Belst Available Copy~vroN INTERNATONAL. Eurcipamn tivis on, Cor-ps of 1-gmv- INC P IRMASNSMIWL I AR OWALIT A4%- NY WS~57. Vreg' Comt*&Ct tic.

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1 P IRMASNSMIWL I AR OWALIT 110LýE 1: EXE~XTIVE SUIMPi/Av aet-,irl ot t:hg Armny Eurcipamn tivis on, Cor-ps of 1-gmv- A4%- NY WS~57 Vreg' Comt*&Ct tic. 0ACA4-?O-RI-C..oC7: lrvey Sonfor o"oject En~imter pr-wd bv Belst Available Copy~vroN INTERNATONAL. INC Wjg~~e'~q~, Pr'~iy~on C- No

2 J, AN'I~O Ua'.ed on SOW., t!~.aai Elltr.: ltuditt 4re j1 a' Oisttibution A.Apoedfr;UbNic ha Mario vskd.

3 TABLL OF CONTENTS Section I NTRODUCTIO'4 1-2 EXISTING 1EACRY :ONsuNPTION 2.1 fy75 baseline Energy Cosuwption Soiarce Energy Coos~a'ptoflo lo.ia Annual tiergy Cons~u'ptioh E tuilding Sro,., Source Energy Consq~t ion I. Z Typical suildifts Energy Consu'9ption I2-5 J ENERS.Y CONSERVA7.1ON "CASJR15 )IVELOPCO 3.1 Inergv Conservation meissires 'nvtitigated ECIP P'o0e1tgt bevniope' Otner Energy Coonservation Pro~ecjs 1.3-a 3.4 Pol1cy CIagsRo1egtin 2 '4 E(4RGV AND COSTS SAVINGS 4i.1 Sate-'Ide Cons~mation After Energy -1 Conservation P-ojects 42.. Allocation of Energy Caftseevation 4 -* Project Savngs 4.3 Projected tnergy Cansu.,ption &. 4.I, Projected 1vnercy Costs 4. 5 e~14cument 11' - CEhTRkAL 101t1R *LANTS -Pt'~IeiSM 5.1 $coat E 5 $.I fevts a~t n$ Rcomepetticons t pi 6 *UCRIMMN 'IF" - FACILITIES ING.INEER COqSIftVA?)ON PI'ASURES 6.1 Imtraduction 6 -, 6.2 Souwnry o* 111crempt r f ro~ec.s (EIOGPY PLAN 7.1 istrtte of Energy Savinas ' 7.2 Predicted tnergy Savings I? A '~RG.1CNIZATION Or Twt WORTq (.

4 LIST Of TABLES table No. Pg 2.1 Source Etryy Consunption, FY79, FY80 9 FY81 ( &lldinl Grouap Source nergy Conssution Typical luildlng Energy Consumption (ClI Aalysis Summary 3-S 3.2 ECIP Project Summary 3? tnergy Uses and savings Suuwlary for Installteions In this Studv C Increment F Projects eosts and Savings Suursery Prloritliation of ICIP Projeats 7"2 LIST OF FIGURES kfigure No. r..1 target and Conasmrqtion w iul oil vi in Gel. I Target and Consumptiot ruot Coal ityminouus In II Tons Pirwisens,illtary Community (h InsLallaiolns In t 7"3 study) Prussent and Projected Ccwuwnity Energy use by Fuel Type. Pie C1ert 7.2 Pirmlsens Aliitar Corinunity (4 Installations In t 7.-4 study) Present IY6Il and Projacted Energy Use, by Fuel Type Ilr Chart. 7.3 Pirm.,sers Military coinlity (0 Installatlons In situdy) Present and Projected tcmursi ty Energy :rst by fuel Type fie Chart.

5 PROJECT PARTICI PANTS The following members of the Staff of Weston international, Inc. have Participated in the planning &nd execution of this project, and in the preparation of this report. A. W..ogeland, P.C.. sign and "anagement Vice President Hanagement Division Energy Department I. N. Cidwant, P.[. Design and Construction Project Manager Management Divislon, Energy Department Harvey C. bounds, P.1. Design and Construction Senior Project Engineer Management Division Energy Department Paul Hurst Design and Construction Senior Project Engineer Management Division Design Department 0... Pletila, P.-. Senior Project Engineer Energy Doep rtment DOenniS C. Flynn, P.C. l-oject Engineer Energy eopartrmnt Gaerld Miklosh, P.[. Project Engiunuer Inergy Dpartment Design and Construction Kanagement Division Design and Construction Rnaagement Division Design and to,4truction naqge.ment Div;sion David I. Rowland Design and Construction Assistant Project Engineer tonagement Division Energy Dspartrent ANkesh G. ircihandani Design and Construct:on * Assistent Project Engineer Managemet Division Energy Departs'ent Annette Biancthi Engineering TechNiilan Inergy Departf tnt Kenneth W. Reriondo Asslitant Electrical Engineer Design Department Andrew J. Seoelster Senior Analyst Systes Engineering Design mnd Const ruction Manageient Division Design and ConstuWet ion Management Division Systems and Policy Division G.!tanley WIriglht, Jr. Systiin and Polivy Oivi1;*n Sen 1or Programer Systems Engineering daby P. Kg$sty Pf5rmmerr Systor$s aid Polity Divi,0fn

