A. -Application Form Ensure following is filled out on your building permit application:

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1 BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION CHECKLIST SINGLE FAMILY OR DUPLEX Use this checklist for NEW construction of a Single Family Home or Duplex Unit A Permit to Construct Within the Public Way may be required. The Public Way Permit must be both reviewed and approved by the Eagle County Engineering Department prior to issuance of the building permit. Call (970) for information. A. -Application Form Ensure following is filled out on your building permit application: Job address and 12 digit parcel number (obtained from County Assessor s Office ). Legal description (lot, block, filing, subdivision; or tract section township range) Owner name, address, phone fax number Contractor name, address, phone fax number Contact Person s name, address, phone fax number (Contact Person will be responsible for handling all correspondence regarding the permit) Use of building Class of work (new) Description of work Valuation (labor & materials for new work, shall include all building plumbing mechanical electrical improvements) Type of heating (natural gas, propane, electric, other) Water source (public or private, see other items below) Sewer system (public or private, see other items below) Lot size, lot coverage, impervious coverage, building floor area, stories, height, # parking spaces Signature of contractor or owner and date Other Items: Proof of Legal Water and Wastewater In form of paid tap-fees; availability of service letter from provider; or valid State well permit. Applicant shall contact their provider before submitting application to the Eagle County Building Dept (Please include water main/meter size IF served by Eagle River Fire Protection District) On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS). The building division will not release your building permit until Environmental Health reviews and approves an OWTS permit application or certifies that modifications to an existing OWTS are unnecessary. Wildfire Hazard Assessment Rating. Based on the results of the initial assessment, a Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Fee* may apply. Permits will not be released until fee payment has been made. *Not all building permits will generate fees. Call (970) for information. ECOBuild Checklist* must be completed and submitted with building permit application. Permits will not be released until ECOBuild Fee* payment has been made. *Not all building permits will necessitate a checklist or generate fees. Call (970) for information. Ridgeline / Hillside Analysis May apply if the parcel being developed is located in a designated view corridor or slopes exceed 30%. Contact the Planning Division and ask for the Planner On Duty for questions regarding related regulations (970)

2 A Floodplain Elevation Certificate is required for buildings constructed, substantially improved, or placed in a Special Flood Hazard Area Zone A (100-year floodplain). Contact the Engineering Department to ascertain if the subject property is near or within a Zone A from inspection of the official floodplain maps. A permit will not be issued until the elevation certificate is reviewed by the Eagle County Engineering Department. Engineering Department (970) CDOT or County Access Permitting for Roads & Driveways may be required. Contact the Eagle County Engineering Department to ascertain whether or not a CDOT or County Access Permit is necessary. Engineering Department (970) Access to Subject Property Complies with County Road Standards. Contact the Eagle County Engineering Department to ascertain whether or not the access road serving the subject property meets county road standards. The Engineering Department shall determine if any improvements to the road are required, or if a Variance from Improvement Standards is appropriate. Engineering Department (970) Outstanding compliance issues: If your property has an open code enforcement case, expired building permits, or other existing compliance issues, issuance of your permit may be delayed. Contact Code Enforcement (970) for questions concerning existing compliance status for your property. Plan Submittal Packet Plans must be complete, identical, legible, to scale, and stapled together as two separate sets (three sets required for the Roaring Fork/El Jebel office territory). Plans should be on minimum 24x36, maximum 30x40 dimensioned paper. Plans will be checked at the counter for completeness. If any of the required information is missing, the application cannot be accepted. 1. SITE PLAN showing the following: Design Review Board - sets stamped or signed by DRB Legal Description & property address Property lines All existing property lines shown. If a duplex, clearly show partywall Setbacks, building envelope(s), easements and any dimensions (an Improvement Location Certificate may be required if any building/structure is within 18 of setback). North Arrow and Scale show on each page Hydrants show nearest fire hydrant location. If nearby hydrant is unavailable, on-site water storage may be required (NFPA 1142) Driveway - material, slope (grade%), culverts, adjacent streets and any dimensions Structures label proposed / existing structures. include sheds, barns, decks, patios Water Features - Stream, creek, spring, pond, ditches, required stream setback. Existing and Proposed Contours grading of all disturbed areas shown with existing and proposed contours. Drainage Plan - include directional indicators for positive drainage away from building. drainage to be contained on site. contours must be shown in 2'-10' increments. Finish Floor Elevations - shown on the building footprint Existing and Proposed wells, septic tanks, leach fields

3 Connections from road right of way to the building- water, sewer, gas, propane, phone, electric, cable; On duplexes both sides must be shown. Include above- and below-ground propane tank(s); Include water main/meter size IF served by Eagle River Fire Protection District Landscaping plan - existing plant materials, ground cover, sidewalks, snow storage Construction parking / staging Retaining walls - materials, highest and lowest point; engineer stamped detail required if retaining wall is over 4 feet (measured from bottom of footer to top of wall). Erosion control Location and details for erosion control devices and limit of disturbance. 2. CONSTRUCTION PLANS. Include both Architectural and Structural components. ARCHITECTURAL SHEETS Floor Plans for Each Level, complete dimensions, drawing scale noted & label story Minimum Four (4) Elevations N,S,E,W. Building Cross Sections and construction details Each Room & use of space clearly labeled Location & type of all Mechanical Equipment. Include efficiency information. Window Sizes & types noted on floor plan or elevations (rough opening sizes and window operation clearly indicated, safety glazing and U-factor) Guardrail details Roof Covering and siding specified Roof Slope / pitch shown Attic Ventilation and crawl space ventilation details Radon control methods (per IRC appendix F & Eagle County Building Resolution) Minimum Insulation shown for walls, floor and roof Fireplaces labeled as gas or wood burning (If wood burning model # and specs required) STRUCTURAL SHEETS All Sheets of Plans wet stamped / signed by Colorado Licensed Engineer or Architect Soils Report. Two (2) copies of soils report for the specific lot Design Specifications Sheet including: Roof Live Load (snow) Floor/deck Live Load Wind Design Foundation Design per soils report Soils Report Number Referenced Foundation Plan shows complete footing/foundation dimensions Footing / foundation reinforcement details provided and referenced Dedicated Framing Plans for each floor level and roof framing Framing Details provided. Show all posts, beams, joists, rafters; specify framing hanger/fastener/bolting connection details.

4 Correction letters will be issued for incomplete applications and may delay issuance of the permit Building permit and plan check fees are due at the time of submission. Call the office (970) or check front counter professional staff for exact fees for your project. Checks payable to: EAGLE COUNTY BUILDING DEPARTMENT Building permits or projects necessitating Planning Commission, Board of County Commissioners or administrative review, will not be reviewed until final approval from the reviewing bodies is awarded. For zoning / allowable use questions, call the Planner On Duty (970) Road Impact and Fire District Impact Fees* will be determined for each Building Permit during plan review. Permits will not be released until applicable Impact Fee payment is made. *Not all Building Permits generate fees. (970) for >info Applicants must sign and date the checklist for the application to be accepted I have read and understand the requirements of this checklist. If any required information is missing from the application, I understand the application will not be accepted. Applicant s Signature and Date

5 EXAMPLE CONTACT US Eagle County Building Department 500 Broadway Eagle, Colorado Phone: (970) Fax: (970)