Cassette Flooring is very strong, providing additional anchorage for your Clearspan Frame Marquee and ideal for extended installation periods.

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Download "Cassette Flooring is very strong, providing additional anchorage for your Clearspan Frame Marquee and ideal for extended installation periods."


1 Cassette and Timber Flooring are available with a variety of substructure. Each system may require local packing to ensure a level marquee finish, depending on ground levels & conditions at each site. Cassette Flooring with Steel/Aluminium Foundation Cassette Flooring is the Event Industry s Premium Flooring Solution. It looks superb, leaving no ridges, bumps or dips in the flooring finish. Cassette Flooring consists of Wooden Flooring Panels that fix onto aluminium beams and bearers raising the level just above the existing ground level. Timber Flooring with Steel/Aluminium Foundation This flooring system works on a similar principle as the Cassette Flooring shown above, but is more cost effective. Each Timber Board is 0.5m in width and is laid onto a mesh of steel beams, with aluminium track joists. The underside of each panel has cross bars fitted for stability. Both 5m and 3m bay lengths can be accommodated. Each panel is timber-based, tongue and grooved sections with reinforced framework to minimise vibrations when the floor is subjected to stress. Edge protection around each panel avoids unnecessary damage. Cassette Flooring can be purchased in bays between 1m to 3m, using standard 1m width panels. Panels are slotted onto a foundation of aluminium beams and galvanised steel fixings which is designed to fix to the Marquee Framework. Cassette Flooring is very strong, providing additional anchorage for your Clearspan Frame Marquee and ideal for extended installation periods. Timber Flooring with Timber Foundation This flooring system is the most cost effective of the three, using timber beams instead of steel and aluminium foundation substructure. Each floor board has a notched edge which fixes to aluminium track joists to prevent slippage and aiding construction. Timber Boards are 0.5m in width.

2 Wooden Interlocking Flooring Marquee flooring, ideal for outdoor use. Optional Finishes are: Senior Malaysian Flooring (has inconsistent colour across boards so carpeting is recommended) OR Birch Flooring (has consistent colour, can be sealed and/or stained) Interlocking Flooring System 18mm plywood base on timber battens with interlocking aluminium clip 8ft x 2ft and 4ft x 2ft boards are standard. 8ft x 1ft and 4ft x 1ft to make boarded floors fit metric size marquee floor spaces. Angled aluminium surround protects the edges and is compatible with the 8ft and 4ft boards. Boarded: Plain boarded sub floor, Far East Asian Exterior 18mm plywood. Requires carpeting (Cannot guarantee a match of board colours). Sealed: Boarded floor finished with hard wearing lacquer, making it an affordable marquee dance floor. We would recommend the better quality, denser Birch Plywood (good colour match but paler in colour) Stained & Sealed: This higher quality board is dipped in wood preserve then finished with hard wear lacquer. This gives the plywood a darker colour making a good looking inexpensive dance floor.

3 Marquee Carpet Marquee Carpets: 50m and 60m long rolls in 2m and 4m widths; foam backed or resin backed needle cord in Anthracite (Dark Grey). Other colours available upon request (eg blue, green, red, mixed brown and light beige. Plastic Interlocking Flooring Coconut Matting Plastic Interlocking Flooring Product Description: Available in Black, Green & Grey (Red, Blue, Orange and White carry surcharge) High Impact UV protected polypropylene Approx 400mm x 900mm bricks made up into 1200mm x 900mm tiles Can support vehicles of up to 2000kg Drains well, hence irrigating grass whilst maintaining a safe, dry walking surface. Easy clip together system. Unique living hinge gives the system strength when locked together. Storage; in rolls or flat Cleaning, swept or pressure washed Can top with Marquee Carpet Coconut Matting Product Description Coconut Matting of S3M4 Anjengo quality, tested to BS4790: 1987 Hot Nut Method and certified as class low Natural colour with eyeleted nylon webbing 6 overlap assumed Steel Skewers approx 2 spacing around parameter and along overlap every 3 DPM Membrane Underlay to avoid moisture rising DPM (300Mu) Rolls (25m x 4m width)

4 Synthetic Marquee Matting Synthetic Marquee Matting is a woven polyproplene matting. It is a very popular matting for marquees and is easy to maintain, very durable, fully reversible, weatherproof and light to handle. Available in colours shown below Roll width is 2m (6 6 ) with cut ends bound Tested in accordance with flammability BS4790: 1987 This woven matting is ideally suited to outdoor events. Functional - made from polypropylene it is easily cleaned and immensely strong. Easy maintenance - it can be hosed down and use time and time again. It is also reversible. Durable - non-rot, non-absorbent. Easily handled - much lighter than traditional coverings, easily rolled up for handling and transporting. Green Corn Black Black & Grey Tweed Black and Natural Fleck

5 Acrylic Dance Floor This best-selling acrylic faced dance floor empowers any venue with a sleek and professional dance floor solution. Made up of 4 x 2 and 2 x 2 panels, the floor is only an incredible 28mm thick! Manufactured using very hard-wearing solid 6mm cast acrylic, this resists scuffs and scratches and lasts longer than vinyl surfaces, making it ideal for exhibition and display use as well as being a classic dance floor. Our acrylic dance floor is made with an exterior grade plywood base and stands on aluminium battens giving a slightly sprung effect to the floor. The 5 wide ramped aluminium edging finishes the floor and provides easy access and egress. This innovative design facilitate a brick-work laying pattern which guarantees your floor is quick and easy to lay with every joint supported and no weak corners. Panels interlock without the need for tools or hardware and can not split apart in use. Acrylic panels come as standard in all black, all white or black and white chequer pattern. Paraquet Dance Floor This dance floor uses traditional Jatoba red-wood, married to an aluminium tray and battens giving a strong yet slightly sprung dance floor. The parquet fingers are beautifully finished with hard wearing, UV-cured, polymerlacquer for a long lasting shine and supreme durability. Compatible with all generic aluminium battened interlocking floors, the innovative design uses a brick-work laying pattern, supporting every joint and guarantees your floor can not split apart in use. Quick and easy to lay, the system connects without the need for any tools or hardware, ensuring this floor can be laid or lifted in a matter of minutes. The panels are 3 x 3 and 3 x 1 6 and only 30mm thick! Trolleys are available for both types of dance floor. They are designed to wheel easily through a standard sized door. We can also provide PVC covers for the trolleys and ramps to aid access on to vehicles and trailers