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2 INTRODUCTION International Energy Resources At International Energy Resources (IER), we manage our clients energy needs in a way that empowers performance and growth. Our goal is to provide solutions that effectively and efficiently meet the energy ambitions of the world s leading companies today and tomorrow. As a global energy services company, we operate in 20 countries, employing and engaging more than 200 people through trusted worldwide network of contractors and suppliers. It is with this experience, expertise and reach that we can successfully meet your needs and elevate your capabilities. We offer our clients uncompromising support through ingenuity and solutions that add value and drive growth. That is why our clients rely on us with confidence, ranking us among the global leaders in: Conventional energy solutions Gas turbine supply, remanufacturing and repairs Diesel and gas engine packing and rentals Spare parts and services Renewable energy solutions Turnkey solutions and services

3 ENERGY ENERGY SOLUTIONS THAT POWER GLOBAL BUSINESS IER is a leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions in all areas of the energy industry. With our extensive inventories from the major Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) suppliers, we keep your business operating at peak performance. GAS TURBINES IER is an independent aftermarket provider of spare parts, core engines and engine core modules. We provide high calibre maintenance, repair and overhaul services for gas turbines, their control systems and other high-speed rotating equipment used for power generation. GAS TURBINES - LIGHT INDUSTRIAL IER has over 30 years global experience in the light industrial and aero derivative gas turbine business. Our facility in the UAE is a centre of excellence for the supply of new, repaired and overhauled gas turbine packages or their major components. We can support light industrial and aero derivative gas turbines for OEMs such as Ruston, European Gas Turbines, Alstom, Siemens, Rolls Royce, Solar Cat, Allison and GEC. And when it comes to support and maintenance, customers benefit from our worldwide service network and unique expertise in finding fast, competitive solutions. GAS TURBINES - HEAVY INDUSTRIAL IER remanufactures generator and mechanical drive sets in the range of 10 MW to 125 MW. Using the GE heavy industrial gas turbines (Frames 3, 5, 6 and 9E) for applications in either simple cycle, combined heat and power, or cogeneration, for stanby, base load, continous operation or peak load power. ENGINES We support our customers with a wide range of specialised generators from 1,000 kw to 3,000 kw. Our supply and rental solutions range from temporary, single-site power to base-load-scale and multi-megawatt power for regional grids. We are also a prime source for quality preowned, rebuilt and unused surplus power plants, generator sets, engines, gas gensets and power systems equipment.

4 WATER TECHNOLOGIES THAT KEEP LIFE AND INDUSTRY FLOWING Across the full spectrum of water treatment technology, IER offers a complete range of solutions. We provide world-class expertise in design, engineering, on site commissioning and project & construction management reliably supporting all your needs for water technologies and processes. DESALINATION In all areas of sea water thermal desalination, our customers benefit from unrivalled desalination process solutions and equipment supply. Multi Stage Flash (MSF) plants, used for large scale applications Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) plants, used for potable water production and, or distilled water production for industrial purposes Turnkey desalination solutions WATER TREATMENT Our water treatment engineering solutions and equipment supply cover every aspect of the water treatment process. Water treatment, filtration and conditioning for potable and industrial use Water treatment and conditioning for onshore and offshore oil or gas production industries High quality water production for steam production Turnkey water treatment solutions REVERSE OSMOSIS Our customers rely on us for solutions and equipment in all areas of reverse osmosis and membrane based equipment and engineering. This includes Emergency and Fast Track solutions such as Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) or Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) in the range of 500 m3 to 5,000 m3 per day. SWRO produces potable and industrial quality water from sea water BWRO produces potable and industrial quality water from ground water Sulphate Removal Plants (SRP) provide membrane technology and equipment for the reduction of Sulphate levels in sea water process applications Turnkey reverse osmosis solutions

