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1 YOUR SPACE Buildings for your lifestyle

2 Swift want to match your aspirations for your new space. So, we like to understand what will make your project special for you, and then share our knowledge, expertise and opinions to empower you to make the best decisions. We will Tailor Make your building to suit your preferences. And, for clients who want complete individuality, we also have a fully Bespoke design service. Here are some examples of buildings which will help to inspire and guide you. 2

3 TAILOR MADE These are buildings that make their statement by large areas of glass across the front elevation. Perfect when your new building will fill most of the end of a garden. Large bi-fold or sliding doors that connect beautifully with your garden Other windows or doors are often added for ventilation and extra light Dimensions will accurately reflect the space that you have available making the most of your Garden Wide range of material, overhang and recess choices to optimise appearance Usually built without the need for planning permission Above are some other examples showing you variations which suited some of our client s previous preferences. 3

4 TAILOR MADE This design is focussed upon the wrap-round glazing of one section. This gives you a delicacy of design as the roof appears to cantilever out over the minimalist glazed corner. This softens the impact of your building, allowing a through Vista of your garden beyond, as well as providing a fully glazed, airy section of the room which you can enjoy from the inside. Large area of glazed doors to your main elevation with additional windows joined by a slim structural corner post, finished in a matching colour to your frames to create a floating roof effect Extended roof overhang houses inset LED downlighting Glazing can open in both directions producing an retract corner Design can be extended to both front corners and to include a veranda outdoor living space The above images show a selection of buildings with different options and configurations you may like. 4

5 TAILOR MADE When your tastes and preferences are for something completely individual, then we listen closely, design carefully and fufil your expectations. What can you expect with your bespoke project? Extra time investigating and translating your priorities and aspirations Great flexibility and creativity over the size, shape and proportions of your building Variety and individuality of external finishes Ability to produce multi- functioning buildings Working together with other professions as part of a greater scheme landscapers, architects, etc Here are examples of our bespoke portfolio 5

6 We do not compromise on quality. Our materials and installation systems are all at a level which produce a permanent, safe, secure and stylish building. Here is some typical information about your new structure. FOUNDATIONS As standard your building will sit securely on concrete pad foundations, screw piles or a concrete slab. We do not use methods that may be faster, but have shorter life-expectancy. A site survey will determine our advice and recommendations. RING BEAM BASE Unlike some, we design our buildings to include a robust ring beam that makes for an accurate and solid base for your new space. This helps the levelling, setting out and strength of the whole structure. Why would we change something that is the backbone of the structure? STRUCTURE & INSULATION The main structural elements of your building will be built using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) creating minimum total wall thickness of 185mm - excellent for heat insulation and air-tightness. These come from recognised and certified suppliers only and meet all building regulation requirements. Wider profile SIPs are also available creating walls with a total thickness of 210mm and 235mm giving even greater thermal and sound insulation. DOORS & WINDOWS As standard, powder-coated (Black, white, grey) aluminium framed sliding doors, casements and bi-fold doors. We only use suppliers that satisfy our demanding quality standards and that we can work closely with. Different colours and materials are available, as well as integrated blinds, tinted and special glass finishes. ROOF Firestone EPDM seamless rubber membrane, with a 20-year guarantee and 50+ year life expectancy Options include roof lanterns; sun tubes; roof-lights and sedum (living) roofs. Many of our buildings are flat-roofed, but steeper mono-pitch and traditional dual pitched tiles roofs are available. We can also provide raised seam roofs (looks like lead or zinc). EXTERIOR CLADDING Western Red Cedar continues to be a fashionable and popular choice for good reason. It has a beautiful smooth finish that, left untreated will turn to a silver-grey colour over the years, and will require virtually no maintenance. Other timber choices are available, as are many other materials. Fireproofing and fire-spread prevention will be discussed and options provided. INTERIOR FINISH Walls and ceiling are wet-plastered and decorated in colour of your choice. Other choices include specialist paint finishes, wood-panelling or practical wipe down surfaces. 6

7 FLOORING We give a choice of Quick-step laminate flooring as standard and, just like your house, many other finishes can be specified. SECURITY Multi-point locking doors and key operated locking windows to insuranceapproved standards. You can also choose external security lights, an alarm system installed or even CCTV. ELECTRICS We only use high quality LED down-lighters (internal and external) with similarly attractive and effective switches and sockets. We include USB charging points as standard and can provide all kinds of options to enhance the lighting, sound and vision in your new space. 10-YEAR INSURANCE-BACKED WARRANTY Your Swift building is a beautifully made and expertly installed permanent structure. As standard we provide a 10-year structural warranty against material defect and faulty workmanship. It is fully insurance-backed as a safeguard in the unlikely event of Swift not being able to fulfil its obligations. This also protects your deposit that is paid upon confirmation of your order - all part of our customer-focussed package. OTHER ELEMENTS THAT YOU MAY WISH TO CONSIDER Air conditioning/climate control system, electric radiators/underfloor-heating/ wood-burner Decking/patio area/balustrades Integrated window blinds Cloakroom with W/C and basin or Full shower-room with W/C and basin Compact kitchenette, bar, cinema room installations Sound proofing measures, built in stores, fully equipped living annexes 7



10 NEXT STEPS We would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you with your project. The next stage is for us to find out more about what you are seeking. You can do that in any of the following ways: Pick up the phone and any of our team will give you a warm welcome and chat through the ideas that you have us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can Go online at our website From there you can complete an online project planner which will give us more information Once you are happy that Swift are a good match for the building and service that you are seeking, we would normally look to arranging a site survey. We can then look at the practicalities of the project as well as meet face-to-face and refine our ideas and eventual proposal. For all enquiries, please call our office on , at or visit our website at