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1 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Construction Manager CM Services Pre-Construction and Construction Services Big Sky Fire Department Station 1 Project Big Sky Fire District OWNER Big Sky, Montana

2 November 2016 Request for Proposals for Construction Manager CM Services Big Sky Fire Department Station 1 Project Big Sky, Montana INTRODUCTION The Big Sky Fire District (aka Big Sky Fire Department) OWNER is seeking qualified Construction Manager (CM) firms for the construction of a new Fire Station 1. During the Pre-Construction Phase of the Project, the CM will assist the OWNER with the selection of an Architect and the selection of a General Contractor and will prepare a building design and guaranteed maximum price GMP for the OWNER to provide to the public for a mill levy/bond election during November The CM fee and definition of fixed costs for General Conditions Work will be negotiated with the successful firm, based upon the information provided in the RFP. Construction Services may be added through acceptance of a GMP by contract amendment. The amendment would include construction services through completion of the Project. Alternatively, the OWNER may, at its sole discretion, choose not to continue the CM Contract beyond the completion of preconstruction activities and solicit bids from qualified contractors for the construction of the project. This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued to qualified Construction Managers who are required to submit their capabilities and experience. Information will be obtained from the Proposals submitted in response to the RFP document, interviews, and discussions with former and present clients of Offerors. The selected CM will function as part of a team composed of the OWNER, OWNER s Representative(s), Project Team, Architect(s), and others as determined by the OWNER. This RFP shall not commit the OWNER to enter into any agreement to pay any expenses incurred in preparation of any response to this request, or to procure or contract for any supplies, goods or services. The OWNER reserves the right to accept or reject any and all responses to this RFP. This Procurement is governed by the laws of the State of Montana and venue for all legal proceedings shall be the Eighteenth Judicial District, Gallatin County. By offering to perform services under this Procurement, all Offerors agree to be bound by the laws of the State of Montana and the local authority having jurisdiction.

3 I. PROJECT BACKGROUND AND DESCRIPTION Project is a new Fire Station which will be at a location to be determined in the Big Sky Meadow Area. Below outlines intended pre-construction milestones. This schedule may be altered at the option of the OWNER CM RFP PROCUREMENT AND PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES MILESTONES Advertisement Dates: 11/30/16 to 12/30/16 Deadline to Receive RFP Responses - 1/6/17 10 am Open Responses in public meeting at Big Sky Fire Department Station 1, 650 Rainbow Trout Run 1/6/17 11 am Complete Score (Presentations, if needed) by - 1/13/17 Contract Recommendation to OWNER 1/25/17 at the Regular Big Sky Fire District Board of Trustees meeting Pre-construction services will proceed as soon as contracts are executed Design drawings at 60-80% for bidding 6/1/2017, or as adjusted per mutual agreement GMP set 7/1/17, or as adjusted per mutual agreement II. SCOPE OF PRECONSTRUCTION SERVICES Preconstruction services will be provided on a cost reimbursement basis up to a stated maximum. The specific scope of preconstruction services will be negotiated prior to the signing of the CM contract, and be based on the Proposer s input as well as the OWNER requirements. In general, services are anticipated to include the following: 1. Assist in the selection of an Architect 2. Act as an advisor to the OWNER in all phases of the project through completion 3. Participation in all design, coordination, and building committee meetings 4. Review of all designs for constructability 5. Coordination and gathering of input from major subcontractors regarding constructability 6. Input and solutions regarding schedule, phasing, staging 7. Review and cost evaluation at each phase and step of design taking into consideration schedule, phasing and local market conditions 8. Consult with, advise, assist, and provide recommendations to the OWNER or their designees, and project team on all aspects of the planning and design of the work 9. Provide information, estimates, schemes, review project team submittals, and participate in decisions regarding construction materials, methods, systems, phasing, sustainability and costs to assist in determinations which are aimed at providing the highest quality energy efficient building, constructed using the most sustainable construction materials and practices, within the budget and schedule 10. Actively participate in a formal value engineering study anticipated to be held at the end of design development 11. Review in-progress design and construction documents and provide input and advice on construction feasibility, alternative materials, costs and availability

4 12. Review completed design and construction documents prior to bidding and suggest modifications to improve completeness and clarity and to eliminate construction change requests due to inconsistencies or omissions in the construction documents 13. Provide input to the OWNER and the project team regarding current construction market bidding climate, status of key subcontract markets, and other local economic conditions 14. Provide division of work to facilitate bidding and award of trade contracts, considering such factors as bidding climate, improving or accelerating construction completion, minimizing trade jurisdictional disputes, and related issues 15. Provide input to the OWNER and the project team regarding long lead time materials and equipment, impact on the construction schedule and strategies for mitigating the impact 16. Prepare construction cost estimates for the Project at the schematic, design development and construction document design phases and, if appropriate, at other times throughout of the work 17. Notify the OWNER and project team immediately if construction cost estimates appear to be exceeding the construction budget 18. Furnish a final construction cost estimate for the OWNER review and approval. (GMP) 19. Develop a preliminary construction schedule 20. Obtain subcontractor and supplier trade bids for the OWNER s review, unless otherwise approved by OWNER. III. SELECTION PROCEDURE This RFP is the first of a multi-part selection process. Under this RFP, the selection procedure is intended to evaluate the capabilities of qualified CM firms to provide services to the OWNER for this Project. The responses to this RFP will be evaluated by the OWNER in accordance with criteria listed below. The CM will be selected based on the overall merit of its proposal, information contained in RFP responses to the criteria, references, interviews and information obtained from any other reliable source. CM Evaluation Criteria (Total of 100 possible points) 1. BONDING & FINANCIAL STRENGTH (5 points): Provide bonding company rating and your firm s financial strength. Discuss any possible contingencies to bonding. Proof of bonding should be provided in the form of a letter from the CM s insurer or their Montana Resident Agent stating the insurer with provide the required insurance for this project. 2. ON-TIME PROJECT COMPLETION (10 points): Describe your firm's history with emphasis on Project Completion and Finish. Information identifying the firm's strengths along with special capabilities appropriate to the Project will assist in evaluation. Provide the status for anticipated work within the firm in terms of time and magnitude for the time anticipated for this project.

