INVITATION. Berne, 18. January 2007

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1 Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS armasuisse Real Estate INVITATION Workshop for sustainable building for military infrastructure, Thun, September 2007 NATO SPSC, Science for Peace and Security Committee and Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS, Switzerland Berne, 18. January 2007 In 1999 the Department of National Defence of Canada and the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands agreed to organize a NATO CCMS short-term project on the environmental and economic benefits of applying sustainability concepts to specific elements of defence infrastructure. Phase I of this initiative included an investigation to find out to which extent principles of sustainable building were already being applied in the different countries, and culminated in a seminar at Delft, the Netherlands, in March 2000, where 17 countries participated. The value of continuing and expanding the sustainable building short-term project was captured in the principles developed at the March 2000 conference, namely that: NATO/EAPC countries working together can guide and improve environmental practices to foster sustainability thereby promoting broader peace and security objectives. Ministries of Defence would thus be seen to be supporting national interests by encouraging environmental stewardship. Sustainable building requires integrated early planning and management practices. It requires dedicated efforts to achieve improved environmental performance and reduced life cycle costs. By assessing the environmental performance of our buildings and lands and by sharing lessons learned, participating countries can better understand the extent of sustainable activity now in place and establish benchmarks for future action. In Phase II more information on Sustainable Building policies, programs, methods, tools and examples was gathered. In March 2002 a second seminar was organized in Brussels, Belgium, in which 22 countries participated. The second phase of the project has been successful in: Consolidating and expanding the network of participants active in the knowledge transfer within the target community; Establishing a framework within which ongoing knowledge transfer on sustainable military infrastructure amongst participants can be achieved; Establishing a Sustainable Building site within the NATO CCMS web site to facilitate ongoing knowledge transfer. 1/9

2 Fully appreciating the project s success as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, the participants gathered at the March 2002 conference expressed keen interest in follow-up seminars. In September 2005, a third seminar took place in Oslo, Norway. In the final plenary session the future activities on Sustainable Building were discussed. The participants were enthusiastic about the level and variety of the information given during the seminar and found it desirable to continue this exchange of knowledge and experience. In accordance with the principles developed and appreciating the project s successes and the participators wishes, the Dutch Ministry of Defence together with the Swiss Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS) therefore offers to conduct the fourth followup seminar on Sustainable Building for Military Infrastructure. The proposal for this fourth seminar was presented to and approved by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Committee (SPSC) in October The SPSC is the new Committee at NATO that was formed through the merger of the Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) and the Science Committee. The former CCMS activities will be continued in the SPSC. We invite you to attend this workshop, which will take place at Thun, where you can find the largest military compound of Switzerland and a very nice historic old town near to the Lake Thun and the Swiss Alps. For three days you will have the opportunity to present your knowledge and experience and discuss the different issues of sustainable building for military infrastructure with experts from other Defence Ministries and Armed Forces. Please find hereafter all the necessary practical and logistic information on the workshop. Do not hesitate to contact the organising committee if you have further questions on the organisation. We hope to welcome you in Thun in September. Mr. Maarten Gijsbers Co-Director SBMI Workshop The Netherlands Mr. Marcel Adam Co-Director SBMI Workshop Switzerland 2/9

3 Objectives and Scope of the seminar The seminar will be respecting the original objectives of the short-term project, which include: surveying and presenting information on the implementation of sustainable building in the participating countries; exchanging experiences concerning policy, strategies and implementation processes; presenting examples of sustainable building projects; providing information on design and decision-making tools available on the market; expanding the network of experts; establishing plans for future action. The scope of this seminar will be focussed on three different topics: energy saving, energy efficiency and sustainable energy issues in buildings maintenance of buildings multi-purpose use of military areas as a part of the social aspect of sustainability. Survey A survey will be carried out among the participants prior to the seminar with the goal to establish the state of affairs in the participating countries on the three above mentioned topics. Call for papers A successful seminar is dependent on contributions from the participants. Countries/delegates who wish to share examples of sustainability at the seminar in the form of presentations, exhibits or papers to be included in the seminar report, are invited to advise the organising committee. Please note that the seminar language will be English. The application deadline for presentations is the 1st of May Three days concept The first day will offer an overview on sustainable building, energy saving, energy efficiency and sustainable energy issues in buildings and maintenance of buildings. The second is addressed to the multi-purpose use of military areas as a part of the social aspect of sustainability. On the third day we organise a field trip in the Thun region on the objectives discussed at the workshop. 3/9

4 Program Tuesday September 18th, 2007 Travel 18:00-20:30 Registration and welcoming reception Wednesday September 19th, :30-08:00 Registration 08:00-10:00 Opening session Welcoming addresses Keynote speech Presentation of survey results Sustainable building within the Real Estate Management by the DDPS 10:00-10:30 Coffee break 10:30-12:00 Sustainable building in Switzerland 12:00-13:30 Lunch 13:30-15:00 Presentations by delegates and experts on: Energy and maintenance issues 15:00-15:30 Coffee break 15:30-17:30 Presentations by delegates and experts on: Energy and maintenance issues 18:00-20:00 City tour and aperitive Thursday September 20th, :00-10:00 Syndicate Work - Energy - Maintenance - Multi-purpose use of military areas 10:00-10:30 Coffee break 10:30-12:00 Syndicate Work Syndicate Work conclusions 12:00-13:30 Lunch 4/9

5 13:30-15:00 Presentations by delegates and experts on: Multi-purpose use of military areas 15:00-15:30 Coffee break 15:30-16:00 Presentations by delegates and experts on: Multi-purpose use of military areas 16:00-17:30 Plenary conclusions and closing session, the way ahead 18:00- Photo Official dinner Friday September 21st, :00-12:00 Field trip 12:00-13:00 Lunch, during field trip 13:00-16:00 Field trip 5/9

6 Where and when The seminar will take place at Thun. The city is located at the Lake of Thun and near the Swiss Alps. The distance to the capital of Switzerland, Bern, is about 25 km. The seminar will be held in a Hotel. The Hotel Freienhof is situated in the centre of Thun and near to the train station. You can find more information about the hotel and the region on the following internet addresses: Hotel Freienhof: Thun tourism: You can reach Thun by train in about 1:45 h from Zurich Airport, 2:00 h from Basel Euro Airport, 2:15 h from Geneva Airport and 0:45 h from Berne Airport. You can find the railway timetable on the internet: Hotel accommodation Participants are asked to make their own accommodation arrangements. DDPS has made reservations until 30th April 2007 at the current DDPS rates (125 CHF/room/night (ca. 80 )) for a number of rooms at Hotel Freienhof, where the seminar takes place. Rates will still apply after 1st May, but availability cannot be guaranteed. Hotel Freienhof Freienhofgasse Thun BE Tel Fax Internet: (online booking available in different languages) Promotion code: NATO Seminar Other hotels can be found at Thun tourism: 6/9

7 Participation costs Participation to the workshop is free of charge, including all documentation and during the three-day workshop days- all coffee breaks and lunches, the reception on Tuesday evening, the city tour and the dinner on Thursday and transportation on the field trip on Friday. All other costs, such as travel to Thun, hotel and breakfast, dinner on Wednesday and transportation to and from the workshop location are on the account of the participant. For participants from the applicable EAPC countries 1 the costs for the hotel and meals (apart from the free meals during the workshop) from Tuesday afternoon September 18th until Saturday morning September 23rd and the costs of transportation to Thun will be refunded during the workshop on presentation of the relevant bills and tickets. In principle the costs of one participant per country will be reimbursed, unless the NATO SPSC Secretariat decides otherwise. Insurance/liability Registration for this seminar does not imply that the organising committee or the seminar venues take any responsibility whatever for the delegates, who are requested to make their own arrangements for medical, travel and personal insurance. Security classification All sessions of the meeting will be unclassified. Language English is the official language spoken during the meeting. Translation will not be provided. Registration Delegates who intend to participate in this workshop are kindly requested to complete the registration form and send it to the workshop secretariat as soon as possible. A registration form is attached to this invitation. Please indicate if you intend to give a presentation on one of the topics discussed during the workshop. Registration should be done until 1st August Technical requirements for the workshop If technical support (laptop, slide- or overhead projector, video-player for videotapes, etc.) is required for a presentation, please inform the workshop secretariat by means of the registration form. If possible, advance copies of the presentations should be sent to the secretariat. 1 EAPC Partner countries eligible for financial support: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. 7/9

8 Organisation and information All questions related to the content of the meeting, travel and/or accommodation should be addressed to one of the two co-directors or the secretariat: Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS) armasuisse Real Estate Environmental Management, Design Studies & Standards Blumenbergstrasse 39 CH-3003 Bern Switzerland Co-director: Marcel Adam, Head Environmental Management, Design Studies & Standards Telephone: Fax: Secretariat: Corina Haussener, Environmental Management, Design Studies & Standards Telephone: Fax: Co-director: The Netherlands Maarten Gijsbers Ministry of Defence, The Netherlands Telephone: Fax: 8/9

9 NATO/SPSC WORKSHOP on Sustainable building for military infrastructure Thun, Switzerland, September, 2007 REGISTRATION FORM Please send this form by fax or as soon as possible to: Ms. Corina Haussener, Environmental Management, Design Studies & Standards Blumenbergstrasse 39, CH-3003 Bern, Switzerland Telephone: Fax: (Please fill in capital letters) FAMILY NAME FIRST NAME. TITLE/FUNCTION INSTITUTION NAME AND ADDRESS Tel: Fax: NATIONALITY Foreign participants: useful information to the organising committee: (if known) Approx date/time of arrival:...approx date/time of departure:... Hotel+address : Special remarks/requests/diet:... I can provide a presentation a paper Subject:... Audio-visual needs:... As expert from a PARTNER country eligible for financial support I wish to apply for financial assistance The SPSC Support Grant Programme provides financial assistance to experts from PARTNER countries eligible for support under this Programme (ONE person per country). This assistance covers only proven travel and/or living expenses (invoices, receipts, tickets...). Estimated travel and/or living expenses:... 9/9