6 In additlon to the 1t9150 itaff, the followlng members of the ICOSYSTIi Group w4ro Integralliy Involved In this project: t ~Pros Or, 1W Ideft Keller Guenter Gelllg Mach Inenbou Techn Iker Karliheint Muller tvt Ober-Ing. (Grad.) Trudy Oroescher froject Reneger LCOSYSTIN G9V ITK "I

7 SCCT ION I (XECUTIVI SUMMARY 1.1 ui. TRODUCTION Contract No. DACA C-0072 directs that a busewide energy study be accamplished for the Mmnnheim and Pirmesens Military Cownitnei, Preieral Republic of Corsony. The project Is Identified as Energy Engineering Analysis Program (SlAP) Package No. 5. The overall objective of the study Is to produce a systematic plan of Improvement projects that will reduce by 198S the energy coesumptlon In com911once wi th the Arn Fai i It!ies energy Planl witshout dec reasi!ngj the readiness posture of the Army. Th following installations wthin the Plrmasens Cormunity were included in this study: Installation No. Deigation SY-340 NuonchweM lr le 4ospital GY-50 IflIshboch Ord Oepot CY-472 Mosswelle US Storage GY-533 Nohemvuehlbach Ralhelad The study Is conducted In three phases, namely: a PM46 I - The gathering of data and inspection of the facilities In the field. This phase Included visits to the 4 different Installations during which 66 of approximately 83 facilities were eamained. The gathering of data Invoived the taking of notes and meoking tape record- In. s of findings, photographing of facilities (where Permitted), the gcollect;on of available plmns and recor-is, and confre nces with tu0 and tonimunity facility engineering personnel, The survey revealed that so i of the selected bii ldings %ad 1lttle or no energy use, or eere not representative of the facilities In the Installatlon. As a result, certain buivdltqs were deleted. Others were added which were deseed necessary for on accurate energy Constumtion of each Installealon to be developed. A final figure of 63 build- Ings resiulted from this process. The Information gathered during the survey has heen consolidated and Included In the Prellmlary Submittal made at the c"letlon of this phnse. Included In the report are listings of potentlal energy conservatlan meesusr.s which were dov'lroed 4s a resvit of the field sur- vey. j C.- 1

8 e Phase ii - The analysis of the collected date Permitted the calcu* Fatio0 of the existing energy consumotlon of the selected facflitis within each Installation; and tvi Calculation of the eineray $Ainhas,:u to the Implementation of proooied fergy Clmservation M~easures (Wll s). These values are extrooolated to the remanider of the facli! tleo to develop Installatlonf-wde and t,-runlty-wlde *,nerqy consumptilons, energy %4viaqs, and proposed tybs erergy use,. fach Energy Conservation Aoasure (ECM) w$a evaluated In accordance with Energy Conservation Improvements Prooram (1C0P) criteria to determine Its economic feaslbility. ICIA Pro.ects from Incre,.ents A and I are divided Into ICIP Projects, increment 4 Projects, and i.ct me~ft Projects. T is Aeport includes the ICIP Projects, erd Increment G Projects. The Increment F Prolect-, are included It. a separ te report. The (CIP Projects are ranked according to Sit (Saving-, Investment Rat io vulue. 9 Phase ill - The Preelral at-d linal subrmisa'l.os of th;t roe~ort Covels t4e work of this phase. The Paefitnal sub uission consists of in eddendi.i to the Inter'm Sugr.ittal, & revised txecutive Suasarv, and colete 13.1'$ for tke f.*ve EtIP Vroject$ developed for the Dira4n s Co"%snity, l.lowting the rece;5t of Comments on the PrOePal? usuiamisi, a CoOlete rinfl teport Adll be suh mited. V-2