5 SERVICES STEADFAST SUPPORT FROM REPAIRS TO RECRUITMENT Recognised throughout the industry for our innovative, dependable solutions, IER Services holds a firm belief in the value of relationships. We share risks and rewards, always maintaining a positive working partnership as our clients' strongest ally. REFURBISHMENT Through our own internal and external resources, we offer advanced refurbishment for gas turbine components available for all engine types and models. Parts are inspected internally then repaired by specialist repair centres, carefully selected by our engineers to offer combine value and quality for our customers. IER ensures that every repaired component meets or exceeds the original performance and durability requirements. MANPOWER Working through associates, IER Manpower Services provides a complete personnel placement and recruitment consultancy. On every project, we strive for flexibility, speed of delivery and maximum return on investment. Managing projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US, our associates have the first hand knowledge to deliver proven large scale technical recruitment solutions. REPAIRS & COATINGS IER provides repairs and coatings for our light industrial or aero derivative and heavy industrial gas turbine components. We can repair and overhaul all modern gas turbine components including disassembly, cleaning, NDT and dimensional inspection of all parts. Once repaired, state-of-the-art coatings and systems are applied to increase operational performance and, or extend operational life. REVERSE ENGINEERING Gas turbine components require regular replacement. Deciding whether they can be restored or whether they should be replaced outright carries significant differences in cost. Through independent experts, IER can provide reverse engineering for gas turbine components. This expertise pinpoints relevant inefficiencies, allowing us to manage the costs and timetable of the reverse engineering component, process or project and improve the original design and operating life.

6 TURNKEY SOLUTIONS THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, DESIGNED TO YOUR MEET YOUR NEEDS To meet today s diverse energy, power and water demands, IER offers Turnkey Solutions and equipment supply. We offer you a bespoke project approach which delivers your solution completely engineered, installed and constructed. Our Turnkey Solutions are tailored from each, all or a combination of fuel energy sources including gas, oil, distillate and biofuels. This depends on the customer, the site specifics for the required environmental and legislative considerations, and the economic realities of any given project. We offer: Gas Turbine Power Plant design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning for simple cycle operation and combined cycle operation Diesel and Engine Power Plant design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning for open cycle operation and combined heat & power Gas Engine Power Plant design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning for open cycle operation and combined heat & power Turnkey Desalination Solutions Turnkey Water Treatment Solutions Turnkey Reverse Osmosis Solutions Turnkey Solutions are fully supported by our proven design and engineering capabilities. DESIGN AND ENGINEERING We support our customers projects with tailored design and engineering services from start to finish. Our bespoke project approach covers a complete range of services, ensuring delivery of the project in the required timescale: Feasibility studies Design engineering Process engineering Procurement Project management Construction management On site commissioning Operator training Long term maintenance and equipment supply support

7 RENEWABLES CUTTING EDGE SOLUTIONS FOR FUTURE-FOCUSSED BUSINESS To ensure we deliver the most efficient and effective outcomes, IER s Renewable Energy division collaborates with the sector s leading specialists. Our vast experience with a diverse range of clients means we can adapt our methodology to suit the needs of any type of organisation. We specialise in the following areas: Policy analysis Energy sector analysis Commercial strategy Feasibility studies Pricing studies Project management Engineering studies and design BIO ENERGY DIVISION The Bio Energy division has been established to become a major source in the Middle East for the production of biofuels and the development of innovative technological solutions and equipment. IER supports the full life-cycle development of bio-energy projects including: Co-firing of biomass in fossil-fired power plants Waste-to-energy Bio-energy stand-alone applications SOLAR ENERGY DIVISION We strive to be at the forefront of the latest solar energy technologies. While others focus on the conventional side of pure Solar Power, we are evolving Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) technology. This harnesses the environmental benefits of solar energy with the operational advantages of a conventional combined gas and steam turbine cycle plant. WIND ENERGY DIVISION Our Wind Energy division has assembled a management team that includes some of the pioneers of modern wind energy specialists involved in the operation and ownership of utility scale wind energy in the UK since The team has a track record for identifying wind power opportunities with good value and strong upside potential. IER Wind Energy operates in numerous locations through various partners and owned subsidiaries.

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