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2 Tensar Geogrids SierraScape Walls now offer a more affordable alternative to concrete for steep grade changes. The SierraScape System owes its strength and durability to Uniaxial (UX) Geogrids, Tensar Earth Technologies patented reinforcement geogrids. Due to their stiff interlocking capabilities, these geogrids stand the test of time, performing better than other commercially available geosynthetics. For more information, visit A Complete Retaining Wall Solution > Engineers and architects are constantly under pressure to find cost-effective alternatives to traditional wall systems. In a range of applications, they are finding that the best solution in terms of appearance, performance and overall value is the SierraScape Wire-Formed Retaining Wall System from Tensar Earth Technologies. Backed by over two decades of engineering experience and over 10 million square feet of installations worldwide, the SierraScape System is a complete, retaining wall solution which includes materials, design, specifications and full construction services when needed. The Positive Connection When it comes to structural stability, no other wire-formed wall solution compares to the SierraScape System. The only wire-formed, geogrid-reinforced retaining wall system with a positive mechanical connection, SierraScape Walls provide superior, dependable and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging grade change projects. This connection better withstands differential settlement, offers exceptional performance in areas where seismic activity or heavy external loads are a concern and virtually eliminates surficial stability problems often associated with other alternatives. The SierraScape Connection also provides a visual construction quality control check during installation. Endless Applications SierraScape Walls can be used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, residential and transportation projects as well as unique situations like scour environments or pressure relief applications. Some common uses of the system include: Commercial and Municipal Jobs Retail centers, big box stores, office complexes, schools, hospitals, government buildings, recreational facilities, etc. Industrial Sites Manufacturing and waste facilities, aggregate quarries, freight yards, mills, power plants, landslide repairs, etc. SierraScape Systems Components COMPONENT Tensar Geogrids SierraScape Facing Elements SierraScape Connection Rods SierraScape Struts Geotextiles Turf Reinforcement Mats Full Engineering and Construction Services FUNCTION High-density, polyethylene (HDPE) structural geogrids internally reinforce structure and fill materials. Inert to chemical degradation, they can be used with non-select fill or even crushed stone. Wire form baskets that provide permanent facial stability during placement and compaction of fill material and simplify facing alignment. HDPE components that facilitate a positive mechanical connection of the geogrid reinforcement to the wire-formed facing elements. Support struts secured to the wire form that help stiffen the SierraScape facing element and maintain facing alignment. Separation filter fabric that contains the fill at the face. Only used in stone-faced applications. Permanent erosion-control blankets that aid in vegetation establishment and provide long-term turf reinforcement. Only used in vegetated-faced applications. Detailing, design, construction services, site assistance, drawings and construction installation are available for each SierraScape project upon request.

3 Residential Developments Apartment buildings, condominiums, retirement communities, multi-unit homes, etc. Transportation Projects Bridges and abutments, roadway widenings, railways, loading ramps, drainage channels and much more. Inside and Out No Other Wall System Compares The SierraScape System adapts to a variety of project conditions, design requirements and aesthetic options. When compared to concrete, the system can be a more cost-effective solution. Its unique wire forms ease installation and help speed up construction time. Better yet, the SierraScape System s resistance to environmental degradation, low maintenance and design versatility, helps make it the right choice for almost any retaining wall application. Unlike the stark appearance of most concrete wall systems, the SierraScape System offers many different facing options to meet your design needs. SierraScape facing options include: Stone facing filled with native or imported stone that can be color specified for a desired look and feel. Vegetated designed with a vegetated face for a natural appearance and usually incorporates local plant species to blend wall into the existing environment. Architectural veneer treated with stacked stone or a shotcrete sculpted finish providing a unique, traditional finish. Ease of Installation Keeps Costs Down Integrating SierraScape components create durable, yet simple-to-build structures. With a small number of components, project assembly moves quickly and without specialized equipment or labor. Welded-wire forms stack easily to create a uniform wall face, and unlike geotextiles, stiff Tensar Geogrids and the unique SierraScape Connector Rod help maintain facing alignment. And, because the system can be backfilled with general embankment fills or on-site soils, cost savings for fill materials and disposal costs can also be realized. 2


5 Solid, clean and precise SierraScape Stone-Faced Walls are a striking addition to any project. SierraScape Stone-Faced Walls > SierraScape Stone-Faced Walls, with their natural and native stone color finish, can be used in a wide variety of projects in any construction market. Every SierraScape Stone-Faced installation is delivered with a positive mechanical connection, ensuring structural reliability and stability. Walls can even be constructed with a near-vertical facing angle to increase useable land and maximize property value. Low Maintenance Delivers Long-Term Value When building stone-faced structures, the SierraScape welded-wire forms stack quickly and evenly to create a more uniform wall face. Their facing flexibility and connection capabilities help resist differential settlement and earthquake movements. If any settlement occurs, the natural stone-face virtually eliminates both horizontal and vertical joint lines thus maintaining a cleaner appearance. Furthermore, SierraScape components are not affected by hydrolysis, chemical degradation or UV degradation. These qualities make it the ideal solution for installations in the harsh environments sometimes found in transportation applications and site-development projects. Standing Up to Water Sites with water often have poor foundation soil conditions. The superior connection capabilities of the SierraScape System allow for greater tolerance to differential and total settlement. In fact, the SierraScape Stone-Faced Walls have been designed as surcharge cells where several feet of settlement was expected. SierraScape Stone-Faced Walls can also be designed for areas where scour protection is required. Typical Cross-Section Water Application Turf Reinforcement Mat Max. Elevation 100 Year Flood Tensar UV Stabilized Geogrid Wrap Topsoil or Stone-Face Reinforced Fill Tensar UX Geogrid #57 Stone Limit of Reinforced Fill Retained Foundation Geogrid Embedment Length Varies 4