9 SECTION 2 EXISTING ENERGY COWbUMPTION 2.1."71 BASELINE ENEWG CONSUI'PTION TQe enmly 4cnsumPetln for 9Y75 for those Instal'otians of the Pirmosers il;itary Co mu tity coverec by this study was: (IectrIc1ty 5, kw, No. 2 Fuel Oil 400,000 Gal. itwilnous Coal 5,525 qt ic TUps These values amef* rovided by th1 PV'4stns Co'funity. Vigires 2.1 and 2.2 ;rer.ct energy conwurotion for No. 2 guel Oil and litui imous Coe's No tro *n'.e " '0iiswis Co unity. 2.2 soa ay C ONSu m-t1o 4 Table 2.1 iresents the source eeargy consuwrption by faol type for FY79, V1e,, and FY81 for only tne Installations Inctuded in this study. The values In Stu W400 devels)e:d ysing the foilardng energy conversion factors. Electricity 11,600 Ity/Lwh Distillate Fual o. 2) 138,700 Btu/Gal. Iltu linous Cool 27,05L.O00 stul/motr; Ton The conversion factors for electricity and No. 2 Vfjl Oil wore taken directly from :.t eoergy conver-fion factors Ir the ECIP uludance. The 3t U nous Coal values wore by converting the figures In the [CIp 4qIdence to metric tom. Inergy costs were develoed using the conversion factor of Mar/$ as. di,*'ted by 100. Throwlhout the report, 11,600 StuwkUh has been a %ed as the Convt-Slon faactr fec., kilowatt hours to *tu. As a 4'esult, energy savings (M41tu) &ft In terms of "Source' energy. U%;t Iaftogv costs IS /htu) also are la %erwg of source energy. I$ $'Load" energy Is uaed as a basis for energy savings - then 3,11 Ity/kWh is the conversion factor. When load energy Is cotictkvad, the -qflit-d& of energly Savegs is dow0.ased, but the unit COst (1/1tiBtu Is Incrlased proooptic.-allv. The *-'sult 15 that the energy cost savings using "sourc" or '%oad' e*.erfy Is the same 4C0 both.iechods. The following exiaete Iiiuqtrotes this polnt: ElectricIty Savings a * Source Inqrqy hatqgd: 5,000 kwh tn rgy Savings a S, W.0. h x,11.6c0 Ito x I Pita a 5.. o Enerqy Cost Savi'gs m 5~ Stu Pit Loac tnerox qethod: Lk9h st~r ObI Wtwj a-4 It Energy Savings 0 5,C0.a b.wh x 3,4`13 st-a x I of t1 P6.. re.-gr Cost Savinqs PBA t i %l'.,a9/load titu 5',l S

10 WW IMMo it is- 66L. I.W i.. i, _, f ' _ -_-i 2_ - -* _ p I!!!lli i,,p r ;'-,

11 00 LO6 It WICCII o wurl 1 9 9,

12 Vii ' i"i 4 ti. i - 11! IL I 4 1

13 1.3 TOTAL.ANNUAl. ENEY Y CO$SUPTION The innugl source energy conswmption for "he 4 I nta1!&tion6 in this study as shmm oa Table 2.1 ii: T : 109 *tu FY Stiu FY x 109 Btu I' these ftiures ere related to the ryt; baseline enerqy Cjn. 'jttjon o# x 10 Btu, It is noted %sat the FY79 consumption Is 92.7k of FY75, FY60 consumption is of ry7 5, end F6i1 constwreption Is 90.Ok of FY75. It shoild also be %ated that FY8D energy con, umptlon was 1.84 less 0an FY79; and FY81 was less t in FY SIJILOD _IG GROUP SCURCE MNARGY CONSur.PTtOt. Tdble 2.2 presents the energy tonsuepttoa by building grcp type for each ),istalierion in thilsttudy. Thtse sunvnaeiles vire *xtractqd fror the to"- puter printouts cc-otained in Volume 4, Section, of this report. 2.5 TYPIX-Ah SUILDI NG jrtgy CONuMPTION Table 2.3 presents values for typical buili1ng enoirgy :orsu.reoton for each of the 13 building group ypes shown i lable 1.2. Y*'ez.s area g1ive ir units of hltu/yv per souare foot (ft 2 N Of floor area. Vil.ets fer 14ji/yr ware obteled from tee Totals eoiqelin of lable 2.2 l e Indiviuual bilidlnags Inclucid in e*c4 butl4ing greup ire listed ;it *he VOte' i. compur.' orlntcuts. and floor areau are from te building list contained in Sen.tion S of the fain report, MOluMlO!1. E2*

14 I) i i! B *, i i'~ Ja' ssa 31 ~a'!:-

15 -h 06 *w Vt %* 1. p3.)1 ~ ~ i,

16 LN~RC CO~SEC~'TION 3 ENERGY~ COLyVAINmAS ~ UNES U(VROELCF 3.1 ENERGYCONSEAVAtlON011 MASURES IN'ESTICATE 4 A list' of Energy Coniervst;amr melues '[Csls) to bo investigated is conltained in ANNEX A of the LEAP Scope of Work. 741S list, sloog with con'iovatiort retrofit *xper~qnce, ag'd the obseovat ions ai~d data obtaiý-.d!f*or tiio -it# visits, p-ovided a basis fo~r a I'st of 'M's to be q~o11itiu"'.heey iarelyled. For lmc~r,,"4nts A. 1, G the rcc'% involved arq: 0 Storm windows o tnergy *'ficient whndowi * weatherste~p winodoos * Wgetn~rstrlo "rsonrel Soobrs * W~eathier~t rip VehiCUlS?,Soce 0 Regduce W~rdn1 asets * Transluicevt insulating pan'els * Entrance * Repi ice vehicular door.i(th wall * Caullkrg 0 Destrut fifcatlon 0 ventilating tvde hioods e Radiator th,,riostatic c'ont-ol valves 0 West RecoV*t/ * sise IM$'4*o" gcmesi ot W.1er: 0 Flow rest';cto-s

