Marc Grynberg, CEO Umicore Les Midis de Trends 9 octobre Clean technologies for a sustainable future

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1 Marc Grynberg, CEO Umicore Les Midis de Trends 9 octobre 2009 Clean technologies for a sustainable future

2 Today, our company is One of the world s leading suppliers of automotive catalysts for passenger cars A world leader in the production of key materials for rechargeable batteries used in laptops and mobile phones Producing the germanium substrates for high-efficiency solar cells that are used in the bulk of the satellites launched today Providing recycling services for the most complex raw materials and is able to extract more than 20 different metals

3 Umicore s global footprint today Revenues (million ) 865 2,124 Production sites Workforce 8,065 15,447* * 13,864 at end H Production site in 2008 Production site already existing in 1999 Former production site, existing in

4 Umicore s approach Umicore s products are application-driven, requiring technological differentiation. Application know-how Umicore produces materials using some 20 different precious and specialty metals. Metals Chemistry material Material science solutions Metallurgy Material solutions Umicore seeks to develop market leadership in the niche application areas it serves. Recycling 4 Umicore sources metals both on the market and from its own refining operations. The majority of the metals Umicore refines comes from secondary materials, such as end-of-life materials or industrial waste streams.

5 Transformation lead to change in the business profile Revenues 2, % (in million ) 2,000 1,500 1, % 10.5% % % 4.8% % 5.7% % 5.4% 8.0% 5.8% % 7.0% 12.0% 6.9% 860 Discontinued Umicore Core Umicore Capex / revenues R&D / revenues H Capital intensive metal refiner R&D intensive materials technology company 5

6 Market leader in selected niche markets Zinc Specialties #1 Zinc building products #1 Zinc powders 14% 19% Advanced Materials #1 Germanium products #1 Cobalt products Top 2 Rechargeable battery materials Precious Metals Services 20% 47% Precious Metals Products & Catalysts #1 Precious metal recycling #4 PGM refining Top 3 Top 2 Automotive Catalysts LCD glass equipment #1 Brazing alloys 6 Revenues 2008

7 Steps in transformation process ROCE AM ZS CU PMS 1996 Growth ROCE 2001 reconfiguration PMS ZS AM CU revenues Growth 2001 CU Cumerio demerger ROCE CU 2005 ZS PMS AM revenues Growth 2005 PMP &C ZA& PDI ROCE 2008 rest ZS ZS ZS PMS Nyrstar formation Growth AM PMP &C Base metals Union Minière CU 19% hybrid Umicore AM 20% materials technology ZS 26% Umicore PMP &C 44% Materials technology Umicore ZS 42% PMS 19% PMS 14% AM 16%

8 Building on our strengths Umicore s presence in these areas stems from competences acquired and developed over its long history: Hoboken 1912 Hoboken 2007 Zinc mining at Vieille-Montagne 1800 s Nasa Mars Exploration Rover with Umicore s Ge substrates

9 Building on our strengths Cobalt mining at Union Minière du Haut-Katanga 1900 s 40 years of Degussa & Umicore R&D Mobile phones with Li-ion batteries Fuel cells and automotive catalysts 200 years of zinc smelting HyCore process

10 Clean Technologies (Clean Tech) a definition 10

11 Where can Umicore make the difference? Clean Technologies Energy solutions Materials for energy storage and sustainable energy production Recycling solutions Addressing resource scarcity and emissions by closing the materials loop Environmental solutions Technologies to mitigate environmental impacts 11 Clean technologies in Umicore today represent 50% of revenues 80% of R&D expenses

12 Clean technologies Emission control Catalysts For the automotive industry Cars and heavy duty For the agro-chemical industry and other chemical processes Drivers Worldwide automotive production Reduction of environmental pollution Emission norms 12

13 Clean technologies Renewable energy generation Materials for all solar cell types Germanium substrates for space and new terrestrial applications Solar-grade Si (in development) in collaboration with Hydro (HyCore JV) Materials (targets) for thin film solar cells Drivers Global energy demand Reduction of environmental pollution and global warming Government subsidies and Green electricity quotas 13

14 Clean technologies Renewable energy generation & storage Fuel cell materials Development of fuel cell catalysts Development of Membrane Electrode Assemblies in collaboration with Solvay (SolviCore joint venture) Drivers 14 Global energy demand Reduction of environmental pollution and global warming Research grants

15 Clean technologies (Renewable) energy storage Rechargeable battery materials Cathode materials for Li-Ion batteries Cathode materials for NiCd & NiMH batteries Drivers 15 Growth of portable electronics New power applications Reduction of environmental pollution and global warming Electrical and hybrid vehicles (HEV, PHEV, BEV) CO 2 emission standards for cars separator anode separator cathode

16 Clean technologies Using sustainable sources Majority of metal input comes from secondary materials End-of-life materials Industrial by-products Drivers Scarcity of metals (reflected in metal prices) Reduction of environmental pollution Recycling legislation on e-scrap and batteries 16

17 An exciting development in clean technologies The hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) Catalyst system Electrical battery Combustion engine Electrical engine Gas tank Non-ferrous Metals 17

18 World Solar Challenge in Australia in October 2009 Winning streak for Umicore Solar Team? 18