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1 ~ 05-1 ~ Metals METALS Commissioning of Metals Structural Steel Framing Steel Studs METAL SUPPORT ASSEMBLIES METAL FABRICATIONS Metal Stairs Metal Ladders Metal Railings Pipe and Tube Railings Outdoor Patio and Walkway Railing Pipe Bollards Stainless Steel custom fabrications Steel and Iron Finishes... 5

2 ~ 05-2 ~ METALS Commissioning of Metals STRUCTURAL DESIGN The construction documents prepared by DQCI cover the design intent for the project with the exception of structural design. The Franchisee has been advised by DQCI to contract with a licensed professional to prepare structural Construction Documents relating to this project. These documents shall become part of the Contract Construction Documents. Revisions may be necessary as a result of the structural design, materials selected, and by-laws or codes having jurisdiction. It shall be the responsibility of the franchisee and his contractors to necessary revisions to the design. All necessary information to be noted on Documents provided by the Franchisee / tenant's local structural engineering firm, to include final structural design Documents. The intent of this Division is to provide a project guideline. Recommendations and Specifications prepared by the Franchisee's consultants may take precedence over the Sections contained herein. In no instance is DQCI to be held responsible for the recommendations and specifications of the Franchisee's consultants Structural Steel Framing Steel Studs Provide all labour, materials, products, equipment and services required to complete the metal stud system work necessary. Steel studs, zinc coated 25 gauge steel or 7 gauge cold drawn steel wire per channel or tee shape, capable of withstanding tension and compression stresses. Steel studs shall be 3½" studs at 16" o.c., unless noted otherwise. Metal furring channels shall be 1-5/8" at 16" o.c., unless otherwise noted. Contractor to supply and install all steel stud partitions and Z clips as required METAL SUPPORT ASSEMBLIES FASTENERS Type 304 stainless-steel fasteners for exterior use and zinc-plated fasteners with coating complying with ASTM B 633, Class Fe/Zn 5, at exterior walls. Provide stainless-steel fasteners for fastening aluminum. Select fasteners for type, grade, and class required. Cast-in-Place Anchors in Concrete: Threaded or wedge type; galvanized ferrous castings, either ASTM A 47/A 47M malleable iron or ASTM A 27/A 27M cast steel. Provide bolts, washers, and shims as needed, hot-dip galvanized per ASTM A 153/A 153M METAL FABRICATIONS

3 ~ 05-3 ~ Steel sections and plates: to CAN3-G M81, Grade 350W. Steel pipe: to ASTM A53-84a standard weight, black finish. Welding materials: to CSA W Bolts and anchorbolts: to ASTM A307-84a. Galvanizing: hot dipped galvanizing with zinc coating 600g/m2 to CSA G164-M1981. Stainless steel tubing: to ASTM A269-85, Type 302 Commercial grade Seamless welded with AISI No 4 finish. Shop coat primer: to CGSB 1-GP-40M. Zinc primer: zinc rich, ready mix to CGSB 1- GP-181M+Amdt-Mar-78. Grout: non-shrink, non-metallic, flowable, 24h, MPa 15, pull-out strength 7.9 MPa. FABRICATION Preassemble items in the shop to greatest extent possible. Use connections that maintain structural value of joined pieces. 1) Cut, drill, and punch metals cleanly and accurately. Remove burrs and ease edges. Remove sharp or rough areas on exposed surfaces. 2) Weld corners and seams continuously. Use materials and methods that minimize distortion and develop strength and corrosion resistance of base metals. Obtain fusion without undercut or overlap. Remove welding flux immediately. Finish exposed welds smooth and blended. 3) Form exposed connections with hairline joints, flush and smooth, using concealed fasteners where possible. Locate joints where least conspicuous. 4) Fabricate seams and other connections that will be exposed to weather in a manner to exclude water. Provide weep holes where water may accumulate. 5) Where units are indicated to be cast into concrete or built into masonry, equip with integrally welded steel strap anchors, not less than 24 inches (600 mm) o.c. Fabricate work square, true, straight and accurate to required size, with joints closely fitted and properly secured. Use self-tapping shake-proof flat headed screws on items requiring assembly by screws or as indicated. Use screws for interior metal work. Use welded connections exterior metal work unless otherwise approved by [Engineer] [Consultant]. Where possible, fit and shop assemble work, ready for erection. Ensure exposed welds are continuous for length of each joint. File or grind exposed welds smooth and flush. Seal exterior steel fabrications to provide corrosion protection in accordance with CAN3-S16.1-M84. INSTALLATION Perform cutting, drilling, and fitting required for installing metal fabrications. Set metal fabrications accurately in location, with edges and surfaces level, plumb, and true. 1) Fit exposed connections accurately together. Weld connections that are not to be left as exposed joints but cannot be shop welded. Do not weld, cut, or abrade surfaces of exterior units that have been hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. 2) Provide anchorage devices and fasteners where metal fabrications are required to be fastened to in-place construction. 3) Provide temporary bracing or anchors in formwork for items that are to be built into concrete, masonry, or similar construction. ANGLE LINTELS Steel angles: galvanized, 120 x 90 x 10 mm for all openings. Provide 150 mm minimum bearing at ends.