17 * inte ior 11git~lng coeversions * exterior lighting conversions S I amp;nq * Photocell switches Cotal-Plant 4 Dstribution Systmj-(Incrensee.:B) e Hot water vs. sttam boilers a!iole trl- 'eat Recovery row toile- beo&dckv" * EMCS * Slo er economizers I, Chptee " 10 of tse Malt Report (Vciluen U1) 1 dot mltrix Is tncluded showing the buildirgs at each Instal 1iflo for which the tcm was ap'licable ant was enolyted. The matrix also mncludes whether the 1CI was -economically feasible (SIR) 1, and was develoved Into an ICIP Project or wags not (SIR it ), or was develoed Into an Increeent G project (none Were). Other [CA's eatzued are included under Incr o-nt F. Refer to tieat saparate vo!wr". Most of :hose are analyred o n a wuit Usis for use by Fac lities tnginwer (FE) Personnel to davelop prolects. Refer to Tables G-I and G-2 in Sect'on 9 for a suwqry of these projects. [Cs's listed in Apesx A mmhicn were not 4n&lyted, were either not acollcble, already ;motlf~etet, or are scheduled to be mpiae enuted. Tae status of each Annex A 1CM Is d~scvssvd n ect;on 1o of t4a #141M Report (Vol. II) The -*suits of the analysis of each E CI Ire *rtentec in Ta11e 3.1 (2 Q Results for Individual buildings are Included %,ItI the W4M ioctqer in ADoendlx Volvoe Ill S..ges).

18 3.2 EClP PROJE-LTS DEYELOPED Table 3.2 presents a Summary of all the ECIP Projects. These 5 projects are comprised of discrete [CM's all of which have SIR),I. The grouping of RCM's to ;roduce ECIP Projects as shown is tentative, and is presented for review and roolfication as desired by the Facilities Engineer TKA1 ENN! CNSERV~ATIONj PROJECTS Increment 9 Projects ore formed from tcm', which do not meet tcip criteria, nes"ly, [SIR value less than 1 end are above the F1 funding ilmits of $500,000 for new and alteration type work, and $200,000 for 0 14 type work. None of the projects Investigated fell Into this category i.e., there are no Increment G Projects. Refer to Section 10 of Part 3 of the Main %eport (Volume I1) for a complete discussion of the differences between Increments A, S 4, F, and EtIP Projects. Increrent F Projects (refer to Section 6) were *neayz d mostly on a unit basis, for development Into desired pro)ects by the Facilities Englneer..4 P.OLIY& CNANGES/RE OMENDATI N$ During the site visits, the Facility Erngineering personnel for the tow unity and the lnst-ilation Coord; nators at the various installations were Interviewed to dev. IOD an overview of the *nergy cons.ervtion policies In effect and their effectiveness in reducing energy consumption. p

19 d~ 4k d Af4 0 a A 0t a N A '.s 1 at~t 16 I I!!G.Aj f~ --

20 - N9, % * I *.'r p OftA Dr i"'" tt i it I, po a

21 , a 1 I a I,, , ii I It.4 I -*.'a~l. l a. a a; a Z, g (.I,-. U; " 7,1

22 SECTION 4 (4tM~Y M) COST SAMCIGS As Preme~ted in rable 4.1, the FYCi source #"orgy co'suptorno for :the four Installations of the Pirnosqns Cor,"unity In thst study was 24,550 M~tu. The!molen'ntato iof tle proposed fpvt [CIO Projects 1 will? result If' an ainmual enefry savings of 76,S90 W.'Vjy-lar. Inerly * connumpt ion would be 172,110 Mgtu/yr. "his reeoesents a reductiom In *eiergy 4s*. As also presented Ir. Table 4.1, the amnual *nergy cost for the four li- *stallatt"n In this study at Pirmascos in P?81 wasst140. The energy eaost savings resulitng fro" the ECIP Pecojects Is S398,610. The oenergy cost after I'plitatenting 0te ICIP Projecti will be S765,780. 'This represents an energy cost reduction of ALOAIN0'tt~j OSRITO RJ: A19 * Tab:* 3.2 presented ae breakdown of the energy savings by ECIP Prf);*ct. A mroe detailed breakdowmn of ssvlnqs by ECP 4 nd bvulding Is co'ftaoned in Vol we IV (fundles). * ".3 IROtCOf EW4EGY CON4SUIIP 10~4 As stated above, annual efie;, conl-umpono for these four Iftstallations. will decretse by an *stlrmatted 76,59C mltu/yr from 249,550 14Stu/vr to 172,960 iasty/yr fellowirg ti-e lnzls-ent~stion of the prot*%ed ICIP Pr~j"OC.S 4.4 PtCJECIDr.TWRE4GY COSTS Annual energy costs for these four instsiladions wtil decreop* hy %:94,61Oivear from 11,164.,400 per year to!76s,780 Par y"or after I"e Implemomtat iof% of these ppooostd (CIO orojects. Ihus. predicted costs are In tares of FY81 dnitr~i as ravui,'eti by the Slit soalysts. *'d does not inciwdr tth geners' ret-t of InfL.0"o, or finflation of fuel costs.

