DONG Energy Group. Goal - Turning from Fossil fuel to renewable energy 2020: 50/ : 15/85

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1 Kalundborg Large Scale Demonstration Plant

2 DONG Energy Group 2

3 DONG Energy Group Goal - Turning from Fossil fuel to renewable energy Today: 85/ : 50/ : 15/85 How? Wind Biomass = Biogas / Ethanol (Different ways of producing ethanol) Other

4 Inbicon A/S 100% owned by DONG Energy Formed in 2004 as a share holders company Approx. 60 persons employees R&D in the field of biomass conversion (since mid 90') Sales of technology world wide R&D department in Skærbæk at the local power station New demonstration plant in Kalundborg with industrial scale production

5 Our Goal is Optimal Use of Biomass Cellulosic biomass (Waste) Ethanol C5 molasses Ethanol replaces oil in transportation 85% reduction of CO2 emission C5 molasses increases food production -or replaces more oil in transportation -or produces biochemicals Lignin biofuel Biofuel replaces coal in power and heat generation

6 Core Technology 1 G Starch Mech. Treatment treatment Enzymatic hydrolysis Hydrothermal Fermentation Stripping/ destill. Water/ solubles/ solids separation 2 G Cellulose Mech. treatment Fermentation Hydrothermal treatment Enzymatic Liquefaction Stripping/ distill. Water/ solubles/ solids separation Inbicon biomass know-how Inbicon Core Technology Traditional First-Generation Technology Provider

7 The Inbicon 2 ethanol process C5 Molasses Wheat straw Pretreatment Inbicon technology Separation Evaporation Steam Fibre Separation and Drying Solid biofuel Enzymes Liquefaction Power plant Distillation Electricity and heat Ethanol Fermentation Liquefied fibres Yeast

8 Why Pretreatment? Hemicellulose C5-sukre 20-25% Cellulose C6-sukre 30-40% Lignin 15-20%

9 Core Technology Hydro-thermal treatment Enzymatic Liquefaction High Solids 20-40% Inhibitor control Yields 8%+wt Beer

10 Proven technology: MT/day Pilot plant 1 ton/hr for mechanical development Pilot plant 0,1 t/hr for feedstock test

11 Multiple Feedstocks Tested more to be tested and optimized Wheat Straw Corn Stover Wheat Straw Sorghum Arundo Palm Oil Residue Bagasse

12 Kalundborg Large Scale Demonstration plant

13 Data for the demonstration plant In operation December 2009 Investment DKK 400 million (approx. 54 million Euro) Continued investment in optimization and expansions Approx. 30 employees at the plant Production Demonstration Plant, 4t/hr of straw Tonnes/ year Tonnes DM/year GJ/year Input Straw 30,000 25, ,000 Output Ethanol Bio pellets C5 (Animal feed) 4,300 13,000 11,100 4,200 12,300 7, , , ,500

14 Possibilities for usage of the C5 Molasses Feed ("C5 Molasses") Biogas Fermentation to ethanol (requires a industrial fit C5 converting organism) Fermentation to alternative products (Lactic acid, Butanol ) Chemical conversion to alternative products (Furfural)

15 Advantages Inbicon Process Simple process based on water, enzymes and yeast Integrated contamination control Non-GMO High dry solids in all process steps = low water and energy consumption High energy efficiency about 70%

16 DONG Energy group REnescience pilot plant (Spin off) Konventionel Waste Treatment Mech treatment Separation?? Solid combustion Disposal New Waste Treatment Mech. treatment Hydrothermal treatment Enzymatic Hydrolysis Separation Solid handling Solid combustion or gasification

17 DONG Energy Group REnescience pilot plant Continued operation capacity of 800 kg waste pr. hour Put into operation December 2009 Plant is placed at Amagerforbraending (WtE plant) in DK Enzyme reactor is 16 m long and have a diameter of 2,5 m Vibration screen for separation of liquid and solid fraction

18 DONG Energy Group REnescience Use of products

19 DONG Energy Group REnescience - The waste cycle for the future FACTS: 47 % power efficiency and recycling of: Metals Glass Crop nutrition's