio<\s lo contractor, ii required, OR Falls o, refuses to 11.msh lhe Performance Gulwantee, In aocx)(dance with Ille provisions of tender documen. and lnslruclio<\s lo conactor, We undertate lo pay lo lhe Engineer-m-Olarge either up to the above amount or part!hereof upon n,ceipt of his list \'ofitmn demand, wilhout lhe Englneer-ln-Olarge haw,g lo substan6ates his demand, pro-med that In his demand the Eogo,eer-in-Cha \\Oil note lhal the amount claimed by his is due lo him owing IO the occum!l1ci! of one or any of the above conditions. specifying!he oocurred condition or condilons. This Guarantee wll re<naln in force up to and lrdjding lhe date'... after Ile deacline for submission of tender as sud! deadline ls staled In the lnslrucuons to conlracio< or as l may be ex1ended by the Englneef-ln Chatge, no6ce o! whl:h eldmsion{s) to lhe Bank is hereby wammi. Any demand in respect of lhis Guarantee should reach the Bank not laler lhan!he above date DATE..... SIGNA TVRE OF THE BANK WITNESS... SEAL (SIGNATURE. NAME ANO ADDRESS) oaie to be WO<ked out on the basis o! validity period of 6 monlhs ltorn last date of receipt of tender. $ ;m').;;;.. fflh W.,; r.jo.:u\: Joft1+t. \;OW'.oor... I o ft;;;;_,-.,.,..., (.- '.{)I, p:pi...

114 114 BANK GURANTEE FOR MOBILISATION ADVANCE (On noicial paper or an appropriate val\je) To, The Managing Director, U.P. RaJdyaNinnan N'igam Ud.. VishveshwaralyaBhawan, Vibhutll<hand, Gomti Hagar, Lucknow. Subject:----- (Name ol work and Contract No.) Dear Sir, 1. In consideralioo ol the U.P. RajkiyaNirman N'igam Ud. (hereinafter called as the UPRNN Ud, wllich expression shall Include his suocess011 and assigns) havilg agreed under lhe lerms & conditions of Contract dated... (Hereinafter called the Conltac:1) to make at the request of the contractor there under a lump wm advance of Rs... for utiizing It for Jhe purposes of the said contract on its furnishing a guarantee acceptable to UPRNN lld, 2. We the... Bank having its branch offw:e at... (hereinaft8' referred to as the Bank or the said Bank) a Company under the CompanlesACI, 1956and having our registered office at... do hereby guaiantee lhe repayment and recovery of the said advance together with inl8'est thereon as provided according to the terms and conditions of the said oontract. tt tho ocntra r falls to utilize the said advance for the purposes or the said contract and/or the said advance together with interest thereon as aforesaid is nol fully recovered by the UPRNN lld. we... Bank, hereby unoondiionally and Irrevocably Unde11ake to pay to the UPRNN Lid on demand and without demur or protest to the extern of the said sum of Rs... with interest any claim made the UPRNN Lid. on us against nonutmsatlo!\lmi$-utillsatton of the said advance and/of reason of the UPRNN Ltd. nol being able to reooyer in ful the said sum ol Rs... with int8'est as aforesaid. 3. We... Bank ft.11her agree that the UPRNN Ltd shall be the sole Judge ol and as to whetller Jhe ocntractor has utiized or not utiized the said advance or any part Jhereol for lhe purpose of Jhe said oontract and/or as to whether the advance or any par1 thereof v.ilh interesl has been recovered o, not and the rvtding of the UPRNN Lid In this regard shall be final and binding on us. 4. We, the said Bank further agree that the Guarantee herein contained shaft remain In Jul folce and effect during the period that would be taken for the perf01111ance ol lhe said oonuact and tnl the said advance has been July recovered and Its claims satisfied or discrnlrged and till the UPRNN Ltd cer!jf,es that the said advance with interest has been fully recoveted from the oontractois. 5. The UPRNN Lid shall have the fullest liberty withoul affecting in any way the liability of the said Bank under this guarantee or indemnity from time to time lo vary any ol the terms and conditions of the said Contrac:I o, the advance o, to extend lime ol performance by the Contractor or to postpone for any time and from time to time any of the po-s el(ercisable by It against the said Contractor and either to contract or the advance or securities available to the UPRNN Ltd and the said Bank shall not be released from its liablli1y under these presents any exercise by the UPRNN ltd ol the fiberty with reference to the matter aforesaid or by reason of time being given to the said Contractor/o, any forbearance, act o, omission on Jhe part of the UPRNN Ltd or any indulgence by the UPRNN Lid to the said Contractor or of an-alhef mar or thing whatsoever which A an-o -.,.,,..-" "'r" rḟ -, VnJ1t in,r,.- "' 1; -.>ft"'fq''"\ll I'(,1 ";':fttrn\:j "'Ji, -.. i') =ft. A... =.<v,_..... """.o,.,.,f,1,f' -,,..,,or,..,,.,..,...,,, i'-'4\ol!""

115 115 under lhe law relating lo surelles would but I01 lhls p1ovlslon have the effect of so releas.ig the said Bank from tts said labillty. 6. The Bank hereby waives all rights al any lime Inconsistent with I.he teims ol this Guarantee and the obligations of the Bank in terms heraor shal not be in any way affected or suspended by reason of any dispute 01 disputes having been raisg<i by the affected or suspended by reason of any dispute or disputes having been raised by lhe Contl8ctor (whethe, or not pending bef()(8 any Atbitrator, Tribunal or Court) 0< any denial or fiablhty by the Contractor stoppng or p10venting or purporting to stop or prevent 8/IY payment by the Bank to the UPRNN Ltd in terms thereof. 7. The amount staled in any notice of demand addressed by the UPRNN Ltd to the Bank as liable lo be paid lo the UPRNN Ltd, by Ille Contractor sham be ooncluslve evidence of the amo\llt so liable to be paid to the UPRNN ltd by the Bank. 8. This guarant8illundertaklng shan be in addition to any othe, guarantee or secury whatsoever that the UPRNN Ltd may now 01 any btne may ilave in relation to the Contractor's obligations or liabitllies under and/or in conooction with the said Contract, and the UPRNN ltd shal have full authority to have recourse to 0< enforce this security In p1eferenoe to any othe, guarantee or security which the UPRNN Ud may have or obtain and no folbearance on the pall or the UPRNN Ltd in enforcing or requiring enforcement ol any other security shall have the erfect to releasing the Bank from as rull liabllily he<eundet 9. It shaa not necessary for the UPRNN Ud to pt00eed against the said Contractor before pt00eeding against the Bank and the guarantee herein contained shall be enro,ceable against the Bank notwithstanding thal any security which the UPRNN Ud may have obtain rrorn the Contraclor shal at the lime when ptoceedings ate taken against the said Bank hefeundet be outstanding or urvealized. 10. We the said Bank undenake that we shall pay ro,thwlth the amotmt stated In the notice 0< demand notwi\llstanding any dispute/difference pending between 1he parties before the art>itrat ' and/or that any dispute is being rerafflld to arbitration. 11. We, the said Bank undertake not io revoke this guarantee during ls currency except wi1h the consen1 of the UPRNN Ltd in writing and agree that any change in 1he Constitution of the said Contractor 0< the said Bank shall not discha,ge our liability hereunder. 12. This guarantee/undertaking shall be a oontinuing guaranteelundertaldng and shal remain valid and irrevocable ror a claims ol lhe UPRNN Lid and ffabililles ol the ContractO< arlsi,g upto and until midnight ol Notwithstanding anything oontained herein above, our liablllty under this guarantee shall be restricted to Rs... abng with interest due thereon (Rs... ) with Interest and this guarantee sha remain in rul fo,ce till... And unless a claim is made on us witllin 3 months from the date i.e berore... all the claims under this guarantee shal be forfeited and we shal be relieved of and discharged rrom 001 liabilitles hereunder. Dated...,... Day of... :2015 F0< and on beha of Bank. tssood undet seal p 1 :. "\ ' 'l'.lo!lol!oi' ;:,,?:'r1ic!o C, -"' c - J;,,-...,.,....,.. ti,..:. ', "I

116 116 INDENTURE FOR SECURED ADVANCES (On Rs. 100stamppape1) (For use in cases in which the cootraa is for finished wol1< and the contractor has entered into an agreement for the execu1lon of a certain specified quantity of work In a given time) THIS INDENTURE made the..... day of BETWEEN (hereinafter caled the Contractor which expression shal where Ille contexl so admhs or implies be deemed to Include his executors admillstralois and assigns) of the one part and the UPRNN LTD (hereinafter caled the Nigam which expression shall whe,e the coolex1 so admits or implies be deemed to include his sucoessois in office and assigns) of the other part. WHEREAS by an agreement dated... (hereinafter called the said agreement) the Contractor has agreed AND WHEREAS the Contractor has applied to the Nlgam that he may be allowed advances on the secunty of materials absomely belonging to him and brought by h'm to the site of the wori<s the subject of lhe said agreement for use In the coostructlon of such of the works es he has undertaken to GJ<8CUle at rates fixed for the finished work (inclusive of the cost of materials and labour and other cl1arges) AND WHEREAS the Nigam has agreed to advance to the Contractor the sum of Rupees... on the security of materials the quantities and other particulars of which ate detailed in Accounts of SeclJred Advances attached to the Running Account Bui for the said works signed by the Contractor on... and the Nigam has rese<ved to himsett the option of mamg any further advance or advances on the security of othef malenals brought by the Contractor to the site of the said WOfks. Now THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH that In pursuance ol the said agroement and In consideration of the sum of Rupees or before the execution ol lbese presents paid k> the Contractor by the Nigam (the r8c8ip4 whereof the Contractor doth hereby llcmowledge) and of such further advances (d any) as may be made lo him as aforesaid the Contractor doth hereby covenant and agree will the Nigam and declare as follows: - (1) That the said sum of Rupees so advanced by the Nigam to the Contractor as aforesaid and all or any further sum or sums advanced as aforesaid shall be employed by Ille Contractor In or towards expediting the execu1lon of the said W01ks and for no other purpose wha1soever. (2) That the materials detailed in the said Aooounl ol Secuted Advances which have been offered to and accepted by the Nigam as security are absokrtely the Conlraclor's own property and free from encumbrances of any kind and the contractor not make any application for or receive a further advance on the security of materials which are not absofu1ely his own p,operty and free from encumbrances of any kind and the Contractor Indemnifies the Nigam against all clams to any materials In respect of which an advance has been made to him as aforesaid. (3) Thal the materials detailed in the said Aooount of Secuted Advances and al other materials on the securily of which any fllther advance or advances may hereafter be made as a/oresald (hereinafter caled lhe said materials) shall be used by the Contractor solely in the GJ<ecU1oo of the said works in accordance with the directions ol the Projeci Manage,... Untt (herelnaft01 called the Project Manager) 8/ld In 1he tenn of the said agreement (4) Thal the Contractor sllall make al his own cost all necessary and adequate arrangements f0t the proper watch, sale custody and protection against al risks o( the said materials and that until used in conslajction as aforesaid the said materials shall remain at the site of the said works in the Contracto(s custody and on his own responsibility and sl\al al all times be open to Inspection by the Project Manager or any officer au1horlsed by him. In the event of the said materials or any part thereof being stolen, destroyed or damagoo or becoming deteriorated in a greater degree than is due to reasonable use and wear thereof the Contractor will forthwith replace the same wllh other materials of like quality or repair and make good the same as required by the Project Manager. ;;nm J!!lqiffl4 3ffi'IZJl ftro,iohcrilqfllqf.tro 'l1'r..i id.,ft.lo... r.;-:t -;i't.;.,.,...,... '1 - I 'I,.

117 117 (5) That lhe said materials shall nol on arry accounl be removed from Iha slle of the said wotks excepc with the written pem,lssioo of the Project Managef or an officer au111orised by him on Iha! behalf. (6) That lhe advances sllatl be repayable in full when or before lhe Contractor receives paymenl from lhe Nigam ol the price payable lo him for lhe said woocs under lhe lenms and provisions ol lhe said agreement Provided lhal W any Intermediate paymenls are made to the Conlractor on account ol work done lhan on lhe occasion ol eacll such payment the N",gam will be al liberty lo make a recovery from lhe Contractor's biu for such payment by deduclillg lhere from lhe value of lhe said materials then actually used in lhe construction 811d in respect of which recovery has not been made previously, the value for lhls purpose being delenmined in respect ol each description of materials at the rates at which lhe amounls of the advances made under lhese fll8sents were calculated. (7) That W the Contractor shall al any lime make any defaott In the pelforrnance or observance in any respect ol any ol the lenms and provisions ol lhe said agreement or of these presents the total amount of the advance or advances lhat may stl be owing lo lhe Nlgam shal Immediately on the happenr,g of such defaul1 be repayable by lhe Contractor to the Nlgam logelhef v.ilh interest thereon al twelve per cent per annum from lhe date or respeotive dates ol such advance or advances lo lhe date of repayment and wlih all oasis chariies. damages and expenses incurred by lhe Nlgam In or lo< the recovery thereof or lhe enforcement of lhis socooty or otherwise by reason of lhe default of the Conlractor and the Conmor hereby c;ovenanls and agrees with the Nlgam to repay and pay the same respectively lo him accordingly. (8) That the Contractor hereby charges al the said materials v.ilh lhe repayment 10 the Nigarn of the said sum of Rupees... and any further sum or sums advanced as afores.iid and all costs cllarges, damages and expenses payable under lhese pcesenls PROVIDED ALWAYS and Is hereby agreed and declanld Iha\ notv.ilhslanding anything ii lhe agreement and withoul pcejudice to tile powers oonlained!herein ff and whenever the c;ovenanl for payment and repayment herein before c:ontatnad shall become enforceable and lhe mooey owing shau not be paid ii accordance therev.ilh 1he Nigam may al any lime!hereafter adopl all a< any ol lhe following courses as he may deem besl :- (a) Seize and utilise Iha said malerials or any part thereof In lhe complelion of the said woocs on behaw of the Contractor in accordance with lhe provisions in lhal behaw oontalned i1 lhe said agreemenl debiting lhe ConlractOI with lhe actual cost of effecting such complellon and lhe amounl due i1 respect of advances under these presenls and credrting lhe Contractor with lhe value of work done as I he had carried It oul in accordance with the said agreement and al lhe rales!hereby provided. If lhe balance ls againsl lhe Conlractor he is lo pay same lo lhe Nigam oo demand. (b} Remove and sed by pubic auction lhe selzed malerials or any part!hereof and out of lhe moneys arising from lhe sale retain all lhe sums aforesaid repayable or payable lo the Nigarn under these pcesents and pay over the 6Urplus (ff any) to lhe Conlraclor. (c} Deduct al a< any part of lhe moneys owing out of the S8C1Jrily deposa or any sum due to lhe Con1racl0< undet the said agreement (9) Thal excepl In the event of such defauft on the part ol lhe Conlraelor as aforesaid inleresi on the said advance shal nol be payable. (10) Thal in lhe event of any conllicl belween lhe provisions of these fll8s8nls and lhe said agreemenl lhe provisions of lhese presents shah prevai and in the evenl of any dispute ' difference arlsr,g over lhe c:onstructlon or effect of these presenls Ille selllernent ol which has not been herein befofe expressly provided for the same shall be referred lo lhe SuJ)()iinlendlng Engineer....zone whose decision shal be rina1 and the provision of lhe Indian Asbilralion kl la< the lime being in force shat apply to any such reference. In wit.ness whereof the said and... by lhe o,der and under lhe dectlon of the Nigam have hereunto set lhei- respective hands lhe day and year fi'sl above written. Signed, sealed and delivet8d by ,!!ro t11r.i,, o " "'"1()/"of)i., qr<h\'11qr l q 'C011!N1TJf". ii'lor.>ro.,.iii,<!,; I, l ol<tt-c

118 118 the said contractor in the presence ol Signature.... Witness Name..... Address..... Signed by.... by the ordei and dectioo ol lhe Nigam in the presence of Signature..... Whness.... Name Address.... P Ok 'Ti 11>nr-ffl o i301c,;, f.lof.loo t,,!t,.(k...- r,, vl,":mr1!'jf. :::-;"jq f)r-,; f; 1!4Ji : ' f-;-..;t:

119 119 APUCATION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME (To be completed by the Contractor) PART-I 1. Name of Contractor 2. Name of Work as given In the Agreement 3. Agreement No. 4. Estimated amount put to tendflf' 5. Date of commencement of work as per agreement 6. Period allowed for completion of work as per agreement 7. Stipulated date of completion of work as per agreement 8. Time extension previously approved (If any ) Extension Granted Months Oays a) First extension vlde General Manager letter no. Dated, b) Second extension vlde General Manager letter no. Dated, c) Third extension vlde General Manager letter no. Dated. d) Fourth extension vlde General Manager letter no. _ Dated. 9. Reasons for which extension have been prevlously given (copies of the previous appllcatlon should be attadled) 10. Period for which extensk>n Is applled for: 11. Hindrances on account of which extension Is applfed for with dates on which hindrances occurred, and the period for which these are llkely to last. a) 5erlal No. b) Nature of hindrance b) Date of Occurrence c) Period for which it Is likely to last e) Period for which extension required for this particular hindrance. f) Over lapping period, If any, with reference to Item k 3ffiO "to qj'f<i ij '(II f>,,, Jlfl'l<l-m o, ' 1: P.rof.loo ;; ;.. '300"',"';; 1. il:c' q "'# -, l.fll-:i. -< - --= 1:t;,\'I,,,

120 120 g) Net extension applied for h) RemarkS, if any Total period for which extension Is now applied for on account of hindrances mentioned above... MonW days. 12. Extension of time required for extra work 13. Details of extra wor1< and on the amount Involved: a)total value of extra work b) Proportionate period of extension of time based on estimated amount put to tender on account of extra work. 14. Total extension of time required for 12 & 13 Submitted to the Engineer-In-Charges office. DATE SIGNAl\JRE OF CONTRACTOR L <:'l'o ijt\&1«1,wi.., 31f.1tRI! o ;,o<;. ".lf-mo t.ft v n:fl,. voi;rcrn :.,o: ::10 nt. -;r.t

121 121 APPUCATION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME ( PART JI) 1. Date of receipt of appllcauon from Contractor for the work In the Engineer-In-charge office. 2. Acknowledgement Issued by Englneer-ln charge vlde his letter No. djj:ed J. Engineer-In-charge remarks regarding hindrances mentioned by the Contractor. I) Serial No. i) Nature cl hindrance ii) Date of occurrence of hindrance Iv) Perlod for which hindrance, Is likely to last v) Extension of time period applied for by the contractor vi) Over lapping period, If any, giving reference to Items which over lap vii) Net period for which extension Is recommended. viii) Remarks as to why the hindrance occurred and Justlflcatlon for extension recommended. 4. Englneer ln charge recommendations. The present progress of the work should be stated and whether the work is likely to be completed by the date up to which extension has been applied for. If extension of time Is not recommended, what compensation is proposed to be levied under the agreement. SIGNATIJRTE OF ENGINEER-IN-CHARGE APPROVAL OF GENERAL ;q; '<ii r.io s1caj.,,!lrof.!ofl'lo o/ ""--'"'- " -. ',Nf,7- t1.;: t...:f,l \lor.or "'f.'lr.. 'IO, t.1*ti " -.. {

122 122 PROFORMA FOR EXTENSION OF TIME Part Ill To Name Address of the Contractor Sob: Dear Sir(s) With reference to yoor letter no. _ dated, In connection with the grant of ex1enslon of time for completion of the work The date of comple1ion for the above mentioned work, is... as I all 1 in the 19reemen dated... Ex1ension of time for completion of the above mentioned work is granted upto without l)rejudice to the right of the UPRNN to recover compensation for delay In accordance with the provision made in Clause of the said agreement dated the _ / _ / _. It is also clearly understood that the UPRNN shall not cons.ider any revision 1n contract price or any other compensation v.tlatsoever doe to grant of this extension. Provided that notwithstanding the extension hereby granted, time is and shall still continue to be the essenoe of the said agreement. Yours faithfully, FOR UPRNN LTD. - 3IRi),;b qf'h'lil ' ui'r!rn fto \Jllll...ftro -crr-lp-'n '!R",,'6 ""'"",11. >1u( ' r]', "' "'A j\,i,.,\'..._ J,., -:,,... -.' ,,, "-i'>...

