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1 Driveways and Other Concrete Slabs V I L L A G E O F H A N O V E R P A R K F I R E D E PA R T M E N T I certify that I have received a copy of these regulations and will comply with the regulations contained herein. Name Date Inspectional services division Location and Size Requirements UPDATED AUGUST 2015 A driveway may be located in the front, side or rear yards and must be at least 2 feet from the side property line. The width of the driveway must be between 9 feet and 20 feet. The apron may flare to 24 feet wide at the street. Driveway widths may have a maximum width of 28 if the front yard and lot coverage does not exceed applicable limitations. Driveway extensions shall be at the same grade and utilize the same material as the existing adjacent driveway. An eighteen (18 ) inch wide ribbon of concrete, brick or semi-permanent pavers may be permitted along the driveway. This counts towards the overall width of the driveway unless a permeable material is used. Driveway widening shall only be allowed towards the nearest lot line for detached single-family dwellings to the extent feasible, or as approved by the Zoning Administrator. Driveways may include a swing out that connects the existing driveway to a pad located in the side yard. Such a swing out may only be permitted if the maximum width, front yard coverage, and lot coverage limitations are not exceeded. Driveway expansions shall not be located within 6 feet of a door facing the front yard as measured perpendicularly from the building frontage. Only one curb cut is permitted unless the lot is greater than 40,000 square feet in area or has more than 150 feet of frontage. The driveway must be paved with one of the following: concrete, asphalt, or brick pavers (See crosssection sketches for approved type and thickness of materials). ALL DRIVEWAYS (INCLUDING REPLADE- MENT OF ASPHALT) MUST BE CONSTRUCT- ED BY A CONTRACTOR THAT IS REGISTERED AND BONDED IN THE VILLAGE OF HANOVER PARK. When emergency repairs arise requiring removal of aprons, the Village of Hanover Park Public Works Department will not reinstall brick paver aprons; however, concrete or asphalt aprons would be provided. Anytime the Street Department personnel or private contractor replaces a sidewalk, driveway, apron, etc., you must notify the Water Department ( ) 48 hours in advance if there is a buffalo box or gate valve box in the area where concrete or asphalt is being poured. We will need to key and check the B-Box or gate valve to ensure that it is in proper working order. Expansion joint must be put around the B-Box or gate valve. Sanitary sewer manholes also need to be inspected using the same procedure and an expansion joint must be installed around the manhole frame outside the bottom flange. Expansion joint will be required on concrete work only. When driveway repairs are being made, it would be in your best interest to contact the Public Works Department at so they can determine if the public sidewalk and curb will withstand the equipment rolling over it.

2 Page 2 DRIVEWAYS AND OTHER CONCRETE SLABS Patios, Private Sidewalks and Stoops Driveways and other concrete slabs Inspection Requirements A patio is only permitted in the rear yard. A patio shall be located at least ten (10) feet from rear lot line and at least five (5) feet from side lot line. If using patio blocks to construct or rebuild a patio, a permit is required. The current Zoning Ordinance permits a maximum projection of six feet (6 ) into the front yard of a residential home. These structures are at-grade, paved (or hard surface such as brick), and uncovered. In instances of replacement of an existing walkway parallel to the front of the home, a maximum nine-foot (9 ) width is permitted. This consists of a maximum six-foot (6 ) projection for an open stoop and a three-foot (3 ) walkway width. In instances where an existing walkway is not parallel to the front of the home (e.g. semi-circle to driveway), the maximum stoop projection shall be six feet (6 ) (consistent with Zoning Ordinance requirements). Other than where the stoop may intersect the sidewalk, a minimum one-foot (1 ) separation shall be provided between the stoop and the sidewalk. The driveway, sidewalk, patio, stoop, or other slab (including paver block) requires a pre-pour inspection before it is paved and a final inspection when the cement, asphalt, and/or paver block is complete. To request an inspection, contact the Fire Department s Inspectional Services Division at , at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. To Apply for a Permit Submit (2) copies of an upto-date (original if available) Plat of Survey showing proposed driveway or other slab location and dimensions. Indicate whether the driveway, stoop, or slab will be constructed from asphalt, concrete, or paver blocks following the dimensions and materials specified in the applicable cross section. If a contractor will construct or replace the driveway, patio, sidewalk, stoop, etc., they must be registered and bonded with the Village of Hanover Park. If you have any questions please call For all patios/concrete slabs in the rear yard, please call J.U.L.I.E. (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) for a dig number prior to obtaining a building permit. The dig number must be on the permit prior to issuance. (This does not apply to driveways, sidewalks, stoops or other concrete slabs for the front yard).

3 UPDATED AUGUST Page 3 RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAY DETAIL 28 MAX AT PROPER- TY LINE Asphalt driveways need at least 2 of compacted asphalt over 6 of compacted If concrete is used, expansion joints are required between the driveway & sidewalk, between the driveway and the curb against any hard edge and not more than 50 o.c.. Public concrete sidewalks are to be 5 thick on 5 Private concrete walks and patios shall be a minimum of 4 concrete on 4 of Curbs shall be depressed at the driveway apron. Any damage done to the street as a result of driveway apron or curb work shall be repaired by saw cutting the street for a full depth patch using one of the following methods: Full depth Class I Hot Mix asphalt (6 Min) 1½ Class I Hot Mix asphalt over Class X concrete (5 min.) PCC SIDE- WALK 10% MAX. SLOPE RECOMMENDED OR MATCH EXISTING CURB 2 TAPER MAX

4 Village of Hanover Park Fire Depar tment Inspectional Services Division 2121 Lake Street Hanover Park, IL Phone: Fax: Web: