Orica Kooragang Island Community Reference Group Monthly Briefing Paper #15 January 2013

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1 Orica Kooragang Island Community Reference Group Monthly Briefing Paper #15 January Introduction This Briefing Paper focuses on activities and events during the month of December 2012 (with the exception of community engagement activity which is reported for December 2012 and January 2013). 2. Safety and Environmental Reporting Orica Kooragang Island records safety and environmental incidents and opportunities for improvement in the Safety, Health and Environmental Reporting and Management Information System. For each incident, a manager is nominated who ensures that the incident is investigated where required, and actions generated to minimise the potential for recurrence. Actions associated with the incident are captured in a database with responsibilities and scheduled due dates to ensure completion. Category December 2012 Summary Injuries 0 There were no injuries that required medical treatment. Environmental Non Compliances 1 During the month the temperature of the effluent discharge was above the licence limit for 19.4 hours during the month (see Water Emissions Temperature below for further detail). Investigations have commenced to identify the sources of high temperature effluent and projects that can be implemented to reduce the effluent temperature. Complaints received by Orica 1 One call from resident regarding visible emissions from NAP1 stack. Plant was in startup phase at the time. Complaints received by EPA* 1 One enquiry received by the EPA regarding visible emissions from the NAP1 stack. The plant was shutting down at the time. * Note: Complaints received by EPA and Orica contacted to investigate. December 2012 Environmental Performance The following section provides information on Orica s compliance with the site Environment Protection Licence conditions for December Water Emissions Effluent is process water captured across the site and discharged to the Hunter River North Arm via a licensed discharge point. Daily composite sampling is undertaken on arsenic, chromium VI, zinc, nitrogen and total suspended solids. ph, temperature and flow are monitored continuously and oil and grease twice weekly. During the month, Orica complied with the effluent licence conditions, except for temperature as detailed below. CRG Briefing Paper #

2 December 2012 Effluent Licence 100% Min Max Avg Compliance (Monitoring Point 23) Limit ph 6.2 to Temperature Max 43 C X Oil and Grease 10mg/L Arsenic 0.05mg/L < Chromium VI 0.2mg/L < <0.01 Zinc 5mg/L Nitrogen (Total) 2000mg/L Total Suspended Solids 50mg/L Effluent Volume 4500kL/day During the month, the temperature of the effluent discharged was very slightly above the licence limit for 19.4 hours (2.6% of the month). Investigations have commenced to identify the sources of high temperature effluent and projects that can be implemented to reduce the effluent temperature. Stormwater Orica is required to collect a monthly sample, during a rain event, from the site stormwater drains. The results for December are shown in the tables below. Stormwater Drain ph Chromium VI mg/l December 2012 Arsenic mg/l Phosphate mg/l Total Suspended Solids mg/l Total Nitrogen mg/l < <0.01 < < < < < < <0.01 < Air Emissions NOx Limits Licence 99% Limit December 2012 Hours above limit No. Hours above the Limit (YTD) No. Hours per Year allowed above the Licence Limit No. 1 Nitric Acid Plant 400ppm No. 2 Nitric Acid Plant 250ppm No. 3 Nitric Acid Plant 200ppm Note: The Environment Protection Licence Year runs from 1/04/12 31/03/13 CRG Briefing Paper #

3 Air Quality Continuous monitoring of ambient nitrogen dioxide concentrations is undertaken in Roxburgh St, Stockton. Location Pollutant December 2012 NEPM Air Quality Min 1hr Max 1hr Average Goal Average (pphm) Average (pphm) Roxburgh St, NO pphm Stockton NO N/A NO X N/A NEPM = National Environment Protection Measure pphm = parts per hundred million (12pphm = 0.12ppm) A High Volume Air Sampler and a Particulate Matter less than 10 microns in diameter (PM10) sampler are located at the Substation on Fullerton St, Stockton. The units operate for 24 hours every six days in accordance with Approved Methods for the Sampling and Analysis Air Pollutants in New South Wales methods AM-15 and AM-18. Location Date TSP (ug/m 3 ) PM10 (ug/m 3 ) Nitrate (ug/m 3 ) Fullerton St, Stockton 4-Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Goal 50 Note: The EPL does not require PM10 and Nitrate monitoring however Orica undertakes this monitoring to provide additional information on air quality. Stockton Air Quality Monitoring Station The monitoring station information is available at December 2012* Monthly Average Max. Daily Average Max Hourly Average PM10 (µg/m 3 ) PM2.5 (µg/m 3 ) 8 15 NO 2 (ppm) NO x (ppm) NH 3 (ppm) Results are from 1 December to 31 December A monthly report will be available from shortly. CRG Briefing Paper #

4 3. Environmental Improvements Orica has met its regulatory and plant improvement commitments as required by the site Environmental Protection Licence, for Pollution Studies and Reduction Programs in EPL 828 a) Pollution Reduction Program 29: Stormwater Isolation Valves Orica has completed the installation of isolation valves on the remaining three stormwater drains. In the event of an incident onsite that could result in a discharge to the stormwater system, operators will be able to utilise the isolation valves, as an additional tool, to prevent the liquid from flowing off site. Figure 1: Stormwater Isolation Valve and Sampling Infrastructure b) Pollution Reduction Program 30: Bunding Improvement Program AN1 Reclaim Tank: The installation of a new bunded tank to hold ammonium nitrate solution for recycling within the process is well advanced with the tank onsite and installed and the installation of piping and other infrastructure underway. This project is due for completion by 31 March Figure 2: New Reclaim Tank installed in bund CRG Briefing Paper #

5 Diesel Tank The installation of a new bunded diesel tank was completed in late December Clarifier Figure 3: New bunded diesel tank Since November 2012 construction work has been underway to replace an unbunded liquid waste tank with bunded tanks. The new tanks are due to arrive onsite in early February 2013 and the project will be completed by 31 March Community Engagement Activity Reported for December 2012/January 2013 Activity Community Information Sessions Newsletters Advertising Community Site Tours Group Briefings During December 2012/January 2013 Three ads were placed in the Stockton Local to promote the Orica Tag Team Challenge Surfest event in Stockton: 13 December and 24 January Site tours were not held in December and January. Upcoming A Community Information Session will be held in early The next newsletter is scheduled for distribution in February Advertising will be placed to promote the February community site tour. Site tours will be advertised in our community newsletter, press and on The next site tour will be conducted on 23 February Orica will approach sensitive neighbours in Mayfield and Carrington in February 2013 to provide emergency response briefings. CRG Briefing Paper #

6 Attachment 1: Ambient Air Quality Summary Information a) NO 2, NO and NOx Air Quality Information i. Long Term CRG Briefing Paper #

7 ii. Monthly December 2012 CRG Briefing Paper #

8 b) Total Suspended Particulates, PM10 and Nitrates i. Long Term The NEPM air quality goal for PM10 is 50ug/m 3. CRG Briefing Paper #

9 ii. Monthly December 2012 CRG Briefing Paper #