123 123 CERTIFICATE OF HANDING OVER OF BUILDING (To be prepared in quadrupficate) 1. Name of the building with short desaiption such as RCC/CGI Roof, number of toilets, bathrooms etc. i) ii) iii) Iv) 2. Plinth area of each building i) ii) Iii) iv) J. Details of electrical fittings i.e. Main Switches, Nos. of fans., tubes & lights pendants etc In each building. (the make & type, size of fan, tubes etc. shall also be given with guarantee cards, ff any, duly signed by the C.A.) & line diagram of concealed wiring. 4. Details of water supply fittings such as taps, washbasins, closets etc. lo each building. 5. A line diagram of the layout of the water supply system, showing the position of sluice valve/fire Hydrants and the type and size of pipes laid shall be given. 6. A line diagram of the sewerage system showing the material, size, invert levels etc of sewer lines, manholes. septic tanks and the capacity and frequency of cleaning of septlc tanks shall be given. 7. Details of guarantee/warrantee certificates of various equipments/machinery used. 8. As built drawings of work. Additional sheets may be used for furnishing detailed information. $ fl at'<o _,aq1q4 n,,...rro ('::;-:rrof.;3f.:,jf;::o TlfrJri'.. il <li/i un.tt.1t.. Mo!....i r.,, 1! ih,. f,-;..:

124 124 Mile stones of the Contract SI. Description of mli. stone Porlod IOI No. completion from date of start In months 1 2months Total work done not less than 200 lacs. 2 Total work done no4 less than 3501acs. 3 months 3 Total work done not less than 5001acs 4months 4 Total work done not less than 650.lacs. 5months 5 Complete work (Clvll + Electrfc1t) 6 Months Wtthheld amount for nonachievement ol mile stone. 1 % of the accepted tendered value. 1 % of the accepted tendered value. 0.5% of the aocepted tendered value. 0.5% or the aocepted tendered value. 0.5% or the accepted tendered value. v _: k tlfx,,.,,..:.. 1:nft\Pfs '30W;. r.,1 folo ftr:r,r -- J.

125 125 SECTION 8-3 NameofWork:CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARIKRAMA STHAL AT DISIT. CHITRAKOOT SCHEDULE 'A,.S' Sub Section 8 3:1.E.I. WORKS& SOUND SYSTEM (SH: Internal Electrical Installation& SOUND SYSTEM) Referenoe to Geneial Conditions or oonm PROFARMA OF SCHEDULES (SH: Pdg. I.EJ) E,timated cost of WOlil: I) Eamttt money: ff) Porfonnanct Guarantee: Iii) Security deposit: GENERAL RULES & OIRECTIONS Elecirical llems of Wor1< Rs LACS nd lc at ed In Schtdult A-6 of Civil component Alr11dy Included ln clym eo,nponenl All'lldy Included ln cmi componenl Office< lnvling lender. General Manlg0</Project Menlgtr, SCHEDULE A-6 Reference to General Conditions ol conract. DeOnhlons 2(v) Engineer-In harge For Electrical llems of Wor1c Project Manager (Elecll1cal) 2(vli) AoeepSng Aulloty M.D. UPRNN 2(Xf) 2(xli} Standard Schedui. of Rates: Electrical ilemsofwork: patnent UP. PWOICPWOSchedu1e or rates U.P.R.N.N. Ud. 9(1) Standard contracl Form: S.ame at In cfvll compon.en.l Clausal I) Time allowed lor submission or Performance Guarantee om ll1e date or issue of Jette, of acceplance Same as In clvl compontnl Clause 3 C1ause4 Aulhonty for fixing Compensa5on under Clause 3 I) Numbet ol days from Ile dale of issue of letter of aoceplan<:e for reckonilg dale of start Gtnerll Mlnagt< ( Eltclrieal) Alr11dy.,,ntioned In clvll coffll)onlnl ii),a,, V c-ii-:o 1«\ i,;-;::::;., al Alreody mentioned ln <Ml component. VT,...fli i,{\lr «f.:-j; '10?.!o r, I

126 126 AullOflty lo d$<:jde Exlenslon of time Gentnl Mon-(Eloctrical) I) Rescheduling of mile slones G n11ii Manlgtr ( Eteclllttl) Mlle stone(s) As per construction programme Same mile slooes shall be applicable for d>il as wel as elecirical parl$ of the wor1t es ellached. The eleciricel (X)lltteclo( will ensure 1"81 electrlcal components of the work are exeaited fn time without giving MY chance for slippage ol mite stones oo account of delay fn execution of assoclaled ei«*1cal wor1<s by him. However In case mile stones are not achieved by the coonotor lol lhe p,cjecl the amount kl tie wilhheid unde, clause 4 of the conlracl will be done by the P.M. (C) ooly and not by P.M. (E}. Clauso 10 Gross wor1< lo be dooe klgether with!mil paymenvadjustmetll or adviwices } IOI material <Xlllected, if any, silce the last such payment for being eligible Rs. lacs to lnfllrim payment Clause11 (ii) WhetherClause11(ii)shallbeappllcable Yes/No lli CtauH16 Spedflcatlon to be followed fo} UP PWO/CPWO General Spedlicalion 2013 (Part Q fniecnal amended execution of work: upkl dale Clause 21 Clause 34 SI. Minimum No Quaiflcalion Technical Renl.'ltiYe 1 For Electrical Kerns of Work: Competent Authority for O.cldlng reduced rates: General Manage< ( ElectricaQ Rate al v.!lich ieccvery shall be made from tile conlraclor in the event of not Mfilling provision ol Clause 34 Pe< persoii Designation of ' (Principal 1-( T echnlcautechnical Ji representative i.. Figures (Rs. Pel -sonl Graduate Englneet Elect Principal Technical ,000/ pm Fcwty Thousand or Representative years WOids {Rs.Pern\ Oipoma Enginee< Eled Technical ,000/- pm wenty n,... Thousand Representative years Assistant Engineers retired '" Government semces lhal are holding Dlplorna will be treated al par wilh Gladuate Engineer... Diploma holder with minimum 10 yea, relevant expenenoe with a reputed oonson oo. can be tre.lted at p.v with Gladuate Englnee<s ror the purpose of sucl1 deployment subject kl the condition that sucl1 diploma holders should not exceed 50% or requirement of degree engr,eers. Clause 'ST For Electrical Items of Work: Clause50 l ist of mandatory machine,y, tools & plants to be deployed by Ile coolrac1or at 5lte. ConstitutlonofOlsputeRedressCommlrtee The sole Arbitrator shall be appointed by the Managing Director of U.P.RN.N. Ud., Lucknow Ii-- am!) ;jo,,f{q1,fflii '{\'.IJf.14, ;,,-;;r..m.,.,.., '"'l"', I;"-,\ \.. ') 1;'.,."),,,. - ';f ',! i'tjcf,' i,ol1s,.. P:,o fr:.: q,1,,;.

127 127 List of mandatory machinery, tools and plants & testing Equipment to be deployed by the contractor at site 1. Steel/Aluminium Ladder 1.5 m lo 8 m. 2. Chase cutting machines. 3. Electrical wire drawing equipment. 4. Torque wrench for nut/bolvscrews.. 5. Conduit diesel. 6. Pipe vice. 7. Benell vice. 8. L.T. Meggar 500/1000 volts. 9. HT 11KV.f33 KV magger 10. Tong Tester. 11. Multimeter. 12. Hydraulically operated & hand operated crimping mac/line. 13. Earth tester.. r.,,r. ;;,r,r.r 1\:1., '30TI f;r,"$. 1<1'0 f<t,,!,..,t fill...: Portable Ordinary drilling mac/line. 15. Portable Hammer drilling machine. 16. Overhead conduit puller. fl- -- <ml).r,o, ffl.. "Tl fllo 1:1oq1mJi":of::i!Ro o/ 1 )\-!{'O_ " i f.lo;1':t,o R..,J :tn&. --:*G ft

128 128 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING [M.O,U) BETWEEN 1) MIS [Name of the finn with full address., _ Enlistment Status Valid Upto:!Henceforth called the main contractor] And 21 MIS (Name or the finn with full address) Enlistment Status Valid Upto:!Henceforth, called Associated Electrical Contractorj Name of Work: CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA & PARIKRAMA STHAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOT (SH:-lntemal Ele<:triflcation work& SOUND SYSTEM) (Internal Electrification work Component only) as per schedule, specifications, terms and conditions or the tender. We state that M.O.U. between us will be treated as an agreement and has legality as per Indian Contract Act (amended upto date) and the department (UPRNN) can enfoic8 all the lenns and conditions or the agreement for execution or the above work. Both of us shall be responsible for the execution of work as per the agreement to the extent of this MOU allows. Both the parties shall be paid consequent to the execution as per agreement to the extent this MOU pennils. In case of any dispute, either of us will go for meditation/arbltration to the M.D. U.P.R.N.N. Ltd.. His decision shall be final and binding on both of us.we have agreed as under : 1- The electrical contractor shall be liable for disciplinary action if he failed to discharge the actlon(s) and other legal action as per agreement besides forfeiture of the security deposit. 2- All the material, machinery and equipments, tools and tackles required for execution or the electrical works. As per agreement shall be the responsibility or the eleclrical contractor. 3- The site staff required ror lhe electrical work shall be arranged by lhe electrical contractor as per terms and conditions of the agreement. SIGNATURE OF MAIN CONTRACTOR Date Place SIGNATURE OF ASSOCIATED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Date Place COUNTERSIGNED PROJECT MANAGER(,..., =ilr A,/ " ;,:iomr,:ar-:,i::r""11 t' fl f1ll't.j ll '"l/$...,..., (. \)1)1;:)'$:f":. '"', rno -, d..'"......,"". 11 I,,' "'

129 U9 WILINGNESS CERTIFICATE Name of Wor1c CONSTRUCnOH & DEVELOPMENT OF BHAJAN SAHDHYA & PARJKRAMA $THAL AT DISTT. CH/TRAKOOT (SH:-lnternal Elect.riflcat.lon work & SOUND SYSTEM) I hereby give my willingness to work as electrical contractor for lhe above mentioned work. I will execole lhe work as per specifications and conditions for the agreement and as per direction of lhe Engineer-in-charge. Also I will employee full time lechnically qualified supervisor for lhe wori<s. I will attend inspection of offk:ers of the departmenl as and when required. Date : Signature of Contractor <ta 6.1=tt1 '{l!ll: I fil'lf'l'fl ftlo '1 0.iJr-tor..o..:i'!Olt;T 'fr.f"ir'!..,.,.,.,j", '<.,"' '"".hnii..,...,,.,.j(iv I..,_-' - "4. :1 1 """ ""' l'l"l">e,..., f

130 130 ADDITIONAL SPECIFICATION FOR INTERNAL E.I. 1- The work shall be carried out strictly In accordance with UPRNN specifications for Electrical Works 2013 and in accordance with Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, Indian Electricity Act, 2003 as amended upto date and as per insljuctions of the Engineer-in-Charge including as below and nothing will be paid extra. (a) All material shall be got approved from Engineer-in-Charge before use. One sample flavbay shall be made for approval or final location of switch boards/ fillings etc. and then only work shall be executed in other flats/bays. All damages clone to the building during execution of Electrical work shall be the responsibility or the contractor and the same will be made good Immediately at his own cost to the satisfaction or the Engineer-In Charge. Any expenditure incurred by the department in this condition shall be recovered from the contractor and decision or the Engineer-in-Charge about recovery shall be final. (b) All hardware items such as screws, thimbles, G.I. wires etc. which are essentially required ror completing an item as per specifications will be deemed to be included in the item even when the same have not been specifically mentioned. All hardware materials such as nuts/bolls/screws/ washers etc. lo be used in the work shall be zlnc/cadmium plated iron. (c) CONDUIT LAYOUT shall be prepared by contractor and got approved berore execution of work. In case contractor does not do so before start of work, 2(two)% of tendered amount of IEI shall be made rrom the bill. Minimum No. of Junctions to be kept, & ii required Junctions to be kept underneath the fitting locations in corridor/rooms so that junctions are not visible alter fittings are fixedfln position. Drop or conduit shall be well planned w.r.l location or fitting/0.8. and crisscrossing lo be avoided. All chases in walls shall be cyt using electrical chisels/cutters. For this purpose electricity shall be arranged by contractor. In case contractor fails to do chase cutting by electrical chisels/cutters and resorts to manual methods, a recovery of Rs.50/- per point shall be made from contractofs bill. Whenever point wiring Items is executed in casing capping system PVC box or make approved byuprnnshall be provided in place of MS box. In case cable in the lift shalt is also to be fixed, contractor shall have lo liaison with CIVILJLilt agency to make use of the scaffolding provided by them. (d) Any conduit Which is not lo be wired by the contractor shall be provided with GI fish wire ror wiring by some other agency subsequently. Nothing extra shall be paid for the same. Copper wire upto 4 sqmm. may be single stranded or multi stranded whereas wires above 4 sqmm. shall be mullilranded conductor. Termination of multi-stranded conductors shall be done using crimping type thimbles at both the ends. Nothing extra shall be paid for the same. e) All metal boxes to be applied primer and painted, then only should be installed else per point should be made from contractor's bill. Boxes shall have socket arrangement for tightening screws. Instead or simple holes in M.S. sheet. Boxes shall be again painted at the lime of wiring. (Q For Submain Wiring, Cour ifferenl phase z eulral (R.Y.B. black) lo be maintainedr./tjiv. circuit wiring, wiring for f, ring for m done with dttrer8l)i' mlnurs foay ;ifff?i. ftl,:m o,,1v,r., 1!{!l u" "GO!l'<Rro; o -, >:mw,?;:-,;,">-,

131 131 identification. Wiring for neutral shall be done with black colour and all connections to fans & fittings wherever visible shall be made with white PVC insulated copper wire or wherever cover sleeve may be provided. At Switch board, Switch shall be fixed In a logical manner w.r.t. fittings layout. (g) Unless specif1eally approved by Project Manager _, loose wire box, above OB shall not be provided however DB's shall have loose wire box of same make. All connections to MCB's shall be made using thimble/lugs. All DB's lie incoming & outgoing MCB's shall be suitably numbered with PAINT for location/circuits. OB shall be fixed in recess suitably (30 mm. approx. projected from unptastered wall) to ease opening of door. Top of OB to match with door frame height as per site conditions. (h) (i) Phenolic laminated sheet shall be of Egg white colour. and shall be filed/rounded al edges and of minimum 3mm thick. All fittings and fans should be property earthed through the protective conductor. Provision of earth bars in main boards, earth terminal block in DB's & earth studs in all metal boxes shall be made, connection to this stud shall be c:limped. A clamp type termination should be made in the termination of earth strips (where provided) lo pipe electrodes to provide surface type contact. 0) The earthing shall be carried out in the presence of the Engineer-in-charge or his authorized representative. (k) (I) (m) (n) The size at switch box for providing Modular Plate type Switch/Sockets shall be property settled lo lake care of all necessary switches/screws/fan regulatol's. Blanking plate If required shall also be provided at no extra cost. For point wiring in steel conduit all piano type switch or all modular type switcheslsocketslletephooe oullelslt.v. outlets shall be of make approved by UPRNN. Whenever supply items like fans & fittings etc. are also included in the Schedule of work, such items shall be executed only after completion of at least 75% of the wiring items. The contractor shall make his own arrangement at his own cost for electrical/ general tools and plants required for the work. 2- The work shall be carried out according to approved drawings/delail.s which shall be subsequently issued to the successful tenderer for execution of WOik and as per instructions of the Engineer-in.Charge who will have the right to change the layout as per requirement al site and the contractor shall not have any claim due to change in layout. The work shall be carried out in engineering Uke manner. The bad workmanship win not be accepted and defects shall be rectified at contractor's cost of the satisfacuon or the Engineer-in.Charge. The programme of electrical wort<s are to be co-ordinated in accordance with the building work and no claim for idle labour will stipulated in the lender, electrical work shall have to be{l;!ed alongwilh completion of civ work..#.,,,,-::: 8l'l'ql) 6flq,'ffl v l!j--ff 0 ir.ta-,f.);,r-ni l'flo tjr<n <l't(<ft',3000 ' 'r,11::t \10!lo,lll o f<rn,;-,;: >,4,d

132 132 All lhe debris of the electrical works should be removed and the site should be cleared by the contract01 immediately after the accruing of debris. Similarly any rejected material should be Immediately cleared off from the site by the contract01. Watch and ward of the material/equipment shall be the responsibility of lhe contractor till handing over of Installation to lhe department. The contractor or his representative is bound to sign the site order book as and when required by the Engineer-in-Charge and to comply with the remarks therein. 3- The entire installation shall be at lhe risk and responsibility of the contractor until these are tested and handed over to the department. However H there is any delay In construction from the department side, the installation may be taken over in parts, but the decision on the same shall rest with Engineer-In-Charge which shall be a binding on the contractor. Some of the Items of wortt, if already executed: on that case lhe successful tenderer shall have to use these items for completing the work. FOi wiring, the existing conduit wherever required shall be used by the contractor. The recovery will be made for these items as accepted rate of similar items. 4- Prices: The prices quoted by lhe firm shau be inclusive of all taxes and duties. No concessional/exemption certificate will be Issued. No CentraVState Sales Tax/Contract Tax/Excise Duty etc. shall be separately paid by the departmelll. No Form-0, 31/32 (Road Permit) shall be issued by the department The road pennit shall be arranged by the tenderer on his own. Deduct.Ion of Income Tax & Contract Tax at source shall be made while releasing payment through running/final bills as applicable. A certificate specifying lhe rate and amount of deduction shall however be issued. 5- The secured advance as applicable shall be allowed. 6- Test Certificate Test certificate for the WOik carried out shall also be submitted failing which tendered amount & maximum of Rs.1500/ shall be made from final bill. 7 - Panels: Drawing of panel shall be submitted for approval within 30 days from award of work and fabrication to be taken up only after approval of such drawing. Before painting proper surface treatment shall be done and than powder coaled. These shall be offered for inspection during fabrication. 8- Quantities indicated In Schedule of work are only tentative, contractor shall consult AE-in.Charge before procurement. Payment shall be made only for the quantities actually executed and measured. 9- nme Period: Contractor has to plan his activities, so that electrical work is to be carried out in close coordination with CIVIL wort( and in no case CIVIL work be delayed because of delay in electrical wort( and the work has to be completed accordingly. 1 (). The makes for items shall be as per 1lsf attached. 11 Material to be used in the work shall be ISi marked as applicable. The material in required quantity to be used In I/le work shall be got approved from the Engineer-i-P,jlarge bef01e its use at site. The Engineer-incharge shall reserve I/le light to instruct the contractor lo re material which, in his o.it as per specifications. to "114iiffC.,.:-c,..,.,,,.,.,- I " lqll/lr.ir "-:-.,,,_ ' "" -c,_qa,. m llfo =.....,.,..;o= ov.--...,,.,,, \ 111,,w l-u1.- ili'iv.,.,, :> Q, -- I,. f

