Proposed Expansion of the existing Natal Solvent Recovery facility on ERF 7590, Pinetown (10 Clubhouse Place, Westmead) REF: 12/9/11/L44704/4

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1 Proposed Expansion of the existing Natal Solvent Recovery facility on ERF 7590, Pinetown (10 Clubhouse Place, Westmead) REF: 12/9/11/L44704/4 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT LICENCE, SUBJECT TO BASIC ASSESSMENT PROCESS, IN TERMS OF THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: WASTE ACT, 2008 AND EIA REGULATIONS, 2010 (AS AMENDED) PURPOSE OF THIS DOCUMENT This Background Information Document (BID) is intended to provide information about the Basic Assessment (BA) process being undertaken by FutureWorks, which has been appointed as the Independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP), for the proposed expansion of the existing Natal Solvent Recovery facility on ERF 7590, Pinetown (10 Clubhouse Place, Westmead). This BID includes the following sections: o Project description; o Overview of the legal context and description of the BA process; o How you can get involved in the process; and o Contact details of the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) to whom you may submit your comments regarding the proposed development. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Natal Solvent Recovery CC (NSR) was issued a Waste Management Licence (WML) by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) on 16 February This WML (No. 12/9/11/L812/4) authorises the storage and recovery of used solvents at the Natal Solvent Recovery facility located at 10 Clubhouse Place, Westmead. Currently the facility is used to store and recover used solvents from hazardous waste. The facility recovers the used solvents through a distillation and filtration process. This process separates the used solvents from the impurities. The used solvents are then pumped into clean containers for transport back to the Client. The impurities, which include fibreglass, oil, pigments, resins etc., that are left behind are either sent back to the Client or disposed of at a licenced hazardous landfill site. NSR now wish to pursue certain changes to their existing facility to increase the throughput capacity. Presently, the facility has the capacity to store 50m 3 of hazardous waste at any one time and to process a maximum of 21,000kg of hazardous waste per day. With the 1

2 proposed changes, the maximum storage capacity will be increased from 50m3 to 129m3 (160% increase), and the processing capacity increased from 21,000kg to 42,000kg per day (100% increase). Note that a Waste Management Facilities Registration Form has been lodged to register the storage of more than 80m3 of hazardous waste on-site. Umhlatuzana River itself. The site is situated in the middle-upper reaches of the Umhlatuzana River catchment, approximately 25km upstream of where the river drains into Durban Bay. The site has a very gentle gradient and contains no rivers, wetlands, forests or grasslands, having previously been earthworked and transformed to light industry. The environmental sensitivity of the site is therefore considered to be very low. Currently the facility has three distillation and filtration machines which each have a maximum throughput capacity of 300ℓ per hour. It is proposed that the number of machines will be increased from three to six which will effectively double the current throughput capacity. Note that while the throughput capacity will double, there will be no change in the process (i.e. distillation and filtration) used to recover the waste. Access to the site will be via the existing access road off Clubhouse Place. APPLICABLE ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION In terms of the List of Waste Management Activities that have, or are likely to have, a Detrimental Effect on the Environment (GN R 921, 2013), as promulgated under the National Environmental Management: Waste Act (Act No. 59 of 2008) (as amended), the proposed expansion of the Natal Solvent Recovery facility is a listed activity requiring a Waste Management Licence (WML), and which is described below: The site on which the facility is located is 2,460m2 in extent and is located within the Westmead industrial area. The site is zoned for light industry, as are the adjacent properties. There is a residential area, comprising both formal and informal housing, approximately 180m south-east of the site. The southern boundary of the site abuts a natural area, comprising patches of scarp forest and grassland, which fall within the Durban Metropolitan Open Space System (DMOSS). These adjacent forest and grassland areas are considered to be an environmentally sensitive area. GN R 921 (2013), Category A, Activity 13: The expansion of a facility for a waste management activity listed in Category A or B of this Schedule which does not trigger an additional waste management activity in terms of this Schedule. The site is located on a ridge between two small tributaries of the Umhlatuzana River. The site is located a minimum of 120m from the nearest tributary draining into the Umhlatuzana River, and 600m from the 2

3 Figure 1: Locality Map 3

4 BASIC ASSESSMENT PROCESS Due to the nature of the proposed activities, a Basic Assessment (BA) process is required to accompany the Application for Waste Management License. GN R 543 (2010) outlines the legal requirements for the BA process, which is shown in Figure 2. Placing notices on the site; Distributing BIDs (this document) to I&APs; Providing draft copies of the BAR for review; Incorporating comments from I&APs in the final BAR; And providing copies of the final BAR for review. The following have been identified to date as key stakeholders in the project: Community organisations; Department of Water Affairs (DWA); ethekwini Municipality; KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA); Neighbouring businesses and residents. Through the BA process and associated Public Participation Process (PPP), potential environmental issues will be identified and assessed. The results of this assessment will be presented in a Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR). All registered Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) will be afforded an opportunity to comment on this report before the report is finalised and submitted to the National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) for review. Additional I&APs will be identified during the course of the PPP. Feedback will be provided to I&APs via letters or direct communication, if requested, and in the BAR. The objectives of the BA process are to: Develop an understanding of the project area; Develop an understanding of the proposed project and how its related activities may potentially impact on the environment; Identify potential issues and environmental impacts; Assess the significance of the issues and potential environmental impacts identified; Describe and investigate alternatives that have been and or could be considered; and Identify feasible mitigation measures to address any significant impacts identified. Your comments can be submitted by fax, , post or telephonic submission (contact details below). WASTE MANAGEMENT LICENCE Following receipt of I&AP comments on the Draft BAR, the Final BAR and associated documentation will be lodged with the National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) for a decision on the Application for Waste Management Licence. Once the decision has been issued by DEA, all registered I&APs will be notified of this, as well as of their right to appeal the decision and the appropriate appeal procedure to follow. HOW CAN YOU BECOME INVOLVED? Public involvement is an integral part of the BA and aims to include I&APs in the process by providing information on the proposed developments and encouraging them to raise their issues and / or concerns. The public participation process (PPP) involves: Preparing and maintaining a database of I&APs; Placing an advertisement in a local newspaper; CONTACT DETAILS Should you require additional information or wish to comment on the proposed development, please contact: MICHAEL VAN NIEKERK - FUTUREWORKS 8 Gardenia House, Fairway Green, 3 Abrey Road, Kloof Tel: PO Box 2221, Everton 3625 Fax:

5 REGISTRATION Figure 2: BA Process Application form to DEA Reference number (14 days) HOW YOU CAN BE INVOLVED? Conduct Public Participation process Register as an I&AP Read and comment on BID, site notice, or advertisement in local newspaper ASSESSMENT PHASE Prepare Draft Basic Assessment Report Review & comment on draft report (40 days) Finalise BAR Review & comment on final report (21 days) Lodge with DEA REVIEW AND AUTHORISATION Acceptance of reports by DEA (30 days) Issue of Waste Management Licence (45 days) Notify I&APs of Decision & Appeal process 5 Appeal Period (20 days)