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1 Cambridge International Examinations Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level * I* GEOGRAPHY 9696/32 Paper 3 Advanced Human Options October/November 2015 INSERT 1 hour 30 minutes READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST This Insert contains all the Figures referred to in the questions. This document consists of 5 printed pages and 3 blank pages. DC (LEG/CGW) [Turn over

2 2 Fig. 1 for Question 2 Two stages in production and location of manufacturing industry in cities Fig. 1A Stage 1 Concentration near the city centre Fig. 1B Stage 2 Decentralisation Key production and control (headquarters, offices) production control (headquarters, offices) flow of information flow of materials, components and/or products central city area

3 3 Fig. 2 for Question 4 Loss of forested area, by country, The mapping technique used above shows a country s land area in proportion to the amount of loss of forested area there. The inset map below shows a conventional world map for comparison. World regions are shown in different ranges of colour and countries within these ranges. [Turn over

4 4 Fig. 3 for Question 5 Largest trade flows in 2010, fastest growing trade flows and output of selected commodities M dd e East to East As a USA Europe 8 Centra As a to Europe M dd e East to Europe Saud Arab a Russia 13 South As a to Ch na 26% China Brazil M dd e East to South As a 21% India Austra a to Ch na 23% 21 South Amer ca to South As a 20% South Amer ca to Ch na 26% 6 Australia Austra a to Ch na Austra a to East As a Key largest trade flows by weight, 2010 (million tonnes) fastest growing trade flows (percentage annual growth) commodity producers (percentage of world output) wheat timber meat iron ore coal oil

5 Fig. 4 for Question 7 Gross national income (GNI) per person and one measure of happiness, for selected countries, 2008 Tanzania Indonesia Vietnam El Salvador Nigeria Egypt Philippines Uganda Azerbaijan Bangladesh Pakistan Serbia Turkey Montenegro Belarus Georgia Macedonia India Dominican Republic Peru Mexico Slovakia Estonia Malta Venezuela Algeria Jordan Morocco Colombia Bosnia Brazil Chile Argentina Uruguay Croatia China South Africa Poland Lithuania Portugal New Zealand Slovenia Hungary S. Korea Spain Czech Republic Greece Israel Netherlands Singapore Australia Sweden Italy France Japan Germany Belgium Austria Finland Iceland Canada Switzerland Denmark Ireland Norway United States Iran Albania Armenia Zimbabwe Latvia Moldova Ukraine Bulgaria Russian Federation Romania gross national income (GNI) per person (US$) percentage of happy people



8 8 BLANK PAGE Permission to reproduce items where third-party owned material protected by copyright is included has been sought and cleared where possible. Every reasonable effort has been made by the publisher (UCLES) to trace copyright holders, but if any items requiring clearance have unwittingly been included, the publisher will be pleased to make amends at the earliest possible opportunity. To avoid the issue of disclosure of answer-related information to candidates, all copyright acknowledgements are reproduced online in the Cambridge International Examinations Copyright Acknowledgements Booklet. This is produced for each series of examinations and is freely available to download at after the live examination series. Cambridge International Examinations is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group. Cambridge Assessment is the brand name of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), which is itself a department of the University of Cambridge.