133 Contractor shall preserve the copies of invoices. test certificates; gate passes etc. to prove the genuineness of material/purchases. The responsibility of procurement, genuine material of specialized wor!(s shall rest with the contractor. 1 J.. Cootractor Is advised to visit site before quoting rates for determining site conditions. No claim or argument shall be entertained in this regard at later stage. 14. No inspection out side the country Is permissible if required so the same will be deemed to be waived off and necessary test report shall be s ubmitted along with the equipment. z: _..,41/,to qj / f.i.1; "IT-m o i.jjj?f'1of.7.:o.::- t_i ';tr' ll'i1 """'' r.101:,:,i>f.:: -o &-r,. :ii5 Hf. 1,..f--

134 134 Llg of preferred Makes for Internal Electrlcal Installations (1) (2) PVC insulated copper wires 1/c Control cables. TV/Telephone Cable XLPE insulated PVC sheathed Al. Cable upto 1.1 KV grade. PVC conduit lncludlog its accessories. KEI/Universat/Nicco/R.R.Kabet/Finolext/ L&T/Havells/Paramount/Skytone/Sicfo/potycab/ Rallison/SIECO. Havells/Finolex/L&T/Universat/Rallision/RR Kabel Nicoo/KEt/Grandlay/Gloster/Bonton/Diamond Havells/Paramount/Polycab. Preclsion/Aslan/Dlamond/ModVAKGISieco/CAP/ RMR. (3) MS Conduit & Accessories BEC/ AKG/NIC/Steel Kraft IM-Kay/PROMISE (4) (5) (6) (7) MCCB, Tuner, SFU, FSU,HRC Fuses, Cable Management System/OLP Trunking. Piano Switches/ Sockets/ T.VJTelephone Outlet Modular type Switches/ Sockets T.VJTelephone Outlet/ Call bell/buzzer AmmeterNoltmeter Siemens/I.& T/Schneider/MDS- Legrand/ ABB/C&S/Bhartiya Cutler Hammer. Anchor/Rider/Leader I Havetls/1.&T/LEGRAND. Legrand/Siemens/L&T/ ABB/Moeler/ M.K./Havells/Philips/anchor. AE/IMP/Rishabh/HPL. (Only Digttal type to be used). (8) Selector Switch Kayee/Siemens/Bhartiya Cutler Hammer/ L.& T. (9) Change over Switch HPUH-Elcon./Standard/L.& T./ Siemens. (10) Indicating Lamps,.Y Teknic/Siemens/L & T.Naishnov. /J I 'kl" 'I' rr:,;.r, a!l'h11 Illa :,-;\mr1l\ a'it7i) </Jo "q - -.,,n\. t:'j i.i 'f \l,il1g11c\,1,u f>r 7ilit! '-

135 13S (11) (12) (13) Panel Board/Feeder Plar/Meler Board Rising Main Energy Meter/ MultifunctionaVlntelligenl Energy Meter. CPRI approved manufaclures for PANELS (tesled in last lhree years of current rating required or higher) and having IS09001 Certification. L & T/MDS-legrand/C&S/ Schneider/GE. Siemens/HPI..A..&T/Hensel/Anchor/Havells. (14) (15) G.I.Pipe (ISi MARKED) Ceiling Fan/Exhaust Fan. Jindal Hissar/T AT A/SAIL/TT Swask. Crompton/ Orient/Polar/Khaltan/Bajaj/ Ortem/Usha/ Havens. (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21 ) (22) Fluorescent/CFLA..ED/Flood Light filtings. Lamps. Wall Brackels Angle Holder/Batten Holder GEYESER Internet Cable MCB&MCBDB. Light/Street Philips/Cromplon/BajayWipro/SYSKA/TRILUX GE/Osram/Philips/Crompton/Bajaj/Wipro DEGON/ Philips/GE/Havells/Lustre. ISi marked Kinjal/Emperor/Anchor. Racold/BajayCrompton/Jaguar. D-llnk/Avaya/LucenUFinolexlHCL. L& T /Schnelder/MOS-Legrand/ ABB/C&S/Hager/Havells. fo, \ljro <Vo QI$ ftro \1017:> rof.lo "'" '"'U -41\,;,;\ _, )< at.:-- ) UO\i!li< i:'11 ;fi'lj er l'ti':"':'lt:.'.' -'==...,. "'?I""

136 .., '"'... > -I- z <(. :::> a u.. 0 '...J...J - OJ.. ' '

137 SUMMARY OF COST 137 BILL OF QUANTlTY FOR THE PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION & DEVLOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANOHYA AND PARIKARMA STHAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOT ABSTRACT OF COST <f>."fl. 'lfg cfit ;;'Tl{ l)) 1... <l>fii 'QT7T I lITTI 3 II liq""ii ''"'""'., llt't n !Iof ll!tt (I & 11) ,,...;,.-----"..:...-., _,., ,;,..' \i,,. I - i l-.....j... -"-,..- ; J!i R.K. Srav tava AR.E. y Hr :io:r o fw"t flrir,f f«u -

138 138 BILL OF QUANTITY FOR THE PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION & DEVLOPMENT OF BHAJAN SANDHYA AND PARIKARMA STHAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOT BILL OF QUANTI TY (PARIKRMA STHAL, KIOSK, TOILET BLOCK 2, BHAJAN STHAL, SIGNAGE, WATER SUPPLY, SANITARY & DRAINAGE WORK) S.N. I DESCRI PTION OF ITEM OF WORK EXCAVATION In foundation In ordinary Soil ( Loam d ay or sand ) Including Ult. upto I.Sm lead upto 30.0 m &,ncludlng filling watering and ramming of excavated earth into the space between the building & sides of foundation trenches or Into the phnth and removal &. disposal surplusearth es directed by the er,glneer 1/C wnhln a lead of 30 m.trom roundation trel"ldles. TOTAL RATE AMOUNT UNI T nrv IN RS. I N RS CUM FIiiing of available excavated earth 1n trenches, plinth, sides of foundation etc. lnlayers not exceeding 20 ems in depth, consolidamg each depgslt layer by ramming and walenng Including lead upto SOm & lift upto I.SOm. 3 FIiiing BY CARTED e arth tn trenches., plinth, sides of foundation etc. inlayers not exceeding 20 ems in depth, consolidating each deposited layer by ramming and watenng Including lead upto SOm & lift upto I.Som. lbl.82 CUM CUM Providing and Injecting chemical emul1ion tor preconstruct,onal antjterm1te treatment and cnating a chem,cal barrier under and alround the coloumn pitswall tench basement excavation top surface if plinth filling Junction of wall and noor along the external perimer of binding e,cpanslon Jolnts,surroundlng or pipes and conduits etc.complete(pllnth area or the bulldlnq at ground noor only shall be measured as per I.S.6313(Part II 1981) aldrtne emulslflable concrete or any other approved material such as hepthachlor or chlordance will be used.the rate of appllcatlon of chemical emulsion shall be as follows:- (I) tr4'atment for masonarv & foundation 5 litres per sq.m. (2) baclc fill in Immediate contract wltli. foundation 7,5 litre per sq.m (3)treatment of top surface of plinth nlllng 5 liters per sq.m.( 4) treatment ot soil along external parameter of building 7.50 lire per sq.m SOM, Sand fllllng In plinth Including supply of necessary quantity of sand rrom a distance not exceeding 8.00Kms. From the site of work Including wat erinq, dressing etc. labour & T &P etc. required tor proper completion ot wori< saplings of girth upto 30 ground level and removal of rubbish upto a dlsance of 50m out side the periphery o area cleared. under floor fine sand CUM Providing and lay,ng Cement concrete 1:4:8 ( I cement :4 coarse sand :8 graded stone Grit 40 mm. nominal size) Including supply ot all materials, labour and T&P etc. required for proper completion of the work and curing. P.l.1\ing cost or formwori< In tou tlon. ',, ', :;,,,;: ; o j IJ K Ill> CUM. 3 ' --" "'1 1,80 - r P ,....,... AA r"'t'

139 139 S.N. DESCRIPTION OF ITEM OF WORK 7 Extra for provld>ng and mixing water proofing material In cement concrete work In doses by weight of cement as per TOTAL RATE UNIT AMOUNT OTY IN RS. IN RS, CUM Provtdlng and!eying on pos111on rudy mixed M 2S grade concrete tor reinforced cement concrete worl:, usmg cement content as per approved des1gn mix, manuractured 1n fully automatic b.atchong plant and transported to site of work In transit mixer for all leai:ss, having continuous agitated mixer, manufactured as per mix design or spedfied grade for remforc.ed cement concrete work, including pumping of R.M.C. from transit mixer to site of laying, exdudlng the cost or centering, shuttering finishing and re1nf-orcement, mduaing cost of admixtures in recommended propertlons as per IS : 9103 to accelerate/ retard sett.mg of concrete, Improve workability without 1mpalnng strength and durabohtv as per <lfrection of the Enqioecr in charge...t..f1 worl( IJDtO olinth leve, CUM , '9 Centenng and shuttering lncludong strutting, propping etc. n --"VAi nf,_,_ lnr Foundauon,, footings, bases of columns, etc. for mass 1-ncr SOM R.C.C. wonc with cement approved c.oarse sand and 2cm Gauge approved stone ballast in the proportion of 1:1.5: 3 In RCC ralt foundation and footing, excluding Its rix1ng and binding wire and Including ne<:essary centering and shuttenng etc ano also Including 5/o all material, required tor proper completion or the worl<. Binding wire to be suppl ed by the contractor free of cost CUM, R.C.C. work with cement approved coarse sand and 2cm Gauge approved stone ballast In the proportlon of 1:1.5:3 In COLUMN, excluding Its fixing and binding wire and 1nc1uo1ng necessary centering and shuttering etc and also tnclud1ng S/o all materials required (or proper completion of the work. Binding wire to be supplied by the contractor ' CUM R.C.C.. work with cement approved coarse sand and 2cm Gauge approved stone ballast In the proportion of 1:1,5:3, excluding Its Axing and binding wire and Including necessary centering and shuttenng etc and also Including S/o all materials required for proper completion of the work. Binding wire to be supplied by the contractor free o1 cost. But In plinth beam,; In 1:1.5:3 ' " having spans. 13 R.C.C. work with cement approved coarse sand and 2cm Gauge approved stone ballast In the proportion of 1:1.5:3 In Llntel1 & Sun1hade, " eluding 1[S flxlng and binding wire and Including necessary centering and shuttering etc and also Including SJo all materials required for proper completion of the work. Binding wire to be supplied by the.., 5.22 CUM CUM R.C.C. work with cement approved coars& sand and 2cm ge appved one ballast in the pt0portion of 1:l.5:3 - ' rw', - l)l!.e<:sary s:enti:jg and shuttenng etc and also lndudlng,io), r.ii "II!if,V.. ltmtt7al required for proper completion of the -. mi-lw' work.'l!indlng wire to be supplied by the contractor free of ''t.::-l!lldlal!lnp 'lft;, xlng and binding wire and Including -. c.ost. But in beams in 1:1.5:3 I.e. ha>dng spans upto CUM

140 140 S.N. OESCRJPTION OF IT!M OF WORK TOTAL RATE AMOUNT UNIT OTY I N RS. IN RS. 15 R.C.C. work w,th cement approve<! coarse sand end 2cm Gauge approved stone ballast In the proportion or 1:1.S:3 In Sl b, e cluding its fi ing and binding wire and mcludlng necessary centertng and shuttering ere and also Including 5/o all materials required ror proper completion of the work. 6lnd1n9 wire to be supplied bv the contractor free of CUM Bonng, Providing 1nd Installing cast In situ single undu reamed piles of specified diameter and length below pile cap In M 25 cement concrete, to carry a safe working IOld not less than speclfoed, extlucjlng t he cost of steel reinforcement but including the cost of bonng with bentonlte iolut,on and the length or the pile to be embedded in pile cap etc. alt c<>mplete. (Length of pile for payment shall be measured upr.o to the bottom or pile cap) Rmt VerttC.al loao testing of piles In accordance with IS 2911 (Part IV) lncludlng Installation of loading platform by Kentledge method and preparation of pile head or construction or test cap and d,smenl11no or test cap after test etc. complete as per specification & the djrectlon or.,_ Note: I. lnltll!ii and Rouune Load Test shall not earned... "" "'"namic... h.,.... Note: 2, Testing agency shall subm,tt the design of loading platform for the approval or Engineer-In-charge. single pile upto SO tonne Safe capacltv Initial test (Test Load 2.5 Umes the safe capacity) 3.00 Each Routine test (Test Load 1.5 times the Safe capacity) 6.00 Eath 165Sl Mild steel or iron in plain work such as in reinforced concreted or reinforced brick work (when not Included m overall rates) wrought to required shape as ncessa.ry Including bending for proper completjon or the work and Including supply or steel Its wastage. Bend hooks and authorized overlapping shall be measured OTL, l9 Class lso brick work in 1:6 cement and COARSE sand mortar In foundation and plinth Including supply or all materials, labour tools and plants, etc. Required for proper CUM Class-150 brick work In 1:6 cement and COARSE sand momir In SUPERSTRUCTURE Including supply of all materials, labour tools and plants, etc. Required for proper CJass-150 brick work In 1:4 cement and COARSE sand momir In SUPERSTRUCTURE inctuding supply of all materials, labour tools and plants, etc. Required for proper.. - CUM CUM Class lso reinforced HALF brick work In 1:4 cement and COARSE sand mortar In SUPERSTRUCTURE. Including supply or all materials, labour tools and plants, CUM Flxlnn nf steel or wooden Chaukha' on M ition. Doors '""'aukhats Nos window... chau""'ats 4.00 Nos ,,.., '., -,n '\, ' 00 o,..,... u r:nwm r;r,rn P.:r.. ' atof.- khats. a o.,.. Nos 41 n.nti....j..j

141 141 S.N. DESCRIPTION OF rtfm OF WORK 24 Providing and fixing SS sliding door bolts ISi marked anodised uansparent or dyed to required colour or shade with nuts and screws etc. comoletc 250x16 mm. 25 Provod,ng and fixing SS tower bolts JSI marked anodised transparent or dyed to required colour or shade with necenary screws etc. complete : 250x10 mm 26 Providing and foxing ss handles ISJ marked anodised transparent or dyed to required colour or shade wltfl... _., Providing and fix:ing aluminium hanging floor door stopper, ISJ marlccd, enodls.!d (anodic coating not less than grade AC 10 as per IS : 1868) transparent or dyed to required colour and shade, wlth necessary screws etc. 28 Providing and r<xlng aluminium die cast body tubular type unlvernl hydraulic door clo.oer (having brand logo woth ISI, IS : 3564, embossed on the body, door we,ght upto JS kp and door width upto 700 mm), with necessary. TOTAL RATE UNIT AMOUNT ntv IN RC, IN RS Nos Nos. 142.SO Nos Nos Nos L Providing and fi>ung ISi marked nuh door shutters contormlng to IS : 2202 (Part I) non-decorative type, core of block board construcuon w,th frame of I st Class hard wood and with decoratwe both side high pressure laminated sheet of plain / woad grain In gloss / matt / suede finish with high <Jenslty protective surface layer and revers<! side of adhesive bonding qualoty conform1n9 to IS : 2045 Type S, Including cost of a<jheslve or approved quality of 1.0 mm thick lncludlo\j 32x5 mm teak wood lipping on edges of shutters. /' 35 mm thlek Including ISi marked Stainless Steel butt "in ,... n 30 Providing wood work In frames of false cell,ng, part1t,ons """"" fr :1w 31 Prov,d,ng and fixing 2nd class teak wood plain llnlng tongued and grooved, Including wooden plugs complete w,t necessary screws and pnmlng coat on unexposed 40 mm thick 32 Providing and nxing steel plate which hxed In wooden plank... i-e, AA lenor.h..,. 1 i; r+ w,..., 33 MIid steel or iron work of small size and sections such a.s holding down bolts. hold fast, tie rods, gratmg etc, (when not Included In an overall rates) wrought to required shape as necessary for bending etc fnduding supply fo steel and Its wastage Including cost of bolts, nuts If required, welding, grinding and making holes as required for... Fabrication of Grlll/Stalrs case ralllnc " - ' L... ;... - :.; J '" o.j SOM " CUM. 6'j "cfi "" Sl1M 4687.,:s each SO KG ',,.k ao!ll'lfll' u -

142 142 S,N, DESCRIPTION OF ITEM Of WORK 34 Provldln9 and fixing M.S. Tubular trame</$hutters ror doors, windows, ventllatons and cupboard with rectangular/ L-Type sections, made of 1.60 mm thick M.S. Sheet, joints mitred, welded and grinded finish, with profiles of required size, indudlng Rxlng or necessary butt hinges and screws and applying a priming coat of approved steel primer. Axing with 15x3 mm lugs 10 cm long embedded In cement concrete block 15x10x10 cm of C.C. 1:3:6 ( 1 Cement : 3 coarse sand : 6 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) TOTAL RATE AMOUNT UNIT nrv 1N RS. IN RS KG su,e1 work In built up tubular ( round, square or rectangular hollow tubes etc.) trusses etc., including cutting, holstrng, Rxing In position and applying a priming coat of approved steel primer, including welding and bolted with special shaped washers etc. complete. Hot finished.. 36 Steel work welaed In built up sectlom/ framed work, Including cutting, holsung, fixing In pcsitlon end applying a priming coat of approved steel primer using structural steel KG ln strfngers, treiids, landings etc. of stair cases, including use of chequered plate wherever required, all complete KG In gratings, frames, guard bar, ladder, railings, brackets,... -,..._.., c1-1111r..,,.n, KG Providing and ff m9 carbon steel 9olvan1sed ( minimum coating 5 micron) dash fastener of 10 mm dia double threaded 6.8 grade (yield strength 480 N/mm2), counter sunk head, comprising of 10 m dta polyamide PA 6 grade sleeve, Including drilling ol hole In frame, concrete/ masonry, etc. as per direction or Engineer-in charge. 10 x 120 mm Each Providing and fixing stainless steel ( Grade 304) railing made of Hollow tubes, channels, plates etc.t lnc.tuding welding, grinding, buffing, polishing and making curvature (wherever required) and ntting the some with necessary stajnfess steel nuts and bolts comptete, i/c lixing the railing with necessary accessories a. stainless steel dash fasteners stainless steel bolts etc., of required size, on the top of the noor or the side of waist slab with suitable arrangement as per approval of Engineer-In-charge, (for. payment purpose only weight ol stainless steel members shall be considered excluding fixing accessories such as nuts, bolts, fasteners etc.) KG Providing a. n,lng glau panes w ith putty and glazing clips In steel doors, windows, derestory windows, all complete wfth 3.8 mm to 4.7 mm thick glass. 40 Providing and fixing Aber Glass Relnfora!d plastic (FRP) Door Frames of cross-section 90 mm x 45 mm having single rebate or 32 mm x 15 mm to receiye shutter of 30.. mm thickness The lamlnate shall be moulded with nre 9.90 SOM R.lt Sri1.;:ata 1.:.i t resistant grade unsaturated polyester resin and chopped AR,, \l'ojlo,.,.,. r.r+r flf'l'i I mat. Door frame laminate shall be 2 mm tnlck and shall be filled with suitable wooden block In all the three legs. The r'"j r, shal!.beered with fiber glass from all sides. M.S. I.. sty. all p ded at the bottom t o steady] the frame. I -...,..... ; l fl mt Rmt

