"Leveraging Cross-Industry Know-How for Thermodynamic Cycles & Turbomachinery Component Innovation"

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1 "Leveraging Cross-Industry Know-How for Thermodynamic Cycles & Turbomachinery Component Innovation" Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Stage Presentation ASME TURBOEXPO

2 About SoftInWay Founded in 1999, we are an international engineering company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. SoftInWay Inc. specializes in developing efficient turbomachinery by offering our flagship software, AxSTREAM (for flow path design, redesign, analysis and optimization and AxCYCLE (for cycle design and analysis), as well as consulting services and educational courses. We provide more than 200 companies with our software and with 50+ engineers and more than 600 years of combined experience We have five offices worldwide: Burlington, Massachusetts New York City, New York Zug, Switzerland Bangalore, India Kharkov, Ukraine 2

3 Capabilities & Reach AxSTREAM 3.4 Suite AxSTREAM Hydro AxCYCLE AxCFD Engineering Services New Product Development Education and Training Services SoftInWay Turbomachinery University 3

4 Projects Executed in Design and Development of multiple frames of API Steam Turbines from 50kW to 3MW 2. Redesign of a 126MW Heavy Duty Gas Turbine for performance improvement 3. Feasibility study on a 600 MW thermal power plant for improvement in heat rate 4. Redesign of a 250 MW steam turbine for increasing power output by 20 MW 5. Development of a Waste Heat Recovery Turbo-Expander 6. Redesign and retrofit of a 4 stage centrifugal compressor 7. Design and optimization of impeller of API 610 BB4 type pump 8. Design of highly loaded low pressure compressor for aviation engine We have executed more than 90 consulting projects to Industry and Research Organizations globally in various verticals 4

5 Aerospace to Home Appliances 5

6 Vacuum Blower Development Client: Home Appliance Company in USA Requirement: High performance fan for vacuum application. To achieve efficiency of >80% from current product efficiency of <60%. Approach: SoftInWay team studied limitation in current product in terms of cost, performance, manufacturing, size and weight. Set goals and constraints for achievable performance leveraging the knowhow from centrifugal compressors of turbocharger and aerospace compressor. Initial Designs Performed preliminary design with constraints and technical specifications as specified by client. 6

7 Vacuum Blower Development Studies on effect of RPM on efficiency Studies on effect of rotor mean diameter on efficiency Multiple configurations were studied Studies on effect of axial length on efficiency Studies on effect of rotor hub diameter on efficiency 7

8 Vacuum Blower Development Multiple configurations of flow path were studied and optimized to meet the dimensional constraints and performance objectives. The designed vacuum blower was 16% more efficient than the existing product line simultaneously meeting the design constraint and performance with minimal changes in manufacturing requirements. 8

9 Power Generation to Automobile 9

10 Power Generation SoftInWay has been offering cutting edge solutions for heat rate improvement in power plants with expertise on working in fossil fired power plants up to 800 MW and combined cycle plants of up to 300MW We have also been offering R&M solutions for existing plants for improving heat rate as well as for uprates of the plant by redesigning the turbine 10

11 Power Generation Bottoming Cycles 100 MW Combined cycle plant designed in AxCYCLE Bottoming cycle based on ORC for waste heat recovery in Industrial process at source temperature of 350 C 11

12 Power Generation from Waste Heat ORC units designed by SoftInWay for generating 250 KW for application in Industrial waste heat recovery 12

13 WHRS for Automobile Client: Gas Engine Manufacturer Requirement: Reduce Fuel consumption and increase power output. Approach: SoftInWay team studied current performance of engine for different operating conditions. Performed Exergy analysis on the engine to identify possible areas of minimizing Exergy destruction. Based on Exergy analysis bottoming cycle was developed leveraging the knowhow from combined cycle and waste heat recovery systems. Our goal was to develop high efficiency Waste Heat Recovery System for powerful and super powerful IC Gas Engines based on ORC principles to provide optimal waste heat utilization with moderate system complexity. 13