23 dc bp0 0 sc -j hf 0~ i - " Ii ol

24 CiT RAt ICILIN PLAtITS 5.1 SaCkgroijnd This Contract does rot Include Ircre*ent t. HoWMver, during ine 'teeting at CUD on 24e March 1982, hr. unizel of CUP recues'ed the study should Include a brief feasibility surirary of the oportunitv for cefttallleattot, at the comreunitlet studied. 5.2 kesul:s and Iteco rraticyns Contra) to the everall conclusion drawn in tqe asethepi study that cefltralisations and upgrading be dirocted toward eventual tie-ins to tha, runcipal District hot water hl&tl-g system', the lrno.gseps Area facilities at NMenchw*;ler, Kos.,wiler, Nothmehhlbach, 41d rtsckbech are too Isolated to utillie dls:rlct hoating effectively. Thus, with the polsible exceotlon of wuenchwl. ;h has farelly housing asd adjoins a smnall Vilage, the installations s 1oul' not be considered for district he4ting. The warehouse at Hote%'uehlbach tlas only o09 fot watett hsating boiler and thus can be no further cent-allied. The caves at piesswoilef have three boiler hauses In relatively close vroxlimty and art consequently a candidate for cent-'lloatto-. The optlmum 'oration should be the *ldg boiler roep0 SM hot water the distrlbuted fluld. Aaddtional bollors ard tnw chlhswey would be Aesded, with peehoos slies boiler room ex-nansbon. rhe dsc't at Flechb4ch. has *svral small systemfs sod could be centralized uaing 116t as the central facility. Such cltral ised iyste'ls is Iaen ;Oend above are often just'llci on such consld~ertio$s as loss oaeratioq labor, econouj cs of slie, *tc., noe of which Spply to,il htalwing Sy1.:e1 whi cn oierate well witt. little attentlio. Io the case nf too) fired systeml cenltralilaton using forjr boilers *#ys Wf' well particularly when autoratically fired. muerichf*ele.r Nosoltal han a centraliaed coal firec bol*, house distributing high orassure steam to thlity hot water Coo'vert4r5 In the various buildings. This S,,ten has no vllb;q alternative$ except centrally generated hct water. THis option hos been ruled out by WESCON In the UK5 analylli of Not Waste' vs. Sto". li. Volume IlI$.

25 :MdCIr'NT F - FACILITIES MICNI4R CC'ES(ATION "CASJRES 6.1 1N ftroduct ION lncrenett IF requirus tm A/[ to idomtfy projects involving tse,1difcat:on: and changes ;m systemes e9erationohi.~ch art olt~in the FacilUti~ Engineer fi'mdi"9 authority end 1fren-igaerie control. Includoc sae low. cost 0 & Ai (Coortftoris anc a.timtenamc) tvoe projetcts and ;rojects s.electedl from lncromenits A, 1, and 9 to be firig'nced fro- DMA funding. It should bei naotd that Increment cveas not a airt of the Initial ContP80t, but Woss later added. An scd~tional sit4) vu~t via% conducted in suww"r 1982 to gather data for each lncrement. A seoarate report me% been submiltted to nest the requlrerwq,,; for tie, Increment F Interim Submi ttal, Refer to thiat report for *) dlicussion sod calculations for t"e 21 crojects dove'ooed for Incer~tnt F, and for a sus9ary of orojea.*l from Inc re-ents A, 1, and S..2SU'IDARY Of INCRIM(NT P PROJCC1S Table 6.1 presents a sivwa'y of tb-e 21 projects &ailyzed under lncreit F.!.far to tne ificre-ont F reooirt for a con'1.ta ascussion and ca'culatice~t of echci 9ro:ect. Several of the Inerenont V projects are anslyled on a "unit 1-0,I~.,, "re 100 ft 2 o4 cellinq area, per perso"pel do~r, per b(okiiii or m~n window, This will enable facilitia-1 1n;ineer Ptesrtintu to dievelog aporoiate projects on a" oftgoieq basis ising tmo esethkodolcogy and data su-41iýa4 with 4OC4 pro~ject *nolvred. Sore *?Qjects n-a alteerat'ves g* other$. and otiners are cal:v'tstd QflIv for a pa'ticu'a tý.' a' ul~i usq, and nart'cular lr',tallai ion. bu.t "v 5* excafted to Include othor Tent.l 6-1, refer## to *:hse v"71 vstlasj, AAos. t~iie-uore, Iwiallstiort ar'd Cotmunity-wide?totas are -0t asgocariltt.