143 143 S.N'. DESCRIPTION OF ITEM OF WORK 41 Providing and fixing to exosllng door frames 30 mm thick Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (frp) panelled door shutte1 of required colour and approved brand and manufacture, made with fire retardant grace unsaturated polyeste, resm, moulded to 3 mm thick FRP laminate for forming hollow rails and styles, with wooden frame and suitable blocks of seasoned wood ins1de a, required places for r,x1ng or tit!lngs, cast monolithically with s mm Ihle FRP laminate for panels conforming to JS 14856, lnduding,.. TOTAL RATE AMOUNT UNIT OTY TN RS. IN RS SOM Providing and fixing precoated galvanised Iron profile sheets (size, shape and pitch of corrugation as approved by tnglneer-ln-charge) 0.50 mm { %) total coated thickness with zone coating 120 grams per sqm as per IS : 277, In 240 mpa steel grade. 5-7 microns epoxy primer on t,oth side of the sheet and polyester top coat I 5-18,c,ons. Sheet should have protective guard film of 25 m1aons minimum to avoid scratcneo durtng transportation an<l should be supplied In sfngle length upto 12 metre or as desired by Engfneertn-charge. TM sheet snail be fl ed usln9 self drilling / s"lf tapping screws of sue (S.Sx SS mm) with EPDM seal, complete upto any pitch In honzontal/ vertical or curved surfaces, excluding the cost of puruns, ratters and trusses and including cutting to size and shape wherever required SOM Provtdlflll and fixing precoated galvanised steel sheet roofing accessories 0.50 mm ( %) total coated thickness, Zinc coating 120 grams per sqm as per IS: 277, In 240 mpa steel grade, 5 7 microns epoxy pnmer on both side of the sheet and polyester top coat microns using self drllltng/ self tapp1n9 screws complete :Gutter -- ; Providing and laying "brick coba" 12 mm thick lafd with H 150 class brtci<. bat coba 7.so cm thid< with gap or 15 mm to each other, over 20 mm thick base of cement mortar 1:4 cement and coarse sand mixed with water proofing compound spreadmg cement sjurry mixed with eere11c cement concrete water proofing compound nitcd gaps of coba & top of coba mortar mixed with water proofing compot.1nd in l :4 cement and coarse sand mortar, 1nfished smooth & top mashed raise square 30 x 30 cm and side wall parapet shall be monotythic plaster wall upto 30 cm higher and Junction and corner shall be rounded by brick ballast cement and coarse sand masonary coba with top nnished plaster mixed with acetic water proofing compound C> 2"1. by we,ght & Including S/o all materlol, labour, T&P etc complete for proper completion ot work mm cement plaster on smooth side of single or half...,_. - u,all,.., 1.. 1,,:: 1 1 Ii s mm cement plaster on rough side or single or half brick wall of mix : 1 :6 ( I cement: 6 coarse sand) on one :..., & "......_J' u.. :,.l, L, J Rmt SOM SOM, SOM B aa..ilfi ijollo f.liri r.t'l'i.. -!'folt-, -

144 144 S.N. DESCRIPTION OF ITe M OF WORK m m cement plaster I n single coat on fair sld of single or half bnd< wall for single or half brick wall for lnterlor plastering Upto noor two ltevel Including bricjt wall for Interior plastering upto floor two level Including internal rounded angles chamfers and/or rounded angles no! exceeding 80mm In girth and finished evenand smooth no. extra for mixing and additive. (I) 1 cement, 3 cou..., " ls mm cement plaster on rough side or single or halt brick wall ot mix : 1:4 ( l cement: 4 course sand) In plinth. 49 Providing and mlxlng approved water proofing matenals In cement mortar tor plastering or In concrete worl< In the proportion recommended by the manufacturers. so M aking grooves 10 to 12 mm wide x 8 mm deep In plaster!he all or In ceiling vertically of horizontally as 51 Add tor plaster drip course/ groove In plastered surface,,.., Dr r M 52 Providing and fixing 18 mm thick gang saw cut, mirror poll1had, premoulded and pr pollshed, machine cut for kjtchen platforms, vanity counters, window slus, facias and similar loc:atlons of required site, approved shade, colour nd texture laid over 20 mm thick base ce.ment mortar 1 :4 ( l cement : 4 coarse sand), Joints treated with white cement, mlx.ed with matching pigment, epoxy touch ups, including rubbing, curing, moulding and polishing to edges 10 give high gloss finish etc. wmplete at all levels Granite of any colour and shadea rea of sfab over 0.50 sqm 53 Kata stone slab noorlng over 20 mm (average) thlek base laid over and Jointed with grey cement slurry mixed with prgment to match the shade of the slab, Including rubbing and polishing complete with base of cement mortar 1 : 4 Cl cement : 4 coarse sand) : 25 mm thick TOTAL UNIT OTY SQM SOM KG RMT RMT, SOM SOM. AATE AMOUNT I N D C IN RS S l 7.64 '" Providmn and lavlna Red Aqra Sand Stone Sittino Each SO 55 Providing and fixing stone Jail 40 mm thk:k throughout fn cement mortar 1:3 (l cement : 3 coarse sand), induding pointing In white cement mortar 1:2 (I white cement : 2 stone dust) with an admixture of pigment, matching the stone shade, jail slab without any chamfers etc. Red sand stone fl. I f mm thick nne dressed stone noorlng A"ER SCAPJNG OF EXISTIN G KOTi STONE PATH laid w1th cement based high polymer modified quick set tile adhesive (water based) conforming to 15: 15477, in average 6 mm thickness, Including grouting of Joints, with an admixture of pigment to match the shade of stone. Red - /......,e:.,(.. 0,>:::'. _,. '..., i.j #.... '"' ' :.. '.. /I R.lS, Srivaaa.,,. AR SQM SQM ijolfo - r.,-,,' ml-

145 5.N. DESCRIPTION OF ITEM OF WORK ]45 57 Providing and r,.,ng dry cladding upto 10 metre tielghts witt, 30 mm thid< gang saw cut stone with (mactilne cut edges) of uniform colour and size upto l mxlm. f,xed to structural steel frame work and/ or with tile t,etp of cramps, pins etc. and seating the Joints with approved we thcr sealont as per Architectural drawing and direction of Engineer-In-charge. (The steel frame work stainless steel cramps and pins etc. shall be paid for seporately) TOTAL RATE AMOUNT UNIT OTY IN RS. IN RS, Red sand stone :-..i:,m Provldlng and fixing structural steel frame (for dry cladding w,th 30 mm thic gang saw cut with machine cut ed51es sand stone) on walls at oil heights us1n9 M.S. square/ rectangular tube In the required paner-n as r architectural drawing,,nclud,ng cost of cuttln9, bending, welding etc. The frame work sllall be foxed to tile wall with the> help of M.S. brackets/ lugs of angle iron/ flats etc. which shall be welded to th frame and embedded In brick wall with cement concrete block 1:2:4 (1 cement :2 coarse sand :4 graded stone eggregate 20 mm nomlnel size) or.size l00x230x300 mm. inc:lud1ng cost of necessary centring and shuttenng and with approved expansion hold fasteners on CC/RCC surface, lnctudlnp dr11hng necessary holes. Approved cramps/ pins etc. shall be wetoed to the frame work to suoport stone cladding, tile steel work will be given a prrming coat ot Zinc primer as approved by Engineenncharge and painted wotll two or more codts of ep0xy paint (Shop drawings shalt be submitted by the contractor to the Englneer ln Cherge for aoprovel before execution). The frame work shaft be fixed In true Mnzontal & vertical lines/planes. (Only strucrural steel freme worl< shell be measured tor tne purpose of payment, stainless steel cramps Shatt be paid for separately and nothing extra snail 59 Providing and fixing adjusraole stamless steel cramps of approved qualify, required shape and size, adjusteble with stainless steel nuts, bolts and washer (total weight not less than 260 gms), for dry stone dadding foxed on frame worl< t sulteble ltlon, Including meklng necessary rc.e:ses in stone slab, drilling required holes etc complete as per direction of the Englneer ln-char9e. 60 Prov,dlng and applying white cement baaed putty of averege thickness 1 mm, of approved brand and manufacturer, over the plastered wall surface to prepare 1 A A KG SLOO Each Sam BS.I? Flnisllong walls with Premium Acryllc Smooth e,cterlor paint with Sillcone add,uves of required shade : New wor1< (Two or more coats 1.43 ltr/ JO sqm over and lncludtng pnmlng coat or exterior pnmer applied O Distempering (two coat) w,th oll bound distemper of approved brand and manufacture and of required shade on undecorated wall surface tll 91ve an even sllade over a priming coat with cement primer or approved brand and I manufacture and lnctudln9 supply of all materials, labour / - J:_!., eu.11'/lred for proper completion of work SOM ,....., L J SOM ==m ; ;\'on fll,ioj f!:rrj fe'u

146 S.N. DESCRIPTION Of IT EM OF WOFIK Painting twp coats over priming coat on steel & oth er metal 1urfac.e upto 10 cm width or grlth or small artlcfes not exceeding 0.1 O sqmt. In areas with superior syntheuc enamel such as Luxol 3Hi gloss aqcolite supertac...,.... 6<1 Painting twp coats over prim ing coat on wooden surfac e upto 10 cm width or grlth or small arbde.s riot esceedlng 0.10 sqmt. In areas with supenor synthetic enamel such as Luxol 3HI gloss aqcolite superlac. Outux 65 Providing and fixing soil, waste and vent pipes : 100 mm d1a pipe Centrifugally cast (spun) Iron soel<et & spigot ,... tc' '2<'1DO 66 Providing and nxlng M.S. holder bat clamps of approved design 10 C.l. or S.C.l. rain water pipes embedded In ond 1ncludJng cement concrete bloel<s 1ox1ox10 cm of 1:2:4 mix (1 cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) and cost ol cutting holes and making good the walls etc. : For 100 m m dia pipe 67 Providing lead caulked Joints to sand cast Iron rain water... 1 nn --.<1. DI.a 68 Providing and fixing bend ol required degree with access door, Insertion rubber washer 3 mm thick, bolts and nuts complete. Sand cast iron S&S as per IS mm DI Providing and fixing heel rest sanitary bend. For 100 mm rt1a n!'"' e ea.c: '.':. 'll'letl'l 70 Providing and nxlng PTMT grating ol approved quality and "'l- IAr... 11\n , Making plinth pro tectlon 50 mm thlcl( of cement concrete 1:3:6 ( 1 cement: 3 coarse sand: 6 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) over 75mm thick bed of dry brlek ballast 40 mm nominal size, well rammed and consolidated and grouted with fine sand, including finishing.. 72 Brick edging 7cm wide 11.4cm. deep to plinth protection with bricks ol dass designation 75 Including grouting with cement mortar l :4 ( 1 cement : 4 fine sand) 73 C/ 0 Apron drain of width 150 mm and depth as per required of site but minimum 200 mm with neat finish 8t L. eh :a_- - "\ I L -, !.J. R{S, Srivstt<v:i A.R.E. TOTAL nty , , UNIT RATE IN RS. AMOUNT I N RS. sm Som RMT each each each eech 353. L each snm RMT RMT M qf\ziljf,ti ff'll1fi ijoo r.i+r f.r,r,:j u..._.,.-,,

147 147 S.N. DESCRIPTION OF ITEM OF WORK 74 Manuracturing, supplying and fixing retro reflective overhead s,gnage boards made uo of 2 mm thic alumrn1um sheet, lace 10 be IUlly covered with high intensity and encapsulated lens type heat act,va:ed retro reflective shtttlng conforming to type Ill or ASTM O as approved by En91neer fncharge, letters, borders elc. as per IRC : rn Sliver white wrth blue colour back ground and with high Intensity grade, pasted on substrate by pressure sensitive adheshre backing which shall be activated by applying pressure conforming 10 class II ol ASTM and r.xmg the same to lne plate of stnictural frame work by means of suitable sized a1umln1urn alloys, nvcts or bolts & nuts 300 mm centre to centre all atong the periphery as... en as In two v ertlcal rows along wrth theft resistant measures, Including tho cost or polnung with two or more coats at epoxy paint In grey colour on the back side of alum1nlum sheet indudlng appropriate pnm,ng coat. Tne rate indudes the co.st of rounding off the comers, lowenng aown the structural rrame work from the gentry,,... ng and erecting tne same In position all complete as pe, drawings, spedficahon and direct.ton of the eng1neer 1n charoe.(structural frame work Including M.S. plate to be provided separately. Rectangula area of the sheet only st>all be measured for payment).overhead Informatory road 75 Providing Retro-reRectlve reoulatory sign board or size 900 mm dla meter made out or 2 mm thlek afuminium Sheet, face to be Mly covered with high Intensity encapsulated lens tyoe retro -renect1ve sheeting approved by Engineer-In-charge. Letter, symbols, borders etc. will be as per!rc 67 with requlred colour scheme on the boards and with the high lnlensltv grade A. The aluminium sheet to be riveted to M.S. frame of angle iron or size 40x40x4 The boards will be fixed to I No. SOxSO mm square post made or M.S. angle S0xS0x4 mm, 4 m long welded to the frame w,th adequte anthnett errangement.sheet work to be painted with two or more coats of synthetic enamel point over an under coat (primer) and back side of aluminium sheet to be painted with two or more coats of epoxy paint lndudlng appropriate priming coat complete in all respects es per direction of Engineer-In-charge. HOATICUL TURE & NOSCAPf WORK 76 Supply & stacking sludge at site Including royally end camege up to 1 km (sludge measured In stacks will be 1 - -,--- 1o... atll,... TOTAL RATE AMOUNT ntv UNIT IN RS. IN RS SOM S. l SOM Curn \/ 77 Supplying end stacking at site dump manure from approved source, lncludlng carriage up to 1 km (manure m easured In stacks will be reduced by 8% for payment) : Screened throuoh s,eve: of LS. des;onatron 20 mm Cum MlxJng earth and sludge or manure in the required proportion specified or directed by the Officer-In-charge. uu ',l.,:asslng with selec.fion No. I grass Including watering ana " : marnt_enance of. th& la»n for 30 days or more till the grass forms thlck lll)vn,lrree from weeds and fit for mowing ln;-supglying good earth, If needed (the good earth Cum IS.OS q" ;;011, f:l'im' A' --Rm,; FJ.,j - "./ '!'Pl... -ss Turf ""m

148 148 S.N. DESCRIPTION OF ITEM OF WORK TOTAL RATE AMOUNT UNIT nty IN RS. 'N. 80 Supply and planting of ornamental trees ( 1-0 height sapling) Including p1t malng (60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm), filling the p,t with appropriate soil media, manure and fettlhzers as per speclllcat1on and necessary maintenance for a period or one year from the date or planting complete.., Neem/ Mahaneem/ Beet wood/ BakUV Acacia/ SlriS/ Devils Tree/ Kadam/ Palash/ Pink Cassia/ Peepa)/ Silver Oak/ Each 81 Providing & flxlng M.S. flat Iron tree guard 60 cm dla and 2 m high, above ground consisting 4 nos 25 x 6 mm, 2.25 m long and 8 nos 2S x 3 mm, 2 m long verticals M.5. nats, nveted to 3 nos 25 x 6 mm M. S. nat Iron rings In two halves, r,xlng together at site with required six numbers of 8 mm dia and 30 mm long bolts, Including painting two coats with synthetic enamel patot or approved brand and manufacture over a coat or primer One name plate of 1 mm thick M.S. Sheet of size 250x100 mm shall be welded to the tree guard near the middle height and lettered CPWO/WJO/ any other approved name. The tree gurad shall be suitably fixed to the ground by embedding four legs of tree guard In pits of suitable dia and to a deplti of 25 cm, renllo119 the pits with soil and ramming, complete in all respect as per satisfaction and - _, Supply and planbng of ornamental shrub (l>elow l ' O height upilng) lncludlng pit making (60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm), f1lllng the pit with appropriate soil media, manure and tertmz.ers as per specification and necessary maintenance ror a period or one year from the date or planting complete as speofled and directed Each ].25 AIJmanda/ Khorlke Zall May Flower/ Kaminl/ Tecoma/ Acalypha/ Bougainvillea/ Oracaena/ Togor/ Nilakanth/ Each S Supply and planting of aquatic plants (water LIiy and Lotus) alter preparation of under ware, soll Including organic manuring, supplying the required quantity of water and maintenance for a period of one year from the date o, completion complete as specified and directed Each WATER SUPPLY. SANITARY Ill DRAINAGE SYSTEM 8'11 Providl119 and fo<ing water closet squatting pan (Indian type w.c. pan ) with 100 mm sand cast I ron P or S trap, 10 litre low level white P.V.C. Rushing cistern, Including flush pipe, with manually controlled device (handle lever) conforming to IS : 7231, with all fittings and fixtures complete, Including cutting and making good the walls and floors a White Vitreous China Ortssa Pattern w.c. pan or size r n --..., a L. - --,--t, _.._ 4.00 Each t, / I): 10 litre low level white P.V.C. nushlng cistern, Including ""' 'lfttrrar,;i = ProV1dl119 and fixing white vitreous cnlna pedestal type water closet (European type W.C. pan) with seat and lid, nush pipe, with manually controlled device (handle lever), [... ' '' - ;io:ic conforming to IS : 7231, with all fittings and fixtures,. -, f.r'l!9 "' 'I complete Including ajttlng and making good the walls and -.., IA,C. pan with ISi marlced white solid plastic seat and lid h..., " rir,it-... _ """ Each ,c '_,,.... ' '. -...,...J "

149 149 S.N. DESCRJPTION OF ITEM OF WORK 85 Prov1d1ng and fhcmg white vitreous ch1no1 extended wall mounting water ctoset of size 780x370x690 mm of approvl'd shape lndudlng providing & foxing white vltn.'ous china clstem with dual riush fottjng, of rlcshong capacity 3 litre/6 litre (adjusrable to 4 hrre/8 litres), 1nc1ud,ng seat cover, and clstem fmlngs, nuts, bolts and gasket etc. > 86 Prov1d1ng and fixing wash basin with C.!.brackcts, 15 mm C.P. brass pillar taps, 32 mm C.P. brass waste of standard pattern, lncludln11 painting of ntt1ngs and brackets, cutting end making good the walls whe,e required a WM' Vitreous China Wash basin s1e 550x400 mon wltn a 1 "'"\!I"' of 1 mt"'" r O hrac:.s nlll::.r t"'"'s b White Vitreous China Flar bac wash basin S1Ze 550x 400 i--, with t c:. --. r o hr-::115 rii!lnr u,... C White Vitreous China Surgeon type wash basin or s ze 660x460 mm with pa,r or 15 mm C.P. t>rass pillar taps ,h.r Providing and fixing white vitreous china nat back or wall comer type lipped front urinal t>asln ot 43Dx260x350 mm and 340><41 Ox265 mm SoZes respect,vety with automet c flushing cistern with stangarcf Rush pipe and C.P. brass spreaders with brass 1tnions and G,I clamps complete,,ncludtng painting of l1tt,ngs and brackets, cutttng and ma'<ing good the walls and floors wherever required : b Range of two unnal bas,ns with S litre white P.V.C a c Hu--..,n"... _,n Range of three unnal basins w,th lolltre white P.V.C. n u-- -=--rn TOTAL UNIT RATE AMOUNT OTY,.. Rr IN RS 1.00 Each Each 4.00 Each 1.00 Each 2.00 Each 2.00 Each Providing &. fixing stone Slab table rubbed, edges rounded and POiished of size 75 X 50cm deep ano 1.8 cm thttk fixed In urinal pat,ttons by cutting chase of appropnate width with chase cutter and emoeddlng the stone In chase with epoxy grout or with cement concrete I :2:4 ( I cement: 2 coarse sand : graded stone aggregste 6mm nominal size) as per Enoineer ln charge and finished smooth Granite stone of n"'oroved shade, 89 Providing & fix1119 PVC waste pipe for sink oncluding PVC w"'... 'f'+inn "' Att,'1(1ble Pin 32m Dia 40mm01a 90 Providing and fixing PTMT Bottle Trap ro, Wash basin and... a Bottle trap 31 mm single p,ece moulded with height of 270 mm, affective lengch or tail pipe 260 mm from the centre o the waste coupling 77 mm breadth with 25 mm minimum water seal, weighing not less than 260 gms. 91 Providing and flx1ng mirror of superior glass (of approved quality) and of required shape and SIZe with plasrlc moujded frame of approved make and shade with 6 mm -. ' -,a l,...jijar o mm di uoctsnnular sh.a-- 1S00x450 mm 1 L -,....J..,.I SQm Each 4.00 Each each 4.00 Each Each , QI 3),w,6Q ,!ollo '-

