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1 Environment Management Plan Environmental Impact Assessment Statement describing the impact of mining and beneficiation on environment on the following: i) Land area indicating the area likely to be degraded due to quarrying, dumping, roads, workshop, processing plant, tailing pond/dam, township etc.is as given below: Particulars of land use Existing End of fifth Year End of Life Mine (Hect.) (Hect.) (Hect.) a) Pit & Quarries b) Infrastructure office building workshop, dumping and roads etc Nil c) Plantation proposed d) Retaining Walls e) Unused Total ii) Air quality The Only polluting factor for the air and atmosphere around the Gravel mine is dust (SPM) (and not SO 2, NOx, CO and Pb) which can be suppressed by the following conventional control measures: Regular spraying on water on roads and blasted materials: The mine haul roads will be laid with automatic water sprinkling system. Besides, the equipment fleet will be having a 10,000 liter mobile water sprinkler for suppression of dust on bench floors Provision of dust collectors for drilling machines. Provision of dust makes to the operators.

2 Green belt development with plantation of wide leaf trees, creepers, tall grass around the quarry. iii) Water quality The two sources of pollution for the water regime in the area are the discharge of mine water and the surface run-off during the rainy season. The lower most bench will be treated as sump and pumps will be fixed for dewatering if required, otherwise water will be allowed to be remained there itself to improve the ground water table. iv) Noise levels Noise level in the quarry as well as nearby villages has been found to be much below than 90 db (A) standard. Even during mining operations in the Permit area, noise is comparatively lower than other areas. v) Vibration levels (due to rock breaker) Ground vibration at Gravel mine due to rock breaker is negligible. Gravel mining operations show that the results are well within the safe limits. However, emphasis will be made to protect the nearby building and structures. Excavation with help of rock breaker will be adopted to avoid blasting which is proved to be very much effective for minimizing the ground vibrations. Further, the green belt proposed along the permit boundary will assist in control of air blast. vi) Water regime- the rain water collects ED in pit and recharge ground water. vii) Acid mine drainage - No acid water generated during mining of Gravel. viii) Surface subsidence- There is no chance of surface subsidence. ix) Socio-economics- 10 nos. of person will employ in the mine. Family of employee is engaged in farming occupation which is seasonal working job. x) Historical monuments etc. There is no historical monument in the vicinity of Permit area. Progressive reclamation Plan: The proposed Progressive mine closure plan period the plantation will be done in the monsoon every year. The fencing will be proposed for protect the plantation. One man will be engaged to develop the plantation and protect the plantation. To mitigate the impacts and ameliorate the condition, year wise steps proposed for phased restoration, reclamation

3 of lands already/to be degraded in respect of following items separately for next 1 years period is as given below: Year Item Quantity Expenses in Rs. I st Year ( to ) Plantation /- Wire Fencing Aprox. 20 m 2000/- around plantation The survival rate of plantation is around 90%. This will ensure by proper care and maintenance of plantation. Mined-Out Land: The proposals are to partly make of water pond where the diggings were carried out and rest of the area green belt will be developed. The present land use, End of one year and life of mine is shown in respective tables in mining plan Topsoil Management: The top soil excavated in the Permit area will be stacked separately for utilization in plantation, therefore no top soil management required. Tailings Dam Management: Any type of tailing dam is not proposed. Acid mine drainage, if any and its meditative measures. Not applicable. Surface subsidence mitigation measures through backfilling of mine voids or by any other means and its monitoring mechanism. Not applicable. The information on protective measures for reclamation and rehabilitation works year wise is provided as per the following table :

4 Items Details Proposed Actual Remarks Dump management Management of worked out benches Reclamation and Rehabilitation by backfilling Area afforested (ha) No of saplings planted 0 0 Cumulative no of 0 0 plants Cost including watch and care during the year 0 0 Area available for rehabilitation (ha) Afforestation done(ha) No of saplings planted in the year Cumulative no of 0 0 plants Any other method of 0 0 rehabilitation (specify) Cost including watch and care during the year Not applicable Not applicable Void available for Backfilling (L x B x D) pit wise /stope wise Void filled by waste /tailings Afforestation on the backfilled area Rehabilitation by making water reservoir

5 Rehabilitation of waste land within quarry Others (specify) Any other means (specify) Area available (ha) Area rehabilitated Method of Plantation Plantation rehabilitation Disaster Management and Risk Assessment: The entire mining operation will be done under the supervision of the Mines Engineer/Mines manager having second class mines manager's certificate of competency and supported by a team of competent persons. Nevertheless, the following natural/industrial problems may by encountered during the mining operation. Filling of mine pit due to excessive rains Slope failures at the mine faces Accident due to rock breaker Accident due to plying of heavy mining equipment Sabotage in case of magazine In order to take care of above mining equipment followed: Working of mine as per approved plans. All safety precautions and provision of MMR 1961 shall be strictly followed during all mining operations. Regular maintenance and testing of all mining equipment as per manufacturer's guidelines. Provision of adequate capacity pumps for pumping out water from the mining pit with standby arrangements. Checking and regular maintenance of garland drainage and earthen bunds to avoid any inflow of surface water into the mine pit. Entry to unauthorized persons will be prohibited.

6 Periodic checking of the worthiness of fire fighting and aid provision in the mining area. Training and refresher courses for all the employees. Cleaning of mining faces regularly. As a part of disaster management plan, a rescue team will be formed by imparting specialized training to selected mining staff. The lessee is capable to meet such eventualities and the assistance to be required from the local authority. Care and maintenance during temporary discontinuance: In case of emergency arise as situation of temporary discontinuance due to court order or due to statutory requirements or any other unforeseen circumstances pit will be fenced and locked properly so as no one can enter in pit. All plantation will be protected with all due care for their survival. Maintenance and monitoring of discontinued mining operations i.e. maintenance of haul roads, will be done in view of re-open in near future.