26 :2S : ;;: a,,,,a,, * , & 4-,.. I S :2 2"3' * ao~b iii 4 S, ; L,+ = 'a ' ' i's.! 'a.n _+ I ; I.I.+. : ~b., "...- a.,,,* a I.:.I I.. "h I -L,,!" I!I :.!, -: * ' l ;, &r r ' I *.. 1, J. I,. ;, :- ] ai;,i., +.. ;!I :+.,+ j LI~.tabfho- 'a b

27 SECTION 7 [IN(GY PLAN 7.0 PATRIX OF 1E4AY SAVINGS The EMC's investigated were Cofioned to produce five ECIP P'ojntts. These oroje.ts are.riorlt'zed ir Table?-I to dec'ealsmng SIR. Tier nercent 4ne.rgy cofsumotion reduct;on is also Calciula:ed end shown In the last col m. Totals *or eli 5 ECIP Projects tire: included. I I 7.1 PREDIC~TED [N(R,-YSAV?#4GS FI ures ).1, 7.2. end 7.3 gre phcally repretent the energy savings to be realized by the itplel'entaitor of ECIP *rojects. i11,ure 7.1 it a P in Greah whictt Iil4stratlei the total Coft-uity Energy CoCSu pt2o by fuel type before end after the Implementation of!ie * IP orojects. flqurt 7.2 shows the ome diota as figure?.i i a oar chaert forr4t. fi1ure 7.3 Is a Pit Graph atec ilustr3tes the total Ctrrrin;ty tnetgy Coi. befcre and after the WtIP 0oro.ecs.

28 ILI' IIs avp.. IA 60. OLJ~ in b m p V IL a- 1a o h -7

29 ' ~ii I!!i

30 - h I ji ULI 4 I I! S- -w I.0 j U I 4 'I S III" J1 4

31 iii III Ii Iii II ii ii Iii II ji k I

32 SECTION COGANIZA1ION 1 F REPORT This %ecto;n 4% beet prepared to p-cvld a comprehins;ve wmiay of the orgaflzatlon of this report. It Includes a listi of all valid volure'.s Of the report as well as Cooael of their Tables of Comnents. A complete Current copy of UWESONlS IlAP Ilac "e OS tor the Pinimase$s illitary Commua;ty Is comprised of the followinq volumes! L.".0 Submittal Date Prvelminuryi. Submtrtal Valules I-X IS Februay 19 2 Volume I - fxecutive Sim tary N4y 198Io VolwM If - Main Report Wove nbr 19a3 Volune III - Appendix Niovember 1982 Yoiumn A~piqndl November 1983 volgw, IV - Sundien/i3)?IIS pay f994 w.,eur V (A-[) ECIP Support Data Wvi'ybWr 1942 Increment Ir November 1963 oct retca.!n Of Computer Analysis October 193 Addendum Pny 1184 PK1,,j t INAV SUImItTIAL VOLUM4CS I - X The Preliminary SubmIttal! of this report was mde In rebrunry of 1942 and con-isted of 2 volumes. The purpoie of this 6u1 mittal was to present a1l data qather4d durlig Phase 1. loth physical data And meepalc,.al dot* On 0a0h building is poisseted. The orgatlstilon of the PeltiMlaC'I Submittal is as follows! Vo I %e!rstallat:001 Volume I Nue"c.ol N solt.1i volupa II Fischbach Ord lepot Maswielltr U. i. Storage Nhi' u~t~lh*ch Rill iitald S I*-1

33 S VOLUE I' o 1X[CUTJV! SLUARY TNe O)V.P04 Of the txectivo SUG.ry Is to povide N&9qeen't level information In a concise volu". Th- most carrent edition Is %&v The Table of Contents for ti%. vol we can be found,on Page 1. VOLUMt I I a INA IN WRPT The?ai,% teoor, (Narrative Report) contains the bosts of antlys;s and the reisults of the study. It Is a comprehensive volume and was last submitted In Movember of f983. All modiflcatln s to the *4vetmber 1083 edition car be foind Ir. the Addetd w, subn',ted with the Preflnal S.ubiftital. 1he fotowi il spelit *ut -%* ippan;zat;on of the Ma!n Ueport.

34 7AILE OF COET1NTS Sect 1o,), I TAILI OF CONTtNTS I-I List of Tables 1-4 Lift of figures I05 (NTRO DUCT I ON 2.1 9eieral Stidy Methodology Phase I SIo$* 1e 2-e 2.3 yelutionship of Sncreywnt A*$*lr,4, and JCIP Projects 2-6 SITE SURVEY 1.1 Site 04sc-sptton 3-I J.1.1 Pirmsens Military 2onnunity Location 3-1 A.).2 Sito Plans 3-3 J.2 WIlding Grouping sad Typictal Suildgngs 3"A ).3 Typical fui tying survey FnA( CKANCE$ 4.1 Milssion 4*1 4.2 populot ion ) W-01 It ion New, Construction Energy Consuming Suildings Wlhich Art To Is Constructed by FY I S PREVIGUS INCROGY STUDIES 5-I