150 150 S.N. DESCRlPTION OF ITEM OF WORK 92 Providing and fixing 600xl20:ic5 mm glass shelf Vlith edges round off, supported on anod,sed aluminium ftngle frame with C.P. brass brackets and guard rail complete fixed with 40 mm long screws, raw! plugs etc,. complete. TOTAL RATE AMOUNT UNIT <lty IN RS. IN DC, Each a, P'""Vl"'i""'"' "'"""" fiwl r hnld111r C.P. brass 10.rn Each o. 11 C"ll.lC DA p... fivm11 cou wa..., v... n,... Centnfunatlv '"'"'St lsnun \ iron S&S n,... 1no,rim-rlj,-,ast 7S"uri iron "&" nj= Rmt Providing and fuong MS holder bat clamps of approved design to cast Iron (spun) pipe embedde<l In and Including cement concrete blocks 10 x 10 x 10cm of l : 2: 4 mix ( I cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggrega1e 20mm nominal size) lndudlno cost of cutting holes and malting.. For oomm I. P Each /<!,o,. 1-- _,_ 11 ;.,\... r-..r 96 Providing and fixing heel rest samtary bend, ttm--m 8,n, Each """J.1' 2825.,w, 97 Prov1d1ng and nxlng bend of l'f:qu1red degl'f:e with access door, Insertion rubber washer 3mm thick, bolts and nuts 1 nox' nnx t rv,mm Sand cast Iron S&S as -r JS : Each Prov1dl119 and fixing PlAIN JUNCTION of required degree omv, Sand cast J-n S&S -- ner (S : !!l Each -;47. "l " Prov,d1fYl aod nx =-rmin I "'ull""'. 100mm,;; _nd s.. 1--n i ll.::.,.. -r I., Each In, "O ProVidlnn and fixl- collar. <M-m Sand cast iron S&.S as --r IS Each ,--,,; Pm11id1nn """""",_..,.. c.,iulu- 1olnt 100 D!a Each Providing and fixing cast iron trap of self cleansing design with casl Iron screwed down or hinged grating with or without vent arm complete, Including cost ot cutting and '...,... --". "'"---- JOO mm Inlet and 100 mm autfet,sand cast Iron S&S as -- 1e Each Painting sand cast iron / centrlfugally cast Iron( spun) Iron soil, waste and vent pipes and fittings with paint or any colour suc:h as chocolate, grey or buff etc. over a coat o primer (of approval quality) for new work 100mm di Rmt Providing and fixing PTMT liquid soap container 109 mm wide, 125 mm high and 112 mm dlstance from wall 01 standard shape with bracket of the same matenals with!y... ep' fl!tl-ol)ipproved quality and colour weighing not lo Each ,"--.,-. I "4.10 " "-..,. - _... -.I...ii....,.._ \ 0\;IQ H',IIChlU ldlll'vi r;nl'ij r:r-.!!lilt-i I

151 151 S. N, OESCRJPTION OF ITEM OF WORK 105 Providing & nxln9 PTMT towel ring trapezoidal shape 215 mm long 200 mm wide with minimum distance of 37 mm from wall race woth concealed fittings arrangement of approved quality and colour weoging not less than 88 gms TOTAL RATE AMOUNT OTV UNIT IN RS, IN DC:, 4.00 E ch Prc;viding and fixing PTMT towel rail complete with brackets l d wooden cleats with CP brass screws with concealed fittings arrangement of approved quality and colour. 600 mm long towel rail with total length al 645 mm, w,dth 78 mm and effective height of 88 mm, weighing not less... e Each Providing and fixing G.l. pipes complete with G.I. fittings am clamps, 1/c cutting and making good tho walls --. -MO la nominal -r Rmt mm 1ft nominal bor,. ".m Rmt L _n 84 IJ2c,J_,_ 25 mm d!a nominal t>ore Rmt mm A l a fta-lnaj "'"'rf" Rm t I mm dla nominal bore,,6.00 Rmt , mm dia nnminal bore Rmt Providing and nx1ng G.!. Pipes complete with G.l. fittings and clamps, 1/c making good t11e wall etc. concealed pipe, including pa,ntong with anti corrosive bltumasuc paint, cutting chases and making good the wall 15 mm nom,nol out r dla 01oe< Rmt. 290J mm nomlna1 outeor dia nines P8.00 Rmt Providing and fixiog G.I. p<pes complete with GI fittjngs and clamps Including cutting and making good the walls etc. -- mm d,a oominat bore Rmt i mm 111 n--ln I hnre 48, Rmt mm dla nomlnol bore Rmt. 498,u,;i H Providing anci fixing of gun metal gate valve with Cl wheel,,..f a"""'roved nualltv, w-""..., a 25mm di nominal M,e 4.00 Each h " m"' d1a nominal bore 2... Each 476.4) 40 mm dia nominal bore 2.00 Each d '..., mm...,. nam1n11i ""rp 200 Each Providing and fixing uplastlclsed PVC connection p,pe with k cm lenoth, -=. mm nominal ""re Each I 112 Providing and fl)dng C.P. brass shower rose with 15 or 20 """"",...,..., nn..., ' 8.00 Each 68.4S S47.60 l!j Palnbng G. I. pipes and filtlngs with synthetic enamel white paint with two coats over a ready mixed priming coat, both of approved quality for new work (internal work -exposed mm di nominal bore -.oo Rmt mm d;a nominal bon> Rmt ,c;... t11jt,,...,n11,1 -r, Rmt b mm dia nominal borl? 49.0< Rmt ' 40 mm dla nnmjnaj FV"I.""' Rmt SO mm di """'lnal bore 1u.1n Rmt , V "' l.!,,v'i p alntlii9:,gi RJpes and fittln9s with two coa of anti - ""0 4..:.,,f!.r"'lua 1.; m"j.,.. i.,...,.,,... "' """'-V"'A IILJajlu ;;011 - 'I le ' 40. m 11ia'.ominaJ nnre Rmt t1:i. M, 4B.00 Rmt

152 152 S N DESCRIPTION OF ITEM OF WORK TOTAL UNIT RATE AMOUNT ' ' OTY IN RS, IN RS, "' mm "I nominal bore Rmt Providing and filling sand of grading zone V or coarser J- na... r:., _, 1n x.., --' n mm di& RO'"lnal bore M,00 Rmt O mm dla nominal bore Rmt rl(- nnm,noi M Rmt Providing and fixing G.I. union in G.I. pipe Including cutting and thrudlng the pipe and making long screws etc i sm- nominal r 4.00 Each h 2n-- nominal bore 3.00 Ea ,4, 25mm nomb<>re 3.00 Each A "mm -1 ""r 2.00 Each e 40-m nominal bore 2.00 Each "0.44 nuu,88] f 50mm nomin I bore 2.00 Each H7 Provtdlng and fix,ng C.P. brass bib cock of approved quality -, e,00 1 S-m nominal bore 14,uu Each 4,,:<: Providing and fixing C.P. brass long body bib cock o approved quality confonnlng to IS standards and weighing _ "mm --mfal Each Providing and fixmo C.P. brass angle valve for basin m,xer end gcy5"r points ot approved quality conforming to.,.. nl'!,."'lt - 1::: - '.. _ ' -- min-\ -r Each Providing and fixing PTMT grating of approved quality and Circular t rnn mm nomin I d1a Each Prov1d1ng and placing on terrace (at ail floor levels) p01yethylene water stor.ge tank, ISi : marked, with cover and sultable locking arrangement and making necessary holes for inlet, outlet and overflow pipes but without fittings and the base support for tank Lltr DO 122 Excavating trenches or required width tor pipes, cables, etc, Including excavation for sockets, depth upto 1.5 m Including getting out the excavated materials, returning the soil as required In layers not exceeding 20 cm In depth Including consolidating each deposited layers by ramming, watering etc. stacking seivlceable material for measurements and dis -posal of unsetvtceable material as directed, within a lead of 50m : Pipes, cabli,s etc. exceeding 80 mm dia but not exceeding '""-- " Rmt Providing, laying and jointing glazed stoneware pipes grade 'A' with stllf mixture of cement mortar In the proportion of l:1 (1 cement: 1 fine sand) Including testing of Joints etc mn diam te, 48.DO Rmt. -,- Jf."' / 124 Providing and laying cement concrete 1:5: 10 ( 1 cement : 5 f$,jiii coarse sand : 10 graded stone agoregate 40 mm nominal _ '..:.,...,, _ size) ail-round S.W. pipes lnctudlg bed concrete as pe R.tl,1::stava <lo!lo..._ '""" f.r'!1l t 1:? ".'m.di ".'e:r's-w. nine. Rmt ' :--- ;.j,.,.-.;.-....: _J

153 / S - DESCRIPTION OF rtem OF WORK TOTAL UNlT RATE AMOUNT " ' ' ntv I N RS. RS. 125 Providing and fixing SQuare mouth S.W. gully trap grade 'A" complete with C.l. grating brick masonry chamber with water tlght C.l. cover w,th trame or JOO,JOO mm size (Inside) the weight of cover to be not less than 4.50 kg and...._.. - t 111n m-i size p... _ W,th F.P.S. Rrocks class desinnat,c:m each Prov1d1ng and laying non-pressure NP2 class (fight duty) R.C.C. pipes with calla... jointed w,th strff mixture of cemtnt mortar In the proportion or 1:2 (1 cement. 2 fine sand) Including testing of Joints etc. complete : o -m "1 r c Rmt. 44, Constructing brick masonry menhofe In cement mortar l 4 ( 1 cement: 4 coarse sand) R.C.C. to!) slab with 1:2:4 mix ( I cement : 2 coarse sana : 4 gn,ded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size), foundat,on concrete 1; 4:8 mix (1 " ,.er - --' Inside size 90x80 cm and 45 cm deep including C.I cover with frame (fight duty) 45Sx610 mm lntemaf dimensions total weight of cover and frame ro be not less than 38 kg (weight of cover 23 kg end weight of frame IS kg): Wi h F P.S. hrl ks with clas< d nattnn I sn 3.00 each lnsjd<: s,ze 120x90 cm and 90 cm deep including C.I. cover w,th fn,me (medium duty) 500 mm Internal diameter, total w1',ght or cover and ame to be not less thon 116 kg (weight of cover 58 kg and weight of frame 58 kg) : With F.P.S. brtd<s class desinnatjon each I '19 Mtra for d th rnr mankol"s. : a S1z_e 90x80 cm w,u, common bumt clay F.P.S. (non modular) brtcks or ti-, ra 1.50 Rmt b Size 120x90 - With common burnt clay F.P.S. (non modular) bricks of -,. " -1onat1- o 3.00 Rmt Co"lim,ctJng brick masonry circular manhole 1.22 m lntemal dia at bottom and 0.56 m dia at top in cement mortar 1 :4 (I cement :4 coarse sand) lnstde cament plaster 12 mm thick with cement mortar 1 :3 ( 1 cement : 3 coarse sand) finished with a ftoating coat of neat cement roundat,on conaete 1:3.6 (I cement : 3 coarse sand : 6 graded stone aggregate 40 mm nominal size) and making necessary channel In cement concrete 1:2:4 (1 cement: 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size) finished with a Roating coat of neat cement, all complete as per standard design : 1.68 m deep w,th SFRC Cover and frame (heavy duty HD- 20 9rade designation) 560 mm Internal diameter conforming to I.S , total weight of cover and frame.- t,., be not less than 182 kg. fixed In cement concrete 1:2;4 '"f:rqf,,j f.1'11! (1 cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 20 :::,110 ""' m m nomlnal size) including centering, shuttering all p;,,... f? S11'Tt- complete. (Exca.vatlon, foot,.,sts and 12 mm thlci< cement,... fh>sik'l!>e: ernal surface shall be paid for separately) "',, v, With,ommon,tMJmt day F.P.S. (no,, modular) bricks or 1. s i../ 1 <A 2.00 each E><tra depth for circular type manhole 1.22 m Internal dla. j 11 _.. "- - v...i,... m.._., 'lo m.

154 S.N. 154 TOTAL RATE AMOUNT DESCRIPTION OF ITEM OF WORI( UNIT OTY IN RS. IN RS, With common bumt clay F.P.S. (non modular) bncks o,-...,c::n 1.00 Rmt Steel work welded In built up sections/ framed work, 1ncludlng cutting, hoisting, Nx,ng In posluon and applying a pnmln,g coat ot ap-proved steet primer using structural steel, 1n graungs, traimes, guard bar, ladder, rillngs, brackets, 1... *"'' ' cimtt.,.. W"".4.,"' Ko Extra for providing opening of required size &. shape ro, wash basin/ kitchen sink tn kitchen platform, vanity counter and slmllar location In marble/ Granite/stone work, including necessary holes for pillar taps etc. Including moulding, rubbing and pollsn1no of cut edges etc each av Rs. 521,29 Lacs i -,...,... " 'j L 5'.l' Jriviutav:- - A.r,.C:. """" qflii)jl,fj,!lo lll'!for f.ri7,r ftr., -

155 lj..,,o, BILL OF QU,\NTJTY FOR TH PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION & DE\'tOPMl!:NT OF BUA.JAN SANO HY A AND PARU{AR.\IA STHAL AT DISTT. CHITRAKOOT l.fotu &,an rh.1ur, BILL OF QUANTITY INTERNAL ELECTlFICATJOi', WORK BHAJAN STHAL Ocnrip1lon o( 11('"1 Unh ""' Rate A mount I \1if1PIY nd fiiuns of ;t \Utt tu-*._-.i, LCD poc/spikc IIJhl Cunfim11ns co IP 05 and abo,t 1nmrt,,..1u.-,n (c,ml'llctr in 1111 r\'11nttt e.jc:h Ill ",1.fJl'fv nnd 1i-.lna or L(O Tube LIS:hl wi1h b1mcn wnable h,r 1lfl h, 2A22 \l!ju LE.O tuhc l1sh1 Comnlc i.m.:tud1m tube a, oo surface comrdt1e in all rt"-. cai;.b 3( 3( J bap(ijy and lixmtt,,f t.n:.tcwy wl Ito-: t)'j'tl Ocu,in,,chc m,rr,,r hghl fi111nii w11h e!ol"ijootc ballast suitable: for I no.22 wnn LED rube ltimp "ith Jill w Tuhc fa.mp. Comp!rte 1n a!f,..,_, each S8 Surply a(ld fr,;lng of rcceiii\urfu«pt"ndc:m mflunnng N'lUnd 11 w LEO Down lip,, h;mna,-ck."i' Co8100 du: Cbl alwninium hoiu.!11111 lll1lh be.at htn..lc.dltluw"11cllttwf a.nj dnvcr kt C-omnJe,c rn all rl"ulf'd c:ach s Sur,ply tno (lx.11'1@. of urfocopcridcm m.oun1m,g rou:ad Ii W LEO Oawn hsb,11 having pt...,,..ler C'>,"ltcd die e&:s:t alaminium hoo$mj wnh heal shink.dutuln:llector und drher ut- Coml'l 1«:tc in all rc..,_.1. e11ch 2 2n1..s 6 S\Sf11'fy 11nJ fo,lng "'' pendent mou:uinft ha\lnal'x4' Sfu:.ao. 4$ w St1mh:11llly in1egr11ed Lto lum1n.u,: with ac:ryhc sheet diffu od mtegn:j ck-ctronlc dn\>er 5d. Cotnpi(11C in alj,_ "'"' IJ 1248' 7 Sup.ply and fixing c,( LED l(',1ffi ]lgbc fitting having die c.ssi alun)inium body and d1tru1, rmril«.1ur.,.,,h dmer,ct Antabte foi 70 W111 Contlnnini tc, IP h6 pro1ec1k'lfl Ccmolcte In all rt.n,_i. cb Up,p.l)' 11nd fhtill(l uf r1n0t)' Wld lffll1,lt<il I eo flood light lum1n&1rd cht' C.11$1 atutulnfum housing buih wnh drivtr s«wi1wllc for I!O WatL Co1.Cinmog to IP t,:, pracccuon C""1plm: in11111,,.,,... ca,:h l Sur:,ty and flaing of m:csssurface pcodcrn moonnng round 6 W/ Meter LEO smp mr to\'c lluh11.uul dtnt"r ittt C'ompft"1e in oll rnpcct. mtr Sur,pl) <1f AC 1400mm Sweep, lj<n.so Vohs. SO Ht,("1Hm1 fan v.nhouc rciul.d«,,.,.11nwr LIO\lln rod. bladt, d(' c:o,noiclc Ull l'ttl.jlrcd! su1r Raum, tac:h :!S -M6S 1-'9'7ll6.ll J71S II S,1.T.C or 400 mm s"'ccp. MIi mou111cd t n CtlfD'Pletc v.;th double: ball btari"g. nuxor. bjni;ie:s. cap;tc1lflr tlc suitable tcw single phase ljo ",:,Its_ SO Hz., AC supply, complete as 1...,.trrred ca..:h C)(I() 12 S1TC or AC 300 mm S1'eep, 230/2SO Volts. SO Hz e.,h1u.si fan (heay)' Outyl 'l't-ith bladet.1:cl\'ct ttt. COftU')IC(C... rn\ulrtd <JCb 2 )245 6-l'JO [ ' :.i :' s <>\ "'..,.,,J - q\):q\gij;il vlio r.tiri!lllu -