4 ~ 05-4 ~ Weld or bolt back-to-back angles to profiles as indicated. Fabricate loose steel lintels from steel angles and shapes of size indicated for openings and recesses in masonry walls and partitions at locations indicated. 1) Lintels in Exterior Walls: Prime with zinc-rich primer. SHOP PAINTING Apply one shop coat of primer to metal items, with exception of galvanized or concrete encased items. Use primer unadulterated, as prepared by manufacturer. Paint on dry surfaces, free from rust, scale, grease. Do not paint when temperature is lower than 7 C. Clean surfaces to be field welded; do not paint Metal Stairs Metal Ladders Stringers: 38 x 90 x 10 mm thick, steel angle. Rungs: 20 mm diameter thick, welded to stringers at 200 mm oc. Brackets: sizes and shapes as indicated, weld to stringers at 900 mm c.c., complete with fixing anchors. Galvanize finish for exterior, prime paint. Install access ladders in locations as indicated. Erect ladders 300 mm clear of wall on bracket supports Metal Railings Pipe and Tube Railings Steel pipe: 50 mm nominal outside diameter, formed to shapes and sizes as indicated. Galvanize external pipe railings after fabrication. Set railing standards in concrete. Grout to fill hole. Trowel surface smooth and flush with adjacent surfaces Outdoor Patio and Walkway Railing Provide all labour, materials, products, equipment and services required to completely install all handrails and railings. Provide maintenance data for care and cleaning of product. Assemble furnishings in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Install furnishing true, plumb, anchored firmly supported. Touch-up damaged finishes to approval of Consultant Pipe Bollards Fabricate pipe bollards from Schedule 80 steel pipe. Pipe to be 6 in diameter set pipe 48 into concrete filled 12 Sona tube; and 36 above finished grade.

5 ~ 05-5 ~ 1) Fill annular space around bollard solidly with shrinkage compensating grout. Place concrete and vibrate or tamp for consolidation. Support and brace bollards in position until concrete has cured. 2) Fill bollards solidly with concrete, mounding top surface to shed water 3) Bollard finish indicated in drawing package Stainless Steel custom fabrications Provide all labour, materials, products, equipment and services required to fabricate stainless steel hood shrouds, fire protection panels, edging, shelving, sinks, etc. of commercial quality for the purpose intended and free from defects impairing strength, durability and appearance. Material shall be a minimum 308 stainless steel, 18-gauge, with brushed Finish Steel and Iron Finishes Prepare uncoated ferrous-metal surfaces to comply with environmental exposure conditions of installed metal fabrications. 1) Shop Priming: Apply shop primer to uncoated surfaces of metal fabrications, except those with galvanized finishes and those to be embedded in concrete, sprayed-on fireproofing, or masonry, to comply with SSPC-PA 1, "Paint Application Specification No. 1: Shop, Field, and Maintenance Painting," for shop painting.