COST COST. In CROATIA In. Zagreb, November 2015.

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1 COST In CROATIA In COST Zagreb, November

2 What is COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology (the longest running) Intergovernmental Framework to support nationally funded research cooperation in Europe and beyond through COST actions Founded in 1971 Zagreb, November

3 Main Principles Bottom-up Approach Á la carte participation Flexibility Equality of Access Zagreb, November

4 COST Member Countries Austria Germany Norway Belgium Greece Poland B&H Hungary Portugal Bulgaria Iceland Romania Croatia Ireland Serbia Cyprus Israel* Slovakia Czech Republic Italy Slovenia Denmark Latvia Spain Estonia Lithuania Sweden FYR of Macedonia Luxembourg Switzerland Finland Malta Turkey France Netherlands Unuted Kingdom Zagreb, November

5 Near Neighbour Countries Albania Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Egypt Georgia Jordan Lebanon Libya Moldova Montenegro Morocco Palestinian Authority Russia Syria Tunisia Ukraine Zagreb, November

6 International Partner Countries Argentina Costa Rica New Zeeland Australia Hong Kong Nigeria Bangladesh India Pakistan Brazil Indonesia Puerto Rico Burkina Faso Iran Rwanda Canada Japan Singapore Chile Republic of Korea South Africa China Mexico Taiwan Columbia Namibia USA Zagreb, November

7 Advantages Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) Training Schools Dissemination Publications Zagreb, November

8 COST Structure Ministerial Conference CSO Commitee of Senior Officials CNC COST National Coordinators Executive Board of the CA (COST Association) SC Scientific Committee MC Management Committee Zagreb, November

9 How to Join Two open calls: March & September each year Request to the Ministry MC members nomination Zagreb, November

10 Croatia: Member of COST since 1992 Zagreb, November

11 Success Story I COST 244 COST 65 COST B-10 Biomedical Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Hydrogeological Aspects of Groundwater Protection in Karstic Area Brain Damage Repair Zagreb, November

12 Success Story II COST IC 1206 COST FA 1308 COST TN 1401 Privacy Protection in Multimedia Content Dairy Care CAPABAL Zagreb, November

13 Partcipation Approximately 300 Actions In all Domains Zagreb, November

14 Domains BMBS 32 (7 TD) CMST 30 (5 TD) ESSEM 32 (2 TD) FA 30 (6 TD) FPS 26 ICT 30 (3 TD) ISCH 42 (3 TD) MPNS 35 (5 TD) TUD 29 (1 TD) TN 4 TD 26 Zagreb, November

15 Institutions Rudjer Boskovic Institute 50/96 Ivo Pilar Institute 24/46 FER 21/34 Faculty of Civil Engineering 15/42 Faculty of Forestry 13/32 Faculty of Science (PMF) 19/24 Institute of Forestry 13/23 Faculty of Veterinary 9/12 Faculty of Agriculture 7/13 Food and Biotechnology 7/11 Faculty of Medicine Rijeka 5/6 Zagreb, November

16 Other Institutions Meteorologycal & Hydrological Service Faculty of Textile Technology University of Rijeka Faculty of Graphics Croatian Institute for Brain Research Faculty of Political Sciences Institute if Oceanography Andrija Štampar School of Public Health Etc. Zagreb, November

17 New Domains Classification (OECD) Natural Sciences Engineering & Technologies Medical and Health Sciences Agricultural Sciences Social Sciences Humanities Zagreb, November

18 Call in March 2015 About 400 proposals 14 Croatian proposers Expecting participation in 7-10 new Actions Zagreb, November

19 How the System Works Ministry of Science, Education and Sports External Experts Scientific Committee MC (and Substitute) Members Zagreb, November

20 How the System Works Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Scientific Committee Representatives Panel Review MC (and Substitute) Members Zagreb, November

21 Thak you for your attention Damir Jeličić Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Zagreb, November

22 COST WEB SITE http// Zagreb, November