156 I.Sb Point Wlrln" 13 Winog pottn tor hg:bt with. 1.0 :40tll1 FR PVC msul1m:d mu1!111rand,mglc' Cott topper conducmr aiblc in htl\y p.1.1ge rifid "'"' c.onjun pi,e hnly twtcealtd in 1h,e: "''ill 11nd partly Laid 1rt!ilab.comp1ctc with I.S q mm FR PVC msulatrd mu!bimind copper conduciof c:ablc as earth wire drawn 111 1,idc- the condu11, p1300 ()'flt S'11;!ch & oriling rose tangldb111tm boldtr tw1 3n1m lhkk. pha,olk 1,minaud back.clue :1h«.1.ctc:tompleu,n oil tt.,pcc1,.as d1nx1cd, includin" tn#!chint: colour wh.. each 74 62" W,nng poln,1 (('Ir t.ll.nrmh llir fin (hghl dury cxh11ust fan} with l.o fc1 mm Fft PVC msul11td multi,tr.1nd smgl( CCR copper cond1..:or c.1ble in heavy poge rigid fletl cdui1 pipe Partl) CUf'lccnled in the "' II 11nd partly Laid in sf.ab.comptct\!,,,,.1th 1.5 5q tnm FR PVC in,ul;urd multmrand C('lj')pCf"CMduc,orciblc as c:anh "1re dra"m in side the cmduh. pi.'ann type: S:Wltch & «ihng """' IM>gielbatten holder on J,n,n lhl<k, rh nohc lnmlodtod t,ocolhc sl\ed.tlc C'-le,c tn a11..--;i,1s dlf'cc1cd.. ioolud1n.. matchin ' colourw.ash eh i 741 l 7'71;4 15 Winng point for ph.-g with U) sq..mm FR PVC 1mula:ed muhisuind single cuj'c' <:t's,pet cooducmr,able.with S amp flush ()'PC iwitth and 3 pin sode1 on cxjsiini boanl.compltt "Ith LS aq mm Flt PVC lruulatod rouhi. 1n1nd copper c."ollduc1or cab IC' Ii e..nh wire etc.comlctc mall..--,.as dircc1ed. indudin... matchwt <:olc,or wash. eacb g S Winn& po1n. for plug with 1.0 sq.min FR PVC insulated mul1iscnnd SJqglC' (O(\! coppc, condacmr able rn ribsld Utt.I cmdu i1 pipe. Panly oonceakd in the v.all and pat11)' LtHd in,ilab.complete with I.S sq mm FR PVC lnsu111t(! mu.lus1n1nd copper wnduc:tor cttblc u eanh wire dniwn i1t side the cooduh,piano type 5wi1c-h & :;odtci e1c.cunpk'tc 1n all res;,ecus cllrctted 1ncfud1n mn1chin1 colour wuh ctth WJrin, pomt for Strec1 Lipe /hi;:avy duty e.uiaust fi.n /h1-t.ine Fttn -uh I.S sqcnm FR PVC 111:t.ulau.. -d mvlthtrond slnglc: "-"Ort (;oppc., tonducmr cable in hvy puac risid 11ce1 conduit pipe PanJyconecaled in the wall and panly l..ajd in,tab complete vdth 15 sq mtn FR PVC inul11cd multi1trul'mi copper «1nducw cable cn.nh wire chwo 1n side 1he CMdui1.I 1mp piano type switch & <:eihng rc:isc on ) mm thick phtnouc l1rninatcd backejue.i;ht!d i.1.c.comnlete in all rt$ftn: t u direcr'd. includino mat'chin caiour wash. each S Supply and fixing of powtt ph.ig ith 10A/250V tlush rypc Modu1cr s...,tch and $ Pm 20N2SOV nusb t)'pc unh'f:nal Modulc-r socl:t1 in suitabk' Conled MS Bo"< inc:ludin,: stt-l" of an matl-ria.1. l!ib t. T &P ctc.rmuircd for -...,e, -1e1ion of w'ork, tlk.h 16 S6S.2S Supply and iiina TV 1111c1ar\l 1ockct 01.11h.1 p1 no f)'j)c! 11w11e:hl,och1 "" thci cxiluna,whch OOX! cover u,clud1 o:,nn.e«kln,i r- 1rcd. eacb SUB\1AINS 19 Supply & "'""I or,ubms,n, whh 2 noo.l S <Q mm FR l'vc lnsula11:d 1100 v grod< mull.wand unglc core copper cocutuc:1or cable in 20 mm dia hetwyaaugc ngid lltccl «>11dui1 panly C:Qal"Qtcd 1n II nd J)linJ) laid 1n slab (:(JC'nplece-. 'ilh I no. I.S sq mm fr PVC lniula1ed m"lu11m,d copper con duel«cabje lj olu1h wire dtawn In iide the oondultc«nplere in illl res, incfudm:e: ma<:hine. colour W'l!ih ctc.com"lcte in all res-t. nni :w Supply & "'1ring of,ubnwru,.,tb 2 nos.zs.sq.mm FR PVC imuloi,'d t 100 V 8""'< mulriwund sin;lc c cc,pptr <:onducaor cable in 20 mm dia ht:a\'y gaus( rigtd s1et:i conduit paly con<alod In wall and panly laid In,1,b coo,plcte,,.llh I oo, I.S.sq,nn, FR PVC 111).ulated mofthtrtind copper CQrilturmr enbfe ti ir.anh wira dr.&wll in,idl: thc' o:induhpxnpletc In all Plo\a,e(lf. incllklina machlntt colour waih de camnk'lc in, nn Bi065

157 Supply &. wlnng c,,i 11.1hm11n4 -wnh :.l n<»,l XI mm FR PVC 1ni.uh11N 1100 V,rmdl muhljtnind,inglc eutt coppn conductor ca.bit" m 2U mm dr, ht:1t\'y l'.ll!!,t r:,td neel condun panly conettkld '" w.all and partl) laid m )rap. complc<t.whh I "' Z.S min FR PVC' d,rtd m1o1tus1111nd to1pcr con '-IC'Wr c&bfe 111 tlr'ul w,j'c drawn tn 11dc d1t conduj1,tt1mph.1r In 1'111 rcs-u tndudin1'1 m:,cjuns! tolcur wasfl etc.corrplc:tt in ell res Supply & -.inn; or suhrnauu with t'iut,.. ti "q.nuti FR PVC '1'1s.ilit 1100 V grade muhind l:'.rflc core <'<,p conduc,or «blc 1n 32 mm dis heavy ru11ge ng1d fifed ('()flduir rnnly etmc:a.j«i in ull and pantv laid m,lab. cornple1c..ith 2 oo. 4 nun flt PVC insutaaoo mutus1rand corper conduchxtubl-15 ejnh \1.1re dra"n in s,dt 1ht: 00du,1..eompf-et1 in 111 l tfnt"i'fs 1nchKf1l'le: machin ook"'uf wa,h t1t 1,,;m,tile1t In all "" """I 23 Supply & winng oc submimt with 4 lk'iij.10 sq.mm FR PVC rnhued 1100 V p.rat.t. mulos1rand,in,&lc tor copper condu"tor t11bte!n Jl mm d11 ht'l'i')',iugc ngid steel corhlun 11Jnly roncealtd IQ 'fll411 and panjy laid in s!11b «.np!c.1c:.,oth 2 O(t, b.sq mm FR PVC ln'lul.3.ted mullift:rand coppn c:.ooductnfcuhle,u canh \It iro drawn m side die coodun.romp!er.c,n all,e,- t, 1ndudmto mncb.tni., c-olwr wa5h t11.:,tta ctc m alj rcsoa:l on,. \ICn,. Rc-cn, nnt 7SO 225 JS I 6lli62.5 nn, mu lo 620.) S l4 sppty and focmq of tlu(h 1 sutficc mpunung 4 'l)'i\ fpn d1'i.rtibui:on boards (Lrnnd Lexie) \\ 1 1t-out MCB tlh adduional ma.11 door complete u, a.ii rttpccts. As djcj by eoglncc Uk 5t'!:(' 2S \ur.>ly and thwg of O\Ohlsu.rt moon111\g 4 wa)'). V TPN dasiribunon board v.'l,hou1 \.>IC9..,h l,'160..,, addhionaj metttl dco' comr,lc,n 1111 rn- r, A, directed... cncnnr lnd'i3rae ca<h 2 864S 172'J(J?6 Suppi) 1ml fl-ql'ltl or240 V(llb 'C" sc:nes unp TP, nt,ni.luuc l;trcuh br"'.alrr.cr ( lo K A ) to 't'xl.ilithl MCB. DB comnfcte "ilh «:IMCChons u rru1rod, 27 eacl, S Surply and fut in.a of 2.W volt.. L M:nt:i t,..)1.amp SP mini II.lure cin:i,,u brcaka C 10 KA > m J'fine MCB. DB -le10 wnh C()nDCC'l1M as tipn1,11ttd... ch IOS :!37.S 2S6SO 2.S En.-chon and ltstm{t of cchir1.g fan and regu.t:a1or for room hd_glu upc:o 3.5mb, Including,-v-,.!vof 3mm thick G.I dmt.n rod 19mm dia dufv IXlintcd coo,nlt10 1n all rcsn.-.. u each JOS.S 1 29 Erc:t:uoo and testing of ceiling fan 11.nd ttguf,uor for room heagh1 aoo\ e 3.Ssnu. iric-fudmi wpply o( Jmm thick GI (f(')\.lt'n rod 19mm dia duly pa,n1cd, complc:10 fn 111 rnpoas..«:>..rw lor -- 1$ \7111 h1"ht each S JO J I S'F of huoaonaj Ian be>, 11h h,.,,_,1 side of oppn,, Omm in lm31h f,bncat'-" from J6W0}1.S. sheet inrorporattng 10mm di-!t, M.S. roudd barduly blmt fflr S"J)p(lnlog fan hanac:r dully p:umed wid1red oxide- and "KrcwlnJ: l1tungm,cn1 \0 th winn, conju11 J fd 1n 1he R C.C. toot before, concm..m.tr aloqg with.suppj), of nll niatc:riats, labour T & P L"tc...!or proper comnlctian of t.1"k. -h 1, 123 2l S Supply fixing o( electron!c fm rcgul.ltor I 1280 V. ISi m.a.dted. oo the cx.itcing.swltch board incluchnj ma.king c:nnnerion. n:q u1re<1 ma.tmlll, labour TIP t1c for prori:r complelloo ot "'Ott to 1hc Jatl,rKdoo of E.nr inttt In dt... t- of v.ork oach S S21 S.5 J2 Add fur li ht /fan -in, v,11h mojultor..,... swllch 10 1>!;11..c of 1J1.tno,..- >Wllth, )J AoJ far ofot Mint wuh modul<t 1\/ftP.!iwttct, 1n n.l,1c:e of mano f\lnl'. switch <ll<h S C.'ICh JO S -

158 153 Ttltc,hont Data I.. T.V Conduh:a. ttt.. I Supplying 2.:1d drit'4i:ng FR PVC iraubtcd annealed copper cnhu:tor. urwmoored cable ln 1be u1sun2" wrfocclrcccs1ed ncdipvc conduit a, n-nuimd 34 2;d 5 sc.nmn l()(j() JS.IS 3SlSU JS upptying and drawing Co ulaj T \' cable-, RO grade. O. 7,run.oh<! coppe, caoductor, ihietded wi1h fine 11nMd e0pper tmild and ptf'l(coled -.id! PVC >hcaui In tilt ex(sr;nir 1udtcctrettu.ed 1tttllPVC 1!()f)duit as rt'rsuln:d. mu I "!5 upply r,,.ng & «in«1llna of' ngld.,.,.. coocluit,n tht wall lntludina <un nt fl>n<l l rm1 of cooduh & fix ins. ii with MS hooks & 1hen plastcnn,:.wr1h cemcnl sanclmonar (mn,hed t( the lcvcl,v,i1h 1ne1chin1 colour w:u:h indudin& cas1 fol' proper th.radmg of t(lndu1t i,nd pro\.idlng nccc:uary iockte..bend &. chuc-knuts.u d11c,d by cmg.mec,,- 1'1Char1c ti1i1th chc iai-... 1\; of mataial l..bour lad T&P -uired for - comofctinn of ',\'fltk. J6 SlzdO mm di tl>swo (Ummllb,cl: MTR l Slu2Smmda, l6s\\0ii Smm>hl..1. MlR b 7$ 2)7$0 ll> Site )2 mm d1t1 l(1swg t l Smm\1h1c:\ MTR lo 166,15 KJ1:?' Supply foxing & roncealing or PVC e<w1dult m th< "-ail,nc:luding NninJ of brick loyina o 1. ondu11 &. fi"n& It 'llrilh MS hookt &. then pb..11cl'lna,. 1th cement, 51Ad.monar tin1shrd m 1h lc\ cl. 1th ma!ehing rolour -ash including <'OSI ot propel lhnding of CIOndwt and pn)\'idi ncce&nry.odrtt.bend &. dlvcl:nuita. dlroc:rcd by engine.er ini::hlllft with 1hc,vppJy r, matcnal labour Dd T &f'... uu'od fo, -ontt l'omnlc:tt.on of\\ J Sit< 20mm dia 16SWO II lmm11h1ck \11R Sm:: 2S mtn d,a l6swo t I.Smm\1h,d, MTR.1(1(1 ' Cabl & Tnv rte. S1.1PP4yrng aod,ayjn, of alum1mum CQnductor PVC m!nlbtro armoured kr\ l!d.sheathed (;abtc J I 00.. ohs ifade 11 the dq,eh of 750 mm bellow ;,round level oytr I cu."hifln or 7S mm thkk J.11.0d all iround and procccicd With bu.mt bnckj on skte and on top.on.surl'att lm cobk run shall be 6xcd oa MS clamps ctc..of SuJbbJe site CC" as dittc:u:d by d1 Engi IDC.h:1f8C.c."On1tc'-' in all refp«t The announnj nf lh cabli\ thall be y connected wilh the canh conductor bvclamps ttc.fo!tawino uzc I dze 6 JQ nul) >.,it ccn, ""' S02l 3l6JOO 2 $Ile IO aa mm,; 4 core nnt 2100 JO!.?l 64Sl7S 43 11ize?5 ta mm x ) lllcairc rm, 1000 J&l site 10 er1 mm x J, l/'2co(e Supply and fixing of hns.s mcklc: plated compre:siioa gland for pvc: 1MuJ,.1ed & 4ffll01Jced s;l:rr'\1:d sheatb1hed,llnckrgrou.nd cable including rubber rins etc. complc,, in all spect. ThHffll<lurina or the cobl Jball be properly connected wuh the cfflh por dir«bon of tnitineer.jl\cmjee. t'or cable: ""' S.J 73l:l00 4l she 6 mm each ,,ze 10,a mm each

159 1 ) 'lite 2S!iQ mrr. QC- J(l(I 104.S )().lo 4M,lu io.so mm each IS710 uppl) 1t1J fixtrlg t1i phun or 9'11 type copper h:1 plated t&bte S('t'k.ct (lui) w ulc fttdi h.11 JW( 111)."\llatcd A.. anuaun:,d C-it t11sul-:1tmg with Utpe aod makmg confk.'( tion co.nptete 1n nu rc,l'll'el 41 "' " dal'\!clim nf tt19:1noei.1n,t,a."' for cable".11) t:i7t b "4 fflry! u,h IIJl41> I so '\i"zc: JOu, mm c:1,h p:o IQ 150h() SI 1-\1e 25- so mm oa<h 400 rss ),x 7(.1 en nun each 400 7b }()4(1() SJ '.1 p1>lymg 1t1d laymg o( C-Opptl' c,m1.h.1un" PV( m1ulucd ul'armourt'ci nblc t IOU vol,r.ije J..S,.. mm xl.14 Supply and fi,..1:ng Onc.1 wo mc.lduh, G I box av.king,._l!h moo..a.lcr be.<c with co,er p1.a.:e fo, tnt'nhane & T \ Olllict ""' each JQO(I.;1.5.;7,;no ' Ol.r(e rnodu1e <ad, 2, 175 1S 4SW5 s f.nr module- ca.ch u lS4 i 5? Sit. ml'clulc \:.11.:b 2 Z4S I 4C)().2 5& bv.tu,n,,;,dulc... h JKl.1 < :?257 ;c, T-.-elvc moduk:: ncll ! 326 6(j Supply end fijuoj of Danger B.-11l fabricated Imm IO gouge M.S. Sb,-i as p.:r l. RultS tarn IS > 61 Srn,,,lv & F'oi:lnt of \1C8 blanjuo1, Dli,tt for OB each s 93 47,5 62 SuN'Uv &.. Fi.'<in of Modulcr swnc-h bla.nlm2 claw tor t\lodulcr s,;,. tch t,(,,,\rd each 10 Z1S 128, Surply Ind Ll)'t1J or lt")o IH)(J lltnm 11tie,:_t t.'.hquud rubba mamn, uf te.&ed qu.dity. comnteie m ztu,_._.. as t\er I E Rules -18 2WS, 75 43J7"5 :trtbin,v M 6S uprly 1od but)'1og ot WQmm x 600 mml. 6mm G.I. p!ot.e., trtloc.tlt)' tor rthlng wuh its tttt"i atk:.u1 3 mi,. below ground lev"c"l complete wilh 20mm 0.1 pipe aud tun.,d tor waterins.nd ""'.. rtlung I-of No.810JOSWO O l.&tn: In 1Smm dllo.i p,pc UillO,wile board (lr tn apron to J'<'ilch board chr cost o( G.I. f'a?c add G.I. wire will be e.,tra) locm. squjre C.I. frame: with hinged 01)\>'tr, masmary bn,. iftcmatc IA)'tf'JIOf charcolll ooke and 1ah a, la.c 150mm 1hk... atffiund eic t:oo'!rtlt'fc- in 1111 rmrw."t1. tildl 8 449H l94 S\iflply and l yins of2.smm -. l mm 0.1 s:rrip lhjm t.-llfth elf!..:trode thra:dy 1n I.ho ij'wnd u n."quircd C('lfflnfetc- {n all recn.-.-:ts. nnt Sopply ond lixlni of 1wo number 8 SWO O I. wl,n ISmm d11. Cl.I. pipe,or c1tt1hlnll,. lalj In grr:,wid at tn vtau duly eonceajed Including the cos-1 of cemenr.. s11.od. labour. T&P othl:' mairri l - ircd CotJ1mDac0tn_pttrion nf"'oric 11.e d1rt.'(ted ut side ""' JIJO Q548 --

