June 5, Prepared By: Thompson Engineering, Inc Cottage Hill Road Ste. 190 Mobile, Al Office (251) Fax: (251)

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1 Addendum No. 3 to the Water Street Signal Planning And Striping Plan Concrete Sidewalk Phase Mobile, Alabama For the City of Mobile, Alabama Project No June 5, 2017 Prepared By: Thompson Engineering, Inc Cottage Hill Road Ste. 190 Mobile, Al Office (251) Fax: (251) Items: Item 1: Questions and Answers to RFI Item 2: Revised Plan Sheets Attachments Item 1. Item 2. Questions and Answers to RFI A. A copy of the Questions and Answers to received RFIs is attached. Revised Plan Sheets A. A revised copy of plan sheet 2F is attached. The revisions are clouded and noted.

2 June 5, 2017 Attn: Plan Holders RE: Addendum No. 3 Project Water Street Signal Planning and Striping Plan Concrete Sidewalk Phase City of Mobile, Alabama Below are Questions and corresponding Answers for Received RFIs. 1) Will pay item be added for removal of sidewalk? RESPONSE- See Revised Project Note 300, attached Revised Sheet 2F

3 Please find attached an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF ADDENDUM NO. 3. Bidders shall sign and date the acknowledgement of receipt of Addendum No. 3 and return it to Dana Glass, Thompson Engineering, Inc Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, AL Failure to provide Acknowledgement of Receipt of Addendum No. 3 will subject Bidder to disqualification.

4 Addendum No. 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT Project Water Street Signal Planning and Striping Plan Concrete Sidewalk Phase City of Mobile, Alabama The addendum herein is to be acknowledged by each prospective bidder on for Project In addition to acknowledgement of Addendum No. 3 on Page 1 of the Contractor s Proposal, please sign this letter below as indicated and return Dana Glass, 2970 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, AL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT COMPANY NAME (print) SIGNATURE If you have any questions or require clarification of Addendum No. 3, please contact JAKE GIBBS, P.E., 2970 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, AL

5 Attachments: RFI Questions and Answer Revised Plan Sheet 2F Acknowledgement of Addendum No. 3 Include Signed Addendums in Bid Package Contractor s Signature

6 PROJECT NOTES REFERENCE FISCAL SHEET PROJECT NO YEAR NO F NOTE NO NOTES NOTE NO NOTES The contractor is responsible for the layout of the proposed improvements as shown throughout the plans and shall construct the sidewalk and other project features in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All excess materials such as dirt, concrete, striping and others shall be removed from the project area and properly disposed of by the contractor at no cost to the city. 800 It shall be the contractor's responsibility to contact the various utility owners and determine the exact location of all exisitng utilities on this project whether shown on the plans or not. The location of any required guardrail, signs, footings of any nature, and electrical/communications conduits may be adjusted as directed by the engineer to prevent any conflicts with 152 All existing structures, signs, walls, buildings, sidewalks, and others (outside the scope of these utilities. the project) damaged by the contractor. shall be replaced or repaired to the satisfaction of the project engineer at no cost to the City or ALDOT. 153 The contractor is not to disturb benchmarks in any manner unless directed to do so by the Engineer The contractor shall obtain and pay for all permits required by the ordinances of the CIty of MOBILE, MOBILE County, and the State of Alabama after the contract is awarded, and after completion of work, shall verify to the engineer, by certification of final inspection and approval from the local city inspector(s) and other regulatory agencies, that the installation complies with all regulations governing the same. Exterior lane from STA TO STA will be divided into a 6' buffer area and a 5' bike lane. The bike lane shall be kept at a constant width of 5'. If the existing lane width varies from the standard 11' lane width, then any change in width will be added to or taken from the buffer lane width. For example, if the lane width reduces 10.5', then the bike lane will remain at 5' and the buffer width will be reduced to 5.5'. 900 NPDES permit coverage is not required for this project. 200 Striping on the side roads shall be taken to the back of the return radius The width of the buffer area shall include the 12" striping, i.e. the width shown is from outside edge of stripe to outside edge of stripe. Class "W" striping shall be used on the I-10 Ramp leading to Water St. from Sta to Sta All required existing concrete sidewalk and ramp removal shall be a subsidiary of Concrete Sidewalk Pay Item No. 618A. Any sidewalk constructed with a cross-slope greater than 2% shall be removed and replaced by the contractor at no additional cost to the project. This is an absolute maximum slope. The contractor will be allowed to construct the sidewalk at cross-slopes less than 2% however positive drainage must be povided. When completing sidewalk construction in an area, the contractor shall complete all grading operations, topsoil, and sod within 7 days. Any disturbed area outisde limits of construction needing Topsoil and Sod (Bermuda) shall be paid for by the Contractor at no cost to The City of Mobile. All items included in the list below shall be treated as incidental to the construction of the concrete sidewalk and shall be included in the unit price for Pay Item No. 618A-000. There will be no direct payment associated with these items: Handicap Ramps (ADA Accessible) Tactile Warning Surface Sign Reset At locations where concrete sidewalk is required to be placed adjacent to existing pavement, existing pavement removal is to be accomplished along neat, full depth sawcut lines. The cost of the work shall be a subsidiary obligation of Pay Item No. 618A All tactile warning surfaces of wheelchair ramps at pedestrian crosswalks will be of the Prefabricated Mat Truncated Dome option. 401 At locations where existing concrete sidewalks and ramps are required to be retrofitted with truncated domes, work shall be performed as required on City of Mobile Standard Drawings ROW 7 and ROW 9, and the cost shall be subsidiary obligation of item 618A At location of the new handicap ramps, any void created by the removal of curb and gutter shall be backfilled and compacted with aggregate surfacing and the material acceptance shall be by visual inspection of the engineer; no testing shall be required. The cost of this work shall be a subsidiary obligtion of Item 618A-000. REVISION NO. DESCRIPTION 2 DATE BY: 1 REVISED PROJECT NOTE 5/30/17 MAM REVISED PROJECT NOTE 6/05/17 MAM RESPONSIBLE PE: DATE: SUPERVISOR: DATE: DESIGNER: DATE: PLAN SUBMITTAL ADDENDUM NO. 1 SHEET TITLE PROJECT NOTES SHEET ROUTE WATER