Lecture 10 LNG Shipping

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1 Liquefaction Processes Lecture 10 LNG Shipping Slide 1 Liquefaction Processes Tanker Types Slide 2 1

2 Containment Systems Self- Supporting Liquefaction Processes Membrane Type A Type B Gaz Transport (GT) No. 96 Technigaz Mark III Prismatic (discontinued) Spherical Prismatic GTT Slide 3 Moss Spherical Tanker Source:hydro.marseille.free.fr Slide 4 2

3 Source: Moss Sphere Moss Tank Cross Section Sphere built of aluminium. Largest dome 33,000 m 3, 40 m diameter, 900 ton. 170 mm thick on equator, 30 mm at top, 58 mm at bottom. Outside insulated and purged with nitrogen. Slide 5 IHI SPB Prismatic Tanker Source: Slide 6 3

4 Moss Sphere IHI SPB Tank Configuration Flat tank top improves visibility. Sloshing eliminated, allowing shipping part loads. Outside of tank accessible for inspection. Source: _0400_teknologifl13.png?w=614 Slide 7 Moss Sphere IHI SPB Construction Advantage Source: media/images/0317-1e2/ jpn-jp/0317-1e.jpg Prismatic tank can be built outside the hull. Tank can then be installed as complete unit. Membrane tank can only be built into hull extending time to complete hull. Slide 8 4

5 Membrane Tanker Source: Slide 9 Membrane Construction Source: Built of corrugated stainless steel. 1.2 mm thick primary membrane. Backed with glass cloth and aluminium foil. Primary insulation 270 mm thick. Structure not connected to hull, hence no fatigue. Slide 10 5

6 Tanker Type Comparison Moss spherical Advantages: No ships scrapped. Can operate part full. Disadvantages: Greater lost volume. Restricted visibility. Membrane Advantages: Cheaper to build. Disadvantages: Some ships scrapped. Restricted operation part full. Slide 11 LNG Tanker Containment Types Data to Feb Total of 360 ships Sources: and Richard J Barnes Slide 12 6

7 LNG Tanker Size Data to Feb Total of 360 ships Sources: and Richard J Barnes Slide 13 Ship Size and Tonnage 4 tank Moss 5 tank Moss 4 tank membrane LOA, m Breadth, m Gross Tons Net Tons ,000 35, ,000 33, ,000 29,000 For 135,000 m 3 ship. Source: Lloyd s Register Slide 14 7

8 Q-Max Tankers World s largest LNG tankers. Membrane type construction. Owned by Qatar Gas. First commissioned in m long, 55 m breadth and 12 m draft. Source: Slide 15 Propulsion Systems Data to Feb Total of 360 ships Sources: and Richard J Barnes Most ships are steam driven to burn the boiloff gas. Trend now is to use dual fuel (diesel/gas) and electric propulsion, DFDE. Some ships have diesel only engines and reliquefication plant, DRL, Slide 16 8

9 Annual Growth in LNG Tankers Data to Feb Total of 360 ships Sources: and Richard J Barnes Slide 17 Liquefaction Processes End of Presentation Slide 18 9