6 Build large, below-grade retaining wall structures quickly and affordably. SierraScape System for Pressure Relief Applications > Below-grade construction traditionally requires large cast-in-place foundations to support soil and building loads. As structural engineers and architects know all too well, such foundations are time-consuming and expensive to design and build. The SierraScape System for pressure relief applications provides a more affordable technology for addressing this critical construction requirement. An Equivalent to Conventional Methods Designing economical foundation walls that are structurally equal to traditional approaches is now possible using the SierraScape System. Pressure Relief walls effectively reinforce surrounding fill, so lateral soil loads against the below-grade structure are eliminated. They also feature the same connection integrity as standard SierraScape Walls, ensuring reliable, long-term performance. Moreover, the stone-faced material used provides a drainage zone behind the foundation wall. This zone, combined with other drainage systems, eliminates possible hydrostatic pressure behind the foundation wall. More Solutions for Pressure Relief Walls In addition to foundation support, Pressure Relief Walls also offer low cost materials and reduced construction time. This makes them an ideal solution for other specialized projects. Some examples include: Constructing and rehabilitating below-grade bridges, flood walls and other retaining wall structures. Reducing concrete reinforcement in structural foundations and replacing counterfort walls. Completing demolition and replacement of existing structures to accommodate increased loads for facility expansions. Building Foundation/ Basement Wall Typical Cross-Section Pressure Relief Wall Top of Wall Wall Height Varies Geotextile Tensar Secondary Geogrid Reinforced Fill Rock Fill Support Strut Tensar UX Geogrid Limit of Reinforced Fill Retained Drainage Pipe Foundation Geogrid Embedment Length Varies Base Width Varies

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8 SierraScape Walls can be vegetated or soil bioengineered to blend effortlessly with their surrounding environments. SierraScape Vegetated Walls A Natural Solution > The SierraScape System s versatility may best be reflected in its vegetated applications. Built at 70, SierraScape vegetated structures can be planted with native vegetation and ground cover to better complement their existing surroundings. They can also be soil bioengineered for ecologically sound solutions on streams, rivers, flood plains, waterfronts and upland slope environments. A Better Blend for Existing Environments SierraScape Vegetated Walls provide a versatile soil retaining structure where different native vegetated covers blend naturally with the surrounding green space. Beyond its ability to blend naturally with the native terrain, SierraScape Vegetated Structures also provide complete erosion protection, vegetation establishment and vegetation reinforcement solutions. They feature a permanent, very-high strength, three-dimensional matting structure that is incorporated with a 100% coconut fiber matrix. This unique erosion matting is designed to provide both pre-vegetated erosion protection and long-term turf reinforcement, while the coconut matrix helps to regulate moisture and temperature at the slope face to maximize seed germination and plant development. Typical Cross-Section Vegetated Face Wall Height Varies Turf Reinforcement Mat Plantable Fill Tensar UX Geogrid Tensar UV Stabilized Geogrid Wrap Reinforced Fill Finished Grade 1.0' (Typ.) Retained Limit of Reinforced Fill Foundation Geogrid Embedment Length Varies Base Width Varies

9 Protecting the Environment with Bioengineering Combine a mechanically stabilized earth system with the principles of soil bioengineering and you get the unique benefits of Vegetated Reinforced Slopes (VRSS). Now combine the mechanical connection of the SierraScape System, and you get one of the most effective VRSS solutions in the watershed preservation and restoration market today. These benefits of bioengineering are now reaching new heights, literally. By combining the positive mechanical connection of the SierraScape System with the modern technology of soil bioengineering and land stabilization practices, VRSS applications are becoming a preferred solution for the most severe, steepened sites. These solutions are 100% engineered and 100% ecologically sound and provide a secure, cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative on streams, rivers, flood control, waterfronts and upland slope environments. For centuries, soil bioengineering has proven its value for protection and restoration of watersheds. Among its benefits, it supports vegetated systems that provide erosion control and offers: Improved water and air quality Support for terrestrial, riparian and aquatic habitats Enhanced aesthetic qualities Noise abatement Typical Cross-Section Bioengineered Wall Storm water management SierraScape Facing Units Live Branch Cuttings Top of Wall Tensar UX Geogrid Reinforced Fill Limit of Reinforced Fill Tensar Secondary Geogrid Support Strut Finished Grade Geotextile Rock Fill Retained Foundation Geogrid Embedment Length Varies Base Width Varies 8

10 By combining beauty and elegance with efficiency and performance, SierraScape Walls are built to stand the test of time. SierraScape System The Solution of Choice > The SierraScape System has increasingly become the system of choice for residential, commercial and transportation applications. By combining beauty and elegance with efficiency and performance, SierraScape Walls are built to stand the test of time. Our entire distribution team throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products, service and support. With more than 30 in-house engineers, Tensar Earth Technologies strives to keep its systems at the forefront of today s design technology and market trends. For more information on the SierraScape System, please call 800-TENSAR-1, visit or info@tensarcorp.com. We are happy to supply you with additional SierraScape product information, complete installation and design guidelines, system specifications, design details, conceptual designs, sealed construction drawings, preliminary cost estimates, summaries of completed projects and much more. Tensar Earth Technologies understands the need for both sound engineering, as well as proper construction techniques to assure the success of any project. To support this belief, we have a full, in-house professional engineering staff to support your design needs and a construction operations group to provide on-site installation assistance when necessary. This additional hands-on expertise assures your project is handled professionally and you will get the results you intend.

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