35 TAILE OF C0WTEh1TS HISTORICAL ENERGY CONSU PT I0, 'G. I SoeraI Electrical Energy Kilowet Demand Electric Consmptlon 6.: 6.3 Natural gas Coal LP or LNG 1-, 6.7 tourly KI1. att Usage FamIly irousing u.sge rotal Energy Cons u^ ton o Fue costs 6-4 S 7 4ENERGY BALANC E 7.1 led Use * Over#ll I 7-I 7.2 Ing Use - SulilIng Types End Use - Industrlal Bulldings 7-1 A1tEYRING Of IUILOIN9S 6.1 iscusslon * I 9 $ASE-VOi O.WiRGY USE MOOEL 9,1 IntroduCEtioi Energy Model ENERGY CONSERVATION 1EASUI$S (Iltil) INVESTIGATED KCees C4olChre4 [CrIs Not Applicable 10-I ) Locaion of Infornntlon an 9IMe Paulyzei Prlef Vescrlptlcm and Il1cusiiol of Ulms An 3lyze I-Is of Analysis for [Cm [velvet Ion I I Calclaitton tn 4ewollogy I4.5.2 Votiher Data l l.3 Fuel Energy licvntnth Ong Ca l 1-2 1O.5.l4 Project Celts end Icomolit Anlysisl Boller C nveralon 4 0Istribgotio EIf iliency 10-1

36 TASLE Of CONTENTS (Cant I nue-d) Se. f i on pace 11 INERGY CONSIREVATION4 PROJECTS 11.1 Discussion increnent I Projects Increment G Orojects It ICIP Projects 12 ENERVY MONITORING AND CONCTAOL SYSTEM (EPCS) 12.1 hgnerel Discussion of ED',CS Fuessbility Eveiuifon 12-" 12.3 tccacrtndations UTILITY SYSTEMS 13.1 tlectric Distribution [xterior Lighting ) Steam,, condensete, and Hot eter Systems 13-4 (133.1 Steam, Low Pressure 13" Steam, Nigh Pressure Weating, Not Water, Generated ,4 Chilled Water Distribution, Systems* 3 Wter Supply o Treatment Hevlag Fac ilities 13*I 14 CENTRA4L loller PLANTS!t inspections Co n~dition of to!lerhouss end Ddta 14iu p ment ) I14.) Ssvtes Offcle~lenas 14-IS Iffiliency of ibollerhouse [Quipment 14-l Westing $yltes Ifflclenc.y Istleations 14-l wietting Syster Operational Procedures 14-l? 14.5 iae4iscy of lolter, &nd Distribution Syttems 14-1I Ik.6 Potentials for Utilizing Altera.te Energy 14I Slomass end ROt Coal IS CONCLUSIONS AND REC0D0'.1DAT IONS 15,1 oi scus. Ion IS Suwry of ocu-inted Recct' endat ion% 1$-I 15.3 Predicted (netgy Sovvi'gs IS-I 1S.4 Predicted Cost Soving% ra.e

37 VOLUMt II - APPEHDIX Voluw III - Appendix was %ubmitted in lovwiber of 1082 and hais moe* re* quired updating. its primlry purpose Is to provide su-,oort date and to that end It cornilnns Se-ple$ Of the Compute, Analysls, Table inforvr4t;on used In the comptter analysis and copigs of the $coo* of Word and Minutes of the Kre-ne'esti ig. The Table of Contonts for tvis volu-e Is as follows:

38 VOLUME I I I APP14DIX TAWLE Of CONIENTS PAGE INTRODUCT I O-NI SMCCION I * COMPUJE), SAMPLUS Sufld;ng Mu CJaieller Kosp;tll A) Building Loads I'Z 8) Roof Insulation C) Storm Windows 1"33 0) Erergy Iffilcent W;nd's I-0 1) Voathsrstrip Windows I-63 t) VeatherStrio Personnel boors ) Replaca Personnel boors ) Interior Lighting Conversion 1-98 I) Prop 4e4 tuilding Loads 5-10? luilding SECTION 2 - CONTRACTS flschbocn OrdInance Dot A) hildirg LoAds ) Roof InlauIotn I 335S C) Storm Windows 1-1I4 0) Weatherstrlp Windows I-I 5 1) flow Restrictors 1-16) P) interior Lighting Conversion Io161 G) Proplsed l0;ding Ltods Scope of Work 1-I pinute: of the Prenegotiatc; eet Ing 2-37 SECTION 3 - TAILIS A) Weather 0nta J-F 6) Schedules 3,21. C) Lighting Data 3-3A 0) Infiltration D:at ) Insulation Oate 3-30 F) Other T1 bl. tell

39 VOUE tc Ili - APPENDIX Vola Illi. - Atpendix, prepareed in November of 1981, Is a suwppti-.n :o the origitnal Appendix (11/12). it cootoins t"e complett analyses of all tonsirvlatto" ooftuafles ti Ehat STON evoluatel. "riually. 1hess are primar ly specialty OppomptUyiti*s that canhot easily be tval vgted by cooputer. The orqanizatlon of Yol"oe 1I11 is as folows:

40 VCLVPE Il IS APPENDI~X TAOLE Of C04ITtIS, SECTeNlT, I I TROD'JOT I CN PAGE 1.1 Organizai. on of Volure III Calcul)ation mftthod)oflnv [Cm' PROJECTS 3 asil of Analysis Reduce Windcyw Area - Tramrilucent insulation Pseftes (KalaI'lal) 2-9 Entrance Vestibule% 20*5 Winlce Vehicular DOo?.00th well 2-23 Caulkino~ 2-29 Radiator Thnviro,:.'ic Control Valves flvýote Theri-oitat Owsersf West Recovery '0* Insulation ar'plrng 2.69 Photocell Swuitch#% 2-79 Not water V% $team 101 lor% 2.86 $oiler Trim, colstrals 2.9t Entergy monitoring ame Control (EmCS) 2 $oiler 1conomlio Weather Oeat and CaIzulat'ams 3-1 A Rview Cwents mnd periles 4.1 WI 4k*vltw Come'w~tt on~ InttrltR RUort WESTOIN Uplov. to :or-emvi kýi3

41 Vol we IV - Sundles o* this ;roject has been Prooared ;m may of 1l6'.. It cofit&k~s t'ie co'io1ta 1391's for eac4 or the ivo R~IP Projects preparid for PIvinasems. This VoI're %as been asveo'bled in a vire.-e-ing blider for ease of,todlftcatlofl. The etoanizatlon of Volum~e IV Is as follows: 0 Installation, of ftof Ilatulatiofi 0 Storn Windovos ~ M scai1.neous 'rojects I Mi.4scellaneous Pro.:ects it *Pipe Insulation. VOLUM~E IV - SUN!LES TAWE Of CONTE14TS TITLE OF SIC7ION

42 VOLUMEN A- (OPEC~SUPPQRT DATA ThIS Volum~e was preepreg and %wmi~tted in MovombE~r 1982 and contains oe results of each m~ortumity evaluated for eac! buildliq. These Priateouts are Contaioed 10 a black. tl~ree-rbmg binder and requ~ tes no uodating. The following ;nd!,ates tthe comterts of the binder: Volu, 1.4cont-ents AWalI lt~sulat;o0 Roof lnsulst,0 Starm %Ievlows Inergy Efficitnt YNdo~is ýieathersrr~p Windows Weatherstrip Personnel Coors Aezlace PerSoneel Doors Weatherstrip Vehicular Coors flow Restrictors Interior Lightin ~9conversion lixterlor Llqhtincl Coeive-seon The incremient F Subuiti~ta of ti-.,.**opt wat. lost made in Move-bet of 113 This volumeg contain$ data for use by Ihe Facilities Ing~ncer In approacl~lng day-to-day 9-oble's Table of Contents for Iftcre'qe 9 Is as follow~s:

43 TABLE OF CO TL.TE$S soction. Table of Contents t'ist of Tables List of Figurcs ProJect Participants Executive Swmary _it v vi vii 1.1 Introduction Sur..nary of Increment F Projects Sur..ary of Projects fro.. Incre..ents 2-3 A, 5, & 6G 2 :nt:-duction 2.1 Background 2-e 2.2 P --.So-, s 1.alitar-. Con...nit.. Jnd 2-3 Installations Locations 2.3 Incremnent F Object~ives Relationship of ECIP, Increment C, 2-i1 and Increment F Projects 2.5 Report Organization basis of Analysis for Increment F Proýects Incruwint F Projects 3.1 Introd'j=tion Suzmary of Increment r Projects Individual Prolect Descriptions Recormindations for Additional Training of facllities Ungineer Personnel 4.1 Training rteds Training Available Replacaeont of Expendable Equirz.nt With More Efficient Tvreu $. 1 introduction S-1 S.2 Iligh-efficiehcy fluorescent lamps MIIeh-ofticiancy ballants Hiqh-effLciency lightinq types.- 2 S.S 1h-*.hefficiency air cmndi ioninq equipment Htih-e fciseiy uoctors %t-3

44 TAOL --L-CNENTS J~ont 'd) 6 Facility Eergy Conservation Modifications Accomplished Since Previous Energy Studies Energy Conservation Modificatimns 6-1 Accomplished sincs Facility Planned Changes and Esti rated Energy Use 7.1 lackground Excerpts fromi ETL Central Boiler Plants 6.1 Backgrouno Results & Recommindatlons 6-I 9 Summary of Projects from Incruo.nts 9- AID, a a A,, G.

45 DOCUMENTAtION Of COMPUTER ANALVSIS This document was preoared at the request of EUO and subm;tltd on a onetime basis. No cop-4nts requiring fesubmi0qso havt bet, made. The Infomatlorr contaned In this voiu'e Is as fcollows: EI IL



48 Th.--ddendum ;oge$ in the volume Ifter.?t 0I$ Submittal. bu in Submitted It Is 'r. oe-t1"o ay e svbfpitt8l. to updatt the The appropr1eta updated Oge$ will! be inserte!. In their Crooer locations fop the Cinal Submitial. 'The Addendumq co~tqans inse1rts for Volume 11 M uai Rev ort lad Volume 113t Ape Inx. I I (S-1 7