5 3. HISTORY AND EXPERIENCE WITH SIMILAR PROJECTS (20 points): Describe projects scope, size, complexity, construction costs, owners, locations and difficulties. Emphasis to be placed on firms that have experience with fire station construction. 4. STAFFING/WORKFORCE PROPOSED TO COMMIT TO THIS PROJECT (15 points): Provide any relevant resume information for each key person including the Project Manager and Project Superintendent. Identify each person s specific roles in this project. Provide anticipated work load of the Project Manager and Project Superintendent for this project. 5. APROACH TO PROJECT (15) Identify the specific methodology your firm will use in the administration of this project for the preconstruction and construction phases to ensure constructability, quality, schedule, cost containment, change order process, subcontractor relations and communication with the OWNER and project team. 6. FEE PROPOSAL (15 points): The CM Fee shall include certain office overhead costs as described in AIA A133 CMc Article 6.8 "Costs not to be reimbursed". Describe your involvement and costs between Design Development and in establishing the GMP. (Pre-Construction Fee Proposal) Describe your CM fee as a total percentage of the GMP and your understanding about what it specifically includes and excludes. (Construction Fee) 7. OVERHEAD COSTS (10 points): Explain your monthly General Condition costs such as office, superintendent, equipment and basic labor. 8. PRESENTATION RANK (10 points): This will be a response, based on the interview itself, by the interview committee expressing their overall impression of each team's ability to successfully complete the Project and work cooperatively with all parties.

6 IV. SUBMITTAL INFORMATION Provide one (1) original and seven (7) copies of the written response to this RFP not later than 10:00 a.m. January 6, RFP s arriving after this time will not be accepted. Please limit written response to 30 pages. Send sealed copies titled Big Sky Fire Department Station 1 Project - CM to the Big Sky Fire Department via US Mail the following address: Big Sky Fire Department P.O. Box Big Sky, Montana Hand delivery, UPS or FedEX delivery of sealed copies titled Big Sky Fire Department Station 1 Project - CM to the Big Sky Fire Department can be made at the following address: Big Sky Fire Department 650 Rainbow Trout Run Big Sky, Montana All questions and contacts regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing before 3 PM on December 28, 2016 to Fire Chief William Farhat, VI. INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS Response to the RFP must: 1. Be signed by an officer or principal of your firm. 2. Be contained in a document not to exceed 30 pages total (single or double-sided pages). VII. PRESENTATIONS (if OWNER deems them necessary ) Presentations of the CM proposed project team will be held during the week of 1/9/17 at the Big Sky Fire Department Station 1, 650 Rainbow Trout Run in Big Sky. Each firm selected for a presentation will be notified of the specific time for its presentation. The format of the presentation will be left up to the proposing firm; however, allow 10 minutes for questions by the OWNER. Presentations will be no more than 45 minutes total. Members of the proposed CM team, including the project manager and key on-site personnel, must be present at the presentation. VII. FORM OF AGREEMENT The OWNER anticipates using the AIA 133 GC/CM Contract Form and General Conditions that will form the basis for the final agreement. OWNER reserves the right to negotiate all terms in the final contract, including but not limited to any terms or conditions which is in the best interest of the OWNER. It is the intention of the OWNER to enter into a CM Contract with the selected firm upon completion of the selection process. The initial scope of the CM Contract will be limited to preconstruction activities only. The preconstruction activities will include architect selection, design constructability reviews, value engineering, estimating, cost estimate reconciliation with

7 A/E s estimates, schedule and sequencing planning, and subcontractor bidding as more fully described above. The CM will submit preliminary construction cost estimates at the end of the Architect s Design Development phase and at intervals defined in the preconstruction agreement for the OWNER review and approval. Acceptance or rejection of the final construction cost estimate (GMP) will constitute completion of preconstruction activities. If construction services are added through acceptance of the GMP, an amendment to the CM Contract will be executed. If the construction phase amendment is executed, a 100% payment bond and a 100% performance bond for the completion of the Project will be required. If the OWNER chooses to not continue the CM Contract beyond the completion of preconstruction activities, the selected CM s compensation shall be limited to the preconstruction services maximum, not to exceed fee stated in the CM Contract.