160 100 6" Supply & lbstj.lauoa or 7 m!r OI Oc:ugOMt, Pole tc.'.'p dia 701nm bottom di.a 130 mm whh Double arm b!:-acket(i mtr lfflj1hlfancy '>"P" on RCC found11ti1jn Tndudin, 1t.c OM1 o lound.atlon.(oundo.llon bo&cu CJ1vauc,n & b!kk tilllngs inj Mauiri:d. T &P cc:xoplo1t in:ti>uarinn in all, No ()& ,$ Supp4y cod focina fol lqwing capaciry or automatlc SUM lign cubklc" pllfii:i p.tinted "1tb 1unl cunt'iijih 111b1i and acid pn,o( p.1101 consi11inj of ume s,.vitch TSO 100 series ith contxton,hrc l\t$e$. isf'llating switch: mott'f\n inscnffk.'flt box wilh CT, C!lc:.tn case oftpn com... 1e1e in all t. 25Am... TP No. 27'>77, ,9 COMttVctlng masonry Chl!Jnber 60x60.:75 cm Inside.in bnd: "' '"' 1n cement mana.r J: (1 tt"ll)fflt : 4 coarse nnd) for sluice \'a:iyc,v.ith CL surface box loo mm top dia 160 mm l>ollom dia. /Ind 110 mrn dc<p (huldc) 11h chain«! lid and RCC,op,1,1> 1:2. mi, ( I ccmeo.1 : 2 co11.rse sa, : 4 graded tcmc eggregalc 20 mm flull'unal s1tt),lfc ry cxca,11tion,found.1nion ecmcm l:s:10 ( I cement : 5 fme sand ; 10,radcd stooe o,1tp-rple mm pamin1h sltt) t.nd instdc pla.11cnng whh otmcn1 mmar 1:3 ( I ccmenc J coarse nnd J 2 mm t.hick..tini&bed wuh a Ooouni, co;u of neat cement eomplctc as per Sttndard 1gn, with common humt cl,1v F.P S tnon rnndul1ru...:dcs of chi.ts <ksi-"kx'i 7.5. Ne, 50 1>116.l J20"1S 70 Su...i-.., and tixino of6 Am11 To 'c \1CB (loka}c c:un-e.., h t:!o 10}5.S '} ' 71 PnMchng arid ti.iung ABC Powder type fire u1uij_lui5hcrs coo.dsring of welded 1\-tS. cyhndc'nc:1l bc.wjy. squeeze leyor Jitcharae valve Ou,,..i1h pres.sure indicarlnc guas.: intcrnal d1,charge 1 30 ems long high prefflft dl1d\artt ho6(!. dtteharige awlc. 51lSpcnsion brlctm conforming to 1S:156S3 finihed txcenully with rtd ettamtl paint :ind nud 10 wtu with brackets comnletc.,.,,h internal ch1ttc. 6. canac1tv cach 6 8!S9 S XT RNAL FEEDER PILI.All PANEL OUTOOOI! TYPE) 72 SITC of factory fabrica1ed cubtcal mi.in p3nd wtauy enclo:kld free suutthoj type mo1>nr<, '*"" """"'" & "'!lwr proof au1dnor (DCMlble door IYl'<'l r- pillar p1n<l made out of 2.0 mm chick CRCA bee. (.OQll)lcu with followiog oqu1pments. 1ocJuding difttll mtm:cr with inbuilt 1mmdt"' selector swi1ch. digiral,"ostmcter with inbuilt,--ohmttet selector i1\\1tcb lndicauna lamp!i er, m1ernal,.,ring 'filth,,jitable lilt IN"ittS /cable inrcrcooncr:tioo pairuin,g as per ee<cr lts pc:r specification & drawing. All the incoming and..,1gr,in MCCB h II havt 35 KA lcr All the MCCB PIO 250 Amp 111.\II hov< u,,mn,l rle-.uc with ad,iustane ovc,t,cad and shon circuit _JJ!O(cclioo and with 11dJbtc ovcrh,ad 100ft c1n:u11 & canb t.ull prot«1ion.tbe pamj will bt mmfe: a:s per dc!1lk:d lficarioru &: ctr,,dn 11,11 formin"... 0(1h1 d(,cuflk"ftl FEED R Plt:LAR.,.el l! 268:U.l INCOMINC - IOOAm 41hoh4PMCCB-01 NI\ Voh Oi11utl Volt me1es -..;1h inbuilt adcttor ;w11cti. Ot No. 100 Amn Oiflial Ammetcrv.ith inbuih sdei!'lor sitch & Cl's. OJ No Phuc 1ndicit1ni La.mnl with Sino I,...,le MCB. 01 Set ON/OFF inchcetine lamn wiffl sirr'-- "le MCB. 01 Se! IIUS BAR. 150 Am- T.P.N Al. OUTCOINC l2 Amp. 415 w,h 4P MCCB. 03 No..ll Amp. 415 voh4p MCB.o,s No. ' T ociii Sav 104,98 l,.ac-s

161 161 BILL OF QUANTITY FOR THE PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION CHITRAKOOT PARVAT AT CHITRAKOOT,U.P. BILL OF QUANTITY SOUND SYSTEM WORK S.No. Particular Unit Qty Rate I S!TC of All Weather Speaker for Sound reinforccmem in Ground and for Audience, 2400 Watt Power Handling, 132 db Ma,<imum SPL, 90 x50 Coverage Pattern, 58HZ- I 8kHz Frequency Response. LF DVX3 I 50 and HF ND2 Transducer 8 ohm Nominal Impedance. Make : Bosch/EV/RCF No , SITC of High Quality Music Hom for Excellent Speech and music reproduction. two way system. water and dust proof, in ABS housing 45 Wan Max sound reproduction Make Bosch/EV/RCF No SITC of 4 Channel Amplifier- I 000watt per channel. 70/1 OOV operation for distributed systems, Switchable 50Hz High-pass tilter, Complete protection: thermal. overload. shorts, HF. DC, back-emf. inrush current with programmable power-on delay seuings, 32dB Amplifier Gain4. electronically balanced, Phoenix-type Make: Bosch/EV/RCr No , SITC of Protess1onal range Booster Amplifier 300 Wan output in bridge mode dual channel having temperature controlled fan tor cooling, Make: Bosch EV/ RCF/ Crown No. 5 76, S!TC of make 18"' Powered Sub woofer having 457mm LF transducer, 96 db Power handling 700 Wans, Max SPL 134 db. Freq response - I OdB Hz having omni directional coverage, Cross over freq I 00 Hz made of 9 ply, 15 mm plywood 1ntemally braced with texured paint Make : JBUYamahBosch EV No. 2 I SITC ot 2 way powered Stage monitoring Speaker with LCD display & one knob DSP control with presets. front LED for power ON & Limit indication. Unit had class D amplifier module having freq response 55 to Hz. SPL 127 db, coverage angle 90 x oo Degrees, Power raring I 000 Wart, unit has 380 mm LF transducer with polypropylene cabinet in split baffle design Make : JBUYamaha/Bosch EV No. 2 98, SITC of 32 Channel Compact Mixing System - 12 x mic/line +4x Mic/Stereo-line, Mixer- 16 Channel, low noise design in combination with 24-bit Dual-Stereo effect unit. Master EQ-1 I BAND, Type, effects presets Dual stereo 24/48-bit multi effects processors, 100 Factory+ 20 User, Tap-Delay, 128 x 64 pixels OLED Display, 4 in 4out channels. USB2.0 PC Interface, phantom power 48VDC Make Bosch ' Dynacord/Y amaha/soundcraft No. I 257, SITC of Digital Sound Systems Processor, 111 db Dynamic Range, 2 XLR IN. electronically balanced 2 x XLR THRU OUT. electronically balanced analogy Input and 6 analog Outputs electronically balanced, I digital AES/EBU inputs, configuration via PC software, Input Imp. 10k0hm.A1D Conversion 24 Bit Sigma-Delta, 50 ohm output Impedance, 48kHzsample rate, 24 bit data format, 32-Bit internal proccssosing. Make: Bosch/EV/RCF No , SITC of Digital Feed Back Suooressor. Make : Make: Bosch/dB XI Aerons No , SITC of Mp3 playback from SD card and USB inputs, FM tuner with RDS, presets and digital control, Simultaneous oper,nion of SD/USS-player and FM tuner, 87.5 to I 08Mhz FM Range, 32 GB Maximum Storage Capacity, 50Hz to 20kHz Freq. Resoonsc, Make: Bosch/EV/Sennheiser No. I Multi Format Disk Player, Make : Sony, Denon or Equivalent No I 31, Audio Recording System with Usb Input, Make : Tescam/Denon or Equivalent No. I 144, SITC of Cordless Hand Microphone- EZsync infrared channel transter from the receiver to the transmitter, 32 preset channels, with compatible groups of8 channels for simultaneous use, Detachable haltwave receiver TNC antennas, Modulation ±40kHz, Diversity : True antenna, >55db Image Rejection, Freq Response : 80Hz- I 8kHz, 20 dbv balanced output, SIN Ratio > I OdB. >95dm Dynamic Range Make : Bosch/EV /Sennheiser No. 4 46, S!TC of Cordless Collar Microphone- EZsync infrnred channel transti:r from the receiver to the body pack transmitter, 32 preset channels, with compatible groups of 8 channels for simultaneous use, Detachable haltwave receiver TNC antennas. Modulation ±40kHz, Diversity: True antenna, >55db Image Rejection, Freq Response : 80Hz- I 8kHz, 20 dbv balanced output, SIN Ratio> I OdB, >95dm Dynamic Range M11ke: Bosch/EV/Sennheiscr No. 2 46, Amt , , , :!57, , , , , , ,020.00

162 162 1$ $ITC ofqoosffld: Oc,k1op Mlcn,ph('tne. Mu.hi0pucm tilily, puffl ro mutt push to Lalk f\lncum d ooockra.-=r btlcik dc.:lrtll clem<ffl. SOHt-WkH,- Freq RdpQf!SC, > I JS db SPL Clippiq Lcvcl.>I09db Dynamic Range. l(l(k)hm Output lmpcoancc :11 I kll1. "!lh nwtrm on wind Kn!(n \.lal.r : 8t'ihfEVIShurt No, l lb SITC ofunlt.,chn:ct1ooal (fy113m1 mta-ophooc. HMJ-hdd or,t1nd-mountctl mulnpu u whh clip Rugged CQMtrudlon Modern non--tlccti dark fil1ish. 80HZ lkht. Frcqucocy Rcspon,t.. 1.7,nV/Pa 11:Ni1ivit)'. 600 ohms nucd nnp., No Molce : Bo5Ch'EV/Smnhci,, SITC t,f ound Eco Mixer. Mal.f'. Ltx.icom.dhx CM' Enu1valcr,1 No 2 4S,J I! SITC of Ul Buei. Make: Ochnnul."fi ObA (l{ Enu.1v11lm1 N ()O 19!HTC ofeqt1)fflcnt R.acl:: 2SU Hdgh.t Spsoe. F'roor and Fleur l..oek:i.blc Door. Front Oooii" Trnnspartnl A('r)lk. :and Rev pofo\ der coutl"d Site.I doof wilh to0lirt11 Fain. Coost..-rli Po\\,:r 5('1Ckct Point and MCB prota:t«l. ('Ompld.c In ;t.h rcspec:l Make-: \/c,. l Oi.n1m1cN llr11c 20 Supply & La1ng of Sp,:aker C1blc. lo.. loss it (I!q nnn mm 2 c:(in! CClppef' ConductOf. P\'C lnsutata.1, Multi.str.ind cores rwincd m a-rtular fonn Make: Ksy$tal/KoJtzlK.r1:mtt Mtr ? \() Supply & Uying ot t.hcrophont Cable.. low 2 core ATC copper conduaoc. HOPE m.ut1ed. cocu 1wistcd. iniul11ed with poci.al mo1scurc pmof polymer.,ackeled with matt rlnlh h1oh ilcx s:-inl PVC Mab: K-.-11 Koh, /Kramer Mrr \00 1$4.IIO 46.<14000 Supply & yin_g of B C()l"C Microphone Cable, low lo!i.s 2 c«e ATC copper conductc,t, HOP mulau:d. oo,u 1w,'i4ed. in,ula:c<i with i,t moii.tu-re proof palymcr,j1.11ciktced v. hh matt finish high Do sp«f1i PVC- Muk.e ; Kry"taVKoltz /Ktamtr MIT IOI> 1.0')0 70! (1 l<o.24 <;l(>o() 98.(M0.00 n Sunol &. Fi,in" of Fkx,r &-. 1t.i1h Connector Mo:kt : Gi----nJKnvncr/Unitron\ No '1<1.lZ S\1-lv & F 'h\o c,fs-kcr 8n1ckct 25 SITC' Audio....Mi----,c Patch Cab4oel & XLR. s..-ron. PhM<> Connectors I CI00.00 CK.. lb Su -'..., l.a..,ina ttnd fi,itlit of Conch.t1l'(..wd h a,cc:asono Job I Supply of UPS S)l)tcm. IO K VA Onhne UltS with inbuih i,ofation h'iiul(ormcr Sy11ttm wnh <,I) rr.1m1cs bockun Mal e N"umeric. Emerson Umben No &86.JSO SvpplyoflO KVA 5c<vo Vol!Oi! St11>1i%crlnpuc "" ' V Ovcpuc Volcq 2JO.ti%. Make{ E"<CI. Htril No. 2 IOS, f).O(I Toul Nou : S \rhr AMC Chat es lndu:d\.t In abo\'t Raus s., Lan

163 w.c. 500X1[ ii I 11,;xooo 01 w.c. CO I 1'500X100ly' 01 "<t' 111 WC ;u D1 w _J u i i BATH 1500X1200 ' 01 BATH 1500X1200 D WC!500Xl200 w.c 01, 1500X1200 w.c 01, 1SOOXl200 Hm'O.':tn mu J.<»' NII fl IUV 'l'iiih',,..,,.. be-. NOTES 1 Al-.. l,""'- 2. O!+f.,,.,. dineru.bnt ir... bt- 3 MyO.C,e;,ancy Ill" d<awieg - be,,.,.,,. io h of ""'"'d ol h JrthM -DOORV.mDOE!l TAII. NAP"" SIZE D LT S0X21w w 500X165U - URINAL,...,. _fl,;f );,i ft' u.ii,,. I '";":, ::(1{ ii'.t -;g t, "--._ D VERANDAH 6230X2170 UP GROUND FLOOR PLAN AREA SQM. r,x c- I"'""" 11 (ICt_ JO!f fl.s.. ' I w WI\ - Cll!Pr l!ot'll!"lft-ocll'"-n r C:.Jc::J ,,, _.. I

164 ... - I ll.. ; I l i f;j,! ll! w "' - -= - --e.. -, o.

165 I I I I I I I I I I I r- i ii -+ -!r eii i i I i i i i i i i i ; i i i i i i i i i i I I i i i i i i i i i i i I ! L:1 i ii iii iii i ii iii iii ie i 1 ii a1, f I I I I I I I I I I l l.- a>-'- _,. a, I ca, _, - - m,---1-m-.j...-.od-> _.. l =========================--c---=============================:!j

166 , HD :1 1"7 - - I

167 ... a,; - "" ""... _...._ dh Ct.lOII t1u., GiDSII..... ll.. Cllf;U'iU, Alnu to,el -=... --, Ml ll ti t t( l l... _...,... - _,.,_...,,,,_,_./11""1" '1..._._"IIIIIIIIN S tce,(lalffl 41...,.,,._.,_s-i ICNIIII--,..._.*' ,...,_"'...,,._.,_.,.'......,, '-"'.-.o..._ , --...,:ai..,..11.,...,......,,......,.,..., - -.,..._.....,,,... w..,..._,..,...._...,,.._... -, -- cu e io1.. lf.. -.,r, 'Gi1i1 l l J f I f p (> o,, (> D ScfllBlS ;I() 3d't'HS l l l r I - oz 1oz ' ' ' --- :i,ooo,1111 XlOOllDe, tut. D«Oll Q I :IQ)l)IOI, xm!llt GU I. Olt llit ") 3NOZOO 3HOZ:lm SW8 32IS 32IS ci'qj!) '' WIBI.Vl 1YNI.

Pre Qualification Tender document

Pre Qualification Tender document Rs. 2500/- NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN A Statutory Institute Under DIPP Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt. Of India PALDI, AHMEDABAD 380 007 Phone: 079 2662 9500, 079 2662 9600 Web Site : www.nid.edu

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Tender No GSO/CED/CE/TR - 410/2011

Tender No GSO/CED/CE/TR - 410/2011 Government of India Department of Atomic Energy General Services Organisation Civil Engineering Division Tender No GSO/CED/CE/TR - 410/2011 Sealed item rate tenders in TWO Parts in the prescribed forms

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FACT RCF BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD (A Joint Venture of FACT & RCF, Both Government of India Enterprises)

FACT RCF BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD (A Joint Venture of FACT & RCF, Both Government of India Enterprises) FACT RCF BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD (A Joint Venture of FACT & RCF, Both Government of India Enterprises) NAME OF WORK: Construction of Walkway and Infrastructural facilities to Kallidumbil-Aattutheeram in

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EMPANELMENT OF CONTRACTORS FOR CIVIL WORKS Metropolitan Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd. EMPANELMENT OF CONTRACTORS FOR CIVIL WORKS Metropolitan Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Office: 326 Udyog Vihar, Phase IV, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122015 Tel: 0124-4309721, 4309724 Fax: 0124-4309725 Field Office:

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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INDORE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INDORE Notice Inviting Tender 1. Item rate tenders are invited from eligible contractors registered/enlisted with Central Government Departments/State Government Departments/

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FACT RCF BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD (A Joint Venture of FACT & RCF, Both Government of India Enterprises)

FACT RCF BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD (A Joint Venture of FACT & RCF, Both Government of India Enterprises) FACT RCF BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD (A Joint Venture of FACT & RCF, Both Government of India Enterprises) NAME OF WORK: Various works @ Utsava madom building at North Nada of Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

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Tender No: DLI/CON/728/505 NOTICE INVITING TENDER ENGINEERING PROJECTS (INDIA) LTD. (A Govt. of India Enterprise) Tender No: DLI/CON/728/505 NOTICE INVITING TENDER Core 3, Scope Complex New Delhi 110003 01. Tender for Construction of Hostel Building HOD,

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NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION Sealed tenders under two bid (technical and financial) system are hereby invited from experienced service providers for providing the CCTV surveillance system in various Examination

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institutions and Public Sector Undertakings for similar works.

institutions and Public Sector Undertakings for similar works. Limited Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005 Ph: (022) 6655 3355; Fax: (022) 2218 0411 Notice inviting tender for Architects / Consultants for Electrical, HVAC and Allied Works at IDBI Office building at CBD Belapur,

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TECHNICAL BID. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Ltd.

TECHNICAL BID. UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Ltd. Page No. 1/13 TECHNICAL BID UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Ltd. Tender Notice ***** On behalf of our client, we hereby invite sealed tenders in Two Bid Systems comprising of (a) Technical Bid

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TECHNICAL BID UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Ltd.

TECHNICAL BID UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Ltd. Page No. 1/13 TECHNICAL BID UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Ltd. Tender Notice ***** On behalf of our client, we hereby invite sealed tenders in Two Bid Systems comprising of (a) Technical Bid

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2 Name of work Construction of Neutronics Laboratory Building and allied works at Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Bhat, Gandhinagar.

2 Name of work Construction of Neutronics Laboratory Building and allied works at Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Bhat, Gandhinagar. Part B Notice Inviting e-tender (NIT) - Detailed Tender Notice E-Tender No.IPR/TN/CIVIL-PR/ Two bid/09/2016 dated 04.04.2016 (Two Bid System) : Tender notice for Construction of Neutronics Laboratory Building

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Tender For Construction Of 5.00 Llpd Dairy Plant at Dehri-On- Sone, Bihar, From Grid Y11 To Y19 etc complete.

Tender For Construction Of 5.00 Llpd Dairy Plant at Dehri-On- Sone, Bihar, From Grid Y11 To Y19 etc complete. AN ISO 9001 & 14001 COMPANY TENDER DOCUMENT TENDER No: PAT/CON/720/01 DATED 17/02/2016 FOR Tender For Construction Of 5.00 Llpd Dairy Plant at Dehri-On- Sone, Bihar, From Grid Y11 To Y19 etc complete.

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Subject: Tender for supply of Antivirus and Application Software under two bid system (technical bid and financial bid) -reg

Subject: Tender for supply of Antivirus and Application Software under two bid system (technical bid and financial bid) -reg F-43-95/2011/NIOS/Admn./Pur 16.7. 2012 M/s....... Subject: Tender for supply of Antivirus and Application Software under two bid system (technical bid and financial bid) -reg Dear Sir/Madam, National Institute

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NOTICE INVITING TENDER Notice Inviting Tender No. 59/WBTDCL OF (Technical) 1. Name of The Work. :- See ANNEXURE A.

