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1 3 tapes

2 APPLICATORS SINGLE & DOUBLE SIDED 3M 2120 Masking Tape Premium quality general purpose product. Ideal for paint masking, but also bundling, sealing, attaching or even labelling x50M x50M Tesa 4323 GP Masking Tape Good general purpose masking tape for use in many masking applications x50M x50M x50M x50M Acrylic Tape General purpose packaging tape for general carton sealing 3034 Buff 48x66M 3035 Clear 48x66M Scapa 3160 Waterproof cloth tape (Gaffer tape) Economy grade, polyethelene laminated waterproof cloth tape, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive Available in black, white and silver x50M Black x50M Black x50M White x50M White x50M Silver T: F: E:

3 Cross Weave Tape Strong, tear resistant reinforced with glass fibre filaments Ideal for closing of heavy cartons x50M x50M x50M Black & Yellow Hazard Tape Heavy duty PVC warning tape coated with aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive For factory demarcation areas, sport court markings etc Helps employers meets their statutory obligations under Health & Safety Act i.e First Aid points x33M Double Sided Transfer Tape - Scapa 4456 Double sided tape with excellent all round adhesion with high temperature resistance Various widths available. Easy to apply Permanent adhesive for labels, nameplates, photo mounting, sample cards etc x33M Aluminium Foil Tape Aluminium foil tape for ductwork and insulation work Class O rated when tested on foil faced insulation panels x45M Lohmann 6370 Tape Double sided tape for permanent bonding to materials High adhesive coating suitable for rough surfaces Various widths available x50M x50M x50M x50M x50M

4 DOUBLE APPLICATORS SIDED Tesa Tape Transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PP-carrier and a synthetic rubber adhesive mass system. With the synthetic rubber adhesive, it is solvent free and offers a very high tack. General purpose fixing tape, self-adhesive mounting of decorative and packaging materials and bonding of films, fabrics, paper and plastic materials x50M x50M Tesa 4965 Tape This double sided tape offers an extremely strong bond to a variety of substrates even at higher temperatures. It can be used to securely mount ABS plastic parts in the automotive industry, self adhesive mounting of rubber profiles and also profiles and decorative mountings in the furniture industry Available on a 50mtr roll with the following widths: 9, 12, 19, 25 & x50M x50M Foam Protection Pads Low tack protection pads to separate panels/surfaces from damage during storage or transit eg worktops, glass etc Easy peel adhesive Cut pads supplied in rolls Colour: grey Pad size: 25 x x 25 Butyl Tape Sealants - Scapa 0390 High performance extruded butyl tape Excellent adhesion Ideal construction sealant. Also used in the appliance industry Colour: grey Various sizes Rubber Resin Tape - Scapa 0485 Double sided, clear, aggressive tack tape Suitable for bonding difficult substrates Excellent adhesion to a range of plastics x12x30M x12x20M T: F: E:

5 PACKAGING REDWOOD I N N O VAT I O N S REDWOOD I N N O VAT I O N S Cardboard Corners Easy to fit, cost effective protection of panelled products in transit or storage x 35 x 2M x 50 x 2M x 80 x 2M Foam Corners Specially designed to provide added internal or external corner protection for boxed or palletised products in transit or storage. Can be easily cut down to the desired length with a knife x 75 x 210M

6 PACKAGING APPLICATORS Choose the right foam protector for your application: Type A B C Density Quantity U m (kg/m3) per carton Order Number 8/18 8-7/+0 10 ± /+1 26 ± 2 400m / /+0 10 ± /+1 27 ± 2 340m / /+0 10 ± /+0 12 ± 1 40/ /+0 12 ± /+2 Type A 27 ± /+2 27 ± 2 m Um 60-1/+2 30 ± 2 260m 25/42 60/ /+0 14 ± /+2 30 ± 2 90m 70/ /+0 14 ± /+2 30 ± 2 8/18 15/28 20/35 25/42 40/60 60/80 70/90 Bubble Wrap Flexible and economical protective packaging Small bubble 10 for inter-leaving and wrapping x 100M x 100M x 100M x 100M Corrugated Paper 8 7/ /+0 BC 190m 144m Densit y (kg/m 3 ) Qty pe r Carto n Order Number 10 ±1 18 1/+1 26 ±2 400 M ±1 28 1/+1 27 ±2 340 M ±1 35 1/+2 27 ±2 260 M 3147 U-profile Foam Protectors 25 13/+0 12 ±1 42 1/+2 27 ±2 190 M M /+0 80m Cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam profiles 15/+0 12impact, ±1 ideal60 1/+2 30 ±3 40 Resistant to repeated for shopfitting/joinery and highly finished products 60 20/ 70 20/+0 Traditional protective rolls x 75M x 75M x 75M x 75M ±1 80 1/+2 30 ±3 90 M ±1 90 1/+2 30 ±3 80 M 3151 Featherfoam Wrap Flexible and economical packaging 2.5 thick x 120M x 120M Shrink Wrap & Hand Wrap Polythene shrink wrap available in various sizes: Hand Wrap 100 x 150M x 23micron Clear Palletwrap 400 x 300M x 17micron Clear Palletwrap 500 x 300M x 20micron Clear Palletwrap 500 x 250M x 25micron Black x 150M x 300M x 300M x 250M