14 WHRS for Automobile Heat Balance Diagram of ICE Distribution of Heat Flows According to Temperatures Option of Heat Utilization Features: Heat is extracted from the waste heat sources at different pressure levels Advanced heat utilization from low temperature sources Where LP and HP low pressure and high pressure; LT and HT low temperature and high temperature; CAC charge air cooler ; JW jacket water. 14

15 WHRS for Automobile Parameter Unit Dual Loop R245fa Total Heat Transferred to Cycle kw 3162 Total Mass Flow kg/s Net Power Production Power Boost for the CAT Engine Total System Efficiency (ICE+WHRS) kw 581 % % *SORC Supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle 15

16 WHRS for Automobile HPT Performance data and crucial dimensions of the turbines lpt Parameter Unit HPT LPT Internal total-to-static efficiency % Power kw Shaft rotational speed rpm Impeller diameter at inlet mm Mean impeller diameter at outlet mm Blade height at inlet mm Blade height at outlet mm Blade number

17 Aerospace to Nuclear Turbines 17

18 LP Turbine for Nuclear Plant Client: Nuclear Turbine OEM in Russia Requirement: Reduction of overall foot print without compromising performance Approach: SoftInWay team benchmarked existing turbine for detailed performance and stresses and studied the limitations in terms of extraction locations, axial and radial dimensions. The objective was to investigate the possibility of reducing double flow LP turbine axial length by leveraging the knowhow of radial turbine design and addressing various challenges during the project. The first two-stage performance was evaluated with the objective of replacing it with one radial stage. 18

19 LP Turbine for Nuclear Plant The 5-stage turbine modelled in AxSTREAM for Benchmarking Original LP turbine with 5 stages double flow path and LSB height =1000 mm ( 39.5 inch) The LSB converted from Cold to Hot condition 19

20 LP Turbine for Nuclear Plant The first two axial stages replaced by a single radial stage The entry to the turbine has to be modified to accommodate radial entry to the rotor LE and also incorporate the nozzles. The exit from the radial stages should provide minimal incidence angle entry to the axial stages. Reaction should be near 50% for radial stages and the stage should have high efficiency and reliability. The radial stage designed in AxSTREAM with nozzles 20

21 LP Turbine for Nuclear Plant The streamlines of the flow in the radial stage from CFD Analysis Detailed comparison of Results from AxSTREAM was done with CFD analysis and results are in agreement Full machine CFD analysis was performed to study the flow interaction and flow characteristics in the designed radial + Axial Turbine configuration 21

22 LP Turbine for Nuclear Plant One of the challenges was in attaching the radial blades with the rotor. Different concepts were evaluated and analyzed for structural requirements. Radial blades connected to disk with curved axial entry dovetails Radial blades welded to disc 22

23 LP Turbine for Nuclear Plant Different configurations for root attachment were studied and analyzed which confirm structural strength and reliability. 13.1% reduction in length and performance maintained as per axial stages 23

24 Counter-Rotating Turbomachinery Counter rotating turbines and propellers are frequently used in Aviation Industry because they possess the advantages of compact size and reduced weight. Contra-rotating propellers have been found to be between 6% and 16% more efficient than normal propellers [1]. There is also many patents on Counter Rotating Fan and core compressors i.e US H2032 H1, US A (GE) Tu-95MS - Soviet Strategic Bomber Powered by four Kuznetsov NK-12M turboprop engines. Each engine is rated at 8,948 kw [1]

25 Counter-Rotating Turbomachinery Client: A Green Energy Company in USA Requirement: Design of a high performance axial compressor for non-condensable gas processing from a geothermal power plant surface condenser Approach: SoftInWay team took an innovative approach to design this compressor by utilizing counter-rotating designs. Total-to-total efficiency of 84.98% Both rotors operating at 8000 rpm in counter directions. Maximal tip diameter of 520mm and overall axial length of 700 mm.

26 Contact United States (HQ) Contact: Phone: New England Executive Park Burlington, MA Visit for detailed information 26