NOTICE INVITING TENDER Notice Inviting Tender No. 59/WBTDCL OF (Technical) 1. Name of The Work. :- See ANNEXURE A. West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Llimited (A Govt. of West Bengal Undertaking) Udayachal Tourist lodge (1 st Floor), DG Block, Sector II, Kolkata- 700091 Phones: 033 2359 7250, Fax : 033-2359-8292

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Ref.No.Q027/M(P)/OSELT-30MG/TNMSC/2016 Date : INVITATION OF LIMITED TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY OF OSELTAMIVIR CAPSULE IP - 30MG TO THE TNMSC TAMILNADU MEDICAL SERVICES CORPORATION LIMITED (A Government of Tamilnadu Undertaking) 417, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008. Phone: 044-2819 1890, 2819 0259/ Fax: 044-2819 0636 Website: www.tnmsc.com

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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INDORE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INDORE Notice Inviting Tender 1.0 Tenders are invited on the behalf of the Director, IIT Indore, for the following work from eligible contractors registered/enlisted with

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THE NATIONAL SMALL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION LTD. (A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE) Technical Services Centre, Balitikuri, Howrah THE NATIONAL SMALL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION LTD. (A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE) Technical Services Centre, Balitikuri, Howrah-711 113. Tel: 033-2653 0304, 4280 BID/TENDER DOCUMENT Name of the work: Barbed

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Invitation For Expression Of Interest For Providing Project Management Consultancy Services At Vidyasagar Industrial Park at Kharagpur In West Bengal

Invitation For Expression Of Interest For Providing Project Management Consultancy Services At Vidyasagar Industrial Park at Kharagpur In West Bengal Invitation For Expression Of Interest For Providing Project Management Consultancy Services At Vidyasagar Industrial Park at Kharagpur In West Bengal INTRODUCTION West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation

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Ref.No.Q002/M(P)/HAND SANITIZER/TNMSC/2016 Date :

Ref.No.Q002/M(P)/HAND SANITIZER/TNMSC/2016 Date : TAMILNADU MEDICAL SERVICES CORPORATION LIMITED (A Government of Tamilnadu Undertaking) 417, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008. Phone: 044-2819 1890, 2819 0259/ Fax: 044-2819 0636 Website: www.tnmsc.com

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Subject: Tender for Manufacturing and Supply of Self Adhesive Stickers under two bid system (technical bid and financial bid) -reg

Subject: Tender for Manufacturing and Supply of Self Adhesive Stickers under two bid system (technical bid and financial bid) -reg F 43-141/2013/NIOS/Admn./Pur 13 th May, 2013 To Subject: Tender for Manufacturing and Supply of Self Adhesive Stickers under two bid system (technical bid and financial bid) -reg Dear Sir/Madam, National

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CIVIL DEPARTMENT. Name of the Work-RW: - GI Chainlink fencing. Name of the Bidder: - Address: - Phone No.: - Mobile: - -

CIVIL DEPARTMENT. Name of the Work-RW: - GI Chainlink fencing. Name of the Bidder: - Address: - Phone No.: - Mobile: -   - Rs. 500.00/- CIVIL DEPARTMENT Name of the Work-RW: - GI Chainlink fencing Name of the Bidder: - Address: - Phone No.: - Mobile: - Email: - (Employer) Invitation of tenders for GI Chainlink fencing Ref.

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/Institute of Physics /Sachivalaya marg / Bhubaneswar

/Institute of Physics /Sachivalaya marg / Bhubaneswar PART-I Section-I /Institute of Physics /Sachivalaya marg / /NOTICE INVITING TENDER /Tender No. NIT/IOP/03/2013-14 Description of the Services: Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 15TR scroll

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PRINTING OF DIARY PART A (Technical Bid) PRINTING OF DIARY 2018 PART A (Technical Bid) This document consists of the following: a. Notice Inviting Tender from Empanelled Printers / Suppliers. b. General Rules and Instructions to the Empanelled

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A. Tender Form will be available upto up to 5.00 pm. B. Last date for receipt of Tenders in Office is up to 5.

A. Tender Form will be available upto up to 5.00 pm. B. Last date for receipt of Tenders in Office is up to 5. INVITATION TO TENDER AND INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINING TERMS AND CONDITIONS GOVERNING TO PROVIDE WATCH & WARD AT SIMLA KALI BARI, SHIMLA - 171001 (H.P.) w.e.f. 01-01-2019 for a period of one year (extendable

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RE-TENDER NOTICE FOR PROVIDING THE SERVICE OF PHOTO COPIER 1 Employees State Insurance Corporation Model Hospital (Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India) Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore - 10 Ph No.: 080-23320271/272 Fax: 080-23325130 No. 53210/ESICMH/NR/Tender/2014-

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Disable friendly Washrooms at hostel blocks (A & E)

Disable friendly Washrooms at hostel blocks (A & E) Telephone: 080-26993580 080-26993360 Fax:080- :26584050 Email: anil.sj@iimb.ernet.in : shivakumar.k@iimb.ernet.in TENDER NOTICE: 16 th February 2015 E.M.D (Rs.) TO BE SUBMITTED ALONG WITH TENDER Tender

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NOTICE FOR EMPANELMENT OF CONTRACTORS NOTICE FOR EMPANELMENT OF CONTRACTORS Bank of Baroda invites applications (as per Annexure A) for Empanelment in various categories from Mumbai based firms/contractors of repute for the maintenance and

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IDBI Bank Limited Regd. Office : IDBI Tower, WTC Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai CIN: L65190MH2004GOI148838

IDBI Bank Limited Regd. Office : IDBI Tower, WTC Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai CIN: L65190MH2004GOI148838 Regd. Office : IDBI Tower, WTC Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400005 CIN: L65190MH2004GOI148838 Supply of Packaged Drinking Water at IDBI Tower, Mumbai Applications are invited for prequalification of vendors

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Scanned by CamScanner

Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner No. (Office of Secretary) NOIDA SPORTS TRUST Noida Stadium, Sector 21A, NOIDA *** TENDER DOCUMENT Tender for the provision for catering services for Noida Stadium The Noida Sports

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Department of Information and Public Relations, Government of Andhra Pradesh invites applications from reputed advertising agencies for empanelment.

Department of Information and Public Relations, Government of Andhra Pradesh invites applications from reputed advertising agencies for empanelment. GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: Vijayawada. **** Tender Schedule Terms and conditions for Empanelment of Print Media Advertising Agencies-2017 Department of

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NOTICE INVITING TENDERS NOTICE INVITING TENDERS For Engaging Statutory Auditors for Audit of Accounts / Accounts related work of the Society of Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering (DITE) Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering (DITE)

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Delhi Public School,

Delhi Public School, PRESS NOTICE Delhi Public School, Sec-XII, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110022 Phone: 011-49115500, 26166793, 26171267 E-Mail: principal@dpsrkp.net TENDER NOTICE Sealed item rate tenders are invited by the Principal,

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CANTONMENT BOARD AMBALA APPENDIX 'A' TO NOTICE INVITING TENDER CANTONMENT BOARD AMBALA Name of Work : Stitched school uniforms for CB School students. 1. Estimated Cost Rs 05 Lac 2. Earnest Money Deposit Rs 10000/- 3. Security

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File No.: 104/3/Dusting, Clean, Pest/2007/Gen. Date: 10/05/2007. Subject: Tender for Dusting, Cleaning & Pest control for the Years 2007, 2008 & 2009.

File No.: 104/3/Dusting, Clean, Pest/2007/Gen. Date: 10/05/2007. Subject: Tender for Dusting, Cleaning & Pest control for the Years 2007, 2008 & 2009. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLICATION CIVIL LINES, DELHI 110 054. Website: www.deptpub.gov.in Email: acop-dep@nic.in (&) pub.dep@nic.in TEL.: 2381 7823 / 9689 / 3761 / 3762 / 3764 / 3765. Fax:

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Facilities & Infrastructure Management Department

Facilities & Infrastructure Management Department Dear Sir / Madam, Pre-qualification for Empanelment of Modular Furniture IDBI Bank Ltd. proposes to empanel Modular Furniture manufacturers for supply and installation of modular furniture for its new

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NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) (e-tender) NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) (e-tender) 1.1 GENERAL 1.1.1 Name of Work: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Ltd. invites Open e-tenders (2-packet) from ISA firms who are empanelled in RDSO ISA panel for

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NOTICE INVITING TENDER Paschim Banga Resham Shilpi Samabaya Mahasangha Limited, 5/1, Siddha Fifth Avenue, 5 th Floor, Kasba Industrial Estate, Phase I, E. M. Bye Pass (East), Kolkata - 700 107 NOTICE INVITING TENDER Paschim

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Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha

Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha TENDER SPECIFICATION NO: HRD-03/2011-12 Scope Of Work: Printing & supply of Money Receipt Books Due date of Opening of the Sale & submission of the Tender:

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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR. EMPANELMENT OF REGISTERED CONTRACTORS FOR ANNUAL MAINTENANCE of Civil/Electrical & MINOR WORKS AT AICTE, HQ New Delhi ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070 Telephone No. 011-29581002, 1003, Website : www.aicte-india.org E-Mail: bms-emc@aicte-india.org EXPRESSION OF

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SECRETARIAT OF ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi SECRETARIAT OF ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001 No.203/photocopier/ECI/FUNC/ADMN/S&P/2016 Dated:20.04.2017 Tender Notice Subject:

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TENDER DOCUMENT. 7 th Generation Core i7 Branded Laptop. Computer Cell, Research Center, UET, Lahore. Tel:

TENDER DOCUMENT. 7 th Generation Core i7 Branded Laptop. Computer Cell, Research Center, UET, Lahore. Tel: TENDER DOCUMENT 7 th Generation Core i7 Branded Laptop Computer Cell, Research Center, UET, Lahore. Tel: +92-42-99029101 1 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS TERMS AND CONDITIONS For Procurement of 7 th Generation

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The applicant shall have establishment at Surat/Mumbai or within a radius of 250 km from surat to other maintenance service.

The applicant shall have establishment at Surat/Mumbai or within a radius of 250 km from surat to other maintenance service. NOTICE FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS FOR LIFTS Bank OF BARODA invites application (as per Annexure I) for Pre qualification from firms/ Contractors of repute for the undergoing Project of BOB office

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NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) No.7-8/RCI-2016/Policy Rehabilitation Council of India (A Statutory Body under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities) B-22, Qutub Institutional

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NOTICE INVITING TENDERS Government of West Bengal Finance Department Data Processing Centre Nabanna 11 th Floor, Room 1105 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road Howrah -711102 118/FY/N/1E-248/2014 Dated: 11/11/2014 NOTICE INVITING TENDERS

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Gujarat Technological University

Gujarat Technological University Tender Notice no.02/2018-19 Expression of Interest (EOI) Document for conceptualizing, designing, preparing & installation of signage board at Gujarat Technological University main gate Name of work :

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Development of Automation Software for Bodoland University

Development of Automation Software for Bodoland University BODOLAND UNIVERSITY KOKRAJHAR-783370, BTAD (ASSAM) Expression of Interest For Development of Automation Software for Bodoland University (EOI. BU/SystAdmin/UAS/2017/02) Bodoland University Kokrajhar-783370,

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Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Sector-16 C, Dwarka, New Delhi Tel. No. : /171

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Sector-16 C, Dwarka, New Delhi Tel. No. : /171 Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Sector-16 C, Dwarka, New Delhi Tel. No. : 011-25302170/171 Ref. No. GGSIPU/PRO/2017-2018/(1) Dated: 05 th December, 2017 NOTICE INVITING e-tender Nature of the

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Prem: Date: 21/04/2017. The General Manager (NW-I), State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Chennai. Dear Sir,

Prem: Date: 21/04/2017. The General Manager (NW-I), State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Chennai. Dear Sir, Prem: Date: 21/04/2017 The General Manager (NW-I), State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Chennai Dear Sir, UPLOADING OF PAPER NOTIFICATION AND APPLICATION PAPERS FOR PREQUALIFICATION OF CIVIL/ELECTRICAL

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SNB/ENQ/Clearing Agent/12-13/362(wp) 17 th May 2012

SNB/ENQ/Clearing Agent/12-13/362(wp) 17 th May 2012 SNB/ENQ/Clearing Agent/12-13/362(wp) 17 th May 2012 Dear Sir, S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, a research and educational institute fully funded by the Department of Science & Technology,

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Tender document for Supply & Installation of Pigeon Net at PG Campus, NID, Gandhinagar

Tender document for Supply & Installation of Pigeon Net at PG Campus, NID, Gandhinagar NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN A Statutory Institute Under DIPP Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt. Of India PALDI, AHMEDABAD 380 007 Phone: 079 2662 9500, 079 2662 9600 Web Site:www.nid.edu NIT No : 17/16-17

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Preparation of Risk Register

Preparation of Risk Register Quaid e Azam Thermal Power (Pvt) Limited REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) Preparation of Risk Register (Khalid Parvaiz) General Manager (Admin & HR) Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power (Pvt.) Limited First Floor, 7 C-1,

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Indian Overseas Bank Printing and Stationery Department No.314, T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, Chennai Phone No ,

Indian Overseas Bank Printing and Stationery Department No.314, T.T.K Road, Alwarpet, Chennai Phone No , PRINTING & SUPPLY OF STAFF TRAINING TE BOOK PART A (Technical Bid) This document consists of the following: a. Notice Inviting Tender from Empanelled Vendors b. General Rules and Instructions to the Empanelled

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Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Banking & Finance (JNIBF) Gachibowli,Hyderabad Pre-Qualification of Interior Contractors

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Banking & Finance (JNIBF) Gachibowli,Hyderabad Pre-Qualification of Interior Contractors Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Banking & Finance (JNIBF) Gachibowli,Hyderabad-500032 Pre-Qualification of Interior Contractors JNIBF invites applications for pre-qualification of contractors for interior

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(Rupees Six thousand only) refundable (without interest) in the form of Demand Draft/Pay order

(Rupees Six thousand only) refundable (without interest) in the form of Demand Draft/Pay order Government of India Ministry of Labour and Employment Directoratee General Factory Advice Services and Labour Institutes CENTRAL LABOUR INSTITUTE Sion, Mumbai-400022 No. 105/ /4/NRTL/Impact /2017-CLI Date

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TENDER NOTICE GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR SUPPLY OF TRACK SUITS IN THE JIWAJI UNIVERSITY,GWALIOR FOR DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION JIWAJI UNIVERSITY, GWALIOR NO.: JU/SPORTS/ Dated Sealed Tenders are invited from the manufactures/authorized dealer for the supply of 1200 (approx) Tracksuit of high quality. The suppliers must be having

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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow Short-term tender notice For empanelment of advertising agencies Tender is invited from reputed Indian Newspaper Society (INS) accredited advertising

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CENTER OF INNOVATIVE & APPLIED BIOPROCESSING CENTER OF INNOVATIVE & APPLIED BIOPROCESSING Knowledge City, Sector 81, Mohali CIAB/7(34)/2017 Works CORRIGENDUM Due to administrative reasons, the request for quotation for the work of Provision of glass

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Tender Documents. Issued to M/s.:...

Tender Documents. Issued to M/s.:... Price 5000/- (Non-Refundable) Tender Documents Ref. of NIT : 001 /2017-18 Name of Work : Repair, Renovation and Maintenance work including Civil, Finishing & Interior, Electrical and Air Conditioning Works,

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Jhabua Power Ltd. NOTICE INVITING BIDS Jhabua Power Ltd. 2nd Floor, Centrum plaza, Golf Course Road, Sector- 53, Gurgaon-122002 Ph.: +91-124-4392000 Fax: +91-124-4376496 NOTICE INVITING BIDS BY JHABUA POWER LIMITED (JPL) 2nd Floor, Centrum

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KENDRIYA BHANDAR GROCERY DIVISION NEW DELHI. Registration of Suppliers of Pulses & Rice Terms & Conditions

KENDRIYA BHANDAR GROCERY DIVISION NEW DELHI. Registration of Suppliers of Pulses & Rice Terms & Conditions KENDRIYA BHANDAR GROCERY DIVISION NEW DELHI Registration of Suppliers of Pulses & Rice Terms & Conditions Reference Kendriya Bhandar s advertisement appeared in the Times of India dt. 9 th June, 2015 inviting

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Name of the Work Estimated Value Earnest Money Cost Of Detailed NIT.

Name of the Work Estimated Value Earnest Money Cost Of Detailed NIT. MEGHALAYA POWER GENERATION CORPORATION LIMITED Office of the Chief Engineer (C) : Hydro, Planning & Hydro Construction Lumjingshai : Short Round Road : Shillong. ====================================================================================

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CENTRAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED (A Public Sector Enterprise) FORMAT NO. : CEL/FR/MMD/03(01) CENTRAL ELECTRONICS LIMITED (A Public Sector Enterprise) EOI DOCUMENT FOR Promoting and Expanding the Business in the field of Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) by engaging Channel

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SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF TEXTILES AND MANAGEMENT SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF TEXTILES AND MANAGEMENT 1483, Avinashi Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore-641004 Phone: 91-422-2570855, 2592205 Fax No. 91-422-2571623 E-mail: director@svpitm.ac.in.

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2. Provide a revised bid form which includes revised language in Section II, Bidder Responsiveness Section. (attached to this Addendum 1)

2. Provide a revised bid form which includes revised language in Section II, Bidder Responsiveness Section. (attached to this Addendum 1) Philadelphia Regional Port Authority 3460 North Delaware Ave. 2 nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19134 October 30, 2018 To: All Bidders From: Kate Bailey Director of Procurement Re: ADDENDUM NO. 1 Project 18-110.1

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CORRIGENDUM. The tender date for Sputter Source is further extended as per the following.

CORRIGENDUM. The tender date for Sputter Source is further extended as per the following. CORRIGENDUM REF.: Tender No. C-000823-12-R&D-NIS-5.03-0100-16-17 The tender date for Sputter Source is further extended as per the following. 1. Date & Time of Submission: 17.01.2017 (Up to 05:30 P.M.)

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NOTICE INVITING TENDER Notice Inviting Tender No. 25/WBTDCL OF (Technical) 1. Name of The Work. :- See ANNEXURE A.

NOTICE INVITING TENDER Notice Inviting Tender No. 25/WBTDCL OF (Technical) 1. Name of The Work. :- See ANNEXURE A. West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Llimited (A Govt. of West Bengal Undertaking) Udayachal Tourist lodge (1 st Floor), DG Block, Sector II, Kolkata- 700091 Phones: 033 2359 7250, Fax : 033-2359-8292

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National Institute of Technology, Warangal.

National Institute of Technology, Warangal. NIT Warangal, No. NITW/CS/VR/2016-17/ Dt. 25.05.2016. Empanelment of Vendors Offer for the registration / empanelment of Vendors, are invited from the interested firms/companies who are in the business

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प ज ब एण ड स ध ब क PUNJAB & SIND BANK

प ज ब एण ड स ध ब क PUNJAB & SIND BANK Date : 12.09 2018 Engagement of Accredited Private Security Agency (PSA) for deployment of Armed / Unarmed Security Guard at Branch / Offices located in Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa under Zonal Office Mumbai

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DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION LTD. (A Joint Venture of Govt. of India & Govt. of NCT, Delhi)


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ALLAHABAD MUSEUM, ALLAHABAD Purchase of Equipments Fixing of U.V. Films on Glass Pans & Windows

ALLAHABAD MUSEUM, ALLAHABAD Purchase of Equipments Fixing of U.V. Films on Glass Pans & Windows Tender Cost Rs. 1000/- Received above amount Sale Counter ALLAHABAD MUSEUM, ALLAHABAD Purchase of Equipments Fixing of U.V. Films on Glass Pans & Windows 2013-14 Country Code+91 & STD Code 0532 Telephone

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F. NO.6.1(RO SYSTEM)/JNVM/2013/ DATED : 18/03/13

F. NO.6.1(RO SYSTEM)/JNVM/2013/ DATED : 18/03/13 TENDER FORM Cost : Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred only) JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA - Cuttack (Run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, an Autonomous Organisation under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department

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